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Secret Text-based adventures(5)

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You are a Kappa. Proud, industrious, and sporting a bald spot. You are hopelessly in love with Nitori. She makes you feel like you're flying up in the clouds - often a result of being distracted in the river and hitting your head against a rock.

You have come to the foot of the mountain, to look for a suitable gift to give while confessing your undying love. The question is, what will you look for?


2 .

Hina will be the best gift.

3 .

You skulk through the Great Youkai Forest, as best as you can - though looking surely like a fish out of water. You search for that minor goddess, she'll be good tribute. It takes an hour for you to finally catch a break. You find her sitting, fidgeting with her hair.

"What are you doing?" She yells as you tackle her, but she flys up into the sky. And starts to spin almost immediately.

Spin. Spin. Spin. And spin. It makes you nauseous. You hold on for dear life while she struggles to get you off.

You try to subdue her. But a friendly tree interrupts your fast-moving trajectory.

You come to in a clearing. Your head hurts, and your bald spot is bruised. No sign of the goddess. Except for her boots. They must have flown away and are now in the clearing as well.

You collect them, thinking its a partial triumph. Fate is cruel - their smell is truly unfortunate, making them a poor gift. You'll have to get something else for your true love Nitori.


4 .

Sniff the air in an effor to detect the delicious odor of cucumbers

5 .

You sniff the air, attempting to detect delicious cucumbers. As finely honed as your nose is for this sort of thing, you fail to detect any. Your nostrils are still filled with the cursed stench of those boots.

You attempt to clear your nostrils at the nearest body of water, a lonely pond. The fetid water doesn't help much. You are starting to feel discouraged. And you so wanted to get your Nitori a gift from the heart.


6 .

[X] Wear the boots
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