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File 128115659219.jpg - (354.77KB, 1024x688, forest.jpg) [iqdb]
1915No. 1915
Salutations, anon. Here's some words in somewhat coherent order that may or may not depict a certain sequence of events depending on your input.

You are a youkai, albeit a very tired and sore one. Rather weak at the moment as well, though you'd never admit it to anyone. You see, you currently have...amnesia! But not just any amnesia, oh no. This is a magic-induced youkai amnesia! The gap youkai told you it was like "Samus" losing her upgrades at the start of every game, but you didn't have a clue what she meant. You've never heard of any game like that. Nor anyone named Samus. You asked if she meant ol' Seamus in the village with the bad eye, funny accent, and overpowering fishy scent...wait this has nothing to do with your plight!

Odd-smelling barkeepers aside, you decide that enough is enough and that you must cure this terrible affliction. You'll have to leave this stupid treehouse one day. But you'll need a name, so people have something to put on your tombstone(s) call you by in the meantime.

[x]Obligatory write-in option

This'll be my first bit of writing in a while. Just something silly before school begins.
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>>No. 1916
[x]Obligatory write-in option
>>No. 1917
[x]Obligatory write-in option
>>No. 1918
[x]Obligatory write-in option
-[x]Sunblake. Just call me Sun though I'm not the brightest person right now.
>>No. 1919
[X] Obligatory write-in option
-[X] Rumia

Hilarity shall ensue!
>>No. 1920
>>No. 1921
[x]Obligatory write-in option
>>No. 1922
File 128119930823.jpg - (86.33KB, 797x1038, Ezio.jpg) [iqdb]
This is more votes than I expected. Alright, we're gonna have fun with this thing.

You think awhile about what would be a good name. The thought of taking the name of that silly ball of darkness crosses your mind. Oh, the hilarious hijinks that would ensue! In the end though, you settle for Ezio. It's got a nice ring to it, like you're part of some ancient conspiracy or something. Or maybe you are? Damn amnesia.

Well, with a name you're finally ready to begin your journey. But not without your trusty cape! You grab your beloved accessory and drape it over your shoulder like you always...do? Whatever, it looks cool. You jump down from the treehouse into the carefully constructed haystack and ponder your next move.

[x]Find the forest's human resident
[x]Is that a doll over there?
[x]Food. And I smell fish.
>>No. 1923
[X]Is that a doll over there?


Is it?
>>No. 1924
[x]Food. And I smell fish.
>>No. 1925
[x] Food. And I smell fish.
>>No. 1926
Lets see here:

> Find the forest's human resident
> Is that a doll over there?
> Food. And I smell fish.

Take your pick.
>>No. 1927
[x]Food. And I smell fish.
yes sir
>>No. 1928
Your ponderings are interrupted by a loud growling. Makes sense, seeing as how you forgot to eat yesterday while consumed by despair. The sudden whiff of fish sure doesn't help though. Wait, fish? In the middle of the Forest of Magic? That clumsy blonde girl mentioned a grilled lamprey stand, maybe that's it.

You check your pockets for cash... only to realize you don't have pockets. Then how were you carrying all that hay before? Oh right.

Remembered Inventory and Status!

You check your inventory for cash and find a bloody wallet loaded with big bills. Looks like a big breakfast for you today~ Though you should get a move on before a familiar black ball shows up.

[x]Follow your nose to safety!
[x]Stick around and invite the girl.
[x]Explore inventory for more sweet loot clues

No image because I'm lazy.
>>No. 1929
[x]Follow your nose to safety!
>>No. 1936
File 128129543089.png - (128.35KB, 500x600, Mystia~.png) [iqdb]
If there's only one vote then I must get better! Or everyone's busy. Whichever.
[x]Follow your nose to safety!

With your newfound freshly cleaned funds, you set off to do what really should've happened last update, before that darkness youkai finds you and bothers you some more. You can tell that you know her, but you can't even remember her name. And you'll most certainly not ask her, oh no! What would it say about you to admit that you'd forgotten something so basic? Why, they'd be able to discern your problem immediately. Your pride, the grand pride you hold as a youkai even in such a state, would be shattered utterly and instantaneously in the blink of an eye! Oh, the deepness of the despair you would wallow in would surpass all the oceans combined! Oh hey singing.

During your monologue whose length would better suit a reckless-but-intelligent human, it seems you wandered to a food cart. It's certainly the source of the fishy smell from earlier, and what's better it's run by an adorable avian with a truly lovely voice. You approach the stand and ask for five of whatever she's got, along with her name. Mystia, she tells you. You two have a pleasant chat about the weather or some such until she gives you your food, which you devour with all haste. You tell her it was...

[x]Missing something

I feel like I could easily make this longer without rambling. Too much.
>>No. 1945
>>No. 1947
>>No. 1948
File 128132077291.png - (301.67KB, 800x600, f1a1c572f2f9b3692e073e7a76b95879.png) [iqdb]

...excellent! Absolutely superb! This is the best grilled lamprey you've ever had and probably ever will. At least, that's what you tell the lady. She responds with little more than a light blush. You continue to pile on the compliments when suddenly, a challenger approaches! Not for you, you're undercover. No, this new gal brought a cart of her own. Not to mention some sweet pants.

Mystia and the newcomer immediately start arguing over their respective products. Apparently this one's name is Mokou and she sells yakitori. No wonder Mystia's mad! You decide to watch the fight from the sidelines. It's getting rather heated. Hell, you could swear there's an actual fire. Oh wait, there is. Staring at the horrific sight before you, you shed a single tear for what was once a wonderful grilled lamprey cart. This Mokou person is going down!

[x]High-profile, mash X
[x]Equip the hidden blade and wait
[x]Throw the money and run
>>No. 1949
[x]Equip the hidden blade and wait

waiting 4 some1 2 suggest better tactics.
[x]check inventory and status

Wonder we have anything else besides hidden blabe.
>>No. 1950
[x]High-profile, mash X

For the lamprey stand!
And Mystia too, I guess.
>>No. 1952


Bloody Wallet x1
5000 Yen Note x20
Clothing x1 (E)
Hidden Blade x1
Trusty Cape x1 (E)
Wood Skewer x9


Health: 100%
Energy: High
Abilities: None
>>No. 1953
[x]Equip the hidden blade and wait
>>No. 1955
[x]Equip the hidden blade and wait
>>No. 1957
File 128137897744.jpg - (127.21KB, 800x887, 7199a1ef559236cbed04e1d9ea5c0aaa.jpg) [iqdb]
[x]Equip the hidden blade and wait

There's no need to make this any longer than it has to be. You dig out your weapon of choice, a classic assassination tool, and secure it over your right hand. This obvious reached Mokou immediately, and she took a fighting stance of her own. But it seems she had the same idea as you. You both stand there staring at each other for about a minute. Seeing as this is going nowhere, you'll have to provoke her if your plan's going to work.

[x]Insult her
[x]Keep waiting, she'll do something eventually
[x]Screw it, mash X

Hey anon, is Rumia considered /forest/ or /sdm/?
>>No. 1958
>waiting 4 some1 2 suggest better tactics.
I saw you doing this somewhere else on this board, though I can't remember where.

Either way, it's retarded, and you need to fucking stop.

And if you're a troll, then you need to stop and go kill yourself, since you don't have anything better to do.
>>No. 1959
[x]Insult her

Rumia is /forest/.
>>No. 1961
File 128138189883.jpg - (254.22KB, 1660x1896, 1247802333869.jpg) [iqdb]
>Insult her

[x]Keep waiting, she'll do something eventually
>>No. 1963
[x]Compliment her

Change of tactics!
>>No. 1964
[x]Insult her
-[x] Food

I doubt she'd like it if someone were to open a stand with grilled human. (Mystia merely has eel) Or someone wrecking her stand.

Rumia's considered /sdm/ or /forest/ but it doesn't mean you can't put her in the story.
>>No. 1966
Graaah votes are all over the place but I wanna write but don't know what ow my head.

I like the way you think. I wonder if democracy does as well?

Oh don't worry, I'm throwing Rumia in here one way or another. Alive. And not trying to kill you. Right off the bat, anyway.

Sage for not writing yet.
>>No. 1968
[x]Keep waiting, she'll do something eventually
>>No. 1969
[x]Compliment her
>>No. 1970
[x]Compliment her
Make friends. Then stab them in the back.
>>No. 1971
File 128147294653.jpg - (118.92KB, 700x700, aae5eff3f540751561bdc53f38a55663.jpg) [iqdb]
Going with the write-in.

Wait, what are you thinking? Surely a youkai of your stature is above such petty things as insults. And to a human no less! No, you have to be the better man here. Ignoring the fact that you're the only man here. But you can't just back out of this challenge, and you're both waiting for the other to attack. Ah, but since provocation is out, the reverse should be fair game.

You drop your guard and address your foe directly, using the most gentlemanly tone directly. You walk towards her slowly, mentioning that yakitori is good in its own right, with entirely different positives that you list out. Mokou agrees with you and starts to lower her guard, but not enough to strike.

You keep walking, making observations about her body. Her gentle curves, her slightly darkened skin that could only come from an outdoor life, you compliment everything you see about her. As you reach her, you deal the finishing blow: a long, adoring rant about the majesty of those Sweet Pants. She apparently took it as some sort of proposition and turned her head in embarrassment. Just as planned! One quick stab later, and she's one the ground, moving not an inch. Requiescat in pace. Mystia thanks you for avenging your cart, though asks what you'll do with the body.

[x]Chuck it in the brush
[x]Leave it there
[x]Give it to Mystia as a gift
[x]Those Pants. They call to you.
>>No. 1972
[x]Chuck it in the brush
-[x] And find a way to get some distance; better safe than sorry.

That can easily apply to leaving a dead body as well as running from a pissed off immortal. And she will be pissed... on par with Kaguya-invoked rage perhaps.
>>No. 1973
[x]Give it to Mystia as a gift
[x]Those Pants. They call to you.
A trophy of our first kill and maybe Mystia will keep her from recovering for a bit.
>>No. 1974
[x]Give it to Mystia as a gift
[x]Those Pants. They call to you.
>>No. 1975
[x]Those Pants. They call to you.
>>No. 1978
[x]Those [s]Curves[s]Pants. They call to you.
>>No. 1985
File 12815477308.jpg - (252.36KB, 1000x1000, oddly appropriate.jpg) [iqdb]
[x]Give it to Mystia as a gift
[x]Those Pants. They call to you.

Well, there are plenty of things to do with the corpse. But only one thing immediately comes to mind: those Sweet Pants. After all, it's only right to get loot from a boss battle right? You could even count it as a trophy of your first kill as your forgotten self. But really, you need no reason. Those Pants will be yours!

Obtained Sweet Pants!

Fortunately, no blood got on the pants. And they're quite warm and comfortable, despite it being mid-summer. You drag Mokou's pantsless body to Mystia; it's a gift for her, you explain. She accepts your goodwill with slight confusion and waves as you leave toward the main path. You wonder what to do now, though there's another question floating around in your head: pink stripes??

[x]Go back and investigate this conundrum
[x]Show off your Sweet Pants in the village
-[x]This way
-[x]That way
[x]So thirsty...
>>No. 1992
[x]Go back and investigate this conundrum
[x]So thirsty...

I feel bad about how we defeated Mokou... real bad.
>>No. 1993
Me too...

[x]Go back and investigate this conundrum
[x]So thirsty...
>>No. 1996
File 128159143252.jpg - (161.72KB, 600x631, cirno.jpg) [iqdb]
Yeah, I guess that was really a dick move. I'm rather fond of those, and you'd do well to remember.

[x]Go back and investigate this conundrum
[x]So thirsty...

Curiosity overwhelming! You can't help but go back and see if what you saw was what was there. What you find makes you jump behind a tree. Mokou's alive! What the hell's going on? You're sure she was dead, you checked it yourself when you took her pants. She's ranting at Mystia though, so at least she doesn't know you did it. You mutter a small apology for Mystia as you exit the stage. And yes, pink stripes.

You're quite parched from the food and action afterward, so you look around for a water source. It's not long before you come across a lake, thank goodness. While drinking your fill, you notice a sharp drop in temperature. Your legs are warm thanks to your new Sweet Pants, though. Anyway, it's much colder. And though it's making the water taste better, it might get annoying soon.

[x]Find the cause
-[x]Thank it
-[x]Make it stop
[x]Keep drinking, you're still thirsty
[x]That big red house is interesting.
>>No. 1998
[x]That big red house is interesting.

>>No. 1999
[x]Keep drinking, you're still thirsty
>>No. 2004
File 128176235128.jpg - (234.29KB, 709x709, a999b3a6eb75c77b89a454eb4cbb57d7.jpg) [iqdb]
Felt like writing before leaving for college. So double vote is go!

[x]Keep drinking, you're still thirsty
[x]That big red house is interesting.

You pay the temperature no mind. It doesn't matter anyway, your Sweet Pants will protect you. Suddenly, childish ramblings of being the strongest said in a familiar tone! Oh crap, you've run into someone that knows you. But she's familiar to you as well...

Remembered Cirno!

Ah, right, the adorable ice fairy! You finish drinking from the lake and turn to face Cirno. She's just so cute when she looks up at you haughtily like that. You ruffle her hair a bit and ask about things. Unsurprisingly, you learn little. Your thoughts go to the large red mansion across the lake though. You mention your interest to the fairy and she suggests the two of you go bother someone named Meiling. As good a plan as any, you suppose. A while later you find yourself in front of an adorable sight. Meiling, who apparently guards the gates here, is playing all kinds of silly games with Cirno. You almost don't wanna leave.

[x]Stay and watch the two more.
[x]The guard is distracted. Enter the building!
[x]Why are they the only ones enjoying themselves?

Man that sucked near the end.
In other news, I always seem to lose or forget something when I pack to go somewhere.
>>No. 2005
[x]Why are they the only ones enjoying themselves?

Yeah, why?
>>No. 2006
[x]Why are they the only ones enjoying themselves?
>>No. 2007
[x]The guard is distracted. Enter the building!
maximum stealth
>>No. 2008

by then, she noticed us and we become notorious. Better rip apart portraits later lol

[x]Why are they the only ones enjoying
>>No. 2009
[x]Why are they the only ones enjoying
>>No. 2014
File 12818555065.jpg - (217.02KB, 800x600, d7f9a2d3e4384ee32f4149d903bf2a04b2eae3cf.jpg) [iqdb]
>I always seem to lose or forget something when I pack to go somewhere.
I left my shirts. Never fails.

[x]Why are they the only ones enjoying themselves?

You can't just sit there and watch them have the time of their lives. Your heart may implode or some other silly physical impossibility like that. No longer content with your spot on the sidelines, you go to join the duo. The wonderful events will be shown in a montage.

Cirno narrating her commands in third person, and you and Meiling following them. Then the both of you forgetting not to follow the non-narrated commands. Then, mimicry! You've got nothing on Meiling. It's her win. Now you're the king of wit, thanks to your riddle about the purpose of food. But for all your fun, you feel a prickling, as if you're being watched.

[x]Oh look, a black ball in the trees.
[x]You sense a disturbance in the Force...
[x]Wait, lakes don't have whiskers!
>>No. 2016
[x]Oh look, a black ball in the trees.
>>No. 2034
[x]Wait, lakes don't have whiskers!
>>No. 2040
[x]You sense a disturbance in the Force...

>>No. 2051
[x]Oh look, a black ball in the trees.
>>No. 2052
[x]You sense a disturbance in the Force...

This will do
>>No. 2055
File 128211816226.png - (163.86KB, 534x325, UCGcut.png) [iqdb]
Bah, I've waited long enough.

The prickling feeling you have intensifies, and suddenly peaks. You tell the three in front of you of your feeling. Wait, three? Where'd this maid come from? And why is she pointing a knife at Meiling! You won't stand for anyone threatening your new friend, and you tell her as much. The result is the very same knife pointed at your throat instead. Well, that worked well. The only way this could get any worse is if a certain blond-in-black showed up crap why did you say that.

Barreling towards the maid at high speed is the bowling ball herself! Aaaaand IMPACT! Poor girls never saw the other coming. The ball dissipates, revealing the honestly familiar girl. Shame you don't remember anything about her. She opens her eyes and looks as though she's about to tackle you to the ground, when suddenly a loud splash comes from the lake!

It's....a giant catfish. What the hell. You look over at Meiling to see that she's called out the fish "again". Could this thing really be Taisui Xingjun? Maybe your new friend isn't all there? But it doesn't matter, this thing looks like it's actually gonna fight.

[x]Meiling's got this. She's totally a dragon.
[x]Go help your friend so you can fight for her later!
[x]Make someone else help her
-[x]Which one?

Boss battle! Try not to disgrace your ancestors by dying. As if that could happen.
>>No. 2056
[x] Meiling's got this. She's totally a dragon.
>>No. 2057
[x]Go help your friend so you can fight for
her later!
-[x]While you're at it, try to pick up any stray knives on the ground. You'll need it.

It wasn't stated that we can use danmaku. Besides, we can use the knives for emergency situations.
>>No. 2058
[x]Meiling's got this. She's totally a dragon.

She totally is.
>>No. 2059
File 128219338680.jpg - (32.95KB, 480x360, google isn\'t so bad I guess.jpg) [iqdb]
You don't feel the need to help. Meiling's got this. She's totally a dragon. At least she's fighting like one. You think. You're certain you've never seen a dragon, much less a fighting one. Dragons are supposed to surpass some of the gods though, right? You're not sure if you even want to see a fighting dragon. Yes, you think you'll settle for Meiling. Who seems to be kicking that fish's ass.

The fighting reaches a bit of a lull as Meiling catches her breath, so you find something else to do. Scanning the area you see a lot of knives scattered around the still-unconscious maid. Are all of these hers? Where...where was she keeping them...? You pick them up so you can give them to her when she wakes up. Or throw them at some annoying enemy, whichever.

Obtained Throwing Knives x20

Oh, it seems Meiling defeated the fish while you were occupied with the knives. You leave Cirno with a message for the others that you're off to complete your mission before the blonde can catch up to you again. And so you make your hasty escape. You mustn't meet the blond yet; you can just tell something bad will happen if you do so before remembering! But....where to now?

[x]Terrorizing humans might help you some.
[x]Back to the treehouse! Gotta try out these new knives.
[x]The shrine, maybe? You actually remember the miko somewhat.

>image name
Somehow I found what I think is clips of some of the unused songs for Hisoutensoku. Generally better than what made it IMHO.
>>No. 2061
[x]The shrine, maybe? You actually
remember the miko somewhat.
>>No. 2072
[x]The shrine, maybe? You actually remember the miko somewhat.
>>No. 2073
College textbooks suck, man. Then I still gotta do this 8 more times...

[x]The shrine, maybe? You actually remember the miko somewhat.

Maybe it'd be best to go someplace you still remember. About the only one would be the Hakurei Shrine. Granted, all you remember is that a shrine maiden named Reimu lives there and that she solves most of the incidents around here. There's something else nagging you about her in the back of your mind, but you ignore it. Getting away from that blond girl is top priority! And so you make your escape like some parkour-fancying assassin, climbing up a tree and swinging through the branches toward where you think is the shrine.

You jump off the last tree in your way and roll as you hit the ground. The building in front of you certainly looks like a shrine. There's even a miko in front, sipping tea next to a little horned girl...? You quickly dismiss the thought of the girl being an oni; a youkai exterminator relaxing with a youkai simply makes no sense to you. Ah, that's right, mikos exterminate youkai.

Why were you here again?

[x]Mustn't forget your original mission here; ask one of them for help. (Which?)
[x]They won't mind if you rest there for a bit, right?
[x]Challenge one of them to a duel.
-[x]Or rather, both of them!
[x]A jar of almonds.
>>No. 2074
[x]They won't mind if you rest there for a
bit, right?
-[x]Sit next to the miko.
-[x]Compliment her(her clothes, ect)
-[x]Thank her for diligently solving incidents
-[x]Donate 1000 yen
[x]A jar of almonds. Take some if she offers.
[x]Mustn't forget your original mission here;
ask the horned girl for help.
[x]Challenge the horned girl to a sparring and drinking contest.
>>No. 2075

You know what's worse about textbooks? Have more than 400 pages per book and too many cryptic and sophisticated sentences whibg are almost impossible to understand unless you have truly understood and grabbed the concept.


Change 1000 yen to 5000 yen. Forgot about the inventory. And I hope my vote is acceptable for longish and write-ins included.
>>No. 2079
Writing instead of doing math. Numbers make me sleepy.

[x] >>2074

Right, it's obvious what you came here for now. All that playing with Meiling and Cirno, followed by dashing through trees like some annoying and highly visible ninja has made you somewhat tired. Clearly these girls have the right idea! You calmly approach the pair and ask if you could keep them company. The shrine maiden doesn't mind at all, fortunately for you. Taking your seat next to the miko, you feel that this would be a great opportunity to raise your Speechcraft Charisma a bit.

You compliment Reimu's appearance much like you did with Mokou, except with much more sincerity. Her outfit really is quite nice, after all. You do try to avoid mentioning her surprisingly sumptuous armpits. It just doesn't seem like something ladies would want to be complimented on. Besides, there's a childlike person here! Amidst all this grinding you remember that this is a shrine, and that shrines run on donations. Well you've got plenty of cash, might as well share some. You make your way to the humble donation box and put in one of the many bills in your recently cleaned wallet. This seems to have actually impressed Reimu! Such a reaction must be investigated further...FOR SCIENCE!! You up your donation tenfold. Feeling the kind of familiar sensation of experience bunching up together into a ball of Skill Up, you turn around to find the overjoyed face of a miko. She rushes off into the shrine mumbling something about the "good stuff," leaving you with the little girl who you now notice reeks of alcohol.

You also notice that she has a jar of almonds, your favorite nut. You ask if you can have some, but you are denied in a drunkenly slurred tone. How dare she! No, hold on, you're getting ahead of yourself. This drunken maybe-oni might be able to help you. After exchanging names and pleasantries you tell Suika of your little problem. She'll help you, but only if she can keep all the almonds. That's just unfair! You request to duel her for both the help and the almonds. She accepts almost immediately, hopping up and punching the ground with enough force to cause a small crater. Looks like she is an oni. This'll be fun.

[x]Dodge and counter
[x]All-out brawling
[x]Try to mimic Meiling's style

Anyone mind telling me what boards could stand another story or two?
>>No. 2080
[x]Dodge and counter

Best tactic. Never fails.

Forest seems dying lately, with little to no activity at all. Youkai only has only two ongoing story. Border can use something new since other writefags are either busy or just plain lazy.

There you have it. You can start anytime on these boards. I hope this helps.
>>No. 2081
Thanks, it does. I already have some ideas for two of those. Good job, anon. You may have just given the /forest/ life once more.

Sage for homework.
>>No. 2082
[x]Dodge and counter

Keep in mind that putting it in a specific board means you'll need to ensure it belongs there, more or less.
>>No. 2085
File 128277934267.jpg - (78.29KB, 800x480, 1249840959.jpg) [iqdb]
[x]Dodge and counter

Clearly taking on an oni head-on is suicide. The moves Meiling used might be effective, but you've got no experience with that style. The only choice left is to turn her own attacks against her. Hopefully you can deal with her small stature and low center of gravity. But you'll deal with that in a second; Suika's running towards you in the most adorable manner you've ever seen, geeze! You quickly get rid of all thoughts of taking the little drunkard home and steel yourself. She hops up and rolls into a ball, heading for you at high speed. Beating something like this is nothing. You hit the ground face up and propel your feet up into the narrowly dodged loliball.

Suika's got other plans. She grabs your legs and uses the momentum to toss you up, dragging the back of your head against the ground and into a rock. The impact knocks you out for a few seconds. When you come to, you're high in the air and rapidly rising. Oh, if only you could fly back down right now. Or could get down at all. A sudden mist appears above you as you reach the apex of your flight. The mist gathers together and becomes your incredibly powerful opponent. Her reared back fist must be the ticket for your return flight. Suika's hit connects, sending you back to shrine even faster than you left it. Looking directly ahead, you see what looks like a large bearded turtle and a large rock. You immediately know which one you're about to hit. You close your eyes and await your end. Only to open them and see a river with thousands of flowers on the other side.

[x]Call for Tewi someone
[x]Ford the river!
[x]Look for a way back
[x]Realize you just died
>>No. 2086
Well, that sure backfired.

[x]Look for a way back

Tempting to ford the river... But then again, that would be a stupid move.
>>No. 2087
[x]Call for someone

Komachi Flirting games
>>No. 2093
[x]Call for someone
-[x]While look for a way back

Combinin' vote time.
>>No. 2098
File 12828819739.jpg - (84.79KB, 1024x768, komachi.jpg) [iqdb]
Eh, sure. Let's double up.

[x]Call for someone
[x]Look for a way back

The beautiful flora across the river can wait. You need to get out of here. You somewhat casually shout for help while trying to get a better grasp of your surroundings. The base of a mountain starts not too far from here, but scaling it doesn't seem worth the effort. Other than that, there's nothing remarkable on this side. Until you hear an answer to your calling. Coming towards you in a dinky little boat is a very stunning woman. When she hits the shore you asks you to get on the boat so she can finish up her shift. Apparently ferrying people is this beauty's job. Not one to obstruct a paycheck, you hop aboard without a second thought.

The second thoughts show up about a minute later. Just who is this woman? You ask, and she gives you not only her name but her job description as well: Komachi, ferrywoman of the Sanzu River. Well, shit. Looks like you really died instead of some random deus-ex machina saving you at the last second. You don't waste time by freaking out and just talk to Komachi. She's really quite charming. Eventually the conversation dies down and you're left staring down into the river.

[x]Rock the boat
[x]Don't rock the boat baby
>>No. 2099
[x]Rock the boat
>>No. 2100
[x]Rock the boat
>>No. 2101
[x]Don't rock the boat baby

Don't feel like swimming!
>>No. 2102
File 128293389163.jpg - (10.53KB, 225x225, suika.jpg) [iqdb]
[x]Rock the boat

You tip the boat over. This catches both you and Komachi off-guard and you both hit the water without a splash. The water's cold. Really cold. You try to swim back up to no avail. Stupid magic river of death. And yet all this seems familiar, like it happened before to someone like you. Great-great-grandpa, maybe? Eh, doesn't matter. You can already feel your body unraveling, turning into nothingness...

Ah, no. It did that literally. You congratulate yourself for your poetic last thoughts. So, this is Purgatory or something, huh? Blue sky, red rocks, weird turtles and little girls smelling strongly of alcohol. Best. Place. Ever. No wait, it's just Suika. You're not sure whether to be glad or not at this point. Her sad, guilty and (almost) sober looking face answer for you, and you ruffle her hair a bit. She hugs you tightly and explains everything; apparently after you splattered against the rock, Suika gathered up all the pieces, including your soul and memories. She even lets you have the whole jar of almonds for your trouble.

Obtained Jar of Almonds x1!
Remembered Everything!


Wait wait wait hold on. Mission one?? You search your memories for the very last thing before your amnesiac adventures, finding only a laser, a parasol and green hair. So she did this to you! You cannot let this travesty go unpunished! As you bid farewell to the adorable oni, you see a blur in the corner of your eye.

Lost 100 yen!

Oh no. HELL no. It's the Goddamn Pickpocket.

[x]No, let it go. You have to find the flower youkai.
[x]Fucking Pickpocket!

Branching paths! Recurring enemies! Longer updates! All this and more on the next episode of whatever it is I decide to call this thing. If I ever bother.
>>No. 2103
[x]No, let it go. You have to find the flower youkai.

If it was something over a thousand yen I'd be pissed.
>>No. 2104
[x]No, let it go. You have to find the flower youkai.

we have bigger things to go after than some 100-yen pickpocket.
>>No. 2105
What could your decision have caused, I wonder~?

[x]No, let it go. You have to find the flower youkai.

Bah, he gets of easy this time. His penchant for thievery will only get him killed. Besides, it's only 100 yen. You've got more than enough to cover it. (Wait, didn't you only have 5000 yen bills? Then how?) Oh well, doesn't matter. You've got bigger weeds to pull. Your honor must be restored!


Your head hurts a bit after that booming proclamation. You knew an "audible HUD" was a terrible purchase, but you just couldn't resist the novelty of it. The loud headache maker is right though. It's time to get down to business for once and charge forth toward your destiny. As soon as you find it, that is.

[x]She visits the village on occasion. One of the humans can help.
[x]One of those annoying news-tengu should know something.
[x]Best place to find a weed is in a garden.

No pic due to wonky connection.
>>No. 2106
[x]One of those annoying news-tengu should know something.
>>No. 2107
[x]One of those annoying news-tengu
should know something.

Aya or Hatate, i wonder? Should have thrown a knife to that thief...
>>No. 2108
How many mission does this have?
>>No. 2109
Right now there are two secret missions and one more regular one. I can make more later if you guys want. But Mission Three's impossible anyway, so yeah.

Unfortunately I can't quite figure out how to write this update. So the three of you hold on for a bit, k?
>>No. 2110
File 12830329025.jpg - (277.50KB, 684x779, 142491.jpg) [iqdb]
This took way too long to write.

[x]One of those annoying news-tengu should know something.

You honestly hate to admit it, but those nosy crows would be your best bet for information. Who do they think they are, snooping about with their cameras writing mostly untrue stories about people? You can't stand them, but this is a sacrifice that must be made. After a brief struggle, you manage to get into the air once more. You flit about in joy for a while. It's been too long indeed. After a few more minutes of that, you fly on towards Youkai Mountain.

You wave to the kappa and curse goddess as you float overhead. You can see the tengu's home ahead, and approach the guards. Momiji's one of the wolves on duty and let's you go on ahead. She's the only one that lets you in so easily, likely due to your shared dislike of Aya. You touch down in front of the printing press and open the door. Immediately, you notice the scent of sake. You spot the two you were looking for arguing in the corner. Looks like they had a drinking contest or something. Obviously this isn't exactly helpful to your plans.

[x]Slap Aya sober so she can help you.
[x]You never talked much with Hatate. Might as well start now.
[x]Pull up a chair, this could get interesting.
[x]What a pointless trip. You should try somewhere else.
>>No. 2111
[x]Pull up a chair, this could get interesting.

100% authentic dirty on Tengus, a rarity.
>>No. 2112
[x]Pull up a chair, this could get interesting.
>>No. 2116
File 128312284899.jpg - (514.83KB, 965x1000, 7247.jpg) [iqdb]
I have learned today that laundry is NEVER to be done on the weekends.

[x]Pull up a chair, this could get interesting.

Well, it's not everyday that you get to see something like this. You search around for something to rest your rump on. The chair nearby looks comfortable enough. You pick up one of Aya's older cameras, one of those that spits out the picture, and take your seat. You wish you had some of that "popped corn" Yukari let you try, because you just know that the show's about to start for real. Unsurprisingly, you're right.

The girls have resorted to insulting each others' sexuality. It won't be long now before this conflict gets physical. Twenty-two seconds, a new record in your book! Hatate's shirt is ripped off and tossed in your general direction, revealing a rather modest white bra on a modest chest. She responds in kind, showing Aya's clearly larger breasts and their more risqué supports. Next to go were the skirts, then the brassieres. The way their hands caress each others' breasts is simply magnificent. Such dexterity could only be rivaled by the puppeteer! Sadly, it's about time to get back to business. You grab the camera, aim, and click. The doubtlessly familiar sound manages to attract the tengu's attention. You hold in your hands a very powerful bartering chip, however. A chance like this would never come up again.

[x]Have them continue. Keep camera ready.
[x]Join in.
[x]Accursed distractions! Demand information on Kazami's whereabouts.
>>No. 2117
[x]Join in.

JOIN the party.
>>No. 2118
[x]Join in.

If worse comes to worse, we'd have some fun before Yuuka blasts us.
>>No. 2119
[x] Accursed distractions! Demand information on Kazami's whereabouts.
[x] Keep the picture, though.
>>No. 2128
[x]Jam it in.

No, wait.

[x]Join in.

Whichever comes first.
>>No. 2129
File 128328613140.jpg - (101.31KB, 500x375, 6a00d83451b09f69e20105371991a6970b-800wi.jpg) [iqdb]
Just as planned.

[x]Join in.
What type of healthy male in his prime would pass this up? You're quite sure Yukari would love to help you spread this story around Gensokyo. Having everyone know of their "forbidden tengu love" would no doubt ruin them both. And they will do whatever you tell them to do, unless they want that. Aya and Hatate whisper to each other before agreeing to your terms. You will greatly enjoy this.

Suddenly, you see a blur!
You've lost 100 yen.

The Goddamn Pickpocket!! He's even here to ruin you scoring! Another blur, and Aya has the picture, and her fan. Damned rage clouding your judgment and drawing your attention! How could such an advantageous situation go so horribly wrong so quickly!? Besides dealing with the fastest and sneakiest persons in Gensokyo. Oh well, that fan's gonna hurt.


You wake up in Eientei. At least you think it is. It'd explain all the bunnies. And this woman standing there must be the infamous Eirin. According to her, you were found beaten to a pulp at the base of the mountain. She also hands you a small box, which contains many pictures of you. You in potentially ruinous situations. That definitely went well. Nonetheless, Eirin releases you a few hours later. Your course of action?

[x]Vengeance! Conspire with Momiji against the crows!
[x]Intel. Someone here in the House of Eternity should know about Yuuka.
[x]Fuck this shit. That Goddamn Pickpocket's gonna pay!
>>No. 2130
[x]Fuck this shit. That Goddamn Pickpocket's gonna pay!

>>No. 2132
[x]Fuck this shit. That Goddamn Pickpocket's gonna pay!

That's it. That godforsaken pickpocket is going to get 20 knives pierced in his head. I swear.
>>No. 2133
File 128330652953.png - (71.43KB, 190x198, 0de09cc24af040b493c9f4dbf7da95e9.png) [iqdb]
[x]Fuck this shit. That Goddamn Pickpocket's gonna pay!

Know what? You've had it up to here with that Pickpocket's bullshit. He has performed impossible acts of annoyance for too long! How the hell does he get 100 yen out of 5000 yen notes anyway!? That damned weed can wait; this bastard's going down.

Someone leveled up to level 3!

You rush out of Eientei and proclaim your intentions to the heavens. A rock with a note falls next to you. You grab the note and take a look. "Shut the hell up! I'm trying to sleep!" Wow, people in Heaven sure are irritable. You pocket the Celestial Stone but see a blur while doing so!

You lost 1000 yen!

MOTHERFUCK. He's taking MORE now!! You have to make this stop.

[x]Eirin's called the Brain of the Moon. Let's test that a bit.
[x]Should've just gone to the village in the first place.
[x]Perhaps Meiling's seen him before?
[x]Momiji's got good eyes. Go ask her to help.
[x]Go to [place]/Ask [person] for help.

Also I think I should mention this. The concept of the Pickpocket was from one of my friend's cracked out faux-D&D campaigns. Completely derailed the entire thing.
>>No. 2134
I'm thinking about using the pickpocket again in another story, but he tends to completely distract the players from the main campaign/mission/goal/whatever, so eh...I'll have to think about it.

[x]Throw a shit fit and punch anyone (or anything) that gets near you.
>>No. 2136
[x]Momiji's got good eyes. Go ask her to
-[x] While you're at it, plan your vengeance against those crows and ask her to tag along. She must be dying to prank those crows as well.

The subvote says it all.
>>No. 2137
While I wait for someone to agree with someone else, would you anons mind telling me which RPG series you think have the best magic overall? Not just strongest, maybe most useful or flashiest.
>>No. 2138

If you want flashy, go with the later Final Fantasy games. I recommend looking for "Knights of the Round Table" and "Supernova"
>>No. 2139
in sheer flash, nothing beats Final Fanasty.

[x]Momiji's got good eyes. Go ask her to
-[x] While you're at it, plan your vengeance against those crows and ask her to tag along. She must be dying to prank those crows as well.
>>No. 2145
File 128348021145.jpg - (272.95KB, 973x778, b11aa1574b23e037930f348cf8ae6298.jpg) [iqdb]
Thanks, anon. Your input has aided me and indirectly caused me to really want FFXIII. Summoning elemental Autobots looks very fun indeed.

[x]Momiji's got good eyes. Go ask her to help.
-[x] While you're at it, plan your vengeance against those crows and ask her to tag along. She must be dying to prank those crows as well.

The guy's fast, even for your magnificent youkai sight. So all you need to do is find someone with better eyes than you. Like Momiji. Ah, but even she won't just up and help you. Guess you'll just have to strike a deal, but what would she want? Surely she won't need any money; she gets paid quite well for her job. Maybe a gift would work. But what can you get her? Man, this is hard. Perhaps you should ask Aya... Wait, that's it! This plan can't possibly fail! With your energy at maximum level, you take off toward Momiji's home.

You don't have to go the whole way, since Momiji's still near the guard post. Which is lucky, you notice, as you've never actually been to Momiji's home. Anyway, she's off-duty so you land and tell her of your plan. She agrees to help you afterward as well. You both go to the printing press and set things into motion.

[x]Something actually detailed (write-in)

And a completely unrelated choice:
>>No. 2148
[x] Burn the place down in fit of insanity.

>>No. 2149

eh why not all of it? Could do the write-in but I can't think of anything

[x] Understanding
>>No. 2151
File 128353062360.gif - (94.60KB, 440x449, inside.gif) [iqdb]
I wonder how long it'll be before you guys get to see what you voted for? It's annoying, but I'm gonna have to wait to post it. Dammit, /th/ writefags!

[x]All or nothing

You send Momiji inside to scout. You, on the other hand, stay outside and wait. Your success depends solely on your skills and the time of day. You were unfortunately never any good at stakeouts, and quickly drift off to sleep. Before your consciousness leaves completely, you see a blur in the corner of your eye...

Momiji wakes you up later. It's much darker, so it must be late. You are informed that both crows are sound asleep with a little help from everyone's good buddy, alcohol. You enter and prepare to get started. What will you do to these annoying women? You could sabotage her newspaper, or just ransack the place. Or even try that old "hand in water" trick. Or you just could screw the rules and do all of them at once! Haha, this will be glorious! You get to work wrecking everything in your search for their master prints. There, on the desk! Conveniently, both Aya's and Hatate's are here, next to a big bottle of ink. What you do here is obvious indeed. Now with that out of the way, you carve a path of carnage all the way to the sink. You find two cups and fill them with water, then mosey on over to the two tengu passed out in the corner. Aya's hand in here, and Hatate's in there! This is gonna be the greatest thing ever! But it doesn't seem complete yet. What could be missing? Something absurd, preferably involving ink. You know now what you must do. You take up the brush and nearly empty ink bottle. You are the Michelangelo of Gensokyo, and these two sleeping faces are your canvas!

With your business done, and a few pictures for safekeeping, you exit the building. You go to the wolf waiting nearby and hand her the photos. She's quite impressed with your work, especially your "masterpiece." Momiji's glad she made this deal with you, and will help you immediately.

Momiji has joined the party!
You remember the blur and realize that you've lost 1000 yen!

Oh dammit!

[x]Go gather a bit more information (from where?)
[x]Have Momiji try to find this guy now
-[x]Look for a random blur somewhere
-[x]Maybe his scent's on your wallet?
>>No. 2152
[x]Have Momiji try to find this guy now
-[x]Maybe his scent's on your wallet? (But put in a way that's not insulting to her)
>>No. 2153
[x]Have Momiji try to find this guy now
-[x]Maybe his scent's on your wallet? (But
put in a way that's not insulting to her)
-[x]Look for a random blur somewhere
>>No. 2154
File 128372502036.png - (35.37KB, 736x736, AWESOME_FACE!!!.png) [iqdb]
[x]Have Momiji try to find this guy now
-[x]Maybe his scent's on your wallet? (Put in a way that indirectly insults her)

More people need to vote and read this damn story.
>>No. 2156
File 128372781156.png - (763.23KB, 1002x1416, dc95f9e6fca7a0e5b0198ee08c920a7e.png) [iqdb]
[x]Have Momiji try to find this guy now
-[x]Maybe his scent's on your wallet? (But put in a way that's not insulting to her)
-[x]Look for a random blur somewhere

It's about time to see how much help your new party member's gonna be. And you know just how to find out. Being a wolf, Momiji's got to have some skill in tracking, right? But it's not like you can just whip out your wallet and ask her to sniff it. No, this requires tact and charisma. It used to, anyway; seems you were thinking aloud. Momiji informs you that she doesn't mind a direct request and asks for your wallet, which you hand over. She sniffs it curiously and dutifully. A moment later you're back in possession of your wallet and Momiji's leading the way to the Pickpocket. Hopefully. You make sure to tell her to keep an eye out for any random blurs.


It's been, what, three hours now? Three hours of sliding along the ground, following an increasingly sleepy- and disheartened-looking puppy, all to find some random person that seems to have it out for you. None of this is very fair to Momiji, you realize. You're sure there's plenty of things she'd rather be doing than wasting the night on a wild goose chase. You make a mental note to apologize after all this, and to pay her back later. But now it's back to that same question of what to get her. This gift-giving thing is hard! (Un)Fortunately, your thoughts are cut short after you bump into a downcast Momiji, who regretfully states that the scent is lost. On top of that, the two of you seem to have arrived in some weird village. You really should stop zoning out so much. It's not like your daydreams and idle thoughts benefit you at all.

[x] A new area calls for exploration!
[x] This place is giving you bad vibes. Turn tail and run.
[x] Dogs are man's best friends~
[x] Enact your master plan! (another write-in)

Your concern? for this story is quite welcome. At least I know that my writing isn't as terrible as I thought it was. Means I'm doing something right. Now to figure out what it is and keep doing it...
>>No. 2157
[x] A new area calls for exploration!
-[x] But do so carefully.
-[x] Ask Momiji if she's heard of such a place only reachable by getting lost.
>>No. 2158
[x] A new area calls for
-[x] But do so carefully.
-[x] Ask Momiji if she's heard of
such a place only reachable by
getting lost.

>>No. 2159
[x] Dogs are man's best friends~
>>No. 2160
[x] Dogs are man's best friends~
>>No. 2161
[x] Dogs are man's best friends~
>>No. 2162
[x] Dogs are man's best friends~
>>No. 2163
vote spam check please
>>No. 2168
Okay Anon, what I planned for these two choices contradict each other, and I'm not sure what to do. I could just do the one I feel like doing, or think up some way to combine them that I will invariably like. Which would you prefer?
Updates in 12 hours regardless.
>>No. 2169
The combine-y thing.
>>No. 2170
>>No. 2172
File 128386498335.png - (619.72KB, 1400x1400, bd1ef6810b6aae1bbd3dc64798d1dcc4.png) [iqdb]
[x] A new area calls for exploration!
-[x] But do so carefully.
-[x] Ask Momiji if she's heard of such a place only reachable by getting lost.
[x] Dogs are man's best friends~


Your sense of adventure is tingling. This place seems to have just suddenly appeared out of nowhere, after all. Look sharp, Momiji! It's adventure time!

Though, it wouldn't help to just run off in some random direction. You tell Momiji to keep close and stay vigilant; there could be anything in this place, and preferably this includes the Pickpocket. The two of you search the place carefully and methodically. You find neither treasure nor Pickpockets, but lots and lots of cats and a few bones. You take one of the Bones while your partner's looking the other way. Now would be a good time for a break, you think.

You both leave the building you were searching and sit down. You start a conversation by asking her if she's heard of a place you get to by getting lost. She has, of course, and wonders if that's where you are. It would make sense for this to be Mayohiga, you think. You pet the wolf girl and tell her to relax some. Her tail starts smacking you in the back, and you figure now would be as good a time as any. You pull out the Bone and hold it in front of Momiji to get her attention. Then you chuck it clear down the path. Surprisingly, she takes off after it. You were hoping for this reaction, but it's kind of strange actually seeing it. And completely adorable. She returns with the bone but stops and stares behind you. Of course, you turn and look.

Wild Chen appeared!
Wilde Ran appeared!

[x]Fight (Pick a target)
-[x]H. Blade
[x]Items (will open inventory)

You know, one or two of the "DESPAIR" choices in this story are actually better than the other ones. But which one will it be? Or have you already missed them?
>>No. 2173
[x]Fight (Ran)

Let's just talk things over so no misunderstandings happen. Also possible allies toward the matter or revenge and that damned pickpocket.
>>No. 2174
Let's see...

1. Somehow we ended up at Mayohiga.
2. Ran appeared. with Chen.


>>No. 2175
Though decision between this and run, but let's go with it.
>>No. 2176
File 128399714346.jpg - (9.60KB, 308x296, despair1.jpg) [iqdb]

Why, why, why do these things always happen to you!? You've been pestered by this Pickpocket for years, you and only you. You were sick of it, and finally decided to do something about it. But nothing's gotten any better! You're still being bothered, you're failing at restoring your honor, you're lost in Mayohiga, you're suddenly up against Yukari's shikiga--

Wait. The trail apparently ended at Mayohiga. Then Ran and Chen show up in a semi-threatening manner. And the Pickpocket has been doing some pretty impossible things. You wish it weren't so, but all evidence points to a single irrefutable fact: Yukari Yakumo is the Goddamned Pickpocket. Fuck.

This mission of yours was fruitless from the beginning. It is obvious now that the Pickpocket may be a permanent fixture in your life, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it. This revelation hits you with the force of a bullet train. Outside of your monologue, you fall to your knees, your soul infinitely shattered. You can neither see nor hear nor even feel the world that has ground your resolve into a fine paste. There is no hope. There is only the cold vicegrip of despair.

[x]Cry like a little bitch.
[x]Suddenly, soft.
[x]Stop crying, faggot.
>>No. 2177
[x]Suddenly, soft.
>>No. 2181
[x]Suddenly, soft.
>>No. 2185
[x]Stop crying, faggot.
>>No. 2186
[x]Suddenly, soft.
>>No. 2187
File 128407645644.jpg - (81.25KB, 552x663, 2b521ada10031b050730eaa4fdd5b4854ba065c6.jpg) [iqdb]
[x]Suddenly, soft.

That which brings you from the dark pit is not your swift death as you thought. Nay, 'tis actually a warm, comforting feeling on your face. Could it be true? Has the world not yet abandoned you after all? No, you mustn't question the will of the heavens. You know firsthand that the first line of doubt makes everything worse. But not this time! There are no doubts in your mind as your will explodes and you tightly hug the soft furriness that has saved your soul! Feels so good!

An adorable startled yelp rewards your choice. Looks like Ran was sitting next to you this whole time. But why was she facing away from you? You look past the fox asking you to let go and see...her. Yukari, the source of your ire and current target of your vengeance. The mark is in sight. What will you do?

[x]Fuck it. Find Momiji and run.
[x]Ask for a cup of tea.
>>No. 2188
[x]Ask for a cup of tea.
Don't rush it. Yet.
>>No. 2189
[x]Ask for a cup of tea.
[x]Keep hugging the soft thing.
>>No. 2190
[x]Ask for a cup of tea.
[x]Keep hugging the soft thing.
>>No. 2191
File 128408961639.gif - (551.80KB, 991x1266, 060ab14cccc5924aecdd8cc17c3d40364250c7a9.gif) [iqdb]
[x]Ask for a cup of tea.
[x]Keep hugging the soft thing.

How long's it been since you had something to drink anyway? As terrible as the woman in front of you is, you know she has manners enough to treat you as a proper guest. So you make your consciousness known to her and the three tailed ones. You've come to visit, and wish to talk about things over tea. The subject matter? Why, she should know better than you! It doesn't matter anyway, she still tells Ran to go fix the tea.

You're suddenly dragged along the ground. The world is attempting to part you from your savior! You'll have none of that, that this time! Your hold on the fuzzy warmth strengthens and the dragging slows down greatly. Ran seems to be struggling to get into the house for some reason. Three sets of girlish giggling accompany this surely baffling scene. No doubt your suffering is humorous to them all. It matters not, you'll win this battle regardless of how much they ridicule you!

You've reached a true obstacle, however: stairs. You're not yet ready to stand, and are at the mercy of this mysterious force. You brace for impact, but it never comes. Your friend has lifted you above the offenders! Do you see that, world!? Neither of you will be separated from the other!! You nuzzle the fuzz as you cross the doorway into the house, then into the kitchen. Ran stops here and asks you to release her tails. Of course, you have no idea what she's talking.... A closer inspection shows that your furry source of cheeriness is in fact connected to Ran's lower back. My, you must have looked ridiculous.

[x]Comply, and apologize for causing her trouble.
[x]Comply, but deny ever doing anything.
[x]Never gonna give you up
[x]Kiss Ran.

I enjoyed writing that way too much.
>>No. 2192
[x]Comply, and apologize for
causing her trouble.
[x]Kiss Ran.
[x]Find Momiji and grab her tail.

We have developed a tail fetish.
>>No. 2193
[x]Comply, and apologize for causing her trouble.
>>No. 2194
[x]Comply, and apologize for
causing her trouble.
>>No. 2195
>tail fetish
This is now canon.
No image, postig from phone.

[x]Comply, and apologize for causing her trouble.
[x]Find Momiji and grab her tail.

Sadly and reluctantly, you comply with the shikigami's wishes. You apologize for all the mess you put her through while you're at it. You even manage to slip in a few flirty compliments. Your killer charisma gets Ran blushing like a young schoolgirl. You'd love to stay and charm the fox more, but theere is tea to be made and a puppy to be found. You bid Ran adieu and leave the house.

Now, finding a wolf tengu in a strange village full of cats should be pretty easy. You fly up to get a better view. Ah, she's there with Chen. You'll need to be careful; this is a sneaking mission. You memorize their positions and lower down to the ground without landing. Quickly and cautiously you glide to the area they were in. Luckily they're both preoccupied and won't notice when you strike...right...now! You leap from the shadows towards Momiji and grab her tail, holding it close. It's bushier than Ran's by a landslide, but the hairs are very fine. Tail still soft~

[x]Pull Chen over here too.
[x]Nuzz da fuzz
[x]Kiss Momiji instead.

It took 30 minutes of actual button pressing to write this, if it matters to anyone.
>>No. 2196
[x]Pull Chen over here too.
>>No. 2197
[x]Pull Chen over here too.
[x]Nuzz da fuzz
[x]Kiss Momiji too.
>>No. 2201
[x]Pull Chen over here too
[x]Kiss Momiji too.
>>No. 2205
[x]Pull Chen over here too
[x]Kiss Momiji too.

Your eyes soon drift over to the adorable nekomata over to the side, then to her two tails. You simply must snuggle them! But that would mean you'd have to let go of Momiji's, wouldn't it. Must you give up one? Is there truly no middle ground? Either eating the cake or having it? And how do you eat the cake and not have it anyway. Does someone feed it to you or something. This is easily one of the dumbest idioms you've ever heard of. You bet no one could give you a straight answer on what the hell it means, either.

Suddenly, more softness. Looks like your body was able to figure out this "puzzle" before you mind and pulled Chen over close enough for you grab her tails. Smooth, you note. Much moreso than either of the others'. The combined feeling of Chen's and Momiji's tails is the real reward here, however. This is like freakin sensory overload over here damn.

Gained a passive skill: King of Cauda
All stats increase when near a lady with a tail. Reasoning takes a massive hit, however.

Although you can toggle the passive skills, they always default to ON. You can already feel your reasoning rapidly dissipating. So quickly that you don't even have time to stop yourself from frenching Momiji. Obviously you're the only one not shocked by your action, currently seeing nothing at all wrong with it. Once you stop and pull away from air, you find not only a stunned wolf and cat, but a dumbstruck and fox and a giggling woman both sipping tea. Yukari asks you to leave such acts for until you leave, and suggests you discuss whatever it is you came here for. You quickly disable your new skill, grab a cup of tea, and think of how best to approach this.

[x]Speak like the gentleman you are. You're a guest in this lady's house after all.
[x]Flip your shit, let the rage flow true.
[x]She closes her eyes every other sip, eh?
>>No. 2209
[x]Speak like the gentleman you are. You're a guest in this lady's house after all.

Let's try being reasonable first before flipping the fuck out.
>>No. 2211
[x]She closes her eyes every
other sip, eh?
>>No. 2213
[x]She closes her eyes every other sip, eh?
>>No. 2214
File 128448327580.png - (343.33KB, 660x450, b0d5421b108956d542708f511c5fd4d1d41cbb30.png) [iqdb]
Turns out my phone is a terrible thing to write with.

[x]She closes her eyes every other sip, eh?

You've finally gotten Yukari right where you want her: in front of you and off guard. It's about damn time you got to settle this. Your soul is quivering in anticipation. And you know just how to satisfy it.

You begin diplomatically, stating all the things that Yukari's meddling has ruined. Your job guarding the Moriya shrine (you miss that freakin long sword too), getting laid by the tengu, avenging your honor, getting laid by the satori, defeating Reimu fairly in danmaku, getting laid by Yuugi (though it's probably better that she stopped that one), getting laid by the Aki sisters, creating a reality marble, getting laid by Hina, the list goes on. Yukari's at best feigning interest by this point. This is fortunate, for she's also begun keeping her eyes closed longer and in a much more predictable pattern. And if your estimation is correct (which it rarely isn't) then now would be the perfect time to strike. With speed even Aya would kill for, you draw three Throwing Knives and let them fly.
The Knife strikes Yukari's head.
It is pierced through entirely!
The Knife strikes Yukari's neck.
It is pierced through entirely!
The Knife strikes Yukari's heart.
It is pierced through completely!
The gap hag has been struck down!
Wow, you just managed to legitimately do something most people could only pull of with deus ex machina or significantly broken powers. You loot the body in celebration.

Received Frilly Hat.
Received 3Chest.
Received passive skill: Diplomatic Immunity

Immune to all damage while using Diplomacy, but highly susceptible during combat.
Received special attack: Sepulchritude
The ultimate charismatic attack. Can only be used when the time is right.

Not a bad haul, you think. But you don't want to stay here much longer. Ran and Chen's stupor will only last so long. You grab Momiji and get the hell out of there. You weren't expecting to actually get anywhere, but you somehow end up at your treehouse. Must've been the hat, you guess. But now is as good a time as any to examine that 3Chest. You sit Momiji down and take a look. Each part of the chest is labeled, so this makes it slightly easier. Which to open, though?

[x]The left compartment, labeled "PortaGap."
[x]The middle compartment, labeled "SilSwit."
[x]The right compartment, labeled "SumRing."

Also, what of Momiji?
[x]Let her leave. You've dragged her around enough.
[x]Ask her to stay. You may still need her help.

Yes, the other 2 treasures are Lost Forever if you don't get them. Only someone like Yukari could get all 3.
>>No. 2216
[x]The left compartment, labeled "PortaGap."

It would so cool if we got a gap transport like Yukari's.

[x]Ask her to stay. You love having her by your side.

She's a valuable friend. Her tails is better than Ran. So soft and bushy~
>>No. 2217
[x]The left compartment, labeled "PortaGap."
-[x]Ask her to stay. You love having her by your side.
>>No. 2218

and add:
[x] Remember the french kiss. Take responsiblity and ask her out for dinner.

A date with Momiji. Do want.
>>No. 2219
[x]The left compartment, labeled "PortaGap."

[x]Ask her to stay. You love having her by your side.
-[x] Remember the french kiss. Take responsiblity and ask her out for dinner.
>>No. 2220
File 128456975930.jpg - (184.79KB, 850x900, 4b01d5cb35ff1d7093e243ae5ef462be0d038508.jpg) [iqdb]
[x]The left compartment, labeled "PortaGap."

[x]Ask her to stay. You love having her by your side.
-[x] Remember the french kiss. Take responsibility and ask her out for dinner.

This really isn't that hard a decision after all. You pop open the left side and retrieve a small purple orb that looks like an eye. The 3Chest, along with the Silliness Switch and Ring of Summoning are de-appearified. A manual then drops from the orb. You've never liked reading much so you give it just a quick skim through.

Basically it either opens a portal somewhere ([x]Gap to ...) or randomly teleports you around the area you're in ([x]Warp). The second one sounds pretty useless, if you do say so yourself. And why would Yukari need this anyway? Maybe it was a toy for Chen or something, who knows? Chen and Ran might, but there's no way you're going back to Mayohiga in the next few years. That little bit of knowledge is not worth losing your life over. Though maybe if you let this blow over you can go "recruit" the fox and cat. Speaking of which, Momiji's still here, exploring your little "apartment".

Momiji's been a great friend to you for a long time, ever since you helped her fend off an especially drunk Aya. Boy, that was quite the day. Got you in pretty good with the rest of the tengu as well. But that's not important right now. Your best friend is here, in your home, and it's ungentlemanly to ignore a guest, much less a lady. Especially if you've not only dragged her around on your whims for the better part of the night but also stolen her first kiss. Yet you're reluctant to leave it at that. You get Momiji's attention and ask her to keep accompanying you. You even manage to one-up yourself and ask her out to dinner later in the same statement. Oh joyous days, she agrees to both! She hugs you and you ruffle her hair a bit. You're enjoying this and decide to stay like that a while.

It's mid-morning right now. What will you do?

[x]Chill like this until evening.
[x]Dick around until evening.
[x]Search for Yuuka. Maybe you can actually get something done this time.
[x]Try out your brand new PortaGap.

If anyone wants to know what the other two things do, or wants me to explain the PG better, just ask.
>>No. 2223
[x]Try out your brand new
-[x] Gap to the human village.
-[x] Find a gentleman's clothes set for the date. Better be looking good than plain.
-[x] Keep your trusty cape. Shoulder cape = increase charisma and mysterious aura.
>>No. 2224
>>No. 2225


-[x] And buy a dress for Momiji as well. A dress that will make her look like beautiful woman.
>>No. 2226
File 128467678273.jpg - (180.94KB, 467x599, alucard.jpg) [iqdb]
[x]Try out your brand new
-[x] Gap to the human village.
-[x] Find a gentleman's clothes set for the date. Better be looking good than plain.
-[x] Keep your trusty cape. Shoulder cape = increase charisma and mysterious aura.
-[x] And buy a dress for Momiji as well. A dress that will make her look like beautiful woman.

You separate yourself from Momiji, telling her to do as she pleases. You're going out for a bit. To test this new tool of yours, specifically. You walk out on the porch (really just a coincidentally sturdy tangle of branches) and pull out the weird marble thing. It's at this point you realize that you have no fucking clue how this thing works and the "manual" is mum on the answer. This looks like a job for your good friend Training Montage! But as this storytelling medium doesn't lend itself well to montages, we'll just skip ahead a couple of hours.

You've got numerous cuts and bruises from these shenanigans. Took you one hour to figure out how to teleport, and another hour of sudden jumping and near-telefrags to get the gap setting. After all that madness, you're happy just to see that familiar ribbon-edged portal. You make a mental note to try to change the ribbons to something manlier later.

Not trusting the portal completely, you just stick your head through. Suddenly, naked girls. Three of them! One with dark hair, one with horns, the third with no legs. This has to be the secret hot spring of the Hakurei Shrine, and the giant turtle off to the side confirms it. Since they hadn't noticed you, or at least didn't make it obvious that they did, you wordlessly pull your head back and save that mental picture for later. A last ten minutes of configuration pass and you step through the portal to the Human Village.

Now that you're here, you can work on getting clothes suitable for a fancy dinner party. You snoop about for a clothing store, taking care not to be seen by the guards. Keine doesn't want you here anymore after various shenanigans, so you've got to get indoors quickly. Luckily, you gapped in on the same side of the road as the store. You walk in and announce both your presence and willingness to buy something. The person that comes to aid you is not who you were expecting.

Alice is just as confused to see you, but for a different reason. She knows of your banishment and asks why you came anyway. You tell her you just wanted some nice clothes for you and your ladyfriend. She mulls it over for a bit but ultimately decides to let it slide. She goes to the back and has Hourai show you around. You figure you should get something for Momiji, so you look for a nice dress. You find something almost instantly. It's similar to Shizuha's outfit, except much more ornate and frilly. The bottom's leaf design persists throughout, for one. You could keep describing it, but you happen to be directly in front of a window. You tell Hourai that you'll take it. She pulls it off its stand as you turn around to look for something for yo--oh my.

Straight ahead, somewhat hidden by other, lesser garments, is what must be the greatest of any nobleman's attire. A highly elegant black suit with silver trim all around, save for the coat's gold buttons and trim. Design this amazing could only have come from one specializing in western fashions like dear Alice Margatroid. Said magician shows up behind you, apparently called for by Hourai. You tell her immediately that you must have this outfit. She's shocked, as that's the most expensive thing she's ever made. You reply with how much you care (which is none); you absolutely have to obtain this suit.

A few minutes of haggling and 495 thousand yen later, you are a dress, a pimpin' suit, and a sword and shield (part of a package deal or something) richer. You equip your new clothes, keeping your old cape in favor of the new one, then use a gap to get out of there safely and easily. You equip the sword and shield while you're at it.

Lost 495000 yen!
Received Elegant Autumn Dress!
Received Adrian's Suit!
Received Heirloom Gear!

It is now mid-afternoon. What to do now?

[x]Go give Momiji her dress now.
[x]Keep it until later.

[x]You should probably test this stuff out in battle.
[x]Troll the Scarlet Devil Mansion Try to convince Remilia to throw a fancy dinner party.
[x]You just might die, but go see Ran and Chen.
[x]Try to reconcile with Keine.
[x]Some other thing the writefag didn't think of goes here.
>>No. 2227
[x]Go give Momiji her dress now.

[x]Troll the Scarlet Devil Mansion Try to convince Remilia to throw a fancy dinner party.
[x]Try to reconcile with Keine.
>>No. 2231
[x] Go give Momiji her dress now.
[x] Troll the Scarlet Devil Mansion Try to convince Remilia to throw a fancy dinner party.
[x] Try to reconcile with Keine.

Can we really do all this?
>>No. 2232
[x] Go give Momiji her dress now.
[x] Try to reconcile with Keine.
[x] Troll the Scarlet Devil Mansion Try to convince Remilia to throw a fancy dinner party.

This order.
>>No. 2233
[x] Go give Momiji her dress now.
[x] Try to reconcile with Keine.
[x] Troll the Scarlet Devil Mansion Try to convince Remilia to throw a fancy dinner party.

This order.
>>No. 2234

Think of these two as one vote. Because it's a double post.
>>No. 2235
And it's my fault. Sorry.
>>No. 2237
File 128471617128.png - (280.61KB, 800x600, 996546058e2541aa9658fb1649eccf59e9f9ddb7.png) [iqdb]
But of course. The power of gaps is a wonderful thing.
Also, going with the double post's order.
[x]Go give Momiji her dress now.

[x]Try to reconcile with Keine.
[x]Troll the Scarlet Devil Mansion Try to convince Remilia to throw a fancy dinner party.

Well since you warped to the treehouse anyway, you might as well give Momiji her gift before going off to handle your business. You enter to find that Momiji's still there, taking a nap and wearing Yukari's hat to boot. How adorable. You couldn't stand to disturb such a cute figure, so you just lay the dress next to her and leave.

Although it keeps your skills sharp, having to sneak around the village just to buy some damn fruit gets annoying after a while. Getting back on Keine's good side is now high priority. You gap to right outside her office at the school house and knock. She opens up and greets you with unsurprising surprise. She nearly calls for the guards but you silence with your hand over her mouth. You just wanna talk a bit. You start by apologizing and pleading your case. You never intended to harm anyone with your prank, you were just having some fun scaring some kids when their parents got involved. And that one guy totally fell on his own sword, you didn't do anything! And it goes on like that for a while. Keine finally agrees to let you enter freely. As long as you never do anything like that again. You agree and gap away, leaving behind a very confused were-hakutaku.

You emerge at the gate to the Scarlet Devil Mansion. It's really getting easier to use this thing. Anyway, Meiling's awake which makes this whole thing take less time. You ask to see the mistress for a moment. You get Surprise Sakuya instead. Just as well, you suppose. You ask her about hosting a fancy dinner party. As soon as you add on the "tonight" you're met with a terrifying and paralyzing glare. Swaying her into putting in that much effort means you'll owe her help with not only this but also a favor later on. You agree, it's worth it after all. Sakuya does the time warp again and leaves you there. It won't be too long before evening.

[x]Troll the Scarlet Devil Mansion
[x]Catch up with Meiling.
[x]Yukari's hat was not enough.

Oh yeah, trip test.
>>No. 2238
[x]Catch up with Meiling.
>>No. 2239
[x]Catch up with Meiling.
>>No. 2241
[x]Catch up with Meiling.
>>No. 2242
Busy day, short update.

[x]Catch up with Meiling.

It's been a few days since you talked to the gate guard. It'd be nice to know what she's been up to, and what became of that that fish. You grab her attention again and start up a conversation with the usual "How've you been"s and "What's up with you"s. From what she's told you, Cirno and Rumia have been coming to play everyday. Sakuya cooked up that huge catfish and Patchouli managed to make another one grow to that size. You take a quick look behind you toward the lake and see said fish breaching. You've learned that giant catfish now breach for whatever reason.

As the conversation peters out (along with my imagination) She asks if you'd like to learn some sweet Chinese kung fu! In not so many words, of course.

[x]Yeah, why not.
[x]Your combat's fine as it is.
-[x]Show her
-[x]Maybe you should help with the cooking.
-[x]How do you make a fish grow huge?
-[x]It's time to claim the title of "Most Charismatic"
>>No. 2243
[x]Yeah, why not.

The more we learn, the better.
>>No. 2244
[x]Yeah, why not.
-[x] Keep the upcoming date in mind

Let's not forget about that.
>>No. 2245
[x]Yeah, why not.
-[x] Keep the upcoming date in mind

>>No. 2247
File 128492529059.jpg - (651.47KB, 1200x802, 03890a62747f64aab33011b91b0d54327722cba0.jpg) [iqdb]
[x]Yeah, why not.
-[x] Keep the upcoming date in mind

There's not really much else to do, so you take her up on her offer. Anything you can learn will surely help when confronting Yuuka. You'll have to be careful and keep it short though. You do have a place to be soon, after all. Maybe you shouldn't get too rough either, lest you ruin your wonderful outfit. So you spend the first few minutes learning the basics: balance, breathing, stance, etc. Meiling even teaches you a few basic moves. She suggests practicing what you've learned right here, but you decline. You really prefer the use of blades when it all comes down to it. Meiling understands, but asks you to wait there for a second. You do so and watch her walk off, wondering what she could be up to.

She returns with a rather ornate blade and takes up what is unmistakably a combat stance. She really wants to show you something useful, huh? Well alright, you'll humor her then. You draw your own sword and note how natural it feels in your hand.

And the two of you fought for a good chunk of time, and you enjoyed it greatly. You believe it to be such a shame that no one saw it though, even with all the loud clashing. You did any number of acrobatic fucking pirouettes off the handle, and Meiling managed to dodge or counter each and every one. The two of you were equally matched in terms of skill and sword prowess. Your glorious stalemate was inevitable from the beginning!

Such a damn shame nobody saw it.

Your skill with the sword has improved!

Looking down to inspect yourself, you find not one rip or tear or even speck of dust on your person. This is quite fortunate. Sakuya then appears and says that everything will be ready by the time all the guests arrive. Even more fortunate! You shall retrieve your date right away! Through flight though, you're already starting to miss it again. This turns out to be the incorrect choice, however, as you are soon accosted by a flying one-eyed umbrella.

>>No. 2248
[x] Play dumb and ignore her presence.
[x] On second thought, the sky look somewhat cloudy.
[x] Ask her to accompany you. Don't want to get your clothes wet.

Damn distraction.
>>No. 2249
[x] "Ah! I'm surprised!"
[x] Kindly ask her to come back some other time; you'd be willing to play then.
>>No. 2250
[x] "Ah! I'm surprised!"
[x] Kindly ask her to come back some other time; you'd be willing to play then.
>>No. 2252
File 128510464276.png - (369.96KB, 714x1000, 1ea193ecaa4efffdbd89d9b42f3ea559f5552b23.png) [iqdb]
[x]Abscond in a kind and gentlemanly fashion.

You really have no time for this right now. Well actually, you've got plenty, but you don't feel like it anyway. Besides, her umbrella is a weird color and looking at its huge tongue fills you with all kinds of ungentlemanly thoughts. That said, it's nearly impossible to ignore her, as she's trying her earnest to surprise you in some way. It's...kind of... oh gods, it's absolutely fucking adorable. And yet here you are ignoring her heartfelt efforts and making her a very sad karakasa. This is unforgivable.

You correct yourself at once. Converting all of your charisma into physical ability, you trip yourself in midair and feign surprise at the girl's latest action of floating behind you a ways and poking you in the back. The girl, happy to have achieved her mission, cheers gleefully and does some silly midair victory jig. The mere sight of this warms your heart fiercely. The fuzzies are so great that you find yourself requesting some later meeting when you have some free time. The face she makes when she agrees, good lord! It cycled from surprise, to disbelief and then true and utter joy! It's like yatagarasu heartburn up in here. Except you've never eaten any three-legged crows or sun gods. Nor are you now some kind of nuclear reactor core. So it's actually nothing like that at all, but you believe that the explanation is sufficient.

The umbrella girl, who intruduces herself as Kogasa, flies off somewhere else as you arrive at your treetop abode. You enter and find exactly what you expected to find: a beautiful wolf in a beautiful dress. But DAMN does it still knock you off your feet. If it weren't for your naturally excessive charisma you'd be more speechless than you already are to the public. It doesn't help that the dress looks to be just a little small, hugging at every dangerous place you can think of. No, this isn't good for your composure at all. You must stay strong against the torrent of ungentlemanliness! Your will and determination have gotten you this far, and they'll get you through this too!


[x]Stop this foolishness at once. There's a fancy dinner party to go to.
[x]There's something outside you need to take care of.
[x]You suddenly wonder what wolf tastes like.

I must both thank and commend all three of you anon for sticking with this literary travesty. Whatever your reasons, I hope you stay.
>>No. 2253
[x]Stop this foolishness at once. There's a fancy dinner party to go to.
-[x] Do compliment her on how breathtaking she is.

I'm sure she'd love to hear that.
>>No. 2254
[x]Stop this foolishness at once. There's a fancy dinner party to go to.
-[x] Do compliment her on how breathtaking she is.
>>No. 2255
[x]Stop this foolishness at once. There's a fancy dinner party to go to.
-[x] Do compliment her on how breathtaking she is.

We can do that last option after the party.
>>No. 2256
[x]Stop this foolishness at once. There's a fancy dinner party to go to.
-[x] Do compliment her on how breathtaking she is.

I am enjoying this immensely, also Momiji in a Shizuha-style dress ftw.
>>No. 2258
File 128513586361.jpg - (275.18KB, 763x496, b3202d338fc1d4ba30ed59226c8202e388396db7.jpg) [iqdb]
Holy shit the Sometimes Anon showed up. And likes my story. This is news of the highest positivity.

[x]Stop this foolishness at once. There's a fancy dinner party to go to.
-[x] Do compliment her on how breathtaking she is.

You laugh a bit at yourself. A voice from deep within your mind explodes with a simple message: "THIS IS STUPID." You can't help but agree. Your indecision and idiocy are mowed down in an instant. You can now properly address your date. She likes your suit, but then, who wouldn't? Besides, her own clothing easily trumps yours and is just as lovely. No, moreso due to her magnificent figure. She blushes from your heartfelt compliment and comes over and grabs your hand. With this you two are ready to go! You open a gap to the gate and the two of you step through.

Meiling's not there to greet you and you instead find a few fairies at the gate. You're let in without problems, but you suppose that Meiling is also attending. Good for her, she usually doesn't make it to many of the mansion's social events. You guys entered said mansion during that little digression, in case anyone was wondering.

The multitude of fairy maids lead you through the crimson corridors. Momiji, having never been here before, is marveling at everything. You can't help but gaze at some stuff yourself. It's been a while since you've stepped within these walls, and that was a business matter. You make note of quite a few nice objects and artifacts during the five minute trip. The fairy leaves your side once you reach a large door, kept ajar. You gently push it aside to reveal a grand dining room. And all the guests, of course.

There's quite a few people at this shindig. The mansion's denizens are a given, but you also spot Reimu, Eirin and Kaguya, Alice, a number of Youkai Mountain's goddesses, Satori, Keine, Ran (OH SHIT), the Prismrivers, Yuyuko and Youmu, and...Yuuka!? (OH SHIT X2 COMBO) The fuck is she doing here?? No, it's not important. You and she can coexist today, for the duration of the party at least. There will be nothing to ruin this lovely evening (before the drunkenness, anyway) and you challenge the powers that be to overturn your vow.

Suddenly, Sakuya gets everyone's attention and introduces your ever-generous and oh so charismatic host, the Vermilion Mistress herself, Remilia Scarlet. She enters through a door opposite of the one you used, wearing an absolutely regal multi-layered gown. She begins to address the party-goers until her eyes fall upon you. Her speech is cut short before it even begins. Her expression is unreadable, and changes constantly before settling on an unmistakable seething rage. With a look that says she'll pounce at any moment, she screams at you at the top of her lungs.


You just had to open your goddamned mouth and try your luck, didn't you.

[x]Maybe you can calm her down somehow.
-[x]Remove the shirt. Be the (half)devil.
-[x]Diplomacy is always best.
[x]There's no getting out of this one. Her claws are out and everything!
-[x]Draw your sword so you can meet her head on.
-[x]Your hidden blade will serve you well once again tonight.
-[x]You don't have much experience with shields, but it's better than attacking your gracious host over a misunderstanding.
>>No. 2259
[x]Maybe you can calm her down somehow.
-[x]Diplomacy is always best.
>>No. 2260
[x]Maybe you can calm her down somehow.
-[x]Diplomacy is always best.

Would pick the fight option but I don't ruin the date and party.(and our handsome clothes, of course)(I mean it.)
>>No. 2261
File 128517556632.jpg - (520.08KB, 850x531, she didn\'t use Gugnir but whatever.jpg) [iqdb]
[x]Maybe you can calm her down somehow.
-[x]Diplomacy is always best.

You can tell that this is all one big misunderstanding. "Adrian" is not how you say "Ezio" after all. Whoever this Adrian guy is must have pissed Remilia off something bad. And her thinking that you're this guy won't end well. Too bad Remilia's stubbornness is legendary. You'll have to quell her anger if you want any kind of chance at correcting her. This will be your greatest diplomatic challenge yet.

You start with the obvious question of why she's so angry. Good thing you "know exactly why", huh? She's gonna have to elaborate. Each of your comments angers her further, but she tells you regardless. Adrian killed her uncle or something. More than once at that. You think you'd like this guy if you ever met him. You'd already like him you weren't about to be killed for looking like him or something.

You try your hardest to convince the vampire that you're not who she thinks you are, but she'll have none of your lying! She strikes suddenly and swiftly, and you have no other choice but to use your Diplomatic Immunity to auto-parry the blow. Not yourself, of course. The younger Scarlet, in her own similar gown, performed the actual action. She's on your side, luckily. She defends your good name, pointing out that you smell nothing like this guy, and that the scent is just the clothes and weapons. And the fact that Adrian would never visit his cousins (wait what) is pretty glaring too.

Hearing all this from her own little sister, Remilia finally calms down. She can't help but remain rather silent, muttering a half-hearted apology and greeting to everyone before sitting down in a huff. And so the title of Most Charismatic in Gensokyo belongs to you.

You receive a passive skill: Tongue of Scarlet
Your charisma is increased to truly insane levels. Charisma Burst (no interaction can fail) and Charisma Break (each onewill fail. HARD.) are now possible.

With that little crisis averted, you can finally take your seat next to your date. You notice that some of the guests seem to have wanted a fight, but they'll just have to settle for what they got. The food and drinks are served, and everthing goes as smoothly as if that little altercation never occured.

[x]Go confront Yuuka now.
[x]You're a bit curious about this Adrian fellow now. Ask one of the residents about him.
[x]Try to reconcile with Ran.
[x]Join the Prismrivers for a glorious song.
[x]There's a cute pup that requires your attention.

This choice is more important than you may realize. Good luck!
>>No. 2262
[x]Join the Prismrivers for a glorious song.
>>No. 2263
[x]There's a cute pup that requires your attention.

This is about Momiji anyways; I'd think any sort of reconciling with Ran is better left until tomorrow.
>>No. 2264
[x]There's a cute pup that requires your attention.
>>No. 2265
File 128519449966.jpg - (20.84KB, 299x400, GENTLEMAN.jpg) [iqdb]
[x]There's a cute pup that requires your attention.

There's quite a bit of business you could get done right now. Two people you really need to see soon are in the room, and some really important information could be gotten from the hosts. But then again, that wouldn't be fair to Momiji. She's the reason you commissioned this whole thing. You think you'll save all that other stuff for later. You go insert yourself into her conversation with Hina and Keine as the drinks are served.


The inevitable mass drunken antics have long since begun. Suwako's leaping around the ballroom with Kanako clumsily trying to catch her, both giggling like idiots the whole time. Ran and Keine seem to be having some kind of heavily slurred heart to heart about something. You seriously can't tell, except that it might involve breasts in some way. Hina's spinning round and round, and has equipped the Merlin and Lyrica attachments. You're a bit tipsy yourself to be honest, but nowhere near to the extent of the others.

Momiji on the other hand hasn't had much to drink at all. She doesn't like the taste, she says. You agreed that it tasted a bit off, so you followed her example a bit and limited yourself. You likely would've gotten completely smashed and missed the show had you not, though. A show that's only just beginning, if the odd disembodied voice is to be believed. Wait, what.

And the lights go out. How did you not see this coming. You feel two hands squeeze one of yours, likely both Momiji's. When the lights return, you find that all but three people are behind some kind of barrier. You're standing there, with your date clenching your hand tightly. And directly ahead of you both is some unknown being. His somewhat comical top hat and slightly ragged suit coat give off a strong Halloween impression. The pumpkin-topped cane he's leaning on and his own pumpkin head seal the deal, though. The odd creature removes his hat and bows to you both then replaces the hat and slings his cane over his shoulder.

He points to you in a challenging manner. So this guy wants an honorable duel between gentlemen? Your only response is to usher Momiji away and draw your sword. You couldn't be happier to oblige.

[x]You should end this as quickly as possible.
[x]You're a part of this "show", huh? You should make sure it's memorable then.

I know at least one of you knows who this is and where he's from.
>>No. 2266
[X]You're a part of this "show", huh? You should make sure it's memorable then.
-[X]Make sure to be as stylish as possible. Focus on evading his attacks. You don't want to ruin these clothes.
>>No. 2267
[X]You're a part of this "show", huh? You should make sure it's memorable then.
-[X]Make sure to be as stylish as possible. Focus on evading his attacks. You don't want to ruin these clothes.
>>No. 2268
File 128521061994.jpg - (127.42KB, 500x808, Best I could do.jpg) [iqdb]
[X]You're a part of this "show", huh? You should make sure it's memorable then.
-[X]Make sure to be as stylish as possible. Focus on evading his attacks. You don't want to ruin these clothes.

The world really won't let you have a normal day, it seems. But you suppose you can excuse it this time. It's not everyday you get challenged to a duel by a pumpkin-headed freak. The absurdity overrides any thoughts of questioning this event. All you know is that someone is behind all of this.

Whoever it is, they won't be disappointed.

The pumpkin lowers his cane towards you; looks like he's going for the first strike. He dashes forward, arm and cane outstretched. Easily parried. You deflect the cane with a short sweep of your blade but are nearly taken off guard by his quick recovery. He proceeds with many quick piercing strikes, all aimed at vital organs. You effortlessly dodge each thrust, but you're being pushed back and will soon have no room to move. You deflect his weapon again, adding a quick upwards flick to his wrist to disarm him. You then make three fast yet powerful slashes across his chest and kick him away. You stopped his advance, but see something odd.

Your enemy has no wound at all. There's not even any evidence that your hit connected. The pumpkin rises, and dusts his suit off with his hat. He doesn't return it to its spot on his head this time, though. It's thrown at you like some kind of chakram. You can't trust anything this guy does, so you try blocking the hat with your sword. A terrible scraping sound and quite a few sparks answer your curiosity. You remember the crowd watching, and immediately think of a way to turn this in your favor. You move the blade of your sword up and flick, flipping the lethal headwear into the air to join the cane. Hold on, why is the cane still there? And why is the hat flying back to the pumpkin?

Pumpkin's hat is finally returned to it's proper place and he raises his rind-like hand. He clenches his fist, yet you don't see anything happen. You hear a somewhat distant whooshing and look up. The cane has split into three all coming toward you at high speed! You flip over the first two coming in from the sides and grab the third out of the air which you then sling at Pumpkin's stupid grinning head. It hits, driving through the hole where his left eye would be. With a snap of his fingers however, the three canes become one in his hand. Of course, there's still nothing resembling a wound and it's starting to piss you off.

The hat is once again removed. You ready yourself to dodge it, but it never leaves Pumpkin's hand. Instead, numerous shining bats fly out from it. You're completely perplexed, as they look to be made of sharpened metal yet move and sound exactly like normal bats. Thinking of something, you count the flying razors. Twenty-five, you have just enough. You pull out most of the knives and old wood skewers you got a while back and toss them at the bats. Twenty-five projectiles, twenty-five hits. You're not done yet though, and you run ahead past all of the falling bats.

You throw the final knife at the point where Pumpkin's head meets his body. Not caring if it hits, (which it does) you rush forth and kick his cane out of his hand and follow up with a horizontal slash through his head. Deciding to turn this into a full 360 you grab the cane and stab him in the center of his torso, forcing it through to the pumpkin shaped top. Deciding to finish it now you slash downwards, cleaving off his left arm. You repeat this with an upward slash for the other arm, but let the blade spin overhead. You rip the cane out and snag the sword then drive it directly down, splitting the creepy bastard in two. You can hear a low laugh as the thing fades away, leaving his hat to float gently onto your head.

Received Jakk's Hat! (E)
Received Jakk's Cane!

You sheath your sword and go over to Momiji, wondering if anything hit her. She's so impressed that she kisses you as soon as you're in range. You hear deafening applause shortly after, as the barrier fades away. You're clearly the star of this show, what will you do now?

[x]Chat with all of your new fans.
[x]This party's just not craaazzzzyyyy enough yet!
[x]Take your leave. This is a night for a man and his dog.
[x]You should finally get around to some of that business from before
-[x]Ran Seems she left. Oh well.

Wow, much longer than a normal update in slightly less time than one. This makes no sense.
>>No. 2270
[x]Take your leave. This is a night for a man and his dog.
>>No. 2271
[x]Take your leave. This is a night for a man and his dog.

That was an epic update!
>>No. 2272
[x]Take your leave. This is a night for a man and his wolf.
>>No. 2273
File 128526291932.jpg - (636.05KB, 1000x1000, f397df93468776f1aad0c76190a15c9d47116756.jpg) [iqdb]
Thanks, I was a bit worried with it being my first action scene. Which is why I skipped the Meiling one. I couldn't have possibly done it justice.

[x]Take your leave. This is a night for a man and his wolf.

Your victory was full of such Smokin' Sick Style that the story will no doubt travel across all of Gensokyo, embellishing itself continuously until you're some kind of hero to the children. This may or may not be a good thing. Geez, you've already got some fans that want to chat you up. You'll have to bail out this time, if you want any time with your date. Besides, what's smoother than leaving like such fights are a common occurrence? (And how you wish they were...)

You suggest to Momiji that you both leave, and she quickly agrees. You pull her along behind, out the door and through the halls until you manage to leave the building. Neither of you feel like going home just yet, so you just walk around a bit on the grounds and enjoy each others' company. It's once you reach the lake that you notice a few things.

Firstly, the true charm of Momiji's dress. It may only be late summer but Shizuha's been doing some early work, and there's already a nice spattering of old leaves. These all greatly compliment Momiji's lovely autumnwear. Second would have to be the wolf herself, and the moonlight's effect on her appearance. She's turned toward the lake and away from you, giving you a great view of her hair and tail. Both have a truly ethereal glow about them, as if mortals were not meant to see such beauty.

You're taken out of your mental prose when Momiji turns around and walks a bit closer to you. She asks if you wouldn't mind doing more of these kinds of things together. You almost answer right away, but with this mood and the kind of look she's giving you it'd be better to be careful here. So you request the meaning behind her words, and she tells you she liked all the things you guys have done lately, like adventuring, screwing with the crows, kissing... Oh ho, so it is like that! You've stolen this young wolf's heart and she's offering to let you keep it. You rub the girl's head and watch her tail swish back and forth.

Your answer?

[x]Tonight, a best friend becomes a girlfriend.
[x]You'll have to think about this some more.
[x]You can't. Not right now, anyway.
>>No. 2274
[x]Tonight, a best friend becomes a girlfriend.

My body is ready.
>>No. 2275
[x]Tonight, a best friend becomes a girlfriend.
>>No. 2276
[x]Tonight, a best friend becomes a girlfriend.
>>No. 2277
[x]Tonight, a best friend becomes a girlfriend.

Wow, this story has made anons to stay true to the target and never derail, not even once. Many stories tend to end up in multi-targeting the girls. However, this story is one of those exception. Keep up the good work, Rafflesia.
>>No. 2278
File 128529064026.png - (660.92KB, 681x940, 52f66dc6d5d27d4cd954fdb5d441d487cc0cf14d.png) [iqdb]
Hmm, a bit short again.

[x]Tonight, a best friend becomes a girlfriend.

You don't even need to think about it. This is your dearest friend, someone You've depended on more than once. For you to deny her now, especially when her feelings are mutual between you both, would be absolutely cruel. To cause such a lady to suffer such pain, you'd never be able to live with yourself. You tell her that if she's going to entrust you with her love, then you will not only forever keep it safe but also return the favor.

This face looking up at you, showing utter happiness and joy. That adorable tail of hers wagging so quickly. Your soul aches just from seeing it. In a good way of course.

You're nearly tackled to the ground and crushed to death by the one in front of you. Merely tackled to the ground instead. It hurt a bit and you're sad that your wonderful suit got dirty, but you don't have the heart to complain. Momiji curls up against you and you wrap your arms around her, content simply laying there for a while. She's not, though, and forces her lips onto yours in a surprise maneuver.

It's completely innocent, with nothing but heartfelt feelings driving it. You surprise her yourself by deepening the kiss. You have the floor to yourselves and initiate the elegant waltz of tongues. At the same time one of your hands starts to wander down Momiji's back until it reaches it's target. You move your hand across it, once more admiring how soft and fine it is. This makes Momiji shudder and yelp in surprise. Man, she's so cute it hurts.

You pull away from the kiss, revealing Momiji's flushed, panting face. The way she's staring back at you shows something much more primal than the gentle innocence of before. She clearly wants to continue, and maybe go a bit further...

[x]Keep things as they are. You just confessed, for goodness' sake! There'll be plenty of time for that later.
[x]Well she's obviously requesting it, but...
-[x]Go back home first.
-[x]Take her home.
-[x]Nothing wrong with where you are now!

If the second option:
[x]Show as much as you like

It blows my mind, let me tell you. And literally every girl Ezio's interacted with up to now was a valid choice. It was possible to get Kogasa from the point you met her, for instance.
>>No. 2280
[x]Well she's obviously requesting it, but...
-[x]Nothing wrong with where you are now!

The surrounding area is incredibly romantic, which fits Ezio's personality to a tee. I say go for it.

Also, if I may, you sir, are a goddamn saint for making this story.
>>No. 2281
[x]Well she's obviously requesting it, but...
-[x]Nothing wrong with where you are now!
>>No. 2282
[x]Well she's obviously requesting it, but...
-[x]Nothing wrong with where you are now!
If the second option:

As long as it arouses me(which is pretty anything involving straight stuff), go for it.
>>No. 2283

True... but Momiji's proven herself to be a loyal lovely companion through the most difficult of missions. It's her time to shine.
>>No. 2284
[x]Well she's obviously requesting it, but...
-[x]Nothing wrong with where you are now!

Waiting warmly.
>>No. 2285
Wait, you mean every girl including Aya, Hatate, Yukari, Cirno.. Pretty much everyone Ezio interacted with? Wow, to be honest I didn't expect that.. Still, this is some good stuff. Shame that people rarely visits /coriander/.
>>No. 2286
>Shame that people rarely visits /coriander/.

The obscurity of this story is probably the very reason that Anon has been so refreshingly consistent within it.
>>No. 2287
Whoa, more anons out of nowhere!

No, please, you flatter me.

Oh snap forgot about Cirno. She has no romantic interactions interactions!

I'm actually quite thankful for the relative obscurity and resultant quaint anons. Popularity's not all that great when anon is involved. But whatever.

Anyway, writefag is now writing. Please continue to wait warmly.
>>No. 2289
File 128536214490.jpg - (58.06KB, 516x800, 429b9ca20815b89580ae0917e3e5af29.jpg) [iqdb]
This update is brought to you by Demetori and TAMUSIC! Back on topic, you guys know you're not very far from the mansion, right?

[x]Well she's obviously requesting it, but...
-[x]Nothing wrong with where you are now!

You can honestly say you never expected to be in this situation. Laying down next to the Misty Lake with a horny wolf on top of you.

Dreamed of it once or twice, but never expected it. Yet you're here now, staring into the reddened cheeks and lustful eyes of your best-friend-turned-girlfriend. Momiji's face and movements are pretty much begging you to take her right here. And you will oblige her.

You sit up, causing Momiji to slide down a bit and lean against your chest. Your hand moves of its own accord and firmly grasps her breast, eliciting a low moan. As that hand begins to massage Momiji's breast, the other creeps back down to her tail to give it equal attention. You really can't get enough of that fluffy thing, nor of Momiji's adorable squeals. She deprives you of the latter when she reaches up to lock lips with you. She forces her tongue into combat with yours, accompanied by the same utterances of pleasure from before. You notice your coat and shirt trying to remove themselves from your person and adjust yourself to allow them passage. But you can't be the only one topless here, that's just not fair.

You leave Momiji's tail to wag freely and move to under her dress. You slide your hand slowly over the soft fabric of her panties and reach the base of her tail. You run your fingers all the way to the end, forcing the fabric over. Momiji gets what you're trying to do and does the rest of the work herself. Damn, she kept the sarashi on. Unwrapping it would take too long, so you just cut it off and remove your beloved wristbound weapon. You can almost see the whole of your darling's slightly pale body. But before you can get to work removing the last and most moist piece of clothing, Momiji gets on all fours (there's a joke here somewhere) and gets to work on your pants. You assist her, freeing your general from its constraints. The pup in your lap simply stares at it as if contemplating something. Then she gives it a lick, and another, and another. The feeling catches you off guard and you let out your own moan.

She keeps this strategy for a while before deciding to take your manhood into her mouth. You gasp at the heavenly feeling of her tongue wrapping itself around your shaft. You watch as her head begins to move back and forth, as her hand slips its way into her drenched panties, as your own hands occupy themselves with her breasts. You can feel the warmth of Momiji's flushed body and hear her significantly louder moaning. Good to know she's enjoying herself, but her fingers can't possibly be enough. You should help.

You pull yourself out of Momiji's mouth. She looks up at you, confused, wondering if she did poorly. You assure her that she performed excellently, but it's time for the main event. You circle around behind her and remove the dripping garment that stands between you and your goal. The wolf's fingers slide out of her wet cavern to make way for you. You place your tip at the door and slowly enter. You're nearly overwhelmed by the sensation. Momiji's moans steadily rise in volume as you continue on, until you hit a wall. You tell your mate to brace herself and plow through. She yelps loudly with a sudden spasm. You continue moving, yet more slowly than before to let her recover.

Once you hear less pained sounds from below you, you start to pick up speed. In no time you're pumping in and out with all of your spare strength. But you can't let it end so soon. You activate King of Cauda (heh, remember that?) and let your mind all but disappear. You're filled with more energy now, and plan to spend it all right now.

Momiji's moans have become shouts that nearly anyone could hear. Neither of you care though; the only things you know now are the person you're connected to. Sadly, all good things must end sometime. The walls around your shaft are closing in and squeezing tightly, and it's more than enough to send you over the edge. Momiji climaxes just as you release everything you have inside of her. The both of you collapse in a heap of sweat and love next to the lake. With your last bit of consciousness, you gap Momiji, yourself and your belongings back to your home.


You wake up in an unfamiliar position, with your arms wrapped around something. You inspect your makeshift pillow only to realize that it's a peaceful looking sleeping wolf. You inch your way out of bed so as to not disturb her and get dressed in your normal garb. The poor suit you got will need a good washing. As you're about to equip your hidden blade, you notice an envelope beside it. You open it and read the included note.

"I require your assistance with a project of mine. Said project is to be kept in the utmost secrecy and mustn't be mentioned to anyone. Please come around noon.
-P. Knowledge"

That's pretty straightforward. But one glance outside shows that noon was a few hours ago.

[x]Go anyway. This might be important.
[x]Go, but wake up Momiji and take her with you.
[x]You don't know anything about magic. She should look for someone else.

Sorry if anything felt rushed or something. I'm not good at putting my vivid imagination into words.
>>No. 2290
[x]Go, but leave Momiji a letter

On a side note, that last update didn't feel rushed to me, I thought it was quite well done, you're doing a good job so don't worry too much.
>>No. 2293
[x]Go, but leave Momiji a letter
-[x] And make sure she's comfortable.
>>No. 2295
[x]Go, but leave Momiji a letter
-[x] And make sure she's comfortable.
>>No. 2298
File 12853888233.png - (682.60KB, 700x990, adebca0453c8ffa9dba7a50d7b69be7bc2dc6846.png) [iqdb]
[x]Go, but leave Momiji a letter
-[x] And make sure she's comfortable.

The fact that you're late is an even greater reason to go. But it wouldn't do to just up and leave Momiji here. You grab the envelope and something to write with.

"Went to help out Patchouli. Be back later."

Short and simple. Should be all that's needed. You put it next to Momiji's head so she'll notice it when she wakes up. Hmm, she looks a bit cold though... You drag your pillow to her and pull the sheets up over her. She hugs the pillow and lays there happily. You really did find someone adorable.

You open a gap to the Mansion and greet Meiling at the gate. She was expecting you a lot earlier, but it's cool. You're let in and are led by another fairy to the library. This time you're passed off to Patchouli's familiar, who takes you to Patchouli herself. You ask what this project of hers is supposed to be. She mentions the weird pumpkin creature from last night, saying (between the odd cough) that it may have been something from a different dimension. And that she may have figured out how to follow it. You ask in turn what she wants you to do.

She says the alternate dimension may be dangerous, and that having another person with her will improve survival chances. You can't really argue with that logic, and you know that she'll probably just go anyway whether you help her or not. But still, wouldn't someone else be better for the job?

She throws last night's fight in your face, stating that the fight would've been over much more quickly had you been fighting seriously. There's nothing truthful you can say against that. She's really determined to get you to do this...

[x]Agree. You should go ahead and get this over with.
[x]Decline. That guy you fought couldn't have possibly been the strongest thing in whatever place it's from.
[x]Accept, but bring along someone else.
-[x]That familiar of hers may know some useful things.
-[x]Meiling's highly proficient in combat. You hopefully won't need to see it in action, though.
-[x]Momiji should be awake by now, right?

Bonus if anyone can guess what I'm doing with this.
>>No. 2300
[x]Accept, but bring along someone else.
-[x]Momiji should be awake by now, right?

Her senses would be of great use there.
>>No. 2302
Are we gonna go MvPing?
>>No. 2303
[x]Accept, but bring along someone else.
-[x]Momiji should be awake by now, right?

Unfortunately, I have no idea what's going on but it for the best. Two question, who is that jack lantern and what story did he come from anyway?
>>No. 2304
>Two question, who is that jack lantern and what story did he come from anyway?
>>No. 2305
File 128543971790.jpg - (296.57KB, 800x800, geffen.jpg) [iqdb]
Good job~ Nice to know I've got some RO anons here.
Now if you want a bigger (and more useful) bonus, guess what everyone's second job would be. Including Meiling and Koa.

[x]Accept, but bring along someone else.
-[x]Momiji should be awake by now, right?

You're not letting Patchouli go to some strange place by herself. If anything happened to her, it'd be your fault and you wouldn't be able to live with yourself. You agree to go, as long as you can take one other person. She ponders on it a bit before allowing you to go on. She also suggests not warping, since it'll take her some time to set everything up. You briefly wonder how she knew about your PortaGap, but ignore it and leave.

The flight back home is surprisingly uneventful. You enter to find...no one. Momiji and all of her things are gone. She probably just went home to change or something, so you find stuff to do here. You clean up a bit, and play around with the loot you got from the pumpkin. The hat (which you decided to wear) seems to only be sharp when thrown, unlike the bottom of the cane. Before you can wonder just how stylish something that menacing can be, Momiji comes in. You explain the situation to her and ask her to join, which she agrees to do. You both fly back to the Mansion to meet with Patchouli.


After a less than dazzling display your party of three stands before a simple-looking portal on the ground. A few quick glances and nods at each other and you all walk into the odd swirling light.

Secret Mission: START!
PortaGap disabled!

A flash of light later, you're definitely somewhere else. You appeared before a nice fountain in a nice town, with a rather large tower. Taking a look around, you can see quite a few people. None of them seem alarmed by you just showing up out of nowhere, though. Could that be a common occurrence here? You figure it doesn't really matter and ask Patchouli what you're going to do now that you've left Gensokyo. She wants to study that strange thing you fought, if she can, and says she's going to go collect information. Momiji tells you she's going to do the same. Well, you're by yourself now. There's never such a thing as gathering too much info, but then again this is your first time outside of Gensokyo...

Up to 2:
[x]Those shady-looking people over there should know something. Besides, they're your kind of characters.
[x]BONUS: This cane is useless to you. Sell it to one of the locals.
[x]BONUS: Show off your sweet hat.
[x]That tower down there is quite suspicious.
[x]A lot of people here are armed. Maybe one of these merchants could give you a good deal?
[x]Jump in the fountain and give some public swimming lessons.

So begins the Rune-Midgart Secret Mission! Whatever will Ezio earn and learn from this?
>>No. 2306
[x]Those shady-looking people over there should know something. Besides, they're your kind of characters.
[x]A lot of people here are armed. Maybe one of these merchants could give you a good deal?
>>No. 2307
>Good job~ Nice to know I've got some RO anons here.
>Now if you want a bigger (and more useful) bonus, guess what everyone's second job would be.
Meiling has to be a Monk/Champion. Come on, it fits. The official Monk and Champion arts have big cans, Meiling has (debateably) big cans. Monks punch things to death in an ocean of fists. Meiling is a martial artist of more than considerable skill. Koakuma I really don't know. Rogue/Stalker? I don't think anything else fits, Koa!Memory's kinda fuzzy.
>>No. 2308
[x]BONUS: Show off your sweet hat.
[x]Jump in the fountain and use your hat as a boat to ferry people across.

I would say this is a fairly good use of your time.
>>No. 2309
>>No. 2310
[x]A lot of people here are armed. Maybe one of these merchants could give you a good deal?
-[x] Stock on ammunitions too.
[x]That tower down there is quite suspicious. Ask them about that place.

It's time to get ourselves a black assassin armor(you know, Altair's armor~). Besides, don't want to have any cut on the Heirloom Gear.
>>No. 2311
File 128548359690.jpg - (126.36KB, 650x850, GUIIIILLLLT.jpg) [iqdb]
Get back to work I must say I do love your story. And you did get one right. Momi's a crusader/paly, Patchy a sage/scholar, Meiling a monk and Koa a dancer (I'm a firm believer that she's some form of succubus). No points for Ezio. Giving a bonus anyway, just a later one.

[x]Those shady-looking people over there should know something. Besides, they're your kind of characters.
[x]A lot of people here are armed. Maybe one of these merchants could give you a good deal?

Your eyes drift to what are clearly some unsavory people. Just the people you needed to see! You can also see their very nice weaponry. In fact, most of the people in this town have some sort of weapon. Perhaps there's a large market for weapons in this strange land. If so, you should be able to get yourself something nice. You decide to do this first, in case those unsavory fellows are uncultured as well.

You browse the local peddlers for anything useful. A small glint from the corner of your eye catches your attention. In that young girl's cart there, something with a familiar shape. You approach the girl and ask to see it. She pulls it out, and begins to describe it in less words than will be used here. It is a glorious wrist-mounted retractable blade with armguard, forged to perfection by the girl's grandfather with some alien mineral called Elunium. Through the infusion of a demon's soul, it has the magical ability to strike all enemies around its wielder. And it has enough magical durability for one to infuse two more souls within it. You, trusting every word from this innocent girl trying to make a living, are taken aback. This is a masterwork superior even to Adrian's Suit. You ask the price, but it only serves to extinguish your mood.

She's charging 100,000 zeny, which must be the local currency. Currency you don't have. You attempt to haggle the price to something you may be able to obtain in a short time, but she refuses immediately. It's all she has to sell, and she needs the money to fend for herself after her parents died fighting off some terrible dragon in search of its treasure. The story is almost enough to make you cry give up on it, but there are others seeking to purchase this wonderful creation and you simply cannot allow that. With no other options, you create a small commotion by inconspicuously kicking a rock at one of the merchants. It starts a large fight that grabs nearly everyone's attention. With this distraction, you brush your cape over the weapon the girl foolishly left out, using the cover to sneak away the item and put it on.

Received Scythe-like Demon's Nail[3]! (E)

It pains your heart greatly to have done that, but you vow to pay her back in full before leaving this place. Pushing the soul-rending guilt to the back of your mind, you approach the previously mentioned unsavory folk who are wholly more interested in you than the uproar you caused. They saw what you did, but will say nothing as they once did similar things. You were right, these are your type of customer. You pull out the cane you got and ask if they have any info on something with a hat and cane like yours. The creature, called Jakk, is in a deep cavern under the town's massive tower. One of them even draws you a map through the tower, since it seems to be easy to get lost inside. They even offer to teach you a little something, saying something about "good for the guild". You have no idea what guild they could mean, but you accept anyway.

Received attack skill: Sonic Blow!
Attack many times at high speed!

Just as you finish getting the hang of your new technique, Momiji and Patchouli return. The magician tells you that you are in the Magical City of Geffen in a place called Rune-Midgard and blah blah blah you stop listening shortly after. Momiji found out about some large expansive catacombs under the tower. She also mentions learning magic from some fellow shield bearing warriors, to which Patchouli responds with similar knowledge. You merely present your map and ask what the next course of action should be. The guard suggests you rest and buy supplies. The scholar suggests going ahead into the dungeon.

[x]Agree with Momiji
[x]Agree with Patchouli
[x]Agree with no one (write-in)
>>No. 2312
[x]Agree with Momiji
>>No. 2313
[X]Agree with Momiji

It's never a good idea to go into a dungeon unprepared.
>>No. 2314
[X]Agree with Momiji

here's hoping we find some nice loot in the dungeon... since we must pay that girl back.
>>No. 2315
>>No. 2316
We will do after we replenish our supplies of course.
>>No. 2317
As someone who loves this story but cares absolutely nothing about RO, I have to say I hope this part passes quickly.
>>No. 2318
File 128553030651.png - (0.97MB, 668x1200, 387333d73bcdafd86e8f0c64bb767bf5243a7620.png) [iqdb]
My face, it is sad.
At any rate, the gang won't be here long.

[X]Agree with Momiji

Momiji's right, this should wait until tomorrow after you get supplies. There's still the problem of purchasing things, as Patchouli points out. You've got it covered though. You get your shield and hand it to the lovely wolf. She should sell it to one of the merchants and gather supplies, you and Patch find a place to stay. You part ways and start searching with the magician.

Lost Heirloom Shield!

After asking around a while the two of you make it to an inn that doesn't charge it's patrons. Fully believing in Momiji's tracking skills, you two check in. Sadly, there's only one room available, but you'll have to make due like the zenyless researchers you are. You tell the receptionist to watch for a white-haired girl with a tail.

You go examine the room. It's rather average, much better than you expected for "free". Two beds as well, very nice. As you go to sit down on one, you're pushed down on top of it. Patch's hand is still outstretched from the action. You ask what she's up to. She explains herself bluntly: she saw you last night, and would like to share in that feeling you gave Momiji.

This is not good. Not good at all.


You've got quite the haul from the relatively small amount of money you got. You just couldn't bring yourself to sell his shield, so you sold your own instead. The money was less than half of what you would've gotten, but you were still able to get snacks and many of these different colored potions. Red, blue, green, yellow, white, there were so many! You only spent half of your money, but you saw something very sad.

It was a little girl, crying with an even younger girl that must've been her little sister. You asked what was wrong, and they said someone stole the only thing they had to sell. The thought of such young girls already witnessing the evils of the world touched your heart. You gave her the rest of your money and a few of the snacks you bought. They were so overjoyed that they both ran up to you and you all shared a big, loving hug.

It left you in a good mood as you started tracking down the rest of your party. Ezio's shield had his scent on it, so you just followed it to a quaint building in a corner of town. You ask the person inside if there's a lady in purple and a man in white with a brown cape here. He gives you the other key and directs you to the room. You smell something oddly familiar as you approach the door, but don't think on it too much. You unlock the door and step inside.


Auto-sage is near, looks like. Never thought this'd last that long.
>>No. 2319
What the hell, Patchy?

But now we really need to get the money to those kids..
>>No. 2320
>Back on topic, you guys know you're not very far from the mansion, right?

[X] Wall.

Debated between this and floor, but I'm not voting for bed.
>>No. 2321
[x] From the window to the wall.
>>No. 2322
>Back on topic, you guys know you're not very far from the mansion, right?
Even you mentioned it, I don't particular care about location.

[x] From the window to the wall.

How bold, Patchy.
>>No. 2323
What is the choice referring to?, What Momiji does in her room?
>>No. 2324
No idea really, vague choice is vague, but I'm interpreting it to mean where Ezio and Patchy are doing it.

Also, I didn't catch this at first, but:
>[X] Obl--
I swear, if that word's oblige...
>>No. 2326
File 128556092838.jpg - (462.29KB, 1000x1275, c67e740da1835c74289f808ce55bf43252311266.jpg) [iqdb]
They're all sharing one room.

Technically it's not a word, as it was cut off by the Intermission Fairy. What it would've grown to be, the world may never know.



The door opens to reveal your beloved companion. Why'd it have to be her, and right now? This is the worst moment she could've gotten back! The two of you make eye contact. You're certain this looks odd.

You're hanging on the wall by your hidden blades, trying to stay away from a half-naked magician on the bed. This is completely absurd.

Momiji's face slowly fades from confusion to hilarity. She bursts into laughter. You honestly can't tell what's so funny about seeing your mate being sexually accosted by another woman. Maybe it's the crazy positioning. Regardless, it got Patchouli to stop her advance. You take this opportunity to do an acrobatic fucking pirouette off the wall into a crouching position behind Momiji, using her as a shield between yourself and the violet one.

Momiji soon calms down and gets a better look at the room. She sees the discarded clothing on the floor, and its owner still on the bed in her underwear. She tries to figure out what's going on, but fails and asks Patch what she was doing. She's just as blunt and honest to Momiji: she was hoping that maybe she could feel what Momi did last night. The little wolf is visibly shocked, both by that statement and the fact that you and she were seen. She turns down Patch with a great fervor. You, on the other hand, don't know how to feel about this. It's late though, so you suggest just going to sleep. You take the bed by the window with Momiji and soon doze off.


Fuck that tower. And fuck those charlatans. That map they gave you is complete bullshit. After nearly an hour of wandering about through stupid teleporter things, you finally managed to reach those weird catacombs. There were wierd red flies and purple anthropomorphic mushrooms that attacked, but you all fought them off easily. There was also a round green blob that absorbed random things, but Momiji decided to keep it. She claims it's cute, but you don't see it.

You're now on the second level of this stupid place and it's obviously the remains of some old city. Zombies, red bats, floating swords and horses made of fire are all over the place. Honestly, these things aren't much of a challenge. Must be your new hidden blade. At any rate, you've collect quite a bit of Sweet Loot you can sell to someone once you leave.

You're suddenly stopped by Patchouli, who points out someone in the distance. In the middle of some courtyard, is some dapperly dressed man who seems to be a bit physically unstable. He doesn't even have legs, just feet that look like they're made of fire. Unfortunately, he seems to be guarding the stairwell.

[x]Subtlety is the best option. This is a sneaking mission.
[x]Strike now, you have the element of surprise!

Any anons have ideas for a name for this thing?
>>No. 2327
>Party of an experienced Assassin, a Sader/Pally, and a mage.

[x] Strike now, you have the element of surprise!

I vote we kill Drac, he's absolutely sad as an MvP, and his only semi-redeeming feature is the Flee-rape his bats cause.
>>No. 2328
>You're hanging on the wall by your hidden blades, trying to stay away from a half-naked magician on the bed.

Lol. Patchy is hunger for pleasure. On second run, we'll give a suprise sex for you..........if there will have another run anyway..

[x] Strike now, you have the element of surprise!
>>No. 2329
[x] Strike now, you have the element of surprise!

I don't think he'd let us sneak anyways.

Momiji has proven to be the most loyal of companions... boy we have a lot of stuff to do with this quest

-somehow get her shield back
-somehow pay those kids (I'd never steal from kids, even if they had something really sweet, now if it's some fat rich merchant, I'd have no problem)
>>No. 2330
File 128559858431.gif - (89.68KB, 300x400, Dracula_Card.gif) [iqdb]
>I'd never steal from kids, even if they had something really sweet
Which is why Ezio's so distraught and is gonna sell all his sweet loot just for them!

Do you guys actually want another run? I don't mind either way but I'd like to know.

[x] Strike now, you have the element of surprise!

There's no way all three of you could sneak past this guy. You could, Momiji maybe, but Patch could never manage it. Your only option is to kill this thing. After a bit of planning, you send forth Momiji. She runs toward the guy and gives him a powerful slash before holding up her (actually your) shield. The guy retaliates by summoning a huge mass of bats that all converge on Momiji. They all pound themselves against her shield trying to get at her.

During this, Patchouli shoots a few bolts of ice at the guy. He shrugs them off as if it was just dirt. She proceeds to go through all the magic she knows, with metal element spells doing any observable damage. She sticks to taking pot shots with massive gears.

Shortly after, you sneak behind the enemy and start attacking. The magic in the Devil's Nail kills the bats quickly, and the man himself falls soon after. Actually, "pops" would be a better description. Where once floated a man and his bats, now lay an ominous looking book, an odd yellow fruit and a card. These are taken by Patchouli, Momiji and yourself respectively. While Momiji drinks one of those magic healing potions (maybe you should show one to Eirin?), you are approached by a familiar pumpkin-headed gentleman.

You nearly stab him in the face then and there, but he informs you that he's not there to fight. The fact that Jakk can speak is enough to make you listen. He tells you that there is a being causing havoc in his form, but Jakk himself is too weak to do anything about it. After seeing your party defeat Dracula so easily, he hopes you will aid him by killing the shapeshifter.

[x]Accept quest
[x]Stab his stupid face

And another set:
[x]Examine the card. It must be important.
[x]Store the card. It must be worth something.
>>No. 2332
Well as long as you don't burnout or something, I'll continue to stick around and vote or perhaps spice things with write-ins(which I already did a few times). I already followed this thread from the beginning, so I would like to continue to stick to it. So why not. A word of advice: continue writing some interesting stuff and entertain yourself.

[x]Accept quest

If this option will let us get more loot, then do it. After that, we will sell it to those kids.

And another set:
[x]Examine the card. It must be important.
>>No. 2334
[x] Accept
-[x] But be on guard

[x] Examine the card.

Do what you want; though I'm more focused on this run at the moment than the next.
>>No. 2338
[x]Accept quest

[x]Examine the card. It must be important.

>Do you guys actually want another run? I don't mind either way but I'd like to know.

As long as you keep writing as well as you have been, I'll read anything you write.
>>No. 2344
File 12856279227.gif - (82.00KB, 300x400, Doppelganger_Card.gif) [iqdb]
Alright then, Anon. Nameless story confirmed for 2nd run. Now let's enjoy this one to the end.

[x]Accept quest
-[x] But be on guard

[x] Examine the card.

You cautiously accept the creature's request. You have no idea what Jakk's up to, but he's promising a reward so you may as well go along with it for now. You suggest he come along with you, for Patchouli's research. While Patch studies the pumpkin, you take a closer look at that card you just got. It has a picture of that Dracula fellow, and a faint magical aura. When you put some of your energy into, the card releases a bright light. You shield your eyes with your left arm, the one with your more powerful weapon equipped. When the light subsides, you see a small orb of light that floats into your hidden blade and disappears. You can feel that the magic in the weapon has increased.

Upgraded to Scythe-like Spiritual Devil's Nail (E)!
Your attacks now give you more energy/mana!

You briefly wonder what kind of rules would have to be in play for this new weapon to not be completely broken. Luckily, whatever they may be, they do not apply to or your teammates. Patch informs you that she's gotten enough information on Jakk and is ready to go. Just in time too, as Dracula seems to be reforming near his resting place. The four of you hoof it down the now unguarded staircase.


Jakk turned out to be a much better guide than your fellow assassins. He led you through the final floor, helped evade what fights you could and even aided in the ones you couldn't. He even showed you some shortcuts that were impossible to see otherwise. Most nobly, he took a hit for you from an annoying teleporting devilish creature with a little pitchfork. Needless to say, it payed dearly for attacking your new buddy.

You make your way down a narrow corridor and emerge in another courtyard, with the familiar form of Jakk in the center. He's missing his hat and cane, so this must be the same one as before. Knowing his appearance to be some kind of trick, you chuck the cane at him like a javelin. He deflects it with his hand and grabs it by the pumpkin top. One of the fire horses runs by you and steals your hat, giving it to the fake Jakk who then bows. He starts to transform during it.

The cane lengthens and sharpens, becoming a rather sharp broadsword. His orange rind hands become distinctly human-like. The pumpkin head becomes that of a normal man's; the clothes, those of a lightly armored warrior. He takes on a ghostly faded hue as he straightens up from his bow. Jakk gives the introduction: This is Doppelganger, the shapeshifting swordsman. He hops aboard the steed, summons two more and charges.

(BGM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSAZCJ4FBGI)

Patchouli kills the two on the sides with a few quick spells, and Jakk finishes the last with one thrust from his cane. Doppelganger is launched away but rights himself in the air and lands in front of Momiji. She attempts to shove him away with her shield, but he dodges and smacks her hard with his scabbard. At that point, you're thinking only one thing: "Motherfucker's going down."

Before the spirit can follow up, you slash at him rapidly with your hidden blades. He's forced to dodge back into a very angry wolf. She slashes at him, but he blocks it with his sword all while keeping his eyes trained on you. You wonder where Patch and Jakk are, and see out the corner of your eye the two of them fending off an endless wave of horses. Doppelganger notices your lapse in attention and kicks you in the gut, throwing you off to the side. He uses the momentum to turn and properly face Momiji so as to strike better. Most of her time is spent on the defensive, blocking a series of punches, slashes, and kicks all with enough force to easily push her back.

You roll to break your fall and jump to your feet. That kick did some damage and you'll be sure to pay him back tenfold. You rush behind him and distract him with a Sonic Blow. He turns to slash you horizontally, but you flip off the blade behind Momiji. She raises her shield up to block an overhead slash. You use that as a platform to launch yourself over your enemy. He throws a seemingly pointless slash towards you and surprises you with a wave of dark energy. Momiji takes this chance to land a body shot, while you draw your sword and block the attack.

Recovering from the recoil of Momiji's attack, Doppelganger can only manage to lock blades with her instead of give a proper counterattack. This will be all the advantage you need. As the dark wave dissipates, you stick your sword straight ahead, pointed directly toward Doppelganger's skull. Just before you make impact, however, he parries your blow, preferring to take another crippling blow rather than a fatal one. You planned for this to happen though. You drop your sword and release the hidden blades. He has no time to react as you jam the blades into either side of his head, feeling them meet in the center. He falls to the ground once you remove them, where you pin him with his own sword. He soon fades away, leaving only his sword and a card. You give the former to someone who can actually use it, and use the card on your Devil's Nail.

Momiji received Doppelganger Blade!
Upgraded weapon to Scythe-like Spiritual Devil's Nail of Berserk! (E)

Your attacks seem to take less time to complete!

Yeah, this thing is beyond broken now. You're approached by a very tired magician and a scruffy looking pumpkin head. Jakk applauds your party's skill, and gives you not only his hat and cane, but also hands over a chest full of gold and even fixes your PortaGap. How he knew about it, you will never know. You don't even get to ask him; he disappears shortly after. You open a gap back to town and the three of you leave this terrible place.


All that loot and gold along with Jakk's cane and Doppelganger's sword (Momiji didn't like the vibes it gave off) sold for a very high price. You search for the little girl and find her at the town gate, about to go hunting. You stop her and tell her a finely fabricated lie: You found the guy that took her weapon and decided to buy it for yourself. You then give her almost all of the money you just earned. She calls for her little sister and the two of them thank you with tears of joys falling in a stream. The ache of your soul is replaced with a more preferable, albeit much stronger one.

[x]Succumb to the adorableness and show them the love they so desperately deserve.
[x]Take the children with you and treat them as your own.
[x]Get out of here before you become more of a woman than your party members. ...But shed one manly tear for their perseverance.

Damn this is a lot longer than I was aiming for.
>>No. 2345
[x]Succumb to the adorableness and show them the love they so desperately deserve.
[x]Take the children with you and treat them as your own.
>>No. 2347
[x]Get out of here before you become more of a woman than your party members...
>>No. 2348
[x]Succumb to the adorableness and show them the love they so desperately deserve.
[x]Take the children with you and treat them as your own.

You gonna get taken home.
>>No. 2349
Did we get her shield back yet?
>>No. 2353

Momiji never sold her shield. She did help sold our shield. Or to be precise, our bracelet.
>>No. 2356

This begs to differ

>You've got quite the haul from the relatively small amount of money you got. You just couldn't bring yourself to sell his shield, so you sold your own instead.

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