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File 130733832753.png - (967.19KB, 850x1202, Nice to have around.png) [iqdb]
It's been too long, and I apologize if this seems rushed, but I need to get something going if I want to hit some kind of stride.


Thankfully the doctor goes back to playing with that gun of hers instead of pressing the issue any further than she already has. The possibility of arming every rabbit in Eientei with what amounts to a... Wait a sec, she's undoing a bit of the weapon. There's some manner of small freezer unit in there, a spiral cut on the interior of the barrel that looks like it could easily sharpen anything put inside it. There's some manner of runic on the inside as well, which would most likely stop the object placed within from getting ground down too far. ...I hate to steal an idea from someone else, but I think that runic might come in handy later. I memorize it for later.

"Oh, interested in this?" Eirin holds up the weapon in question and slips a carrot into it before closing the barrel. "You wouldn't need something like this to fight, it's slow, impractical, and would show a level of care for yourself that you don't normally have." She's taking a rather annoying turn in the conversation, but she's hopped up on caffine and heaven knows what else. "On a more serious note, this really wouldn't suit you. You're more a melee fighter, and from what I know, you're a rather good one at that." She fires it once more at Jack, who merely jiggles like a ragdoll in response. It's kind of unnerving to see the body react like that, but it does give me a better idea of how that trick works.

She sits still for a few more moments, then promptly falls over. Everyone else is staring at her, some out of concern, and some out of amusement, but in a way all are relieved to hear that she's simply snoring. "Excuse me, I should put master to bed before she gets a cramp laying like that." Reisen got up and went over to Eirin's side, picking her up in a bridal carry and taking her off to bed. "I'll have to tend to her for a bit... Can you see yoursleves out when you wish to leave?" She doesn't seem to like the idea of forcing me to fend for myself, but she has her obligations and it's perfectly understandable.

"I can do that. Also, I do plan to come here once more once Eirin is in a state that's closer to what one might consider normal so I can actually discuss something with her. If it's possible, could I be informed of the earliest possible opportunity?" Asking to become Eirin's apprentice now would be nothing short of a mistake, but given how she seems to have been run down to a state of near-collapse on a routine basis, I need to have a way to meet her when she's conscious and in a state to talk to someone without wanting to do strange things to them.

"Of course. I'm sure I can come up with a way to contact you once Master wakes up. Once again, my apologies for not being able to show you out. Farewell!" The moon bunny bows her head once, then strolls out of the room with the lunar doctor in her arms. I'm sorely tempted to take the gun and turn Jack into a pincushion, but I refrain from doing so. That would just be bad taste.

Kaguya is still somehow straddling Mokou, and it looks like she's contemplating something. "Well, since since Eirin and Reisen are busy, and lunch is pretty much done, shall we do something else?" I don't quite know how she managed to speak with a bit of fried potato in her mouth, but she managed to not look undignified.

[X]I think it'd be best to leave these two be. Time to go home.
[X]Think of something else to do. (Write-in)
[X]I think it'd be best to leave these two be. Time to go home.

Reisen is alone with Eirin's sleeping body, better let her alone to do what she wants.
Kaguya and Mokou are quite busy too, so better leave and let them. Unless Anon wants to speak a bit with Tewi.
[x]Call to Tewi
[x] Follow Reisen.
That went too fast. Help her/do something/get involved. Follow Reisen and you might learn a thing or two.
[X]I think it'd be best to leave these two be. Time to go home.

Alone time with Letty? Sign me up.
Weren't we here for hair in the first place? You know, to make heated pants?
[X] I think it'd be best to leave these two be. Time to go home.

We already got some. >>2877
[x]Call to Tewi

I vaguely recall liking your Tewi. It's been a while.
Urgh, I had a good chunk of this update all written up, but it didn't save.


Kaguya's question is really something I should have asked, if only because it sounds like she wants to keep the expanded company. I can't blame her though, since from what I've heard around here she does not receive too many guests at one time, or at least not ones without some form of ulterior motive. Thankfully, she seems to have caught on to the awkwardness I'm feeling and decides to answer herself. Whether it's because she's considering everyone's feelings or because she wants some time to molest the phoenix is beyond my ability to determine. "...I think it's time we parted ways. While I don't really want either of you to leave, I understand that you have lives to live outside of Eientei. All I ask is that you return at a later date." ...It's odd to see her acting so formal when she's wearing such a scandalous bunny outfit.

I bow in turn, as does Letty, and answer in kind. "Be it as a guest or a patient, I will return. Though I hope that it's the former more than the latter. While Eirin is quite the lovely doctor, I don't enjoy being in traction for the majority of my visit." There's two things to note here: One, Letty seems to have shown respect as a courtesy, and the other... I should slap myself. Never explain the joke, lest it lose all its impact. ...Even if it is painfully obvious.

"You aren't pissing anyone off, and apparently you're managing the fine art of not killing yourself through your alchemy. It's a long shot, but if you keep this up you might last for a normal human's lifespan!" Mokou provides her sarcastic two cents, and while I can't see her face, it probably mirrors the tone of her voice fairly well. Part of me wants to take a small dose of bottled water and douse her for that.

"That's a rude way to say it." Kaguya looks like she's going to admonish the phoenix for her words... "But sadly, it is true. Do continue to be more careful from now on." But she winds up agreeing with her. I can't blame her, but I suppose I can't live it down either. I was a complete idiot until very recently. She puts a finger to her mouth even as she uses her other arm to keep Mokou pinned down, thinking about something in particular. "Also, it would be inadvisable for you to help Reisen at this point, even if you do feel as though you should help. She may appreciate it, but that would put you and Letty in Eirin's..."

"Area of effect when she wakes up? Yeah, best let the bunnygirl handle that with Tewi's help." Despite Kaguya's attempts to pin her down, Mokou gets up almost effortlessly, knocking the princess over in the process. She goes down with a surprised yelp, but at the same time one gets the impression she expected this to happen. "Dunno what you think would happen, but I wouldn't want to ask her to let you be her apprentice while she's flipping nuts."

...It seems the snow woman doesn't have much to add here. I get the impression she's prefer it if we left fairly soon since it will take time to get back home. Her reaction isn't unexpected though. I imagine that she has a different set of priorities than anyone else, and she's not as fond of Eientei's residents as I am.

"In that case, I believe we shall take our leave." I don't feel quite as bad for speaking for her this time since she's more or less given her silent consent already. ...It feels strange though, even though it makes sense. She speaks freely around myself, Cirno, and her friends, but she's not comfortable around someone who only just recently ceased to be considered an enemy by Kaguya.

With a final round of farewells and a promise to Kaguya to come as a guest next time instead of a patient, my lady friend and I exit the House of Eternity and make our way home. The path is still covered in snow, and a light snowfall continues to add to what exists. The temperature is still bordering on too cold for me, but it's bearable for now. ...While that sounds pathetic when I'm wearing a phoenix jacket, I should remind you that my legs are unprotected and are the parts currently trudging through the snow.

Letty seems to be staring at me rather intently by this point, something that may or may not have been going on since we walked out of the building. "...You know, you can fly." She crosses her arms behind her back as she says this, and watches my expression grow more exasperated.

I facepalm in fifteen seconds or so, forgetting about the cold in favor of berating myself mentally for forgetting something so fundamental. ...Thoungh in my defense, a lot has happened and I haven't gotten used to the fact that I can bypass the ground by myself just yet. "...Then let's go ahead and fly back then." I should make a point of flying a bit more often to make myself remember that I can do that, as well as to improve my technique since I get the impression that I'm about as graceful in flight as I am when I'm fighting.

Letty merely giggles at me in response, apparently finding my exasperation with myself amusing. It's not a bad sound at all, I just wish it was more from my being intentionally funny than my being an idiot.


It doesn't take too much longer ot reach my house after that, so we touch down next to the front door before entering. Now there's just one more thing to decide...

[X]While it would mean waiting for a few hours, I would have greater peace of mind if we started once it's dark out.
[X]...Ask Letty when she wishes to do it.
[X]...Ask Letty when she wishes to do it.

We should see what she thinks before presuming anything.
[X]...Ask Letty when she wishes to do it.

I'll have to skip an update if they aren't interrupted.
[X]...Ask Letty when she wishes to do it.

Eeer, do what? Did I missed something?
Whatever, let Letty decides. That's being polite.
[X]...Ask Letty when she wishes to do it.

...why am I thinking of Rumia all of the sudden?
Because odds are it's a chance for her to pop up like a bad cliche. Hopefully SLDT won't do that... RIGHT?
He probably just likes Rumia. Last we saw her she was dicking around pretending to be a child, though, so she probably won't be showing up. Sadly.
Actually, this vote was to determine when the voyuers show up~


In all honesty, I can't really say what I'm feeling right at the moment as Letty happily half-drags me into the living room. Part of me is apprehensive of our agreement made this morning, while another part is neutral on the subject. The last part is curious about this whole 'sex' thing and wishes to explore it with the same determination I would apply to an alchemical project. However, I have to remind myself that this in itself is not an intellectual excercise. My mind is fighting a small-scale war in my head, leaving me unable to do much of anything other than allow myself to be hauled along to where we can sit down together. I originally planned to do this in the evening to cut down on the potential voyuers, but I found myself letting the snow woman decide for herself. Given that we had originally agreed on 'when we got home', she decided to take that at face value and is now dragging me along to bed despite wanting to sit and talk first.

Apparently she noticed that my mind is in no condition to think straight, and decided that the best way to get anything she wants to say across is to say it with her body. If I were in any condition to argue, I might be using that explanation as an opportunity to put the act off on the account of my being rather nervous. ...Yes, that's an incredibly stupid reason given that I've been throwing myself in the way of increasingly greivous harm for years, but there's a difference between using a survival instinct that you've long since gotten used to using and ignoring and a mating instinct that you've never acknowledged.

I feel a cold wind whip past my ear, a small thing that shocks me back into the real world in very short order none the less. I find myself being embraced from behind with a very attractive snow woman gently nibbling my ear lobe, an act she ceases once she feels me jerk. "Welcome back to the land of the living. I was beginning to thing you had gone comatose with the way you were just staring off into space." Her healthy mammaries are pressing into my back, and her warm weight is most welcome. The heat rises to my face, making me flush a deep red upon noticing just what is going on. "Oh yes, you're just fine~" Her hand caressing my cheek does not help matters at all.

"Letty, my apologies, I-" I face her in an attempt to apologize for being such a weak-minded idiot in the face of spending my time with her in such an intimate fashion, but she cuts me off with a kiss. I feel one of her legs wrapping around my middle to force me to remain in place despite my attempt to pull away. Another odd act that boils down to my not being used to this. She pulls away after what must have been the better part of a minute and looks me straight in the eye, causing any words that would have come out of my mouth unhindered to die in my throat.

"Ivan, you don't need to apologize and you're terrible at learning things through speech. So let me show you what it is you need to know through pysical example." Her arms are wrapped around me in a firm hold, and her leg ensures that I can't move an inch. She looks me dead in the eye, practically forcing me to do so, before asking her next question. "With that in mind, do you trust me enough to do this for you?"

Once again my conversation with Keine comes to mind. "I do." Despite my feeling like my brain is gridlocked, those two little words come out of my mouth without so much as a hint of hesitation. I physically attempt to relax in her arms, but it's difficult. Given how Rumia seemed to want to interchange 'kill' with 'rape', and has integrated into my survival instinct... Perhaps that's just another excuse, but this really is difficult.

Letty purses her lips in mild irritation. I'm saying yes without hesitation, but my body is still trying to shy away from her touch. "How irritating." Is all she says as she undoes her shirt, tossing it aside to reveal her snow-print bra. She then carefully undoes that as well and tosses it onto her shirt. She shifts her position and hold just enough to where my head is level with her breasts... Then hugs my head into them. Once again I jerk, but it passes more quickly this time. She keeps her hold loose and my body close, using one hand to play with herself to see if she can't make myself more comfortable through the combined use of her soft body, her sharp yet pleasant winter-esque scent, and the sound of her soft voice. That combined effort causes me to relax into her properly, but she's still going to have to lead.

This must not have been much of an issue for her as she quickly undoes my shirt and tosses it on her clothes, letting me feel her soft skin with my own. She slowly maneuvers me onto the bed so that she's on top and I'm on the bottom, then removes my pants and boxers to leave me fully exposed to her. Her expression softens to a truly warm smile now that I'm finally giving myself to her completely in an act of trust that she won't abuse. Or at least abuse in the manner I would consider abuse. She straddles me with ease, then grabs one of my hands and forces me to grab her breast. She's pressed them against me before, but to grab one in my hand... I give it a couple light, experimental squeezes before running my fingers across her nipple. It provokes a light response from her, so I take it between my fingers and pinch it gently. She nods in approval, so I squeeze it just a little bit harder. She keeps her hand on mine to keep me at it, but winces slightly when I apply just a little too much pressure to that one spot. I find myself gently rubbing at the spot I had unintentionally made sore, partially out of guilt for hurting her in even that small way, but mostly because I can't get over how they feel!

I find myself using both hands to knead her breasts in a manner that's probably a bit rougher than I should have been using, but the feeling... My throat goes a bit dry even as I continue, and I gulp once as I keep going. I feel my phallus grow stiff as I continue, and an odd urge overtakes me. Letty spots this and shifts herself downward until her breasts are level with my manhood, then puts it between them and squeezes it fairly hard. She begins to bring them up and down , slowly at first to get me accustomed to the idea, then speeds up just a bit. Feeling them with my hands is one thing, but feeling it with my sensitive tip...? There's no real control on my part, I simply allow her to do as she pleases. Warmth floods my body as she keeps going... My body starts to sweat... I pant as my hips buck in response to her constant pumping...

My seed squirts out rather weakly since this has never happened before. It's rather unimpressive in how it doesn't even reach her face and only covers her wonderful breasts, but she brings her mouth to the tip and takes it into her mouth to suck on it. I wind up moaning softly as she goes, feeling my phallus go a little limp in her mouth but quickly going erect again in no time at all.

GLORIOUS!!! Well worth the wait.
> vote was to determine when the voyuers show up

Incoming cock-block in 10, 9...
He might have been talking about the Tengus as he didn't say interlopers.
>The last part is curious about this whole 'sex' thing and wishes to explore it with the same determination I would apply to an alchemical project.
I can't help but facepalm. This guy is so innocent that's rare.
File 13103625335.png - (783.50KB, 850x1133, Clearly what you had in mind.png) [iqdb]

It's nice to try something different every now and again. After all, pretty much every scene involves a guy who knows what he's doing, or knows way too much.


Letty leaves my phallus alone for now in favor of moving on top of me. The sight of her breasts stained with my seed is an exotic one, and I can't say I'm entirely against this. She rubs the tip of my manhood against her vagina, and I note that it's slimy for some reason. I imagine that she'd be capable of an orgasm, but that hardly explains why she's wet now.

My question was on the tip of my tongue when she lowered herself onto me, letting the tip of my phallus slide into that tight, wet hole. Every attempt at speaking is met with her sliding me deeper inside her, turning every word into a gasp until our bodies touch. I can barely focus on anything beside this feeling...

She knows this, and decides to silence me once again by bringing her body up and letting it slide back down slowly. She wants to go faster, yet is restricting herself to slow movements since those are still getting an almost disproportionate reaction out of me. Every thrust, every twitch... even the insignificant motions that shouldn't mean anything keep me from coherent thought, let alone speech. She's blushing and smiling, looking as though she's torn between moving on and seeing just how much she can tweak me before I stop responding altogether. ...Given that she's still moving slowly, I take that to mean that she's getting off to teasing me more than the act itself.

This continues for what feels like a small eternity. My phallus throbbing within her as waves of pleasure wash over me, silencing thought and triggering instinct. Somewhere along the line I start to thrust into her, a clear sign that I'm unable to hold myself back anymore. I want her, I want to make love to her...! I pull her tight against my body as I finally lose the last semblance of restraint. She offers no resistance to my doing this, and winds up taking this as her excuse to stop messing around with me so much.

While I would bet that she'd love nothing more than to continually tease me until I orgasm again, she does notice that I'm actually willing to do more than lie there until she's done. She's not relinquishing control of this encounter at all despite giving me some leeway as to what will happen. She's decided to guide me through this process with nothing more than physical contact, and she's making it very clear that she's not done teaching me. Her motions are much quicker now with no discernible pause between entry and exit, and I'm adding to her effort by thrusting in time with her. I can't possibly last as long as she can, not with this little experience, yet I try anyway. For what it's worth, I do manage to hold myself at a near-orgasm state for about... five seconds or so before climaxing inside her. She's nowhere near done, but my body is telling me that it's had it. Two loads is enough for it.

"Hm? Done already?" Letty asks of me while continuing her thrusting. While I have orgasmed, it will take a few minutes before I go limp inside her. At least, I think that's how it works with this. Her body is still telling me to fuck her, but mine can't bring itself to go another round in her... "Oh dear, maybe I should have saved my breasts for when you have a load to spare, or used them twice. Having you give out right in the middle of the act is a little frustrating..."

Her disappointed gaze bothers me. She must really have wanted to end my first time with a bang, yet my inadequacy in this subject left her half-done... My phallus goes limp and slide out of her, and two of my fingers take its place. It's not the same thing by any stretch of the imagination, but perhaps this will suffice.

She gives me a curious look and a nod, knowing what I'm about to do and encouraging me to do it. A couple of fingers can't possibly give the same amount of pleasure my manhood can, but I find that it's easy to forget about that as my fingers dive inside her to finish what my weak reproductive system could not. At least, until she stops me. "It's fine, really. I'll let you rest a bit before finishing this up." She practically binds me in place with her arms and leg, and doesn't bother to put the covers over us. "We've got the whole night ahead of us after all~"

I can't argue with that.
File 131036287466.jpg - (215.36KB, 634x1000, 4e2fd4565090bb466a89ea0e83816a3f.jpg) [iqdb]
>I note that it's slimy for some reason
Well, you see, Ivan, it's like that: flowers and bees and slimes and sexy swimsuit, some CHICKA BOW WOW, and that's it, you have a little Ivan running everywhere in the house.
How about those voyeurs? Should be showing up and having a nice brawl soon. Aaaaaany moment now.

Goddamn, these delivered. I'm hoping to see more of Letty/Ivan moments in the future.
Hi, I'm from /blue/
Just saying that this story is awesome, and I really like your Mokou, your Kaguya, and of course your Rumia.
Have a good day, and also a good Letty.
Now to see how much posting I can get done with just a 3DS. This update's Lettertime Alchemist section won't be done until I update from a device with a keyboard or at least a Wiimote, because god damn is this painful.


The snow woman was true to her word about continuing later, and I quickly found myself pinned underneath her as she stroked me back into an erect state. She put her lips to mine just as my phallus enters her body once again, and I found it easier to move this time, not to mention a bit more coordinated than before. She's still leading me through this, but it feels less like she's teasing me and more like she's actually making love. I note all the little quirks she displays, things like where she prefers to be touched, how fast and how rough she wants it, and how sensitive certain parts are and when they should be tweaked.

I admit with some level of shame that I was more curious about how the act worked and how best to service my lady friend than the idea of simply enjoying the act. My mind simply will not let the issue lie, and as a result I'm less conscious about what I'm feeling and more concerned with what she's feeling and whether or not she's enjoying it.

...Though I can't shake the feeling that I'm being watched.


Watching these two go at it like crazed rabbits evokes two emotions: Disgust and jealousy. Ivan is clumsy in everything he does and has all the aptitude of a drunk, and that snow woman is making no effort to correct him. She just wants his dick in her. ...Then there's the fact that he's my prey. I haven't had my turn with him yet, which is starting to annoy me. Yes, I raped him in his sleep, but that was like fucking a corpse. I want responsiveness damn it!

...Ugh, seriously? I should quit with the monologue while I have a chance. The last thing I need is to let those two know that I'm around just because I slip from thinking something to actually saying it. I do have something in mind for Letty if I ever do catch her alone and certain individuals aren't watching. Maybe use her as bait or something.


Let's see if this works.

Glad they did, and I don't think this is the last time those two will fool around with each other.


And a thank you to you as well. Not often that I see something positive come out of /blue/.

Also, I tried to do this update with the 3DS earlier, and good god it was miserable. It actually ate my update entirely after losing connection mid-writing.


Letty made good on her word a little while later, straddling me without any sort of warning a few hours later with the intent of picking up where we left off. I could hardly argue with her since I had left her wanting more after I had been spent, so I allowed her to stroke me back into an erect state. Once she had gotten me as stiff as she possibly could, she penetrated herself once more and began to thrust. She's doing so with an appropriate amount of force this time now that she's not actively teasing me, and I have to admit that it's much better this way.

Her lips find mine in no time at all, while my hands find their way to her breasts. It takes some time but I begin to see all the little things that set her off, all the tweaks and twists that make her moan in pleasure and the timing of the sensitive parts that should be stimulated. ...I admit with some shame that I'm honestly detached from the sensation of my phallus hitting her crevix every second or so, too distracted by the learning experience to actually feel much of anything. Strange, yes, but embarrassingly enough it's true.

I also feel as though we're being watched from somewhere, which is the other reason I'm not able to get into this as much as I should.


I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm feeling two strong emotions right now. One's disgust, and the other is jealousy. The former because watching Ivan try to do anything aside from combat is a cringe-inducing affair, and because he's actively resisting the act. He's thinking about things instead of letting his instinct take over, so his preformance will be sub-par no matter what he does. The latter is obviously because the snow woman is having her way with him when I genuinely feel that he belongs to me and me alone.

I want to tear my eyes away from this, but I can't. It's like a train wreck in slow motion, you know it can't end well but you keep watching anyway. Not that I should be thinking about things like this since I have no idea whether or not the gap youkai is looking into my thoughts or not. ...Why do I even care? If I have to fight for my freedom, I will even if I'm outmatched. Still, I should do something about that snow woman, show her who's really in charge here. She'd also make for perfectly good bait if I needed to get that thick-skulled idiot's attention in a hurry.

...Ugh, I should seriously stop with the voyeurism. I'm getting depressed just by looking at this sad display. There's no way for her to get past his emotional defenses by keeping him in a calm and collected state. You need to rile him up, slip past his guard, then top him.


I can't say I seriously expected him to let himself be lead off to his bedroom like that, especially not without checking the entire house first. Sneaking into his room is even easier, what with the fact that the woman we're supposed to be investigating is currently engaging him in some bedtop sports. ...Though I happen to think the kid needs someone who actually knows what she's doing. His performance is really stiff from where I'm looking.

I don't bother writing any of this stuff down since it's kind of pointless. I'm sure he'd be pissed off just from my being here, let alone my writing up a full report on his acts and writing up a constructive critique. He kinda needs it though. Ah well, better slip off before he spots me. Last thing I need is to see just how explosive he can get when he's pissed off properly.
Well, don't I look like quite the dolt? I didn't even see that the update that I thought got eaten by my 3DS made it onto the site, and I did refresh a couple times before posting the re-write. Last time I'm using that device for something like this.
...ouch, I think Rumia did far more damage with her commentary than her claws.
Ahaha. I like the first Rumia commentary a bit more than the rewrite. Sure, it's rougher, but [I have no idea why]. Glad it made it to the site.
>I didn't even see that the update that I thought got eaten by my 3DS made it onto the site

Do... Do you need some donations or some one to slap together a proper pc for you..? Not to say you ought to stop till you have one, but I simply can't fathom only relying on either the Wii, let alone a DS, to post long updates in one go.

also since I'm the same guy that corruptprovide songs from before I have none but this track for Ivan's performance rather wooden performance. (dohoho)[spoiler]

[spoiler]Gonna have to side with our dear voyeurs on this one - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztDF6TTKomo


Nah, I've got a perfectly good gaming PC that I frequently use. Using the Wii is often more convenient, while if the 3DS were reliable I could take as long as I want in updating without the fear of someone else being a dick and erasing it.

Never change music man~
So we have Aya and Rumia. How much are you guys willing to bet they'll meet soon and start fighting?
Zero. They're both too good at stealth.

But they aren't the only people that might have an interest in peeping.
>someone else being a dick and erasing it
There's a really simple solution to that. Write guro.
Just to let everyone know that this board is going to be locked, and that Wintertime Alchemist will not continue in /Coriander/ as planned. I will start up a new thread in /Eientei/, since that is the second most-accurate place to put this.
I though this board was going to get nixed after you finished this, not before.

Teruyo decided that he wanted to nix the board now rather than wait. Not much I can do about that.
Finally, a reason to visit /eientei/.
What was even the point of this board anyway?
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