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Thread 20042 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 12617099241.jpg - (407.85KB, 1500x1300, bfff9347fd1c55b5cd103d399b6f0849.jpg) [iqdb]
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[x] You'll help. It's not too late, so you can probably find some down at the human village.
[ ] He lied. Maybe this next thing won't work, either.
[ ] Ask the others for their opinions.
[ ] Something else (write-in).

A god? Asking you for help?

You nod. “I'll help,” You say, looking around to the others. “You'll all help, right?”

“Help get followers for this guy?” Wriggle asks, sarcastically. She's looking at him. “I suppose. It's kind of a sad story.”

The man puts on a weak smile. “Yes, I'll be the first to admit that it's a bit pathetic. But, I thank you.”

The others begin to stand up, so you do, too. “How are we going to do that?” Mystia asks, “I mean, I don't know twenty people we can ask...”

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>> No. 20416
>the guy
Because it's totally going to be a guy, right. Need I remind you that this is Gensokyo we're talking about?

No you are not. I wouldn't mind seeing some more of the now, first.
>> No. 20417
you forgot that this is CYOA, where there's often guys. Hard to tell, though it'll only be seen in a cute innocent light at first anyways.
>> No. 20449
{} no timeskip
{}6 months
{}1 year

cant say i see this really needing a timeskip
but if you feel one to write it would make things easier, shorter the better

Thread 18509 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 125530196684.png - (0.96MB, 850x680, malice11.png) [iqdb]
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[ ] Ask Alice and Youki what they think of this plan.
[ ] If needed tell them about Odin in detail.

And how better to consider matters such as these than by asking able advice from wisemen and wily witches?

Know your limits, was this not told to you only moments ago? Thus you reply to the witch of wildling wood, for this is a decision you are ill suited to make.

"As matters are, O mighty Marisa, I am ill pressed to offer wise counsel. The Allfather is highest of gods, and his name honoured by all sons of the north. Ill for a man to judge his own god, ill for thane to doubt his king, and of him make demands."

No, you are not the one who shall wax wise this time, not the one who shall reach beyond his abilities. Instead you turn to your fair Alice and to the wise master, of them you ask for wisdom and deliberation.

"No thought shall I venture unless asked, aye, not before dear dollmaker and wise blademaster have had time to ponder and offer their deep-minded counsel." This you tell, for now you sorely need their wisdom, this you clearly see.

"Going by what I know presently, I would advise against it." Alice answers you after a moment's deliberation. "But I must confess I'm not entirely certain of my answer."
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>> No. 20373
[X] Introduce yourself as...
- [X] The song-smith of the north, weaver of verses and skald of skill.
>> No. 20375
Right, I think I can call the vote now. Writing is commencing.
>> No. 20381

Thread 19325 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 125814737636.jpg - (50.69KB, 496x329, rain_under_trees.jpg) [iqdb]
19325 No. 19325 hide watch expand quickreply
[x] You have to be quick about this, if you want to win. Find someone else.

A little while... might be too long. The sooner you start the better, right? That's why Yukari left right away. She knows what she's doing.

“Hmm... maybe Cirno, then?” You say, thinking back to the ice fairy at the lake. She would be good to have along. “She would be good.”

Wriggle laughs. “You really want to win, don't you?”

You nod. There's a lot of reasons why you want to win.

“Well, let's go, then,” Wriggle says, watching as a small bug crawls up her shoulder. “I'll get my friends on it, too.”

You almost stop her, but bugs aren't people. That should be fine.

“A-ah, wait,” Mystia says, “I've got to put this stuff away first. I guess it can marinate for a bit longer...”
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>> No. 20031
[x] You'll help. It's not too late, so you can probably find some down at the human village.
*sigh* Well, it's not like we have any other clues now do we? Unless finding Kanako counts as such?
>> No. 20037
Wait, they DID find the person who was responsible for this rain, right?

Unless the implication is that someone MADE it rain.

If not for the fact that he wasn't described as having a beard, I'd think this was Unzan. Then again, who's to say Phobe would even think to notice those sorts of things?
>> No. 20038

well they found the root; since it wasn't so much a person invoking Rain, just that their power giving out caused the rain fest (and it doesn't help that Kanako, who stole the original Rain god's power, is on vacation)

Thread 19309 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 125812630665.jpg - (1.18MB, 800x1110, agoodday.jpg) [iqdb]
19309 No. 19309 hide watch expand quickreply
Today is the start of a new life for you and nothing can get in your way.

These happy thoughts and an indomitable feeling of good fortune warm your very soul as you rouse in the center of an unfurnished room. Stark white walls, empty of furniture just like every other room "For Rent" you have had the delight of finding was next to a fire escape and had the window unlocked. A room void of anything but a scant few mouse traps. Which is to say that the room is a scant few mouse traps more full then your stomach...

The growling beast in your torso echoes painfully as you grab your meal tickets. The sax with which you catch the ears and its case with which you catch the change are the only things you can call yours nowadays. Well that and what passes for your wardrobe, though you don't think about it anymore. The clothes on your back may as well be just another layer of skin for all you care. A layer of skin that keeps you from dying of cold but just the same, not something you are too fond of peeling off.

The window tells of sunshine and a clear skies. The kind of day that means there are people walking the streets who don't most other days. This is the kind of day that puts people in a good mood. And people in a good mood just always seem to have a few coins to spare when they didn't the day before.

"Today is the day," you say to yourself. What today is exactly, you don't dwell on. Friday definitely, but other then that? It feels like today you'll have three four-course meals and win the lottery. If anything, today is a good day.

Your stomach argues loudly against this fact.

[ ] Head on down to a street corner and play for your breakfast. It may start like every other day before it but you're sure the rest of today will be different.
[ ] Hunger be damned, you feel like following the wind first thing today. Something feels right about it.
[ ] You are horrible with decisions. Flip a coin. Heads you play for food. Tails you take a walk first.
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>> No. 19603
Thanksgiving- writing later tonight
>> No. 19779
no you didn't
>> No. 19975
Lying is bad, you should know this.

Thread 18149 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 125385506321.png - (473.43KB, 1000x750, 5395b40c7151f7814780e520934c29b7.png) [iqdb]
18149 No. 18149 hide watch expand quickreply
[X] "Sure, it could be nice to visit her again."

You nod at Marisa, evoking a smile from her. "Sure, I think it would be nice to go visit Alice again, and hopefully she won't be so busy with research this time." As you shuffle off the bed your stomach begins to growl. "But let's have some breakfast first." You say with a sheepish grin.

"Alright~ze! I know just the thing! Some more, good, old-fashioned mushroom-"

"Not soup I hope?" You interject, causing the previously enthusiastic witch to deflate somewhat.

"Th-Then what~ze?" She whines, slumping her shoulders. "That's all I know how to make... Although I made some ibis stew with Reimu once... And once in awhile we just go out into the human village to eat or at one of the youkai's places." You sigh to yourself, thinking that you should probably show her how to cook more than just stews and soup. That reminds you...

"Marisa?" You ask with a clever grin. She looks towards you, a frown still painted across her face. "How about I show you how to cook something new today?" Marisa immediately perks up at your suggestion.

"Oh! That's right, you said you'd show me how to cook in exchange for me teaching you magic~ze! I almost forgot!" She's almost hopping up and down with newfound enthusiasm.

"Alright then, shall we get started?" You lead Marisa to the main room with a smile.
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>> No. 19772
[x] Try flying on your own.

Doing things your own way counts for alot.
>> No. 19774
[+] Try flying on your own.
Because, as nice as it is, there's only so much fun you can have riding tandem.
>> No. 19800
File 126004485363.jpg - (89.36KB, 480x700, 23c5f37fefa943a8637db35e0f31fab3.jpg) [iqdb]
Well, the next update is coming along slowly, so please wait patiently for it. Also, we're about to hit autosage soon, so please use the rest of this thread for any feedback you have on ORBS.

That said, let me give you something to work with. As always, I'm welcome to constructive criticism, suggestions on directions to go with the story, as well as speculation on the future of ORBS.

New thread coming soon!

Thread 15565 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 124453226616.jpg - (114.65KB, 370x550, marisa.jpg) [iqdb]
15565 No. 15565 hide watch expand quickreply
Testing Server Connection.
Connection Resolved.
Loading Scenario: Day 4, Late Evening

Option Selection Mode: On
Custom User Input: On
Parallel Threading: On

Just wasting the nearest place first.
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>> No. 19501
File 125886618670.jpg - (630.43KB, 1281x766, 2db7b14b2bef23a946ac2edc43efd18f.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Approach Reisen together with Alice and Shanghai.
[x] Let Alice take the lead, though.

Don't want to overwhelm the poor girl, but we should do more than just observe.
>> No. 19525
Server reconnected at: >>19524
>> No. 19538
Curiously did something happen to the update or did it not post correctly..?

Thread 18566 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 125545860183.jpg - (146.61KB, 500x400, cf7f69398f432d74b2e44b5c132f0b1a.jpg) [iqdb]
18566 No. 18566 hide watch expand quickreply
[x] Double KO!
[x] “Where are we?”

“Double KO!” You yell out, remembering a term Wriggle used once for being knocked out of the sky. And, since it happened to both of you...

She grins. “I thought so. Most people just get run over, but... that was fun.”

You nod. “It was really close.”

You feel a drop of rain on your head. More water? Sure enough, you feel another. And another. More and more keep falling, until soon, it's really raining heavily again.

“Ahh, not again!” Chen says, standing up quickly and heading for the nearest building. “Why won't it be nice?”

“You don't like rain?” You ask, standing up as well.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 19305
[X] You have to be quick about this, if you want to win. Find someone else.(Cirno)

Rain will most certainly be involved a lot, and Cirno would be more of an asset than Medicine for various reasons.

Phobe reasoning: Medicine has poison, poison was kinda bad that last time.
>> No. 19306
And even in the situation that it isn't raining, it would probably be an even worse idea for Medicine to be there.
>> No. 19342
[x] You have to be quick about this, if you want to win. Find someone else. (Yuuka)

Thread 18816 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 125655177021.jpg - (317.39KB, 537x800, 741b25a65b98dfeca7d8911e354e08e4c.jpg) [iqdb]
18816 No. 18816 hide watch expand quickreply
The smell of tea leaves trembles in the air, ethereal and enveloping like muses of the autumn forest. You awaken to a world of moon cast shadows, a lake rippled blur of white and black. Your eyes feel frail. It’s hard to see. It’s dark. It should be cold, but it’s warm, as you lay upon a comfort akin to a bed of fading leaves. Wall battered sounds slowly crawl into your ear, and the numbness of sleep makes it hard to tell if it’s your ears or the sounds that are weak. Your limbs refuse you. There is no pain. You hear footsteps from your hollowed surroundings, and you listen. Bitter words follow bitter aromas, and a clatter rings from the nearby place. There are curses. Then the world is suddenly still.

A breath long and weary moves the tranquility. Footsteps follow, slow and careful like a wisp through crackling leaves. They grow louder. Your eyes open. You lay upon a couch, a blanket draped across your body. A figure comes through the door, a girl of mellowed gold hair and tender blue eyes. She lays the tray down and brings light to the room. Her smile is faint as starlight. “I made you some tea. Sorry if it’s a bit burnt.” Small figures move around her. You think faeries as you blink drowsily, but they are dolls of earnest making. She takes a seat across from you.


Silence. The dolls look at you, curious, with eyes as oddly alive as fallen leaves. The girl... she is alive, surely, but her eyes, they are like that of her dolls, but different somehow, like a flipped coin. She seems to take solace in the tranquility, but she soon looks troubled, and quickly leans over to the tea set. "Sorry." The smell and warmth sweeps around you like sunrise. She adds cream and sugar, moonlight reflections, and offers it to you with a steady hand. Your hands move slightly, and then fall to your side. Silence, again.

She sighs, long and weary, as she puts the cup down and moves closer to you. Her hand rests firmly against your back, and together you manage to sit up. The dolls watch from across the room. The girl holds the cup of tea. Her hand trembles ever so slightly, as if it felt the pulse of wind that sweeps through the autumn f
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 19183
A pity. Like you said, it had a good start but it lacked consistency. Looking forward for your next story.
>> No. 19193
Don't worry, what's one more dead story on top of a pile of many dead stories?

But seriously, I'm sure your next attempt will be better. And at least /forest/ still has Klaymen, Norseman, and Mikospark to keep it alive.
>> No. 19211
>at least /forest/ still has Klaymen, Norseman, and Mikospark to keep it alive.


Seriously though, we'll be waiting~

Thread 17332 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 12496804886.jpg - (10.16KB, 200x189, Break the Mind.jpg) [iqdb]
17332 No. 17332 hide watch expand quickreply
It's cold... dark... nothing seems to line up in your mind. Scattered memories cling to you, but they don't even feel your own, like the observation of another's life.

Slowly, you start to feel other things. The leafy ground below you, and the presence of many leaves covering your body.

There's an uncomfortable feeling as yet another lands on your face, and you reach up, with some difficulty, as if you haven't moved in a long time, and pluck it off.

Opening your eyes, you see the soft morning sunlight though the trees. There aren't many leaves left - not anymore, as fall is already in full swing, and the orange-brown colored foilage litters the ground... and covers you.

Is it possible you've been lying here since it first began? Your mind is filled with questions on who... and what... you are, and how you came to be in such a place like this, for so long a time.

With this in mind, you slowly get to your feet, and look around, trying to figure out which way to go.

North [ ]
South [ ]
East [ ]
West [ ]

(Pic unrelated, but looks cool.)
31 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 17853
/sdm/ - Earl Grey
/forest/ - Grimnír the Grey
/border/ - Vincent Gray

You sadden me.
>> No. 17862

Hey I'm not the one going by last name to identify them.

In any rate I wonder what the writefag had for them before the "indeterminate" hiatus.
>> No. 18591
this died pretty quickly huh

Thread 17932 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 125306144288.jpg - (17.35KB, 335x504, dsc_4142_bamboo_forest_500.jpg) [iqdb]
17932 No. 17932 hide watch expand quickreply
[x] Try to dodge the biting lights until your friends show up.

That wouldn't be any good. You'll dodge the dots until they show up.

You keep shooting the danmaku. Not a whole lot, but enough to keep the other dots busy. And by switching between a few patterns, you can make them turn into the wrong color for a bit. Up and down are fairly easy directions to dodge into, but just doing that won't work. You'll have to go in other directions eventually. They seem to be catching on.

It's not too difficult, if you get closer to the ground. You just have to watch the bits of trees that you can see, and pay attention to where your dots are. Or the other dots. It's slow at first, very slow. But, they still can't follow you when you move up and down a lot, so you have some time to practice. Eventually, you're going in all directions. They're fast, but it looks like they can't move very far before slowing down.


They're having fun, too. Well, if you're both having fun, this'll be even better.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 18559
[x] Double KO!
>> No. 18561
[X] You hit the ground first, so she did.
>> No. 18562
It's not really about who hits the ground first, but rather the implication therein. The first to land probably started falling first, and therefore had their pattern broken first. A better way to put it, in game terms, is that Chen got hit during the post-duel slowdown. I'm sure Anon calls bullshit when that happens to him, so let Chen have her win this time.

[X] You hit the ground first, so she did.

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