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Gensokyo High(216)

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So... uh..

Hi. Talk about GH here. Two threads with four updates sucks, so let's just use this god-forsaken text board.

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Last update here: http://www.touhou-project.com/th/res/103327.html#103520 or 'How to break two hearts with one stone'

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This guy has a point, hopefully things go well.

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True. Flandre's wounds are deeper so she should be 'healed' first.

Rumia has friendship and family issues, so she isn't a walk on the park either but...

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The way I see it, unless anon gets its shit together it may go to pot.

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No routelock promises chaos when it comes to anon.

This story will make a nice trainwreck.

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unless anon gets its shit together it may go to pot.
This story will make a nice trainwreck.
You folks ever heard of a self-fulfilling prophecy?

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Heard of history? DoLF1 was a story without a real plot lock. Nuff said.

The best way to prevent it is to tell the anti-flan and rumia romantic route fans to stand down and let the story take its course.

(I say romantic route, since a chunk of Flan fans are coming to like Rumia purely as a little sister figure.)

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Man, what the fuck. I can't help but feel DESPAIR

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The thing is, this anon finds the Sister-rumia/romance-Flan viable, however despite that it seems both parties of the opposite sides are trying to bring up that "debate" again in the main threads...

Also I've noticed some anons are equating Jin as M.Bison-in-training as the story is rolling along...

I find that to be the most plausible thing ever...

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So far hope isn't lost and the discussion is mainly how to deal with the problems in the near future.

I think the M.Bison remarks are the matter of that M.Bison and Remi pic in the moe pic thread.

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Jin becomes M.Bison?


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The best way to prevent it is to tell the anti-flan and rumia romantic route fans to stand down and let the story take its course.
And I think Flan fans need to stop overreacting to every little thing that doesn't go their way. If there's anything wrong with this story, it's how it's reader start panicking as soon as something unexpected happens.

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Do consider Flan's nature, a screw up can be potentially disastrous, something that Rumia fans are not exactly helpful in avoiding, in fact a few slips occurred due to random unorderly character interaction. And in taking on Rumia as a little sister more wholeheartedly, we've increased the chances of screw ups that the anti-flan fans will use to derail things. (Note how I didn't say Rumia fans)

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So is it on hiatus or what..? If ya need a break Taisa just say so.

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Taisa is a human being. Just you go and write daily a hour or two after you get home from work/school.
He has his own problems and things to take care of, sometimes you just can't set your mind to write.
Let's just give him time until he can get his mind back to writing.

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Flanfags ruin everything.


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warshipping ruins everything, neurtralfags all the way

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or at least neutralfags that are not hopped up on vicoden, all the way!

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Victory for neutralfag faction

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I have no strong feelings about the neutral faction

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Anti-Flan fags ruin everything

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Anti-Anti Flan fags ruin everything.



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Anon ruins everything.


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Lack of routelocks ruin everything


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Nothing is ruined.


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Readers are now becoming unruly as few shitstorms appear.

Discuss: I'll start

Lately I've noticed anon more and more are finding reasons to attack Taisa or rather find reasons to lash out at Taisa when at most he had been trying to encourage anon to try to be creative in solving problems that generally would require more than a simple choice option.

Is it simply his writing style than enrages anon now? The fact that a certain group is trying their best to see a successful chance at Flandre being utterly horrifying to others? Where is this hate or rage truly stemming from..? I doubt he had tossed out some votes just to suit the story, if anything it had been on counting and few had issues with votespam.

I recall just as it had started every one had been praising him, that they were delighted that he took the time to try updating nearly on a daily basis and had been enjoying the fruits of his labor; even when it's been revealed Flandre would be a major focus. Now this, granted there are not as many shitstorms involving Flandre but is anon simply compelled to trash on the cyoa now because of the writer..?

I wouldn't be surprised if Taisa not only manages to finish this but makes it the last of us seeing such efforts undertaken. Damn shame too

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My sensible koakuma write in was ignored, a shame.

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In regards to the poster who suggested the problem of shitstorms could be solved by Taisa closing the votes sooner, I have to disagree.

The people who complain about how "the other side" is ruining or sabotaging things for them will only get worse if you give them even less time to try to make their case or get votes in for whatever it is they wanted.

Besides, that's also rather close to the idea of putting a cap on votes, which has already been vetoed by Taisa on the grounds that it would be unfair to establish an arbitrary limit that could deny some people the chance to get their vote in.

The problem isn't people trying to convince others to vote or not vote for certain choices, the problem is how they go about doing it, especially when they pull this divisive faction nonsense about "Flanfags" and "Rumiafags" and "Anti-Flanfags" and "Pepsifags" and "Cokefags" and "Boxersfags" and "Briefsfags" and "Skubfags" and on and on and on.

It's not a bad thing to call out a particular choice as being bad or downright idiotic if there are good reasons given for why it's bad and/or idiotic. If people were starting to vote for Jin to guzzle down a bottle of bleach and jam forks into light sockets, I would fully expect it to be acceptable for someone to say "Stop it, you're being retarded, and this is why..."

If your reason for saying it's idiotic because it'll ruin your chances with someone's route, or because it's clearly am act of sabotage by some mysterious counter-force of people who are just trying to ruin the story for you and anyone who happens to want exactly what you want, on the other hand...not so much.

What we need isn't less discussion, it's less of the nonsense that makes the discussion bad. The making arguments less about what the choices are and more about the people making them, the whole "us versus them" mentality some people seem to have adopted, and any argument for or against something that includes or is in any way based upon the notion of "routes". That is the stuff that's problematic, and it's the way of thinking that produces such things that needs to be changed.

For example, look at the previous choice, where suddenly some people wanted to go see Meiling. One Anon provided reasons justifying why he wanted to vote that way, to which someone responded accusing them of wanting to go for a Meiling route, and derail the other routes.

The guy was just advocating spending our idle time chatting with someone we've had little interaction with up to now, and possible get a new viewpoint on the situation, but to hear the other guy talk you would think he was wanting to confess his undying love for the gate guard, take her hand, walk her into the mansion, call a meeting with everyone else, and proceed to mount her right on the dining room table in front of everyone.

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STFU Pepsifag.

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Why do people suddenly feel so intimidated whenever Flandre doesn't get picked in a choice, anyway?

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Uh? What do you mean 'intimidated'?

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I have a confession to make. I grew really fond of Patchy, she should be the obvious choice for us. Always been there for him since hour one.

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Because there are times where it's the best choice, such as right after that screw up, going with Flan would have had the greatest effect as is confirmed by the latest update.

Not to mention most votes made against Flan-related choices are often made in a derailing spirit.

Not to say we shouldn't interact with others, but we should do so in an orderly fashion, not nilly-willy like those derailers caused Jin to do in the past. (as a result Cirno, a key figure in having Rumia and Flan be friends is not so receptive towards Jin due to how she thinks he's neglecting the club)

And unlike a normal Touhou girl, a screw up with Flandre could get really bad.

And everyone's to blame for that backfire.

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going with Flan would have had the greatest effect as is confirmed by the latest update.
ProTip: Don't take the words of a biased character with the same weight as those of the writefag himself.

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like those derailers
Whoa there, back the truck up. "Derailers"? Seriously? This looks like just another iteration of the unfounded idiocy that is the 'Character X-fans' and 'Anti-Character Y-fans' malarkey.

Character specific factions in GH are entirely imagined outside of a small handful of individuals that are obsessed with purveying the unreasonable "us vs. them" mentality that is problematic in every sense of the word. Many anon are quite interested in Flandre, and rightfully so; she has displayed a dynamic personality and complex circumstance that lend themselves to interaction and involvement. That said, Flandre and her scenario are merely a part of a larger narrative that is the overarching world of Gensokyo High. Becoming too narrowly focused on but one aspect of that world is bound to have a detrimental effect on the story in the long run. Interaction with Flandre should flow naturally from the story, just like it should for everyone else. Trying to force interaction with just one character due to personal preferences when other choices are better suited to the situation at hand (or the overall story in general) is myopic and can lead to nothing good.

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True, but there's also folks who are horribly aghast at the notion of a Flan route, and would go to great lengths to see that it doesn't happen.

But you are right about being too focused on things, but I repeat, if we are to talk to other characters, it should be done in an orderly fashion and without neglecting the club we made.

And the whole "by not talking to her right away, she formed a shell" line by Patchy is pretty damn shitstorm provoking.

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We (or I) are not tryinf to force interaction with only one haracter (Flandre), we're not trying to ignore all the other great characters Taisa writes. It's just that Flandre is currently the most important relationship Jin has right now, it's the most intimate (yes, more intimate than Patchouli). What make us/me angry, is that even if th bonds made with Flandre are the deepest ones, people still prefered to stay with someone who, not only has repeatedly tried to kill Jin, but also enjoys tormenting him and has no real bonds beyond that.

It's as if they said they liked the bully better than the person who tries her best to make you happy and be happy with you.

Now, where the hell is the Reply button?

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Ah, found it.

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So who's that butthurt flanfag that cries in every thread?

His rage is delicious.

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You mean the guy who wanted Rumia to die and recently said we should tell Koakuma to piss off?

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That guy is just terribly rude, since as of late Rumia's been growing on me. (Enough to want her around as a little sister) though I admit I was one of the ones that originally wanted Patchouli to remove her.


True, Flan's the most important girl to Jin so far, so she gets a bit more emphasis, that and she's kinda emotionally fragile compared to our bully-turned little sister.

As far as the choice of who to go after, it was a matter of going with what one thought was right, so I can't just merely peg it on Rumia fans or anti-flan fans. Hence the rage when Patchy said that line, since it seems to justify the folks who voted to go after Flandre.

And do remember that Rumia collected herself pretty well enough to go "You're not going after her?" basically. (She was expecting to be left alone)

Though I think if we're to befriend those two again, we will need Cirno's help (she's the only one who has been on good terms with the both of them), though that might be hard due to our lack of attending the book club for the most part. (Not sure if the little Ice Fairy has warmed up to Jin or not)

If we did our non-book club interactions in a more orderly fashion, then perhaps we wouldn't have to worry about if Cirno was fond of us or not.

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As far as the choice of who to go after, it was a matter of going with what one thought was right, so I can't just merely peg it on Rumia fans or anti-flan fans
The thing is, that choice was basically a "Which girl should I choose?" choice, so if fits perfectly with the fan/anti-fan shitstorms.

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Actually, it was more along the lines of "Which one should I choose first?". It's not like Flandre was whisked away to some magical land where you'll never see her again.

As for Patchy's line, I already commented on that one.

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"Which one should I choose first?".
No difference.

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No difference.
There's a big difference.

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Please, elaborate.

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More of a "forget 'em both, and get with your hot mentor" choice.

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Still it boiled down to who people thought needed the help first, if we were right or not isn't sure but that line of Patchy's certain had some tempers flaring. Even mine but I know that it's too late to do anything about that, so I put my focus towards on what to do in the future.

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It figures Rumia-fags would blame all their problems on one person. Do you honestly think I'm the only one who hates Rumia? At least I'm verbal about it.

Really, my last commentary was in thread 21, and the only one in that thread. I would never tell Koakuma to piss off. I'd gladly bad end the whole thing just for her.

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>>42 Here, and I'm a Flandre fan, yet I don't hate Rumia that intensely (I said that as to point out how she's been growing on some Flan fans, enough to want her as a little sister), if that wasn't the case the flan fans would have voted to get Rumia out via the window and other choices before to get her out of the way.

So yes you might be the only one who hates her at this point.

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Why can't we just do both Flandre's arc and Rumia's arc?

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That's very well possible, but the main thing is who will Jin's love interest be? That's when shitstorms happen.

Sure I'm aiming for a Flan route, but I'm more than willing to do Rumia's character arc among others. (Keine/Mokou/Kaguya for starters)

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I'm one of those rare people that happens to be a fan of both Flandre and Rumia, and I have to say that as long as we get a Little Sister route with Rumia, I don't care who we go for.

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Well at first she came off as rather nasty but with recent events she's grown on me.

Thing is, Rumia at this point is the only one close to taking on Flan for the romantic spot (if Rumia's little sister, then Flan wins)

Too bad more people aren't so agreeable. Though the little sis Rumia undercurrent has a decent hold with Flan fans, thus some the recent votes and the backfire.

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Rumia at this point is the only one close to taking on Flan for the romantic spot
Actually...no, she isn't.

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So... Who is?

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Romancing Patchouli is clearly the greatest path. Flan and Rumia can be the daughter and little sister figures respectively. This arrangement results in the wonderful and amusing image of Jin and Patchouli trying to raise children together. Also the patently hilarious image of Rumia becoming Flan's aunt.

Then eventually Patch and Jin can have their own children, and Flan will have another playmate.

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It's... *sniff* beautiful...

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Actually, here's a question I've wanted answered for a long time:

What do the Flan fans see in Flan romantically?

I don't mean Flan in general, either, I mean the Flan from GH. I won't deny that she's cute, and that the happier scenes with her are nice, but... the "chemistry" between her and Jin seems to boil down to a sort of childish infatuation on her end, and confusion on Jin's end. Beyond that, there's nothing that really makes a relationship between them very compelling or stable; Jin is practically raising the girl, and a romantic relationship between them feels like it would continue to revolve more around raising her than finding a meaningful balance with her. Ultimately that sort of affection feels more parental than romantic.

Compare this to the other main contenders, and Flan seems sorely lacking as a love interest. Sakuya is the example that comes to mind immediately; she and Jin have outstanding chemistry together. It's hard not to grin at any scene that passes between the two of them, because they tend to rely on repartee, and the occasional flirting. Thus far, the two of them seem to always have fun around each other, even if Jin relies on Sakuya to help him get out of his messes; in fact, Sakuya seems to find his propensity for trouble to be cute. Establishing a romantic relationship with her would very obviously have an entertaining end result, because the flirting and wit will continue, and because the two of them seem to consider each other to be roughly equals; while Sakuya may have to take care of Jin from time to time, in the end he's someone who she can treat as something approaching adult.

Next, consider Patchouli. She started out rather cold and calculating, and never displaying even the barest hint of emotion. Hanging around Jin long enough, and particularly the rather intimate moment they shared, is very obviously melting that harsh exterior. Underneath that, there is woman who has displayed a slight fondness for teasing Jin, and who has a very soft, caring side to her. A romance with Patchouli can very easily support itself; her sheer intelligence paired with Jin's creativity and penchant for learning means that the two have compatibility outside of romance, and Jin's insistence on "unnecessary" actions brings out the emotion that Patchouli keeps bottled up. They complement each other perfectly; Patchouli provides the knowledge and experience that Jin lacks, tempering his more emotional nature and getting him to reason; Jin provides the emotional, idealistic spark that brings out the warmer, more human side of Patchouli that desperately needs expression. Their relationship would probably end up a quiet one, but a very fulfilling one as well.

Even Rumia seems to make a better match for Jin than Flan, simply through the massive conflict in their ideologies. They could certainly help balance each other out if they came to terms with their different beliefs, and after that the sheer competitive streak in Rumia would keep the relationship alive. They work well in a number of different types of relationship, in fact.

I guess what I'm asking is this: is there really something in GH itself that motivates you to pursue Flan, or are you just pursuing her because "oh, hey, she's Flan?" While I might be able to settle for a romance with her, it just feels like such a waste when there are characters with far better chemistry available in the story, and no guarantee that we will have a second round of GH, or even that a second round would give us a chance to pursue ant of these more interesting paths; especially given that our current standing in some of those paths has come through some extraordinary circumstances that don't seem as though they would be easy to replicate in another run.

61 .

Interesting. I'm not inclined for a particular character, so I guess my opinion would be meaningless in this case, but you make a few good points.

The only part where I strongly disagree is about Sakuya. For all that has happened, she still seems Jin as nothing more as a guest, in my opinion. A nice kid, that's true, but a kid nevertheless.

62 .

My answer? Because sure it's a youthful thing, but it's not as if Jin's super experienced with women. And unlike most other stories where pursuing Flan feels wrong, it's not the case here. Thus presents a rarity on top of Flan as girlfriend feeling right for once. (I doubt another such thing will come again just due to the fact that certain people would try to derail that because they'd think it's pedo)

And there's a dynamic of Flan's inexperienced insight, deviousness (as shown by how she acts more innocent than she is)offset by Jin's straightfoward experiences in his life. Not to mention what other things Flan might be hiding.

And if the Flan fans didn't believe in the cause, they'd have lost to Sakuya fans (as does many SDM characters usually do)

Also Flan fans made many sacrifices in their cause. (If Flan was just a little sister only character, most of us would have pursued other characters, perhaps even Rumia)

The other characters are good yes, but there will be other chances, perhaps in other stories.

Also I read past threads recently, and barring a slight derail attempt (most of these resulting in us overneglecting the club and getting Cirno peeved at us; had the other interactions been more orderly, we could have avoided that. Then again that was their goal mainly.), Flan's been dominating firmly. The greatest resistance came when Rumia ended up living with Jin; I suspect the anti-flan fans rallied behind her as their best shot at stopping a Flan route despite Rumia being another typical 'little sister' only character)

That and I'm more partial for some other characters that don't get much love (Youmu, Keine,etc)

63 .

He's trying to bring her out of her shell. She's shown she can be mature, and he wants to have a deeper, more meaningful relationship by better understanding that side of her. It's possible for her to own up to the other characters if we give her a chance to become the fully grown adult her sister never allowed her to be. If she wants to grow up, she'll also have to make an effort, one that I'm sure she'll be more than willing to make instead of remaining the little, pitiful girl that gets locked in the basement every time she gets angry.

The thing about GH Flandre, is that she's supposed to be a teenager with problems, just finishing high school, and venturing out into the world. Here she has, or was given, the mental capacity to overcome her emotions and become a better person; someone her friends and family can be proud of. To bloom into a beautiful young woman, capable of a meaningful relationship. To feel love for another, and to be loved by another.

As >>62 said, it's a rarity, and many believe this is a one-time-only deal that may never happen again. Taisa himself stated that he's writing these girls not as the usual loli, but as young women.

Besides, those of us who aren't giving any thought to this, are more guided by thoughts of feeding Flandre cake and licking the frosting off of her nose, hugging her as we sleep under the shade of a tree, sitting in a waiting room as she tries on different swimsuits to show us, little Flandre's running around... Ahem. Romance is such a vague- such a general term, you know?

64 .

I care nothing for the flandre faggotry or the 'character wars' in general. Just reading this story is good enough for me. Hell, sometimes I don't even vote. I just let it run it's course and read the updates. I just wish people would stop being massive dumbasses about their respective characters, it really drags this story down. It's amazing, the story itself is great, but the audience is one of the worst I've seen in any of the stories on these boards.

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Too bad the anti-fans who keep on crying "PEDO!" don't see it. And it's both mentally and physically (Rumia, Remi, and Flan look more mid teens than loli).

But you summed things up pretty well on the dyanamics of Jin and Flan. Though the task of fully bringing her out of the shell won't be easy, especially with some folks seeking to derail things.

Blame the tide pissers then, since they started it.

Oddly other stories are much more easy going in nature. (such as RiG and Gensou Coil)

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67 .

Another factor would be the branch nature, since in both HLA and GH routes are clustered into branches of things, and unlike most stories, it's not so much route per run but branch per run. In other words, barring Anon wanting to retread the common scenarios of the SDM branch, there'll be one go at that group of characters only.
Though this explains the competition between Flan/Sakuya/Patchy, and only to an extent. The competition between Flan and Rumia routes is mainly a matter of fans and anti-flan fans (and it's the latter group that's the least rational)

This easily explains the shit storms in HLA, since if there's another run, it won't focus on the same group the last run did.

Chances are barring another high controversy character being a popular choice, the second run of GH should go more peacefully... hopefully.

68 .

Well, isn't Flan's innocence the very reason that a romance with her would be dull? In all honesty, how many relationships are you aware of that turned out well when both parties involved had no previous romantic experience? I ask only because, well... as it stands, it seems as though a romance with Flan would be sort of shallow. I don't doubt that there's more to her character than what has been shown, but it seems to me as though all the interesting points of her development could be covered without ever becoming romantically involved with her; in fact, I would advocate this - I like Flan, but she just doesn't have the right qualities to click as being someone with whom it would be interesting to be in a relationship; this really is not helped by the fact that she is mentally unstable. No matter how nice Jin might be, the chances of him resolving all the problems of her sanity is minuscule at best. Their relationship seems like it would be rocky at best, and that can only hold for so long when one party simply isn't capable of changing the aspect of their personality causing conflicts.

Besides, those of us who aren't giving any thought to this, are more guided by thoughts of feeding Flandre cake and licking the frosting off of her nose, hugging her as we sleep under the shade of a tree, sitting in a waiting room as she tries on different swimsuits to show us, little Flandre's running around... Ahem. Romance is such a vague- such a general term, you know?
... but why can we not have this without pursuing her romantically? These are, for the most part, all things that can be done with her even if she is a friend rather than a lover. In fact, given that the alternative love interests are primarily from the Scarlet Devil Mansion, it would make a good deal of sense to continue spending time with Flandre even if we don't pursue her romantically.

On another note, I'm not sure who it is that continually cries "derailment" and "anti-Flan fans," but I would suggest you stop. Derailment is a rather presumptuous term to use, and the notion that there is some giant movement on THP to shut down every Flandre route simply for the sake of it is patent paranoia. Both those terms are fostering a confrontational mentality that does nothing for the story, and polarizes the audience.

69 .

I don't doubt that there's more to her character than what has been shown, but it seems to me as though all the interesting points of her development could be covered without ever becoming romantically involved with her; in fact, I would advocate this - I like Flan, but she just doesn't have the right qualities to click as being someone with whom it would be interesting to be in a relationship; this really is not helped by the fact that she is mentally unstable. No matter how nice Jin might be, the chances of him resolving all the problems of her sanity is minuscule at best. Their relationship seems like it would be rocky at best, and that can only hold for so long when one party simply isn't capable of changing the aspect of their personality causing conflicts.
Not trying to be an ass here, but unless you have a real good idea of what the writer has in mind now and how he might plan on developing the character (remember, we arn't even halfway there plotwise, apparently) later on in the story, you're being rather close-minded. Presumptuous at best. I think the folks who are shying away from Flandre due to the appearence aspect of it have a valid opinion, however it really must be remembered that the writer has stated (at least once that I saw) that the characters (even those usually interpretted to be pre-adolescent)are of an equal or comparable age, outwardly, to the main character. This being said, some might raise the question of Flandre's mental maturity level instead. This is also understandable, however the effects of centuries of isolation from her family, a possible lack of understanding of her own vampirism as well as the obvious stigma of being a vampire secluded from modern society no doubt had an effect on her personality and mental state. Even so, despite this, I've seen several instances at least where Flandre has displayed surprising mental acuity. While I'm not saying that there isn't a potential for conflict and potentially awkward problems and situations, I don't believe it's entirely fair to rule out the possibility of romantic and meaningful involvement with Flandre.

Do not interpret this as a singularly pro-Flandre endorsement, but at the same time do not rule out a Flandre route just because of the way she is portrayed in much of the canon. While she shares many traits with the Flandre we know and love from the games, I get the feeling that she is an entirely different beast altogether.

70 .

isn't Flan's innocence the very reason that a romance with her would be dull?
Oh no, she is not innocent, not as much as you think she is. She herself admitted to have lied, what if she lied more times than we know? She does know that we lied to her, but we don't know if she lied to us...she is more mature than you believe.

71 .

What if their entire friendship so far is just another one of Flandre's lies?

72 .


You raise some good points, but I have reservations about her mental stability rather than her maturity; her mental maturity may not be ideal, but I can stomach it. Her mental stability on the other hand, is much more worrisome. While I suspect that part of the story will involve resolving some of Flan's psychological problems, I find it more than a little incredible to think that Jin will be able to completely counteract what sounds like centuries of mental illness, compounded by isolation and apparently multiple psychotic breakdowns; it just stretches believability a bit too much, which says quite a bit given that we are discussing a story about flying magical girls.

After seeing her reaction to Jin fraternizing with Rumia, and the way she shattered Mokou's wrist over a rather minor scuffle, I begin to suspect that a romantic relationship with Flan would cause enormous and unpleasant issues. Flan has been rather volatile, and it seems unlikely that this will ever come to a complete end given the extent of her instability. If this is the case, then we're liable to become entangled in one serious situation after the other; the latest issue with Flan and Rumia is understandable in its intensity, but the issue with Mokou was only minor because it was Mokou - even most youkai wouldn't be liable to recover from that so quickly, and if we had been with Marisa or Reimu, the results would have been catastrophic. I get the feeling that a romance with Flan would be composed primarily of damage control, and that's not so much fun, especially given the pessimistic attitude that much of the voting population seems to take.

Now, I don't want to insult Taisa. He may well be able to find away around these problems. I'm just arguing from what we've seen so far.

Regardless, I'd say that it seems rather irresponsible to pursue the affections of someone suffering from deep-rooted mental instability in the first place. If Flan fans are serious, then I would recommend to them that they work on resolving her mental issues before attempting to romance her - it will save them a lot of hassle in the long run, if only because they will be dealing first with a mentally volatile young woman, then with an emotionally volatile young woman; if they attempt to romance her while resolving her issues, they are going to be dealing with both types of volatility at the same time, which is leaps and bounds more dangerous, especially when the volatile young woman in question has the ability to destroy virtually anything.

Get her to a more stable, less dangerous mental state, then start trying to romance her. It will save you trouble in the long run. It also has the added benefit of giving everyone more time to think about who they really want to commit themselves to in the end; I know that I have changed targets more than once over the course of the story, and more experiences with the various women in Jin's life can only help when it comes to choosing the girl who will make the story most fulfilling.

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People engaged into romantic relationship with others usually try to solve them. You make it sound like there is no helping Flandre. Sure, there may be some turbulence, but that's a part of any relationship, and getting over the problems that may come together with the otherperson is the central point of having a romantic relationship. It's not just lovey-dovey, it's also about hardships.

Regardless, I'd say that it seems rather irresponsible to pursue the affections of someone suffering from deep-rooted mental instability in the first place
Gensokyo to Anon: Get the fuck out of reality and come back to fantasy. Dude, this is fanfiction about magical flying little girls.

Get her to a more stable, less dangerous mental state, then start trying to romance her
That's something to be done during the romancing. Facing hardships together and all that stuff.
more experiences with the various women in Jin's life can only help when it comes to choosing the girl who will make the story most fulfilling.
Those who screw around with various women end up alone.

74 .

In regards to the "why can't we have this without perusing her romantically" question, yes, many of those things can be done without being romantically involved with someone.

However, things like cuddling under a tree, licking things off a girl's nose, and sitting around while she tries out clothes are generally not things guys do for girls that are JUST friends.
Oh, to the girl they might be "just friends", but the guy is more often than not going through it because he wants to be more than just friends but has to make due with what he can get, which in this case is sitting on his ass waiting for her to try shit on.

Or he's gay.

Of course, there's also that bit about "little Flandres running around" which I take to mean a child of Flandre's running around.

Now, granted, it is technically possible to have a child with someone without actually being romantically involved with them, but do we really want Jin to become yet another teenage deadbeat dad?

75 .


Asides from pathetic attempts at derailing, Flan's been winning most of the story, even over the almighty Sakuya.

76 .


77 .

Well, too bad, because there's no way in Hell Remilia would allow anyone to knock up her little sister and remain alive without marrying her.

It'll be a shotgun wedding, Gensokyo-style.

78 .

Hypothetically speaking, would Patchy survive childbirth at her state of health and malnourishment?

79 .


Given how healthy she was after the mana transfer, I'd think that a regular and active sex life would be more than enough to keep her fit for childbirth.

80 .

mana transfer
It was a bad joke and I never thought it would win god damn it stop calling it that ;_;

81 .

That's only assuming she'll remain "in the mood" for such activities throughout the course of the pregnancy.
Even normal, healthy women often see a marked decrease in their sex drive due to various factors. I can't imagine someone with Patchouli's delicate constitution faring much better against all that swelling, cramping, and so on.

Besides, even with the benefits of the mana transfer, her health level didn't seem that impressive if you weren't comparing it to her usual poor condition. Even at her peak, I don't really see her doing jumping jacks or cartwheels without trouble, and giving birth would still likely prove to be a humongous strain on her body.

82 .


You didn't think the obviously sex-related option wouldn't win? With Anon doing the voting? Especially after you had made a point of mentioning how joke or "obvious Bad End" options aren't always so, and that sex doesn't always lead to death?

Out of all the options you gave us, you seriously didn't expect that to be the one to win? Really?

...he don't know us very well, do he?

83 .


... but that's what it was, and it did win. I'm not mocking it; I thought the scene was touching. You should be proud of it.


Let's look at this from another angle: she's a centuries old magician, who subsists on pure magical energy. Somehow, I think she can keep herself together through something like childbirth. She's probably had worse at some point over the years.

84 .

Have no fear, living God Jin will cure her of her sickness and make her healthy.
After that unite Gensokyo and conquer earth.....
Fuck, i would read that. Damn me.

85 .


Good plan, except for the part where Jin's rise in power would almost certainly be noticed by Reimu, bumping him right to the top of her "Exterminate" list.

Enjoy either getting sealed, or inadvertently killing Reimu and causing the total destruction of everyone and everything you had come to know and love in that place.

86 .

Jin is NOT the power hungry sort; sure he wants enough to survive and function, but he doesn't want to rule over everything. And if he would to progress, it'd be healing/creative powers than destruction.

But we should wonder about the true nature of that book, since it's obviously not just a book.

87 .

It comes from the future, Jin wrote it himself.

88 .


How delightful! That means Jin really became a god!

89 .

Would that mean there's a chapter on soothing the hearts of trouble but cute vampire girls?

90 .


Of course not. The book was in Patchouli's library.

Do the math.

91 .

I like the way you think.

92 .


Many books end up there, and the only way for Patchy to become a contender is if some massive derails occur on the Flan and Rumia fronts, and frankly that'd be something they'd see coming.

93 .

implying pursuing patchouli is a derail

94 .


I never said the whole story would get derailed, just progress on those two paths. At least in the best case scenario.

95 .

I have no clear idea of how the story actually operates.
Well, yeah, I could have told you that.

96 .

Anyone read the first run of LAE/DoLF? That story had no route locks or a target Anon ever settled on, and look what happened to it.

97 .


Actually, Alice was settled on in the end.

Regardless, while some blame for how disastrous LAE was may rest with its voting base, it can't be denied that Teruyo handled the story very poorly. I would personally rest more of the blame on him than on anyone else. Taisa is more competent by a country mile.

98 .

But in the end anon choose to go back to Eientei against Alice's request. (That isn't including the fact that a few subplots got screwed over at least due to Anon not making up their mind for 80% of the story)

True anon is infinitely smarter today than then, but in place of the moronic unwitting derailing, there'd be malicious derailing with intent.

99 .


To be perfectly frank, I doubt LAE could ever have ended well. Teruyo used a remarkable number of choices that nearly required some form of telepathy to determine the right course of action; it did not help matters at all that he seemed to punish almost every attempt at a write-in. Anon was discouraged from any sort of bold action at all, and you could make the argument that scurrying back to Eientei was only natural for the consequentially whipped population of voters; the thought of leaving any plot threads unresolved probably made them nervous, given Teruyo's fondness for screwing them over.

Regardless, as I said, Taisa is a far more competent writer, and it's doubtful that such a conclusion will come about.

Regarding your last statement, I can only say that I think you are completely wrong. There are not nearly enough malicious voters to cause that; once the story is actually cemented onto a "route," there is a fair bet that those left unsatisfied will either swallow the bitter pill and put up with it for the sake of the rest of the story, or simply stop following the story altogether. The notion that any substantial part of the voting population would purposely continue voting for the sole purpose of driving the story to a bad conclusion is patently absurd, and nothing but paranoia on your part.

100 .


I never said majority, since I doubt the other fandoms would want such a thing either, but you can never can tell when a derailer would coat their attempts in logic appealing to say Patchy fans.

that's why one uses the term Anti-flan fans, not accusing other fan types: Becuase I think in the end, those other fans would rather see the story continue, even if their girl doesn't win. Anti-fan fans in contrast would rather see the story crash and burn than to have Flan get her own route.

I might be wrong perhaps, but there's no harm in keeping an eye out for such attempts. (Vigilance is among the best defenses, since most things that happen like that occur when everyone ignores it)

But such fans do exist (if you look in some spots you can hear them raging over the matter)

101 .

So you're... an anti-anti-Flan fan?

102 .

God damn. Lose my internet for a week and suddenly, 60 new posts. Nice to see people using it, at least, as this would murdered the already fairly bloated thread.

103 .

100+ posts in a /words/ thread.
About GH. Second closest has 11 posts. Hmmm...

/words/ shall henceforth be known as /taisa/. Mwaha, mwahaha!

104 .


To be honest I'm just a Flan fan who doesn't want to see this story get ruined one way or another.

If Flan loses fair and square, I guess I can live with that, but not so much if it's done by trickery or such.

105 .


works for me, lets do it.

106 .

Get back to work Nigger. If you can get your 1 update a day rate back we can talk about renaming /word/

107 .

What do you think the odds of this vote having something go wrong?

[x] Continue training with Patchy.

Followed by

[x] Go find Sakuya. You'd like to see more of her, anyway.

At best, Jin'd be too worn out to do much of anything flight lesson wise

At worse? Jin ends up passing out for the rest of the day and night, missing out on at least one event (Especially at night). In short something like last time we went gung-ho training.

Am I the only one who remembers the main reasons we came to the mansion? It certainly wasn't training until we dropped.

108 .

I think that voting to suddenly go for Sakuya is pretty stupid, we did after all choose the characters to go for already. Should stick to Patchy, Flan and Rumia and choose one of them. We have enough training already, better spend the time talking or having fun with a Touhou.

109 .


You DO realize that not every single instance of having a choice of people to see and interact with is purely for the purpose of earning "points" with that person, right?

Jin wants to fly. Patchouli has explicitly stated she is not going to be able to help much in that regard. Thus, we have a choice of seeing someone who can help us, or using an alternative method that might not be as reliable. Which is to say, it will probably wind up failing or becoming unusable for some reason at a critical point, just like how cars suddenly don't want to start when you have a knife-wielding psychopath stalking towards you.

If we're to learn to fly from someone, our choices are pretty much limited to the maid and two shrine maidens, and of the three Sakuya is the one with the least complications.

We're apparently trying to keep Reimu in the dark about what we know about Gensokyo, and so approaching her for flying lessons would pretty much shoot that right down the toilet.
As for Sanae, we haven't even actually met her.
Hell, I didn't even remember her being mentioned as a part of the class before, but that could just be forgetfulness on my part.

Meanwhile Sakuya knows us, knows that we know the truth, and we're on her good side, to boot. The only snags is that she has lots of work to do, and so might not be eager to have to wedge in training time into what is probably an already cramped schedule.

110 .

I'd figure that Sakuya is something of a newbie at flying compare to say Marisa.

That's my reason, not a romantic points reason unlike some of the folks voting to continue with patchy.

111 .

But unlike Marisa, she can actually fly under her own power. Even if she hasn't been doing it as long as the witch has (and there's no way to be certain if she has or hasn't), the fact that she can do it without relying on an object suggests to me that she's more than capable enough to properly teach how to do it.

112 .


That's my point: Sakuya would be better at teaching just due to how recently she learned it, so the steps would be fresh in her head.

113 .


It was said that Sanae, Kanako and Suwako don't need to go to school since they came from outside the border and have no need to be trained how to survive there.

114 .

Actually, Sanae does, but only because she actually -is- a highschool girl.

115 .

Updates where? ;_;

116 .

Uh, yeah, I'll get back to it tomorrow. Promise.

117 .


You're looking for updates in the wrong place dude.

118 .

Yes, this Thread was made to get rid of the faggotry that is in the GH Threads.

119 .

oddly this has been pretty civil even despite the disagreeing opinions.

120 .

Irony? Murphy's law?

Wait, I'm supposed to be writing, aren't I.

121 .

A lot of guys-slash-faggots are still complaining about the update speed, at /th/, even after he said that he was working on it.

Oh well, I guess that in the end, it all comes down to this: we can't force anyone to do shit. If he doesn't want to update, then he won't.
That doesn't mean we should stop showing our expectation, but to stop doing so like faggots. However, since you're browsing /words/ I guess you all knew this already.

122 .

While you are right with everything, i still like to complain. Since the first "get back to work nigger" it is kind of a tradition here to tell lazy writers to get back to work. And Taisa needs a good kick in the ass else he will end up like glasnost.

123 .


Too bad we can't keep him away from various castlevanias.

I tell ya unchecked vidya playing is responsible for many delays.

124 .

New update! More Sakuya! Less everyone else in return! Thoguhts?

125 .

Sakuya is superior. I want her to stop my time.

126 .

More Sakuya is quite nice.

More Patchy would be nice too, though...

127 .

Blame Taisa for writing Flan as someone that one can date as opposed to someone who's 'little sister' status only.

128 .

someone that one can date crazy clingy brat

129 .


If she didn't give off that feeling then the story would be much different.

Contrary to the great anti-flandre conspiracy, people are persuing Flandre not so much because the Route possibility exists, but that the character in question can date her without it coming off as creepy.

130 .

More Patchy.
More Sakuya.
Story gets better.

Let's hope Flandre stays in the basement

someone one can date crazy damaged goods
Hope you're not like that IRL buddy, 'cuz either you hate yourself or something far worse.

131 .


So says you, it'd be better if people stopped trying to derail things.

but it's more like

more target settling
less derailers
less bullshit one or the other choices
Then the story gets better.

132 .


Oh but we are settling on a target. A good one. Going Patch or Sakuya is not derailing.

133 .

First of all, unless you're operating under the silly belief that you can somehow manage to have both, you can't really go for one without essentially derailing the chances with the other.

For that reason, you're also not truly settling on a target if you're claiming you're going for "Patch or Sakuya".

Of course, that's completely ignoring (or trying to avoid) the whole matter with Flandre. Remember her? The girl who clearly harbors feelings for Jin beyond just friendship? The girl who Jin admitted, in front of her, is close to what could be considered a "girlfriend"? The girl who is the main reason we called in that favor Rumia owed us, and arrived at the mansion earlier than we otherwise would have? The girl with the over-protective, over-reaction-prone big sister who has repeatedly confronted Jin about his feelings, and about the mixed messages he kept sending? The girl whose aforementioned over-protective sister would almost certainly tear your entrails out if she so much as thought you broke her dear little sister's heart after leading her on for so long?

Ringing any bells, here?

And this isn't even taking into account how your dear Patchy and Sakuya would respond in such a situation.

Patchouli's already made it clear that she considers a number of Jin's actions up to now to be questionable, if not downright moronic. I can't imagine she would view breaking little Flandre's heart any more favorably, especially if it results in destroying the fragile mental and emotional stability that had taken so long to establish in her.

And Sakuya? Don't think for a second that she was joking when she said that if we have anything to do with causing their little "house of cards" to crumble, even indirectly, that she would ensure that we were the very first ones to be crushed under the rubble.

Really, though, if that's the way you want to go, then by all means go for it. Don't think it will be easy, though. Not by a long shot.

134 .


Because a relationship with a mentally unstable girl would be so easy by comparison, and not at all complicated. Definitely not going to have any troubles with her in the future no matter what happens, no sirree.

You can't really blame people for not being terribly interested in dating the Nutter Butter, especially when there are other wonderful women to pursue. Jin is a high school student in a land full of beautiful women. No one is going to hold it against him if it takes a while for his heart to settle down, and sort his feelings out.

Chill out, man.

135 .


I never said anything about going for Flandre being easy, let alone when compared to anything else. Then again, the second we agreed to associate with her and her family, we pretty much waived any and all hopes for anything to be "easy" for us. Them's the breaks when you're dealing with the sisters Scarlet.

Still, I would think it's only natural to assume that whatever unpleasantness might come up in pursuing Flandre, it might not be quite as bad as what could potentially happen if she were to be rejected. Unrequited love and mental instability isn't exactly a good combination, after all.

I mean, sure, it might not seem like much is wrong at first, but the next thing you know people are disappearing, and suddenly you find yourself strapped to a table in the basement and having to say "I'm sorry" 1000 times while someone you care about gets stabbed to death.

136 .

So, what. Forced to love her only to avoid bad consequences? Feels bad, man.

137 .


On the flip side, teaching Flan how to properly deal with unrequited love would work wonders for her social conditioning. Your first loss in love is usually the most painful, but it's usually the one that helps you grow the most as a person. A little silver lining in every storm cloud.

Besides, sticking with someone out of fear is boring. Not to mention unhealthy.

138 .

Not everyone is sticking to the route out of fear, and whatever fear there would be is only due to certain people trying to derail things from the Flan heading.

And if Sakuya or Patchy were so superior, then Sakuya would have knocked GH out of the flan track like in many SDM stories.

And if the notion of dating Flan offends you folk so badly, go read something else, that is unless you just want to cause trouble and shitstorms.

139 .


Or maybe we'll keep reading this, and keep aiming for the characters we like, because we like them as they appear in this story. Patchy and Sakuya have both had a lot of development, and Jin has gotten quite close to them as well; Patchy was his first time, and has been much friendlier and more caring with him ever since; Sakuya even agreed to go on a date with Jin if he ever convinced Remilia to give her some time off. You're acting like Flan is the fated end, and is the only person with a chance, when that obviously isn't the case; we wouldn't be discussing this if Flan Route were inevitable.

Stop acting so entitled to a Flan route; the story will go where it goes, and our hearts will go where they go. Your confrontational attitude, and your telling everyone who doesn't share your opinion to leave is really irritating; that kind of behavior is what starts shitstorms in the first place.

140 .

Further more, up until a certain point, things were peaceful between fans. I Do think that GH was on the obscure side until a certain point and when certain people read it, they became insanely upset that Flan was getting a route. And they started moving in full, backing up which ever girl had the closest chance of changing things, doomed to fail, but they did succeed in causing some trouble.

Not to say that there aren't legitimate fandoms, just that most that are vocal are hell bent on getting their way despite how the story went for the most part.

And the sad part is: If Flan wasn't involved we wouldn't get as anywhere nearly as many shitstorms. Other stories are generally alot more mellow in terms of whatever route competition is. (RiG and Gensou Coil come to mind. The latter doesn't have Katsumi fans calling Luna fans pedos or other insane stuff)

And Flan fans wouldn't be so defensive if there wasn't signs of folks finding a Flan route so offensive that they're willing to derail the story DoLF style to prevent it. (If you looked in certain places you might hear a person or two bitching about the matter of a Flan route like hell)

Funny how despite people saying things would be for the best, a change of 'route' at this juncture would no doubt have considerable fall out even at best and at worse? A trainwreck ending that might just go down in THP history.

And let me tell you something: Flan fans do have their other favorites, but choose to give up chances with them to persue the rare route.

141 .


It'll still be the flan route no matter how many futile attempts you people try to do.

It's just that you're pissing against the tide just to be spiteful.

142 .

I'll admit I'm not exactly well-informed about how "normal" relationships are supposed to work, but there's something about the notion of helping a girl get over her heartbreak when you're the one who broke her heart in the first place that seems more than a bit wrong to me.

Unless the idea is to desensitize the person to their feelings of pain, repeating exposing them to the very thing that's hurting them just strikes me as being somewhat cruel. Wouldn't distancing yourself be far more helpful for their healing than needlessly pouring salt into the wound?

143 .


Welcome to the flimsy logic that these derailers try to use to justify their attempts at mucking up what has been for a whole an interesting and atypical route.

144 .


Wow. You make Flan fans look nuttier than Flan. And Flan's a Nutter Butter.

Honestly, you sound like one of those crazy conspiracy theorists who thinks that everyone is out to get them. I think my favorite part was the way you mentioned that there used to be amicability between the different factions, then made a blanket statement about everyone who speaks up about not being interested in a Flan Route. Did it ever occur to you that demonizing the opposition like that might be why things get so heated in the first?

Then you go on and not only act as though you're entitled to a Flan route, but as thought the Flan route is set in stone. If you're so sure that the Flan route is a guarantee, then why are you speaking up like this? If it's in the bag, you shouldn't need to say anything, and that would cut down on arguments a lot.

I'm glad that most of the Flan fans don't seem to be as paranoid or self-centered as you do. You need to take it easy, man.


Well, I was thinking more along the lines of letting her down gently, letting her know that just because we don't love her doesn't mean we dislike her. Letting her know that it's okay for her to be upset with us for a while. Giving her space, but still giving her the option of coming to us to talk about it anytime she wants to. Just generally being supportive, and understanding of how it might have hurt her.

It's not impossible to remain friends after a break up, or after failing to get started in the first place. I wouldn't dream of turning her down without a good deal of thought first. Even though I don't find the idea of romancing Flan too interesting, I still quite like her.

Until such time as Flan tries to confess to us or some such, however, I'd like to turn my thoughts toward happier things.

145 .


While I agree that Patchy has received a nice amount of development, elevating her above the typical "exposition and/or advice dispenser" role she typically gets whenever a story brings us to the SDM (though she still does that, too), I'm not really sure the same can be said for Sakuya. She's had some development, sure, but nowhere near what I would consider to be "a lot", and certainly not compared to a number of other characters.

Take Rumia for example. In the time it's taken us to just learn about Sakuya's Time HAX, we've seen the little monster go from someone who just wanted a snack to a vengeful antagonist to a sort-of kind-of sister-type. We've seen her laugh, cry, and quite a bit in between. We've even had a look at what makes her tick, a have possibly even begun to lay the groundwork for her own change and growth from the way she was when we first met.

Meanwhile, Sakuya is still more or less the same sometimes-ditzy sometimes-serious perfect and elegant maid we've known her to be. While her not leaning towards the more stern "Fuck with the order of this house and I will cut out your liver and use it as a condom while I skullfuck you with a strap-on dildo" Sakuya of some other stories, there's not really a whole lot we've seen of her that isn't connected to her job.

...then again, that's probably part of the whole point of this Sakuya, being someone who is so dedicated and wrapped up in her work she basically has no identity outside of her job.

Really though, while I see a great amount of appeal in seeing Sakuya learn to cut loose and live as something other than just a maid (albeit a damn good one), the way this particular story is set up just really wouldn't do it the justice it deserves.
Despite the amount of time we've spent at the mansion, the fact of the matter is this story is called "Gensokyo High" for a reason. The school setting is the main focus, and is the whole point of this story being the way it is.

We can get as much Patchy as we have because of her role as a teacher at the school. Encountering her is just a natural part of the day Sakuya on the other hand is more or less going to be at the mansion the majority of the time, and thus most of our dealings with her will be when we're at the mansion.

As much as we should be getting to know our classmates, and interacting with the people we're going to be with pretty much every day, that's not going to leave enough time to properly spend with Sakuya. Unless, of course, you give up your time with everyone else to be with her, but then it kind of defeats the purpose of a story set in a school setting if you're not taking advantage of it.

This Sakuya is great and all (or at least, what we've seen of her so far is) but she really deserves to be explored more in a story that's better set up for her to be the primary person you deal with, rather than a secondary character you just get to see every now and then.

146 .


You make an interesting point about Jin's daily schedule, I must admit. Still, I should think that there would be ways to see more of her. Given that she trekked through the rain to bring him his lunch once already, if they were to become involved with one another, I can easily see her finding excuses to turn up at the school each day. I can also see some various amusing situations arising as a consequence. I wouldn't say that Sakuya fans should give up hope, as inconvenient as scheduling might be at the moment.

Either way, speaking as someone who finds his affections lying with Miss Patchouli Knowledge at the moment, I see quite a bit of merit in spending some time with Sakuya in the future regardless of how things go. If Jin ever manages to convince Remilia to let Sakuya have a day off, going out on a casual date with the maid could be an invaluable experience; going out on more than one date, in fact, would be even better. If Jin can learn how to feel natural and keep his nerves from acting up while taking someone as beautiful and elegant as Sakuya around the town, it would be one hell of a confidence boost for Jin once he settles on someone to become seriously involved with.

Even if we never get around to that, however, I think Sakuya has shown herself to be a wonderful friend. It would be great to see more of her, and have more chances to do things with her.

147 .


Absolute agreement on that point; Sakuya is a damn awesome friend to have, at the very least, if not more than that.
If nothing else, it would be nice to find the time to sit down, take a break, and have another nice chat with her like that one time, but without the whole "oh yeah, I also broke something" bit to ruin the moment.

Then again, I'd also like to see some more of Mystia, we totally have to spend a day hanging out with our little sister, and maybe see some more of Keine as well. Especially if the poor schoolmarm is still having problems and relying upon the bottle to ease her sorrows. Hung-over and irritable doesn't suit her at all.

148 .

Well on the matter of the Keine character arc, we're making nice progress on that; just a matter of how Monday goes. (I think her drinking was caused by Stress of Mokou not coming to school)

We still have to work out a schedule for clubs.


That's why I consider Rumia the closest thing to a true contender to Flan route wise.


Because if I'm not vigilant, you people might pull some trick or cheat to get ahead, since other than Rumia, cheating/trickery/etc is the only way that Sakuya or Patchy'd win. (Barring some absurd character development out of Taisa's ass) And you people started it first, not the Flan fans.

That and even Rumia'd have a more interesting plot arc than Patchy or Sakuya so far. If you want easy modo, read something else.

And if such trickery would to win, well chances are people would drop GH if not worse. There are alot more Flan fans than Sakuya fans or Patchy fans (hence the fact that GH has been in a Flan direction for a while), and the notion of said fanbase getting angry is something to be afraid of.

Not to say that Patchy and Sakuya aren't nice characters, it's just that there's more interesting characters out there.

149 .


We would have to cheat to win? And we, as a whole, would? Wow, you're... kind of a dick, you know that?

Regardless of who "started it first," the only one continuing with this ridiculous charade is you. It seems as though every time someone voices the opinion that they aren't interested in Flan, you pop in and start whining. Worse still is the way that you keep implying at every opportunity that there would be dire consequences if Flan did lose out; at this point I don't doubt that you would be petty enough to try and ruin the story if Flan lost, whether she lost fairly or not. Do all the Flan fans a favor and stop trying to make threats - I highly doubt any of the rest are as unreasonable or petty as you seem to be, and I highly doubt any of them would sink low enough to try purposely screwing up the story if Flan lost.

You can pursue Flan all you want, but the rest of us have just as much a right to pursue Patchy, Rumia, Sakuya, or anyone else we find more interesting.

150 .

Yes, since you certainly won't win by numbers (Rumia fans might though), so you folks would resort to trickery and other underhanded methods.

151 .

fictional girls

serious business

152 .

At least it stays here and not in the Thread.

Just that the Thread looks kind of empty now...

153 .


As one of the people arguing, I honestly have to agree with your sentiment.

Of course, at the moment I'm arguing that everyone has a right to vote the way they please, and that it's perfectly cool for everyone to pursue their own interests. When it reaches the point that I have to seriously defend the notion of actually participating in an interactive work of fiction, things are in more than a bit of a sorry state.

154 .

[x] You're the scariest..

155 .


So you support derailing and making a bunch of threads of work and progress go to waste because some people love pissing against the tide?

156 .


I support everyone having fun. All that work and progress can be taken in more than one direction; no one would be throwing it away, even if the route changed.

Honestly, is the idea of being lighthearted about this so anathema to you?

157 .


Tell that to the derailers, if not for their efforts to ruin things, I would be having light hearted fun.

Since it was they when they saw the flan route became so insanely butt hurt that they started to try to muck things up.

And if not for people saying stuff "Yeah Patchy and Sakuya are GOOD targets" and "Oh look a crazy brat", I'd have been mellow as of late. They were trying to start something and most likely plotting something.

158 .

Things to know about when reading GH:

1. You probably shouldn't be reading it.
2. If you decide to anyway, bring aspirin.
3. The writer is constantly fighting himself to produce updates.
4. Said updates are far and few in between, and slowing to crawl.
5. The fans are waging war on one another and doing everything in their might to turn the tides.
6. There really is no story, just shitstorms. I was yanking you when I said there were updates.
7. Individual thought is bad and will get you maimed.
8. The entire thing is going to end in a sea of flames and put on permanent hiatus.
9. There is no happiness, only pain and suffering.
10. Laundry on Tuesdays.

Did I miss anything?

159 .

You forgot to mention the part where you complain and bawwwwwwwww all the time.

160 .


11. Anonymous such as >>161 are common and will tend to accuse others for random shit. Following this, don't ever post; you may suddenly find yourself being questioned about that New Year's party in Tijuana, Mexico. If this happens, blame it on roofies, as they would certainly explain why you don't remember the things you're being accused for.

161 .


Yeah the part where the writer admitted making shitstorm fodder because he enjoyed them, yet he doesn't enjoy them and still makes shitstorm fodder.

and it's all the derailers' fault that things got this bad.

162 .

Random shit that makes no sense.
Holy shit, you are one angry whiny faggot.
You must be a Flandre Fanboy.

163 .

the writer admitted making shitstorm fodder lol wut

164 .

I meant >>162 not >>161.
Can't delete posts on /word/ due password not saving or whatever.

165 .

10. Laundry on Tuesdays. Monster

You know, most of those posters seem to believe that they, somehowm have the right to tell the other side to fuck off. So, why don't Taisa makes a vote to FUCKING LOCK THE ROUTE ALREADY so we can get this shit behind us? Oh right, votespam, seven proxies, etc.

So what the hell should the people who want this shit to stop do? Wackos like these ones ruined Teruyo's story (making the character do stupid shit like going outside on one vote and returning inside inmediatly after without having done anything at all) and now they'll screw GH up!

166 .

I posit that rule 12 should read something along the lines of: There is an anon using the terms "derailer," "Flan fan," and "anti Flan fan" to troll the story. This is a bitter and tripless Wiseman; ignore him and anything he says.

167 .


That's my greatest fear, a repeat of Teruyo's story. Sure Taisa's a better writer, but to offset that, Anon is more intentional in their stunts.

As far as proxies, someone got banned for using them in Lion's story.

168 .

Please explain for the class how you managed to get from point A to point B. Maybe you'll find where you made a mistake in trying to solve the equation.

No, I think you were right the first time.

169 .

So, what - y'all want ANOTHER routelock vote?

170 .

I'm pretty sure we've asked several times and you have not once conceded.

171 .

No, one or two people have asked a few times since the vote, and others have said it's still unneeded. Back during the one time I -did- have a vote for it, the majority didn't want it either.

172 .

Do it.
Make a vote for it in /blue/

173 .

May as well recommended the vote be done in IRC for where most of the readers go to for. A bit underhanded but what do the others know right?

I rather delay the sudden route lock if it keeps Taisa's writing in high quality. Aside from demanding updates, I've never seen forcing an author in something as route-locking turn out well. Not only that, it's a bit hand-holding/patronizing for the rest of the readers that actually wish to make an effort in making things work based off Taisa's choices. The fact that he feels the need to remind his readers not to take things too seriously is bad enough; not to mention the few frothing (I love that word) anons that wish nothing more than to start arguments to disrupt the flow of the story only aggravate the few that are vocal in their annoyance.

Let it be known the remaining "neutral" readers/voters are smart enough not to even engage in that faggotry and simply vote based on their perspectives on the story. Whether they are split on the issue or not they simply vote and leave either a message giving their reasons behind it or simply leave it without one; most of their reasoning stay within the scope of the story and not in attacking other anons.

174 .


If you had it in IRC you'd see a vocal outcry for a Patchy or Sakuya route lock.

and a routelock would prevent so many shitstorms since the majority wouldn't have to worry about the schemes of the minority.

175 .

schemes implying there's some grand conspiracy going on behind the scenes

176 .

You'd also see a lot of people who would be completely missing the point of putting the matter to a vote.

It's not about who gets a route lock, nor should it be. All the vote should be for is whether or not there is a route lock at all. The specific route to be locked-in, however, is for the voters in the thread to decide. Seeing how, you know, they're the ones who are supposed to be making the choices as to what direction the story is supposed to go, and all.

As for this "majority wouldn't have to worry about the schemes of the minority" nonsense, they're the majority. There's nothing for them to worry about in the first place. Vote spamming is utterly pointless since we have people who can verify that shit.

There's no scheming, no shadowy cabal of Anon conspiring to ruin things for you. Whatever happens, for better or worse, is merely the result of the system working exactly as it's supposed to, by giving the majority what they voted for. If whatever wins out is something (or, more accurately in this case, someone) other than what you wanted, it's not because of someone plotting to screw you over. It's just that whatever the majority was in that case, you weren't a part of it. Tough break, better luck next time.

177 .


What about bad votes dressed up as good ones and similar things?

Since sensible logic can easily disguise a vote intending to oppose the majority (Such as the period where the book club was neglected rather badly)

After all, if one cannot win in a proper outright fashion, it's just natural for treachery and deception to come into play.

178 .

Bad votes dressed up as good ones? Both 'bad' and 'good' are really relative therms. Unless you're labeling as 'bad votes' the ones that you don't like, but that would be stupid, right?
sensible logic can easily disguise a vote intending to oppose the majority What would be the point of 'disguising a vote intending to oppose the majority'? Are you saying that anon should resign to simply vote already created votes instead of making new ones? If that's the case, then how can we identify the majority? What would the point? What the shit?

Sorry if I'm being stupid, but you honestly lost me. Could you, err, explain further?

179 .

Lets not forget that there can be times where even if a supposedly "good" voting option succeeds, the author, or even the voters themselves, may misinterpret what's being accepted and then suddenly people start crying foul; not to mention they eventually start second guessing themselves on decisive moments when it matters the most.

180 .

If a vote is genuinely bad, it shouldn't matter how well it's dressed up, it should still be just as bad if you bother to exercise a little critical thinking and consider the context of the situation.

Take the incident with Flandre and Rumia as an example. Regardless of whether or not the people who voted for bringing them together seriously believed it would have worked out, if you considered the context of the situation, you should have been able to at least guess that it wasn't going to be that easy, if not turn into a complete train wreck.

Even if someone had come up with the most compelling, well-reasoned argument imaginable about why that plan would have succeeded, the facts of the situation should have been more than enough to think that maybe, just maybe, that wasn't as good an idea as it sounded if you would just have thought about them, and I don't believe it should be any different for any other vote.

At some point, you have to take responsibility for your own choices. No matter what someone else might say, or what reasons they give, you always have the ability to think for yourself and decide if an idea really is as good or as bad as someone is trying to paint it as. If you only mindlessly follow someone else's lead, you ultimately only have yourself to blame if they lead you off the edge of a cliff.

Besides, who are we to judge whether a vote is truly a "bad one dressed up as a good one" or just the result of someone thinking in the wrong direction? It's basically a matter of intent, right? But, how do you tell what a poster's intent is, short of them coming right out and saying it? Unless you're a mind reader, I'm inclined to think that things like claiming a vote was "a bad one dressed up like a good one" is more of an attempt at someone rationalizing why the voting bandwagon they hopped on didn't wind up going where they had thought it would rather than admitting the far more basic and likely possibility that maybe they just screwed up, either by not thinking about things properly or thinking but reaching the wrong conclusion.

It reminds me of the way people start calling out votespam whenever an option they didn't like wins, as if it couldn't possibly be that for once they weren't a part of the majority, and that there really were just that many more people voting against him than with him. Oh, no, it MUST have been the result of someone cheating! Of course, then it turns out that there really was cheating, but the only ones who were doing it were voting on your side...OOOPS!

If the voters misinterpreted a vote, then it's either their fault for misunderstanding it, or the writer's fault for not being clear enough for their audience, or a mixture of both.
If the writer misinterprets a vote, then it's either their fault for misunderstanding it, or the voters' fault for not making their intentions clear. Or, again, a mixture of both.

Either way, it can all be explained as simple misunderstandings. They might suck, but they will happen. We're all only human, after all.

...well, except that one guy, of course.

181 .

>>179 (a.k.a. ID: 06e82a)
Are you Wiseman? It looks like you won't stop posting, no matter how many people on how many boards tell you that you're a goddamn idiot, so at least tell me that.

182 .



183 .

fucking hate the box sometimes.

What did that guy do, spam all over some one's cyoa?

184 .

Rejecting Flandre because of her 'mental instability'
That's the worst excuse ever. Flandre is sane most of the time, not having even one 'outbreak' until now. She has been perfectly fine, maybe only over-reacting once or twice (probably a trait from her sister rubbed off on her), and you really use that to reject her? What the fuck is wrong with you?


Honestly, are you satisfied with the result of not using a routelock? 2 updates and a new thread? Things may be improving now, but 5 updates a thread is still NOT enough.

You should have used the routelock system without asking that time. It's not like anyone here is completely against it, it's just that some fans will bawwww because the character they like the most didn't receive the routelock.

185 .

You seriously think the level of discussion per updates will really decrease because of a route-lock? Especially if the rate of updates themselves still remains the same?

It might help eliminate the arguing over who to go for and whatnot, but even without that you still have lot of time between updates, and a lot of things people can (and will) argue over. Especially when the plot kicks in and the shit hits the fan.

Then again, perhaps even a change in what people are arguing over could be considered an improvement, if it means they're thinking more about the story and their actions in it, rather than which girl they're trying to score with.

186 .

You seriously think the level of discussion per updates will really decrease because of a route-lock? discussion
You mean shitstorms, right? Because most 'discussions' were pretty much fanwars.
It might help eliminate the arguing over who to go for and whatnot
if it means they're thinking more about the story and their actions in it, rather than which girl they're trying to score with
And this. A routelock would have prevented most shitstorms we've had so far, and are still having.

187 .

Give this no lock thing a little more time first, guys. I like that we don't have to mindlessly pursue a 'route' or end up in a bad/sad end, even if you faggots are still rushing to pursue a route or twelve. Whether it's actual choice or illusion of choice, I like having the option present.

And do you really think a routelock would stop shitstorms? Nothing will. From what I can tell, the more unruly and idiotic posters/voters on this site usually just either ignore the stories they don't like, or raise a fuss once or twice during the good stories and then sort of fade away. The key difference here is that these usually only happen towards the very end of said stories, as it was with that whole Mima choice at the end of SDMLA.

Thing is, we were presented with what seemed to be very important choices in what appears to be the early/middle of the story, leaving most of us - or perhaps just me - surprised, but still fairly rational and interested, and the shitstormers running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Only, you know, screaming.

I feel kind of bad for Taisa; this has to be demoralizing, which probably contributes to the slow in update speed. That and the holiday season, of course... Also, possibly finals if he's a college student. I've kind of drifted off, so let me get back on track. It's not the fault of Taisa, really, so I just hope he doesn't get that impression.

tl;dr A routelock won't solve anything. These morons will just start running in circles screaming the moment another difficult choice comes up. Also, I'm sure the format of all this needless text is screwed up in a few places, but I'm pretty low on sleep, so sorry if parts of this don't make much sense.

188 .

Give this no lock thing a little more time first, guys
Well, I think enough time was given already. And enough shitstorms too.

I know that there may still be shitstorms, even after a lock, but these will be of a diferent kind. The most we've had is "fans vs fans", a dispute to choose which girl's ass we're going after. This kind do 'discussion' is stupid and neverending, as long as it's possible to go after someone, it will happen all the time.

If the arguing was related to the choices, and not to the reader's lust, it would be an improvement. One of these happened in FoM, when Reimu and Marisa invaded the mountain to reach Moriya Shrine. The arguing was ugly here and there, but it wasn't meaninless. Both sides came up with decent arguments and they both had their good and down points. But when you take a look at our 'arguing', what do you see? All I see is "No, XXXXX is better and YYYYY sucks!", "ur a faget", "ZZZZZ ROUTE!1!".

189 .

Well, for whatever reason, Taisa made the choice for no route-lock. I know it might solve one or two arguments, but there has to be a reason if he hasn't done it, yet. If he thinks it would hinder his ability to write in some way or another - which is the only thing I can think of, really - then he shouldn't do it. By hinder I mean limit him too much in terms of where he wants to go with this story, I mean. It's a CYOA, I get that, but the writer has some say too.

190 .

You seriously think the level of discussion per updates will really decrease because of a route-lock? Yes.
And do you really think a routelock would stop shitstorms? Yes.

So, what - y'all want ANOTHER routelock vote? No argument made against the idea is really (at all) effective. Okay, most of them were rethorical questions, but still.
In fact, the only good argument I´ve read so far is 'But this is Taisa's story and he decided not to have a routelock, so yeah' I really can't go against that.
But, again, I'm sure that a routelock will stop most of the shitstorms for good (a few whines will remain, but I guess that goes well with Jin´s cheesy lines) However, I´m also sure that a routelock will make the story a tad bit worse: all of the sexual tension (a strong point of the story, specially with Patches and Remi) with the characters will be gone so... your call.

...sorry, I'm not helping, am I? It's just I believe that you, as the author, should decide what's best and then say it, in big red letters so that no one will bring the matter out again.

191 .

What sexual tension?

A route lock would drastically improve the story.

192 .

We're already pretty much route-locked on the SDM though.

193 .

This much I can confirm.

Also, I got kidnapped by real-life friends and dragged to a LAN party thing. After having minor difficulties getting the Wireless network to work with a variety of shootan gaems, determining TF2 to be a bitch to pirate, and wrecking the hell out of one another in FlatOut 2, we ended up playing Armagetron Advanced.

It was fun. I'm in a great mood, and my energies have been recharged. While my promises hold no actual weight anymore, I -will- update tonight.

194 .

Yeah, tf2 is only easy to pirate if you like played on cracked russian servers where everyone has noclip on in combination with aimbots.

195 .

Also, I got kidnapped by real-life friends and dragged to a LAN party thing
Where are my Parsee pictures when I need them?

196 .

What improvement?
A route lock would drastically worsen the story.

197 .

Just leave the route locking/writing business to Taisa, where as we ought to stick with reading and voting. Plain and simple as the only way shitstorms come up and get out of control is if we allow ourselves to get baited into it.

198 .

if we allow ourselves to get baited into it.

199 .

I would actually like to see more Touhouvania. Beside the one or two update a week he does for GH, maybe he can write one more for /sdm/.
I know it is less popular, but not less good.

200 .

So... about the last update...

Is she still mad, sad or both?

201 .


Maybe sad. She knows Jin wasn't doing anything too serious with Rumia, but she probably felt disappointed and betrayed that he didn't tell her of Rumia. The shock and not understanding what the fuck is happened, the way Jin handled the situation...yeah, I think she thinking "Why?" in a tear eyed manner.

202 .

I say both which makes any choice seem like a gamble.

On one hand, simply handling her the food doesn't say much and may give a wrong impression. On the other hand, grabbing her hand instead may either anger her or possibly "break" her in the sense that she feels betrayed and Jin's just scared of her, seemingly forgetting his closeness to her.

One day she finds Rumia about to devour a guy that became her friend and more, the next she finds the same would be "Jin's Murderer" sitting in front of Jin posing or simply modeling for a picture peacefully on his bed? Wut..?

I can only imagine that's a hell of a mind fuck for her as it can possibly be.

203 .

I have something for you.

204 .

You know, we should totally tell Flandre that we 'tamed' or 'domesticated' Rumia. She should be happier with this than "I adopted her".

205 .


206 .


Except that's not really what happened. Given what we've been told (not to mention have witnessed) of her ability to pick up on even the most subtle signs of lies or half-truths, you think her detecting any sign of dishonesty, regardless of what it is, when the subject is Jin's relationship with Rumia will make her happy?

207 .

With >>206 in mind, assuming Flandre does decide to come visit Jin before he spills the beans to Remilia, Jin ought to tell exactly what happened between him and Rumia. Assuming we anon have Jin tell the truth to her instead of some half baked fib, Flandre may actually find joy in understanding the circumstances and perhaps assuage any terrible thoughts that may have entered her mind.

Sadly this is all on the assumption that Flandre is more sadden than angry and the rage that had been displayed before was reactionary reflex that what she really had felt inside.

I wish I knew more

208 .

So how exactly is the recent write-in choice really bad or something that would make things worse between Flandre and Jin?

rather not muck up the relatively shitfree thread now. Heck shitstorming can be avoided here right as well while decent explanations can be had right?

209 .

210 You really don't see how kissing her hand suddenly is retarded? It's awkward at best and really out of character for Jin. That's not even considering Flandre's confused feelings for him.

210 .


I don't think the kissing option is good, but it's not completely bad either. The problem is postponing the talk with her again. I know it's asking for her to go see him, but what if she doesn't go? What if she goes when Koakuma is with him? How do you plan to solve the peoblem in these situations?

I think the provided choices are better. They too may backfire in a way, but excluding the second one they have more chances of getting a a positive answer from her.

211 .


The only reason the talk is postponed is because 5 minutes is not exactly enough time to make everything good. Just letting her know that Jin want to talk to her should hint Flandre it's important. Unstable or not she's no idiot.

212 .

Has this thread hit autosage..?

213 .


I know there isn't enough time to solve everything, but it's enough to say something meaningful, and not just "come see me later". And the write-in doesn't have any feeling to it, no emotions. It's devoid of affection and care.

214 .


Yes it has oddly enough, I suppose this board does not follow similar rules to the other boards.


I can get behind that, we ought to try make some changes then if that's the case.

215 .

It's not supposed to be. If it were, the options to take her hand and kiss it would not have been logical. The entire vote is a show of caring, even if the last part doesn't sound like it. Voice it to yourself again with this in mind.

216 .


The dialogue contrasts with the rest of the vote. Even with the emotional part, the write-in sounds too sudden and mechanical.

217 .

Bump. Even if I guess this thread is in autosage.
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