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File 129062873812.jpg - (237.95KB, 570x800, Short #7.jpg) [iqdb]
(Direct continuation of Short #3 found here: >>/th/118235 )

What is something if it isn't yours? As the number of people in Gensokyo, so too are the number of responses.

"Something to be treasured."
"Another worthless piece of trash."
"Retaliatory grounds!"
"I...don't think about things like that."
"For me, it'd be something only those groundlings enjoy."
"Inconceivable, I own everything anyways!"
"Crystals...and I wouldn't have much need of those."
"Everything I want is right here beside me."

But for me, if something isn't mine, that something is one word: "Mine."
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You're fucking crazy, W-I-T. This is why we love you.

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File 128937086844.jpg - (379.58KB, 500x1786, 034dce6b3bab70446353ec00bb142c04.jpg) [iqdb]

"Yes, Chen. I think it's okay though. You're a big girl now. You can take care of yourself."

...that was the day where it all began. When Master Ran told me I wasn't going to be her shikigami anymore.

I was a good few hundred years old by that time. I could have easily taken care of myself then, just as she said.

But...that wasn't why I was sad.

"No! Don't leave me! Y-You're-"

"Chen. I don't know when I'll see you again, but I promise, I won't be gone forever."

Master Ran and Master Yukari went somewhere...I don't even remember anymore. But they had to leave Gensokyo. Maybe they didn't, actually...I don't remember. My memory of that is very fuzzy.
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Sukima, holy crap, I don't know what to say, I'm practically tearing up here. Well done!

Get out of here with that talk.
[x] Write about a depressed Chen

You write a depressing story about Chen struggling through her life alone, miserable. Some people call you a monster, but in return you receive an alarming sense of satisfaction.

[x] Contemplate writing about Orin

After reading a romantic story you feel the urge to write about making love to Orin but the motivation does not come unfortunately and all you get is a wet pair of pants.

[x] Don't write out of laziness

You decide that you're too lazy to write and that there are more important things that need attended to, like your new recent MMO addiction that seems to crop up once every year. You sad, pathetic excuse for a human.

Yeah, sorry 'bout that.
[] Call out for Cirno
[x] Don't call out for Cirno

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File 128685357865.jpg - (69.76KB, 500x334, Thatdoor___.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Go back and open that freezer.


What's behind that freezer door?

That door.

That door...

[x] Ask Tenshi to toss a huge rock at Aya’s house to bust open a hole in the wall. Wanton violence solves EVERYTHING!
[x] Maybe you can find someone to help persuade Reimu to let you in. Wonder where Marisa is right now?
[x] Wait…Offering box! Quickly go to Reimu’s shrine and hold the offering box hostage!
[x] Give up and go to Remilia’s castle.
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but most rolls would mess up the happy set up we have going; such a thing can ruin a story. I think the brainless votes are going a bit too far, look at that one SDM story where such (lack of) thinking resulted in wounding Reimu and losing the MC's friend.
I just know that either option will end badly.
hat, this is your damn fault for pointing out the tie!

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File 128034850137.png - (182.81KB, 370x365, yukari-siggie11[1].png) [iqdb]
Alright, I'm new here, so bear with me. This is my first published story... so please feel free to give feedback. As you all realize, this is a CYOA, but this one will take a turn and control two different Characters in individual storylines, connected but never meeting.... so... all I can say is... Enjoy!


Today was a good day, you thought to yourself. Around you, you can see the bright lights that fill the air as many different things move past you in a blur. Yes, you are in New York City. Normally, a magnificent youkai like you has no business in the human world, but today is a special day. Today is your good old friend Rinnosuke's birthday, and you had gone out of your way to get him something particularly special. In your arms is the new Ipad that he had been talking about for what seemed like the last month and a half. Loaded with just about everything you could find, you’re sure that he was going to simply adore this gift.

As the light changes, you begin your safe passage onto your last destination, the alleyway that concealed your border back into Gensokyo. You had concealed it well, placing it on the backside of a trashcan. It's a bit dark out, however, so you have to feel for the border's edges... and, feel as you may, you can't find anything. Using the light from the Ipad in your arms, you shine it onto the trashcan and gasp. The border was gone. Additionally, the light shines on two very confused, somewhat bulky men. The light must have taken their attention away from whatever was bothering them, but suddenly they turned their heads up towards you with a scowl.

Yukari, what do you do?

[] Try to reason with the thugs
[] Run like hell while you still can
[] Try fighting them off while you still can use Danmaku.
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I'm sorry for the delay. I'm going through some really tough times lately. I'm fortunately I had to re-create this all using a dictation function on my iPod. I apologize beforehand for any spelling errors or grammar errors it's really not much I can do. Well I hope I can get this done quickly, but something tells me that Can can can can can you bring me me me me me me I am I am not going to be able to.


 " Renko, do you know who I am?" your question was shaky at first, but your first class confidence has returned. " my name is Yukari"

You wave your hand in a graceful manner, creating a small orb of your power to appear from it. Immediately, you vanish it, to conserve energy. This magic show seems to have a profound effect on Renko, however. Her eyes, once fierce, became orbs as bright as your magic had been. Her hand left her hat as she jumped down.

"you... Maribel? No... She would never act like that... She's far to docile. Who... What... Wait a second!" her contemplation went on for some time until she finally realized the one thing that was completely wrong with her view.

That is, to say, the white orb that caught her attention.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
[x] mocha

Cryptic choices are rather annoying.
[x] mocha

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File 128579855352.jpg - (272.28KB, 550x550, ee67760ebf23527f966c10fb56dc2865.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Trust Tewi and go with her.

(Oh, and cheers to the fourth thread!)

Huh, maybe Tewi is genuinely afraid for your welfare. After all, you wouldn’t wish death by torturous experimental medicine testing on even your worst enemies (well, maybe not your WORST enemy…), so you run towards the door Tewi’s waving from and you jump inside.

You look around and see that you’re in a sort of operating room, complete with many different sharp instruments on a shiny metal table next to the surgical table.



You get pricked in the left upper arm and you jump away from Tewi who was standing next to you while you were looking at the room. You go into a defensive stance, but your left bicep suddenly tightens very painfully as you flex your bicep uncontrollably. Blood begins to gush out of the oddly large needle wound and you demand Tewi to tell you what exactly she stuck you with.

“Pfft, hell if I know. All I know is that whatever it is I just injected you with, its doing a fine job of hurting you.” She gives you an evil grin and waves a rather large syringe at you.
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Thanks for the two cents, and don't worry, I am NOT going to have Joe screw everyone in Gensokyo. That's not what I have planned for Joe.

I am, however, trying to get Joe back on track to the main story, but everyone keeps getting distracted and I HATE railroading when it comes to interactive story telling (This was because of the time I was a DM in D&D and I gave them a little distraction which they took WAY too far. I didn't bother railroading them back to the main story so it soon became the Main Quest and, 6 months later, everyone agreed that it was the greatest thing ever.)
So yeah, who knows when we'll ever get back on track...

And who says its going to be a bad end?
Naaw, I just have a tendency for giving out bad ends. That doesn't mean it'll be a bad end.

But that doesn't mean it'll be a good end either.
Aaaaand, now that I think about it, we're getting distracted by another distraction (4 freezer votes). Alrighty then, new update/thread coming up.
Nope, just a pointless delay/possible bad end.

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File 128512832799.jpg - (155.10KB, 1164x996, YakumoBedtimeStory.jpg) [iqdb]
Hokai, new thread, vote here for the continuation of my previous post.

Here are your options again:

[x] Wake everyone up and go Alice’s house. You have to apologize to her for not being at Aya’s house in time to meet her.
[x] You need to cure that horrible urge inside you before it takes control again, try to find someone experienced in medicine to help you.
[x] Let’s go see how Reimu’s doing.
[x] Who was that green haired person from last night?
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Same anon. Tried to tell you guys, but I guess I was a bit late.
I told you Anon, I told you about the Tewi.


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File 128462277327.png - (90.63KB, 500x491, 4dc18cd1774a7230f7cd78bf3c1b74fc.png) [iqdb]
Hello my friends and welcome to Chapter two of "Just an Average Joe" (winning title by TwittyandStrange)

If you haven't read the story up till now...well, good luck finding it as it doesn't even have a title and I'm far too lazy to do anything about it. The story will pick up from here as Joe is about to (finally) make his way over to Kourindou...
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File 128512792773.jpg - (139.67KB, 646x800, sample-bd194adc9509a53744c96fcffe5eb266.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Resist
[x] Pray for that miracle.

(The pic is seriously NSFW, viewer‘s discretion is advised)

A poet would describe your mental situation as a man thrown overboard off of his boat of sanity and into the torrential waters of agony. You however, would say it FUCKING HURTS. If Marisa touches you then you’ll lose control of your own body and succumb to the animalistic urges welling up inside of you.

Why won’t Marisa go away? WHY WON’T SHE GO AWAY?! You shout, curse, and scream inside your head while trying not to lose your grip.

“Because she wants it.”

A tiny, emotionless voice says this to you from somewhere inside your head.

“She’s can’t wait for you to force her down and give it to her. That’s why she’s still here after you felt her up. All women want this deep down.”

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
File 128512810158.png - (177.70KB, 290x367, Hurr.png) [iqdb]
Oh shit, the 250 post is right there, gonna create a new thread for you guys to vote on. Uno momento folks.

Pic is totally related btw.
Good lord man, this CYOA is literally an unstoppable force at this rate! Let's hope you don't meet any immovable objects.

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File 128331918240.jpg - (203.11KB, 827x1169, sample-4c36c52bc144022a9ba8bc226510ca86.jpg) [iqdb]
Howdy! Let’s play a CYOA like survival game where the main objective is to avoid getting kidnapped by Yukari and being taken to Gensokyo. Lucky for you though, she has the courtesy to send you an “invitation” beforehand so you can prepare. You see, Yukari‘s grown bored of watching people die helplessly after kidnapping them and letting them run around Gensokyo, so she‘s decided to give you a fighting chance. You, on the other hand, don‘t plan on going off to your doom and will resist. However, going to Gensokyo doesn’t exactly net an instant bad ending, but the only way to “win” is to be able to survive and thrive or make it back to the outside world. Or, if you’re clever enough, you can convince Yukari to either leave you alone or evade her enough to make her give up (but if she catches you after evading her for so long, she might not take you to a nice place). The choices I give are just personal suggestions on what to do, but creative suggestions will almost always guarantee a good event, so think outside the box and don’t forget to use your surroundings! You can find/purchase/use items to help in your survival and skills are randomly given depending on your choices.

Anyways, to start out, you are Joe, an average boring guy with an average boring life and you are currently sitting. Kinda want a new name because Joe just screams average, but there is a more pressing matter at hand. There is a letter on the table that you just finished reading that says, “Congratulations, human! Your life will no longer be the bland, mediocre existence that you‘ve come to represent! I’ve personally chosen you to go on a one-way expedition to the wonderful land of Gensokyo! I suggest getting a survival kit and a weapon to make friends with. Otherwise, you will end up all alone like everyone before you. Don’t take too long, I’ll come by shortly to pick you up. Love, Yukari”. The letter itself has beautiful ornate designs on the sides and there is a faint but pleasant smell emanating from the envelope, but that’s not what captivates your attention at all. It’s the fact that you woke up with the letter on your chest and someone had to break in to your home to deliver it to you th
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I suddenly had a Fridge Logic moment.

What if the person Yukari was talking about who would break us was not Yuka, but Aya?

Aya's in on it. Yukari got to Aya so that she can spread news of an Evil Overlord who wants to take over Gensokyo and rape all the women so that Gensokyo is turned against us.

Aya must be silenced.

And if not, well, one less annoyance to worry about.
[X] There's only one solution. You have to kill Bill Aya. (Or stop her from taking anymore pictures of anything ever again)
-[X] Leave a note for Alice explaining in vague details what happened and asking her to catch up to you on the way to 'Aya's place' (Wherever that is), hide it on Shanghai and leave for Kourindou.
-[X] Before you go, grab anything you can use to help you on the trip: you'll grab anything else on the store.

I think we might be able to withstand Yuuka, she'll be mad and try to kill us but maybe we can swoon her again by just being "Bitch, please"
iawynmixicelrotajxaih <a href="http://lino.so/xe/197449">mhiolnre</a> nrbcvlpxipmzuxghidgjrsbkq <a href="http://www.keama.or.kr:8000/353813">qfzlejvu</a> jfblmoq pxizocuylporjspyutzfhggqolghi <a href="http://chinese.aimgc.com/xe/165663">fvauaveb</a> tqmfghwoxnurtquficlqbujprgbdj <a href="http://www.mountkato.com/cart">uyxklrsc</a> uccbfpwuvtf

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File 127317095651.jpg - (654.16KB, 740x1035, dae1be3c7b20e7dc56eea36176bc57a9.jpg) [iqdb]
Also known as 'A Touhou RPG - Thread two'


[x] Home run

The door practically bursts off its hinges, a visible column of air ramming outward. A dark shape flies toward you, and you instinctively knock it away with the side of your sword. Only as it soars into the air above you, orphaned fedora gently spiraling down, that you recognize the shape as Renko.

Crap, crap, crap.

She lands, spinning, on top the roof, bounces once, and lies there, groaning dazedly.


A sharp, forceful step snaps your attention back to the doorway, where a tall, silver haired woman now stands, a shimmering, ghostly sword in her hands. Very much a woman.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
 [View thread]

...Overlord CYOA? Are you sure you're not confusing me with a different writer?
Thank for you bringing some closure to this CYOA at least. That's much better than the usual procedure around here.

An asspull ending is better than no ending at all.

Also, I really wanted to give the image of Yukari dressed like that.

Something that might be of interest: >>/gensokyo/5654

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File 128158070769.gif - (89.37KB, 465x452, Regret.gif) [iqdb]
"This is my judgment. You are black." Shikieiki Yamaxanadu sighed at the recording of her very first real trial in Gensokyo. Since then, she had gone on to judge many other cases, but this was the first where she was not the judge, jury, and executioner. In the defendant's chair, she had been squirming nervously while her fellow Yamas in the jury tried to make eye contact with her. They weren't successful. Currently called to witness was Reimu, being asked questions by the prosecution and then by the defense. The western-styled trial was mainly due in part to the influence of the reigning Yama, who happened to be raised in North America. Shikieiki, along with many other non-western Yama, were very unfamiliar with the process, so it took a little while before the trial actually started. This only served to heighten the formerly stoic Shikieiki's nervousness, as if she already knew what the verdict would be.

"May I call Eiki Shiki to the stand."

Shikieiki cringed at the sound of her almost-forgotten name. It was her turn, her time to speak her mind. It was her chance to show everyone her side of the story.

Excerpt from the Official Transcript of the High Enma's Court, XXXX, Apr XX

Pr (Prosecutor): Please state your name and your occupation.
Sh (Shikieiki): My name is Eiki Shiki, and my job is to weigh the souls that come before me and pronounce judgment on them.

Pr: So, in other words, you are a faithful Yama, correct?
De (Defense Lawyer): Eiki, don't answer that.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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- -Unknown-
- Short #1 >>/youkai/15737
- Short #5 >>/shrine/31706
- Short #3 >>/th/118235
- -Unknown-
- -Unknown-
- Short #4 >>/forest/21222
- -Unknown-
- Short #6 >>/border/22582
- Short #2 >>/border/21958
- -Unknown-
This was really cute, well done.

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