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A Wizard is You: Discussion Thread(10)

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This thread is here to avoid clutter in the story threads. Demetrious doesn't mind the D&D wank, but the fact of the matter is that it's making the threads go way to fast. So, keep it here.

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You should put a link here from the thread. Most people don't check any other boards and probably not even know this here exists.

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It wouldn't make any difference. The story threads move to quickly, not to mention, they are absolutely rife with newfags. Something tells me those types wouldn't even bother coming here even if the author himself told them to.

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Nobody likes the text boards.

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Well, nobody really uses the text boards...

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Threads in /th/ seem to have utterly stalled.

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Geez, I wonder why? Did we do anything that could have driven off Demetrious?

Sarcasm aside, I hope his only answer to what is going on and where some anons want this to go is with a big fat No.

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So, it's been quite a while since the last update/short was posted. It may be the holidays, but I'm getting a bit worried. And to make things worse, every thread is on auto-sage and can't be bumped to call Demetrious back.

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Requesting a status update, same guy who posted in the story thread about it.

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anyone have a link to thread 5 that works?
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