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Underground LA Status Updates & Miscellaneous(55)

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As suggested, I'm moving this to /words/. I think I'm going to try to continue posting daily word count updates for the next 2-3 story updates, at least, then either continue, scale back, or stop entirely depending on how I feel at that time.

Also, I'd just as soon story discussion stay in the story thread where everyone is sure to see it, but if there are minor or tangential questions or comments that you don't want to post over there, here will work for that as well.

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And today is ~1700 words. Nil yesterday because I read Problem Sleuth in its entirety for the first time. (Highly recommended.) Sure, I could have tried to write the update after that, but it almost certainly would have come out in SHORT, PUNCHY SENTENCES with all the NOUN PHRASES in BLOCK-CAPS.

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nearly there.

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[x] Write in a more manly way

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Man glas, you just managed to take away 3 hours of my time just by MENTIONING Problem Sleuth.

Also: I am amazed. You wrote that much text in almost no time. Looking forward to update, should be out pretty soon if only 300 words are left!

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Fuck work. Seriously.

On the upside, I've been able to daydream pretty much exactly how I want the middle part to go, so I can say with confidence that this update will be ~2,500 words, which is 1-2 more days of actual writing. Expect updates by the end of the weekend.

Also: I am amazed. You wrote that much text in almost no time. Ha ha oh wow. That is a very nice thing for you to say, but trust me, that is nowhere near a satisfactory pace.

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Just a Misc. Question: How are you enjoying writing a Yuugi Route? I hope it's nearly as enjoyable as reading it.

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Yuugi Route I always thought the requirements for a Yuugi Route are when you drink her under the table and beat her in a game of arm wrestling.
Afterwards you need to satisfy her in bed or else you need to begin anew.

Or make her drop her sake, which is impossible.

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Up to ~2300, but the downtime killed my motivation. Will try harder tomorrow.

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We'll settle with less than 4000 words, just so you know~

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My mind says yes, but my heart says WRITE MOAR FAGGOT.

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You should stab yourself in the heart.

With a spoon.

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^oh and that wasn't meant to be an insult or a threat, more like a bad joke or something.

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Oh man I hope he didn't REALLY stab himself with a spoon now.

Would be nice to at least hear something from you glas, even if it only is a "I didn't get much writing done".

But at least tell us something. Please.

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Yeah, this thread was supposed to prevent me from going long periods without saying anything, huh? I kind of fucked that up.

For some reason, I always save the hard bits for last, both in work and writing, and they've sort of collided. I'm writing every day, but it's sentences at a time because I'm usually having a hard time staying awake. I'd really like to get it finished this weekend for a wide variety of reasons, so yeah.

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I know that feeling of permanent sleepiness, but sadly haven't found a cure for it yet.

Thanks for telling us though.

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Just posting to say I'm still alive, even though the weekend was not a success. If it's any consolation (which it really isn't), I'd much rather be writing than doing what I am doing.

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Maybe this week will be better. Keep at it.

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Blow off an appendage with fireworks?

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Jesus H. Christ on a chrome-plated moped, the work is done.

If I haven't updated by this Sunday, it's because I'm a horrible person with no regard for my fellow man and for no other reason.

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Let's hope you're a nice person then...

...which I am sure you are!

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Tick tock... we soon find out just what kind of person glasnost is.

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Sunday begins when I wake up on Sunday and does not end until I fall asleep, and if that means it's currently hour 32 of Sunday, then goddammit, so much the worse for Monday.

...I'm a horrible person. But I'm still trying.

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I think you should set yourself more realistic deadlines, as in: a long official one, and a slightly shorter personal one. I'm just happy that you're not leaving us. Makes me feel safe to know that the update will come......at some point.

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~500 words, but I'm rapidly realizing how useless of a measure that is, so let's just say "1/3 to 1/2 of 2 events written".

The sad thing is that this is what I do already.

Yuugi Good End has been in my head for about six months now. If it weren't for the fact that it'd lose its impact out of context, I'd be sorely tempted to just write it now, because it's pretty damn awesome.

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but it seemed... superfluous? You got me. My intent was to shed a little more light on Orin's personality, which I guess I did, but at the expense of a huge swath of text with very little relevance to the story at large. Honestly, I knew I should have cut that section (or at least pared it down) from the moment it was finished to the time that I posted it, but a combination of laziness, slowness-related guilt, and the sunk costs fallacy let me convince myself to leave it as it is. I feel somewhat bad about it now, but hey, ULA is offered AS-IS, with no warranty express or implied.
Taizou's rudimentary understandings of flight. He even used it in a pinch when clearing the distance during the oni vs. tiger incident; why not there? For the record, Taizou's flight skills require a decent level of concentration and are not that strong regardless, so he really wouldn't be able to slow himself to any considerable degree after being surprised by Orin, especially for a relatively quick fall like that one.

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~1,400 words and 3/4 of 2 scenes written. Tomorrow will probably be a bust as I move furniture all day, but I have a good feeling about Monday.

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Furniture kidnapped glasnost!

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Yo glas, is that the real you on Voile?

(Also no worries about the update, we can wait another 2 weeks before we get restless)

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410 is my favorite, nyeh~

It is. Ordinarily I wouldn't bother, since it's on Danbooru, but given that this is an official manga and all, I'd like to do my part to make sure that the scanlation ends up as accurate as possible. ご利益 does not mean "responsiveness to prayers" no matter how many dictionaries you misread, goddamnit.

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Huh, didn't know you speak japanese. That's pretty cool. But you're not a regular translator, are you?

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Er, didn't factor Comiket and Fairy Wars into that schedule of mine. (Still haven't unlocked Extra playing Normal. Paths that end with Star Sapphire are brutal.) The rest of this week is vacation, so I'll be sure to finish at least one update within that span, with daily progress updates here so as to be sure that I'm sure.

Not of doujins. I mostly do one-shot comics on Danbooru, which require a limited time commitment and rarely strain my limited knowledge of the language.

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This week hasn't been so great. (Although on the plus side, there is no longer a bat living in the closet of my new apartment.)

~1,000 words and ~1/2 done.

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Bah, I was really hoping to get this one done within a week.

Well, such is life. ~1,100 words and ~2/3 done.

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~2000 words, and I only need like 2 more paragraphs, but it's so late. Update tomorrow.

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Only ~1,500 words. I guess disappointed Yuugi is kind of hard to write.

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An update would be sweet, even if it only is "I didn't write anything yet"

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Not sure how I missed this for 3 days; my bad.

But yeah, it's the usual; fortunately, I am going to be indisposed to the world (and the internet) for the next few days, leaving me little to do but write or sleep, so I still plan on making this 2-week deadline that seems to have fallen into place.

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Well, that didn't go as planned. Word to the wise: fentanyl is a hell of a drug, not a "little painkiller", no matter what the nice little old nurse tells you.

Got ~1000 words, so I will try for tomorrow. Day after at the absolute latest. I feel pretty bad about screwing up even my lame 2-week deadline.

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2 Weeks? You still have one to go glas.

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I am a tremendous fuck-up; as ever, my apologies. ~2,500 words, and an end in sight.

If only. Last update was September 18th.

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September 18th
See, that's the reason I'm not following the story until it's over. I know I might be missing out lots of stuff by doing so, but having to re-read the last two threads to remember what was going on is a huge setback.

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So, how's it going?

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Ah damn, I said a week. Been out with family for the past few days, but I have a long car ride ahead of me today, so we'll see.

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You've been driving for more than a week now, glasnost. Are you trying to travel around the world? How are you going to cross the oceans?

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Requiring status. What's happening?

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On the off chance that Glasnost even remembers this thread exists or still looks at it. Is this story dead or what? Leaving without a word is kind of annoying.

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bug him on danbooru about it, he's been seen around there.

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really hope he wasn't in a car crash.
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