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Hello again, Generous Anon here~!

In this thread, Silent Hill music...

I've decided to just post each sound track in its entirety, including extras I may deem worth adding. This is not to say anything I leave out will be far from anon's reach, just simply request for them and chances are I will share the omitted tracks in the next update.

I'll be starting with the titular game that launched anon to a horrify yet tragic world of Silent Hill

Silent Hill Original Sound Track- http://www.mediafire.com/?ztzqcwymldy
Total Tracks - 42

The first track aptly named "Silent Hill" just evokes a feeling of being told a story by a wise elderly person; knowing fully well the possibility of the listeners experiencing some strange set of events to come but never truly comprehending what they would be. Perhaps that's a poor description, but when I've heard the song for the very first time, I did get that feeling of being pulled into another world by force; into a world I'm compelled to not only try to understand but to go through upon which nearly no distraction would ever set me free from its grasp.

A good majority of the tracks are of the ambient variety, some eliciting very powerful emotions of absolute terror; the fear of simply loitering in the hall way hoping for a reprieve of the horror that awaits anyone daring to venture further on. Some of the tracks would bring about pure dread, like the low rumbling of one's heart as attempts to hide its haunting beat only spirals the listener into deeper territories of horror. Sometimes creating monsters, and frightening imagery that may not necessarily exist despite the compounding negative emotions growing greater and larger as time goes on.

Then there are certain tracks that provide a sense of safety. A sort of sanctuary that would mock the shadows that chase and pursue. At the same time however they do nothing more than merely provide blissful rest for the coming challenges of the heart, body and soul. They merely serve as omens of the upcoming obstacles that would threaten to break one's will and courage regardless of being prepared and armed to the teeth.

There are times I forget the story and find myself entrenched into something much greater than anything written or spoken to me could ever evoke within myself. Moments of sorrow or loneliness despite my supposed awareness of my surroundings. Tracks that would cause the mind to reflect upon actions that have been taken and solutions that had been given to improbable questions as well as puzzles. There will be however tracks
that shatter those moments of reflection, forcing one to react accordingly to any situation no matter how jarring an event or moment becomes.

I will say there is one track I have little understanding of its placement within the soundtrack, named "Esperadote" sung in Spanish. No complaints to it as it's a rather pretty track.

Sorry for this not my typical way of explaining certain tracks, however in an objective manner, only a few of the tracks are musical in any sense of the word where as the rest are merely sound effects being part of the soundtrack rather than actually being music; Merely ambiance rather than actual music

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Interesting. Silent Hill 1 along with FFVIII made me discover Video Game soundtracks so...
Also? Esperandote is the best SH song ever. Specially when heard after winning the game on the Good plus ending.
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The first track aptly named "Silent Hill" just evokes a feeling of being told a story by a wise elderly person Funny, I heard "Hometown" from the SH3 soundtrack before I heard "Silent Hill" and my first thought was "Wow, the vocals don't fit this track at all".
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No kidding, though I heard the original "Silent Hill" before "hometown" and I truly did wonder who the hell wrote up the lyrics? Alas I'll always have the original theme in my mind over SH3's version.

I also agree Esperandote is a great song but I never saw its significance other than simply being a bonus. Perhaps that's just fine too...

So yeah sorry for the delay, Dante's Inferno been robbing my time but I should have Sh2 up later by tonight with all the audio tracks. Same for my Castlevania Thread

- Took 0.01s -
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