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Thread 191573 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 147455685030.jpg - (405.48KB, 1000x1319, GodEmperorReimu.jpg) [iqdb]
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The human village was quiet, for a change. It wasn’t empty, though. It was just quiet. The sun peaked over the horizon, and the cold, evening fall air would soon give way. Soothing winds caressed the land, the nostalgic amber glow of the sun dawning…

Reimu stood drowsily in front of the village job board, hair slightly frazzled and expression tired.

“See!? Crazy stuff’s been happenin’, ze!” Propping her arms by her sides, Marisa excitedly addressed the job board. “Buncha youkai’ve been going totally crazy!”

...Reimu yawned. “...So?”

Marisa’s eyes widened. “So? So!? We gotta kick some serious youkai ass, ze! It’s what we do!”

...At that, Reimu nodded slowly. “Not this early in the morning, we aren’t.”

Rolling her eyes, Marisa cast her gaze upon the job board again. “Whateve~r, Reimu. Guess you don’t want any of the reward money…”

Reimu sighed. “...I guess now’s a good time to wake up as any.”
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>> No. 192600
File 147955364557.webm - (680.78KB, 578x720, My point of view.webm) [iqdb]
I stopped voting after the write-in I spent so much time on was casually dismissed. I don't have any real constructive criticism, I'm just salty as fuck.
>> No. 192604

Luminous has that issue as well. It's the difficult vote curse, mixed with the effects on morale and how even write-ins don't do much.

If I had to say, it feels like an unwinnable boss fight, which is frustrating for the few people willing to make the oddly stressful jump that is voting on a story. I'm not one of your readers, mind you, but from the skimming I did, it gave that feel.
>> No. 192689
I like >>192597 strategy.

[G] Spell Card
-[o] Marisa
[d] Item
-[a] Reimu - (Item Boost)
--[z] Potion x3, Marisa
-[e] Miko- (Alchemist’s Ring bonus!)
--[!] Potion, herself

And I totally forgot to vote too. Damn, I thought this was waiting for an update...

Thread 191170 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 147112047852.jpg - (0.99MB, 2751x1908, High fashion strikes again.jpg) [iqdb]
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Family can be a blessing and a curse; the larger one is, the more issues come to light, though many would say it’s worth the price of admission. Sometimes the blessings are better than the helping hand of a tutor, and sometimes the curses are far, far worse than a little tugging of hair.

A mother and father always have great visions of grand futures. Of grandchildren with parents with grand dreams for them as grand as their dreams for those very parents. Of their children following their teachings into the next generation, and knowing that their job was done well. That those children will do the same, following in their footsteps. And their children, and theirs as well. Parents ask for a world freely given by children from all walks of life.

To some, family has a value greater than anything. Others see it as greater than nothing. There are many more views of family in between, and it can vary between different members, but, in the end, it is something we all have.

All families have far reaching histories that bind them together. Rare is the man who wasn’t born, and rare is the man who can claim as such truthfully. Even inconsequential histories are history, regardless of import. Some claim great heritage of ages past, others claim great inheritance of estates and land. All who are born gain some small part of their parents’ history, and their parents’, and theirs, ad infinum. The chain reaches back farther than most are willing, or able, to see. The bonds do not begin merely in humans, and instead stretch back into the great seas themselves.

Long ago, there were no families. Not by any stretch of the word, and certainly not as we see them today. There was no hair being tugged, or tutorings needed for a big test. There was no hair, and the only test was survival. Year by year, century by century, over eons these things came to be. Life, at first, was microscopic and inconsequential. Slowly, with every turn of the world, some small change was made.

The tree took roots, and those roots dug deep and started spreading at first rapidly, then they divided a million million times over. Some parts began to slow, others kept the same pace, and many
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>> No. 192512
Hey, it's Mister Roger's Neighborhood!
>> No. 192513
File 147928244027.gif - (0.99MB, 193x211, You're fun.gif) [iqdb]

What are the odds of that?
>> No. 192516
File 147930809339.png - (166.63KB, 500x595, Dooooork.png) [iqdb]
Next thread: >>192515

Thread 188519 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 146428017093.png - (1.94KB, 52x62, 339.png) [iqdb]
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You are a Bonéka (according to my sources, that’s Indonesian for “puppet”.) You happen to specifically be a C[favorite Touhou character from the games] at level 5.
It is early morning and time to wake up. You yawn and stretch out your adorable tiny arms, accidentally sticking one through the thin leaf wall of your pint-sized dwelling. This is the fifth time you’ve done that this month – unsurprising, since this is the fifth day of the month. You make a mental note to find a better wall for your humble abode as you cutely nibble on a scrumptious acorn.
You live [by the Big Road, named for the large amount of mice that use it / in a miniature fishing village overlooking a vast freshwater ocean filled with tasty Magikarp / amongst perfectly ordered sunflowers that stretch as far as the eye can see].
And then you hear a million little voices screaming in disarray, arguing over your location and your species. In amongst strange cries of “start” and “up b” most of the voices seem to form coherent thoughts. Eventually, the cacophony dies down, with the voices in agreement that you are…
[x] a C[favorite Touhou from the list] that is living in…
-[ ] a shrubbery at the side of the Road of Reconsideration.
-[ ] a Bonéka village on the banks of the Sanzu.
-[ ] between flowers in the Garden of the Sun.

Remember, the list is here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13hV6pNVkhwwUgmvM1P9xHdNQeMWy8ywjNoN982vaegA/edit?usp=sharing
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>> No. 192176
>> No. 192404
NAUGHT BUT A WEEK AGO, one Cirno Crocker attacked the Tengu High Council under the pretense of defending the honor of one Ran Yakumo. The powerful Manipulator of Rhyme was extremely pissed off at demands to make the newspaper more lewd (like the now-defunct Bunbunmaru.) Obviously, there was an instant throwdown, with seven of the nine ending up in a block of ice (our Great Tengu fled to fetch our former leader, and the really lucky one actually took out the ringleader’s right-hand woman.) Mizako Otane and Himikawo Yatsume died in the skirmish that day, while the five impostors were brought out to trial. (The kitsune Kala Aito admitted guilt and accepted banishment underground in exchange for revealing the location of the corpses of the missing tengu.) The others, including a lecherous, incestous kitsune claiming to be Ran’s father, were all put to death, but two broke out before they could be exterminated.

The kitsune illusionist Kai Asuka, one of the tengu impostors, had slipped his bonds and headed towards Eientei. He was later found with copious amounts of the dangerous poison known as Anti-Hourai, planning to poison half the waterways in Gensokyo. An elite team of specialists, including Youmu, Reimu, Marisa, and Mamizou, were dispatched to deal with the bioterrorist. He was killed by Fantasy Heaven. (Reimu was later seen headed to Makai with two chain guns and all the Anti-Hourai.)

YET ANOTHER TRAVESTY HAS OCCURRED in the campaign against the giant hermaphroditic, sexually parasitic, omnisexual, rapist lolicon electric catfish Primeus. In addition to the kidnapping of Kanako Yasaka, he has now taken a second new victim in a single day. The capture of Shikieki, Yamaxanadu by this vile perverted piscine fiend is sure to greatly worsen the backlog of souls on Komatchi Onozuka’s plate; given the ferrywoman and only other full-time employee of the Ministry of Right and Wrong has fallen into serious depression and seized the mantle of the Yamas in her despair, the people of Gensokyo send her our deepest condolences.

Because Komatchi has abandoned her post as ferrywoman, no souls have been able to cross the River Sanzu. Komatchi is of
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 192405
This story has been canceled (for an indeterminate amount of time) due to things.

Thread 191322 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 147203085782.png - (52.88KB, 517x507, I think I did moderately well.png) [iqdb]
191322 No. 191322 hide watch expand quickreply
>>188147 Thread 1
>>188477 Thread 2
>>189365 Thread 3
>>190278 Thread 4

[X]...was it by choice?
[X]...You've... always wanted to have a mother. A real mother.
[X]...And if you wanted to still call her Mom?

Your mother sighs. "It was not I who did this to her, little bunny; it was one of my cousins." She frowns. "Think of it as comparing a monkey and a man. They are similar in many ways, but... well, they are aggressive and dangerous animals in comparison." After a moment she sighs again, quietly adding, "But I suppose I, too, can be dangerous."

Well, at least that's not so bad. ...Still, though- "Please, Little Bunny, do not tempt me with such words. ...In truth, I was intending to ask before you went to bed. However, I intended to also tell you what it would entail first. ...And so, I intend to at least read the latter book to you." She smiles just a bit. "No other child that has come through has done so well on my puzzles."
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 192333

is going to change the vote to

[X] Let the whappings begin. You find a certain deep satisfaction to this.
[X] Defend the flower after 4 whaps!
-[X] This all started for a bad joke you couldn't even finish!
--[X] And defending you like this is the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you.
---[X] OF course that means you deserve a share in the whapping... Oh shit.

because that sounds funny as shit.
>> No. 192334
What the heck. Can't think of anything better.

All aboard the bandwagon!

[x] This vote.
>> No. 192359
>>192352 Next thread~

Thread 186634 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 144964038066.jpg - (72.48KB, 800x393, SELF EXPLANATORY.jpg) [iqdb]
186634 No. 186634 hide watch expand quickreply
THREAD ONE: >>185269
THREAD TWO: >>185998

An Angry Marine only grows STRONGER the angrier he gets. This is a well-known fact among the Chapter. However, you're always at such a massive level of burning rage that NO ONE has ever been able to stand before you without you twisting them into pretzels.

No one, that is, until now.

But that's just FINE, because if things keep going the way they're going here, you're going to reach levels of FURIOUS STRENGTH you've never before reached in your entire career as an Angry Marine.

That's if you can't manage to best this TURBO-WENCH right now, of course, which you're damn well gonna do in the name of the Emperor and the Chapter and your MIGHTY FISTS.

“HOLD THE FUCK STILL!” you yell.

“Okay.” She doesn't blink as your mighty fist nails her square in the sternum, even if, again, you manage to drive her back by inches. Her fist responds in kind, and hers sends you several meters back in return.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 192325

We only know how to do two things properly, serve the EMPRAH and help others realize that they should too.
>> No. 192363

>> No. 193858


Thread 191492 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 147362288457.jpg - (283.55KB, 897x900, and-so-anon's-adventure-starts.jpg) [iqdb]
191492 No. 191492 hide watch expand quickreply
This is my first story, so I don't know how good it'll be. I hope you like it.
Finally! You have finally entered the land that (probably) holds the answer to what you seek! It would truly be a situation to celebrate... If you had the slightest idea of where you exactly are. Unfortunately, the spell your friend cast wasn't able to send you to a specific part of Gensokyo, but you're glad that you haven't ended in the bottom of a lake or something like that. The second unfortunate thing is that you have almost no materials, only a few potions and your master's tome of alchemy. Even though that isn't something to actually worry about at the moment, withouth materials, you can't accomplish any of your goals, so you hope to find an empty house and substances that might help you in your alchemic goals as soon as possible. So you're left with the biggest question: Where to go?
[ ]There's a small, possibly abandoned old shop near you. An excellent place to start your workshop
[ ]At the distance, you can see a forfitied town. The locals might give you refuge
[ ]There's a staircase near you. You hope that whatever's at the end of that staircase is worthy of your time. And your frail physiology
[ ]Maybe, if you keep walking throught these plains, you'll find materials and things like that
6 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 191500
[x]At the distance, you can see a forfitied town. The locals might give you refuge.

When in doubt, find people.
>> No. 191501
[X]There's a staircase near you. You hope that whatever's at the end of that staircase is worthy of your time. And your frail physiology
Woo Plot Staircase
>> No. 191517
[X]There's a small, possibly abandoned old shop near you. An excellent place to start your workshop

Thread 187867 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 145967232081.jpg - (109.29KB, 628x837, HEREWEGO.jpg) [iqdb]
187867 No. 187867 hide watch expand quickreply
The next thing you know, you are falling through an endless sea of pale blue light.

As you fall, further and further into the endless abyss, memories of your earliest childhood come to mind. You recall the tales you were told as a boy; that those children who disobeyed their parents and made mischief would be snatched up by witches and fed to the Outsider.

Looking back at your life and what you had made of it, you suppose you shouldn’t be all that surprised that you find yourself in the Void… though it has been many years since you were frightened by a bedtime story.

As if the Void itself has heard your thoughts, you finally slam against the ground seconds later. The landing is rather anticlimactic—you felt that the impact should have killed you all over again. Another surprise is the fact that you have the strength to stand.

After all, the last thing you remember was the fact that your life was slipping away between your fingers.

After steeling your nerves, you manage to stumble upwards without making too much of a fool of yourself. You then find yourself face-to-face an impossibility, something that could only be described as a fragment of the recent past:

[ ] Dunwall Tower.

You were hand-picked to be part of the vanguard of an act of such audacity that none—especially not you, little more than a neophyte in this band of knives in the dark—could believe that it was real or that it could be done.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 191339
[x] Go with Alice.
[x] Desmond
>> No. 191345
[x] Go with Alice.
It lives!
>> No. 191346
[x] Go with Alice.
[x] Desmond

Thread 173457 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 13777588581.jpg - (232.80KB, 592x828, 891118cfb61cbb8939c69b9e6f42aa21.jpg) [iqdb]
173457 No. 173457 hide watch expand quickreply
Previous thread: >>169888

[X] Go talk to the weird pink-haired girl and the dopey, busty chick.
[X] See if you can get a paper football game going.

You turn on your heel. “And on that note, forward to glory!” You stride away from Hatate, towards the pink-haired girl and the dopey-looking girl.

“Hey. Hey! Don't just ignore me!” Hatate exclaims.

“Ignoring youuuuuuuu~” you reply. You look out of the corner of your eye, and see Hatate pout, lower lip out, and possibly beginning to quiver. Heh, yeah. Like that'd work.

You pull up a chair next to the two girls, as Hatate stomps off to talk to the pen-spinning chick. Aww, you probably hurt her feelings. Alas, alack. There is only so much Ichirin in the world, and it must be rationed. For boobs. Of course. The pink-haired girl waves at you tiredly. “Hey.”

The raven-hared girl waves at you enthusiastically. “Hiiiii~! I'm Utsuho! Everyone calls me Okuu, though. That's Satori,” she says, pointing at her friend. “Are you in this class? That's so exciting!”

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 191318

Slugs are awesome, heels ate paris.
>> No. 191324
Umm... it looks like 2 years since any update... was that vote a mistake or is the author still alive? (or does he care?)
>> No. 191325

Damn it, I put sage in the subject slot...

Thread 190073 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 146709462547.png - (1.44MB, 1000x1233, she dont know what she do to you.png) [iqdb]
190073 No. 190073 hide watch expand quickreply
CHOICES (Toppings)
[X] Shrimp
[X] Octopus
[X] Pickled Bok Choy
[X] Soybeans

[X] Fried Soba
[X] Bean Sprouts
[X] Korean Savory Pancakes

[X] Water

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 191381

Are those sizes to scale?
>> No. 191385
File 147244899231.jpg - (188.96KB, 600x600, answering important questions.jpg) [iqdb]

>> No. 191388
(Not)fortunate Tidings >>191386

Thread 190278 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 146793187146.png - (2.74MB, 850x1831, Trickily colored wampa mom.png) [iqdb]
190278 No. 190278 hide watch expand quickreply
You frown. That’s no way to live… As she is, she only can feel pain. “And yet she has since your Grandmother’s time… Still, it’s not so much inability to feel as… a severe muting. Given the right motivation, she just might feel more.” ...Just what happened back then? “That is not for me to say. I suggest asking Flowey, though others similar to her would know.” She shivers just a bit. “Do not seek them. You don’t want to; trust me on that, if nothing else.”

She continues on towards your destination, and as you are carried, you wonder why Flowey has yet to call back. “I’m afraid that she’s too embarrassed to speak to you. She’ll likely come out again before you go, however. She tends to have her ways about, I’ve heard.”

She clears her throat. “From her, of course... But, as you can imagine, not from the horse’s mouth.” ...That was really rude, calling her a horse. “N-no, that’s not what I…” I mean, if anything, she’s a horse’s genitals. “I mean- Wait, what?” Well, flowers are kind of giant genitals, sorta-kinda, right? “Well, I suppose…” And so, Flowey is a giant pair of genitals.

Satori isn’t sure how to reply to that.

So she simply doesn’t.

...Did you just make a mind reader not want to read your mind? “Only the mental image.” Score!

She chuckles a bit. “Such an easily entertained girl.” A small smile graces her lips as you pout. “It’s not a bad thing, really. It’s just amusing is all, how easily you find amusement”

You decide to take that as a compliment!
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 191274
Gotta meet a deadline and also finish the picture for the next thread.
>> No. 191301
Alright, time to end this vote. I'll finish drawing and write something up. Sorry if my ambition for the picture has gotten in the way. I really wanted to make the next thread start on a special note as a trial run for future threads.

For now, I'll finish this picture and see just how hard it is.

In other news, my shift key is breaking. This thing is sticking more often than not. It's not a huge problem, as it doesn't keep it active, but still, it does cause issues at times When I press the letter 'A'.
>> No. 191331
>>191322 Next thread!

>>188147 First Thread

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