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File 147521785187.png - (934B , 300x300 )
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Alrighty, then! I've decided to start a thread of the noteworthy pictures from my story. I figure, in /i/, they'll literally never leave the top of the front page.

If I understand how archiving works, that means they will be available to zoom forever!

If I'm assuming too much, you'll at least get a bio page for characters I've finalized the designs of.

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>> No. 708
File 147537251338.png - (961.09KB , 850x993 , She's oddly familiar.png )
No real spoilers this time.

With this one, I finished blurring it up, but then realized it actually looked better like this.

I tried something new with the buttons and star. Like how it turned out, but I had 18 layers by the end, so not sure if ut's reason able to do it every time.

Still, it was definitely fun to experiment with trying to get the fiery, ghostly look right.


Perhaps they didn't consider it. If all goes well, maybe others will follow my lead and we'll have art that lasts forever. Always sucks to not be able to see art you reaaally want to.
>> No. 709
File 147578510372.png - (235.03KB , 850x510 , Damn you ink.png )
No spoilers.

Yes, I know what you might be asking. "Sona, why does this look better than it did?"

Because screw Inkscape.

It didn't save properly, and so it didn't show the filters I tried to put on it.

>> No. 710
File 147579587073.png - (18.23KB , 666x666 , Not reusing a picture!.png )
Already complete Act 1 puzzle spoilers!

This was the very first time I ever wrote a puzzle!

As per what is now the usual, I spent about 2 minutes thinking it up. The general idea was to go off of Satori's knowledge as a writer, and base her puzzles on grammar, trust and deceptive appearances.

This one was more or less to put the idea in your head that the last line was written by someone else, or is disrespectful graffiti.

File 132678648355.png - (7.24KB , 300x300 )
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>> No. 470
I'm surprised a Zelda-styled toohoo game hasn't been made yet. Or it has and I haven't seen it yet.
>> No. 702
There is a Zelda-like starring Rumia.
>> No. 703
There is not a slowppoke slow enough to be appropriate for this situation

File 135480934148.png - (48.06KB , 300x300 )
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Rumia Day

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>> No. 699
Just afriendly reminder to check the rules! Smilies are frowned upon here, as you'll learn (hopefully from the advice board). While your smilie isn't welcome, your traffic certainly is, however! Welcome aboard (probably) newfag!
>> No. 700
Actually, there is nothing relevant in the rules. I wonder if that is the end of elitism!
>> No. 701

I wasn't referring to the rules, but the general boards "How to Survive" thread. I'd have given you the above post earlier, but posting links is three different kinds of unsightly ass on a console.

So, here you go! read, learn and go forth, newfag! May a bright, fanfiction filled life await you here!

File 134643016835.png - (5.00KB , 300x300 )
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>> No. 671

Gensokyo news: still faster than the USPS.
>> No. 694
File 139043896699.png - (578.82KB , 792x792 , WOLF2.png )
>> No. 695
File 140069521311.jpg - (43.94KB , 533x556 , ss (2014-05-21 at 12_07_16).jpg )
cartoon 2hus

File 133389628275.png - (86.31KB , 750x600 )
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>> No. 663
File 13700731074.png - (22.80KB , 750x750 )

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>> No. 664
File 137079970339.png - (15.04KB , 750x750 )
finish later, this is butts

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>> No. 665
File 137089141429.png - (52.35KB , 750x750 )

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File 136316774289.png - (118.73KB , 500x750 )
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File 135642265371.png - (5.07KB , 300x300 )
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yeah fuck you imgur >(

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>> No. 629
File 135642709374.png - (91.86KB , 500x500 )
Christmas is when you naughty boys get punished...

Yes, This is so...

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>> No. 631
File 135790355664.jpg - (148.86KB , 1216x1088 , parsee.jpg )
>> No. 632
File 135790443651.jpg - (144.93KB , 896x1152 , kokumaundies.jpg )

File 135184130322.png - (11.58KB , 400x500 )
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Koakuma's on vacation

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>> No. 621
File 135184203926.png - (198.40KB , 576x576 , wraggl.png )

File 134646041882.png - (5.76KB , 300x300 )
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i need a haircut

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>> No. 619
File 135102254668.png - (70.42KB , 300x300 )

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File 135044380658.png - (100.06KB , 499x499 )
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Letty in wait

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>> No. 618
File 135102181896.png - (38.29KB , 300x300 )
it waits as well

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