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An idea and a really stupid question.(7)

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Afternoon! Well... Where I'm at anyway.

I'll start off nice and simple with an introduction. I've been lurking here for the past little while but have never posted before. I've decided that I want to change that by posting a story I've been thumbing around for the past couple of weeks. I'm pretty sure I've got a decent grasp on some of the basic rules around here, but I'm not entirely sure yet.I'll definitely see if I can find more written rules and FAQ's before I post my story.

Now on to my idea!

I read the "A Wastelander in Gensokyo" Story while it was still seeing updates. Then it just kinda... stopped. Now that kinda left a hole in my heart. Because I like Fallout, and I fondly remember my first Touhou induced seizure.

After I... Well I never really did beat New Vegas (Spent to much time looking for treasure and arguing with my brain that I forgot what I was supposed to do and started over) but after I "Beat" New Vegas I had an idea. That maybe I could write a sort of half-decent attempt at combining the two.

I failed, in my opinion and began a month of more than twenty-four re-writes until I had an epiphany; the story wasn't the problem, it was the Character.

I kept trying to use the stereotypical Courier deal, that wasn't working for me. Plus, I know next to nothing about frontier America, being a deeply patriotic Canadian.

So, I axed the whole "Let's take a New Vegas character and send him on a one way trip to hell!" and instead thought "How about I try answering what happened to Canada and Europe following the events of the seven hour war, while getting the Character to Gensokyo."

So, rather than doing a New Vegas Era story, I'm doing a Pre-Fallout 2 story (Two years before the start of Fallout 2, to be exact) revolving around a New-Canadian RCMP officer, named Harlan "Wayne" Waynewright, in Europe in the middle of a Nuclear Winter. I haven't figured out why yet but that's part of why I'm here.

I also decided that he's got an ally he picked up in Britain; A Scientist with a Plasma pistol named Terrance Courtis.

Harlan is a cynical and sarcastic Gunslinger who uses a pair of .45 ACP pistols made by H&K.

I also wanted to introduce these two characters into Gensokyo rather than by the typical "Gap-mishap", so I'm trying to see what I can get two Monarchists to do out in Japan.

So that's my idea. If enough interest is shown I'll throw together a rough Character sheet of both characters and post them. If enough interest is shown in that then I'll see if I can find a proof-reader here or else-where to help me out...

Which is my "A Really Stupid Question"; I need a proof-reader/ Co-Author. Usually I'm good at this sort of thing, but I want to make absolutely sure that I have something I can say "Yeah, I made that with a large portion of help" about.

So there's my idea, and question. Thanks in advance for hearing me out. And if there's a more... "Kosher" place to post this then I would appreciate it greatly if someone could point me in the direction. I thought initially the "General Discussion" board, but I wanted to err on the side of caution.

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Well, I'm interested in your story, but I suggest you to visit the Cabal's lair. You'll find help and advice in that place. Unless you use Skype, I can't really help you myself.

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Hey, OP here.

Damn that was a fast reply.

Two things, I figured it'd be a good idea to check out the "Cabal's Lair" but all I got was DDO stuff, and something about a Tattoo parlour in Manheim. Would you kindly post a link for me?

The second; I do have Skype, is there a secure way for me to send you my contact info? I ask because I don't want a million-and-one people trying to knock down my virtual door for any number of reasons.

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Okay, I'm deeply sorry about the Cabal.
That's a joke. That's often how the IRC chan is called.
You can find them here: http://www.touhou-project.com/news.php?p=irc
But don't call them "cabal", they don't like this term.

And, sorry, but I don't see any secure way to send me your informations. Good luck finding someone on IRC.

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Ah, most awesome then. And don't worry about apologizing, I'm pretty slow on the up-take ten times out of nine anyway...

Thanks for the help though, I really appreciate it.

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So, what's happening? Are you doing it or not?

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OP here, finally decided to get a pen-name, hearkens back to Fallout 2... It was my favorite part of that game. Plus it's a cool sounding word.

And yes, I am. Still planning every thing and pulling together a half decent first post and I still need to grow a pair of balls and check out the IRC.

May post a note thread soon, still need a title. maybe I'll hold a write-in vote or something...

Sorry I haven't been around, I have a project due on Wednesday for Business development and Kitchen management.

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Write in votes are not a good starting post as most anon will either do a bad write in, a boring onem bandwagon or not vote at all
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