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File 125657958323.jpg - (15.45KB, 300x250, 919200f7cb8cf0b4428a5d73702d3fe2.jpg) [iqdb]
We are Anonymous, we are legion, we never forget, we never forgive.

We control all boards.

This one is no exception.
ur so awesome lol
can I join ur club?
File 125660788546.png - (8.39KB, 422x319, 1253228457269.png) [iqdb]

Fuck you
Glad to see the new boards being put to such good use. Really glad they were added so we can finally have this kind of deep, philosophical discussion. God bless HY
Anon! Hey, Anon! Why don't you get your unforgiving legionnaires over to the other boards and vote so the lazy writefags can update?
Too busy gathering torches and pitchforks.

Because we aren't your personal voting army, faggot.
And then you whine about a lack of updates! Amazing logic there.

Consider yourself drafted, maggot!

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