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Generous anon here and posting one of many uploads at a time...

I posted this one on account it's conveniently available on my hard drive and uploaded.

Castlevania: Judgement - http://www.mediafire.com/?uah2jkgjmjd

This particular game bombed on retail as far as I've seen, nonetheless being a sucker for anything Castlevania I bought it.
Overall it's an experiment that could have done much better had it had a stronger, and consistent art direction, not to mention the controls as well as game play could have been tighter; Balance issues abounds as well in my opinion.

As for the tracks I'd have to say the following are the strongest in my opinion.

Tracks total - 45 Tracks

1. Darkness of Fear
7. Vampire Killer (Nostalgia mainly)
9. Mad Forest (A bit funky but fun to listen to)
10. Iron Blue Intention (Lively but I prefer the original Sega sound version myself)
13. Bloody Tears (This rendition is quite good)
14. Beginning (Nice lively orchestral rendition)
15. Clockwork
18. Elemental Tactician (recommended in Taisa's segment with the MC/Alice's duel against Patchouli, it's quite appropriate imo and a good track)
27. Time Reaper
38. Beginning V2 (Heavy Nostalgia)
40. Dance of Illusions V2 (Very grandiose, movie-like battle theme)

Discuss please, later on I'll be posting other OSTs. I hope all enjoy them~!
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Huh, odd... An Empty Tome and Evil's Symphonic Poem have their names switched for some reason.
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Damn I must have fucked up...

Sorry about it, but other then that anything else?
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No discussion...? If not by tomorrow, I will continue picking randomly what albums to upload, unless you anon want a specific sound track?
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Dracula X Chronicles.

Although my favorite song in there seems to already be included in this Judgement album as well - arguably the best version of Dance of Illusions ever made.
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Dracula X Chronicles.

Although my favorite song in there seems to already be included in this Judgement album as well - arguably the best version of Dance of Illusions ever made.
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Nice double post

Seriously though I'll put up Dracula X: Rondo of Blood/Chronicles (PSP Port edition) OST unless others speak up and want another sound track next instead. Would like to see a discussion but I suppose there's only so much one can say about a sound track.


Curiously how does /words/ work in terms of postcount limit and other things. Does it follow a similar rule to the other boards?
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I don't know. I'm not even sure how to delete posts, else I'd get rid of the double.
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Heh, after years of procastination, I'm fainally downloading the Castlevania's OSTs. Much thanks, kind anon.

If you are taking requests, may I ask for Symphony of the Night OST? That game is still the best Castlevania I have ever player (which aren't many, but that's just a small detail)
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@ 34d17d

Sure thing, unless I find a quicker alternative, It will be some time before that's ready as I had C-Judgement done.

who knows I may have it ready by tomorrow, retagging the rondo tracks correctly as I for some dumb reason had them saved in a short names that don't note what they are...
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Thanks for sharing it with us.
What to upload next? Only one answer: Everything.
I don't really care what you do next, i will dl it all and listen to it anyway.
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Alright here's...

Castlevania: Rondo of Blood
17 Tracks total


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In addendum to post 12:

Classic tracks we're all quite familiar with a few that are rather new in a sense, if not, rarely heard or remixed.

Good sound track, and perhaps I've been spoiled, but I found it rather lacking in strength compared to a couple albums I have. Nonetheless a good soundtrack with variety.
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While we wait for another upload... Favorite soundtrack thread?

Mine'd Tower of dolls. It was like a punch to the face when I heard it the for the first time.
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yeah I won't be able to post another one till later today. Got work to go to, heck I just woke up as of this post.
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Eh... sorry for the delay, tired from work and other things to take care of.

Without further delay...

Castlevania - Symphony of the Night -> http://www.mediafire.com/?20idyzqzdzt

38 Tracks total

To be brief, I enjoyed the entire sound track but out of them all, I can honestly say I really liked track 36. Chaconne C.Moll most of all. As far as I know it's exclusive to the Sega Saturn edition of SotN. Speaking of the Sega Saturn Version, I threw in a couple of tracks that were found there and put it along side the original tracks for the PS1 edition. I will admit though I left out a couple as they were merely extra remixes of vampire killer, beginning and bloody tears. I may share those left out another time if requested.

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Fuck yes, you are the best Anon ever.
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Tragic Prince is so underrated. Regardless of what anyone says, I'll always secretly consider Tragic Prince more of Alucard's theme than Dracula's Castle. I can remember way back when I first got to the Clock Tower in SotN, heard the music and thought: "Okay, NOW I we're getting down to business."
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I felt the same way too about Tragic Prince being Alucard's theme.
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YOu mean that doesn't have the Saturn version's Bloody Tears (A good remix in my opinion), not so much the vampire killer.(I need to look up Sat SotN's beginning)
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Saturn versions of the Big Three suck anyway.
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Like I said I'm willing to post them if they are really wanted. Much like 21 up there said I felt they were not really necessary to add to the collection.

So any requests or will I go ahead and pick another one randomly?
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Portrait of Ruin.

I'm curious, do people find the DS versions or the OST Disk 2 versions of the music better, in general?
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I can post the original sound track (DS sound blech)
the "arrangement" version which feels weak to me.

This there had been this other collection for PoR I found that sounded awesome but didn't have a CD printing; may have come from the legendary package preorder for it a while back. Not sure...

Nonetheless I will actually post something else while I find it in the abyss that is my "attache' case"

And with that I give...

Castlevania - Rebirth (WiiWare edition) http://www.mediafire.com/?ijjlajlkewz

THAT'S RIGHT FOLKS this is actually the music that is used in the latest Castlevania title that is already released in Japan.

Essentially a remake of the first Gameboy Castlevania game the music has an "arcade" sound superior to the Sega sounds as well as SNES, at least in quality that is. Whether it's something you'll enjoy is up to you. Personally I loved its renditions of "New Messiah", "Aquarius", & "Riddle".

Enjoy~! Just so it buys me time to find the particular PoR album but I may just put up the DS/Arrangement collection instead if I don't find the other album
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Hey, I liked the DS versions.

The Disk 2 versions were blech, though. Just compare, say, Dance of Sadness, or Piercing Silence.
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I was not saying the music was bad, I just felt the DS sound quality is not up to par to say some albums within the touhou music collection I have. Though that's just a nitpick of mine...

Nonetheless I may post the DS/Arrangement collection anyways as I can't seem to find the other album I had been referring to...

Off topic, but does any one want anything from "Susumu Hirasawa" the guy that did practically all the music related to "Berserk" from the games to anime? I think I actually have the entire discography of that guy as his "Berserk" stuff is just part of the collection...

If I'm busy with something else to tag the Castlevania albums correctly I can just upload something from him while I get the Castlevania stuff ready.
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I can agree on Beginning and Vampire Killer, but the Bloody Tears one is definitely more progressive than what's heard even in newer games.

I'd like to request the Bloody Tears track.


It's a bit unfair to compare game ripped music with heavy remix albums.
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MF fucked up the links thus me having to redo the upload.

you have a valid point, other wise I wouldn't have bothered to make my collection if I actually didn't like hearing game rips. I remember I used to stick an audio cassette recorder next to the speakers of the TV and managed to record the sound tracks of Sonic 2/S3/S&K/streetfighter2 etc

But hey enough of my life story right?

Without further ado

The requested Bloody Tears tracks from the Sega Saturn edition!


Castlevania - Portrait of Ruin
Track Total - 37 Tracks

I have to say I wish I could hear true orchestral/hard-rock/metal variations of the following.

Banquet of Madness
Behind the Gaze
Chaotic Playground
Gaze up at Darkness
Piercing Silence
The Gears go Awry
Victorian Fear

Nonetheless the soundtrack theme surrounding it is simply how all of them are quite lively or energetic, which I suppose one can say it could reflect upon John's/Char's experience.

Great OST, Enjoy~!

*Note - any other album or shall I go on choosing randomly?
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Dawn of Sorrow.

Something about the soundtrack for that game just made me smile, yet I can't put my finger on it. Obviously, the remixes of classic themes were a big part of it, but the original stuff like Into The Dark Night was also pretty great.
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Here it is~!

Castlevanua - Dawn of Sorrow OST http://www.mediafire.com/?b2u00mae0un

It's actually Disc2 as the first disc had the Aria of Sorrow. Left it out as DoS OST was asked; not to mention made uploading simpler.

Assuming MF didn't mess up this time it should be there.

As for the actual sound track, it's pretty good, but I find myself preferring Aria of Sorrow's sound track. Just a personal preference really.


*Any other requests? If not I have Castlevania Legends (Gameboy title that was retcon storyline wise) as well as C-Lament of Innocence ready to go later on, unless ya want me to deviate a little?
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I also realized I made a typo there... my god... the horror...
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So no more interest or requests?
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I'd request something, but the only thing I wanted was posted in the first post so...
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That's alright I'll just post some other albums and soundtracks in the spirit of sharing all that is Castlevania; musically speaking.

Castlevania - Legends OST http://www.mediafire.com/?hidzmfnnyuz
20 Tracks + 3 remixes

This collection is essentially the original chiptune track of Castlevania Legends, a game that had been retconned officially along with Castlevania 64 in terms of the time line; though that makes one wonder if that's the case why is Cornell in Castlevania: Judgement...

I'll be making my thoughts on certain tracks of the OST.

In any rate the tracks are simple but feel strong on their own. On another note, the composers sure like banquets as "Banquet of Spirits" is a simple waltz that fits right in Castlevania; the remix titled "Castle Enterance" does the chiptune some justice imo.

"Encounters" is another track that feels some what out of place in terms of motif, but on the other hand it seems suitable for the more enemy heavy hallways and passages. Same deal with "Holed Up" except taking a more classical approach.

"Dark Nightmare is probably the most lively of the tracks considering the stage itself is rife with pitfalls and enemies that could and would knock poor Sonia Belmont to her doom.

"Future Harmony" is one of the Boss fight themes used, in particularly when Sonia faces Alucard in his test to see if she's capable of facing Dracula himself. Curiously though the duel occurs around stage 4 or 5 I forget; a bit far from Dracula if you ask me.

"Vampire Killer", very well known track but is used this time as the final battle theme and the composers this time seem to really try their best to deviate from the original sound of VK, but keep it "epic" in terms of being the final battle. I have to say it's one of the most creative take on Vampire Killer that I've heard imo.

I would actually post an image of my old Gameboy copy of "Castlevania Legends" but alas.. words...

I hope you anon enjoy this track~!

*Note: I have Castlevania - Dracula X Chronicles PSP Edition OST, which is the redone music of "Rondo of Blood OST", ready for the next posting. Just taking some time away that's all.
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I suspect IGA dug Cornell and he didn't clash enough against the main timeline to be a problem.
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Makes me wonder if Cornell will get an adventure once again this time with IGA at the helm...

Well as promised

Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles OST PSP Edition http://www.mediafire.com/?hnijzm2thwo
27 Tracks Total.

Much like the last posting of mine I will be giving my review.

I find it rather interesting that one of the tracks is appropriately titled "Fail" as it's the theme used when the player dies.It also makes me laugh whenever I hear it. Other then that the sound track is very good considering they had revamped the entire soundtrack; using choirs as well as strong orchestral music along side the riveting guitars and drums.

Not only that they added some tracks from previous games such as "Poison Mind", which imo is given great justice in their rendition this time around. "Dance of Illusions" is actually the same version that is utilized in C-Judgement (Ver2 that is). It's a rendition that is truly fitting for the final confrontation against Dracula. They also seem to have made an added effort to flesh out "March of the Holy Man" as something of a very epic ending track.

"Tues Dues Meus" is probably the most drastic I've heard as a great track that replaces "Dancing in Phantasmic Hell" for the regular boss theme from the original game.

The whole soundtrack is very well done for the hand held edition of possibly the best game out of the entire Castlevania series. (Though I still prefer Castlevania 4)


*I'm planning into delving further within the 3D territory now though I may back track to earlier titles instead. Unless there some requests it will be a surprise till then.
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I'm planning into delving further within the 3D territory Curse of Darkness had a great soundtrack.
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Eh sorry for no responses, aside from dental appointments and getting snowend where I am, I've been too busy to get anything ready.

As consolation here's a nostalgic track from Sonic & Knuckles which I've edited from an album to just loop the last battle against eggmanrobotnik if you managed to successfully collect all the emeralds in that game.

http://www.mediafire.com/?dzz2wjmxugl - both the original track and the edited one, the original has a more richer sound imo.

If you want the album it came from, it can be had here - http://s3k.ocremix.org/

Oh yeah the next Castlevania OST will be "C - Curse of Darkness" unless there are other requests.
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Oh yeah one other note, I only made the edited version on account of that the first segment is what I had always imagined way back when I reached "The Doomsday Zone" on S&K. Sure the sega original sound was pretty good but in my mind it was something else altogether. Here's the original for comparison if any one's interested. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FAffWEmB3I
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Okay so yeah here it is!

Castlevania - Curse of Darkness OST
Disc 1 - http://www.mediafire.com/?jtyzmty0qut
Disc 2 - http://www.mediafire.com/?dzvizjqqzvy

Total track number - 56

There are quite a few tracks that are prominent within the collection.

1-05: Abandoned Castle ~ The Curse of Darkness
1-07: Encounter with the Innocent Devil (mainly from being used elsewhere, or at least part of it.)
1-08: Followers of Darkness - The First -
1-09: Baljhet Mountains
1-15: Legendary Belmondo (I can see a Belmont whipping to this)
1-17: Garibaldi Temple
1-28: Cordova Town
1-29: Waltz of the Lazy Chair Room (Fun little waltz)
2-01: Young Nobleman of Madness (I have something extra to say for this track)
2-21: A Toccata into Blood Soaked Darkness

The tracks I mentioned are those that stick out the most to me as I feel they are the best the OST has to offer. Not to say the rest of the tracks are bad, as they are quite good, nonetheless the previously mentioned ones are very good.

One thing bothered me about "track 1-07" is that I can't help but feel I have heard the background sound in the song before in Resident Evil 4 and before that in the first Fatal Frame on the PS2. Maybe it's just me...

Track 1-15, very good track for the Belmonts, in this case Trevor though it also makes me think of a Megaman X track in a good way.

- - -

Track 2-01 "Young Nobleman of Madness", my god when I listened to it again I was suddenly struck with a thought; in particularly with Taisa's Touhouvania

read if you care to, otherwise skip ahead.

Earl Grey making a cameo as the main guardian of the Inner Quarters. Why not? Sure he's a butler but why shouldn't he be perfect for guarding? Ah well I'm sure Taisa's got something much better in mind in store for the hunter and Alice

It's of the more livelier tracks that caught my attention quicker than a swarm of killer bees attacking would be hive destroyers. For some reason though this track and another reminds me of an old 80's song.

- - -

2-21 A Toccata into Blood Soaked Darkness - This is the other track that actually reminds me more of Bonnie Tyler's - "I Need A Hero". Real hard to explain why but nonetheless very well done track. A must listen to~!

Once again overall, some tracks are just padding but beyond it is some awesome music.


*Note - Any requests or once again go random?

I'll help by posting ones I haven't done so

Castlevania IV (SNES)
Lament of Innocence
Legacy of Darkness (which includes both tracks used in the original C64 version and a couple of new ones used for the redo)
Castlevania Bloodlines (SEGA)
Circle of the Moon
Harmony of Dissonance
Aria of Sorrow
Special albums sets 1 - 2 - 3 (basically albums that were not used in games but contains music redone officially in classical to hardrock/metal styles)

**Special Note - I did manage to get some music tracks that were going to be used for "Castlevania Resurrection" for the Sega Dreamcast before it was canceled, however I'm having trouble finding it in my back ups. I may just upload it as a surprise when and if I find them again.
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I keep forgetting to say one more thing...

I unfortunately am having trouble finding Castlevania - Order of Ecclesia OST. Eventually I will find it, but it's going to take time.

Nonetheless enjoy what's up for now!
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OoE has a weak soundtrack anyway
Delete Post
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The tracks I mentioned are those that stick out the most to me as I feel they are the best the OST has to offer. No Eneomaos Machine Tower in that list? Mother of god.
Delete Post
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I have something else in mind for Young Nobleman of Madness/Insane Aristocracy.
Delete Post
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I always did say I forget something after every post it seems. Eneomaos Machine Tower is very good as well; it just slipped.

Kind of like Taisa forgetting Suika Ibuki even existed
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You still around? I'd like to humbly request Circle of the Moon if you are.
Delete Post
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Yeah I'm still here, just floating around TH-P reading and watching this thread as well as some re-reading some cyaos once in a while.

Circle of the Moon OST will be up either later today or tomorrow.
Delete Post
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Well as promised!

Castlevania - Circle of the Moon OST (19 Tracks)

This sound track originally is joined by "Harmony of Dissonance" OST but I left it out as it was not requested; however I wouldn't mind posting them if some one wants them.

Moving right along

It's a relatively light OST as this collection has its gems such as Track 10. Fate of Despair is an interesting track as it keeps things varied and moving. Probably a favorite out of the sound track along with track 12. The rendition of Clockwork Mansion here, imo, is slightly more impressive compared to the original version that appeared in Super Castlevania 4 (Stage 4-1). Only thing that's holding back is the GBA's synth capabilities.

Track 13, Big Battle, is a nice throwback to the old days of Castlevania though it's a shame that it's real short. Track 14 "Nightmare", if I recall correctly, originally debuted in Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse in the catacomb stages. (I'm pretty sure it was in CV3). It's ominous and strong in invoking a rather dark atmosphere. Reminds me of the sewer stage in CV64:LoD.

Overall it's a short ost with some nice gems. I can't say I was impressed at all with Dance of Illusions and VK here though.


Any other requests?
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Lament of Innocence would be nice.

Or maybe Rondo, if only for one track. DXC didn't have 'Den', did it?
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Post >>12 is here I posted the original Rondo of Blood OST; Den should be there, if not I'll upload track on another upload along with the next selected OST.

Speaking of which, Lament of Innocence will be the next one to be uploaded.
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March of the Holy Man is corrupt in post >>12
Delete Post
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I think Slash is mixed up with another song namewise, too... Unless I'm remembering things horribly wrong.
Delete Post
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Considering the posts above I'll go ahead tonight and check the files. For the sake of argument though.

C-Judgements rendition of Slash:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOE577nB7GA
DXC's rendition of Slash: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ylh7DIPQ8qM

Dracula X OST on the SNES had a typo and it was named Slash but was supposed to be named Opus 13. It was a mix up that appeared on the SNES versions official track listing

I'll fix the >>12 post as well just in case
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Once again I forget, even in my own damn arguments...

SNES Ver. DX OST - Slash :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nBOkff9Ocs

Dracula X: Rondo of Blood OST - Opus 13 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1dRzjA_Xlc

Opus 13 is the correct name of the track where as the SNES version was a mistake.
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I tested the link for Rondo of Blood and all the files extracted properly before. Nonetheless it could have been Mediafire fucking up.

In any rate here's Rondo of Blood OST reuploaded - http://www.mediafire.com/?3ynnn5omc12

All the tracks should extract and play properly.

LoI will come sometime tomorrow or the day after as I'm preoccupied with some side projects

Umineko among other things
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So yeah I've been somewhat delayed with putting Lament of Innocence OST for a variety of reasons. In between that time though I'm curious about something...

Before or after I'm done sharing it, is there another series any one's interested? Perhaps the Silent Hill or Resident Evil Series...

Or should I simply forget them and just stick with Castlevania stuff for now..?
Delete Post
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I'll put in a vote for Silent Hill; I think I have most of its music, but so should everyone else.
Delete Post
Report Post

I see, it'll be something I have to think about later on.

Well yes apologizes all around for delaying this more or less,probably doesn't matterNonetheless here
it is~!

Castlevania - Lament of Innocence OST~!
Side A - http://www.mediafire.com/?nt5litbmmzl
Side B - http://www.mediafire.com/?eciideyyh5y
Side C - http://www.mediafire.com/?gvkrrzyo2jt
Side D - http://www.mediafire.com/?1zm1cmnmdzu
Total Tracks - 48 I had to split them up because mediafire started behaving real stupidly.

The ost is a rather unique one of the Castlevania series in that there are no rocking guitars as "they do not
fit within 13th Century Europe"; except for one track. Nonetheless despite having little in a way of rocking
guitars, the entire soundtrack is very good in composition and style.

Track 1-07 Stone King Golem is rather both dramatic and playful in nature at the same time.

Track 1-09 Garden Forgotten By Time is a very flamboyant track it makes me hope to see some inspiration on Taisa's Castlevania based CYOA for such a place; Considering Remilia's bound to have a garden out back; perhaps larger than it would appear from a distance.

Track 1-18 Dark Palace of Waterfalls; Makes me wonder if that stream would have lead to such a place eh..? In any rate the track's quite beautiful in its progression from the simple string instruments to the pleasant calling of the organ that ought to remind the player of the domain's placement within Castlevania.

Track 1-19 Melancholy Joachim to me seems like a near total remix of "Dark Palace of Waterfalls" just made much more aggressive considering who's theme it belongs to.

The entire sound track really is practically perfect in almost every way. There is not one track that I would really dismiss easily.

What really amazed me had been the remake of "The Cross of Fate" that had appeared in Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow as the first castle area's theme.

Seriously it's a sound track worth having as part of one's music collection.
Delete Post
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I've always been a fan of House of Sacred Remains, myself. It probably had a larger impact on me for being the first major area you have access to, to boot.

Leon's theme is pretty grand as well.
Delete Post
Report Post

Yeah I would have mentioned them all but this time it's not me being forgetful as it had to do with me wondering what's the word/character limit for each post. Plus I felt I should be brief as well.

I'll be making another thread for the Silent Hill collection later on, though I feel I should say something about it here.

One of the major reasons I've even made this thread had been originally to share the music of the series as well as considering there had been a few cyoas that had some roots involving the series, even if just one character that manages to fit in (EoSD aka SDM-LA) or middle ground with touhous (Touhouvania).

I've asked myself if I should share the Silent Hill sound tracks despite there being no cyoa. I don't wish to take away the focus of TH-P's boards nor wishing to disrupt things around here as well. At the same time though, perhaps the music of the series will inspire some writefags or even newfags to write something in the spirit of the series of both SH and TP.

Who's to say it wouldn't be grand; heck FOG is working out to be awesome right? Then again there was that stalker series which went down the toilet; though I've never know how well the series was liked to begin with.

So yes in the spirit of hopefully inspiring old and new writefags I will be sharing the Silent Hill series soundtrack in another thread while I leave this to be for Castlevania; or at least till it hits autosage when I try putting up something new.

Hope to see more interest in the threads~!
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So yeah I've been hitting the lie juice as of late so here it is; assuming you guys are still waiting for them. In fact these albums are quite old, (released in 1994 & 1995 respectively), I'm not even sure if they are already widely known, or perhaps I've been finding hidden treasure since I've had internet access back then...

But I digress...

Dracula Battle Perfect Selection I & II
http://www.mediafire.com/?2oitazrwtdj - DBPS I
http://www.mediafire.com/?y4mjnwztjjr - DBPS II

DBPS I Track listing
1. "Beginning" (from Akumajō Densetsu)
2. "Bloody Tears" (from Dracula II: Noroi no Fūin)
3. "Ripe Seeds" (from Dracula Densetsu II)
4. "Cross a Fear" (from Akumajō Dracula X)
5. "Requiem for the Nameless Victims" (from Vampire Killer)
6. "Op.13" (from Akumajō Dracula X)
7. "Vampire Killer" (from Akumajō Dracula)
8. "Calling from Heaven" (from Vampire Killer)
9. "聖者の行進" [Seija no Koushin] (from Akumajō Dracula X)
10. "夜まで待てない" [Yoru Made Matenai] (from Akumajō Dracula -AC-)

DBPS II Track Listing
1. "Beginning" (from Akumajō Dracula X)
2. "Theme of Simon" (from Akumajō Dracula -X68000-)
3. "Road of Enemy #1" (from Dracula Densetsu II)
4. "巣窟" [Soukutsu] (from Akumajō Dracula X)
5. "Theme from the Legend of Dracula" (from Dracula Densetsu)
6. "登城" [Tojou] (from Akumajō Dracula -SFC-)
7. "Thrashard in the Cave" (from Akumajō Dracula -X68000-)
8. "Reincarnated Soul" (from Vampire Killer)
9. "Iron Blue Intention" (from Vampire Killer)
10. "幻想的舞曲" [Gensouteki Bukyoku] (from Akumajō Dracula X)

Aside from simply stating that it's practically all hard rock covers, no notes on the tracks as they are all awesome.

I remember growing and going through high school listening to these two albums. I would just listen to them every day either while taking a ride home on the bus or simply getting through the bullshit that would come every once in a while in those simpler days.

From BS assignments to girls giving flak for little mistakes, nothing like listening to the albums to make things a lot more forgiving and tolerable to say the least. At most, they overpowered all trouble by simply being awesome; from bouts of rage becoming focused and clear to finding renewed morale. Some how some way these albums got me through everything I've seen and I've yet to get tired of them in the past twelve, yes twelve years. They've been my bread and butter for my listening pleasure; Much like AC/DC but that's another story

Side Note*

To Taisa - (Should listen to "March of the Holy Man", Reincarnated Soul", or "Don't Wait Until Night" while reading this)

I don't know what got you feeling down, but if anything, music's always made things a hell of a lot more tolerable; if not simply melt away for me... If ya got any special requests just ask man~! Doesn't even have to be Castlevania, could be anything ya want. I know you won't give up on Gensokyo High nor pull an "author's rage/quit/houdini ect" if anything else.

You may not even ever take up my offer, but it's always there if ya need it. Just make a post on one of my threads!

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"Don't Wait Until Night" in the first one is corrupt.
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I'll fix that by putting up another link for it.

Also I'll be uploading Castlevania 64/Legacy of Darkness next. I also managed to find the special Portrait of Ruin Arrangement Disc where it had a higher quality and sound to the sound track.
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Okay so in celebration on Taisa's recent return I've uploaded a special disk from the "Akumajo Dracula Best Music Collection Box" which pretty much remixes some of the best known/long standing tracks from the series.

"Akumajo Dracula - The Arcade Edition"
Total Tracks - 22

No words need to describe them but for those curious what they sound like, here are some youtube links.


Simon Belmont's Theme


Vampire Killer

Walking on Edge

Bloody Tears

Blood Relations of Heaven and Earth

Wicked Child

Poison Mind

Illusionary Dance (Dracula 1st Form)

Black Night (Dracula Final Form)

STAGE CLEAR! (Yes even this had to be done grandiosely)

Voyager (Nostalgic Ending)

Good to see you write once more Taisa, but do stay healthy as well
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I thank you for this awesome thread, Anonymous.
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Sorry about the delay, site was being a dick. Two-parter update due to character limits.
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Me again, gonna post another album sometime either today or tomorrow, schedule permitting that is, but I have a question.

Would anybody be interested in some slices of Outer Heaven on a new thread..?

Just curious really...
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