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This is a reference guide for all the original characters in In the Forest, A Dancing Light. Pardon me if this is a bit rough, but this was done on the fly.

Yukikaki Kojima - Main character. A kind but over-worrying sort of person. He's a scholar in training whose main task is assisting Akyuu. Among his friends he's the mediator, mainly between Ginji and Kamui or Takami as their personalities are prone to clash. He is friends with Kamui, though he envied him in the past. Has taken up magic as a self-defense hobby.
Shorter and slimmer than the average young man, and has black hair/eyes. Fond of wearing blue like his family. Something of a baby face compared to his friends.

Mr. Kojima - Yuki's father, a wise, patient man who is able to take things in perfect stride. He is prone to moments of silliness. While curious about Wriggle, he gives Yuki his space. His main task is to uncover scrolls and transcribe them. He does this out of duty to his profession, and in the hopes he'll uncover a legend.
Black hair/eyes; slim man who is generally garbed in blue scholar's clothing.

Mrs. Kojima - A scholar much like her family, but she has of late focused more on interviewing new arrivals in Gensokyo as to get an different perspective. She also does some general assistance of both her husband and Akyuu. She is very overprotective of Yuki and likes to inquire about his life.
She's a normal if slightly slim woman with black hair/eyes, fond of wearing light blue clothing.

Kamui (Real name to be revealed later) - Musician at the Inn, who comes from a family that runs a small shop. He ran away from home and ended up talking his way into his current profession. He is something of a womanizer, but isn't insincere about it. His romancing of a few non-humans has attracted attention from a few parties, mainly to see if he'll succeed or not. Loves to antagonize Ginji over various things, such as his feelings for the two genius girls (Rika and Rikako)
Brown haired/eyed young man who is fond of clothing combinations of red/orange/yellow for performances. Ordinarily, he wears generic colors.

Ginji Miyamoto - Cynical, cool headed, with a keen intellect. He appears to be the perfect picture of a cold hearted money grubbing merchant, but in reality he's a rather nice guy, despite having trouble putting up with Kamui and those he considers "morons." Despite this, he's best friends with Kazuma. He has grown quite fond of Rika and Rikako, though it took some time for him to admit it. After a harsh refusal of his parents' attempts to play matchmaker (mostly aiming to improve the family's standing) and revelation of his emerging feelings for Lunasa, he was barred from his family's household. He has since taken up residence with Rikako and Rika. His shop specializes in odd jobs (part of which Kazuma handles) and Outsider goods, something he finds particularly interesting.
Garbed in western clothing (white dress shirt, dark colored (varies) pants). Wears glasses, slim, and has black hair/eyes.

The Miyamotos - Similar to Ginji, they're rather intelligent, business-savvy people, who run the biggest shop in the village. Mrs. Miyamoto is the more sociable of the pair, but the recent incident with their son revealed that they might have lost sight of what's truly important. Referenced only; they haven't been met yet.

Kazuma Yaguu - Promising junior hunter. A guy loyal to his friends, particularly Ginji, possessing a sense of justice his Father instilled in him. He is a man of simple ambitions and interests: mainly to rank high as a hunter, have good food, and date a cute, shapely cute girl. Is something of a simpleton compared to his friends, but is also the strongest of them.
Generally wears Japanese-style pants and normal top (for japanese clothing), lending the impression of a gi. Brown hair with copper highlights, and brown eyes. Taller and brawnier than his friends.

Mr. (Hayato) Yaguu - Head hunter who strives to teach caution and tolerance towards humanoid youkai. Despite his stance, he has proven himself to be a capable warrior; in one instance he fought several non-feral youkai all at once. He silently supports Aya who is currently dating the Oracle, an individual whom he doesn't like at all. He was married for some time, but his wife recently passed away.
Grayed, brown hair and a beard, dressing akin to a traditional samurai. Is particularly tall/brawny for a native.

Takami Sunohara - He was once a lively and energetic guy eager to get a laugh at all costs, possibly making a pass in the process. However, a chicken joke directed at the wrong youkai changed everything when he was forcibly castrated. Now he's taken on a grimmer, more serious personality that is slowly recovering thanks to Kotohime's help.
Wore a mix of colors, particularly when attempting to be funny/stylish, though he usually ended up being an eyesore. He has lately taken to wearing subdued colors, such as brown.

The Sunoharas - A blacksmith family that were previously hunters. They specialize in affordable yet reliable weapons. This is one reason among many that places them as the main outfitter of the hunters in the village. The grandfather has a saying, "A soddy weapon is by far a worse danger than any enemy."
Referenced only.

Shinobu - Akyuu's personal maid/bodyguard. A kind but very professional woman.
Dark brown haired/eyed woman that's average in many ways but rather pretty. Wears traditional maid clothing.

The Oracle - A man in high standing in the village, possibly an outsider. Yuki doesn't know the specific reason why he's called "the Oracle." Despite his position, he is not popular with some inhabitants of the village due to his drinking habit and what Akyuu calls a "creepy vibe," among other reasons. Not yet seen; only referenced.

Lord Kaiba - A typical greedy nobleman, infamous for his greed and girth to the point where some make remarks behind his back. Referenced only, never seen. He is definitely fat, though.

The Inn Matron - a kind grandmotherly woman who has a considerable amount of knowledge and is business savvy. She considers Kamui the grandson she never had and appreciates his musical efforts at the Inn.
Gray-haired/black eyed eldery woman, slightly thick/grandmothery build.
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Shinobu, updated- She was once a skilled bodyguard known for her manners and attractiveness in addition to her combat ability. She quit because she wished to be a part of village life, not just an observer. After one ill-fated idea of Reimu's, she got her wish when the Hideas were looking for a maid.

Kojiro Sunohara, aka "Old Man Sunohara", former hunter who focused on blacksmithing after a certain incident. He is the head of the Sunohara family. His personality these days is jovial and laid back but doesn't hesitate to call people out on their stupidity. Gray, balding hair, still rather muscular for his age, lost his left arm some time back. Brown eyes. Wears typical clothing with blacksmith gear over it as he still works on a few pieces as well as supervising his son and recently, his grandson, Takami.
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Tomoya Sunohara- Takami's younger brother. He has more sense than his older brother but still pretty audacious. Progressive improvements of swordsmithing is his goal, even if it involves technology. Only referenced.

"Tex"- Typical Cowboy Texan gapped into Gensokyo after a "real purdy blonde" took an interest in his BBQ ribs. He apparently found his niche in Gensokyo selling various western dishes. A minor character that may appear or be referenced down the line.
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Sunohara family general- Kojiro has a son (Takami's father) and one other grandchild other than Takami and Tomoya. Both the father and eldest son are very ordinary yet competent blacksmiths but only referenced.

Shin and Kasumi Kojima- Yuki's parents, updated to reflect their first names.

Jirou Yamada- Kamui's real name.

Takeshi "Akito" Yamada- Kamui's younger brother who in contrast to his older brother, loves the prospect of running the family shot. His rarely used nickname is a result of Kamui giving him 'the name of his soul' shortly before he ran away from home.

Mr. Yamada- Very ordinary man that runs the mixed goods shop. Used to be rather overbearing about the matter of Kamui taking up running the shop, which lead to him running away. He has since realized how much he misses his eldest son.
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Kasumi Kojima(updated)- Used to be a Courier for the scholars, and it's been revealed that when angry she has a particular creativity with obscenities.

Shin Kojima(updated)- Was more of a bookworm than Yuki in his youth.

Hideo Miyamoto(updated)- Is far more concerned with his standing and wealth than initially believed, to the point of having a anti-youkai bias.
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Warrior- A title conferred to anyone who has faced a humanoid youkai and lived to tell the tale if not defeating/slaying it. Generally speaking surviving such an encounter usually requires defeating/slaying it. Unlike other professions or even being a hunter, the process of trying to earn the title of Warrior is simple: You either defeat/slay a humanoid youkai or you die trying. The village has some, with Hayato being the strongest of them all (despite his age).

Their tasks in addition to their normal professions (usually hunting), involve hunting down of any unruly humanoid youkai.

Named warriors: Shinobu, Hayato Yaguu, Meira*
*Being a warrior does not mean you don't get your ass kicked by an angry Hakurei.

Bodyguards- Free-roaming fighters that protect travelers and caravans from bandits and youkai. Many are easily qualified for Warriors as some humanoid youkai are fond of attacking akin to bandits. It's been rumored that the bandit lord was non-human.

Bandit Lord- Bandit of remarkable power and leader of a gang that was pretty strong in their own right. Disappeared suddenly one day and the truth behind it is a topic of much speculation among some villagers.
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PC-98 character reference post (1) Feel free to request other characters.

Kurumi Kazami: Yuuka's "oldest" adopted daughter, an rather innocent shapely girl fond of flirting along side her friend Elis. Has fallen for Kamui and become very fond of Mystia.

Elis: A demon from Makai that is rather innocent compare to most others of her type. Has a small sly streak compared to Kurumi. Has fallen for Kamui and is growing fond of Mystia, whom she can talk to about being slim figured.

Rika: Hyper, affectionate girl who lives for making tanks. Her current project was originally made for revenge on Reimu but was so caught up she forgot about the grudge. Was very quick to like Ginji and befriend Rikako.

Rikako Asakura: When working on science, she's the very picture of a scientific woman, but outside her element she shows a demure, rather cute side to her. Gets along well with Ginji due to their similar natures and Rika despite the differing natures. Spent some time in Yumemi's world working with her.

Orange: Leader of a distant village and has a stern but sisterly personality.

Meira: Guardswoman for the village, generally no-nonsense. Traumatized by Reimu's assault upon trying to pry Reimu off of her. Insists on guarding the side the shrine is on for unknown reasons. Reimu was taken out of her "shrine got wrecked" rage by Meira's appearance... and then got really mad due to a mix of rejection and threats. Knows Shinobu from her bodyguard days.

Lady Kotohime: Eccentric noblewoman who likes to play police officer, also known to have a quirky sense of humor. Her decision to comfort and get romantically involved with Takami (whom usually made her laugh in the past) confuses some while others praise her saintly nature.

Ellen: Wound up back in her home world.

Mima: Went off wandering after the Makai incident, much to Reimu's relief.

Chiyuri Kitashirakawa: Energetic girl who has problems getting clothing that fits properly (due to being a growing girl), much to her boss' dismay. Acts as a foil to her boss when she gets out of hand and shares an interest in young men with her. Dislikes perverted geezers.

Yumemi Okazaki: Confident(sometimes egoistical) woman with a megalomania streak (usually kept in check by Chiyuri and a folding chair). Despite her successful exhibition with Rikako, her and Chiyuri lost their jobs due to office romance-related matters. Likes young men and dislikes being overlooked due to being slimmer/shorter than her assistant. Has invented a device to basically detect if a person is single or not. Both her and Chiyuri seem interested in Takami's younger brother.

Luize: Kind polite girl who has since returned home.

Alice (Young/PC-98): A very serious girl who doesn't tolerate much nonsense, and womanizers even less. She does seem to have softer side, mainly in regards to Arthur.

Elly: Yuuka's gatekeeper. Has a forward personality and a fondness for her scythe (a present from Yuuka) that disturbs most other people.

Mugetsu and Gengetsu: Mainly seen trying to adjust Yukari's dreams so she doesn't go after them. If someone in Gensokyo has a weird dream, odds are it's due to these two screwing up.
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General primer on Magic elements

Basic elements: Most people have affinity towards one or two, and a negative affinity towards the opposite.

Fire: Manipulation of Heat and Flame. Opposes water, and is related to Sun magic. Phoenixes and similar beings excel with this element.

Earth: Manipulation of earth. Limited use in Gensokyo due to how nearly everything flies. Opposes Wind, related to Metal Magic. No known species excel at it though it's associated to the Oni. I doubt however throwing a rock counts as magic.

Water: Manipulation of Moisture and water. Related to Moon magic. Opposes Fire magic. The Kappa's element. Also the element most connected to healing magic other than Light.

Wind: Manipulation of wind in various forms. Related to Wood magic oddly. Opposes earth; element associated with the Tengu, with Aya Shameimaru being a notable expert on it.

Hybrid elements: Mainly elements that result from others mixing, if someone as an affinity with one element, they can usually cast it easily, though there's no mixes of conflicting elements.
Lighting (lighting/wind)
Ice (Water/Wind)

Advanced elements: Elements that channel more power than their basic versions.

Sun: Has holy/light leanings as its effectiveness against the undead and rumors of healing magic with this element.

Moon: Has dark leanings as there's been rumors of shadow manipulation.

Wood: Manipulates wood and leaves its relation to wind magic is a mystery though some suspect Wood magic was the original element with Wind being a byproduct.

Metal: Manipulation of metal and even manifesting metal objects out of magic infused air. It's been rumored that Alchemy is associated with this element.

Aether: Nicknamed Force element due to it hitting with great force. It's magic that has no element to manipulate but rather manipulation of the magical energy itself. Elemental magic is easier to use due to using the elements to help channel it.

Greater elements: Elements that are beyond the scope of most mages and are said to be those that govern the universe.

Light magic: Generally associated with gods, it channels light and divine energy into spells that heal most living beings and harm beings of darkness. Youkai are generally weak to this element due to their slight dark leanings, though some species of youkai are actually light aligned or resistant to the element. Associated with many gods and their mortal servants generally.

Dark Magic: Not just merely shadow manipulation but manipulation of forces that defy the normal natural order. While most magic may be called black magic, only arts such as Necromancy, curses, hexes, and other magic with the sole intent is to cause harm and ruin are truly considered dark. Vampires are typically noted for their usage of the dark arts. It's been said some gods channel such power as well.

Star Magic: Magic which draws upon the stars in the sky for form and power. Akin to Aether magic, but a bit easier in concept due to the assistance forming the spell but harder as channeling the energy of the stars is harder to do.

Cosmos: Not an element but reference to the vast powers that lie out there. Channeling the energy of the cosmos is said to allow grand feats of magic in theory. Due to the general decline of magic in the world and the risks, this remains purely theoretic with knowledge of such only remaining in obscure libraries.
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Shiro- a white Kedama that sometimes works with Aya. They met as a result of Aya looking into how bunches of Kedamas gather around Hina's area. While she was there, she noticed Shiro trying to use her camera. She then decided to have him work as an assistant time to time.
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Relationship list

Yuki: An amazing beautiful girl. Finding out new things about her prove to be exciting surprises. She's started to tease me as of late — but I can't say I mind.
Wriggle: He's a nice guy who appreciates me for me. I can't help but to tease him as his reactions are flattering and cute. That and I like the feeling of being seeing as attractive and beautiful.

Shin (Father)
Y: He's a wise and dependable Father. I hope I can match his example in time.
Shin's Relationship: I'm lucky he's such a good kid — that and he didn't get his mother's temper. I hope he gets out of his over-worrying phase soon.

Kasumi (Mother)
Y: She's a very kind and caring mother — perhaps a bit too much. But I guess I should be glad that she likes Wriggle.
Kasumi: He's such a cute son and Wriggle's helping him out of that over-worry phase. It's hard seeing a son grow up in front of your eyes.

Little Sister figures
Y: She's my precious little sister. No matter what stunts she pulls, her smile makes going along all worthwhile.
Akyuu: A kind boy that's also cute. He's so fun to tease though! I can live with being his sister, though if I was born around the time he was... I do spoil him in various ways, though I don't think he will realize it for a while. His naivete about some things is a real charm point.

Y: She hasn't really changed much from when she was younger, though I don't see her too often.
Marisa: A good guy, hasn't really changed since he was younger, maybe except he's getting more confident in himself for once.

Kamui/Jirou (best friend)
Y: A confident, charming guy that has a good heart. I used to envy his confidence, but I'm catching up in my own way. He isn't as charming as he thinks he is as both Wriggle and Ginji are annoyed by him.
Kamui: He's a earnest, dependable, nice guy — if a bit prudish. But he's a good friend and great at pointing out common sense things I overlook. Wriggle's certainly doing him some good. (Maybe at this rate, I can have him look at one of those Tengu mazagines and not pass out after a couple pages of the good stuff.)

Y: While seemingly snide, he's a good guy and the leader when it comes to group projects. His niceness is easy to see once you get to know him, though I wish Kamui would stop antagonizing him.
Ginji: He's well on his way of becoming a know-it-all scholar, but I mean that in a nice way. He must have the patience of a saint and his mother's wrath — anyone able to browbeat my father is no one to take lightly! I do sort of owe him for basically introducing me to Rika and Rikako, but knowing him, he'd be too nice to captialize off of it.

Y: I envy the way he doesn't over think things at all, even when Hatate came into the picture, he took it in perfect stride. The only aspect greater than his strength/hunting talent is his loyalty to his friends. He's willing to do all he can to help and doesn't tolerate insults towards us or Hatate and Merlin.
Kazuma: He's a nice guy and helps everyone get along as I'm not sure how many times Ginji would have hurt Kamui if not for Yuki smoothing things over. I don't mind people insulting me, but if they say one word about any of my friends...

Y: While I wish he wouldn't do foolish things, I never wished harm or depression on him. I'm glad Lady Kotohime is helping him.
Takami: Even now he doesn't laugh at what happened, unlike some others. If I had his knowledge and common sense, maybe...never mind.

Hayato Yaguu
Y: A respectible head hunter with a lot on his mind, mainly about Miss Shameimaru. I appreciate his attempts to help the younger generation with our human-youkai relationships.
Hayato: He's a good boy and one that will do considerable things for both the village and for human-youkai relationships. He does remind me of myself when I first met Aya.

Hideo Miyamoto
Y: He should really not lose track of what's important again. Even though he apologized, I don't think I can really have the same respect I used to have.
Hideo: I once thought he was a meek child...now I know better. I am almost tempted to say I would rather deal with his mother when she's angry than him.

Inn Matron
Y: A kind motherly woman who also possesses a mind for business that Ginji speaks highly of. She's treated Kamui quite kindly during his stay there.
Matron: It's nice Kamui has such a nice boy as his friend. He's a good influence on him.

“Old Man” Kojiro Sunohara
Y: I never knew he was a hardline at one time, but he seems to have taken things in exceptional stride. He's a down to earth sort that I can't help but respect.
Kojiro: He's a good kid and I'm glad he's living in such an age where not too many people give him shit for his relationship. I can see him making such people regret it by himself...and perhaps without a single blow.

Y: Really pretty and nice... though I think she's starting to open up more lately. I did have a crush on her at one time. She seems to be doing a great job helping Akyuu.
Shinobu: He is Lady Akyuu's dear friend and someone whom I can easily believe to being kind and not unfairly judging on appearances. Young Lady Nightbug is certainly lucky to have ended up with him.

Y: For all the praise he's given, he's very down to earth and has a feeling of an older brother. He certainly cares for Lady Kazami very much.
Arthur: He's a good kid, though it's going to be weird possibly having him as a son-law. I don't think anyone said falling in love with women like Yuuka or Wriggle was going to be normal, though.

Other Touhou characters.
Yuki: A kind (and lovely) teacher that's very understanding of human/youkai relations.
Keine: A good student and perhaps someone who will ease understanding between the sides. I don't think he'd be scared of THAT if he sees it.

Y: She seems nice though a little too money-minded for a shrine maiden. I don't sense any real hostility towards youkai from her, though I can imagine if one has the right amount of money...
Reimu: Not a bad guy, though he should donate more often. Certainly patient if he puts up with Marisa and that little shrew.

Y: For a vampire she's very nice and was flirty for a time, though I think since she started dating Kamui, she's stopped that. I hope she pretends...that didn't happen or things might get awkward. I'd rather do something similar with Wriggle.
Kurumi: Definitely a cute, nice guy, but I'm glad he's with Wriggle as she deserves the best. I'm sure he'd rather put his head on her chest~

Y: From what I've gathered, she's nice if a bit sly.
Elis: Kamui's friend is pretty cute and nice and has the sense not to assume all Makai residents are buxom succubi. He seems pretty fun to tease though.

Y: She's nice...if terribly forward. I do wish her luck as despite how she overdoes it, she does try her best.
Elly: Wriggle's definitely got herself a good one, though if they broke up, I'm sure Miss Yuuka would still kill me if I went after him.

Lily White
Y: She seems nice from what I've gathered of her. I have yet to get to know her well as I haven't spoken with her in the spring yet.
Lily: He's nice, hopefully he'll still be friendly when spring comes or the spider lily pollen flies by.

Y: While she's kind and motherly, she's very intimidating. But I know for sure that she raised Wriggle very well.
Yuuka: He certainly is a nice boy, though I wish he'd get a bit more comfortable as I know he isn't the heart breaking type. I still don't exactly trust the boy Kurumi is with, at least not until I have a chance to meet him.

Yuki: She seems a bit cold at times but is pretty nice, though I wonder what goes on in her head seeing how Hourai acts.
Alice: According to everyone and even Hourai, he's pretty nice and not a lustful sleaze. Still not as great as Arthur though!

Yuki: A cute and amusing doll, certainly not lacking in liveliness.
Hourai: A nice guy that can appreciate my antics unlike my overly serious creator. Sorry if this takes a few signs but she still hasn't given me speech yet...or easily visible breasts for that matter.

Yuki: An energetic but nice girl. She seems to understand Ginji well, which isn't the easiest thing for most. I have no idea what she's saying when she starts on these tanks.
Rika: He helped introduce me to Gin-gin so he must be a nice guy!

Yuki: The contrast between the confident, composed woman and science and how she is when taken out of her element is quite considerable. I can also sense some considerable magic but she doesn't use it at all.
Rikako: I suppose I owe him some thanks. From what I've observed, he certainly is nice and respectful to others and I do sympathize with him as I'm no stranger to feeling uneasy in various situations.

Yuki: A responsible older sister type, I can sympathize with her dealing with sometimes troublesome little sisters.
Lunasa: I'm glad he got his problem taken care of. He seems nice but that's just about what I can tell about him. Ginji certainly says as much.

Yuki: She's not as innocent as she looks and I can't help but to get a bit of an older woman vibe from her. But she seems to have taken a shine to me and Wriggle and I can't complain about her help.
Lyrica: I'm rooting for Yuki and Wriggle! He's quite nice and innocent; not exactly my type but a fun person alright.

Yuki: No doubting that she's friendly and soft...to such an overbearing point. I'm glad Kazuma doesn't mind.
Merlin: He's pretty nice and cute, especially when he's happy with Wriggle. Yay! He found a girlfriend!

Yuki: She seems nice and charming but I know she has a vicious side. So far Kamui's pretty good at not provoking it.
Mystia: Kamui's friend is pretty cute and definitely nice. I know he'd never compare me to some, some... CHICKEN! Wriggle and him make such a cute couple. I think I have him to thank for ending that rivalry Wriggle and I had.
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The secret history society: a group of various farmers and merchants who are convinced that some of Gensokyo’s history remains hidden and so search for it. As a result, they are prone to putting their lives at risk. They still disagree with the syndicate's actions, however.

Bensai: Owner of the tobacco shop where meetings are held. Knows Shinobu since she saved him in the past. Isn't fond of outsiders, but respects someone with firm resolve even if he disagrees with them. Opinionated and overly confident, but a good man.

Natsu: Bensai's daughter who works at a bread shop. Easily charmed by heroic types. Only referenced.

Yoshi: The second in command of the group. Has a sword but no real experience with it, outside of drunkenly attacking a barn door once. Appears to be an even tempered person.

Riku: Lord Kaiba's son and a member of the society, though certain actions are not well tolerated, such as insulting Shinobu. He was the first person she opened up to after arriving in the village, and things ended badly between them. A generally unpleasant person.

Village politics
Three main factions exist, though one isn't really present any more.

Humanists: Mainly composed of the older council members, this faction looks out for humanity above all else. Easily the oldest faction, it traces its existence back to the days where the human population needed to fight against youkai to survive. Lord Kaiba is among them, but the hunts against Yuuka motivated by the bounties he’s posted are something the Humanists as a whole want nothing to do with. Recently, their agenda has expanded to begin marginalizing the Hakurei family's power in the village. The reasons aren't exactly known but there are some theories:

-Distrust of the family due to its power, lack of oversight, or the overly moderate stance Reimu's parents had towards youkai.

-Possible senility setting in among them.

-Plain and simple power grabbing.

Moderates: A faction that emphasizes co-existence with youkai and the minimization of enmity between them and humans. While the wellbeing of humanity is important to them, they don’t emphasize it as heavily as the Humanists. This faction has until recently been rather small with the Hieda family providing the bulk of its influence (that is, whenever a Child of Miare is living; their influence is much lower otherwise). The other backers are primarily scholars. This faction has started to gain strength in the last 10 years since Akyuu was born and Hayato Yaguu started supporting them (making him the first lead hunter who isn’t a Humanist). Despite the ideology conflicts with the Humanists, the two factions work together pretty well on most village issues.

Apologists: This faction is a bit of an oddity as much isn't known about their views. They think that humans are naturally meant to serve youkai, so if a feral should get in and take a kid or a dangerous youkai to cultivate fear, it's only natural. It's noted that at some point in the rather distant past a big uproar occurred over their ideas. Both Humanists and Moderates deemed the faction a threat to the overall well being of the village, causing the Apologists to leave the village and make a place of their own. What has become of them is unknown.

Village council members traditionally include leaders of the main noble houses, the lead hunter and the next most experienced hunter (Hayato is far more outspoke compared to his partner), influential merchants (the inn matron, Kojiro Sunohara, and Hideo Miyamoto are among them), and scholars. The Child of Miare represents the Hiedas while she is alive, and usually a member of the Kojima family is present as well. Shin, Yuki’s father, is becoming more active as a result of some of the issues getting closer to his family.

Note: Ideally the village guardian has a spot, but the Humanists changed things around when Keine was appointed, taking advantage of the moderate's particularly weak standing and the death of Reimu's parents.
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Some more mini-profiles

Lord Hojo: Head of the Humanist faction, but does so more for the reason of reminding others of the past than any hatred. Mindful of the recent altercation. Graying black hair and black eyes, tends to wear light colors with some white mixed in.

Arthur Pentleton: Outsider turned Hero. He's taken the fight to the syndicate as to protect Gensokyo. Appears to have gotten into Yuuka's good graces though details are currently unknown. Red hair, green eyes, wears a button up shirt, jeans and his old sports jacket from Lincoln East High school and has some armor pieces over his clothes when in combat.
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Kumamaru: Bear Youkai (humanoid), leads a group of other male humanoids to educate young male humanoids that would listen and exterminate those that would not. He has spent some time alone to overcome his instinctual nature and being knowledgeable about other people living in such far reaches. Is a rather gentle giant of man.
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Some notes on oneshot characters/updates

Tomoya Sunahara (updated)- Earnest blunt young man who hangs around Yumemi and the 2 Chiyuris. He knows of thier past and tries learning from it.

Chiyuri (Gensokyo)- A 2nd Chiyuri that is a native of Gensokyo, pretty similar to the other one, but more optimistic about things due to not being in college politics.

Elis (mild update)- While she likes to talk about being slim figured, she's actually closer to the middle. But considering she lived in Makai, her assessment might be closer to fact there.

Kazuo - Artist only referenced until now. An artist that had a fondness for fall before getting to know Shizuha.

Kaede - Humble young Farmer that Minoriko mentioned, implying a degree of familiarity.

Nobumasa - a young hunter in his early 20's who lives outside the village gates, citing a preference for nature. Considered an expert on winter hunting, only second to Hayato
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