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Remix Suggestions/Recommendations(4)

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What Touhou remixes would you guys recommend? Someone recently suggested I listed to 'Golden City Factory's' "Paradise of amber grow" (http://vgmdb.net/album/11600), but though it was nearly impossible to find, find it I did (http://www.4shared.com/get/ssd2r4o_/_C74__Golden_City_Factory_Para.html). Any other remix suggestions that run along these lines?

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Wow. Highly depends from your personal preferences. If you like jazz-like music, I can suggest you: " Greenwich in the Sky " from the album: "[有限会社ファクトリー・ノイズ&AG] Time Limit~Eternity" I think that's the only song worthing it in the album. Other are more techno-like.

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I've always enjoyed what is good. A good song can be found in any genre. Granted, I prefer acoustic and classical, but the unique, hell, even the techno doesn't bother me if it's "Good." :D

I'll check out that song though. It does sound like it's something I'll enjoy.:D

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If you like classical, then I recommend Wave's Symphonic Fantasia Cherry Blossom. It's awesome and I like it. There's also a nice time stop in the song Ever More/ Private Square.

Personally, I can like any music, as long as there's no lyrics. Including Tetris' theme.

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Are there any good songs that are good for dancing to?
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