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Thread 17620 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 125293381668.jpg - (82.29KB, 482x944, bottle.jpg) [iqdb]
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I felt the unforgivably warm rays of light on my face.


What time was it? Sleep was good. I felt irritated that I couldn't get any more sleep. No matter how much I tossed and turned I knew that my body had decided to wake up.

It was annoying.

“Fuuuh~” I yawned, rubbing my eyes. The room looked about the same as it always had – cold and empty.

That irritated me. Hadn't I decided to put at least a poster up or something? I vaguely recalled the talk I had just the other night. Yeah, that was right, we were going to decorate together.

“Oh right.” I remembered, propping out of bed reluctantly. Despite it being a school day, I had slept in. “Screw that.” I mumbled with a bit of malice. It was early morning, but I was getting all worked up. “This...”
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>> No. 18758
>How do these people not constitute that "handful of readers that enjoy themselves and participate" you want reading your story?

I think he wants something in the sorts of The Game or Ancient Gensokyo. Well, i can understand it, all the mindless votes without discussion sure drags his spirit down.
>> No. 18760
You're right in that I should have updated at least a month ago. I've been sitting on the bulk of the update since at least that long and have a clear idea of where to go with it. Yes, I am dragging my feet. Though there have been real life things that have kept me less than focused, it's no real excuse. Every day I tell myself that I'll finish and update, but I don't. Hell, even now, I literally was about to decide whether to write or not. What do you want me to say? That it'll be done in an hour? two? A day more? I can't make a promise about something that makes me apprehensive even thinking about it.

It may just be my self-depreciative side acting up, but I'm not about to put up a thread just with my status. My ego isn't that big. I'm always lurking on #eientei if anyone really does need to know what's up. God knows that the channel is as active as this board so there's no fear of being ignored.

The current vote is fine. Those who cared enough to put it forward won't be disappointed. What comes after is the issue. I'm apprehensive about the future. I don't want for important/interesting/cool things to happen and for the reaction to be as exciting as a dead fish. Going wild isn't the answer either, it's getting things just right. I don't know. I'm probably a fool for worrying but I can't help it. My experiences with everything that I've done on the site have been average at best. No matter the genre or style that I went for. It goes just beyond this update, this time.

I don't know what else to say. As I said previously, it's been about a year since I finished the first incarnation of my first story. I'm no where near where I should be after a year of a second run. Same goes for my other projects. Some of it is my own fault, but some of it isn't. Fuck. I still get idiots stuck in the past badmouthing me. Not just idiots like wiseman who are incapable of seeing a rational argument and learning. For every 'bad' thing that I'm called out f
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>> No. 18761
File 126143147655.png - (199.02KB, 704x396, 1248558591785.png) [iqdb]
>I'm sure that these look like the ramblings of a madman.
You make even the people in the NEET/pissing on the floor Threads on /jp/ look good.
Stop worrying so much, go out drink till you drop, come back, tell everyone who don't like you or don't like what you write to go fuck themselves and write. There are many good writer here that have lesser votes, people bitching for updates, discussion that don't whine and moan around.
At first i was not sure what you nened, a hug or a kick in the ass, but i think you need the latter. So stop being an emo and put everything into writing. Don't stop until you only have one reader left.

If you can't do that, you clearly are no writer material. Or you always could do it like YAF.

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File 124883637468.jpg - (198.64KB, 480x640, food.jpg) [iqdb]
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Uninspired. That's what the walk ultimately felt like.

You take the moon rabbit to the shopping district. She follows with no complaint, as you've come to expect from her. The two of you start by going to closest shops. It's haberdashery and textiles, things that sometimes interest you, but definitely not her. Still, you gauge her mood by observing, trying to see if there's anything that catches her eye. Her blank stares at the store displays drive the point home that she sees nothing of interest.

At least the villagers aren't making a fuss any more.

After the initial wave of gawks and glares, the village collectively decided to play it cool. You could tell that some of them glanced at you when they thought you weren't looking, but it was much more subdued than earlier. It was a relief. You're sure that your rabbit friend noticed the change in attitude as well, and you hoped that that might help her relax.

You pay attention to her. More than that, you try to focus most of your senses on to her. You talk, trying to get through to her.

“All this is different from where I come from.” You move from one window to the other, casually remarking, “Of course, I suppose it's really different from where you come from as well.” From what you've gathered the moon is something too exotic for you to contemplate properly. Just the fact that it could produce individuals as varied in temperament as the ones residing in Eientei spoke volumes. “I'm used to a lot of people, crowded city, and permanent noise. It's weird stopping and being able to hear myself think.”

You pass by a small restaurant. The smell of fried food fills the air.

“You're not hungry are you?” You ask, and don't get a response from her. “We'll keep walking for a bit more, and then we'll eat, ok?”

You think that you must look stupid, doing all the talking. The reaction to every shop, every displayed item is the same. That is to say, there's no reaction at all. You even try going in a shop, looking for a nice accessory that she might enjoy. It's no use at all. There's not a single
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>> No. 17616
It'll take a bit more, have to go out now. Not too much I hope.
>> No. 17617

I saw this with my friend on VHS when i was like 14 or so. Time sure flies.
>> No. 17619

*sniff* That it does bro... That it does...

Oh they made a remake of it but cut it down to 3 parts... it's okay...

Thread 15894 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 124154310392.jpg - (22.90KB, 520x416, 267623f520.jpg) [iqdb]
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[ ] “I’m not going put any of you through anything I haven’t already gone through myself. War is hell, and getting the skills to survive it is an even worse hell.”
[ ] Have Kaguya change into something less… flowing. This is called a boot camp for a reason.
[ ] Pull Reisen aside.
[ ] “I bet you hate me for this don’t you. You shouldn’t. You should hate yourself for giving up. Saying you don’t want to be called a useless bunny and -- from what little I’ve seen -- doing nothing to change that. I’m cruel because when I look at you I see someone became complacent. And seeing that coming from a soldier is what hurts the most.”
[ ] begin with basic training.

“Before we begin, comrades, allow me to speak.” You correct your posture and make yourself starkly visible in the middle of the courtyard. You also correct the position of your Mosin-Nagant so that it doesn’t slip off your shoulder. “I’m not going to put any of you through anything I haven’t already gone through myself. War is hell, and getting the skills to survive it is an even worse hell.”

“Aw, when I thought we could jump straight into action,” Tewi mumbles.

“Patience, comrade. We shall get there, soon,” you tell her. “And as for you, Comrade Kaguya.” Your heart tickles a bit when you call the princess with the suffix, but you know at this point she is to be treated as an equal. “I suggest that you change into something less… flowing.” You point to the flamboyant dress that never seems to leave her body ever since you met her. This is called a boot camp for a reason, and you have to make sure your trainees are properly dressed up.

“Right away, Mister… eh, how should I address you?” Kaguya laughs silly as she asks. “Oh. Right away, Captain!” She makes haste to her room, as so is Tewi. That leaves just you and Reisen in the courtyard, and the latter seems nervous at your presence. You understand the situation she’s facing, and you can’t help feeling obliged to clarify the actions you’ve done to her to avoid more misunderstanding between the two of you.

“Comrade Reisen, may I have a word or two
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>> No. 17063
[O] Proceed with caution. There are probably more of them waiting to ambush you at the corner.
>> No. 17091
[X] Proceed with caution. There are probably more of them waiting to ambush you at the corner.

if the shooting didn't ALART all forces in the area, the battlecries would have.
>> No. 17098
[X] Proceed with caution. There are probably more of them waiting to ambush you at the corner.

Thread 16565 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 124493676638.jpg - (221.86KB, 595x741, moon bunnies love cake.jpg) [iqdb]
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[x] Continue 'befriending' the rabbit with food

“I don't think I'll be needing Reisen's help for much here. Just in covering for me while I'm busy.”
“That's fine.” Eirin replies. “May I ask what approach you're planning?”
“I'm going to stay the course.” You answer. “I can work it out with an appropriate system. Is there anything in particular that you want to know?”
“Anything you get would be valuable.” She sets the standards very low. You're not sure if she really would be content with anything or just expects you to fail. Maybe its both. It doesn't make you waver however, you think that what you're going to do is fundamentally correct. “If you could convince her to tell us everything she knows, I would be suitably impressed.” Her voice hints at something more than just her being impressed.

At this stage in your association, it's tempting to just give up on understanding Eirin.

Before you leave, you ask her where Reisen might be. Turns out that the bunny is probably in her own room. Because of her watch shifts, Eirin has given her extra time off.

There's something you check for your plan. You take out the PDA and go to the encyclopedia option. Despite the updates that other parts of the software have gotten, the encyclopedia looks about the same that it did the first time you accessed it.


A type of Delicious Cake.

This pastry, containing multiple levels of puff pasty is [...]

You are pleased to see that, for once, this article is both concise and objective. There's even a recipe at the bottom, detailing how to make a strawberry-glazed variant. Heck, there are even good accompanying images to the article. You'll be able to make this if you want without any problems. Some of the links at the bottom do raise your eyebrows slightly though.

See also:

-Not a lie
-Food and sexual behavior
-Very moist cake
-My favorite type of pastry

There's an additional cryptic note at the end, tha
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>> No. 16973
[X] Go window shopping, starting in whichever direction she glanced at.
-[X] Pay attention to what merchandise (if any) attracts her. You may be able to come back and buy it under pretense.
[X] Talk about how different things are here than from the Outside, which is where you came from. The good and the bad.
-[X] While the village and its people pretty much speaks for itself, tell her some anecdotes about places you've been and people you've met, before coming to Gensokyo.
-[X] Despite its faults, tell you wouldn't go back to the Outside for anything.
>> No. 16976
File 124864004970.jpg - (204.08KB, 533x745, 35990.jpg) [iqdb]
I've been meaning to update for a while now, but haven't been able to various reasons. Sorry about that. The immediate future looks bleak as well (that being the next 3-5 hours) given the stuff I have to do.But when I do write it won't take that long since it's a (relatively) short update. I hope to establish some sort of normal rate of updates thereafter. No real ETA besies a gut feeling saying about 9-10 hours from now (tentative to change depending on my weariness).

So, um, yeah. Sorry again. It feels like things are stagnating.
>> No. 16982
Take it easy, it is summer and hot.

Thread 14858 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 123796659033.jpg - (503.64KB, 655x1000, 5548569730371aa201e1bd4b7dfbc25e.jpg) [iqdb]
14858 No. 14858 hide watch expand quickreply
[x] Let Reisen choose.

Yes, it would be best if Reisen made the choice. This outing is ultimately for her, after all.
“Well, I believe the choice to be best left to you, my good lady.” You say to Reisen.
“My choice? Well…” You see her eyes give you a quick once-over.
“I’d say somewhere relaxing is in order and the most relaxing place I know of is back at Eientei with the other rabbits. Shall we go?” She smiles as she makes eye contact with you. Come to think of it…
“Yes, that sounds nice.” Can’t argue with the relaxing power of fluffy bunnies. You’ll just visit Rinnosuke another time. Soon enough you’re soaring through the sky under Reisen’s power once again. You notice that unlike Mokou (who sped up and slowed down rather randomly) and Reimu (who just sort of floated), Reisen’s flying is speedy and consistent. Soon you see the forest of bamboo and not long after that you touch down at Eientei.

Soon after arriving you followed Reisen to a wing of the mansion you hadn’t seen yet. Mercy, these winding halls can get confusing. It certainly doesn’t help that the decorations seem to be all the same. It’s a good thing you have Reisen leading the way, lest you get completely lost in all of the four and three-way intersections you run in to. Eventually, after a bit of walking and chatting, you come to a sliding door with what looks like a few rabbits (Or cats. Or bears. Or pandas.) crudely painted on it in differing colors. There seems to be scratches in the wood in the shapes of letters and words, but you don’t get the chance to read them as Reisen begins to slide open the door while finishing a story she was telling you.
“According to Master, I was knocked out for an entire week afterwards!”
“Yikes.” Who would have thought ointment for a bug bite would be so dangerous?
“I know, right? Well, this is the place I had in mind. Excuse us, everyone.” Reisen addresses the lounging girls inside as you two enter. You notice that among them is your little friend Yue sitting at a low table, who seems to be putting away a small bundle of black and white cloth.
“Hello.” You say to everyone inside with a tip
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>> No. 16920
Changing vote to Norseman's and Millenia's.

[X] The lady has a point. An inn would be a wise course of action.
[X]...however, as of late your finances seem to have gone the way of the Titanic. This regrettable fact leaves you with little choice but try your luck against the horrors of the cold, dark and dangerous forest.
>> No. 16930
Called or not, I'll still change mine at >>16892 , too. Superior write-in is superior.

[z] The lady has a point. An inn would be a wise course of action.
[e] ...however, as of late your finances seem to have gone the way of the Titanic. This regrettable fact leaves you with little choice but try your luck against the horrors of the cold, dark and dangerous forest.
>> No. 16940
[X] The lady has a point. An inn would be a wise course of action.

Ffff Harker! good one! i really want to read the hakurei/scarlet/KC tea party~ so go on!

Thread 16108 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 124315392726.jpg - (156.40KB, 670x917, 001.jpg) [iqdb]
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Taking a few steps forward, I look the gate over from top to bottom. The large torii standing in the way signifies that this truly is that place... The location where she went to, trying to locate the one she hated the most...

Overwhelmed by it all, I take a step back and sit on the rock behind me, still looking at the torii which marks the edge of "the barrier". Just beyond that gateway is the Hakurei Shrine, and just beyond that shrine should be a village... Or so I've heard. Supposedly, there's a woman in the village who knows her, and can tell me where she is.


Resting my head on one palm, I say this and look up at the gate with hope. She may have rejected me so many years back... but I told her that I'd never give up on her, and so I'll chase after her even now, into the land called "Gensokyo"... Even if it means putting my own life at risk, and even if youkai dwell within, I won't stop here.

Standing from my place of rest, I walk towards the gate and spot a body of water at its foot, shining with the light of the moon on its surface. Gazing into the pool, I take just a moment to look at myself.

Black hair, in a mess going this way and that... Brown eyes, generic and dull, yet still with some life in them... Even my clothes don't stand out. Just a generic yukata and a sash. The strangest item I have is a walking stick in one hand, for when I get particularly tired, but even that isn't to strange in an area like this.

That's what I look like, and how I hope to always look. Pointing my attention back towards matters at hand, I pass the torii, crossing the point of no return. Even now, I can feel that presence of demons in the air, and it's... concerning.

A sudden rustle nearby catches my attention, and a flash of claws barely evades my vision. Backing away slowly, I watch the bush for more movement and, surely enough, something in the shape of a human lunges out towards me. Correcting my footing, I narrowly dodge the beast's next blow before giving it a good whack to the head with my walking stick, sending it spiraling to the ground.

Looking i
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>> No. 16867
As one who enjoys the premise of your story and a Mokoufag, I implore you to please continue this or give word of it's discontinuation.
>> No. 16879

I'm sorry, but... I'll have to take the middle ground.

Life has been hard since I stopped, and I keep having work and social activities piled up on me. I really want to write this story, so I'll continue it at some later time, preferably sooner than later.

Until then, I'll have to ask anyone who read this to be ready to pick it back up, but to be open and continue reading other CYOAs. There's quite a few I like, such as "Resonant with Vivid Tones" in this very section, "A Fairy on Scarlet Lake" in /sdm/, and "Reflective and Uneclipsed Reality" in /youkai/.

Hope to see you again soon!
>> No. 16894

That's a third option I can live with. Not much one can do when life gets in the way, but it's nice to know you plan on eventually continuing this.

Thread 11224 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 122345225081.jpg - (62.43KB, 800x600, sepia.jpg) [iqdb]
11224 No. 11224 hide watch expand quickreply
"So, how are you, sister?", you ask. "Do you feel any better?"

"Hm... honestly, Reisen? I don't know." She idly toys with her glass, apparently somewhere else entirely in her mind. "I can still feel the trance, still hearing things; yet somehow, it's different. I don't hear the voices I did...", Heiseimi explains, sounding very much unlike herself. Distant, yet very intimate...

You don't know what to say at this.

"What do you hear?", you try asking.

Fingers curled below her chin, Heiseimi looks away from you, that distant look on her face somehow even more prevalent.

"Your voice.", she answers simply. "A little bit of what you're thinking. I can't understand much of it now. But... I can still tell the tone of the words. And it feels good. I feel... content. Complete. Not like on the bridge, where I was scared and unsure." Looking back at you with that intimate, serene expression, she continues. "Of course, I hadn't realized what I was hearing there, either. All those voices, all talking to me, to each other, over each other, to nobody in particular... it was madness. And then they started commanding me..."

Heiseimi trails off uneasily; it doesn't make you feel any better. Feeling your shift in demeanor, she apologizes quickly.

"Ah - I'm sorry, sister. Didn't mean to scare you."

"No, no, it's...it's fine, Heiseimi, I just didn't know." Taking a breath, you apologize as well, letting your worry show. "I'm the one that should be sorry for doing this to you..."

Heiseimi shakes her head, waving off your apology. "It's alright, Reisen, you just didn't know what you were doing. And besides, it was what was needed at a time like that." Taking only a moment's pause, she downs her shot. "So, to answer your question... medically, no. But emotionally, yes. Very, very, yes." With a happy sigh, she turns to look out the window, watching the warp.


Looking at her, you realize how different Heis
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>> No. 16620
Oh, he knows already that he should be working. I ask almost every day.
>> No. 16749
Anon waited for you, QWL.
>> No. 16848

Thread 16298 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 124407830794.jpg - (85.25KB, 429x600, welcome_to_the_eientei.jpg) [iqdb]
16298 No. 16298 hide watch expand quickreply
I woke with a start, cold sweat dripping down my cheeks. I couldn't remember why. Why was I shaking? Well, of course I couldn't remember. Humans were a simple type of creature that rarely remembered their nightmares. The same could be said for more pleasant dreams. There would be nothing to gain from the memory of something that didn't really happen. Nope, nothing at all.

I calmed my breathing. Slowly, I stepped out of my futon. My head still ached a bit from yesterday. I shouldn't have had that last drink with Tewi. Stupid and reckless girl. If I didn't pass out, I might have -

Wait, was I drinking yesterday?

I washed my face in the bathroom. And after fixing my eternally messy hair in front of the mirror (as best as I could, at least), I returned to my room. Of course, the term 'My Room' was nothing more than a formality. The place was completely bare aside from my futon and a small nondescript table on the side. A single window could be seen on the right. There was nothing here that would mark this room as being 'mine'. Or to put in in a better way, there was hardly any sign that this place was even being lived in.

I yawned loudly, not bothering to cover my mouth. After getting dressed, I paused by the door.

Wait. What was I supposed to do this morning?

[ ] Spend some time with Kaguya at her room.
[ ] Assist Dr. Eirin in the laboratory wing.
[ ] Offer to help Reisen with her chores.
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>> No. 16584
Looking forward to you GETTING BACK TO WORK, Fallounon.~
>> No. 16589
File 124501088923.gif - (39.46KB, 389x257, 1244778545977.gif) [iqdb]
>If she wasn't being so honest and happy about this, I would have smacked this girl right about now. But for some reason, I couldn't do it.

I'm not sure why we failed her psychic test there. If the protagonist is really that mindlessly infatuated with her, but could still want to hit her, he's got some real issues.
>> No. 16729
I heard a rumour that OP died.

Thread 16206 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 124365638170.jpg - (328.10KB, 800x600, klum.jpg) [iqdb]
16206 No. 16206 hide watch expand quickreply
“So what kind of magic can you use?” It's something a bit hard to believe. Magic is for fantasy novels and movies. Even though you've seen things that aren't easily explained with logic, having your buddy of all people be able to use magic? It's not something that you'd easily accept like that. “It's a bit hard to picture really, to be honest.”

“That's rather insulting really.” She raises her eyebrows at you, you can tell she's just pretending to be upset, “I'm quite sure that I'm more skilled in this department than you could probably hope to ever be.”
“Ouch buddy, no need to be so snide.”
“In any case, I'm not sure how to explain this to you. It's not like I can do sleights of hand or anything like dazzling like that. Well, maybe, but I haven't really tried.”
“A straightforward explanation will do.”
“Straightforward it is; I can manipulate temporality and eternity.”
“...and what's that supposed to mean?” Now there's something vague and ill-defined. She might as well have told you that she did 'stuff'.

“Not so easy to understand when I put it like that, now is it?” She shook her head. “Which is why I was trying to choose my words carefully. Listen carefully okay?” You nod. “Good. Now basically time is everywhere, right? You notice it with the day-night cycle, growing older, death.”
“So you're saying that you can control time?”
“In a manner of speaking yes. But it's a bit more complicated than that. The spell of eternity makes it so that everything has its time stopped. It keeps everything at its ideal form, and nothing ever changes. So a that means that no matter how much you try, you can't change things. A tree would never shed its leaves, or blossom for that matter. Neither could you destroy anything, as much as you tried. Things would remain as they were no matter what. They have no history eternally.”

That doesn't sound very useful to you. Why would you want to do such a thing?

“My other ability is in a way, opposite to Eternity. It's manipulating things in small time in
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 16563
oh god mokou.
>> No. 16564
File 124492935672.jpg - (300.00KB, 640x480, 1244486712384.jpg) [iqdb]
>> No. 16596
[x] Continue 'befriending' the rabbit with food

Needless to say that given these circumstances, this would probably be the best choice.

Thread 12437 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 122733244348.jpg - (30.22KB, 282x767, mods are the best.jpg) [iqdb]
12437 No. 12437 hide watch expand quickreply
[x] You have business outside of Eientei

That peaceful feeling changes to one of mild anxiety. As you walk to the village, you remember the exact nature of the pending business. For starters, you've failed to show up to class yet again. You're not exactly following a streak of responsibility as of late. You just hope that Keine won't be too cross with you. You'll take care of this first. The other piece of business would be to talk with Alice. But that can wait. You did, after all, blow off Marisa for some reason.

You take your time, idling about the village. You check out the prices of goods and window shop. There's tons of neat things in places that you regularly overlook. From fine-looking broaches to large encyclopedias, there's a lot more in the shops than you ever imagined. It's not hard to wait out until school ends. And when it does, you rush over to speak with Keine.

You find Keine closing up when you get there. She doesn't seem particularly surprised to see you. In fact, judging by how she gets straight to business, she might have even been expecting you. Needless to say, the pleasantries are short.

“It's good for you to have come. Even if it was after hours.” She leans on her desk, placing both hands on the surface for support.
“I'm sorry for not coming in. I'm sure that's caused trouble for you.”
“Only a bit.” She stares out the window. “And it doesn't really matter that much. Mokou has done a good job at explaining your plight to me.”
“She has?” You ask. “What did she say?”
“Nothing more than what has been alluded to by your actions. And this brings me to a closely related subject – your position here.” You listen to her silently, “Our agreement was to have you here for a two-week period on a trial basis. Now that time is up.” She stands up straight, letting go of the desk and faces you. “For the time being, I think it'd be best if you ceased teaching.”

I'm getting fired.

“I hope you understand.” She continues. “It's for the best – given your present situation. Don't worry about me. I ca
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>> No. 13854
Well, I've just gone through and finished this whole playthrough to completion, including all of the speculation posts and so on. It took me quite a few months to finish everything, since there were many points where I couldn't bring myself to read on due to anon's... general attitude. And I read slow, I'm sure that accounts for something.

But I did read everything, and I have to say that this whole story has been fairly satisfying. I was impressed how Teruyo was able to capture anon's general discontent and paranoia and mold it into our dear Shirou's personality, and the result of it was well deserved I think. I also appreciate how much thought was put into setting up the story paths in advance (the many mentions of flow charts and so on). It means this whole story did have several set points for exposition, yet anon somehow manages to avoid each of them. But it does enhance replay value quite a bit, now that anon is just that little bit wiser. Or not, it depends really.

There were some situations throughout the story that I think Teruyo took some liberties with the tone of some write-ins, causing some soured relations with many characters. I believe the original intent for most of these was more light-hearted than intentional fuck-ups. And maybe that's why many anons cried foul and ended up ignoring this story as it went on. I could see their side of things because I often expected different reactions, or even different articulation of the write-in descriptions/dialogue on our protagonist's part. I wish I could ennumerate examples, but I would have to reread everything to remember where I felt things could have been done with less antagonism. I suppose it's not as bad as it got with one other writefag's story, but it did put me off enough to delay continuing this story at times.

I do have to say that this ending struck me as a rather depressing scenario, leaving Shirou without his memories and leaving anon without closure on many things. But even after something like this, anon still manages to make me laugh (>>12804).

With all of this said,
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>> No. 13866
I almost missed this reply since the thread has long since reached auto-sage. I appreciate the feedback no matter how late it might come.

I have to agree with you there with the write-ins. There's cases that those were perhaps distorted way beyond the intended direction. Sometimes this was purposeful. The times it was on purpose (I think) I did it for flow's sake. But well, right now I think that write-ins are being dealt with in a better way. Despite sometimes being out of character I think anon can produce some great stuff. I'm trying to make it so we don't end up with another broken protagonist. And it looks like we might pull that off. Save for a bit of a bit of a flare for being overdramatic, I think anon is doing pretty well right now (well targeting issues aside).

I thought I lost a bit of drive and direction just recently but that's just something that I'm sure I can handle. Overall I'm sure anon can do much better (and so can I). Hopefull some of these lessons will stick. Or I can work around deficiencies or whatever.

In any case, I'm glad you read and took the time to reply. Even if you hadn't liked the story, I still appreciate if you took the time to participate and/or read. After all, this is meant to be an enjoyable project for both me and all of my readers. That comes above any delusions, megalomania, or other drama. As long as just one person enjoy this, I'm okay with that.
>> No. 16595
Wow, this is a good story. I actually almost cried at a point.

...but there's one thing that bothered me. What happened between
>>12785 and
>>12786 ?

From what I see, either Shirou fell asleep and this stuff never really happened and Shirou somehow remembers what he felt during this time (like one of those dreams that you have but you can't remember what they are after you wake up), or someone took Shirou's memories away and put him back into the real world, leaving many problems unsolved and many things that should have been spoken, unspoken.

So... which was it?

Well with any answer, this was, in fact, a very good story nonetheless. 10K kudos for the author.

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