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File 125657609364.jpg - (480.30KB, 707x1000, 6446386f81ebe48982f098adfc52f898.jpg) [iqdb]
This board exists for Lord Mima and only Lord Mima. Resistance is useless.
I agree wholeheartedly.
File 125657638462.jpg - (13.00KB, 197x201, delayshiki.jpg) [iqdb]
request denied
File 125657651020.jpg - (86.93KB, 560x640, thinkin yama.jpg) [iqdb]
Let me think about this

File 125657896334.jpg - (226.39KB, 650x674, contemplation.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm sorry but your request to CLAIM THIS BOARD is still in our processing department, please try again later
To Hell with your Celestial Beurocracy woman!
Why can't we just all spread the love~
Mima and Shiki, both are my waifus!
I hope polygamy is allowed in Gensokyo.
File 12565893769.jpg - (177.90KB, 850x1286, sample-a648f726bc27751eb6d79b07cd8199ba.jpg) [iqdb]
I agree. In fact, why not add some Hina?
File 125659046654.jpg - (91.08KB, 423x700, Yuuka 001.jpg) [iqdb]
So much hate in /blue/...

Posting another green-haired girl.
why would you assume its not? These are impossibly long lived creatures who are born from fears and from belief and from nature.

What makes you think they would think anything like a human when it comes to relationships or even sex? would they even love the same way?
>What makes you think they would think anything like a human when it comes to relationships or even sex? would they even love the same way?

HLA R1 Mima H-scene.
Feels good man.
Stop using Hina! She's super effective!

Though I have to ask what's up with her hands.

Oh crap, she's a mutant.
oh shi- just noticed that too.

Lord Mima is the leader of the Green Hair Alliance.

Green Hair Alliance runs /coriander/

Well don't just stand there, get a non mutant picture!
Needs more divine figure in this green hair alliance.
File 125659453383.jpg - (124.95KB, 700x700, 124627486593.jpg) [iqdb]
File 125659456623.jpg - (364.75KB, 1280x1024, Hina 006.jpg) [iqdb]
You're right
Now I want to write trippy misfortune kink.
Make it the first story on /coriander/
Maybe, it'll be a while before I can set up a thread, and a bit longer before I can think of enough misfortune kink to make it worthwhile.

Hina is now leader of the Green Hair Alliance.
File 125659645685.jpg - (312.33KB, 648x924, Yuuka 002.jpg) [iqdb]
another trippy picture, Yuuka this time.
Picture yourself on a boat on a river...
File 125660253118.jpg - (107.53KB, 571x576, 6e1e1ca53bd518886ef54053989dabba.jpg) [iqdb]
Some Sanae on the side~
File 125660421275.jpg - (237.27KB, 462x600, Shikieiki 001.jpg) [iqdb]
More green-haired girls, by the same artist.
File 125660423996.jpg - (54.91KB, 250x480, Mima 001.jpg) [iqdb]

Pretty colors...
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