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Would you like to NATURALLY ENLARGE your heat tolerance?

Are you HOT during the LONG months of summer? Does the SWEATY humidity give you a FEVER?
With Kourindou's NATURAL COOLING ENHANCEMENT procedure, you'll never have to feel like your temperature problems are insignificant again!
We use ALL-NATURAL REAL ICE FAIRY technology to IMPROVE YOUR PERFORMANCE in hot weather! Just the thing for LONG NIGHTS or STRENUOUS PHYSICAL EXERTION! Guaranteed to produce at least a 10 degree C improvement over your other cooling methods!

Ice fairies are a pure resource from Mother Nature, mined from the banks of the Scarlet Lake, that have been proven in clinical trials to augment and surpass any artificial cooling apparatus. They generate coldness within themselves - the only thing in Gensokyo that can!* Order now and try your unit today!

*not comparable to Whiterock (TM) coolers

- Took 0.00s -
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