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Thread 26187 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 125400332381.jpg - (115.03KB, 560x560, 6c6dc4aa4c051c38591214cfcbc9112e.jpg) [iqdb]
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Thread two~


You sit up, brushing off the remaining seals. Without a caster, they’re nothing more than scraps of paper.

“Would she have wanted this, I wonder~” Rumia muses. “I suppose she wouldn’t. But, it doesn’t matter now, does it?” She skips ahead, kicking a small stone out of the way. “It’s all over now.” She looks down, sadly.

She continues walking, apparently not noticing as you struggle to get up. The wounds in your leg protest.

“Aaah~ It’s been so long.” She spreads out her arms and wings, stretching, looking up at the sky. She’s smiling brightly again.

You watch her, somehow entranced.

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>> No. 32904
No. Contrary to idiotic belief, inane comments are not reason enough to resurrect dead threads. It doesn't matter that some moron before you did it either. It's just not done.
>> No. 32943
Fucking seconded. "But he did it first!" didn't fly on the playground in first grade, and it's not going to fly here, either.
>> No. 33791
It was, a good read. The non-forced (plot-wise and character-wise), non-in-vain sacrifice was well done. I didn't see it coming.
>Being constantly wishy-washy, not helping others, and running away too much would get you killed.

This sent a chill up my spine. Now that I think about it, it was probably because that was kinda what happened in ASSM

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File 128417453496.jpg - (101.86KB, 630x900, 13010433.jpg) [iqdb]
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[X] Yes, let them eat cake and chat. Somebody else will have to help you, and you know well who she is…

It looks like you picked the wrong week to quit faffing about.
Let's do own up, however – it's your darnedest privilege to be baffled about all this mess, and for the love of God and everything still holy, you are going to take advantage of it. It feels almost as if you were in one of those cringe-worthy comedy skits, where the male lead, caught with his arm deep down some rich and famous cleavage, gives the most possibly platitudinous excuse ever: 'I have dropped my keys in there', and nobody ever thinks to maybe wait and let him show his empirical evidence to support the claim.

Sadly, none of the cleavages present at the moment strike you as safe enough to risk a dive.

Kaguya plays on your momentary stall and sneaks in a concern of her own. “Okay, girl talk is admissible by me,” she says, “but before we go down to that, Moko, where'd you get those clothes? If I recall correctly, those aren't yours, yes?”
“Oh, we blagged them from the drier in the other wing,” Mokou admits without a shade of shame. “Not our fault, okay? We sort of ran out of clobber thanks to a certain nonce who has this bizarre passion for making our rags all wet and claggy. Cut us some slack, it's not like we had much choice.”
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>> No. 32596
File 129336509558.jpg - (440.71KB, 700x700, 14480036.jpg) [iqdb]
Sure, let's call it the Reav Reavski's Whinge & Tit Workshop.
I am trying to find a leisure hour or five, but things get so bleeding busy around Christmas every time. I have no hope of being let sit down and write neither today nor tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow I am going to spend either travelling back to my place or trying to and dying in a spectacular traffic accident. Hassle, hassle.
Once I am let off the theological and social leashes, however (a colourful metaphor for this meaningless blogpost!), I am going to down some good spirits (most probably true!), make my best effort to type an update down (a blatant lie!), and then make that new thread – with new tits (of both mikoey and mokouey sort!), less typos (hopefully!), and no whinging (as if!).

Until then, folks (the falsest catchphrase there is!). Until then.

Oh, and if somebody could count up the votes, that would be very nice. If it is tied, the pussy-out option wins automatically – the Choo-Choo Railroad Shoe abhors you, haters!
>> No. 32597
File 129338858577.jpg - (194.63KB, 937x502, 1281125685354.jpg) [iqdb]
Seems you have passed Teruyo in terms of ranting.
>> No. 32598
>Oh, and if somebody could count up the votes, that would be very nice
2 siding with Mokou
3 siding with Reimu
3 Mokou write-ins
4 pussy outs

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File 128089987318.png - (895.98KB, 849x1214, Not what I was going for but good enough.png) [iqdb]
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The day passed in fevered anticipation of the festival, and it's no exaggeration to say that everyone was getting ready. I was hardly an exemption to the rule as Nariko was taking me off to go get something better to wear than what I already had on, and perhaps not surprisingly it turns out that Yukari had commissioned something from Alice, and that we were just going to pick it up. The outfit happened to be a nice dress shirt and pants that would easily fit in with the style of dress that the festival would call for, though it meant wearing sandals instead of real shoes, but that's a nitpick I don't feel like messing with. After having it put on me and adjusted all of once, it was put into a special wrapping that would ensure that it wouldn't be destroyed in some kind of accident, which I promptly reinforced to further remove the possibility of something going wrong.

After bidding the puppeteer a brief farewell, Nari promptly hauled me off on all sorts of other minor errands, presumably to eat up my day while everyone else got ready. The fact that it also doubled as a date was hardly a bad thing as I feel I haven't spent enough time with her either. ...Though I have to admit that I've been so thoroughly busy as of late that it's been a teensy bit difficult to give everyone as much attention as I would have liked, but now's as good as ever to make up for lost time, right?

By the time I got back, it turns out that everyone else was already mostly dressed for the occasion and that Nari and I were the only ones who were really unprepared for this sort of thing, and as such were the ones who got the most attention when it came time to get us dressed up. I could hardly argue as this involved being touched, and in one case, fondled, by several lovely ladies. After that it was a brief spell of waiting around doing nothing, or getting a brief snack before being gapped out to the village and it's festival.

I have to say that it's one of the more impressive things I've ever seen, as it looks like the villagers pulled out all the stops to make this thing as impressive as humanly, and inhumanly possible. Stalls line the streets,
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>> No. 32478
"It'd take more than a pitfall trap to stop me." Of course, Nari could actively escape most of the traps the rabbits set up with sheer brute force alone. There's just the small issue where they could probably make some manner of trap that involves something she couldn't escape from so easily. The fact that I don't know exactly how far they'd go doesn't help either.

"I know, I'm just worried about the other kinds of traps they may use on you. Brute force only goes so far after all." Let's see, a right here, straight, left... Sheesh, it may be easier to track down Reisen, Kaguya, or Eirin and have one of them show me the way out. ...Actually, the moon bunny should still be strung up where the earth rabbits left her, so all I have to do is track her down and free her to get an easy way out of the building. "Nari, do you smell Reisen at all?"

"Yup. She's somewhere off that way. Why?" She points down a long hallway that I must have missed before while raising an eyebrow.

"I figured it'd be simpler just to ask her to guide us out rather than take the convoluted path the rabbit lead us down when we came in. Mostly because I'm having some trouble remembering it and I'd rather not get even more lost than I already am." I start flying down the nearly empty hallway until it reaches an intersection that leads to the pitfall and rope trap laden hallway that we passed Reisen in. I take the time to make sure that I'm not about to trigger some manner of airborne trap, and that I know which end the lunar rabbit is stuck in before flying to the right. To my complete lack of surprise, Reisen is still dangling from the rope that's caught her by the ankles.

She gives me a look that's crossed between annoyance (Most likely because she got pranked), emarrassment (Because her panties are exposed for all to see), and hopeful. (Because she's hoping I'll get her out of this mess.) I set Nari down on thin air in order to flip the bunny upright so she won't land on her head when I cut her down. She does have the common sense to use her own capacity
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>> No. 32496
I don't know quite what I expected teleportation to feel like. Moving through Yukari's gaps feels a little like breaking the surface of some manner of liquid, or in the case of my soul's movement through the border between dream and reality it feels like being sucked along in the appropriate direction.

This, on the other hand, left me feeling like I was in two places at once. The moment I stepped through the sliding door with the red slat on it I literally felt like I was both walking toward the human village and walking toward the moon-viewing room at the same time. In fact, the two destinations seemed to fight over my presence. I get the feeling that it might take some intervention to make this thing work properly.

"...You're not coming through right you know." Nari's mental link remains strong despite the obvious issues I'm dealing with right now.

"I know, I know. Just give me a minute before calling Yukari." It's really quite disorienting, flipping between two points endlessly. Nari got through just fine though so I know Reisen wasn't trying to get me stuck on purpose, and it's not like I don't have a few tricks of my own for dealing with- Okay, I confess: I never anticipated getting stuck in a teleporter and am about to use my soul to create an asspulled yet legitimate way out. How? Namely through the use of a hyperspace jump. Since I'm not in two places at once in the literal sense, I don't have to worry about sawing myself in half and... and...

For the love of Zombie Jesus and the latter day vampires, why the hell didn't I just do that to begin with?! I can essentally open up a gate to anywhere I've seen and go there without directions, running around in circles, or getting stuck in partially tested teleporters, but nooooo, I have to be stupid about it! Seriously, you'd think that with all the cheating jerk crap I've done, I'd remember the one that acts like that 'Quick Jump' option from various 'Tales of' games!

Needless to say, by the time I step out of the human sized, white, virtually
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>> No. 32512
Okay folks, I have to say something here about AoS before I continue. Namely, I don't plan to do the Komachi scene as you had voted for. Why? Because the 'pursue Komachi' bit felt forced no matter how hard I tried to do it, and believe me when I said that I've tried quite hard. Nothing came, so sadly it's something I feel that I'm just going to have to drop for now. The scene with Marine will most likely be the last, at which point I'll end the story there and begin work on the ending proper, which has gotten quite extensive by this point.


"Anyway, I'm fooling around too much as it is. Let's just cut the rest of the potentially amusing stuff out of the way and walk to Marine's place like a couple of normal people instead of a cheating jerk and his loving shikigami." I promptly wave the scenario off with a slightly annoyed tone and walk the rest of the distance to Marine's shop before anything else happens.

"You've pretty much described why we're permanently disqualified for the role of 'normal' people." Nari responds in a deadpan tone as she matches my stride. "Besides, the concept of normal is relative and highly overrated. Isn't that overrated version of normal pretty much the entire reason we're even here to begin with?" She asks the rhetorical question of the year.

I'm tempted to roll my eyes at that comment, but hold back on it since she's right. If it weren't for the fact that I was so dissatisfied with my life I probably wouldn't even be here right now, Nari wouldn't be able to express her opinion in a way I can clearly understand, I wouldn't have gotten all these nifty hax powers, ect. Not to mention all the stuff I didn't talk about. Those points are hardly irrelevant under normal circumstances, but for now I'm probably going to toss them aside in favor of concentrating on the task at hand, which is pretty much talking to Marine. I push the door aside once I get up to it and enter without ever breaking stride.

"Wade?" Marine notices me pretty much the second I get into
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File 127683762650.jpg - (257.61KB, 1500x950, not it but hell if I can draw.jpg) [iqdb]
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Preceding thread: >>28753

“If you don’t mind, I think there’s someone you should meet.” I stood to the side of the busy street with her as Auntie and her group got closer. I recognized some of the faces in the group, faces a little more wrinkled since I last saw them. It made my stomach turn. I focused on Auntie’s radiant smile - it was the only thing that was keeping me from bolting.

“The festival is as great as always, isn’t it?” She greeted me casually. The others stood back, probably remembering what happened last time.

“This is Reimu.” I made introductions, pretending I hadn’t noticed the way she was looking at us. Reimu smiled politely as Auntie made an introduction of her own. The others were trying to listen in but pretended to look around a nearby stall.

“She’s as cute as a button,” Auntie laughed sweetly, Her light and colorful clothes spreading festiveness as well as anyone humanly could. Reimu took the compliment well, smiling but looking somewhat unsure of what to do. “I bet if you didn’t have to mind the store you’d spend all your time with her, wouldn’t you?”

“Stop trying to embarrass me, it’s not going to work.” I tried to keep cool, but Auntie simply laughed again and ruffled my hair. She twirled a strand of her hair playfully and pulled me close, acting like she always did. If it weren’t for Reimu’s polite and consistent smile I could have mistaken this festival for any of the festivals in the last ten years. Auntie was always there, usually taking me around the stalls and buying candy or making me play something for some silly prize. Even if her friends insisted she go along with them, she spent most of her time mucking about with me.

“I don’t think I’m embarrassing you at all - look at you, you’re a fine handsome man and you know it.” She turned to Reimu, “Though I bet he still can’t win any of the prizes at the games. Some things never change,” She winked, “but some do and for the better. So tell me dear, are you having fun?”

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>> No. 32320
well that was a pretty awesome if abrupt ending. I'm a bit perplexed though by the suddend stop, one that left me with a few questions.

Just what went on with Keine? I was expecting... I dunno. not a skip after the update before, and reading the last update it left both of them taxed so I'm left to assume they both engaged in Full contact grecko roman wrestling.

What did Auntie want to say to Arc? She comes up to talk to him like she is departing an ancient family secret, but then it ends. Obviously it's an evil twin situation, and Auntie has fallen for the goateed bastard.

These two mysteries are driving me nucking futs here, as I reread this update over and over trying to figure out what exactly it is I'm missing. talk about shifting gears without a clutch.

The oni family epilogue was very dawwww though. very cute.
>> No. 32321
> The oni family epilogue was very dawwww though. very cute.

I am over come with cuteness.
>> No. 32326
>they both engaged in Full contact grecko roman wrestling
Neither would be familiar with that sport/excuse to grapple one another like that. Full body massages are par for their course, if you know what I mean.

>What did Auntie want to say to Arc?
"You are the chosen one. That gourd-shaped mole on your butt marks you as the King of Oni. You must go, and claim your birthright."

Apparently that also makes them not blood-related somehow. Maybe. Perhaps it means Auntie was... another one of the devas all along.

>The oni family epilogue
It's not an epilogue. Which brings me to my actual serious reply to everything: Wait and see, it ain't over yet. It's good that you gave these things thought though, it seemed to me that no one else did. It feels refreshingly good man actually. Motivating too. I wish more people took the time to at least look at that sort of stuff and go 'oh, I think I have a theory' or 'I don't know and I should ask my peers'.

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File 12812699334.jpg - (361.19KB, 516x728, whatwillbehappen.jpg) [iqdb]
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"Reimu, you know she's right," Yukari's ho-hum echoed inside Reimu's head, and it annoyed the shrine maiden.
"Get out of my head, Sukima."

"Oh, what a mean, mean, shrine maiden. And here I was, thinking of actually bringing you to her myself!" Not really. Anyone who knew Yukari well, and there weren't many people who could claim this, would know that teasing Reimu was for her like breakfast was to most humans. Necessary.

"Look, Marisa's always alive and kicking; I can see her any time I want. Besides, I don't feel like going anywhere." The red-white's hand clasped the gohei strongly. "And you're not making me."

Quiet. Yukari didn't bother to retort, and Reimu preferred it that way. Peace. Suika was out, presumably gathering herself after last night's drinking. It was a bothersome affair, and even thinking about it was too tiring.

The early hours of the morning came to an end. Reimu was now asleep.


Marisa and Reimu had talked on their way back from their latest adventure about many things. However, the conversation turned sour quickly when Reimu reached her home shrine. Marisa had asked Reimu why the shrine maiden never visited the witch's home. Reimu's usual retort hadn't lightened the mood, and before Marisa flew off, she left a cryptic message: "It's just that I feel lonely sometimes. When you've used the power of love as much as I have, you sometimes wonder what it'd be like to feel it someday, you know?" Reimu caught on instantly to what Marisa meant, and it had been bothering her for the past two weeks.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 31707
Oh ho~! We're going to learn why that scene happened? I'll be watching this with interest.
>> No. 31708
File 128128491625.jpg - (178.58KB, 708x1000, 6930219.jpg) [iqdb]
I approve, but you already knew that.
>> No. 31772
- -Unknown-
- Short #1 >>/youkai/15737
- Short #5 >>/shrine/31706
- Short #3 >>/th/118235
- -Unknown-
- -Unknown-
- Short #4 >>/forest/21222
- -Unknown-
- Short #6 >>/border/22582
- Short #2 >>/border/21958
- -Unknown-

Apologies, SLDT, but not everything is explained by this short. It actually won't be until Short #9 when most of the relevant details to Short #3 are completed.

Thread 30502 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 127503150233.jpg - (372.30KB, 1024x656, Shrine.jpg) [iqdb]
30502 No. 30502 hide watch expand quickreply
“…Even you, Harunobu?”

The strapping young mercenary nods, and produces a small bag from inside his wayworn red armor. “Forgive me, Miss. I cannot complete the job for that you have commissioned me; I cannot consent to follow you up that mountain.”

“Why the hell not?!” Ignoring the money he’s proffered me – the money I paid him at the outset of this journey – I grab him by his lapels. “Harunobu, when I hired you, it was because you said you had experience fighting youkai! …You really have some guts, feeding me that bullshit story about how you served under the son of Abe no Seimei and then turning all meek and polite at the first sign of danger. Don’t you have any fucking shame?”

“But Miss,” he stammers out, “I really did kill those Oni! It is just…”

“‘It is just...’ what? Stop being so damn evasive and tell me!”

Visibly trembling, Harunobu lowers his head and points off into the distance. “On that mountain dwells an Oni God called ‘Star Bear.’ She is one of the Four Guardian Kings who serves Shutendouji and-”

“Yeah, that’s nice. Mind translating from ‘coward’ into a language I understand?”

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 31012
It is; it's just that I'll be posting everything together when it's all done.
>> No. 31019
Everything? As in, up to the first choice? Or is this actually a CYOA at all?
>> No. 31812

Thread 30521 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 127517628415.jpg - (129.54KB, 478x426, yeahwell.jpg) [iqdb]
30521 No. 30521 hide watch expand quickreply
Let me kick-start this again, in a somewhat different manner.


—at last, back home.
With that thought, you breathe a little deeper. Behind you, the gates snap shut, locking any and all danger out behind the protective fence of logs and wire that surrounds the whole village. Safe for the time being, until the next day. This one has had way more thrills than your psyche can bear to endure. All you want now is to get out of these clothes and into a dry bed.

Right then, a friendly hand lands on your shoulder.
“Looks like we made it, eh?”
“Seems so,” you reply without so much as a thought. “Still, I haven't felt this bad since I last ate your cooking.”
“Don't be so bitter, now, you did an excellent job.” The giant man, Brennan, pats you again, making nothing of the insult. “Oh, and brace yourself.”

Before you know it, a group of villagers befalls both of you, coming out of nowhere, drowning you in a roar of cheer, a truckload of handshakes, and dozens congratulatory smacks on the back. All Brennan's mates, all tall and ox-shouldered, all of the same sort of mannerism. So uncouth, but even so, you smile a bit.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 30879
This thread is bullshit.
>> No. 30880
File 127682183687.jpg - (133.48KB, 600x800, a791ed0016e2f8e4c8ab0e88b1756231.jpg) [iqdb]
Oh the sixth Day YAF created Reimu. He saw all that he had made, and it was very good.
>> No. 30882
After a second thought and >>30873 comment, I've decided that standing for the girl is the right thing to do. And, yeah, I want to impress her.
If she knows that then why she doesn't think as of why would he want to do that?

[x] “Maybe I should... but I don't want to. I've got your back, whether you like it or not.”

>Keine is... the closest I've ever had to a mother, I guess. Ever since mine passed away, she's been taking care of me. Keine taught me how to read. Taught me how to write, how to cook, how to live, as a woman, not just a shrine maiden. She gives me groceries, too, you know... as a payment; although the villagers don't approve of it... Apparently they believe I can live off the rocks up here, or something, I don't know, and now...

Thread 15070 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 121570141272.jpg - (29.32KB, 420x358, BloodyKnife[1].jpg) [iqdb]
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Collaboration of Missing Numbers ver0.0.1

[ ] EXIT


Press any key to continue...

Chapter one:
Displace in This Place

First drops of cold water start hitting the hot asphalt, filling surrounding air with pleasant humming. Growing in strength with every second, it's volume gradually increasing, it slowly blocks out all the other sounds from around. Distant buzzing of a city. A train passing by somewhere far away. Cars speeding recklessly on a highway. All so distant, weak enough to be deadened by a mere rain...
You settle back on the diagonal concrete slabs, serving as some sort of tasteless decoration to your temporal shelter. A bridge hid from passerby eyes, laid over an old river, now not more than a tiny brook. The size of the bridge suggests that long ago, this could've been a much larger stream, maybe even a fully-fledged river.
"... faded away..."
Your lips mutter out those words almost unintentionally.
Cold. The air, cooled down by the rain slowly seeps into the calm and dry space under the bridge. It doesn't leak in any place, serving it's role nicely as a roof above your head, but... The chilly breezes, continuously sweeping away your bodily warmth make you feel almost like if you were already drenched...

No one walks the path you rest beside.

When did it all began? How come you've ended up sleeping here instead of in a warm bed, hearing your family still rustling about in neighbouring rooms?

Answer is simple. Your 'home' doesn't exist anymore.

It ended abruptly, without warning, without a slightest signal that something was wrong. Out of the blue, like a sudden hurricane, it swept through your life, taking away all that you have ever loved, admired or respected. Leaving nothing but bloodstained shoes and clothes. A dull pain in the back of your head. Rending you even from something as simple as feeling of fear.
It wasn't scary. It wasn't frightening. It wasn't pleasuring. It wasn't something you wanted to happen.
On a rainy day like this, your li
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 31817
File 128181186483.jpg - (107.06KB, 867x854, see_ya.jpg) [iqdb]
You know you can talk to me on IRC or in the MiD thread, yes?
Necromancy is a forbidden art. Now bug off.
>> No. 31819
File 12818333137.jpg - (318.83KB, 1280x1024, strollingfuku.jpg) [iqdb]
Oh, and besides, http://www.touhou-project.com/others/res/28505.html
>> No. 32236
Dammit, I thought something was off.

I thought this was new until I saw the date.

I've been rolled.

Thread 30606 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 127551878636.png - (954.46KB, 1500x1720, Merlin.png) [iqdb]
30606 No. 30606 hide watch expand quickreply
You know what, last thread is about three posts away from auto. Time to start a new thread.

Also, you'd think it'd be easier to find a pic of Merlin in a yukata. Ten bucks says someone finds one not too long after I post this.


"Ahaha~ I'm glad you think so!" ...I think I finally understand why some people online do that HNNNNGH thing when they see something cute, because her closed eyes and bright, innocent smile make her look absolutely adorable and I swear my heart's going to fail soon. "Uhh, are you okay?"

"I'm fine, I'm just a little dazed is all." And there's absolutely no reason for her to stop smiling, or hugging me for that matter. This feels nice. "I suppose I should let go sooner or later."

"Mmm..." Despite that the poltergeist doesn't so much as twitch. "Okay. I'm sure your girlfriends would get jealous if I kept clinging to you like this." ...Is there a tinge of regret in her voice? I wonder if we were so close before to the point where she'd regret not being able to get me back. Regardless of my internal thoughts she does let go of me, and any trace of unhappiness vanishes from her without a trace. "But since you're here alone, I guess your group went off to do their own thing, right?"

"Merlin, we are supposed to be playing a song right... now..." Lunasa is in a black yukata with a yellow crescent moon on it along with a yellow sash, and from the looks of things she's just as vulnerable to Merlin's 'Adorable' special ability as I am. "Oh fine, go run off."

"We're not getting paid to do this Lunasa, and we did just get through with a good three songs. Let's take a break for a bit." Lyrica then drives the proverbial nail in the coffin containing Lunasa's argument. As for her yukata, it's a nice crimson piece with numerous green stars on it. "I want to go annoy the bunnies."
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 31659
It's almost there. Once I get done with this segment, it's on to the festival and then the ending.


Ben was a much less hazardous case as his immediate family didn't consist of a bunch of bigoted retards, but he did say he wanted to at least finish two years of college to give himself time to figure out where he wants to settle down. Given that he's done with almost one by the time I explain this, it'll be a little before New Year next year before he comes up with a concrete answer. He does plan to explain it as going overseas to train himself in the ways of the sword to keep things from becoming a weird cross between a soap opera and a cop show when he does up and vanish, and he plans to be able to write letters to his folks every now and again. Given what I'm asking of him, it's a small wish to grant.

Marine was a very simple case as she was already packing things up before I even got there. When she said she's serious about going with me, I guess she meant it. ...No, 'guess' is the wrong word to use. I knew she was, and is still quite serious about this whole thing. Almost everything was in boxes by the time I got there, and she was waiting for me to come pick her up. She decided to take her chances by setting up shop in the Human Village and hopes she could be treated as a respectable curio shop. Obviously the whole Rinnosuke thing is still a sore spot with her. ...Though among other things, the simple act of talking to her was a little awkward since it's clear that even though she backed down that she still loves me. She got a little flustered when Yukari popped in and made mention of the fact that she's very open about that sort of thing and believes that if someone loves more than one person they should be free to express that love with those people, or in her words 'I don't mind if you have sex with him, so long as it's used as an expression of feeling and not simply to satisfy the desires of the flesh. Not that I forsee you being that type of woman~.' Ultimately, I think that big-hearted pervert will make things several times more awkward before the dust settles and everyone
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 31664
What was Naomi's answer? You never did state if she'd fully return Wade's feelings or not.
>> No. 38530
The only Yukari sex scene and it was Wade that got penetrated. Fucking shameful.

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This will do. I'd have waited for a new thread, but I've been wanting to use this picture, and I thought it'd make a great OP. Sue me.
Also, a short word of appreciation to those two or three people responsible for those walls of speculation – they're very interesting. I will go out of my way here and say you got at least one thing right, and at least one thing very wrong.
History, my dear readers, is irredeemable.

EDIT: whoops, sorry, I started writing out this option because it had reached the higher count first. Hope it's not too big of an inconvenience. If you wish I can re-write this update to accommodate the other choice. Let me know.


[X] “You're right... but I'll be back. Soon. We've still got those marriage plans to talk about.”

'Think of yourself'? That's pretty much all you had been doing until she went out with that out of the ordinary offer of hers. With the exception of that little mental escapade down a certain cleavage, of course, but it hardly counts either way. Perhaps it is time to quit worrying about her, and return to the original, natural mindset of looking after your own arse. Let's wait just a moment first, however.

“Yeah, you're right,” you say. “I'll get out of the way.”
Reimu untwines her fingers from yours.
“Glad you understand,” she remarks a bit tartly. “Now scoot. Quick. They'll be here any second now.”
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>> No. 31335
Everyone, just shut up and wait for the updates.
>> No. 31336
[x]What was that? Sorry, I couldn't hear you over the sound of your legs.
>> No. 31338
[x] "Sorry, can't move. I'm stuck under the weight of my erection."

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