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You were surrounded by energy bullets.

Your opponents have shown themselves to be far more capable than you have assumed at first. The most annoying part here was that this wasn’t the first time it happened to you – indeed, you should’ve expected there to be something wrong the moment you saw them fly through the air with incredible ease – but even then, you couldn’t have anticipated the sheer firepower they brought to the battlefield. Out of your companions in the past, only the Prince has approached that level – and he was an elite warrior of space, who has been training for intense combat during his entire life.

These winged creatures, however, have not looked like they’ve trained for even a single day – and yet, despite that, even the weakest of them have been firing enough projectiles to make you seriously regret that you’ve never managed to learn that “Instant Transmission” skill. You’ve had plenty of time, you could’ve gone to the Yardrat at any time during one of those relatively quiet periods of time in between all the world-shaking battles... well, realistically, it wouldn’t have helped, anyway. Your powers were not enough to do serious damage to anyone on that level.

Were. These opponents, however, were actually vulnerable to your attacks, however weird that would be. That alien you’ve blown away with the ki blast could certainly attend to that. But there were too many of them for your attacks to stop them before they could unleash hell on you.

So in the end, you were surrounded by energy bullets.

You have managed to avoid being hit by them before, by relying on your high-speed movement to weave your way past the spread-shot-like patterns and the aimed projectile streams, and you certainly wanted to avoid being hit by them – because you have no idea how strong they actually are – but in your current situation, you have no choice but to test your durability against the rapidly shrinking circle of rainbow-colored bullets.

Wait, actually, there is one last ditch thing you could do – use an arm swipe to clear a path through and escape. That way, you could at least avoid being hit by the majority of these bullets. Surely, nothing could go wrong here?

You focus your attention on your right arm, hoping that, however little ki you could manage to put into it within what little time you’ve got before it was too late, it would be enough for this technique to work – and then you rush and swipe at the incoming projectile!

The moment your hand connects with the glowing sphere, it immediately explodes, knocking you back into the center – right in the middle of all the other ones, which also explode, knocking you unconscious.



Full-on proper CYOA later. Maybe. I don't promise anything.
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Dragon Ball Z *pichuun*
Kindly lurk and read other stories here before continuing any further. There's even a thread on /gensokyo/ to help you figure out what to read if you're lost. Also, while there's no issue in using this board, it doesn't receive much traffic; there might be issues being noticed if you do happen to want to continue... whatever this is.
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Kindly lurk and read other stories here before continuing any >further.
I've read plenty of stories around here, and, while the *action* stuff is definitely something that's uh, slipped past my mind, what's the problem with using Dragon Ball Z? There have been multiple cross-over stories with settings far more powerful than DBZ, such as 1) A Wizard is You, 2) that Infernal from Exalted 2e one, 3) two Magic: The Gathering ones, one of which had Nicol Bolas as a protagonist.

Is there some secret rule about not using DBZ setting around here that I haven't seen, or what?

- Took 0.02s -
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