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File 126542565040.png - (543.31KB, 600x600, a6dd988100a9bf4e56320536490d6849.png) [iqdb]
514No. 514
You wake up in a flower field.

You see a displeased woman with green hair and a parasol standing in front of you.

She then swings it at you and cuts your throat wide open, killing you.

The End
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>>No. 515
Great story on the site, or GREATEST?
>>No. 516
I like the main character.
>>No. 517
[x] Get Alice route done and over with.
>>No. 519
Not really the shortest story ever told...

"And when you woke up, Yuuka was still there."

The end.

>>No. 520
>The End

Thank you so much.
>>No. 521
Curse broken folks, time to go home!
>>No. 523
File 126544445048.png - (327.63KB, 769x1000, fgkfajglajfgoiuvewr.png) [iqdb]
That story sucked, man.

>>No. 524
File 126548032950.jpg - (733.27KB, 1000x744, 8602397.jpg) [iqdb]
I really liked your characterization of Yuuka. A lot of depth and complexities, while still very mindful of the source material. While her introduction was handled rather well, I'm particularly fond of the scene where she cuts the main character's throat open. More than any other scene, that was truly the defining moment.

That said, the beginning of the story was a little lacking compared to the rest. I can't really place my finger on it, but it lacked the same 'impact' of the rest of the story.
>>No. 527
File 126550334846.jpg - (14.38KB, 281x307, 121345076296.jpg) [iqdb]
A story with an end? On my THP?
>>No. 538
Had 'em.
>>No. 543
You are not Ogden Nash.
>>No. 546
The oddest thing a man can do, and that is besides wearing a dress and putting his hair in curls
Is writing about little girls
Especially little girls that are not real, and were never ever real in the first place, and even if they were real they would never give you even a single trifle
And then is excusing the fact that if they were real they would be on the other side of a nearly impassible boundary, so that means you would never even manage to get an eyeful
And even if you somehow manage to get past that impassible boundary and catch yourself the fleetingest of the fleetingest of glimpses
There's no way you would be considered among the local himses
So when I see stories about never-rise grey-faced mumblers like you somehow managing to charm the skirt off some powerful and sadistic torturer of a regular human being
I get to laughing so hard for so long that by the time I'm done I have to get up from in front of my computer and go to the toilet to have a quick peeing
>>No. 547
Much, much better. Thank you. Nash would be proud.

...Well, once he understood the context.
>>No. 734
I can do better.

Something happens.

The end.
>>No. 745
File 126775106421.gif - (896.16KB, 300x225, Facepalm - Warf.gif) [iqdb]
>>No. 747
File 126775583495.jpg - (158.34KB, 999x769, WHAT A NUKE.jpg) [iqdb]
>>No. 772
Oooh, my turn! my turn!

You die.

The end.
>>No. 843
ooh ooh! My turn my turn!


>>No. 862
I liked your first version better.
>>No. 980
I did rage a bit
>>No. 1027
What, no erotic story?


>>No. 1046
>>No. 1047
Here's one with a cliffhanger:


>>No. 1064
Are you going to continue write a second part?
>>No. 1069
Oh, if you insist.


>>No. 1085








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