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This thread = Discussion of any stories I write/wrote. Just thought I'd start one, just to see what others thought of what I write and what they want to see changed.

Voters help the story move along so I want to make sure mine (however few or numerous they are) are satisfied with what they read. That said any, questions/comments/critiques about my CYOAs (or me in general) then you can lay them all on me here.

Since I write two stories (one of which will return after a long haitus), be sure to state which one you're referring to. Then again, since both are essentially based on games from entirely different franchises, it's not really a requirement, I guess.

In anycase, Enjoy.

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Update more (both) and I want to see more that Touhou Mother story (and progress with Yuuka)

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What >>2 said pretty much.
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