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File 135480934148.png - (48.06KB, 300x300)
Rumia Day

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Sorry I didn't respond. Was too busy celebrating.
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Dude. look at the freaking year. What the fuck are you doing necrobumping threads all over the place. Seriously, ever heard of sage?
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Just afriendly reminder to check the rules! Smilies are frowned upon here, as you'll learn (hopefully from the advice board). While your smilie isn't welcome, your traffic certainly is, however! Welcome aboard (probably) newfag!
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Actually, there is nothing relevant in the rules. I wonder if that is the end of elitism!
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I wasn't referring to the rules, but the general boards "How to Survive" thread. I'd have given you the above post earlier, but posting links is three different kinds of unsightly ass on a console.

So, here you go! read, learn and go forth, newfag! May a bright, fanfiction filled life await you here!
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