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So yeah Generous Music Anon here.

First up unless the mods have an issue, I'd like to use this third thread to post particular albums that are not part of any huge series such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Castlevania etc.

Without further ado...

American McGee's Alice OST - Total Tracks: 20

To be clear, I'm rather disappointed in the recent re-imagining of AiW. Not because of the director or even the actors and actresses but in that it was "empty" or "shallow"; A mere shadow of what could have been great imo.

I'd even dare say American McGee's (before he somewhat sold out) Alice had better dialogue than anything that film had imo.

I must say though the soundtrack is put together in a way that at certain points it has dialogue that connect one track to another, as if the OST is telling the story through music rather than you actually playing the game. Although I do recommend giving the game a once-through, if only for the experience...

That said...

"Village of the Doomed", the track of the first stage that essentially set the tone of what poor Alice will be going through. Probably my favorite of the OST as it's merely welcoming the player to a ghastly, corrupted existence of an already twisted world.

One other rather notable track is "Flying on the Wings of Steam", I feel it's one of those tracks best heard than be explained. The rest I'd rather keep them as a surprise.

Overall it's an enjoyable soundtrack.
I've heard rumors of a sequel or a remake to the original and am not sure what to think of it. On one hand A sequel seems pointless with all said and done in the original game. Remake may not be so bad considering it's been ten years since it's original release; perhaps even fixing the flaws that had appeared in the original game, maybe even expand it more.
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American McGee's Alice OST
Fuck yes! You're the best Anon ever. That game was awesome, man. If only the save function worked properly I wold have finished it already.
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Yet again Generous Music Anon here and I may as well post this set.

Any body who were pretty much born with a controller in their hands must have at one point in their youth played the Ninja Gaiden (guy-den) trilogy; or at least one of them to this day.

There would be times where you were dependent on either glitching the game's sprites to disappear or were always trying to dodge crazy shit. From the wild life chasing your heels, mutants and tech assisted assassins, to the supernatural monsters that... Well no more needs to be said.

And so I give anon...

Ninja Gaiden (Arranged) OST - http://www.mediafire.com/?3mbutd1l3my
Track Total - 26


Ninja Gaiden II OST - http://www.mediafire.com/?jwoz2uyw10j
Track Total - 10

In regards to the first album, it's actually more of a remix cut of the original NES soundtrack to Ninja Gaiden. Think of it as an album of slightly more advance chiptunes where the first track, "Ninja Gaiden Arrange Version" got played with real instruments playing a medley.

Track 12 "CIA" got a weird fade-in/out on the ears as it plays but such a catchy track.

Track 14 - Ryu's Determination is probably one of the most memorable of the OST, that stage where you start going through the mineshaft after being forced to a trap floor by "Guardia de Mieux" aka "The Jaquio".

Track 17 - Malth the Crimson Terror track is also quite memorable to those that actually reach him only to always lose to him; at least until you realized it's a battle of speed and attrition.

Track 19 - Tragic Fate is also very memorable to those that find out the truth once reaching that destination.

I'd argue that the entire album is nothing less but a nostalgia bomb to those that have played the first game way back. Very enjoyable album.

- - -

Ninja Gaiden II - O'Bits Project album is rather unique in that unlike the previous album, the NGII album this time is given a total remix treatment. Whether it was a good idea or not is another matter. Personally I don't think it's bad at all.

The first track, "Inspirited Friends' Field (Female Vocal Version), is pretty good. It's a remix of the last track that plays during the end credits of Ninja Gaiden II.

Track 2 - Herald is the intro song, which had been extended, that plays with Ashtar monologuing his plans after learning of The Jaquio's defeat. I'm lovin the violins but wished they could have done the thunder effects better.

Track 4 - Jack'o Lantern is a rather strange track but quite catchy.

Track 10 - Friends' Field (non-vocal version) actually follows the original song played at the end credits more closely than the vocal version. Nonetheless it's probably the best song out of the entire sound track of Ninja Gaiden II.

Over all it too is pretty good, though I'd probably prefer it more if it was similar to the first album.

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I've heard rumors of a sequel or a remake to the original and am not sure what to think of it
I don't know about that, but wiki says there is a movie on the makings. Since 2002, so It's not certain if it will indeed be done.

Also, thanks for these OSTs.
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Generous Music Anon here once again~!

Okay so after what, a couple of months or so just being regular ole anon on the boards I noticed a certain write-fag requesting info on acquiring a certain music album.

Well here it is though for now I shall refer to it as RAS for the Red Army Set.

Red Army "Set" ~ Two Discs - Tracks total = 32

Sets A & B Contain the following~
1. Kalinka
2. Partisan's song
3. Souliko
4. Korobelinki
5. On the road
6. My country
7. The red army is the strongest (I keep thinking of Cirno whenever I see this track no joke)
8. Moscow nights
9. Along Peterskaia Street
10. Smuglianka
11. Troika Gallop
12. Ah Nastassia
13. Echelon's Song
14. My army
15. Civil war songs
16. Bella ciao

Sets C & D contain the following~
1. National Anthen of the USSR
2. Oh fields, my fields
3. The cliff
4. The Cossacks
5. In the central steppes
6. Gandzia
7. Cossack's song
8. The roads
9. Song of the Volga Boatman
10. Dark eyes
11. Let's go
12. The brich tree
13. The road song
14. The samovars
15. Varchavianka
16. Slavery and suffering

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I've already deleted the Soviet stuff as I said I would and am now sharing the German side. They shall be dubbed by their name on the file.

Note* A good majority, if not all, are during WWII and unlike the Soviet side I posted this side's quality varies for a variety of reasons.

GMM - http://www.mediafire.com/?2ydz0lnryzn

RSM - http://www.mediafire.com/?qnq1j4wmm5m

There ya go Serial-ATA

These are also temporary for until Thursday.
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Generous Music Anon here~!

One of the albums in my collection

http://www.mediafire.com/?mwytmtdqymy - Part A
http://www.mediafire.com/?g3mmqanneio - Part B

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fixing a recently discovered track

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Okay hey for a special request here's IM's - Transporter album


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Because I'm six kinds of busy and don't know when I'll get the chance to get back to you, just confirming that Transporter is fully functional, no CRC errors or any of that. It was also very worth the wait - thanks again.
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Okay recent requested upload~!

Megaman Zero 2 (ReMa) "Idea"
Side A - http://www.mediafire.com/?1agb2d4aymirkrp
Side B - http://www.mediafire.com/?11t292vcd41qnuv

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