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I highly doubt this'll be used this time, but I'm putting it out there, since the last time I let people look up backstory, they did nothing but search for event after event for a good day or so.

If you have any questions about RwVT, backstory or otherwise, ask it here. I'll check up when I can, which usually is when I can check up on the story thread.
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Oh, you~.
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As a matter of fact, I did. But I enjoyed Freespace 2 more. I played Starlancer when I was like eight, hated it, then played Tachyon when I was eleven... and that was how I discovered the miracle of nature that is Bruce Campbell.

Then I played Freelancer, and said, "fuck this shit, I'm going back to EVE." Those weren't my best moments.
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oh I've heard alzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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Bah. It was fun, until it was abundantly clear I didn't know what I was doing.
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Encyclopedia entries, as requested by >>/eientei/17811.

[ENCYCLOPEDIA: Defense (redirected from Defense frigate)]

Defense role (symbol D) indicates a vessel that is designed primarily for protecting a position or vessel from attack, either directly (destroying strike craft or warheads) or indirectly (deflecting magic/energy based attacks with its shields or absorbing them with its armor). Usually, such vessels are far less maneuverable due to the much thicker armor and heavier power and shield systems, sporting many more point defense systems, but fewer and less accurate turrets – the turrets they do have are usually much more powerful, however.

(Part of: List of hull and role classification symbols)

[ENCYCLOPEDIA: Assault (redirected from Assault frigate)]

Assault role (symbol A) indicates a vessel that is designed primarily for ship to ship combat. Such vessels usually have more beam turrets, mass driver turrets (if available), and thicker front, top, and bottom armor, as well as forward mounted heavy weapons, such as a mass driver cannon or reactor gun[1]. Although they have greater firepower, they don’t always have the capacitor energy to match, so usually these ships fire more slowly and fire heavy weapons only on command.

1: Reactor-based weaponry

(Part of: List of hull and role classification symbols)


A corvette (symbol Co, CoA) is the smallest recognized combat vessel class, typically any lightly armored vessel crewed by 5 or more people with at least one small turret; anything smaller is classified as some type of craft. The vast majority of support roles are served by corvettes, which, with their lighter armor, are not usually designed to fight alone in any normal sized battle, but are fast enough to outrun just about every other starship class.

Typical corvette types[1] include reconnaissance vessels, command ships, and marine transports, where their faster speed and lower mass is useful for stealth and quick deployment of troops.

Related Pages:
1: List of hull and role classification symbols

(Part of: List of combat vessel classes)

[ENCYCLOPEDIA: House Houhei]

One of the major houses alongside House Yagokoro and Korai, the noble house Houhei are the principal designers of most warp-capable starships in the present day Empire. Before the Korai rose up, the Houhei engineered much of the Lunar Empire’s weapons technology, building the first mass drivers, and the first weapons-grade chemical laser systems, as well as experimenting with high acceleration engines for interstellar travel; when the Korai discovered spacetime warping, however, their projects became redundant, and for several centuries they focused exclusively on warfare technology, designing and manufacturing almost every kind of non-warp capable vessel used in modern battle. By selling these vessels, as well as the weapons to arm them, House Houhei became the second richest house during the Celestial Wars[1], and when they discovered the secret to warp through reverse engineering a Korai warp device, House Korai’s fall from power began, leading to five hundred years of intense conflict. The fighting, however, was quickly growing beyond their desired bounds, and when it became clear that their market would be destroyed through the excessive wars they fueled, House Houhei immediately lent Adjutant Eirin Yagokoro their aid when she arrived at Houhei Prime during the Reclamations. When the dust settled, House Houhei became one of the largest noble houses, second only – and just barely[2] – to House Yagokoro…

1: Celestial War period
2: Sagittarius Massacre

[ENCYCLOPEDIA: Houhei Secundus]

Houhei Secundus is one of the palace worlds of House Houhei, originally the second world they colonized, thus “Secundus”; it is only their twelfth largest world by population, however. Planetary lord is Marquis Dubal Houhei[1], who once fought alongside Adjutant Eirin Yagokoro defending the moon during the Youkai Incursions. The Houhei don’t have the Yagokoro’s medical talent, however, and the Yagokoro don’t trade the best of their longevity drugs, so at over 1000 years, Marquis Houhei is quickly reaching the end of his life.

Aside from its lord, the planet is particularly significant for dedicating an eighth of its surface to COMNET servers, which account for one percent of COMNET traffic, in addition to housing several Imperial weapons research agencies; otherwise, Houhei Secundus is an ordinary world by Houhei standards, its 12 billion people living in a planetwide web of arcologies and underground cities…

Related Pages:
1. Dubal Houhei


Aldebaran, first planet in the Alpha Tauri system, was formerly the fiefdom of the minor noble house Kaisa; after they declared independence from the Lunar Empire, the entire surface was scorched by Imperial forces led by Adjutant Eirin Yagokoro, leaving no life whatsoever on the planet and depleting much of its atmosphere. The planet is still being consumed by the firestorm caused by the attack; conservative estimates place the fires as continuing for a year before the atmosphere is completely stripped of combustible gases, and even then the planet is considered unsafe to land on due to increased volcanic activity from the strike. Nevertheless, House Houhei has still applied to obtain ownership of Aldebaran, its current state exposing many mineral resources critical to starship construction.

History and bombing

Before the attack, Aldebaran was the first and only world granted to House Kaisa, the entire population of the house living on the surface and in orbiting space colonies. The Kaisa were almost always at the employ of House Houhei, supplying bodyguards and their own engineers to help the Houhei design their ships. Because of this, House Kaisa was on very good terms with the Houhei, and they obtained ships at a significant discount, leading to a single planet house owning a fully stocked carrier and a supplementary fleet! With the carrier, they had planned to begin expanding their territory, declaring independence from the Lunar Empire – however, they did so just days after Adjutant Yagokoro began the Reclamations, and their declaration made them a prime target almost immediately. When the Adjutant offered them their last chance to swear allegiance to the Princess, they adamantly refused, believing the Houhei would come to their aid; shortly after House Kaisa had made their reply, however, the Houhei detachment of the subjugation fleet warped in, revealing to them the true nature of the situation: House Houhei had sold them out. The Kaisa quickly tried to contact Adjutant Yagokoro again, pleading for her forgiveness, but it was too little too late: the attack had already begun, starting with their carrier fleet and their orbital colonies. Even so, they continued begging, even as their world was shelled with mass drivers and atmospheric deprivation warheads; and only when the fires had completely covered Aldebaran did their screams dissolve into silence.
While the attack was going on, the Adjutant had the entire event recorded, as well as the line she left open with the Kaisa; although the audio was never used, the images and video of the aftermath proved quite useful in quelling further planetary resistance – star systems, such as those of the Cetan houses, however, were not completely demoralized, and some in fact hardened their resolve, which led to the many further atrocities of the Reclamation…
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[X] Dubal Houhei
[X] INS Night Unbroken - Bridge Roster

The latter mostly for convenience.
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[ENCYCLOPEDIA: Dubal Houhei]

Maquis Dubal Houhei (formerly Dubal of Akash) is one of House Houhei’s oldest members, and a somewhat important figure in the Engine[1], the House’s primary governing council. Although famous for his defense of the Lunar Capital alongside Eirin Yagokoro as well as for various improvements in mass driver weaponry and reactor systems, Dubal is perhaps most well known for being the first person to successfully capture a Korai factory ship[2], catapulting the Houhei from a minor house to a major interstellar power and spelling the end to the era of Korai dominance, ultimately leading to five centuries of interstellar war in the so called “Era of Storms”[3].
Although he was hailed by his House as a miracle worker for this act and offered an extra seat in the Engine, he declined the offer, preferring instead to spend the next one hundred years testing the limits of the factory ship, culminating in his terraforming of Houhei Secundus and its subsequent colonization; afterwards, he settled down in Houhei Secundus, married a Houraisan woman, and sent the ship into [ERROR: INSUFFICIENT SECURITY], giving the vessel up for his House’s public use...

(Skipping to: Relationships: Eirin Yagokoro)

...Dubal’s relationship with Eirin can best be described as ‘strained’. Although the Youkai Incursions forged a fairly solid bond between the two at the time, Eirin’s role as Princess Kaguya’s Adjutant leads to her viewing Dubal’s seclusion with suspicion; in turn, Eirin’s occasional probing investigation leads to many inconveniences for Dubal, who tries to keep as low a profile as he can. With the growing rebellion movement post-Reclamation, Eirin is also increasingly frustrated by his refusal to definitely side with the Empire, knowing that Dubal’s reclusiveness could hide either covert support for the Dusklight Pact or nothing at all...

1: Houhei internal government
2: Factory ship
3: Era of Storms

[DATA: INS Night Unbroken Crew Roster - Bridge]

Day shift, Captain: Cmdr. RN-13B.07.02.01 "Reisen". System Administrator: Ltjg. HI- "Kaus".

Weapons Division:
*WEPCOM Officer, Lt^. HI-42.20A.02.01 "Heiseimi"

Sensors Division:
*SENCOM Officer, Lt^. FM- "Patuxent"

Communications Division:
*COMCOM Officer, Lt^. BE-02C.00.18.09 "Brahe"

Navigation Division:
*NAVCOM Officer, Lt^. Kuei Gengetsu

Tactical Division:
*TACCOM Officer, Lt^. Jaya Rikuken

Night shift, Captain: Subcmdr. HI- "Indu IV". System Administrator: Ltjg. HI- "Bloom".

Weapons Division:
*Weapons Officer, Lt. HI-

Sensors Division:
*Sensors & EW Officer, Lt. HI-

Communications Division:
*Communication Officer, Lt. HI-01A.00.02.01

Navigation Division:
*Navigational Officer, Lt. HI-01B.00.02.01

Tactical Division:
*Tactical & Security Officer, Lt. HI-


Officers marked with a "^" are being considered for promotion.
Rabbit serial numbers are abridged for (mostly my) convenience. If you really want to see an example of a full serial number, access [ENCYCLOPEDIA: Rabbit serial number format].
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[x] ENCYCLOPEDIA: Houhei internal government
Category: Recent events

[x] ENCYCLOPEDIA: Factory ship
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[x] Encyclopedia: Rabbit's Trading Alliance
[x] Search: "Rabbit faction" AND (Heiseimi OR Reisen)
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I have a question; where did you go man ;_;
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Right here: >>/eientei/17366
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I have immensely enjoyed this story since I started reading it, yesterday. It's made me interested in the universe and backstory you've created for this story. This is probably going to be a bump, but I really like this story because it creates an epic sci-fi universe that explores Reisen's backstory and who she came to be. These are a lot of questions, but I only ask them because I truly like this story.

1. Considering this story has Kaguya as the absolute monarch of the Lunarian Empire, and Eirin as the Adjutant/right-hand man of Kaguya, what of other Lunarian characters like the Watatsuki sisters? Do either of them play a part in this story?

2. How many planets have been colonized by the Lunarians? I don't mean just the Lunarian Empire, but also the rebels as well. Also how far have Lunarians explored the galaxy, and how many light years do the Lunarians of all factions control?

3. How fast is the warp travel that the Lunarians use? How many light years-per-hour does it go?

4. In a lot of science fiction, there's often a limitation on FTL that allows for scenarios, like battles, to occur without the protagonists being able to escape easily. Often times it's something like a gravity well preventing FTL travel from occuring, like with Star Wars hyperdrives. So what limitations are there on warp travel? From the description in the story, it reminds me of jump points as seen in Wing Commander (http://www.wcnews.com/wcpedia/Jump_point).

5. The power armor in use by the Lunarians, how does it compare to power armors like the MJOLNIR armor from Halo (http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/MJOLNIR), power armor like that used in Warhammer 40K (http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Power_armor & http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Terminator_armor) or the FORCE power armor in Hyperion:

Kassad blinks away the tactical displays, leaving only the night-vision aids. High-velocity solid slugs strike his shoulder and knee. Kassad goes down, is driven down. The impact armor goes rigid, relaxes, and he is up and running again, feeling the deep bruises already forming. His chameleon polymer works desperately to mirror the no-man's-land he is crossing: night, flame, sand, melted crystal, and burning stone.
Fifty meters from the Monolith, and ribbons of light lance to his left and right, turning sand to glass with a touch, reaching for him with a speed nothing and no one can dodge. Killing lasers quit playing with him and lance home, stabbing at his helmet, heart, and groin with the heat of stars. His combat armor goes mirror bright, shifting frequencies in microseconds to match the changing colors of attack. A nimbus of superheated air surrounds him. Microcircuits shriek to overload and beyond as they release the heat and work to build a micrometer-thin field of force to keep it away from flesh and bone. Kassad struggles the final twenty meters, using power assist to leap barriers of slagged crystal. Explosions erupt on all sides, knocking him down and then lifting him again. The suit is absolutely rigid; he is a doll thrown between flaming hands. The bombardment stops. Kassad gets to his knees and then to his feet. He looks up at the face of the Crystal Monolith and sees the Hames and fissures and little else. His visor is cracked and dead. Kassad lifts it, breathes in smoke and ionized air, and enters the tomb. His implants tell him that the other pilgrims are paging him on all the comm channels. He shuts them off. Kassad removes his helmet and walks into darkness.

Kassad sent power to the servomechanisms in his suit leg and kicked at her head with full force. Moneta dodged the blow, caught his leg, twisted, and sent him crashing into the three-meter square of crystal,' shattering it, tumbling him out into the sand and the night....Kassad jumped the three meters that separated them, landed behind Moneta, and brought the killing gauntlet on his right hand around in an arc that broke the sound barrier, palm-edge rigid and sharp as carbon-carbon piezoelectric filaments could make it. Moneta did not duck or attempt to block the attack. Kassad's gauntlet caught the base of her neck in a blow which would have severed a tree, carved through half a meter of stone.

6. As for Lunarian weapons, it's interesting to find out that an old pistol, as Reisen considers her own, has enough punch on full power to destroy a tank, and break the user's arm at that level. What's the point of building such a powerful mass driver? Considering you mentioned that the primary gun the Imperial Guard uses is like a "small scale Hakkero", how powerful is it?

Also how does it compare to the FORCE Multipurpose Assault Rifle:

He sprays laser fire across the face of the Monolith until crystal slags and runs. He pumps high-explosive pulse bolts into the thing at ten-meter intervals, starting with the top levels. Thousands of shards of mirrored material fly out into the night, tumbling in slow motion toward the valley floor, leaving gaps as ugly as missing teeth in the building's face. Kassad switches back to wide-beam coherent light and sweeps the interior through the gaps, grinning behind his visor when something bursts into flames on several floors. Kassad fires bhees - beams of high-energy electrons - which rip through the monolith and plow perfectly cylindrical fourteen-centimeter-wide tunnels for half a kilometer through the rock of the valley wall. He fires cannister grenades, which explode into tens of thousands of needle flechettes after passing through the crystal face of the monolith. He triggers random pulse-laser swaths, which will blind anyone or anything looking in his direction from the structure. He fires body-heat-seeking darts into every orifice the shattered structure offers him.

7. How does Lunarian technology and firepower compare to the technology and firepower used in Star Wars or Star Trek or Wing Commander, just to name a few sci-fi franchises?

8. For ships, what is the average acceleration for them? For instance you mentioned the Enlightened Dawn, which is in as having a max sublight speed of 300 m/s, but that's less than Mach 1? Do you mean to say its acceleration is 300 m/s^2, which is 30.58 gees of acceleration? I keep on saying acceleration because there's no max speed in space, except for light which can't be reached by anything slower. There is acceleration which determines how long it takes to reach as close as possible the speed of light.

9. Is the Imperial Guard the collective term for the Lunarian Empire's military, or is it the name of the ground forces of the Lunarian Empire?

Also what are the ranks in use by the Lunarian Navy and ground army?

10. Considering just how brutal Eirin's crackdowns on the Rebellion have been what would the Lunarian Empire have thought of the UNSC (from Halo) response to the Insurrection (http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/Insurrection) like Project ORION (http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/Project_ORION) and the Spartan-II Program (http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/Spartan-II_Program) and Spartan-III Program (http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/Spartan-III_Program)? What would Reisen have thought of those programs?
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