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Magical Girl Firey Moko-Tan(15)

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Discussion here. What I'm doing right, what I'm doing wrong, What you like, what you don't like, Theories, etc. Have at it.

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what I'm doing wrong No Gensokyo Academy School Days
What you like Gensokyo Academy School Days
Theories Why is there no Gensokyo Academy School Days

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Will you have my babies?

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The story is good so far, I don't remember this genre being portrayed as a CYOA ever before.

As for what you're doing wrong... I don't have much right now, since it's still on the first posts and all. I'd say update speed but that's normal on THP so...

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doing wrong The posts could use some proofreading before they go up.

doing right Pretty much everything else so far, probably.
Write more often.

Theories KukuRabu is Nitori. The gadgetry thing is kind of a giveaway, but it's almost a certainty if you assume "KukuRabu" means "Cucumber Love" (or maaaaaybe Cucumber Club, but my money is on Cucumber Love.)

Reisen seems to be some kind of puppet of Eirin's, which is a bad sign, and yet kind of unsurprising. How she and they tie in with Kaguya and the whole moon thing remains to be seen, but I'm largely sure it's going to, eventually.

For that matter, Kaguya and Mokou being good friends is a new and suspicious twist. Either it will not last and Kaguya will become a big bad guy down the line, or she already IS a bad guy in deep cover (maybe some amnesia or memory-sealing bullshit). Of course, it could be that it's just Kira fucking with his readers and that she never will.
Whatever happens, I expect FFFFFFFs (or red herrings) aplenty from this part of things.

I think Sanctity and Divinity are probably the Aki sisters, seeing as how they're a pair and have godliness-related names. Most telling of all, Kira likes the Akis IIRC.

Mysterious Voice in >>/th/108224 is probably either Yuyuko or Yukari. I would bet Yuyuko, what with the more bubbly attitude and the fact that Mokou is dead and ending up there (Normally I'd expect that sort of thing to be taken care of by Eiki, but even accounting for Kira taking liberties with their personalities, this does not sound like her at all, and seems too chirpy for Komachi.)

I can only hope Meiling will become one of Mokou's allies. She seems nice enough, on her own, and god knows Mokou could use combat training (though this depends on how much of a martial arts badass Meiling is in this, if at all).

...Okay, that's all I've got for theories and whatnot. Probably ought to be more, but this is more about recent bits.

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doing wrong The posts could use some proofreading before they go up.
I'm working on that now. I think short of actually hiring a proofreader, I'm kinda SOL though. I'll try to add more sweeps personally to it.

In other news: Kira seeks good proofreaders, preferably able to work for free!

Write more often. It's mainly the time of year right now and the fact that Moko posts tend to get fuckhueg fast. It should hopefully break down a bit more as it goes on, and speed should increase as we move away from the holidays.

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Not funny

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Hiatus or never again?

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I don't think you got the memo.

He's dead, for real, like 6 feet under dead.

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I ask the site moderators or administrators to delete this thread, and lock Kira's other threads if it has not been done already. If people can't refrain from being disrespectful in such an offensive and frankly disgusting manner, don't give them the option. I know it's the internet and all, but the least we can do is honor his memory and name. It's a shame, since there were many condolences and kind words posted in his last thread, and he was one of the cherished writers on this site. If action has already been taken in some manner I will delete this post.

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Assume ignorance over maliciousness.

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Assume ignorance over maliciousness.
The story this thread refers to isn't at the front of the /th/ board, and even a cursory glance at the latest thread would indicate something was up. Someone who had an interest in or had been following the story, unaware of what happened, would probably look at the thread itself first. Especially if it was someone who wanted updates enough to post here. Maybe I'm just expecting too much from people?

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What happened to Kira?

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What happened to Kira?

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Well, I wasn't following his story, but the fact it no longer showed up on the front page started bothering me.


Now I'm sad. Fuck man, fuck.
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