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This sidethread is a list of all the items and spells acquired in the story titled "The Hunt for Little Bell" at >>/th/180784.

It will be updated whenever there's a new addition or modification to the inventory, and there will be links to this thread from the story whenever appropriate.
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Mom's Spicy Hot Lo Mein

This is one smokin' hot Lo-Mein, prepared with Mother's love and her secret blend of herbs! In Gensokyo, "smokin' hot" could mean that it's really spicy, that it's of a high temperature, or that it's so good you want to marry it -- we don't differentiate. It'll either scorch your sinuses or burn the roof of your mouth, but one thing is for sure: you will not feel the winter cold with this meal in your stomach.
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Pan-Dimensional Gargle Blaster

Intragalactic and interdimensional travelers speak in hushed, reverent tones about a bar where you can get the strongest drink in this side of the multiverse. They say drinking one is like being hit with a slice of lemon wrapped around a gold brick.

Those with slightly broader horizons know that the quality of a drink isn't measured solely in how bad a hangover it gives you, but how good it makes you feel before that. A drink that causes instant vomiting, for example, is more useful in Poison Control than in a bar. The Pan-Dimensional Gargle Blaster gives you all of the pleasant effects of alcohol, while shunting most of the nasty aftereffects to a parallel you in another dimension.

Just know that any time you drink one, there's a decent chance a parallel you in another dimension is drinking one, too. Mwa-ha-ha-ha.
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Gap Folding Umbrella

An extremely heavy, extremely frilly umbrella that the odd blonde girl dropped when she crashed into you.

Its mysterious power works under the assumption that material objects are just energy bound in different forms. By removing the "bound", everything becomes energy, and thus it makes everything stand at the same place at the same time, which would in turn remove time and space, since being able to travel from point A to point A would take no time at all. Because everything is in point A, everything is already here and there, thus negating the concept of distance and space.

In layman terms, this umbrella makes portal gaps. Just how did that girl got her hands in such a powerful artifact?

Type: Weapon/Cheat Item* (2-handed umbrella)
Enchantment: Opens gaps to teleport short distances away.

*The usage of this item's enchantment in formal danmaku duels is prohibited by the Spell Card Rules.
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A paddle made of varnished cherry wood, suspending several crotal bells strung with coiled brass wires in a tree pattern. It's traditionally used in Kagura dances, performed by shrine maidens and theater actors all over Japan as a purifying, entertaining and divination ritual. The bells are thought to have been inspired by the fruits of the ogatama tree, but considering the one who gifted this to you was your pauper friend Reimu, it's very probable that the bells of this particular suzu proceeded from a forgotten jester costume from the Outside, or one of Santa Claus' reindeer harnesses.

'Kagura' comes from an ancient word that means 'seat of God', tied to the legend of the Sun Goddess Amaterasu. The traditional song and dance are performed to entertain and please whatever God is seating at the moment. Then the god would bestow his blessing onto his worshipers, and invigorated their spirits. For a thousand years and more, entertaining the Shinto Gods has meant a sharing in the joy of life. With this instrument, you can also share your joy with all the people who try to hurt you!

Type: Instrument (1-handed bell)
Enchantment: 「Pacification of Dreary Spirits」 -- Slightly reduces the target's Power everytime the bells jingle.

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