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File 147521785187.png - (934B, 300x300) [iqdb]
Alrighty, then! I've decided to start a thread of the noteworthy pictures from my story. I figure, in /i/, they'll literally never leave the top of the front page.

If I understand how archiving works, that means they will be available to zoom forever!

If I'm assuming too much, you'll at least get a bio page for characters I've finalized the designs of.

View animation
File 147522165935.jpg - (477.11KB, 890x1251, True Wampa Mom.jpg) [iqdb]
Act 1 spoilers ahead.

One design I was sure of from the get-go would be Satori. The only question is if you would see it or not. If Renko had chosen poorly, she would have seen less monstrous monsters till she accepted reality. There would have occasionally been votes that put pressure on that denial, but you caved in the first one.

It actually made me proud that you sorta-kinda solved it, and it was the first step towards Satori popping the question.

No, not marriage.

She is actually based on my original concept of satori, which inspired Luminous' design for Satori a bit. She was originally meant to be a more true-to-satori-lore corruption, which eventually lead to the creation of this story.

File 147522699824.png - (708.05KB, 850x633, Act 1 Support Beam Ensamble.png) [iqdb]
Act 1 spoilers ahead

These three actually went through a bit of final revisions tonight. You can see well that the eye colors have changed to match their buttons and symbols, as well that my skill at editing ghosts has improved.

The thing is, I can only finalize a design when I feel I can properly edit them to satisfaction. I only accidentally figured out how to do this to them, honestly, and then knew it was time.

But then I realized that their eye colors were based on the wrong things.

Merlin's hair.

Lunasa's hair.

But Lyrica... Well, Lyrica's hair is brown. Usually. It's complicated, I'm sure.

But still, this made me realize that I had a plot hole, if only in the logic behind their design.

So, I looked to find inspiration elsewhere. I realized that I had, since drawing Lunasa, had a discussion on the color coordination of the Prismrivers, and how the only easy thing to base things off of is those buttons.

Fun Fact: They are not the only optional boss of the Ruins.

Why didn't more writefags think of this, so many works could have been saved
File 147537251338.png - (961.09KB, 850x993, She's oddly familiar.png) [iqdb]
No real spoilers this time.

With this one, I finished blurring it up, but then realized it actually looked better like this.

I tried something new with the buttons and star. Like how it turned out, but I had 18 layers by the end, so not sure if ut's reason able to do it every time.

Still, it was definitely fun to experiment with trying to get the fiery, ghostly look right.


Perhaps they didn't consider it. If all goes well, maybe others will follow my lead and we'll have art that lasts forever. Always sucks to not be able to see art you reaaally want to.
File 147578510372.png - (235.03KB, 850x510, Damn you ink.png) [iqdb]
No spoilers.

Yes, I know what you might be asking. "Sona, why does this look better than it did?"

Because screw Inkscape.

It didn't save properly, and so it didn't show the filters I tried to put on it.

File 147579587073.png - (18.23KB, 666x666, Not reusing a picture!.png) [iqdb]
Already complete Act 1 puzzle spoilers!

This was the very first time I ever wrote a puzzle!

As per what is now the usual, I spent about 2 minutes thinking it up. The general idea was to go off of Satori's knowledge as a writer, and base her puzzles on grammar, trust and deceptive appearances.

This one was more or less to put the idea in your head that the last line was written by someone else, or is disrespectful graffiti.

File 148062239810.gif - (10.46KB, 200x200, 14655357884s.gif) [iqdb]
Act 1, thread 3 OP picture.

My first true attempt at proper drawing in years. As you might see, it didn't turn out the best, but I knew I needed to do something. As such, I decided that I would get better at drawing while editing pictures. Each new thread typically has had a picture made from scratch since, and I've been editing so as to get better.

This one was an attempt at a Sans-like Merlin, though not an accurate facial expression for her. It was more an exacerbation in the root of making people curious.

File 14872775152.png - (17.87KB, 333x666, Spellcard 2.png) [iqdb]

Been slacking on uploading backups here. Have some creative process. Spoilers, of course, if only ones that will no longer matter. Proceed at your own peril.

I thought long and hard on how to go about portraying this card. It had to encompass Sumireko's mistakes after all, while also booping the noses of those that ignored something about the hat. After all, it's not lv 1. You guys feared a patch of flowers with a level, and yet you ignored that which was right... above your nose, actually.

Okay, bad way to phrase it.

Also, this is the proper version of the picture. I uploaded the wrong file on the update. Only minor differences, but... well, I can be a bit nit picky if I want to, right?
Does it count as spoilers if I'm too stupid to get it anyway?

We'll go with a definite maybe.
File 14897107973.png - (134.82KB, 777x777, I'm feeling very__.png) [iqdb]
No real spoilers this time, as it's quite obvious I intended it to look terrifying.

The inspiration for this was Courage the Cowardly Dog, though it turned out more akin to live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I knew I had to start this thread with my best foot forward, and spent some time thinking up not only her design, but trying to come up with a good thing to sum up the start of the thread.

"Prepare to Die Edition" originated from, as some might already know, Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition, and the picture was meant to be akin to Freaky Fred, something that will become extremely apparent more or less next update. Overall, the picture is meant to capture the Genocide smile, which is said to be quite creepy, yet never shown.

If this were a site dedicated to Undertale, I would have avoided showing it. However, as things are, that is a subtlety I cannot afford. As such, I tried to put to paper how I imagined that expression.

I feel I succeeded.

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