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File 128564972798.gif - (557.05KB, 1280x1024, 1fe9ef9ad3fd56cc7a3c7bd6f119e2d6e0abb770.gif) [iqdb]
2351No. 2351
Behold, the glorious second thread with a swank new name! Just when you reach Mission Three, too.

She has another! And also Ezio's.

[x]Succumb to the adorableness and show them the love they so desperately deserve.
[x]Take the children with you and treat them as your own.

This heartfelt display of emotion stirs something inside of you. You can feel your tough guy mask fade away in a split second. These children...so small, so young. They need someone to love them, to take care of them. Why not let it be you? You walk up to the girls and give them a big hearty hug, snuggling against both of them.

You pick them up and swing them around a bit, clearly enjoying yourself more than you probably should be. You bring them over to Momiji and ask her if you can keep them. Both she and Patch look at you dumbfoundedly. They probably think you're joking, but you're dead serious. When the girls ask Momiji themselves, she gives up and allows it. You and your new charges all cheer and do little victory jig!

There's just one little thing you still need to do. You don't know either of these girls' names. You ask with a bit of hesitation. All four of them laugh at you in varying degrees, but you do get your answer. The elder is Sofia, and the younger is Penelope. You and your party introduce yourselves as well. Now that you're all acquainted you can finally leave this crazy place of overpowered weaponry and respawning demons.


You open a gap back to the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Patchouli thanks you for helping her research. She learned not only about another world, but some of its magic as well. She gives you a quick kiss on the cheek and floats off before Momiji gets the chance to chew her out. Sofie and Pen just giggle a bit at the half-hearted anger. You can't help but laugh yourself. This just serves to get Momiji riled up more as you make your way back to the treehouse.


It was an enjoyable flight for all, much random chatting went on and many jokes at your and Momiji's expense were made. But upon reaching your canopy home, you realized that you have nowhere near enough room for four people. It's also no place for little human girls that can't fly. You suggest to Momiji that they stay at her much larger home for now. She takes the girls and leaves, as you have very important business to take care of. You take off toward the the Garden of the Sun.


You find two obvious things once you get there. There's blood all over many patches of the garden, something you were sort of expecting. The other thing comes completely out of left field. There's a tall woman with blue hair, a blue dress, a blue ribbon and large ice wings holding the frozen, partially crushed head of one Yuuka Kazami. There's no way this could be the cute, childish Cirno you know. But the resemblance is so great.

[x]Approach her.
[x]Get the hell out of there.
[x]Kill it. Kill it now.

It's mission three, the hardest of them all! Can you succeed?
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>>No. 2354
[x] Approach her.
-[x] But be on guard all the time.

Is Cirno suffering the bleeding effect from Animus 2.0? Or is it.... ? Don't tell me.....

Templars has finally appear!!?
>>No. 2357
[x] Approach her.
-[x] But be on guard all the time.
>>No. 2358
File 12856969204.jpg - (388.80KB, 1024x768, 79f48702a414a46851b3be0bd83e8d8b1d07b352.jpg) [iqdb]
To my knowledge, there is a distinctive lack of badass Cirno pictures. This may prove problematic.

[x] Approach her.
-[x] But be on guard all the time.

There's just no way this could be Cirno, but you have to check anyway. You are somewhat reluctant to go near her. Nevertheless, you ignore that screaming voice in your head and start walking. You release the blade on your caped arm, just in case. You reach the woman and call out for her, to which she doesn't respond. You call a bit louder, but still nothing. You reach her and put a hand on her shoulder.

Cold. Burn. Numb. That's about all you get to think in the short half a second you have your hand on her. You could tell she'd be cold just from the lowered temperature around her, but to feel it at such a magnitude that your gloved hand goes numb is ridiculous! You can even see a bit of frost on the back of your hand. (Un)Fortunately, this finally broke the woman out of her reverie. She turns her head towards you, slowly and mechanically. The fiery passion that Cirno is so known for is nowhere to be found in this woman's eyes.

Seems this truly isn't Cirno. At least, that's what you'll keep telling yourself until you see proof otherwise. This person in front of you is nothing at all like the passionate youth you know. In fact, there's no trace that there was ever such a fire in this person. Making sure to keep your blade hidden and ready, you ask the woman what's she's doing. She says nothing, but holds Yuuka's head up to you as if it were a gift. Not wanting to offend someone that can take down Yuuka without a scratch, you accept the offering.

Received Yuuka's Frozen Head!

You honestly hate having the thing in your inventory but you dare not show it. You thank the woman and she nods back to you before slowly taking to the air. You yell and ask for a name. She stops instantly. You briefly think you offended her until she mutters something. In your worrying you didn't quite catch what she said so you ask her to repeat herself. She just says it's unimportant and flies off. You choose not to follow her, thinking only of what you should do now.

[x]Follow her after all.
[x]Inform Reimu of Yuuka's death, and her murderer.
[x]You've got to ask Cirno about this.
[x]Go see your girlfriend and daughters.
>>No. 2360
[x]You've got to ask Cirno about this.
>>No. 2361
[x]You've got to ask Cirno about this.
[x]Inform Reimu of Yuuka's death, and her murderer.
>>No. 2362
File 128572621483.jpg - (126.54KB, 460x1280, cirnolaststand.jpg) [iqdb]

[x]You've got to ask Cirno about this.
[x]Inform Reimu of Yuuka's death, and her murderer.
>>No. 2363
File 128572859884.jpg - (409.99KB, 600x557, 083d648344793240e62fab31b6055c5c095b0a96.jpg) [iqdb]
I must say, that story is one of the greatest literary works I have ever read.

[x]Inform Reimu of Yuuka's death, and her murderer.
[x]You've got to ask Cirno about this.

You release a breath you didn't know you were holding. The pressure that woman exudes is almost as great as her coldness, both metaphorical and physical. You realize that there are two things you need to do: find out who this person is, and tell Reimu about her. The latter you're reluctant to do, having heard stories of what she's done to people on much lesser charges. Alas, it must be done.

Reimu's out in the courtyard sweeping when you get there. You see no sign of Suika. All the better; if only Reimu knows there won't be an uproar. Or at least, not as big an uproar. She notices you as you approach and acknowledges you with only slight interest. She looks a bit tired, but she'll just have to wake up and listen. You try to explain that Yuuka's been killed, but she just scoffs at you, thinking it just a dumb joke. She doesn't believe anything you say about it, so you have no choice but to show her your evidence.

Reimu recoils a bit at seeing the mutilated head still encased in ice. She snatches it away to examine it for herself. You can see her eyes narrow as she realizes you weren't joking. She looks like she's about to kill someone right away so you stop her. You don't want the miko to do anything unnecessary. You tell her to go gather information herself while you go ask Cirno about this. She'd rather go "resolve" this incident now of course, but you mean business. Reimu relents, telling you to do as you please, and goes back to sweeping. Happy to see the miko cooperating, you get a move on to the Misty Lake.

You see something unexpected for the second time today. That strange woman is near Cirno, Chen (CRAP), and someone else, watching the three play around. She suddenly looks directly at you, then bolts in the opposite direction. Her flight distracts the others from their play and they eventually notice you. Chen and the other girl, with green hair and antennae, keep their distance. Cirno however flies right up to your face and loudly greets you. Things are sort of working out in your favor lately. You figure you should be extra cautious because of this.

Anyway, you ask Cirno who the lady that just left was. Cirno describes her as a nice lady that teaches her how to freeze better. This obviously tells you nothing. You ask for a name or an alias or something, but the little fairy has no information for you. This turned out to not be as much of a lead as you'd hoped. You did manage to learn that while the stranger isn't Cirno, she's friendly and helpful toward her. You might be able to use that to your advantage. You ask Cirno if she could learn some more about the nice lady then tell you later. She agrees, since "the strongest should help the weak." You gotta love that enthusiasm of hers. But now what can you do with this mystery?

[x]Investigate. Try to follow the woman and see what she's up to.
[x]Collaborate. Find someone that can help you with this. (But who?)
[x]Procrastinate Nothing. Just go back home.

So, uh, I learned of the existence of "scraper bikes" and saw my first episode of any Kamen Rider series simultaneously today. Just thought I'd mention that.
>>No. 2366
[x]Investigate. Try to follow the woman and see what she's up to.
>>No. 2367
[x]Investigate. Try to follow the woman and see what she's up to.
>>No. 2368
File 12857778841.jpg - (23.23KB, 640x481, good job anon.jpg) [iqdb]
[x]Investigate. Try to follow the woman and see what she's up to.

All this skitting around is getting you nowhere. You need a more direct source. You bid farewell to Cirno and tell her to watch out for Reimu, then leave in the direction you think that person went. If you're right she went toward the forest...OH SHIT. You speed up considerably. What if she's after Alice or Marisa now? You check Alice's house first since it's closer. Everything on the outside is intact, and the temperature around it is normal. There wasn't a need to worry anyway. She left a sign on the door informing of her absence. When you reach Marisa's, the place is in an identical state.

It's when you decide to check your own house that you find something. Or rather, just the opposite. Your house is gone. No signs of fire, an explosion, even someone crashing into it hard. It's just gone. Worry and fear strike you and you start to search around the area. Luckily, you manage to find what you were looking for: Adrian's Suit and your Sweet Pants. The former seems a little wet though.

Hold on, why would it be wet? You check the small floorboard the clothes were on and find that it's wet underneath. It's as if your house had been washed away. Or maybe, shattered? You put your ungloved hand on the wet side of the wood. It's incredibly cold. That woman must have done this! She froze and broke your house, but your Sweet Pants kept your clothes thawed. You'll have to thank Mokou sometime.

It's suddenly much colder. You turn to see the woman you were searching for, obscured by something racing toward your skull. A spear of ice, a perfect frozen replica of the legendary Gae Bolg, and it pierces its target with equal accuracy. The cold burn is all you feel as your consciousness leaves you.

[x]Ford the river
[x]Skinny dipping

Short update, semi-vague choices, fun to be had~
>>No. 2369
[x]Ford the river
>>No. 2371
>>No. 2374
[X] Ford the River.

Let's go to Oregon~.
>>No. 2375
[x]Ford the river Suicide.

[x]Pay $5.00 for the ferry
>>No. 2376
Wait wait wait...

>But Mission Three's impossible anyway, so yeah.

>>No. 2377
File 128580054886.jpg - (80.47KB, 700x800, 9f023534f0cfbf45f48f4b99349be4fdab7e5d68.jpg) [iqdb]
Much, much later in Gensokyo, a two-player video game would be made based on the adventures of Ezio. The third level would be modeled after his greatest trial. The game would be called "Conflict Frogs".

You lack sufficient funds.

[X] Ford the River.

You ignore the half-hearted naggings of the buxom ferrywoman and find a shallow part of the river. You consider tethering yourself to something, but rule it out as something only sissy babies do and start walking. The water puts up a lot of resistance but, just like the last time, doesn't make a single sound as you slosh through it. It's really kind of unsettling when you think about it.


It's been a while since you started walking, but it doesn't look like you've made any significant progress. You know immediately who's behind it and call Komachi out on her shenanigans. She claims to just want a chat so you humor her. She tells you of the general lack of things to do around the river, of how there's been very few souls to ferry lately, and of how the flower youkai decided to screw the rules and become a wandering spirit.

You in turn speak of the things you've done since your last conversation. You relay how you recovered your memories just after returning to life, then ingeniously defeated Yukari. Your mention of the dinner party saddens her a bit, likely because she couldn't have made it even if she wanted to. The story of your adventure in that other place and the family you obtained from it is particularly well-received, even drawing a tear or two from the shinigami. Before you can mention the reason you're even there this time, your footing disappears and you begin to plummet.

You lost 2 oxen and 1274 pounds of wait, wrong game.

The eyes, oh gods the eyes! Everywhere, always looking, never blinking, staring, only at you yet never in your direction and looking at everything looking at nothing staring staring AUUUUGH!!

Just as suddenly as it appeared, it was gone. You're back in the middle of the forest, lying on a particularly rough, dark red part of the ground. You sit up only to notice a small youkai sitting on your legs. A miniature Yukari Yakumo, to be precise. Before you can express your disbelief, you're struck with a small thrown folding fan. Yukari explains that she's stuck in that form for now because of you. She scolds you for being so underhanded and brutal, but congratulates you on pulling it off. She does demand a bit of payment for reviving you, though.

You've lost 1000 yen!


2 or less:
[x]Throttle her tiny neck.
[x]Ask about that woman that killed you.
[x]Ask how she's still alive.
[x]Give her to your daughters as a pet.

Anon, thank you for not being as gullible as many of the ones reading Just an Average Joe. Seriously, why would trusting Tewi ever seem like a good idea outside of /eientei/?
>>No. 2379
>"Conflict Frogs"
Took me a couple seconds to get it.

>trusting Tewi
They did what now?

[X] Ask about that woman that killed you.
[X] Adopt her too.

1000 yen is actually a pretty good deal for resurrection, and it should be obvious why she's still alive. (Answer: Because she's Yukari)
>>No. 2380
[x]Ask about that woman that killed you.
[x]Ask how she's still alive.
[x]"How cute."
[x]Examine her...(closely)
[x]Politely offer her to join in your adventure and your family.(and you will not take a 'no' for an answer)

Last time I saw a mini Yukarin(Yeahh!!) was in Anon's Magical Rhapsody.
I miss that story.. It always brings me to shed tears since author disappeared without telling us.

>Anon, thank you for not being as gullible as many of the ones reading Just an Average Joe. Seriously, why would trusting Tewi ever seem like a good idea outside of /eientei/?

Well at least Reisen showed up to save us from Tewi. Now, how to deal with Eirin who has the tenacity of a freaking roach.

Oh and I love you for bringing mini Yukarin.(sheds tears)
>>No. 2382
[X] Ask about that woman that killed you.
[X] Adopt her too.
>>No. 2383
That just sounds adorable. Definitely doing this.
Update in 2-12 hours.
>>No. 2386
File 128583092581.jpg - (48.71KB, 460x640, e175e0e4c08661c902393f0e716a484097e37693.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] >>2380

You look at the little person on your legs. You don't think you could've asked for a better information source. You ask her what she knows about that odd woman that just killed you. Yukari hides her face with her fan and looks away in embarrassment. The woman is actually an experiment of hers, the product of giving power and experience to a clone of the ice fairy she so resembles. Unfortunately Yukari did something wrong, and the woman is unstable both mentally and physically.

So, this lady is some weird creation of Yukari's. Figures. You know the "what" and "who", you just need a "why". Yukari says that the girl is going to attack the strongest people of Gensokyo to prove herself or something. It's nice to know you're considered one of the strongest, but dying's not all that fun. Being dead is pretty cool though. Which reminds you of something else nagging at you. How is Yukari alive right now?

She tells you that she's alive because you didn't really kill her. That's where you call bullshit. You know a corpse when you see one and she was certainly dead. She concedes and tells you the truth, that you've been carrying her around this whole time. She holds up the PortaGap, which has lost all of it's color and looks like a plain old marble. She put a bit of her power into the marble, and her soul gravitated toward it. After playing around with some Yuyuko person, of course. And thus, an adorable Yukarin was bestowed upon you.

Quite adorable indeed. She has the same proportions as before, just scaled down considerably. Not unlike one of Alice's dolls. You kindly request that she join you in your quest. She thinks it over and agrees, but on the condition that she replace your hat. You almost refuse, but having the youkai of boundaries as an ally is a great trade off.

Lost Real Jakk's Hat!
Received Drooping Yukari~n (E)!

You've got a blade full of broken, a hat full of Yukari, and a body full of zombie. Where to?


Yup, you can go anywhere. Look for the clone or goof off, doesn't matter.
>>No. 2387
[x] Go to human village and warn Keine about the woman in blue.
[x] Go to Momiji's house to check on things.
[x] Go find Mokou. The woman in blue is probably after her since she is a fire-user.

That reminds me. We didn't have eyes staring at us when using the PortaGap?
>>No. 2388
> She has the same proportions as before, just scaled down considerably.

So we have a fun sized Yukari? I'll take that.
We shall raise her like our own child!

[X] Gather up all the powerful people in Gensokyo that are still (relatively) alive. A meeting is needed.
>>No. 2389
File 128590985641.png - (2.13KB, 252x273, said lovecraftian pet.png) [iqdb]
The PortaGap creates the same spatial effect as the Portal Gun. You could go to the gapspace with it, but that'd require you to know it exists. Which you do now.

One daughter centuries a few years older than the other two, a granddaughter older than her aunts, and an adorable great-granddaughter. All you're missing is some Lovecraftian pet.

Updates sometime later/tomorrow.
>>No. 2390
[X] Gather up all the powerful people in Gensokyo that are still (relatively) alive. A meeting is needed.

"Sup gals, -and guy-? A clone is trying to prove herself the strongest by killing people that don't fight back. So... what do we do..?"
This can't go wrong.
>>No. 2391
[x] Check on Momiji and Co.
[x] Then try gathering everyone up to warn them of the pyscho Cirno clone.
>>No. 2392
File 128596510578.jpg - (136.09KB, 1024x576, epic battle.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Gather up all the powerful people in Gensokyo that are still (relatively) alive. A meeting is needed.
[x] Check on Momiji and Co.

First things first. You've got to warn everyone about this new threat. (Or perhaps the better term is, incident?) But going all those places will take time, and you're bound to forget someone. It'd be best to gather them all in one place and talk to them at once. Great thing you know someone that excels at that. You pester the lady resting on your head to send you to the Hakurei shrine.

You arrive quickly and immediately look for the little oni. She's lounging around in front of the shrine with Reimu. Silly Suika, this is no time for eating, drinking and being merry! You interrupt her pleasant evening and ask her to gather every strong person she knows about at the Moriya Shrine, and for her and Reimu to go there as well. You utilize your new hat's power to leave before anyone can ask about it. You silently pray that the Moriya goddesses won't mind you using their home.


Elsewhere, two goddesses, one of snake motif and the other of frog, were locked in combat. The snake was having a hard time trying to block and deflect the relentless assault of the frog's large iron ring. Their battle is interrupted by the appearance of their young priestess and her modest question of what to cook for the evening. The goddesses trust the green-haired miko to make a good decision, but notify her of the large number of visitors arriving later. The girl leaves the room to prepare the largest meal she will ever make. Now unimpeded, the two beings resume the fight. This time with the frog's strategy of complaining about "how cheap Yoda is" whilst effortlessly beating down said Jedi.
Needless to say, the battle was finished critically. In the frog's favor, much to the snake's anguish.


You step through the gap and knock on Momiji's door. She answers and lets you in, asking about the "doll" on your head. Yukari expresses her delight in looking so good as to be compared to a doll, which surprises Momiji greatly. You briefly explain the situation to her, from the mysterious clone woman to the meeting you're holding soon, and convince her to come along with Sofia and Penny. You spend the rest of the time until the meeting playing with your family and your new headwear. You also equip your Sweet Pants; never know when they'll come in handy.

The five of you arrive at the shrine a bit early, and greet its residents. They thankfully don't mind your random plans at all and invite you all inside. Some people have already arrived for the meeting. This would probably be a good time to get some things done before everyone else gets here and the alcohol is served.

[x]Give Yukari back to her family.
[x]What is Mokou wearing? A...a skirt??
[x]Now you can finally learn about that Adrian guy!
[x]Share sword techniques with the gardner.
[x]Did you just see green hair around the corner?
[x]This can all wait. Chill with your family.
[x]...Speaking of chill...

You've really only got enough time for one or two, but you may be able to get away with three of these.
>>No. 2393
>[]What is Mokou wearing? A...a skirt??
Probably not a good idea since we're wearing her pants.

>[]Did you just see green hair around the corner?
Well that's not vague.

>[]...Speaking of chill...
Oh goddammit Suika.

[X] Give Yukari back to her family.
At the very least, let them know she's okay.

Since that shouldn't take long:
[X] This can all wait. Chill with your family.
-[X] ...Speaking of chill...
>>No. 2394
[x]Give Yukari back to her family.
[x]What is Mokou wearing? A...a skirt??
[x]This can all wait. Chill with your family.

If possible; I'd like to go into making up for the wrong doings we've kinda done. The first is more like making up with Ran and Chen.
>>No. 2395
[x]This can all wait. Chill with your family.
[x]...Speaking of chill...
>>No. 2396
[x]Give Yukari back to her family.
-[x]Notify her that she'll be coming with you later since she's your hat(duhh)
[x]This can all wait. Chill with your family.
[x]...Speaking of chill...

No way I'm giving Mini Yukari to anybody else. The hat is mine.
>>No. 2397
[x]Give Yukari back to her family.
-[x]Notify her that she'll be coming with you later since she's your hat(duhh)
[x]This can all wait. Chill with your family.
[x]...Speaking of chill...
>>No. 2398
[x]Give Yukari back to her family.
-[x]Notify her that she'll be coming with you later since she's your hat(duhh)
[x]This can all wait. Chill with your family.
[x]...Speaking of chill...
>>No. 2400
File 12859980165.jpg - (206.71KB, 1074x1517, b21e6a41dfa4e0a2352b2025a1567f8a8b7eabcc.jpg) [iqdb]
Shame you didn't pick the green hair choice. You might've met Mima.

[x]Give Yukari back to her family.
-[x]Notify her that she'll be coming with you later since she's your hat
[x]This can all wait. Chill with your family.
[x]...Speaking of chill...

There's likely not a lot of time until you have to start the meeting, so you best spend it wisely. And how better to use one's time than with familial matters? You approach Ran and Chen, who scowl at you before noticing the small person on your head waving to them. You lift her off your noggin and hand her to Ran and reunite Yukari with her loving family. Before you leave them be you remind Yukari that she's still in your party and your hat, and will have to stay with you after this meeting's over.

With that out of the way, you go back to your own family. Quite the mix you four are, too. An average-looking youkai, a white wolf tengu, and two young humans from another world altogether. None of that matters though, you still love all three of them.

You sit with them and pass the time with pointless chatter. Momiji wants to rebuild your treehouse sometime and move out there. You understand why, since the air feels unnaturally natural compared to Youkai Mountain's. The girls on the other hand just want to spend some time with dear old dad. As much as you hate to say it, you tell them that it'll have to wait for a while. You figure you should get them a gift or something though. Maybe some kind of head accessory? But Penelope already has a cute ribbon. So what can you get her?

You're suddenly distracted by a drop in temperature. Almost fearing the worst, you flip around to face the source. A young familiar ice fairy hovers in front of you. You think this might be a joke from Suika but realize that Cirno may have some valuable information. Indeed, this is the reason she came to you just now. You tell her to wait until you start the meeting proper, which won't be long from now at all.


A lot was accomplished, and yet the opposite is just as true. Everyone now knows about the threat to their lives thanks to Yuuka showing up as a ghost. You got some essential information from Yukari and Cirno, and even got a name for the clone (Chiri, thought of by Cirno herself). Unfortunately, and this almost makes the whole thing worthless, no one can agree on what to do. Yuyuko's power won't work due to Yukari's meddling, an equal number of people are lobbying for fighting and diplomacy, and everyone just really wants a drink. Seems it's up to you to get anything meaningful out of this after all.

[x]Diplomacy, ladies, is the key to victory.
[x]This will only end in violence, so let's skip the rest and get it over with. (Write in a strategy if you want)
[x]This is Yukari's fault. She should be thinking of something, not you!
[x]Forget it, let the booze flow and deal with it later along with your hangover.
>>No. 2402
>Shame you didn't pick the green hair choice. You might've met Mima.

Really? My first suspect was Yuuka

[x]Diplomacy, ladies, is the key to victory.
-[x]Use Tongue of Scarlet
>>No. 2403
>Shame you didn't pick the green hair choice. You might've met Mima.

Really? My first suspect was Yuuka

[x]Diplomacy, ladies, is the key to victory.
-[x]Use Tongue of Scarlet
>>No. 2404
Again, it happened again. Again please ignore 1 post.
>>No. 2405
[x]Diplomacy, ladies, is the key to victory.
-[x] Equip Diplomatic Immunity, Use Tongue of Scarlet.

By the way, why'd you change your name? It was Raffleasia in the last thread, cut now it's Chrysanthemum.
>>No. 2406
[x]Diplomacy, ladies, is the key to victory.
-[x] Equip Diplomatic Immunity, Use Tongue of Scarlet.
>>No. 2407
To be honest it could've just been Sanae.

It's autumn here so I chose an autumn flower because autumn's my favorite season. No other reason, really, and I'll probably switch back later.

Also, the vote was just for what you'd do about Chiri but the write-in part seems like I conveyed it as "stop the (very minor)arguing". But now I'm not sure which one I want to write, so I'll ask you:

[x]Yeah, it was for Chiri
[x]It's for the arguments
[x]Just vote again

Sorry, but confused writefag is confused.
>>No. 2408
I don't know about the others, but for me, It was:

[X] Yeah, it was for Chiri.

You probably would have had him activate the ability anyway (Trying to be diplomatic without using diplomatic immunity?), but better safe than sorry. Using it to stop the current argument seems like a good idea too though.
>>No. 2409
[X] Yeah, it was for Chiri.
>>No. 2410
[x]Yeah, it was for Chiri
>>No. 2411
File 128609109231.png - (684.12KB, 1200x818, 18417b435bc4628008d396a2948a4a423d92dfdc.png) [iqdb]
[x]Diplomacy, ladies, is the key to victory.

You slam your hand firmly on the table. Everyone looks to you questioningly. You inform that nobody at this meeting is some kind of barbarian. All of you have magnificent intellect and charisma, some of you moreso. This situation should be handled in a way that shows this.

It's only one woman, after all. And as shown by Cirno, she's willing to listen to at least some people. So surely she can be convinced to stop this senseless murder! You just need someone to talk to her. No one volunteers, nor do the volunteer another. They simply keep staring at you, except with renewed vigor. As if they expected you to do it.


You ask Remilia. She reminds you that you've already surpassed her in charisma. Someone like her who can get so flustered over a simple misunderstanding wouldn't stand a chance in an actually dangerous situation. You honestly never expected that to bite you in the ass.

You try Yukari this time. This is her fault anyway! But no, even she has a counter. Not only is she in a weakened and thus much more vulnerable state, not only does she have no control whatsoever over her own creation, but you could simply repeat your clever ruse and hope for similar results. No go there, either.

Yeah, this is hopeless. You give up and agree to be the diplomat. With that, all the business of the evening is over and the alcohol is finally brought out. And there was much rejoicing and merrymaking.


Again, drunkenness and debauchery everywhere. Normally you wouldn't mind, maybe even welcoming it, but there are young children here. Your young children! Luckily Momiji, anticipating this, took the kids and went off with Sanae, neither of them liking to drink so much. Unfortunately that kind of left you with nothing to do.

[x]Go bother Mokou about her skirt.
[x]Spend time with your family. And Sanae you guess.
[x]Step outside for some air. Alcohol only smells good for so long.
-[x]Maybe bring someone along?
-[x]You could use some alone time.

If you need a list of who's all there, you need but ask.
>>No. 2412
>a list of who's all there

>>No. 2413
[x]Go bother Mokou about her skirt.
>>No. 2414
Really should've done this earlier, really.
Cirno, Sakuya, Remilia, Youmu, Yuyuko, Alice, Reimu, Marisa, Yukari, Ran, Chen, Suika, Kaguya, Eirin, Mokou, Yuuka, Sikieiki, Satori, Yuugi, Hijiri, Murasa, and of course the Moriyas and your own family.

Now that I think about it, that must be one big shrine. Oh well, plot space/time hax/deus ex/etc.
>>No. 2415
[x]Go bother Mokou about her skirt.
-[x] Compliment her but work out a time where you can return the pants.
-[x] Ask about whoever made them.
>>No. 2416
[x]Go bother Mokou about her skirt.
-[x] Compliment her.
-[x] Ask about whoever made them.
>>No. 2417
[x]Step outside for some air. Alcohol only smells good for so long.
Quiet contemplation before the mission. Plus this is clearly the random encounter option.
>>No. 2418
Lots of work to do, so leaving voting open a bit longer. Updates when I write them.

Definitely not waiting for a certain vote, no sir.
>>No. 2419
[x]Step outside for some air. Alcohol only smells good for so long.
>>No. 2422
[x]Step outside for some air. Alcohol only smells good for so long.
>>No. 2423
File 128621820750.png - (340.39KB, 480x640, e4f1213731e05781ece9ef92567ff3cc89fdd93c.png) [iqdb]
I believe it's pretty obvious I was lying. It was only a moderate amount of work that, in the end, was but another exercise in futility.

Not all that random, actually.

[x]Step outside for some air. Alcohol only smells good for so long.
-[x]You could use some alone time. (It was tied so I flipped for it.)

You could stand to get away from the alcohol fumes for a while. Upon reaching the door, you turn and glance at Mokou. She fidgets a bit with her dress and glares at you, then your pants, then you again. You whisper a small apology and leave.

The moonlit view from here is amazing. You can see the tengu and kappa's homes, the Human Village, both forests, the Scarlet Devil Mansion, pretty much all of Gensokyo. All in a wonderful pale silver light. The only thing marring this night is the cold air.

Which, for that matter, keeps getting colder.

You call Chiri out on her failed sneak attack. She corrects you, as it wasn't an attack this time. She'd also like to know why you didn't use your advantage to attack her. Stunned by her sudden use of complete sentences, you take a minute to answer. You don't want to attack her, even if she's trying to kill you. You'd much prefer that she follow everyone's example and just be friends with the people of Gensokyo.

She looks a bit confused by your words and states that dream's impossibility. She tells you she was made to kill strong enemies, but that contradicts what Yukari said. Is one of them lying to you? Your face becomes much more serious and you ask her to elaborate.

She notes your change in demeanor and looks away, muttering about saying too much. You attempt to extract the information through diplomatic means, but feel something cold and moist on your torso. You look down. Where there was once your heart, there is now a gaping hole in your chest. The blood is dripping out onto your shirt. You really should stop letting your guard down around this girl.

You start to feel dizzy, both from the sight and decreased blood flow. Anything involving movement is out of the question, but you might be able to manage a few words before you lose consciousness.

[x]Ask if she likes the name "Chiri"
[x]Tell her how foolish she is
[x]Announce your intentions
[x]Say nothing
>>No. 2424
[X] Ask if she likes the name "Chiri".

What are our intentions anyway?
>>No. 2425
[x]Ask if she likes the name "Chiri"
>>No. 2426
[x]Ask if she likes the name "Chiri"
>>No. 2427
File 128629994657.jpg - (141.19KB, 1024x640, beep.jpg) [iqdb]
Unless you guys change it later, it's simply to convince Chiri to stop her crusade.

[x]Ask if she likes the name "Chiri"

You guess this is your own fault, suddenly getting more serious and all. She was a lot more talkative this time though, so maybe you're actually making progress. But for that to happen, she'll need to know something first. You tell her that you all named her Chiri and ask if she likes it. If she replied, you didn't see or hear it. You faded out shortly after your statement.

Fully expecting to see Komachi's laid-back visage, you're caught off-guard by the overwhelming darkness of your new location. You can see nothing at all, there are no sounds or scents. Only feeling and taste remain useful, the latter being the most surprising. The Sanzu area's air had a mixed taste of water and death. The air here, if it's even air, has something unidentifiable, something stimulating your own primal sense of fear.

You decide not to dwell on it, lest the fear trap you here. You start walking. You don't know where you'll end up or what you'll find, but finding something here would have to be better than wandering in this lonesome place. At least, you hope that's the case.

After a while of this wandering, you bump into something. You reach out and touch it, feeling some scaly pseudo-flesh material. The thing you touched touches you back. The area of contact begins to illuminate, slightly blinding you. Your eyes have to adjust to even the dim light this thing gives off. Your eyes adjust and you can finally see your neighbor. You think you can hear something, but if anything it's your mind breaking.


From the sounds of things, the "meeting" has calmed down. Penelope fell asleep a long time ago, and Sofia's playing some Outside game with Sanae. This would be good time to spend with your mate. You leave the room with the intent of finding him.

The main room reeks heavily of booze and debauchery. His scent is barely a trace here, which you suppose is a good thing. It just means more looking around. You check a side room or two, before determining that he went outside for the beautiful view. You work your way back to the front door and open it.

It's a bit dark out, the clouds having covered the moon. You see Ezio's form lying down off a ways away. As you start to approach, you catch the familiar smell of blood. You rush over to his body and see the pool of blood and the large hole in his chest.


Vague happenings and more vague choices!
>>No. 2428
Voting at random.
>>No. 2429
[X] Ally
>>No. 2430
[X] Ally
>>No. 2431
>>No. 2432
File 128634211058.jpg - (518.08KB, 849x815, sample_223293caf5767260d25bcc81c542bb0fcbe339c6.jpg) [iqdb]

Don't freak, don't freak. There's plenty of people inside that can help. One in particular happens to be in your party right now. And if the lingering frost on the ground is any indication, she's indirectly responsible for this.

You march back into the shrine and find the diminished form of the boundary youkai. You pull her from her (no-doubt comfortable) resting spot atop Ran's bosom and bring her to to eye level. You explain the situation to her and demand she do something about it, almost baring your fangs at the woman. She tells you to calm down and summons up one of her gaps.

The two of you peer inside. It appears to lead to the Sanzu River, and it's ferrywoman. Yukari asks the woman if Ezio's been by again, but the response she receives is negative. The ferrywoman is thanked and another gap is opened. This one leads to an odd violet space full of disconcerting eyes. Yukari pops her upper body in and looks about for a moment. She suddenly stops and removes herself, looking incredibly pale.

She has for you both good news and bad news. The good: she knows where Ezio's soul is and how to get to it. Unfortunately, that's nothing compared to the bad news: due to Yukari fooling around again, he somehow ended up in a sealed realm with some cosmic horror Yukari came across many years ago.

You resist the exponentially growing urge to throttle the meddlesome little woman floating in front of you. You have to get him out of there somehow, but opening a gap may give the creature enough of a chance to leave. Obviously, this would create even more problems than everyone already has. Very serious problems.

For most lovestruck girls trying to revive their dead boyfriends, this would be a simple decision. You happen to be one of the calm ones, however, and need to think deeply on this. Not too deeply though, there's a soul at stake!

[x]"If you're strong, you can fly, you can reach the other side of the rainbow."
[x]"It's alright, take a chance, 'cause there is no circumstance that you can't handle."
>>No. 2433
I think one choice involves opening the gap to get him out, not sure what the other one does.
>>No. 2434
> Due to Yukari fooling around again
> Something bad to her

This is a rare event! Now if only it did affect the rest of us...


Okay, we need to free a soul without unleashing C'thuhlu.

Write-ins anyone?
>>No. 2435
I think figuring out what the choices mean may be better.
>>No. 2436
[x]"If you're strong, you can fly, you can reach the other side of the rainbow."

Let's see what this does. Still, I'm not condemning anyone about voting other vote.
>>No. 2437
I'm suspecting it's leaving Ezio to get out on his own or such. I'll definitely need time to think on this.
>>No. 2438
>Write-ins anyone?
There is exactly one specific write-in that will ensure absolute success in an awesome way.
>>No. 2439

Does that mean someone should be familiar with the setting? Unfortunately, I'm not one of them.

How about this,
[x] Ask Yukari to persuade her familiar to help.
-[x] In the mean time, ask her to gap and send a reinforcement for Ezio.(Adrian)
[x] Go back inside and ask anyone(who's still sober) to give their assistance as well.
>>No. 2440
Not so much the setting, but rather the choices themselves. There's something I did there and you gotta keep it goin'.

If anyone gets it, I'll immediately write it. Otherwise I'll just pick leading choice/best-looking write-in later.
>>No. 2441
[X] Sonic boom, sonic boom, sonic boom♪

One of the few good games for the Mega-CD.
>>No. 2444
[x]In the dark To the night It's a supersonic flight Got to keep it goin'

Here's my shot at it.
>>No. 2445
[x] My soul and my spirit will go on, for all of eternity

Dragonforce. Love that song.
>>No. 2446
Good job! Writing now. Expect soon-ish.
>>No. 2447
File 128641147355.jpg - (30.71KB, 300x330, badass ring.jpg) [iqdb]
[X]"Through the dark, to the light, it's a supersonic flight! Gotta keep it goin'!"

Just a bit more. You just need to put a bit more force into it and you'll be out of this place. Being simply a soul helps with pulling off completely bullshit things like this, you figure. Suddenly, the resistance is lowered significantly. With one more great push, you're through!

You hear a loud cracking sound, like the shattering of glass. The sudden increase in light causes you to close and shield your eyes for a while. When you open them again and look down, you see the shrine atop Youkai Mountain, along with someone near your corpse staring up at you. Well, probably not you, but rather your buddy here.

Sure, he's an enormous creature with weird claw-hands with twelve fingers that recursively have another hand on each finger. And he's got one huge mouth with eyes where a tongue would be, and pointed tongues instead of teeth. And he's got weird pulsing spikes and the odd prehensile tentacle. But he's really a nice guy, and he knows quite a bit. Like how to revive you and give you awesome powers at the same time!

You tell him that this is the place then jump off onto the ground. Turns out that there were two people, not one. It's an understandably confused Momiji and an awestruck little Yukari. Before they get the chance to ask you anything, you pull your corpse a bit off the ground and signal to your new friend. He swings down and swallows you and your body.

You feel a number of things inside your comrade's belly. Mostly pure, ethereal power and knowledge. As your soul is re-bound to your now healed body, you remind your helpful friend of your agreement.

You climb out of his mouth completely dry, alive and healthy. After the last step, one of his tentacles wraps itself around exposed hand's ring finger. He begins to glow dimly and shrink himself, while the part around your finger grows brighter. Soon the light on your hand is all that remains, the warm feeling changing to that of cool metal. The glowing subsides and you're left with a new silver-black ring, pulsing with the power of the Outer Realm.

Received the Ring of Yg'shak (E)!

Of course, his name is a bit silly in your own languages so you'll just call him Yggy. Your party members are completely dumbstruck. You suppose you would be too, if you just saw someone's soul break through multiple dimensional barriers riding atop a cosmic horror that then resurrected the person and became a new piece of jewelry for them.

Now that you're back, what will you do?

[x]Take Momiji and the girls and go home. This day has gone on long enough.
[x]Stop tuning out Yukari's blabbered incomplete questions and try to answer some.
[x]Go try to find Chiri.
[x]Consult Yggy (About...?)

Now you've got a truly broken piece of equipment! Also, you can now ask Yggy anything at any time.
>>No. 2449
[x]Stop tuning out Yukari's blabbered incomplete questions and try to answer some.

They're both understandable confused and deserve some form of an explanation, atleast.
>>No. 2450
[x]Stop tuning out Yukari's blabbered incomplete questions and try to answer some.

Did we just befriend C'thuhlu?
>>No. 2452
[x]Stop tuning out Yukari's blabbered incomplete questions and try to answer some.
>>No. 2453
[x]Stop tuning out Yukari's blabbered incomplete questions and try to answer some.
>>No. 2455
File 128642344098.jpg - (150.41KB, 800x839, 6207515add796ebb21798fcb297f0156c4cfa6f4.jpg) [iqdb]
[x]Stop tuning out Yukari's blabbered incomplete questions and try to answer some.

You begin to actually pay attention to Yukari. She's just floating there trying to ask you something but failing each time. You kindly ask her to get on with it. She composes herself and starts by asking what the hell just happened.

You're blunt and brief about it. You and Yggy escaped into Gensokyo, then Yggy revived you and became your sweet new bitchin' ring. Yukari, exasperated by your clever avoidance, clarifies with a "how". You explain that you two used the modifications made to your soul to forge a bridge to Gensokyo. Of course, this just raises the question of how you knew about those. Why, Yggy told you that.

Instead of the question you expected, she finally asks just what went on in that prison of hers. Quite a bit happened, in fact. You learned a lot from Yggy in that dark place where time flows much more slowly. After a while figuring out the tongues of the Ancient Ones, you were finally able to converse with the creature that originally frightened you so. You quickly became allies in that void, and taught each other. You would tell stories and discuss philosophies, and Yggy would teach you forbidden knowledge and powerful dark magics.

Sadly, you cannot make use of most of this in your body at this moment. Because of the dangers to yourself, and of course the world, many of the things you learned are blocked from your body's mind. For instance, you could currently only manage to create a weak shield from ambient magical energy as opposed to creating your own dark void similar to the one you were just trapped in. You'll probably remember it all once you've properly died though.

Yukari seems slightly dissatisfied, but leaves it at that and expresses relief that you're safe. Momiji, who'd been standing there confused as all hell, just turns to Yukari and flicks her, sending the small woman careening off a short ways. She then turns to you and bops you on the head a few times. She doesn't understand anything that just happened but is more than happy that you're not dead. You both share a loving hug and kiss before being interrupted by Mini-Yukari lazily floating up to you and complaining.

The three of you sit outside and enjoy the night air for a bit before deciding to call it a night. Yukari returns to her previous resting spot and you follow Momiji into the room she and the girls had been occupying. There are already some futons laid out, one being taken by your adorable daughters cuddled up to each other. Not wanting to disturb such a scene, you and your beloved wolf just take your places on either side of them.

Plans for tomorrow?
[x]Searching for Chiri
[x]Shopping day
[x]Converse with Yggy
[x]Try to reach some blocked memories
[x]Meet with Patchouli
>>No. 2458
[x]Shopping day
-[x]While converse with Yggy
[x]Meet with Patchouli

Perhaps Patchouli could help us on reclaiming our magic/memories back.
>>No. 2462
[x]Shopping day
[X]Converse with Yggy
[x]Meet with Patchouli
[x]Look for Chiri
>>No. 2463
[x]Shopping day
-[x]While converse with Yggy
[x]Meet with Patchouli
>>No. 2480
[x]Shopping day
-[x]While conversing with Yggy
[x]Meet with Patchouli

As much as I'd like to be hax killed again by Chiri, let's hold off on that and spend some time with the family and Yggy and see if we can get Patchouli to help us out.
>>No. 2482
Mid-terms this week, so it'll probably be a few days more before I update. You have my apologies.
>>No. 2483
No worries, a good fan can wait.
>>No. 2499
No worries. Besides, I also got finals next week for 1st semester. So need to take break from reading..
>>No. 2500
File 128703724480.jpg - (241.40KB, 950x610, f2f524f09520126f5961a0205863130a84658370.jpg) [iqdb]
This went through so many versions I nearly gave up.

[x]Shopping day
-[x]While converse with Yggy
[x]Meet with Patchouli

You wake up in one big huddle-cuddle of love. Luckily for you, that description cannot be misconstrued in any way! That aside, you have plans for today. Wonderful, happy plans that don't involve crazy temperature-related deaths or creatures of the Outer Realm. Okay, maybe a little of that last one. Either way, you wake up your family and share your plan with them. They all respond positively.

You tell them to meet you outside as you change out of your damaged clothes. Now sporting your fancy black outfit, all you need is your hat. You walk into the main room and find it resting on Ran's generous chest. You attempt to awaken her with less than favorable results, so you just plop her on your head and go on your way. Good thing the party shares all funds, 'cause you're pretty much broke yourself.

You step outside and gather your family. Sure, you can't gap there since Yukari won't wake up, but that just means you get to enjoy the flight there. You lift Sofia up from behind. After securing her and your hat, with Momiji doing the same, you leave for the village. You and Momiji manage to pull off a few tricks on the way, even switching passengers a few times. You actually lost your hat after one of the more stylish ones, but you were able to catch her with a stylish finish. Landing in the village, you're a bit amazed to find the boundary youkai still asleep. Oh well, her loss.

Actually, isn't this the girls' first time here? This works out well for you. You ask Momiji to show the two around and meet you at Alice's shop. You've got a few things to take care of. Namely, finding that old woman that made your clothes. You pass through a few alleys and eventually make it to the modest shop on the village's edge. You go to open the door but hear what is clearly the shouting of a very unamused firefly from within.

If she's here it can only mean she's been bothering the old lady again. Does the silk really bother her that much? The arguing soon turns to threats from the little youkai. You enter, stopping Wriggle from saying anything else out of nervousness.

[x]Try to convince Wriggle to leave the woman alone.
[x]Surely the two of them can reach some sort of compromise.
[x]Ignore all that and give the woman your shirt. This is Family day, not Hero day.

I decided to split up the choice. Constantly revising stuff when not studying or being distracted is for the birds.
>>No. 2502
[X] Try to convince Wriggle to leave the woman alone.
-[X] Nicely.
>>No. 2503
[X] Surely the two of them can reach some sort of compromise.

I bet Yggy is enjoying the ride.
>>No. 2504
[X] Surely the two of them can reach some sort of compromise.
>>No. 2510
File 128718154772.jpg - (567.40KB, 1200x1500, 18b4af40d09c03977d147dea4d39d7586b496786.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Surely the two of them can reach some sort of compromise.
(Wait, where'd that space come from? Did someone actually type up the choice instead of copying it?)

This is stupid. Wriggle doesn't need to keep bothering this kind old woman. Really now, all of this conflict over a bunch of moth larvae? Hey, wait...

Wriggle can control insects, right? Then the answer to this was obvious all along and one (or both) of them was just being stubborn. With your new plan, you grab Wriggle and put her next to the old tailor. She tries to get away but you keep her in place. She's going to hear you out whether she likes it or not.

You suggest the two of them working together, since it'd solve the main problem here. Of course, the firefly won't hear anything you have to say if it's about working with humans. Such stubbornness would be kind of cute normally, but right now it's just annoying. You try to explain she could just convince the worms to make the silk themselves, and not only would the worms be alive, but the old woman could still run her shop. It's a perfect combination!

Good, she's actually considering it. But she'll probably still say no. From the few times you've seen her in the shop she seemed the type to dislike humans greatly. That's why it's so surprising when the action that changes her mind is from the old woman. After fishing around behind the counter, she pulled out a nice cape similar to Wriggle's own slightly tattered one.

The firefly is visibly touched, and timidly accepts the gift. She agrees to help the woman but is being pretty tsun about it. But with that out of the way, you ask the woman to fix up your shirt like she normally does. As always, you pay in advance and leave her, and her new assistant, to their work.

Man, helping out made you feel better but it sapped up a lot of your time. You stand outside the building and sigh to yourself. A "sound" vaguely resembling laughter enters your head. It must by Yggy! So he thinks this is funny, does he!?

Your mental argument with a piece of jewelry is interrupted by something soft and moist sliding across your chin. You do a quick 180 to face your...attacker?

Suddenly, eggplant-flavored karakasa winking at and greeting you. Dammit, what's with all these distractions?

[x]Continue to be distracted
[x]Just take her with you. You can introduce her to everyone.
[x]Ask her to go away.
>>No. 2515
[X] Just take her with you. You can introduce her to everyone.

Our daughters could use a big sister.
>>No. 2516
[x] >>2515
>>No. 2517
[X] Just take her with you. You can introduce her to everyone.

Gotta keep adding to the family.
>>No. 2522
File 128725041359.jpg - (206.03KB, 600x843, 671be235b047d4eaf078c91f4d9470810aebe037.jpg) [iqdb]
Good thing I already anticipated and outlined that ending.

[X] Just take her with you. You can introduce her to everyone.

You don't really have time to deal with Kogasa right now. But leaving her here would be inconsiderate, since you promised to play with her. But did she have to pop up today? Oh whatever, you'll just drag her along.

You grab the umbrella and hoist it over your shoulder, avoiding its tongue. Then you start walking toward Alice's shop. Kogasa runs ahead of you to block your path and demand her umbrella back. You were hoping she'd just follow behind you and complain, not make this take even longer. You don't want to shove her or anything, so you just hoist her over your other shoulder. She squirms and struggles a bit, but gives up after a while. Right before you reach the shop, actually.

Opening the door took quite a bit of mental effort, trying to find a way to turn the knob while carrying a girl and a sentient umbrella. You eventually settled for making Yggy open it, something he points out that you should've done at first. You enter to find many, many customers. Quite the shocking sight, since the last time you came in it was empty.

Through the somewhat dense crowd you can see Momiji chatting with Alice, Penelope playing with Shanghai, and Sofia browsing the goods. You put down Kogasa and give back her umbrella, then lead her over to Momiji. She and Kogasa introduce themselves to each other while Alice thanks you for something. You're not sure what you did for her, but just accept it since it's always good to be a help.

Oh wait, you still need to get a gift for everyone! You ask Alice if she could make something for your three wonderful ladies. She agrees to it without any coercion, and is doing it free of charge as well! How lucky of you that you helped her with whatever it is she needed help with.

Alice goes to the back room. She takes Shanghai, much to the annoyance of Penny. You look over and see the girls playing with Kogasa and her umbrella instead. Maybe later you should see if she wants to stay with you all.

With your family's time being occupied, you decide to bother your cold metal ally. Topic of the day: releasing your memories. Try as you might, Yggy refuses to give them back. You attempt to plead your case multiple times but he shoots them down each time. You almost throw the ring in disgust, but Hourai pops up with three drawings. A simple looking blue beret, a frilly red ribbon, and some overly elaborate piece of cloth you lack the vocabulary to describe accurately. You guess this is for Sofia. Which one should she wear, though?

[x] Beret
[x] Ribbon
[x] Other thing
>>No. 2523
[x] Ribbon
>>No. 2524
[x] Beret
>>No. 2526
[x] Ribbon
>>No. 2548
More apologies, Anon. I recently got my Xbox back and have been playing Vesperia. Updates tomorrow or bust.
>>No. 2552
File 128781706779.jpg - (485.07KB, 770x1000, d42ba2c06f062002531494a189df8bd88354768b.jpg) [iqdb]
Damn, missed by a few hours. Oh well. Here's a thing, at any rate.

[x] Ribbon

You point to the picture of the ribbon and Hourai returns to the back. You almost go follow her, but you're interrupted by a stirring atop your head. Seems the woman's finally awake! And you have the perfect way to greet her. You pull Kogasa over and ask to borrow her umbrella. She hands it to you, and you place it so that its eye is directly in front of Yukari's face.

You hear a yawn, but nothing else happens happens for a bit. Then suddenly your hat removes herself from your head with a startling screech of surprise. Everyone except her laughs at your ingenious prank, and you hand the karakasa her other half.

Yukari sits on the ground stammering a bit before noticing you and vowing to get her revenge one day. You don't really care because that reaction was well worth it. You do, however, promise to pay her back for it later.

Soon Alice returns with her new creations in tow. She's carrying a cute and kinda fancy violet shirt with a white skirt for Penelope, that nice ribbon you picked out, and a small box she gives to Momiji. It's really quite amazing how quickly she works.

You thank her for her time and effort and gather up your family plus one. You note that Momiji's been sporting a bit of a blush since she got her gift. That box is certainly something to investigate later. As for now, you should continue this half-baked playdate. You get to skip the daunting task of brainstorming though. Kogasa mentions her hunger, which is shared by everyone else including yourself.

Well, there you go! Your next obvious goal: food.

[x] And you smell fish.
[x] And chicken.
[x] And...toast??
[x] Go ask Alice about a place to eat around here.
[x] The Scarlets would probably like some company.

In case you're wondering, the headwear option did have plot significance. Maybe.
>>No. 2553
[x] And you smell fish.
[x] And chicken.
[x] And...toast??

For some reason, I read these three choices and can't help but to pick these three altogether. Like there were made for each other.
>>No. 2554
[x] And you smell fish.
[x] And chicken.
[x] And...toast??

Haha, scaring mini-Yukari is fun!
>>No. 2555
File 128794853762.png - (649.94KB, 1000x706, 03e3e86c84cbdde5d2e3c9f83d66bbf067f36322.png) [iqdb]
Short update is short. Next one will be longer, but for now I got a program to write.

[x] And you smell fish.
[x] And chicken.
[x] And...toast??

Luckily for you and your family, the smell of food is quite strong. That means the actual food can't be too far. You ask everyone to follow you as you follow your nose. It's not long before you find the source, either. It's some kind of double grill stand with a familiar night sparrow and a familiar immortal. And right inbetween the two is the ghost of your original target, Yuuka.

Curious, you make your way through the crowd in front and ask what's going on. Yuuka ignores you and Mokou of course just glares at you. Mystia, kind and lovely Mystia, she's the one to explain. She and Mokou wanted a contest to see who's stand would sell better. Yuuka heard about it and offered her help in the form of toast. Thus, toasted fish and chicken sandwiches.

Mystia also pulls you a bit closer to whisper in your ear. You and everyone with you gets a discount, hooray! Unfortunately for her, Yuuka managed to hear that and told Mokou, who offers to give you your food for free if you give her pants back. Otherwise she'll just hunt you down for them later. Decisions, decisions.

[x] Accept Mystia's deal. You still like/need those pants.
[x] Give up the pants.
[x] Show Kogasa how to surprise people! Take both deals at once! Fish-chicken-toast is GO!
[x] Forget it, you're not going to help along their little feud.
[x] There's some metal thing back there behind the cart. It looks like a freezer.
>>No. 2556
[x] There's some metal thing back there behind the cart. It looks like a freezer.

ADD option
>>No. 2557
[X] Give up the pan-
-[X] There's some metal thing back there behind the cart. It looks like a freezer.
--[X] I'm sorry, what were we talking about?
>>No. 2558
[x] Give up the pants.
-[x] Ask who made them so you can get a pair of your own.

Let's just give them back already.
>>No. 2559
File 128801623435.gif - (52.94KB, 429x281, hdf_370_large_____57273.gif) [iqdb]
Maybe next time?

[x] There's some metal thing back there behind the cart. It looks like a freezer.

Just as you're about to make your order, you see some sort of contraption a ways behind the cart. It looks like a short, wide metal case, like that 'freezer' Yukari had in her house. Your mystification is broken by some guy behind you. He taps your shoulder and asks you to get on with it. You do just that.

You tell Mystia and Mokou that you'll be right back (and ask them to serve your family, of course) while you work your way back out of the crowd and over behind the cart. Yukari wonders where you're going since it's obviously not getting her food. You just point at the freezer, telling her you're going to inspect it. She chuckles a bit and leaves you to your own devices.

You reach the object and confirm that it is indeed a freezer. It only reaches up to your knees, with a lid attached to it by some hinges. You think you can smell something inside, but every time you try to focus on it you just pick up the cart's smells instead. You put your hand on the lid. It's cold, but it gives you a weird feeling.

Yggy decides to speak up at this point. He says there's something off about the freezer. You ask Yukari about it and she's feeling the same way. She tries to open a gap inside of it but finds out she can't. This is quite disconcerting for the both of you.

Yggy is of equal help, as his abilities are inferior to the concealment power of this increasingly interesting freezer. It's a little bothersome to know that the two most broken creatures in Gensokyo have been defeated by some machine's magical defense. Neither of their methods have worked which only leaves one conclusion. This isn't a freezer, but a treasure chest!

Yukari bops you on the head for that. She says it's just an ordinary enchanted freezer but Yggy's not so sure. Anything that can hold up to an Ancient's powers probably shouldn't exist. Despite his wisdom, you're leaning toward Yukari's reasoning. And you'd really like to at least know what the hell's in there...

[x] Open it.
[x] Don't open it.

Makin' updates while wearin' my hat, oh yeah.
>>No. 2560
[x] Open it.

This couldn't possibly have any negative consequences whatsoever.
>>No. 2561
[X] Open it.

We have a broken powers hat and a broken powers ring. Whatever is in there may help us in finishing our Broken Powers outfit. Which we will the use to go have tea with the Dragon God.
>>No. 2562
[x] Don't open it.

Token sensible vote.
>>No. 2563
inb4 Cirno
>>No. 2564
[x] Open it.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, I say.
>>No. 2565
File 128806225246.png - (94.26KB, 350x350, oh ho.png) [iqdb]
I'd tip my Hat to you, but I'm not wearing it right now.

[X] Open it.

Alright! All you have to do is focus on the freezer and it'll all be fine. Whatever delicious treasures it's hiding will be yours and no one can say otherwise! You put your hands on the edge of the lid and push up. It's surprisingly stuck fast, but after a bit of effort you pry it open and peer inside.

Your eyes meet another pair, two big red orbs belonging to a small body. A young blond girl in red, with cat ears and matching tail stares up at you. Isn't this Remilia's sister, Flandre? But then, why the ears and tail? And where are her wings?

As you're contemplating everything wrong with this picture, she reaches out to you and starts meowing with the brightest smile on her face. O gods, you're not sure how long you can stand to look at it yet you can't look away. Luckily a warm wet feeling on your head drives you to divert your attention. You tap your finger to where you felt the feeling and bring it back to in front of you. It's red.

Flandre's magnificent attack is more effective on Yukari than you! She tries to jump in the freezer but you grab her and hold her down on your head. The struggling is very uncomfortable, but it's better than making an enemy of the mansion because you couldn't control your headwear.

Somehow keeping some common sense despite that beautiful golden tail sliding about and teasing you, you close the freezer. Comprehending what you just saw is far beyond anything you could manage. You consult Yggy, who's just as confused by it. You decide to make sure it wasn't just a shared hallucination.

You open the freezer again. There's no Flan cat this time, instead replaced by a white puff ball that resembles a small cloud. This time you can't help yourself and reach down to touch it. It's quite cool and soft, and makes an adorable 'myon' noise every time you poke it. It floats out and plays with you for a little while before dashing back into the freezer, making it close. Ignoring Yukari's wonderment at seeing "Youmu's other half", whatever that means, you quickly open the freezer back up a third time.

What awaits you now is once again different. An orange, simplistic doll lies there, staring out with the lifeless eyes one would expect. It's vaguely fox-shaped, probably of a young kitsune judging by the two tails. There's no discernable reason for the red gem attached to its head by a small metal rod. Upon closer inspection, you notice that the doll is lined with what must be some kind of metal skeleton. Is it some kind of robot then? At any rate, it's starting to creep you out just being there.

[x] Pocket it. Someone might be able to do something with it.
[x] You don't feel right being near that thing. Close the freezer, but ask Yukari to keep it in her gap space or something.
[x] Slam the lid down immediately and run back to the cart!!

As for that sandwich...
[x] Mystia: 1/2 off
[x] Mokou: Pants instead of money
[x] Both: throw em for a loop.
[x] Neither: Just pay for your party's/family's meals and leave.
[x] Toasty!
>>No. 2566
[x] Pocket it. Someone might be able to do something with it.

As for that sandwich...
[x] Toasty!

You're teasing me, aren't you? Cat Flandre and Myon. Well, be happy 'coz I got diabetes now thanks to your powerful moe~ infection.
>>No. 2567
>>No. 2571
[x] You don't feel right being near that thing. Close the freezer, but ask Yukari to keep it in her gap space or something.
[x] Mystia: 1/2 off
[x] Toasty!

I like and yet fear the idea of Mokou coming for her pants, but hey, we need em!
>>No. 2572
[x] Slam the lid down immediately and run back to the cart!!

It's the Tails Doll! Bad news for sure!

As for that sandwich...
[x] Mokou: Pants instead of money.
>>No. 2573
[x] Slam the lid down immediately and run back to the cart!!
[x] Mystia: 1/2 off
[x] Toasty!
>>No. 2574
File 128810100959.jpg - (36.24KB, 400x300, the delaware.jpg) [iqdb]

Bah, stupid doll. You've got no use for it, so you should just leave weird things where you got them. You put the lid back down and start on your way, but...

Nope, the temptation is just too great. You turn right back around and open the thing back up. You see a mirror image of yourself staring back at you. Reaching down to the bottom of the freezer you see that it's just an actual mirror. Well, that's not interesting at all. Maybe if you do this a few times you'll find something as amazing as a Flan Cat!

Door goes down, door goes up! You peek in and find seven finely cut gems of various colors. The massive energy these things are emitting could be felt by a small child, you're sure. It goes without saying that this is your treasure.

Obtained 7 Chaos Emeralds!

Oh, this is getting pretty fun. And you're finding awesome things now! You close and reopen the freezer again. This time it's just a garment made of some odd material. It looks like it might be waterproof. Perhaps it's good for swimming in? It looks about Sofia's size too. Guess who just got another present!

Obtained School Swimsuit!

You can't get enough of this. Close and open! A huge bag full of small soft sweets. The writing on the front says "Marshmallows". You have no idea what a mallow is, and it's odd to make any kind of food from a marsh, but the things are good so you don't care.

Again, again! You realize that you're just like a little kid with a brand new toy. But that means nothing in the way of discovery! This time you find what appears to be a bunch of giant keys. Only a few look like they actually fit any kind of lock. The rest look like over-stylized weapons with a vaguely key-like shape. Bad haul this time, but you can always try again!


It's been an hour since you started this. You wonder why your family never came to get you, but you guess they had something else to do. You can always catch up with them later, after all. Plus this thing's starting to get a bit boring. You'll only open it one last time. And what do you find this time? A man in some heavy duty combat armor, pointing some odd weapon you've never seen before at you. He shouts something about some guy named Charlie and suddenly the weapon fires many pieces of metal into your skull. The suddenness of the attack throws you off balance and you fall, dropping all of your things in the process.

The weird man snatches up the gems and you can feel their power flowing into him. His brown mullet becomes long, straight and blond. His weapons double in number, size, and likely power as well. It really starts getting crazy once he and all of his things begin burning brightly for whatever reason. He takes to the air, flying around firing flaming exploding chainsaw katana fists from what you think might be a gun. Then you died, for good this time.

The man proceeded to fly across Gensokyo, laying waste to everything he could see all while chanting "U! S! A!" at the top of his lungs. Not a soul, neither fairy nor youkai nor ghost could stand up to his awesome patriotic might. Even the Dragon God was helpless but to succumb to his foreign will. And so, Gensokyo and all it encompassed and stood for was no more. To this day, the man can still be heard across the globe, wherever there is a lack of moral decency and democracy. One need merely call his name, he will bring judgment upon the heathens.

What? His name? Oh, right. It's Admiral Captain Commander General George Washington, creator of America and second most badass president of all time.



Sorry, saw it and I couldn't resist. Real update when my internet stops being shit.
>>No. 2575
Oh yeah, something else while I still have net access.

Let's say that your enemy is darkness itself, in all of its forms. Your armor, sword and shield are all one and the same. What form does it take?

[x] Your eyes
[x] Your hands
[x] Your mind
>>No. 2576

Glad to hear, man. I'm very glad.
>>No. 2577
Forgot to vote:

[x] Your eyes

inb4 acquire Eagle Vision.
>>No. 2579
[x] Your mind
>>No. 2580
[x] Your mind

If your enemy is darkness, you can't count on your eyes or your hands.
>>No. 2581
[x] Your hands

Other two are overdone
>>No. 2582
File 128814651780.jpg - (70.78KB, 400x400, burnt_toast_1.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Slam the lid down immediately and run back to the cart!!
[x] Mystia: 1/2 off
[x] Toasty!

No, this thing should stay here. It should stay here forever. You can feel something from this doll, something dark and cruel. You slam the freezer shut and put the evil thing out of your mind. You hope that no one will ever happen upon that thing again. Just to be safe, you run back to the cart.

Your eyes meet Yuuka's, and she just gives you a knowing smile. Was that her freezer, and does she know what it does?? No, you've got to stop thinking about it. You go around to the front and address Mystia who asks you where you went. You have no idea what she's talking about, you were always right here and nowhere near the weird evil doom gate freezer. She's confused, but accepts your suspiciously specific excuse.

Even through all of the stuff that didn't just happen, you managed to make up your mind. Apologies to Mokou, but she can't have the pants back just yet. You tell Mystia that you'll take her up on that deal of hers if she's still offering. She is, and so what you would've paid is now half! Which, now that you think about it, doesn't really matter because you have all of Yukari's funds at your disposal. Well, whatever.

You give her the money from Yukari's infinite pockets and the both of you order your sandwiches. But a stroke of inspiration hits you. You make sure to tell them that you want yours EXTRA TOASTY. Mystia just looks at you weirdly but complies. Boy, you can't wait! Wait, why does that lamprey look the same as ever? Oh no.

You look over to Yuuka and, sure enough, that bread is EXTRA TOASTY. It looks as hard as a brick. Dammit, how are you supposed to eat that? But you can't just deny it. That'd be seen as being a weak pussy, and you're certainly too manly for that. You have no choice but to accept this challenge!

You are given your sandwich; two juicy grilled lamprey between two crispy blackish brown stones . Now or never. You put the thing to your open mouth and munch down. You were wrong about the toast, it's easily harder than iron. You think you broke one of your teeth, in fact. It takes all of the strength in your jaw to force your teeth through. It feels like your entire mouth's cramping up but you persevere. When you finally get to the delicious lamprey inside, you inwardly sigh in relief. You take it back once you realize that you now have to chew.

Never will a task be too daunting for you! Unfortunately, with the two broken pieces of "toast" bouncing around in your mouth your tongue finally touches them. The taste, oh sweet merciful Shinki the taste. It's like the rotted corpses of the dead charbroiled, bathed in sewage, vomit and feces, then subjected to Okuu's Gigaflare. If it weren't for the lamprey you'd probably be crying like a little bitch and genuflecting in defeat.


Ten long, grueling, tiresome minutes later you finish the sandwich. That had to be the worst experience of your life. Yukari and Yuuka have been laughing at you the entire time, of course. The latter's even offering you all of the EXTRA TOASTY bread you'll ever want, on the house, if you eat one more slice by itself. You should probably go ahead to see Patchouli if you're going to, since it'll be dark soon. But to deny such a blatant challenge from someone that pisses you off so much, and where they're looking so smug? Oh, damned if you do, damned if you don't.

[x] You're not putting yourself through that again. Go on to Patchouli.
[x] Pfft, just one? You can handle plenty more! Youkai of Flowers, do you have enough TOAST?

Hmm, a 2:1:1 split on the other vote. Shall I take the two, or let you guys mull it over? I can give a 'description' of them if you want.
>>No. 2585
> I can give a 'description' of them

>>No. 2588
Eyes: Pierce the immaterial defense (supportive)
Hands: Uncover the hidden truth (offensive)
Mind: Resist the shameless treachery (defensive)

Now to cram for that test.
>>No. 2590

Test? I thought you just finished midterms. That would be stressful if there are more tests.

[x] Your hands

Offense is the best defense. Nuff said.

[x] Pfft, just one? You can handle plenty more!
-[x] But enough, you're full, teeth and gums hurts and got other business to do.
[x] Go on to Patchouli
>>No. 2591
[x] You're not putting yourself through that again. Go on to Patchouli.
>>No. 2594
File 128833135152.jpg - (330.56KB, 600x710, 6f38afa53740bec4c1ef7094a86d770184b34c06.jpg) [iqdb]
Two weeks is apparently enough of a break between tests.

[x] Go on to Patchouli

Her challenge is a simple one, one you could accomplish in no time with no effort. You don't know what you could do with all that EXTRA TOASTY bread, but the prize doesn't matter. It's all about your pride, as a man and as a youkai. Being bested by toast is pretty shameful, after all. So you'll gladly accept this dare!

Just not right now. Shit like that takes some serious preparation, and you should get going anyway.

You bid farewell to the trio and return to your family plus...none, apparently. Momiji passes on Kogasa's message, that she'd like to hang out later. You don't really know how you befriended this girl after pretty much ignoring her all day, but whatever. Better a friend than a kismesisrival or outright enemy. Momiji has something else to say though. She insists on not going to the Mansion, and suggests you don't either. You ask, but she won't tell you anything more than her noticing "a bad scent in the air."

Surprisingly enough, Yukari agrees with this reasoning. She hops off of your head and floats over to the other three ladies. Now, normally you'd consult your conscience about what to do here, but seeing Patch is kind of important. Since it looks like you're going it alone--and with a bare head at that--you ask them to pick up your clothes for you. After telling them how to find the place, you and they part ways. You do wonder what was up with that though.

You fly out of the village, over the forest and lake, and land at the gate. It's already dark, but Meiling looks like she just woke up not too long ago. She sends you on your way without any fuss. When you enter, you seek one of the maids and ask to be led to the library. On the way, you see some orange figure out of the corner of your eye. When you look back you see only the same red walls and fancy decorations, so you ignore it.

You make it to the library and the little fairy goes about her business. It's easier than it probably should be to find the magician; she's sitting right ahead of you reading a book and drinking tea. You call out to her. She takes her time putting the tea and book down, then walking over to you. What is it you want to talk to her about?

[x] Your awesome new friend chilling on your finger.
[x] That weird refrigerator.
[x] The orange doll sitting in her chair.
[x] Profess your undying love to her.

2:1:2! Maybe I'll make some crazy amalgamation of all three.
>>No. 2595
[x] Profess your undying love to her.

[x] Your awesome new friend chilling on your finger.
>>No. 2596
[x] Your awesome new friend chilling on your finger.
>>No. 2597
[x] That weird refrigerator.
>>No. 2598
[x] That weird refrigerator.

I doubt Patchy would know about the ancient ones and something tells me we're gonna get to that doll eventually anyways. Might as well see what's up with the ol' gap fridge.
>>No. 2599
File 128842130140.jpg - (131.41KB, 700x525, 7237f5fe618e0da3619fc882e41b9b5d017038a9.jpg) [iqdb]
Huh, the votes tied while I was writing. Oh well.

[x] Your awesome new friend chilling on your finger.

You look at the very clearly empty chair. You're not even sure why you looked over there in first place. It's quite obvious that there was never anything in it other than Patchouli or some other mansion denizen. You're sure your nervousness is unwarranted, so you push it to the back of your mind and address Patch, who invites you over to the table for some tea.

Koakuma brings you your own cup and you explain to Patchouli all about Yggy. You start with how you appeared in some weird place after dying again (after pausing to explain how that works). Then you describe your exciting escape from that odd dimension, and how you got a new fancy ring out of it.

When you start mentioning all the things you learned and how you can't remember any of it, Patch really perks up. This'll be easier than you thought. Much easier, in fact. She's the one to suggest undoing that seal or whatever it was. She gets up and walks over to one of the many bookcases and starts browsing the spines. After going through almost the entire side, she calls for Koakuma.

They talk for a bit about something, the conversation ending with Patch looking absolutely exasperated. She explains that the book she needs was stolen by Marisa. Not wanting to bother the thieving witch, you ask if there's any other method. She mentions many things hazardous to your health, along with something that makes her start blushing. You know better than to bother with any of those and agree to get the book back. Patchy looks a bit disappointed, but gives you a piece of paper with the name of the book and even a picture. The name's in some weird language you don't understand but easy to identify. You hurry on to the forest.


It was easy to find her once you got there. She was helping Alice out with that huge doll of hers. Like everything involving Marisa, it ended in lasers and explosions. She left before you got a chance to talk to her so you followed her to her house. When you got there she had already gone in. Now you're just standing around outside like an idiot, wondering how to go about this.

[x] Sneak in from the roof.
[x] Knock on the door.
[x] Plow through the wall like some large glass creature that brings relief and joy to thirsty children.
>>No. 2600
[X] Knock on the door.

> [ ] Plow through the wall like some large glass creature that brings relief and joy to thirsty children.

OH YE-no, we can't smash through solid wood. If we still had Yukari, it would be a viable tactic, as we could just gap through the wall. Too bad we don't. Also, I don't think Yggy will do it for us.

Also, we smash through the wall, Marisa's first reaction will be GIANT FUCKING LAZER!

> Like everything involving Marisa, it ended in lasers and explosions.
>>No. 2601
[x] Knock on the door.
>>No. 2602
[x] Sneak in from the roof.

Bah, we are Ezio. We never knock on a door.Except when we visiting Leo
>>No. 2603
File 12884717072.jpg - (855.14KB, 1000x1000, 4548ac047ba2bd8a7e6e1b83abb47f3c5f4cf7c8.jpg) [iqdb]
How useful a gun would be right about now! Too bad there aren't any genius inventor-engineers in Gensokyo. Oh wait.

[x] Knock on the door.

It'll be boring, but the direct approach will probably be best. You knock on the door and wait. And wait. And wait some more. You knock again, thinking she didn't hear you. There's still no response. Maybe it's not too late to get to the roof. You start to inspect that vines all over the house when you finally hear a voice and some footsteps from inside. The steps get louder until they stop and you hear the doorknob turn, along with a greeting to an absent Alice.

The first thing you notice is the towel, still being rubbed against glistening blonde hair. You can tell from all the remaining water that Marisa came up here in a hurry. Her body's even still a bit flushed from what must have been a very enjoyable bath. Being the curious sort, your eyes slowly travel downward. Her breasts are rather small, but bigger than her normal clothing would suggest. You keep yourself from looking any further and just say hello.

At the sound of your voice Marisa looks at you and notes the obvious fact that you are not the puppeteer. The red tint of her face intensifies greatly and the door is slowly closed in your face. There's a lot of faint shuffling and rustling heard from inside. A few minutes later the door opens to reveal a significantly drier Marisa in what must be her nightwear. She invites you in and leads you to a sitting room.

The house is an absolute mess. There're books, trinkets, artifacts, clothes, and all sorts of things everywhere. Sort of makes you wonder if she ever uses that broom of hers for anything other than fighting and flying. When you reach the room you get right down to business and ask her about the book, handing her the paper Patchy gave you. She inspects it for a few seconds and points to a large pile of books in the corner. Looks like you've got a pretty long search ahead of you. You go over and plop down in front of the small hill so you can get started.


It took the better part of an hour, but you finally found it! You hold up the book in triumph as you lay on your back.

Obtained a Weird Daedric Book!

You pocket the thing and go over to say goodbye to Marisa. You notice that she's not the only one there, having been joined by Alice and one of the kappa. Alice is shocked you managed to find what you were looking for and congratulates you, annoying Marisa slightly. The kappa suggests you stay for a while and join their game. It looks like a board game, likely one 'borrowed' from Morichika's shop. You'd like to know more about both the game and the kappa, but you're kind of on a quest here.

[x] Stay awhile and play the game.
[x] Return to Patchouli.
>>No. 2604
[x] Stay awhile and play the game.

We're not really in much of a hurry to return, are we?
>>No. 2605
[x] Return to Patchouli.
-[x] See about stopping by later with the kids; they might enjoy it.

It's better to finish it before getting too sidetracked.
>>No. 2606
[x] Return to Patchouli.
-[x] See about stopping by later with the kids; they might enjoy it.

Good point
>>No. 2607
[x] Return to Patchouli.
-[x] See about stopping by later with the kids; they might enjoy it.
>>No. 2615
File 128862420082.jpg - (428.47KB, 892x1000, b9228d9af8a4fcb04e3a5e083f639412bdf9c5da.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Return to Patchouli.
-[x] See about stopping by later with the kids; they might enjoy it.
(Assuming the add-on to mean coming back with the girls in tow. Please correct me if I'm wrong)

You humbly refuse the offer. You've got somewhere to go, a person to see. You do ask if it'd be alright to come back with some guests. The kappa clams up a bit but Marisa and Alice are alright with it. Alright, nighttime activities are prepared! You say your farewells and leave, completely ignoring the orange doll by the door.

You take your time and enjoy the scenery and fresh evening air. The fairies are all frolicking about like one would expect little fairies to do. The nearly full moon is uncovered, and highlights the forest, lake and mansion wonderfully. Kind of reminds you of what happened just a few nights ago. Odd how much has happened in just one week. You start wondering if Momiji would want to have another go as you approach the mansion.

You wave to Meiling on the way to the door. Entering, you refuse the maid's offer of leading you to the library so you can try to memorize the path yourself. She takes this very well and heads off towards a group of fairies down the hall. Luckily you remember most of the way, and the few turns you forgot are rather obvious.

You push open the door to the library and see Patchouli in that same chair, reading the same book, with that same certain orange doll sitting on the arm of the chair like it belongs there.(Does she even know it's there??) You walk over and hold the book out for her. She puts down the one she was reading, turns to you and takes the book, thanking you. And it seems she didn't know about the doll, since she just knocked it ov- wait, where'd it go?

The little bit of searching you do is ended by the turning of pages and a soft mumbling. Patch is reading through the book looking for that thing she said was in it. After a short while of page-flipping, she settles on one page and starts reading aloud. You can feel a sudden surge of magic as she reads some kind of spell in that weird language. When she finishes, all that magic is poured onto you and then...nothing happens. The magic just dissipates with no effect. What a letdown. And to put the icing on the metaphorical cake, Yggy grabs the book and absorbs it into himself, refusing to return it to either of us.

You facepalm and sigh at your comrade's stubbornness, apologizing to Patch the whole time. When you look up, though, you find her much, much closer to you than she was. Before you can react, she already has a good grip on your arms, pinning them to your sides. Judging by her reddening cheeks, she's probably decided to do that one nonlethal method she spoke of. The only price would be your moral integrity...

[x] Try to wrestle free
[x] Succumb
[x] It's on the bookcase. Looking at you. Staring. Staring...
>>No. 2616
[x] Try to wrestle free

Damn you, fucking doll. I'll ignore you forever!!!
>>No. 2617
[X] Try to wrestle free
-[X] Realize that Yggy is actually helping you by not having you remember the Eldritch secrets locked in your head. Not only would your mortal mind not be able to handle it, but other, less savory types may use it for their own ends, like releasing other Eldritch Abominations that have no qualms with turning humanity (And thus by proxy, everyone in Gensokyo) into a fine paste.
>>No. 2618
[x] Try to wrestle free
>>No. 2620
[x] Try to wrestle free
>>No. 2622
[x] Try to wrestle free
-[x] Ask Yggy on how to deal with that damned doll.
>>No. 2623
[X] Try to wrestle free
-[X] Realize that Yggy is actually helping you by not having you remember the Eldritch secrets locked in your head. Not only would your mortal mind not be able to handle it, but other, less savory types may use it for their own ends, like releasing other Eldritch Abominations that have no qualms with turning humanity (And thus by proxy, everyone in Gensokyo) into a fine paste.
-[X] Ask Yggy on how to deal with that damned doll.

We really need to get Patchy to stop trying to rape us every goddamn time we meet her. That or just stop visiting her. Either or.
>>No. 2624
File 128866492036.png - (476.44KB, 800x800, 7600e9257046005793165e4137c91b07132f40dc.png) [iqdb]
Are you ignoring the elephant because it's pink, because it's an elephant, or because it's in the room?

In her defense, the first time she was just aggressively trying to seduce you. This time, well...

[x] Try to wrestle free
-[x] Ask Yggy on how to deal with that damned doll.

Getting out of this is your main priority. The strength this frail magician has was pretty surprising, but you can easily overpower it. It's even more surprising when you find that there's no overpowering going on. Dammit, she must have cast some binding spell! And with your torso locked in place like this your legs are kind of useless to your efforts.

When she's sure you're nice and secured, she drags you to a secluded part of the library. There are books and magical items all over the place. This could easily pass as a fervent scholar's bedroom, if it had a bed in place of the large runic circle on the floor that you're being placed on. Patchouli modifies the spell to pin you to the ground, then moves onto you.

Your belt is gone in no time at all. Your pants are pulled down and your manhood is exposed. Patch's smooth, cool hands begin rubbing you gently and awkwardly. You want to deny it, but her lack of technique reminds you of a certain wolf, and you can feel yourself hardening from her efforts. She looks like she's about to strip down herself...

Then just like that, she's disappeared. You can also move again.

The first thing you do is hop up unsteadily and pull your pants back up. You put your belt back on and look around. You find Sakuya nearby, holding a knife-ridden Koakuma and a confused looking Patchouli. You bow to your savior and thank her as sincerely as possible. She's got this covered, and suggests you leave. You comply immediately.

You take a sit outside on a bench in the gardens. There are fairies here and there and the scene is pretty peaceful, especially compared to the mess you just went through. Really the only thing marring this lovely night is that stupid doll hanging from a tree. That thing's starting to piss you off.

Yggy's an all powerful Elder Being right? He should know exactly what to do! So you ask him. And he has no idea what you're talking about. You express how distasteful his joke is, and he just denies ever telling any kind of joke. Alright, so apparently this thing, which is no longer in the tree, is only visible to you or something. Such bullshit seems like it's common, for some reason.

You crane your neck as far back as it'll go to look at the clock tower. Ignoring the orange speck on the minute hand, it seems to be close to nine o'clock. It's pretty late, and you've accomplished a whole lot of nothing this evening. What wacky hijinks will you aim for now?

[x] Go home and sleep.
[x] Patch needs a good talking to.
[x] Marisa and co. are probably still awake.
[x] The doll's right there just do something about it already damn.
[x] Write-in
>>No. 2626
[x] Patch needs a good talking to.
>>No. 2628
[x] Patch needs a good talking to.


I'm ignoring it because it does not belong here in Gensokyo. I'm seriously trying to ignore it and yet it keeps coming back, trying to get my attention. If this was a certain possessed poison doll, I don't mind it. I'll even talk to it. But no, it's not the same.
>>No. 2629
[X] Patch needs a good talking to.
-[X] Preferably with someone else with you, like Sakuya.

> Author trying to railroad Anon to the orange doll without actually railroading.
> Anon picks up on this and ignores the command.

It's just like the freezer option in the Average Joe story over in /border/.
>>No. 2630

Except that freezer option, we already picked that choice and what do we get? Nothing and pick different choice after that.

That doll? It can go screw itself in loneliness forever.
>>No. 2631
[X] KoaPatch needs a good talking to.
-[X] Preferably with someone else with you, like Sakuya.
>>No. 2634
I'm tempted to say to Patchouli "If you want sex with me that badly, clear it with Momiji" but I know that the wolf-woman wouldn't go for that.

So we might have to play a game of match maker instead.
>>No. 2641
File 128874687664.jpg - (666.74KB, 1500x1500, caa1330a08b851453a106b5bbf15bb1df5ae1185.jpg) [iqdb]
Me? Railroad? Why, never. Subtle manipulation is another thing entirely but I'd never want to force anon into anything non-random.*

[X] Patch needs a good talking to.

While you're still on the grounds, you should go back and talk to Patchouli. This whole stealing-you-away thing is getting annoying. You stand and reenter the mansion, once again making the trip to the library. Hopefully Sakuya will be there.

You step in, leaving the door ajar due to it hanging on the inner side's knob. You can still hear Sakuya's voice from that dark area so you return to it. She's there, standing over and lecturing Koakuma and Patch. Koa looks more like a pincushion now, and even Patch has a few new bladed accessories. Sakuya sure is tearing into them pretty hard; you almost don't want to interrupt her.

But what you have to say needs to be heard. You get the maid's attention and get permission to pull Patchouli aside. You confront the mage in the corner of the not-really-a-room and she immediately pleads her case. This first time was all Koa's idea, and tonight's incident was the result of her manipulation. Glancing at the guilty look on the little devil's face, you have little doubt that you're being told the truth. But it doesn't change the fact that Patch let it happen!

You complain, argue, advise, and lecture for a long while, finally concluding well after Sakuya's finished her piece. If a certain infamous yama were watching, she'd probably pat you on the back for a job well done. With all your business here done for now, you turn to leave. It's blocking your path, so you sidestep it and continue on.

Strange Doll has begun following you!

Wait, wait, wait. What? What?? Dammit! God-fucking-DAMMIT! That disappearing thing was fine, you could ignore it. But is this even necessary?! Your head hurts from your overflowing rage. You grab the doll by it's stupid head and prepare to pummel it.

[x] Release your anger on the doll.
[x] Calm down, it's just a stupid sack of fluff.
-[x] Maybe Alice can do something with it.
-[x] Try to leave it here in the mansion.
-[x] Ditch it somewhere. (Pick a place)
-[x] Take it home and give it to the kids.

*: Except this one time, I suppose. Though it makes sense for Ezio to be sick of the thing, doesn't it?

Also, I don't even know why I put that last choice there. No one would vote for it, not even me.
>>No. 2643
[x] Calm down, it's just a stupid sack of fluff.
-[x] Maybe Alice can do something with it.
--[x] After warning her.

Not sure if mere physical assault could slay it.
>>No. 2644
[x] Calm down, it's just a stupid sack of fluff.
-[x] Take it home and give it to the kids.
-[x] Maybe Alice can do something with it.
--[x] After warning her.
>>No. 2646
File 128896682826.jpg - (11.11KB, 400x400, logo-mr-monopoly.jpg) [iqdb]
Goddamn fire drills at 3 in the motherfucking morning what the fuck is that shit messed up my whole day yesterday jegus.

[x] Calm down, it's just a stupid sack of fluff.
-[x] Maybe Alice can do something with it.
--[x] After warning her.

You keep your fist where it is. What's the point of attacking this thing? It's a doll, it won't feel anything from it. You'd just look like some kind of angry weirdo. So you let your now unclenched fist fall, along with the doll. You look around for any witnesses to your little display. There's a fairy looking at you strangely and you glare at her with all of your might. She instantly flutters away in fear. With that taken care of, you exit this crazy red house.

Now, what to do with this stupid thing behind you? It obviously a doll, and you only know one person that's big on dolls. Back to the forest it is, with a slight detour. You fly in the direction opposite the forest, toward Youkai Mountain. You reach the place you call home and walk through the door. Immediately you are set upon by two little girls and an even littler woman. The girls hug you and welcome you home, while Yukari plops herself back onto your head.

You hug the girls back and scoop them up in your arms, then go find Momiji. She was worried about you, and now she's complaining about that odd scent from earlier. Thinking it must be the doll, which no one's addressed yet for some reason, you pet her a little and tell her not to worry so much. You also tell her where you're going and how you may or may not be back soon. She kisses you goodbye and you walk through a gap you have Yukari make.

Thankfully she decided not to play a joke on you; you emerge right in front of Marisa's house. If the chatter and laughter is any indication, everyone's still awake. You put the girls down and knock on the door. Marisa quickly swings the door open and all but throws the three of you through the door and into the sitting room. Those three are still playing that same game, though it looks like there's been a lot of progress. You look at the middle of the board, which reads "Monopoly" in big red letters. Sounds boring to you, but hey, you've never played it. You ask if you can join in, which you obviously can't since it's so far into the game, but you have a way around that.


The rules were explained to you three, then you each took a partner to help along for the rest of the game. Penelope went with Alice so she could play with Shanghai, and Sofia was paired with Nitori. The game started back where it'd been left off, but the tables were instantly turned. Whereas Alice had the lead when you'd arrived, the kappa team stole it in just a few turns. The two of them were unstoppable, and by the end of the game they owned all of the properties. All of them. You praise the two of them, hinting that business things suit them.

After all that fun, you think it's time to finish the serious part. You pull Alice aside and try to point out the doll behind you. Unsurprisingly, she can't see it. You grab it and push it into her arms. It looks like it works, from the way that she's examining it in wonderment. You tell her about the doll, how it started following you around until you got sick of it and decided to give it to her. Her only response is to mirror the word "follow" then look even more intensely at it. When she finally stops, she hugs you tightly and thanks you even more. You have no idea why she's this ecstatic over such a weird gift, but you make sure to warn her about the odd aura and evil scent it gives off. Though, you feel your warning went unheard.

A loud "whump" grabs your attention. Marisa came back with a box for another game, this one called Clue. Sounds interesting, but you're a bit tired from that last game. The girls seem to still have plenty of energy, though. Wow, you never thought you'd start feeling old so suddenly.

[x] Time to go; grab the kids and go to sleep.
[x] Well, one more game wouldn't hurt.
[x] Leaving the kids here with such responsible ladiesAlice should be just fine.
>>No. 2647
[x] Well, one more game wouldn't hurt.
>>No. 2653
[x] Well, one more game wouldn't hurt.
>>No. 2661
File 128919711068.jpg - (15.97KB, 200x189, clue_board_1986_small.jpg) [iqdb]
Ahahaha!! I wasn't expecting these votes! But hey, I guess one H scene is enough for you guys. Or you share my opinion that Clue is that great a game.

[x] Well, one more game wouldn't hurt.
(Forgive me if anything seems off, I haven't played this game in years.)

You hold back a yawn and ask for the games to continue. Once again rules are gone through and pieces are chosen, you picking Colonel Mustard. With this being a detective game, you should have no problem winning at all. The game begins after Marisa brings in some snacks and drinks (some alcoholic).

A couple of turns later, Nitori, who'd chosen Miss Scarlet, reaches the lounge and makes the game's first suggestion: yourself with the rope. Alice disproves this theory for you, which is fortunate as you already had the rope card. The outcome of this game is looking to be in your favor already.

Unfortunately, it is not to be. After a few too many tea cakes and drinks, you made an accusation that was somehow wrong on all accounts and you were the first out of the game. Following you would be Marisa and Sofia, shortly before the game's end. The winner was precious Penelope, playing Professor Plum, who proposed Plum's perpetration with the pipe in the pool room. You'll have to remember not to underestimate young girls' intellect in the future.


After a few more fun things, including an impromptu tag-team danmaku battle and a snark match between you and Alice over Marisa's drunken bumbling, you all fell asleep at random places around the house. The morning soon came to wake you. Not with light, as you were nowhere near a window, but with cold one wouldn't expect any time before the dead of winter during a massive blizzard.

You open your eyes and look up to see none other than Chiri, standing over you with a blade made of ice pointed at your face. You slide along the now slick ground toward the two kids that found their way to you during the night. You just barely dodge Chiri's slash as you grab the kids and run to the back of the house. The ruckus you made woke everyone up, which saves you quite a bit of time.

What to do with the girls?
[x] Leave them here in the back while you deal with Chiri.
[x] Have Marisa/Alice/Nitori take them home.
[x] Take them home yourself.

And what about Chiri?
[x] Try to talk her down first.
[x] Give her a bit of the fight she wants.
[x] Try both.

Story's nearing the end, guys. Can you obtain best end?
>>No. 2663

Damnit. I want another h-scene too, let's try not to die this time, shall we?
[x] leave the kids here in the back. With Alice.
[x] try both
Be careful. Don't die.
>>No. 2667
[x] Have Marisa/Alice/Nitori take them home.
[x] Try to talk her down first.

Where's Mokou when you need her?
>>No. 2668
[X] Have Nitori and Alice take them home.

The Stage 3 bosses should be able to protect them. If Chiri is the final or stage 5 boss, we'll need Marisa's help to pull through.

[X] Try both.
-[X] Preferably with an initial focus on the former, and a gradual shift to the latter if that fails. At least figure out why she's trying to kill us.
>>No. 2671
It's more counting on how they're below her radar, Chiri seems far more concerned with high powered foes than low powered ones.
>>No. 2681
File 128936592225.jpg - (0.97MB, 1500x2122, 24f8a381218b2cf5a466568b97d3bada3350762bver2.jpg) [iqdb]
You know, out of the four ways I thought for this to turn out this one's probably the second worst.

[X] Have Nitori and Alice take them home.

[X] Try both.

You locate the kappa and dollmaker and pass your girls off to them. Nitori should know the area better, so you tell her where to go and who to tell what. Alice, now toting that odd orange doll, should just follow her. The four(five?) sneak out of the window while the walls become increasingly frosted over.

Chiri enters the room and immediately sends the sword flying at your head. It flew by so quickly you almost couldn't dodge it. You glance back to check on Marisa who, besides being visibly surprised, is just fine. She starts searching the room for something. You take that as a reminder to not get hit by the many shards of ice that just got fired at you. It takes a ballsy diving roll, but you get close enough to Chiri to counter most attacks, and more importantly, close enough to talk.

You ask her as kindly and politely as you can to stop going after you and whoever else was on her list. She stays silent and just increases her barrage. You're not having a particularly hard time dodging and deflecting it, but it's still a hassle when you're trying to be civil. You attempt another plea, but you're cut off by a bright, hot mass of energy next to your head that you quickly identify as the infamous Master Spark. You turn back to face her and complain that she could've aimed that better. She gives a half-hearted apology, but you'll accept it for now.

Marisa leaves the room to look for her broom, and you leave the house through its new archway so as to hopefully deal less damage to the house (and the many 'borrowed' items inside). Once you're outside, you stop and hop backwards. A second later, a large block of ice occupies the space you just did. You were honestly not expecting that to actually happen.

Chiri flies up from behind the ice block and charges at you with a new sword. You finally draw your own and block the attack. You watch as frost begins to build up on your blade and try once more to stop Chiri with words. All you get is a cold request to stop talking. You're pushed back and have to deflect another strike. You expected as much, but the diplomatic approach doesn't seem to be getting you anywhere.

[x] Focus on the fight for now.
[x] Keep trying. Your charisma's never failed you when it mattered!
[x] Just give up (as part of your clever scheme, of course)
[x] Yggy?

Lamenting the continued absence of her pants, I'd bet.

>At least figure out [i]why[i] she's trying to kill us.
I think it was explained already in-story, but it's one of those "This is my purpose" kind of things.
>>No. 2683
[x] Focus on the fight for now.

Yup, Yukari already told us that she created Chiri for the sole purpose to destroy everyone who's stronger.
>>No. 2685
[x] Focus on the fight for now.
>>No. 2707
File 128997156055.jpg - (18.74KB, 400x300, burnt-toast-2.jpg) [iqdb]
Damn, a week is unforgivable. I want to say all of it was school, family and friends, and writing, but it'd be wrong to ignore the five great games I got. So for the five of you that read this crap (and the two that actually like it), you have my greatest apologies.

[x] Focus on the fight for now.

You were really hoping to end this with less violence, but at this rate you'll probably just lose the chance altogether. If these sword swipes wouldn't have killed you first, that is. Dodging and parrying them while interrupting the fourth wall narration with your own thoughts is a lot harder than you thought it would be. Not that multi-tasking was ever one of your talents, which is likely why it didn't go over so well up to this point.

You'll fix that now though, by focusing on not losing your head. Chiri is an excellent fighter, not leaving a single opening that's not a trap. It's taking all of your strength just to defend yourself, and the random lazers Marisa's trying to fire at Chiri aren't really helping any. Oddly enough, the thing to almost hit you in the back of the head isn't a piercing beam of light, but something much more solid. It smelled distinctly of "burnt".

Even with the speed it had been traveling, you could still smell it from far enough away to dodge it. When it got close, you threw your head to the side and let the accursed toast nail Chiri right in the forehead. You take this chance to ask why Yuuka's helping you, and why she's using the toast. She denies helping you at all, instead pointing out that the previous slice was aimed at you, and the next one will be too. As for the other question, she promises to answer it and give another prize if you defeat her. And not by proxy either. Suddenly this lazer-surrounded duel has become a three man free-for-all.

[x] Stay focused on Chiri. Those bread bricks aren't too hard to dodge.
[x] Switch targets to Yuuka and her stupid toast.
[x] Try to team up against one of them.
[x] This is too much, call out for help!

Shamelessly short update is short. Anyway, /blue/'s got me more paranoid than usual. You guys mind telling me just how bad this story is, and if I'm getting at all better?
>>No. 2708
[x] Try to draw and time Yuuka's projectiles so they hit Chiri.
>>No. 2709
[x] Stay focused on Chiri. Those bread bricks aren't too hard to dodge.

>Shamelessly short update is short. Anyway, /blue/'s got me more paranoid than usual. You guys mind telling me just how bad this story is, and if I'm getting at all better?

I know that you writers are thirsty for criticism, but you can consider no news to be good news in this case.
>>No. 2710
[x] Try to draw and time Yuuka's projectiles so they hit Chiri.
>>No. 2728
File 129091324155.png - (745.52KB, 964x1100, 45e6debd4d8aa289566e8992edac8996.png) [iqdb]
In case any of you are still out there, I'm going to be giving up this story. My burning need to write has turned to nothing but ashes. That, and I have a few new games to dump all my free time into. So I'll be back sometime after those are all taken care of, with a story with actual planning and hopefully better writing.

Til then, Anon.
>>No. 2729
at least give us a quick and dirty happy ending.
>>No. 2730

Agreed. Give a happy ending to mark this story's end and make it in archive as 'completed' instead 'abandoned'. It will give us the satisfaction to see this complete and you as a reminder to improve yourself in future.

Anyways, see you soon.
>>No. 2731

Don't worry, that was the intention. Just don't expect it too soon since finals are next week and this one is gonna be busy.
>>No. 2760
File 129158579414.png - (307.62KB, 600x750, 26cff9026b2dd1b493ea2ec07d3d5ec5eacfc29a.png) [iqdb]
I shall erect this meager fence here. The walls will come later, though obviously of a different material.

[x] Try to draw and time Yuuka's projectiles so they hit Chiri.

You certainly weren't expecting another contender, but her attacks will be a great help regardless of her intentions. Chiri's already recovered, so you charge her immediately. The attack is blocked without effort, but that doesn't concern you. A new wave of toast is launched at your seemingly unprotected back. With a bit of quick footwork, you trade places with your nearest opponent and use her to block the barely edible bricks. Quite a few pieces struck her spinal column, stunning her momentarily. Is Yuuka trying to mortally wound you?!

Marisa, not yet privy to your plan, redirects her fire toward Yuuka in an attempt to help. (Un)fortunately, her attack meets Yuuka's opened parasol and dissipates. The ghost herself is unfazed and continues to barrage you with the lethal grain. Grain that you continue to evade in ways that leave Chiri unable to do the same. Even when she begins to understand your plan and dodge with, you strike her into the very thing she dodged. With the battle persisting like this, it's understandable that the false ice fairy is on her last leg after a few minutes.

The next part is almost a complete blur to you. Sick of your antics, Yuuka resorts to tossing an entire overly toasted bread loaf at you. As soon as it leaves her hands though, Marisa's Final Spark overwhelms the defense of her parasol and blows her away, giving the loaf more spin and momentum in the process. On top of that, Chiri preempts you by tossing you overhead headfirst toward the evil toast. It's all you can think up in two seconds, and it hurts your hands greatly, but you slam the loaf down as soon as you reach it. Just before it hits the ground, one of Yukari's gaps opens on the ground near it. Who should come charging out of the portal but Momiji leading with her shield raised. Noticing the bread and thinking it to be a person, she puts all her might into bashing it with her shield. It's sent flying with even greater speed into Chiri's undefended face, easily breaking her nose and giving her a serious black eye.

You don't get any time to wonder why your girlfriend's here, or how she managed to steal the glory literally right from under you. At the end of your flight path lay one Marisa Kirisame. You attempt to call out and warn her, but your skulls make contact long before the words leave your mouth. Her head's driven back into the ground from the impact while you fly off and faceplant into the outer wall of her house. Momiji, being the only one still present and conscious, looks around in utter confusion. She just came to help, but finds everything to already be over. She glances at the three unconscious bodies around her, then pops her head through the gap to have Yukari call Eirin.


You wake up on a somewhat familiar bed and notice your very familiar white wolf observer. At least, you think it's Momiji. You've got a splitting headache that's blurring your vision and making it hard to concentrate. The hug you get from her confirms it, though. Your vision clears shortly and you notice the others in the room. Yukari's standing nearby, at her normal size for once. She's paying no attention to you and your lover, though. Rather, she's standing over the woman you'd been fighting before you were knocked out.

The bandages around Chiri's face hide the glaring injuries from that last "attack". She and Yukari have probably been talking this entire time, but all you get to catch is Yukari's desperate-sounding plea to take Chiri in. The girl in question glances over to you and makes eye contact. She just gives you an icy glare then quickly turns back to Yukari and begrudgingly accepts her offer. You're not sure, but you think you saw a slight red tint on her face before she turned away. Looks like your harem circle of close platonic friends has gained another member.

Chiri is helped out of bed as a gap opens up behind Yukari. The two leave together, but not before the gap youkai tosses something your way. You catch it, and don't even need to look at it to know what it is and what it's for. You separate yourself from the extended hug. Not sure if you'll be able to word your feelings right, you opt for silently slipping the ring onto Momiji's finger. She answers your unasked question by all but ripping you out of bed to get a better shot at your lips. Caught by surprise, you peek at the other side of the room to find a still unconscious Marisa and a smiling Alice lightly giggling at the display before her. She gives you a thumbs-up, saying she'll get to work on the dress right away. You give her your own thumbs-up in response.


After you tied the knot with your wolf companion the years just flew by. It wasn't long before Momiji bore you a son and you became a father proper. The boy took after his mother, mostly. The only thing one could really see of you in him was a slightly darker hair color. He proved to be well-suited to the sword, however, and you made a point of teaching him all that you knew. He was truly talented and was able to match both you and Momiji in combat before he was fully grown.

Your daughters went on to lead fruitful lives of their own. A merchant at heart, Sofia teamed up with Nitori and started her own business. Besides helping the kappa with her inventions, they also took in orders from the rest of Gensokyo. They were so successful that they soon gained the support of both Eientei and the Moriya shrine. Penelope on the other hand, developed a thirst for action and adventure. She apprenticed under Marisa, accompanying her during youkai extermination, incident resolution, and "borrowing" sprees, becoming just as well known as the black-white herself.

Ah, but one mustn't forget the supporting actors of a production! Chiri was able to live peacefully with the Yakumos, who come to visit fairly often. Through her guidance, Cirno was able to ascend from merely being the strongest fairy to become one of Gensokyo's powerhouses. Yggy is still your ring, and he'll stay that way until you become a spirit. As for Yuuka, she eventually tired of tormenting you with toast-bricks. She now wanders Gensokyo, haunting random gardens and regularly trolling the masses with Shinki and Mima. She somehow even managed to mess with Hakugyokurou's vast gardens in some violation of common sense. Strangely enough, Yuyuko had no dominion over her.

You stop reminiscing like some old man and slide off the sturdy branch you'd been using as a seat. You walk back to the front of the shrine, finding the same chaos one normally finds at the summer gatherings. Loud voices, rampant drunkenness, numerous danmaku battles, the "quiet corner" with the more mature patrons, and all-around merriment. You find and take a seat by your family, receiving a sake dish. You take a sip and relax, enjoying the show and the wonderful company you'll have for many more years.


There you go, some kind of ending or something. Hope it's decent. Now then, finals and orange belt exams start tomorrow so I really need to study and stuff (for once). Later, anon.
>>No. 2761
It is indeed for what was involved.
>>No. 2949
I really hope that you'll regain your burning need to write someday.
>>No. 2950
I decide to resume reading Wintertime Alchemist and what should greet me but this?

Allow me to shamelessly redirect you.

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