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What is reality? Where is reality? Who is reality?


Moving one foot in front of the other at a rapid rate, I run from the dread of being caught by that thing.

That thing... looks human. It only looks that way, though. As it chases after me, with that insane, crimson smile staining its face, I can only take another step, and then yet another. With each step I get closer to freedom, and with each step I get closer to death. How did things turn out this way, anyway?

That's right. I had come to this awful place with the others, because all the adults were hungry for Kanako's money. They were hungry for money to feed their businesses, to support us, the children, and to so that they could live in splendor. I remember Kanako saying that she resented every last one of them for that inhuman greed, and she called them a pack of starving demons, waiting, just waiting, to devour her soul.

That's right. Kanako had been the first to go. In that bloody pile, we found her dead. Crushed, smashed, beaten, bloody... We had found her dead, that's for sure. Even though we found her there, dead, after a few hours she was... gone. Almost as if she had just gotten up and started walking around, like a zombie possessed with revenge.

Thinking about it now, it scares me even more than that demon chasing after me, waiting to devour my own soul.

I had wanted to help everyone... I was always too late, though. I even hurt my leg when trying to protect Shizuha. My leg, which had already been broken no less than two weeks before. Even now, the pain in my leg jolts through my thigh and into the rest of my body, telling me to give up and die.

I won't die, though. I have to live, for everyone else who's no longer alive. Everyone else... All the others who were swallowed up by that demon.

That demon, with her light pink horns. Her white blouse, now covered in Aya's fresh blood... The thought makes me want to... Hurgh.

I have to keep running, though. Even if the jingling of her belt distracts me. Even if the dragging sound her club makes reminds me of Tenma being pulled along through the halls, freshly butchered. All of them, everyone... I didn't think such a monster even existed, so I can't be blamed!

Who would believe it, anyway? Kanako had always told us that creepy poem when we were small children, about how demons would walk around the mountain and eat anyone they found outside... After dark, that is. Demons hated the day, since they lived beneath the earth. I never believed in those monsters, and yet here's the same one in that picture, chasing after me even now. Blood running down its arms, some long, dangling organ wrapped around the right arm... Hurgh!

Finally loosing it, I vomit as I run, the chunks of blood and shining meat staining my suit and swallowing the shine of my shoes. That isn't important though. Salvation is at the edge of this place. That boat, which sounded a horn about half an hour ago, waits at the edge of the land, waiting to rescue me, and to kill this monster.

I tried to kill it! I really did. I tried shooting it, and it kept moving. I ran out of bullets and threw a chair at it, but it continued on, sneering at me with its bloodstained smile... That damn monster! I'll never forgive it, never! For Aya, and for Momizi... For Mama Kanako, and Hina Mama... For Mama Minoriko, Shizuha, and all the others! That thing has to... die.
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Lost in thought, I barely notice the root which catches my foot, bringing me down to the ground with a few cracks. As I scream in pain, I realize that the fall destroyed my leg... Blood oozes out from many tears and holes in the mass of flesh, and I can only crawl to get away. Slowing down, the demon smiles at me, and begins to speak in its low, satanic voice.

"Don't go into the woods, my dear, for that's where demons dwell..."

The club still dragging along the ground, I watch in horror as this feminine monster draws closer and closer, her mad red eyes shocking my very soul. The sound of the club sends shivers up my spine, and the dangling organ, which I think is an intestine, sends bile to my throat.

"They've risen from the murky depths, spewed up from the deepest hells..."

Blood running from its mouth, the monster laughs. I can only shake and terror and swing my arms, trying to keep it and its spiked club away. As it draws closer, I finally regain the strength to speak, the bile spilling out from my lips.

"Why did you do this? Who are you?" Throwing dirt at its face, I can only grunt as it presses on its march. "Leave me alone! Go back to Hell!"

...This makes the monster laugh once more, an extremely pleased expression crawling onto its face. Pushing back, I once again try to crawl away, though it's in vain. The demon continues its steady march, tearing up the ground in the process. Hot tears meeting my eyes, I can only shake my head as it gets even closer.

"Club in hand, horns on head, they traverse the mountain near..."

Pausing, the monster looks me over, taking pleasure in my pain. The... the bastard! It honestly, truly, completely enjoys this! To think my life would be ended by such a thing is... It's crazy! This world is crazy! It's almost like this world was cut off from reality, and transferred to a world where demons run amok on their own free will!

"Until every living soul's found dead..."

Bracing myself for the end of it all, I can only wince in fear as it brings the club up over its head, still smiling down at my writhing form. The bastard... The bastard... This fucking bastard!

Just as I part my lips to speak, the final line spills out of that monsters mouth, making all thought vanish from my mind.

"For demons live off of fear."

With one final snap, the club meets my head... Or, I wish it was a final snap. I wish that had killed me. If only it had done that, then I wouldn't be... screaming. Screaming, crying, bleeding, pissing myself... I must look horrible.

Another blow to my head, and it still doesn't kill me, oddly enough. With one eye gone, I can only scream in pain as I use the other to cry, snot running down from my nose. Grunting, the monster shakes its head once more, making its... face fall off. Beneath that inhuman, crimson gaze is the face of someone very familiar...

"You are... My eyes widening, I can barely make sense of my own words. "You are...!"

The club comes down one last time, wrapping me up in the sweet embrace of death...
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Jutting up from my place in bed, I stifle a scream with will alone... Okay, that's a lie. It's muffled more by silent horror than my own will.

What was that, anyway? A twisted nightmare if I've ever seen one, that's for sure. Looking over at the clock, the time reads 5:30 AM. To think that sort of ordeal went on for just a few hours... it felt like it lasted for days. As if everything was real... The blood, the deaths, the bile, and... the monster.

Shuddering, I grab the remote and switch on the television. A program about people and their large, spacious homes comes on, and I decide to leave it there, for the sake of seeing the room around me... Yes, this is the bedroom I was in the night before. The only thing that changed was the fact that cold sweat now covers my body from head to toe, making it feel like death himself is fondling my ribs.

After a few minutes of relaxing, the nightmare starts to fade just a little. Thank goodness, I don't need any more of that. Pushing up from my place in bed, I walk over to the small bathroom in the hotel room, pushing the door open and flicking on the lights. A suit hangs on the other side of the door, intent on me wearing it as I go to meet the others at the airport later. Running my hands through the thick mess that makes up my hair, the only thing escaping my mouth is a sigh.

As I turn the water on, I push the dream away from my mind and think about other things. The people I'm going to meet today are... Aya, Momizi, Tenma, and Mama Minoriko. The four of us are... going to Kanako's mountain, to lay around while the adults, including Tenma and Mama Minoriko, bicker over money and stocks. So basically, money and future money.

Washing my face, my thoughts pinpoint on that huge mountain. Well, it's not exactly huge, really. Just bigger than everything else around it. Like a tall crab shell covered in trees and dirt, rising from the beach that is the populated area around it.

The mountain doesn't have a good reputation, either. People always call it "Demon Mountain", or "Curse Mountain", and tell their children to stay far away from it. They act like monsters run around looking for people to eat at the base of the mountain, which is silly.

The people in that area are silly. Silly and superstitious. They insist that, a long time ago, a great frog demon and her gods of curses, the Mishaguji, lived at the top of the mountain. They say that anyone who set foot on the mountain was swallowed up, and their bones were spat out at the mountain's base. This idea is flawed, though, as Mama Kanako built a whole mansion there. Not just one mansion, either. Two whole mansions, right on the great frog demon's land.

They probably think she's a monster, too. The rest of us are probably seen the same by those nuts, who all have such plain and boring faces. To hell with them! I won't have anything to do with those idiot villagers and their bull shit beliefs, no sir.

Aya... she's pretty much the same way. Running shampoo through my hair, I can only think of how she has such a strong dislike for those weirdos and their freaky legends. She sometimes talks about them trying to just scare us, since no real people could be that surreal. That's Aya, a doubting Thomas... With a nice ass.

It's okay if I say that her ass is nice, right? I've grabbed it a few times to mess with her, and it always felt soft and warm. Her breasts probably feel better, though they aren't something to mess around with as much... Which is a shame.

She's grabbed my ass too, of course. We always like to play around with each other that way. Even when we were kids, we'd do naughty things like poke each other's private parts to see how they'd react. We're both perverts, who are barely even related.

There's some blood connection there, but it's so minuscule that only my parents had found it.

Turning off the shower nozzle, I step out of the tub and grab a towel to dry myself with. I suppose there's no point in wasting time, so I should get my suit on and head to the airport.
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Finally getting there, I let out a deep breath. The first familiar faces to enter my sight are those of Aya and Momizi, my two "cousins". Neither one is a cousin, of course. It'd be nasty to play with Aya like that if we were that close.

"Ryou!" Calling out my name, Aya is the first to run over and put an arm around my shoulder, a grin on her lips. "How's it going, you sly bastard?"

"Fine, how's your ass today?" Reaching down, I give it a good squeeze, getting a playful slap out of her. I just laugh it off, brushing my hair back into place.

"It feels great, thanks." Yeah, it really does feel great. Nice and round, firm too. "How's yours, I wonder?"

She gives me the same treatment, reaching down and squeezing one of my cheeks. I shoo her hand away, laughing, as Momizi stands to the side with that same old blush on her face.

"Will you two always be this perverted?" Looking down, she twiddles her thumbs and looks around excitedly, no longer holding her peace.

Aya steps over to her and puts an arm around her shoulder, threatening to grab her chest for just a split-second.

"Yeah, you should try it." Grinning from ear to ear, Aya pats her "sister's" shoulder. "His ass isn't as nice as mine, but it's always fun to see how he reacts."

Holding my peace, I just shake my head at that comment. Momizi grabs ahold of her skirt and blushes even harder, turning away from us with an angry look in her eyes.

"I don't want to join! It's perverted, and... It's not something cousins should do. I mean, we aren't really cousins, but..."

Aya and I smile at each other, flashing a thumbs up at the same time. Her chest really has grown over the years, as opposed to Momizi's.

Momizi has always been the sensible kid out of our group. Unlike me, she isn't a pervert who thinks about Aya in perverted fantasies. She's also not like Aya, who's known to go around taking panty shots of random girls that she thinks deserve to have a panty shot taken.

Aya's actually taken pictures of Momizi's panties, a few times. The most intense sexual harassment Momizi ever gets, as opposed to me and Aya who fondle each other for shits and giggles. Momizi seems kind of confused about her own body, too, and probably thinks that it's a horrible thing to spend any time dwelling on perverted fantasies.

Ah... She's missing out on a whole lot, that good girl. At least she has her honest purity, which Aya and I slowly try to defile.

Walking over to Aya, I put an arm around her shoulder and grin. She may be shorter than me, but she's still taller than Momizi and a few of the others, mainly the twin adults. Slowly reaching down, I take one good, firm squeeze of her breast, which seems to be what she expected.

"Oho!" Raising a brow, she pushes my hand off and steps back. "You need to pay to feel that much! Brace yourself, Ryou Shoji! Divine punishment shall bear down on your soul!"

Moving her arms swiftly, she looses me in her flurry of dancing hands. Not knowing where I'll be hit, I merely cup my balls and prepare for the worst. The worst is a blow to my stomach, which makes all the air escape my lungs. That's Aya for you, always fast. Faster than anybody else I know or ever have known.

"Ahahaha!" Patting my shoulder once again, she grins as she presses a breast teasingly against my ear. "Come on, we need to get going. Tenma and Miriko are waiting."

Regaining my breath, I nod. "Yeah, so long as I can get another feel later. That really felt as good as I had expected it to."

Aya merely grins, giving me a small jab to the shoulder.

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The old bastard and the sweet woman stand at the gate, waving to us as we approach. Once we've gotten close enough, Tenma grabs Aya and I by the shoulders and squeezes, hard.

"You two aren't misbehaving again, are you?" Smiling, he shakes our shoulders as we stand there helpless. "Don't want to make Kanako look bad, you know."

I grin like the silly bastard that I am, slipping out of the old man's grip. Walking back to Mama Minoriko's side, my tongue protrudes from my lips, mocking the old geezer.

"Haha, who cares?" Brushing a speck of dust from my suit, I shrug. "It's not like anybody knows who we are, anyway."

Aya also escapes his grip, escaping to Mama Miriko's other side. She puts her hands behind her head, showing off that delicious bust in the process.

"Yeah, he's right. It's fine anyway, it'd be legal for us to get married if we were stupid enough to fall for each other."

Momizi just sighs, and Tenma pats her head, smiling. Momizi blushes a little, now smiling in the same fashion. Tenma's spoiled pet, Momizi Inubashiri. Aya and Momizi live with Tenma, since they're old enough to escape from their parents, but not to be independent. He's a strict caretaker, which is the main reason their parents were fine with them living there.

Aya never obeys Tenma, though, and I can't blame her. I had worked on cleaning his kitchen once, and he spat on the floor and told me to use it to clean a grime spot. Bastard is a real hard ass, that's for sure.

Momizi gets it easy, though. At first the work expected of her was equal to that expected of Aya, but she had always done everything Tenma told her to, and had become his "pet" as a result. There was one occasion where Aya had even bought some plastic dog ears and made Momizi wear them, teasing her in her own way. Personally, I would've just felt up her butt. With such a flat chest, it's the most delicious part of her body.

...I really am a pervert. Even though my main target it Aya, I've had thoughts about a few of the other "relatives". Not about ones like Mama Miriko, but I've thought about Kanako and her mirror tits before.

That's right, mirror tits. It isn't a word, but it works for describing that fashion statement. A circular mirror, resting on top of her breasts. It's both intimidating and humiliating, and yet that superstitious old bag doesn't care. She actually hangs up crosses and other things in her soundproofed bedroom, making it creepier than I can ever be comfortable with.

I've only been in her bed room when I snuck in, though. I had been trying to find something incriminating to blackmail the old girl with, and found nothing more incriminating than the room itself. I actually want to gain control of her assets, somehow, since I'm not much one for manual labor. I'd rather figure out a way to corner that king which is her bank account, and pull out the check.

...It sounds evil, but I have my reasons. Without parents or even grandparents to fall back on, it's been hard to support myself these last few years. Harder than it's been for Momizi, who gets her special treatment from Tenma.

Boarding the plane, the five of us get ready to inch closer and closer to the destination, which is still a ways away, off in hick land.
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"So, it's an hour and a half until the helicoptors come?" Aya coos these words out to Tenma, who's busy looking at the text Shizuha had sent him.

"Yes, still a long time until then. I suppose you three can go play around until then, but be sure to meet at the airpad when the time is right. Okay?"

Raising an arm up in unison with Aya, we stick our hands out for a shake. Tenma shakes his head and then our hands, his expression grim.

"Just don't do anything strange to Momizi, or else I'll have your asses later on."

Grabbing Aya's soft buttocks once again, I fondle the mound of flesh while grinning at the old man.

"We've already got each other's asses! You can't have them!"

Aya grabs my ass, too, and squeezes it as she laughs. "Yeah, I've only got one cheek though. So quit switching between mine."

Finally letting go of her butt, I grab her by the arm and take off. She also grabs Momizi's arm, dragging her along with us as we go. As Tenma and Mama Minoriko fade into the distance, the three of us head off into the small tourist trap, looking at all the shoddy displays and boring stores. Aya pokes my side, bringing me to a halt all at once. Momizi keeps running after Aya lets go of her arm, then catches herself and gives us a sharp glare.

"You two... You're really mean, you know."

Grinning like a mad bastard, I nod my head readily. Aya does the same, and we slap eachother's shoulders as we laugh.

"It's your fault for not having any fun!" Aya grabs Momizi's arm again, pulling her back over to us. "Come on, live a little! Quit acting like Tenma is always watching over your shoulder!"

Momizi just holds her peace, staring down at the concrete. Aya waits a few seconds and laughs, letting go of my shoulder in the process.

"Looks like I have to keep an eye on the good girl. Maybe look at a few candy stores or something." Ruffling Momizi's hair, she laughs once more. Momizi doesn't seem very amused, though. "It's fine if you do whatever. We're all heading to the same place, anyway."

[ ] "I'm gonna go look at some stores, then. Maybe some of the other family members would like some cheap trinkets."
[ ] "It's fine, I'll stay here. It'll take more than one grade-A ero master to warm Momizi up!"
[ ] "I think I'll head back to Tenma and Mama Miriko. I'm feeling tired already, but I'll be with you two in spirit, and with you in my thoughts!"
>> No. 9362
[x] "I'm gonna go look at some stores, then. Maybe some of the other family members would like some cheap trinkets."


>> No. 9363
[ ] "I'm gonna go look at some stores, then. Maybe some of the other family members would like some cheap trinkets."
>> No. 9364
[ ] "I think I'll head back to Tenma and Mama Miriko. I'm feeling tired already, but I'll be with you two in spirit, and with you in my thoughts!"
>> No. 9366
[X] "I'm gonna go look at some stores, then. Maybe some of the other family members would like some cheap trinkets."
>> No. 9370
[ze] "I'm gonna go look at some stores, then. Maybe some of the other family members would like some cheap trinkets."
>> No. 9371
Casual sexual joking with Cousin Aya?
Oh, this is good.
>> No. 9372
Holy crap. The intro caught me off-guard until I realized it was a nightmare. Ouch. Nevertheless, good writing there.

[x] "I'm gonna go look at some stores, then. Maybe some of the other family members would like some cheap trinkets."
>> No. 9373
[ ] "I'm gonna go look at some stores, then. Maybe some of the other family members would like some cheap trinkets."
>> No. 9376
[ ] "I'm gonna go look at some stores, then. Maybe some of the other family members would like some cheap trinkets."

Target locked: Aya
>> No. 9378
[X] "I'm gonna go look at some stores, then. Maybe some of the other family members would like some cheap trinkets."

Aya route is now a must. She and the protagonist are perfect for one another.

Although, considering the tone this story set to start with, we better hope we don't get hit with http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/DeathBySex
>> No. 9379
[x] "I'm gonna go look at some stores, then. Maybe some of the other family members would like some cheap trinkets."

>> No. 9380
[ ] "It's fine, I'll stay here. It'll take more than one grade-A ero master to warm Momizi up!"

it has ero in it, so it can only be the right choice.
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[X] "I'm gonna go look at some stores, then. Maybe some of the other family members would like some cheap trinkets."

Now that I think about it more, I'll change my vote so that we can possibly spend more time with Aya and Momizi.
Still getting the Umineko vibes, though(not saying that it's a bad thing at all). Pic related, it's four MILFs.
>> No. 9383
[x] "It's fine, I'll stay here. It'll take more than one grade-A ero master to warm Momizi up!"
>> No. 9426
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"I'll go look at some shops, then. Maybe I could find some cheap things that the relatives would like."

After taking a quick feel of Aya's ass, I split away from the two of them and wave in their direction on my way to those shops which aren't absolute crap. Passing by people left and right, I weave my way through the hustle and bustle, looking for the store which I had in mind.

Surely enough, that same store I had been thinking of comes into sight. It's nothing too fancy, just a little candy shop to most anybody else. For me, Aya, and Momizi, though, this is a place we'd always go to buy candy around the time that the adults would meet up to bicker and fuss.

Pushing the door open, I see no new thing in sight. The way everything is set up is just as I had remembered from those years ago, as if the whole store was untouched by time itself. It's a stroke of luck to run into something like this, in a world which is always changing and growing. Counting my blessing, I glance over some of the smaller candies. Peppermints, jellybeans, gummy bears, jawbreakers, and all sorts of other candies meet my sight, sitting contently on their shelves as they always have.

Snatching up a bag, I fill it to the brim with some gummy worms, which were not too far from their counterparts, the gummy bears. Aya really loves these things, and I can't blame her. I also like them a lot, which is why I'll probably steal a few from her, even though I'm buying them. Just like old times, for sure.

Getting another bag, I fill this one up with peppermints. I can't think of anybody I know who has a sweet tooth for these, but they're always nice to have, anyway. Holding the two bags together, I swipe up one more and fill it with a more expensive candy, that being square chocolates. I should make sure that Momizi stays away from these... She always acts up after eating chocolate, to the point that I can't bear the thought of giving her any.

Finally, I fill a bag with some jawbreakers. Even though I've never met him, I've heard of Shizuha's son, who's grown to the age of eight by now. Maybe he'd like this bag.

Carrying them to the counter, the cashier welcomes me in a friendly manner, remarking on how much I've grown. Friendly old man, he is, somehow remembering me and the others despite his old age. Exiting the store, I catch sight of another place that might be interesting. That being a clothing store. Maybe I could give mirror tits some lingerie as a joke, just maybe.

Walking in to the store, I quickly find that the tiny outlet is bigger on the inside than it appeared on the outside. They don't really have anything like that lingerie, damn it. That would've been one hell of a conversation starter. They do, however, have simple things like hats and belts, and a few bags, too. Looking at all the displays, a certain messenger's bag catches my eye. Even though Aya already has one, this one... Well, it looks a lot fancier than that other one did. Even so, I think she got that from her father, or something of that nature.

Passing by the bag, something else catches my attention. For just a moment I thought there was a familiar face in the store, that of a certain "mascot" of Mama Kanako's, but there's no trace of that person anymore. Making a mental note of this, the next thing which catches my attention are some strange hats.

That's right, Aya and I had wandered into this same store one day years ago, and seen these same kinds of hats. She tried one on, saying that she really liked it, but she had spent all of her money on various trinkets, like a camera and some candies. I had actually felt generous back then, and I had used up the rest of my money to buy her that hat...

I wonder where she keeps it now. Her head is probably too big for it by this point, so she can't wear it around like she used to. Feeling guilty for getting nothing else, I pull down one of the hats which should be close to her head size, and pay for it up at the front.
>> No. 9427
Carrying the few packages in my arms, it becomes more and more difficult to get through this place safely. After looking in a few more stores, I found some polish for Mama Kanako's mirror, a new knife for Mama Miriko to use for cooking, and a pair of those weird needles for Mama Shizuha. Still dodging the people coming on at me, I slip up and run right into one of them, sending my packages tumbling to the ground.

Rubbing my head, I look the person over. She seems fairly young- about my age, even- and her long, orange hair is held back by one horn-like hair clip. All wrapped up in a business suit with a skirt, she rubs her head, looking me over in the same way.

"Ah, sorry about that." Now standing on her knees, she starts to collect my bags in one neat pile, and then collects a few of her own. "I really didn't see you coming, sorry."

Standing up, I take her hand to help her up. She accepts my hand and stands to her feet, her rather large chest bouncing a bit as she gets to her feet. Nodding a thanks, I pick my packages up.

"It's okay, no need to apologize." She seems pretty apologetic, too. She must not be used to being in a city, or at least crowded places. "Thanks for picking these up, it's a big help."

She merely nods her head, smiling faintly all the while. Two blond women, along with one small girl who's carrying a bucket, walk up behind her, and nudge her a bit.

"Oh! Ahahahaha." Rubbing her head, she grins as her breast wobbles a little bit from her movement... "Ah, yeah. It's nothing, bye."

Being urged on by the blonde women, she walks by in a hurried manner, leaving me standing there to wonder why I even look at strangers that way. A few steps come up to me, and a pat on the shoulder confirms their owner.

"Hey, I think I owe you one!" Pinching my ass, Aya grins in her usual way, with Momizi standing at her side. "So, what was that about?"

"I ran into her while carrying all this junk." Jiggling the bags around, I get her to look at them. Brushing her hand away from my ass, I continue. "Anyway, were you two following me?"

Chuckling, Aya shakes her head, while Momizi nods. I give her a punch on the shoulder, grinning the same bastard grin as her all the while. This girl is something, that's for sure. If there's any benefit to these family meetings, it's spending time with a card like this. She chuckles once more and returns the punch, now putting one arm around Momizi's shoulders.

"Only for a little while." She looks back in the other direction, and then to my face once more. "We saw you at some novelty shop buying a mirror, and we decided to follow you. Right, Momizi?"

"Um..." Surprised at the sudden attention, Momizi nods her head. "Well, she isn't lying. We saw you at that stop and started to follow you around, so..."

Laughing obnoxiously, I pat Momizi on the shoulder. What a good girl, so well behaved that she isn't even used to explaining herself. Aya joins in on my laughter, and Momizi remains silent, blushing intensely. It's then that I grab Momizi by the hand, and start to pull her along.

"Come on, Aya! Don't want to be left behind, do you?"

As I grin like the silly bastard I am, Aya runs to my side, using little effort to keep up. The three of us, including Momizi, start to laugh as we run around the shops together, enjoying this little break from reality.
>> No. 9428
"Hey, try this one on!"

Snatching the last hat off of her "cousin's" head, Aya laughs warmly. I also laugh as she puts the new hat on Momizi's head, which, I have to admit, really suits her. Patting the top of her head, I put my head near hers, and Aya does the same. All three of us looking at Momizi in the mirror, I can't help but make a remark.

"Ah, that's really cute!" As Aya removes the cap from Momizi's hair, I ruffle the nervous girl's hair. "That's one you should get her, for sure."

Aya laughs as she stands up and grabs Momizi by the hand, trotting over towards the women's changing rooms. Giving me a goofy wink, she sticks her tongue out as she speaks.

"We're going to change into our dresses now, so we can look good for the others once we show up."

"Oh?" Grinning from ear to ear, my perverted nature forces me to speak. "Maybe you'll need some help zipping up the back? Let me follow you in!"

Aya laughs heartily, then gives me a sharp "No". After watching them run off into the separate changing rooms, I walk over towards the front of the store to look at some ties. Picking one off of the rack, I'm sure that it'd ruffle Tenma's feathers if I gave it to him. It's the most colorful tie I've ever seen, and it looks like something that no self-respecting man would ever wear.

Perfect. As I walk over to pay for it, I see the devil running around outside the store. Or rather, I see him being pulled along by Mama Minoriko. It looks like the poor bastard was talked into holding her bags, which there's a large abundance of. Laughing to myself, I walk over to the register and pay for the tie, then turn my vision back to the two of them on the outside.

Surely enough, he's carrying bags from all sorts of stores. A bag from one place that sells makeup, another from a place that sells women's clothing, and another from a place that sells jewelry... He looks extremely silly, toting those bags around. After a few more seconds of watching, a hand clasps my shoulder. Aya and Momizi have returned, both wearing dresses. Aya's has two straps which show the sides of her breasts and meet in the middle of her chest, while Momizi is wearing a more modest dress that covers her chest completely.

"Ahaha, look at the old geezer!" Patting my shoulder, Aya continues to laugh, and I join in on the fun. "Oh wow, she's got him working like a dog!"

"Aha, yeah! She has him working just like a..."

I stop short there, realizing that I'm in the same situation.

"...Ah, anyway, let's pay for that hat and then get out of here."

Momizi nods, and, surprisingly, speaks up before Aya does.

"Yes, I think we don't have much time before we need to leave."

Aya nods as well, and the three of us pay for the hat and exit the store. Looking out over the place, I can see Mama Minoriko still dragging Tenma around, making him tote even more boxes and bags. Other than that, one strange thing catches my eye.

Right, it's that girl. Kanako's "mascot", Sanae Kotiya. She isn't a member of the family, but she is a resident of the mansion. Why would she, of all people, be out here when everybody is about to meet? Keeping an eye on her, I see her sit down and pull out a phone, texting somebody. A few seconds later she closes the phone, and starts to sip a soda in a cheap plastic cup.

[ ] "Oh, hey, is that Kanako's mascot over there?"
[ ] Ignore her for now.
- [ ] Go to the place where we're supposed to get picked up.
- [ ] Go over to Tenma and pester him.
- [ ] Continue to follow Aya and Momizi around.
>> No. 9430
[ ] "Oh, hey, is that Kanako's mascot over there?"
>> No. 9432
[X] "Oh, hey, is that Kanako's mascot over there?"

We must add her to our group.
>> No. 9433
[x] "Oh, hey, is that Kanako's mascot over there?"
>> No. 9434
[x] "Oh, hey, is that Kanako's mascot over there?"

>> No. 9442
>She seems fairly young- about my age, even- and her long, orange hair is held back by one horn-like hair clip.
>her rather large chest bouncing a bit as she gets to her feet.
>She must not be used to being in a city, or at least crowded places.
>Two blond women, along with one small girl who's carrying a bucket, walk up behind her, and nudge her a bit.

Sup, Undergrounders.
>> No. 9452
[x] "Oh, hey, is that Kanako's mascot over there?"
>> No. 9493
Undergrounders... and Moriya shrine... in the same area.

Something is going or about to go down.

Hopefully fusion with Aya in bed.
>> No. 9549
>> No. 9593
File 123873160959.jpg- (726.63KB , 1000x1200 , Sanae.jpg ) [iqdb]
...I guess now's as good a time as any to make my move. Pointing over towards her, I direct Aya and Momizi's vision, speaking loud enough for Sanae to hear me.

"Oh, hey! Is that Kanako's mascot over there?"

Seeing her turn her vision this way, I just wave with a hand in my pocket. The girls run over to her excitedly, Aya giggling while Momizi wiggles her legs. That's right, the three of them have been pretty good friends since the time that Sanae appeared at the mansion. The first time I met her... Those two weren't around, and Sanae was in a shrine maiden's outfit. She had let the top fall, revealing a wrapping which covered her chest beneath. That was... delicious.

"Hey, Ryou!" Waving at me to follow, the big breasted brunette laughs. "Come on, quit daydreaming and get over here!"

"Ah, sorry, sorry!" Moving swiftly, I approach the three of them and make it a group of four. "I was too busy thinking about a way to grab your brea-"

Another hit to the stomach. This one isn't as hard as the last, but it still hurts... Damn that Shameimaru. Her and her lightning fast fists have gotten the best of me for the last time! Next time I'll grab her fist in mid air, grab her other arm, and then...

"It's about time I found your group." Brushing hair away from her eyes, the cute mascot commands my attention once again. "Kanako was getting anxious, and sent me in one of the helicopters."

"Oh, so they're here now?" With one arm around Momizi's shoulder, Aya laughs boldly before continuing her comment. "I thought we'd be stuck in tourist trap hell! It's nice to know that our Virgil has come to take us to Beatrice."

Putting an arm on both Aya and Momizi's shoulders, I can't help but laugh at her comment. Comparing our going to the mountain to Dante's escape from Hell? That's a new one, for sure. Reaching down swiftly, I take a squeeze of Aya's soft breast before jumping back. A sharp swoosh follows, and after blinking twice, Aya stumbles a bit before giving me a thumbs up.

"Ah... Ahahahaha!" Rubbing her head, she blushes a little. "Wow, to avoid a hit like that... You've proven yourself!"

"Ah, so does that mean I can get some free feels now?"

Smiling, I can't help but laugh. That breast really does feel great in my hand, soft and round... Aya also laughs, then turns that very same thumbs-up into a thumbs down. With the slightest hint of irritation on her face, she speaks to me in a resolute tone.

"No way in hell."

We all laugh at that one. Even Momizi seems to be smiling, despite her opinion on these antics. I walk back over to the group, taking care not to get my chest blown in again by Aya. Looking towards Sanae, I speak to her in the politest way I can, despite having my object of perversion in one hand and her "sister" in the other.

"So, you said the helicopters were here?" Smiling warmly, I glance over towards where I last saw Mama Miriko and that old bastard Tenma. "I suppose we should get those two and go, then."

"Yeah." Giggling, she trots over in that direction. "Come on, we need to get moving!"
>> No. 9594
Boarding the helicopter, I sigh. It's a shame I didn't end up alone with Aya and Momizi on one helicopter, though Aya might've knocked me out of the side after doing something risque. I guess it's fine to be riding with Mama Minoriko and the mascot.

In all the excitement back at the tourist trap, I hadn't even noticed Sanae's odd choice in ear wear. Earrings shaped like tiny flying saucers dangle from her ears, spinning around in their place. The things are actually rounded and all, so it looks like little aliens could invade her brain at any moment.

"Wow." Putting an arm around Sanae, I look at the earrings. My arm hits the cushion of this backseat, resulting in a soft sensation. "That's an odd thing to wear so casually."

"Oh, this?" Holding one of the decorations, she smiles as she spins a saucer. "Lately, I've become really interested in UFOs and aliens. I've even had a few dreams about them, like one where I'm chasing UFOs with a weird shrine maiden and a witch."

Laughing a little, I shake her by the shoulder while simultaneously shaking my head. If that isn't a ridiculous thing for a girl her age to think about, I don't know what is. Sure, she's younger than me by a good two or three years, but she's still a strange one to have such delusions.

"Yeah, I guess it's kind of silly..." Holding a hand to her lips, she casts her gaze to the floor, making me feel like an absolute jerk. "I shouldn't bring these things up..."

...That's just dirty! Making me feel like a jerk, making me behave this way...! Sanae, you wacky shrine maiden, prepare to have the egg cracked upon your own head.

"Oh, no. It's actually adorable." Bringing my arm that's around her down a bit, I smile mischievously. "It just makes a guy notice how cute you and your body are, right?"

She shoves my hand away, laughing all the while. She really is a good girl, handling this situation in such a way. Still keeping an arm around her, I watch the sky outside the window and listen to the loud turning of the helicopter's blades. The whole experience is really... relaxing.

"Oh, are you two having fun?" Glancing back at us, Mama Minoriko giggles like a kind old woman might. "It's nice to see that you get along so well."

"Oh, come on!" Flashing a smile at her, I respond before Sanae can. "We've known each other for years, it's natural to behave this way! Right, Sanae?"

I poke her side, and then see something flash through the opening in her shirt. Up around the neck, I see a flash of... white. So, she's wearing that wrapping even now? How strange. She squirms about as I look at this, pushing my hand away to stop me from poking her. Grinning like the perverted bastard I am, I just grab her head and shake her hair about, blowing into her ear.

"This is really fun..." While she squirms, I can't help but muse about these sorts of things. "It's almost like I have a little sister that I see every once in a while. How... cute."

A heavy blush comes over Sanae's cheeks as she wraps her arms about her chest. Stammering a bit, she tries to get words out with no results. The final product is an incomprehensible babbling sound that makes her seem more like a young girl than anything else.

"Calm down you two." With a joking tone to her voice, Mama Miriko gives me another warm smile. "We'll be arriving soon enough, and you don't want to get Sanae too excited. Kanako will be mad at you, right?"

...Right, Kanako. Even though it's fun to call her mirror tits... I'd rather not say that to her face. Even when I was growing taller, she still towered over me in size. She's even taller than Tenma, oddly enough. For a woman, she's like a real Amazon, towering over any small men and making young boys quake in their boots...

She also doesn't like me, because I'm not closely related to her. She likes all her children, though she's tossed Tenma into a wall once. The people she favors the most would be... Sanae, Momizi, Minoriko, Hina Mama, and Shizuha's son. She doesn't like the large remainder of us as much, and makes it an easy enough thing to see.

"Oh, there's the landing pad!"

Following the point of Sanae's finger, I see that the landing pad is right below us. Coming down with a thud, the chopper begins to slow its blades, and the three of us exit to let the pilot fly back to his employer...
>> No. 9595
After Mama Miriko and that geezer Tenma left to look for their rooms, Sanae and Momizi ran off to look at a nearby waterfall together. Aya and I were left, walking down the hall together while wondering where everyone else might be.

"...I wonder how Hina Mama's doing?" Folding my arms behind my head, I yawn obnoxiously while we walk along. "Mama Shizuha too. I hope she's been doing well."

Pulling one of my arms back down, Aya walks by my side, pretending to be affectionate. As her breast rubs against my arm, I feel a sudden need to grasp at my pants, to hide a growing monument to her soft figure.

"I'm sure that they're fine. I'm more worried about that old lady, Kanako..." Frowning, she continues to rub her breast up against my arm... Damn, she needs to stop that already! "She's been getting worse over the past year, I heard."

Swallowing hard, thoughts of that breast run through my mind... Grabbing it, squeezing it, fondling it... No! I can't think that way about Aya right now, I need to stay in the mindset of somebody visiting their respected relatives... The side of her breast, though... It's so nice and smooth, and I...

"Yo!" Patting my crotch, she snickers. I make a mad rush to hide the thing in my pants as she snickers, casting her a look which is only slightly annoyed. "Hahaha! Maybe we can play with them later, huh?"

"Yeah, maybe." She's just kidding, of course. She'd probably be really embarrassed to be found with me doing all those things I want to do to her chest. "So, what about Kanako? What's been happening with her?"

Finally letting go of my arm, Aya hops once and makes her chest bounce in the process. She's just mocking me now, that smug girl. I'll have to show her later, after the main festivities are over.

"She's been acting really strange. I mean, that little story of hers was strange enough, but now she's hanging mirrors and crosses in her room. She even has all sorts of weird pendants and all."

Shrugging my shoulders back, I merely tsk-tsk as we walk along the corridor. Eventually we come upon a room with some noise coming out of it, and I open the door out of curiosity. Sitting at a chess table is Hina Mama, and Shizuha's son, Akira. The former is babbling about the game they're playing, and the latter is just sitting there, watching his opponent have a small breakdown.

"A kid shouldn't be this good at chess!" Laughing nervously, Hina moves her queen piece across the board. It seems that the pieces she has are that queen, her king, two pawns, and a bishop. "Really, now. You shouldn't be so skilled, it's making me wonder if you're as young as we thought you were."

Wordlessly, Akira picks up his rook and glides it across the board, bringing it into the same line as the queen. Despite his lack of words, a slight blush is on his cheeks from all the compliments, showing that he really does have human emotions. In a small voice he says "Your move", and the whole situation becomes clear to me.

His rook, in the position it is now, is in the queen's line of fire. That queen was meant to be moved into a position to check the king, but now his rook is protected by a bishop. The queen belonging to Hina Mama is also in front of her king, making it so she either has to do or die. It seems that she's realized this, too, as she nervously takes his rook, which is in turn taken by the bishop.

It's then that something I hadn't seen comes into view. A lesser piece, that being one of Akira's pawns, had been blocked off by the queen. His other rook was guarded by it as it kept the king from advancing, but it has now made it to the other side of the board with nothing to remove it from the game.

"Queen, and checkmate."
>> No. 9596
File 123873175387.jpg- (532.96KB , 450x975 , Hina Mama.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Arrgh!" Running her hands through her hair, Hina Mama laughs in an agitated manner. "I can't believe I didn't see that one coming! That was... really clever."

Akira just blushes again, looking to the floor modestly. He's apparently the kid brother type, though he seems to be smarter than most kids are at his age. It'd make sense for him to be favoured by Kanako, looking at this scene. Shizuha walks over and gives her son a candy, patting him on the head proudly.

"Wow, amazing!"

Smiling playfully, Aya steps into the room, snapping me out of my thoughts about playing a game of chess with Akira and miraculously gaining the victory... Which looks to be unlikely. As the group talks about that game and congratulates Akira, Hina Mama walks over to me and grabs me by the neck, smiling pleasantly.

"I bet that Ryou could beat him!" Giving me a nudge, she chuckles. "Right, Ryou?"

"Ah... right... I mean, no! No way in hell!"

That's Hina Mama. She's been sort of like a surrogate mother to me in some ways, even though she lives here with Kanako. She's been around for as long as I can remember, though she isn't actually one of Kanako's children. She's actually an adopted daughter, sort of like Tenma, who is an adopted son. The two of them kind of repel each other, though. I suppose that's how the oldest and second oldest get along, with tension in their sibling love.

"Oh, come on..." Nuzzling her cheek against my own, she speaks like a child while addressing me. "Couldn't you win the game for Mama? It'd make me so proud!"

With a shake of my head, I gently push her away. No way would I play chess, let alone with Akira. Even though I like true crime books and reading about mysteries and detectives... I still can't work out the logic of that game! Whoever it was that related it to some mysteries deserves a swift kick to the ass for doing that.

"Ahaha, Ryou can't handle that kind of stuff." Suddenly standing next to me, Aya, puts an arm around my shoulder and presses that bust up against my arm. "He's such a baby about losing, right? You can't accept being a loser, so you always want rematches!"

"H-heeey!" It's true, but I still feel embarrassed. Why does she have to point these kinds of things out...? "Stop it, you'll make me challnenge you to the usual game!"

Aya sticks her tongue out, and trots back over to Mama Shizuha.

Right, Mama Shizuha. She's always been a nice relative, but has always come in second to Mama Miriko, no matter what. Mama Minoriko is the one who Kanako prefers, the one with a larger chest, and the one who runs a successful business in cooking. Then again, I think that Mama Shizuha's always been great with sewing. Her small line of clothes isn't that popular, but it'd be a lie to call it unsuccessful. Despite all this, she manages to keep a smile on her face, and a certain sense of dignity about her.

"Oh, Ryou." Looking my way, Mama Shizuha speaks up with her soft voice. "It's been a long time. How have you been?"

"Ahaha... I've been okay."

A hand in one pocket, I look at the clock and notice the time. If I want to get anything done before the meeting, I should do it now, or else I'll just have to sit through that same old family meet again.

[ ] I think I should visit the shrine with Aya.
[ ] Maybe I'll look for Momizi and Sanae.
[ ] I'll stay here and talk to Shizuha.
>> No. 9597
[X] I think I should visit the shrine with Aya.

Sullying the purity of a holy ground and Aya's body at the same time? Delicious.
>> No. 9604
[x] I think I should visit the shrine with Aya.

-Tell off Kanako - this one's a bitch.
-Put the super-ass grabing move on Aya.
-Bring Momizi over to the dark side.
>> No. 9610
>[ ] I think I should visit the shrine with Aya.

>[ ] I'll stay here and talk to Shizuha.
Or exposition?

I can't choose. ;_;
>> No. 9611
[ze] I think I should visit the shrine with Aya.

Well, all right, then.
>> No. 9625
[x] I'll stay here and talk to Shizuha.
>> No. 9638
At least for now, these are very fine.

[X] I think I should visit the shrine with Aya.
>> No. 9699
[X] I think I should visit the shrine with Aya.
>> No. 9765
[x] I think I should write the updates for Anon.
>> No. 9766
[ ] Maybe I'll look for Momizi and Sanae

Need to tease Sanae more...
>> No. 9811
[x] I think I should visit the shrine with Aya.
>> No. 9949
Just posting to let you know that I'm not dead.
I'll be writing an update later on tonight.
>> No. 9955
File 123985661992.jpg- (293.24KB , 350x640 , Aya.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Well... I think that I'll be going for a walk!" Holding an arm out, I smile at my "cousin". "Care to join me, Aya?"

Taking a firm hold of my arm, she makes a point of rubbing her breast against my skin. If these relatives weren't around, then I would... I would probably not do anything that extreme, actually...

"Sure thing!" Winking with her right eye open, she turns to look at the other relatives. "We'll be back in time for the meeting, so don't get worried. Okay?"

All the others just nod and smile as we walk out of the room, arm in arm. After we get a few feet away, Aya lets go of my arm and sighs loudly. With one step, then two, and then three, she skips ahead of me and flings the door open, beckoning out with one hand while holding the door open with her foot.

"Oh, my." Smiling the same bastardy grin I had once learned from Tenma, I make my way out the door. "What a gentleman."

"Hey! That's rude, you know!" Puffing her cheeks out, she suppresses a smile. She's gotten pretty good at hiding it, but she can't fool someone who looks for every detail and clue! "Anyway... Where are we going to walk to, anyway?"

"We're going to the shrine, of course." Feeling around in my pocket, I notice a few wrapped candies lying around idly in there. "It only makes sense to pay our respects to 'The Great Moriya' before the shit begins, right?"

"Yeah, yeah!" Grinning in a way much like my own, Aya spreads her arms out as she runs ahead a bit, looking childish. "If we're lucky, 'The Great Moriya' will knock us out so we can sleep through the whole thing!"

...Wouldn't that be nice...?

In all honesty, I've hated to hear the adults bicker in these silly meetings when I've been here. Despite the extravagance of the mansion and the members of the family, every last one of the adults has run into financial difficulties at some point. As a result, they all argue about how Kanako will distribute money, and they all demand that their business get better treatment.

"I hope I'm not like Tenma and the rest when I become an old fart."

"There's no way you'll be like them!" Spreading her arms wide, the energetic black haired woman gives me a "V" sign as she speaks. "You'll probably kill yourself before you become that age!"

"Why, you...!"

Taking this chance for revenge, I swiftly reach to feel her breast, and... I feel something a little extra. Despite my desire to molest, I never meant to slip my hand into her dress like that...

As her elbow meets my cheek, she shrieks and covers her chest. A harsh red hue coats her cheeks as she half-glares and half-smiles at me, one of her eyebrows twitching as she stands there, gritting her teeth. Despite the throbbing pain in my cheek, it really was worth it... Feeling that soft nipple, all thanks to the open parts of her dress...

I'm a real asshole.

"So, that's how you want to play, huh..." Laughing slightly, she adjusts the strap of fabric covering herself as she speaks. "If you want to play that way, you should have just said so! We could even have tricked Momizi into joining us, if we got 'Moriya-sama's blessing'!"

"Ha, her 'blessing' is probably the reason you have those two mobile pillows..." Rubbing my cheek, I stand to my feet while Aya laughs. "Speaking of which, we should hurry up and get to the shrine."

"Yeah." Bobbing her head, all signs of her earlier embarrassment have vanished. "Let's get going!"
>> No. 9956
"This is... smaller than I remember it being."

Taking a good look at the area of the shrine, I breathe in deeply. The fresh mountain air really is a nice change, though it would be nicer to be visiting a larger shrine. A few frogs jump about, croaking as they splash in what the family calls "The Great Moriya's Bath". A pool that's big enough for Akira to bathe in, but not for anyone much older...

"If you talk like that, we'll never get Moriya's blessing." With one hand on her hip, Aya takes a good look at the shrine before approaching it. "Come on, let's get this over with."

The shrine itself is a tiny building, set up like a little house. A large box made for donations sits at the front of the shrine, with a statue of "Moriya-sama" behind it. A ceremonial rope hangs overhead, and four large pillars stand at the corners of the shrine, marking it for passersby to notice.

The statue itself isn't anything too special. The image of Moriya is just that of a snake swallowing up a frog, with a few smaller frogs gathered around the snake's tail. Through the years, the family has figured that this statue is probably representing Kanako's rise to power, and her "swallowing up" of smaller stock holders.

Taking a knee, I bow next to Aya and pray quietly. It's... always been a pain to do this sort of thing, really. The only time anybody actually does something like this is on New Year's and other holidays, or if you're visiting the mountain. That last one is exclusive to the family, of course.

"With this, Moriya will bless me! I'm sure of it!"

Reaching into her pocket, Aya pulls out three 1,000 yen bills. It may not be much to our family, considering how Kanako has so much wealth built up, but if there really is a god named Moriya out there, I'm sure that she must love getting some attention. After Aya places the bills in the box, I pull out the candies I had and place them inside as well, chuckling the whole time.

"Hey, hey!" Shoving me a little, Aya pouts as she speaks. "Show a little more respect, and give a proper offering!"

"Ahaha, fine, fine. Don't get your panties all wound up before you take them off."

Reaching back into my pocket, I pull out a 1,000 yen bill and drop it in, feeling regretful as I let it go. Goodbye, small treats on the way home... Moriya really has to give me a blessing for this, if she's asking for my candy money. What a greedy god she must be.

Suddenly, a rustle in the bushes catches my attention. It seems to have also startled Aya, as she's also looking in the direction of the bushes. A few moments pass, and a faint laugh can be heard in the distance... A kind of giddy, child-like laughter. After a few more seconds pass, I let my held breath go loose, and Aya does the same with her withheld breath.

"Ahaha, that must be the Mishaguji playing around the shrine, right?"

"Misha..." Wait... just what the hell did she say? Misha-whatta? "Mishaguji? What are those?"

"...Wait, you don't know about the Mishaguji?" Her eyes wide, she looks shocked as a shake my head to tell her "no". "How did you not hear Kanako's fairytale about them, before?"

I only shrug. The name does sound a little familiar, but... I'm not too sure what a Mishaguji is supposed to be. It looks like Aya is more than ready to tell me, though. It's a good thing I have a girl who stores two brains in her chest hanging around here... Even if she never uses those "two brains in her chest".
>> No. 9957
File 123985669228.jpg- (264.12KB , 600x450 , Momizi.jpg ) [iqdb]

Suddenly appearing from the path, Sanae waves a hand, with Momizi close behind her. The two seem to look refreshed, smiling as they hold hands. If I wasn't as aware of the goings-on at this mansion, I'd be convinced that they were lesbians...

"Oh, Sanae, Momizi!" Suddenly forgetting what she was about to tell me, Aya turns around and waves at them, smiling in a way which matches up with their own smiles. "You two are done looking at the waterfall, already?"

"Yeah." Putting her arm around Momizi's shoulder, Sanae laughs. The shocking thing is... Momizi laughs, too. "Momizi fell into the river on the way, so we took a little longer than planned because she had to dry off."

As the three of them start chatting, the story of the Mishaguji suddenly returns to me. That's right...!

The Mishaguji were curse gods in that same story about the demon that Kanako told us and her children. The Mishaguji apparently served under a god that was swallowed up by the god of Moriya, and decided to rest on the mountain after Moriya used their old ruler's voice to command them. The story then goes on that Moriya trapped a demon at the top of the mountain, locking it up at a villager's request. The demon apparently had been doing horrible things to villagers, and they lived in fear until the god of Moriya appeared.

Thinking about it, it sounds like Kanako talking about her rise to power all over again. In this case, she'd be the "god of Moriya", who swallowed up the old god. As for the demon, it's probably some person of political power who used to run things in the immediate area. The story doesn't entirely match up, though, since the people around this area don't like Kanako at all, unlike Moriya...

"Ryou!" Snapping her fingers in front of my eyes, Sanae smiles brightly. "Answer the question already!"

"Oh... Oh! What was the question?"

Sighing jokingly, Sanae puts a hand to her forehead. As she shakes her head, I can slowly feel myself being baited in for one of her and Aya's practical jokes, which always end with some lame pun or with nothing interesting really happening...

"I was asking you how Aya's breasts felt!" As she says this, Momizi suddenly looks nervous, holding her fingers together. "Were they soft? Or, maybe they were warm? And what about the ni-"

Suddenly moving out of the way, Sanae dodges a blow from Aya, who seemed none-too-happy to have her chest become the topic of the conversation. With things like this, though... I really can't do anything but go along with Sanae's joking, and slowly approach Aya from behind.

Reaching down once more into her dress, I take a firm hold of her breast and give it a squeeze, enjoying the softness and warmth. This makes Aya go red, sending a punch in the direction of where my head was, just a second before. Swiftly dodging, I make my way over to Momizi and stand behind her, chuckling as I speak.

"I don't know, Sanae. They feel nice, but... I think I should have something to compare them with, don't you?"

"Then feel mine!" Sticking her chest out, she laughs while half-mocking Aya. "If you can unwrap this without me taking my shirt off, then you can feel them any time you'd like!"

My hand, which was resting on Momizi's shoulder, suddenly slips down to her chest... Which, surprisingly enough, turns out to be wrapped in a way similar to Sanae's. The main difference is that Momizi's chest is wrapped much more tightly, which means that her small breasts are actually...

Curiosity gets the best of me, as I snap one band on the nervous Momizi's chest wrapping. I regret it, sure, but the results weren't at all what I was expecting. Her chest suddenly gets larger in size, as if magically growing out, all while her eyes widen and her pupils shrink.

"Ah... N-nooo..." Moving her hands in front of her chest, she makes me feel even more guilty for this misdeed as she speaks. "Noooooooooooo!"
>> No. 9958
File 123985673851.png- (542.53KB , 716x567 , Momizi being massaged.png ) [iqdb]
"Oh, wow!" Rushing over, Aya moves Momizi's hands and rests her own hands on the top of the new-found cleavage. "How did you manage to hide this from me, Momizi? Why would you want to hide such nice, big--"


Her face a bright coat of red, Momizi shakes around vigorously, getting Aya off of her. "I... I didn't want anybody to know, because I wanted things to stay the same..."

Taking a few steps back, I think the whole situation over. Based on that last statement... it would make some sense to assume that, for one reason or another, Momizi wanted us thinking of her as the same child she had been, so she hid her breasts by wrapping them up... They may not be as big as Aya's, but they aren't too small, either. The best way to know would be to reach out, and to...


Panting heavily, Momizi snaps me back into my senses. In both my hands are the new found treasures, and in front of me is Aya, who is... giving me a thumps-up while I subconsciously massage Momizi's chest. Realizing just what I'm doing, I struggle while trying to get my hands out of her dress, worried about what might happen if Tenma saw me doing this. The feel of these breasts, though, is... Quite something.

"Ha... ha... Ahhn..."

Still panting heavily, Momizi, much to my surprise, holds my hands there, not letting me pull them out of her dress. Aya also seems surprised, but doesn't say anything. That grin on her face says more than enough, and as Momizi holds my hands in place... I can't help but to continue massaging her soft chest, now breathing hard like her.

"H-hey... Wait a second..." Suddenly speaking up, Sanae starts to bring me back to my senses about this situation. "It's fine if you two do something like that, but doing that in front of Moriya's shrine is kind of..."

...That's right, we're still at the shrine, aren't we? Could rubbing Momizi like this mean that "Moriya's blessing" might never see the light of day? Then again... Who actually believes in shrine gods, anyway? The important thing is Momizi's soft breasts, which... I shouldn't be holding?

Fuck, I'm so confused.

[ ] This is wrong! Let go of her chest and apologize immeadiately.
[ ] This is... fine. Continue to massage her chest, and see what happens.
[ ] This is... not the right place. Offer to rub her chest again later on.
>> No. 9960
[X] This is... fine. Continue to massage her chest, and see what happens.

[X] "I asked for Moriya's blessing, and if this isn't a blessing, I don't know what is."
>> No. 9962
[x] This is... fine. Continue to massage her chest, and see what happens.
[x] "I asked for Moriya's blessing, and if this isn't a blessing, I don't know what is."
>> No. 9963
[X] This is... fine. Continue to massage her chest, and see what happens.

[X] "I asked for Moriya's blessing, and if this isn't a blessing, I don't know what is."
[x] Go for Sanae's assets after we done with Momiji's
>> No. 9968
I'm torn.

I'd like to massage them elsewhere, but I think this is a one-time, in-the-heat-of-the-moment sort of deal we're getting here from Momiji. Moving will break the trance.

On the other hand, I'd like to squeeze Aya's ass a lot more often.
>> No. 9969
Re-reading that tipped it.

[ze] This is... not the right place. Offer to rub her chest again later on.

Aya all the way.
>> No. 9970
[x] This is... not the right place. Rub her chest again later on.

>> No. 9971
[x] This is... not the right place. Rub her chest again later on.
>> No. 9972
[x] This is... not the right place. Rub her chest again later on.
>> No. 9973
[x] This is... not the right place. Rub her chest again later on.

We're damn right gonna do it.
>> No. 9974
[x] This is... not the right place. Rub her chest again later on.
>> No. 9975
[x] This is... not the right place. Rub her chest again later on.
>> No. 10106
>> No. 10109
I'll update before Sunday is over.
>> No. 10159
This is... not the right place.

What the hell am I doing? Rubbing a girl's breasts in front of a shrine, defiling its holy grounds with lust... Even though I don't believe in those things, I still can't approve of doing something like this, in a place such as this...

"Ah... Sorry about that." Slipping my hands out of her dress, I allow myself to clear my head. "I don't want to disgrace Moriya-sama's grounds... though, I can rub your chest again later, if that's fine."

Momizi, wobbling weakly in her place, lowers her hands to her skirt and continues to pant hard, looking like a dog in heat. Aya and Sanae both laugh lowly at this show, and I have to stop myself from being amused at her behavior. Even though it is a little funny... It's also pretty cute, in a sense of the word.

"...Ah... Ah, ah..."

Her fingers moving about wildly, Momizi clutches the rim of her skirt and takes off, a determined yet hazy look on her face. The other two girls shout at her as she runs off, and begin to give chase. Feeling obligated after feeling that chest of hers, I also chase after Momizi, making this into much more of a scene than was necessary.

Sweeping past the underbrush, I slowly fall behind the other two, who are still running despite loosing sight of Momizi a while ago. Taking this chance, I brake off the trail they're making and stumble upon a familiar one, which I had been to a few times when I was younger.

"..." Moving agilely, I check over the immediate area before deciding that nobody else is around. "...Phew. Those two are... Hahaha..."

Sanae and Aya are both pretty athletic, though Sanae is the one who puts more effort into her physique... Speaking of her physique, didn't she offer for me to rub her breasts, too? I should take her up on that some time, when she isn't around Aya. If I'm lucky, I may just be able to seduce all the girls on this one trip...

That's when a rustle from behind catches me off guard. I should have noticed that heavy breathing, but I was too deep in thought to pay attention to such a thing. Spinning around, my eyes are met with... Momizi, sticking out of the bushes with one slightly damp hand. Still breathing extremely hard, she lunges out at me, catching me off my guard.

"H-hey! Wait, I didn't mean to make you mad or anything! I was just trying to be frie--"

Instead of hitting me, she holds onto me and leans in close, giving me a light kiss on the cheek, before another noise makes her eyes light up. Looking down, she seems to think hard and seriously before actually speaking.

"...After the meeting, in my room."

"...Huh?" Completely lost on what might happen next, I also have no idea what that statement could mean. "Uh, sorry. What do you mean by that?"

She remains silent for a moment, looking down with a slight red hue on her cheeks. Her lips come apart then almost meet again as she breathes, her panting lowered by this point. Another few seconds pass, and she grabs one of my hands, holding it up in the air, pointing towards her chest.

"...After the meeting, in my room. That's when you can come."

With that, she recedes into the lush plants, vanishing from sight once more. That last message was enough to let me know what she meant, but... It wasn't enough to assure me that she was serious.
>> No. 10160
File 124080511830.jpg- (77.70KB , 300x200 , long_table_small.jpg ) [iqdb]
"...So, this is where you went?" Placing her hands on her hips, Aya laughs as she looks over the people in the dining room. "How long has she been hiding out here, Auntie Hina?"

"Hmm, I wonder..." Placing forks, knives, and spoons at every seat, Hina mama gives Aya a wink before she continues. "I only noticed her a few minutes ago, but with her quiet nature, she could easily have been 'hiding out' for about half an hour."

Taking a look out the large window, I can see a view of the area off in the distance, including that huge dam which was built some time ago. Looking at the people in the room, I can see Hina mama, Momizi, Aya, Tenma, and Kanako's personal technician, Nitori Kawashiro.

That's right... Nitori. She isn't much older than me, but she's already got a solid career and a big name in the world of mechanics. Despite getting a large number of offers concerning her place of employment, she decided that she'd design odds and ends for Kanako. There have also been a few occasions where you saw her growing cucumbers, hidden away from where most people would find them.

"Hmm... Seems kind of stuffy in here." Leaning with one hand on the head of a chair, I let out a yawn before continuing. "Do you think that we could open that window for dinner?"

"Oh, that's a great idea!" Looking up from her work, the cerulean haired Nitori nods. "Some cool air could come through... Plus, I heard that there would be showers tonight. There's nothing that can beat listening to rain falling outside the window."

Walking over to where she is, Tenma moves with quick and broad strides, asserting his presence as he walks. Taking a seat next to Nitori, he folds his hands and nods, looking first at the window, and then at Nitori.

"Honestly, I prefer the sound of burning leaves in autumn. The smell is so nice, too, and you can cook a few things that way."

"Is that... so?"

Looking defeated, Nitori turns her head down, no longer talkative. Despite this, Hina mama moves over to the large window, motioning for me to help her. After a few seconds of lifting, we manage to open the window fully, letting a gentle breeze blow into the room. All at once, the atmosphere changes, and the other members of the family enter from the lounge as a few servants start to carry in food.

Taking a seat between Aya and Momizi, I look over the table to see who all is already seated. Thankfully, Kanako doesn't have a seating order, so anybody can sit next to anyone else. To the left, it seems that Mama Miriko, Mama Shizuha, and Tenma have sat down as a group, with Tenma in the middle. Across from them are Momizi, Nitori, and Hina, who are all too busy smelling the food to pay any attention to what the people across from them are saying.

Across the table from me, there's Akira to the right, Sanae in the middle, and nobody to Sanae's left. There's actually a lot of open spots that Kanako leaves at the table, as if she was always expecting some new guests, or maybe she just doesn't want to replace this absurdly long table.

Much to my surprise, food is set out in front of these open seats, which nobody is present to take. Brushing this matter off to the side, I turn my attention back to the food, now knowing how the three to my left must feel about waiting. With a final, loud boom, something is broken in another room, alerting the arrival of the central figure.

"Out of my way, I can walk by myself!" Another boom, only this time without a smashing noise. Instead there's a slight whimpering sound, which is downplayed by the kitchen doors flinging open. "...So, everyone is already gathered together... Then, let the meeting begin."
>> No. 10161
"Ah, Kanako, please..." Balling her hands into fists, Mama Shizuha almost has tears in her eyes. "Just let me borrow one million this time, and I'll give you ten times that back! I mean it, I can really bring my business out of the gutter!"

"...Denied." Taking a bite of her salad, Kanako says her words with little concern for Mama Shizuha's condition. "That money will go to Minoriko, to help expand her thriving business in the world of cooking."

Mama Shizuha bows her head sullenly, swallowing hard as she hides her face. Kanako merely ignores her, turning her attention towards Tenma, this time.

"I believe that you wanted something, too?" Placing a hand on her cheek, Kanako seems to pay more attention to her food than to her children. "Whatever it may be, I'll back you up with... five hundred thousand, for now."

The other members of the family remain quiet, praying for a chance to receive some pity from Kanako. The way she's taught them to act like dogs... It's always pissed me off. She should be kind to her children, instead of intimidating them and making them cower beneath her shadow like this.

"...You know, that's a real dick-like thing to do."

Catching Kanako's attention, I prop my head up with one hand and give her a smug grin. She doesn't return the smile, but instead narrows her eyes, as if saying "continue, but don't talk to me like that again, brat".

"To support Tenma without knowing what he's doing, and yet you give Shizuha no chance to prove herself." Eating the mushroom which was at the end of my fork, I chew quickly while leaning over to get a better look at the old bitch. Despite her age, she really does seem as young as her children. "If you were a good mother, you wouldn't be so cruel to your own flesh and blood, right?"

"...That's enough, brat." Sipping her sake, she almost seems to be grinning from behind her glass. "Another word from you, and you'll be outside that window."

I merely grin and lean my shoulders back, thinking about what my next move would be.

[ ] "You really are a bad mother. Try and make up for it, and support Mama Shizuha for once."
[ ] Remain silent. Even if it sounds outrageous, that is the sort of thing Kanako would do.
[ ] "Why don't you tell us about the money you put into strange devices? You barely pay Nitori for that, and yet you use up so much cash on it."
>> No. 10165
[x] "Why don't you tell us about the money you put into strange devices? You barely pay Nitori for that, and yet you use up so much cash on it."

Oh, delicious Momizi~
>> No. 10166
>Just let me borrow one million this time
>support Mama Shizuha for once
Is she rarely supported or never supported? If it's the latter, that's real dick. She doesn't even know how it would turn out. If it's the former, then I suggest having Shizuha discuss her plans of action to get the business back on its feet. It may do well to have a little more trust in her if she can find good help to transform the clothing line into a high-class fashion boutique.
>> No. 10177
[ze] "Why don't you tell us about the money you put into those strange devices? You barely pay Nitori for that, and yet you use up so much cash on it."

Wow. And here I was thinking Momiji was doing what she did out of momentary confusion and excitement.

Good god, the protagonist and Aya have just ruined the poor girl, haven't they?
>> No. 10178

She won't be ruined until she's pregnant with the protagonist's progeny.

[X] "You really are a bad mother. Try and make up for it, and support Mama Shizuha for once."
>> No. 10179
It seem that the whole 'family' is filled with perverts like ourselves and Aya. Sanae doesn't seem to mind us grabbing her breasts and I'm sure Nitori doesn't grow those cucumbers just for eating.

[X] "You really are a bad mother. Try and make up for it, and support Mama Shizuha for once."
Oho, why not get ourselves throw out.
>> No. 10196
True, but I'd rather hop in the sack with cousin Aya.

/youkai/ - Youkai Mountain, Moriya, and Incest.

...Now we need a story where you play as Sanae and seek a ...closer relationship with your goddess(es).
>> No. 10197
[X] "You really are a bad mother. Try and make up for it, and support Mama Shizuha for once."
>> No. 10198
[x] "You really are a bad mother. Try and make up for it, and support Mama Shizuha for once."
>> No. 10201
[X] "Why don't you tell us about the money you put into strange devices? You barely pay Nitori for that, and yet you use up so much cash on it."
>> No. 10270
[x] "Why don't you tell us about the money you put into strange devices? You barely pay Nitori for that, and yet you use up so much cash on it."
>> No. 10275
File 124149597791.gif- (11.03KB , 500x500 , The Great Bitch Herself.gif ) [iqdb]
"...You really are a bad mother, Kanako." Propping my head up on one balled up fist, I can't help but grin as I say this. "Try and make up for it, and support Mama Shizuha for once!"

The entire table is silent, staring at me with worried eyes. In this family, where everyone is afraid of that old bitch named Kanako, I'm the only one who would talk so rudely to her. Kanako's is the only stare that doesn't seem to carry any bewilderment.

Instead, it carries pure wrath, fine and untempered. Pointing that sword of rage at my throat, she sits up as tall as she can and looks down at me in an insulting manner.

"What did you say... You fucking brat?" Her arms crossed on the table, she glares daggers as she speaks. "Every time that I've supported her, she's turned up nothing. Shizuha is a useless disgrace of a business partner, and you should know that."

"How the hell can you call your daughter a 'business partner'?" Pressing my hands against the table, I stand up from my seat as I speak. "You're an awful mother. I'm surprised that Mama Miriko and Mama Shizuha came out so well, when raised by a bitch like yourself."

Now fully active, Kanako stands from her seat and beams angrily at me. Her stare tells me to shut up, but I couldn't care any less. Holding a hand up to half of my face, I can't help but grin as I continue.

"What's the matter, Kanako? Is the truth too much for you? Are you really that... weak?"

Before I know it, she has stood up from her place and made a dash towards me. I narrowly dodge her first hand, which tries to grab me by my arm, but her second lunge successfully takes a hold of shirt, and she lifts me up into the air. Holding onto her arm, I continue to grin maliciously as she swings me about, scowling as her eyes grow more and more fierce.

"It isn't your place to talk about such things, you little shit!" Swinging her arm one way, she successfully slams me into a wall. As I lose my breath, she continues to speak. "What the hell do you think your place is here? No mother, no father, no future, no potential! A rat like you doesn't even deserve to eat at my table! Go eat with the dogs!"

Feeling dizzy, I can only watch as she spins me about, before pulling her arm back and throwing me into the wall. With a thud, I hit it and feel the wind get knocked out of my lu--


My eyelids... Feel like they have two bricks attached to them. Slowly, I lift them up and look at the scene before me. No Kanako, no adults, just... Aya and Sanae. If it's only the two of them left, then the meeting must have ended a while ago... Or, maybe it ended after I was thrown into the wall.

"Ryou!" Shaking me slightly, Aya looks at me with eyes like daggers, scorning me for my reckless behavior. "You idiot, why did you tell Kanako off like that?"

"...It needed to be said." Aching just a little, I pick myself up and lean against the wall as Sanae presses my chest, asking if it hurts anywhere. "She can't keep discriminating against the adults like that... Ugh, yeah, it hurts there."

The two of them shake their heads as Momizi enters the room, carrying a bag with ice in it. Rushing over, she puts it against my forehead as the other two make sure that nothing is broken...

That Kanako... Really is a demon.
>> No. 10276
File 124149605799.png- (202.24KB , 544x690 , Ayayayayaya.png ) [iqdb]
Brushing my hair to one side, I sigh heavily as the light of the lamps seems to grow stronger. In reality, the light of the lamps is constant and unchanging. It's the light of the sun outside that's vanishing, making the lamps appear to grow brighter as the world slowly sinks into the night.

Placing a hand on the windowsill, I look out at the deep blue of the night sky and smile. Even thought I got hurt and made a scene back there, it feels good to have actually gotten something done for once. No matter how many meetings there were, no matter how many times Kanako bullied Mama Shizuha, nobody ever pointed it out to her so openly like that.

"...You're a real dummy." Swiveling my head about, I see Aya standing next to me, at the other window. "You could have gotten seriously hurt by doing that... I mean, what if she had hurt your leg?"

"My leg is fine." Patting my knee, I grin before moving closer to Aya, now sharing a window with her. "The worst that came out of that was making all of you so worried... I couldn't just let her be so cruel to Mama Shizuha, though. She's always been the least attractive, the flattest, the least noticed... Kanako just seemed to play off of that, you know?"

Aya nods, and directs her gaze towards the moon. Seeing that she doesn't want to discuss this any further, I leave it at that and look up at the night sky once more, gazing at the stars shining from their places way off in nowhere. Feeling a slight pressure on my hand, I turn my head a little to see Aya frowning, clutching my hand in her own.

"..." Smiling a little, I grip her hand and face her, petting her hair as she trembles a little. "It's okay, Aya. I'm really fine... and I'm really glad that the three of you cared so much that you looked after me like that."

"...Dummy." Swiftly escaping from my hands, she moves closer and pulls on my cheek, grinning largely as she does so. "We really were worried, you know! If you promise me that you won't do that again, then we'd all be happy."

Smiling, I pull her hand off of my cheek and hold it tightly, nodding confidently as I do so. Setting my other hand on the windowsill, I catch a quick glimpse of the moon and stars before looking at Aya once more. Even though she's still smiling, she seems... Nervous. A bit disconnected, or maybe reluctant.

"Well, I can agree to those terms." Moving up her arm, I snake one hand around her shoulder and bring my forehead to her own. "It has to be sealed with a kiss, though, or else it's meaningless."

For a moment, she just looks at me, shocked. She looks away a few seconds later, though, and then looks back at me with a sliver of a smile on her face. Nodding, she rests one hand on my back as she speaks, keeping her voice low.

"Okay... but just this once. I don't want you to get the wrong idea, you know."

Laughing a little, I bring my lips down to hers and lock them together in a kiss. She closes her eyes and lets me take over, running my tongue around the outer limits of her mouth, pressing up against her soft lips. Holding her back with one hand, I lower her a little and enter her mouth, running my tongue against hers. She seems shocked at first, but soon returns the gesture, her cheeks reddening.

Ending it prematurely, I pull her back up and wait to see her reaction. Like I expected, she seems to be entirely caught off guard, and she also seems to be expecting more.

"...Ah... Ahahaha." Punching my shoulder lightly, she backs away a little, her cheeks still red. "Where did someone like you learn to kiss like that?"

"...Hmm. I don't know." Shrugging my shoulders, I let an accomplished expression meet my face as I speak. "I guess I've just had experience, is all."
>> No. 10277
Walking towards my room, I suddenly remember the promise I had made to Momizi earlier on... That promise to meet her in her room, and to... No, she couldn't have been serious about that, right? And even if she had been serious then, she probably wouldn't like the idea now... Or, I want to convince myself of that one thing.

Still, it'd be rude to not go at all after being invited. Making my way down the hall, I approach the room which Momizi has taken up, feeling anxious as I stand outside and look at the door. Throwing all caution to the wind, I rush into the room, ready to greet a topless Momizi.

However, I'm not met with that sight. Instead, I'm met with a wet grey that falls over my head, and water that splashes onto some of my clothing. For a second I just stand there, half confused and half surprised, until I hear somebody moving around. Pulling the bucket off of my head, the thing that meets my vision is Momizi, who has Sanae right up next to her.

"...Pervert." A slight pout on her face, she looks at me with an intense glare that cuts like a knife into a peach.

"I didn't think he'd actually fall for that..." Speaking as if engulfed in wonder, Sanae shakes her head slightly. "You were right, Momizi. He really is that perverted."

Looking over the situation once more, it all becomes clear to me. When she ran off, Momizi was probably caught by Sanae, who devised a plan to make me look like an idiot. Momizi wanted revenge, so she agreed and then found me... So, they were conspiring to make a bucket fall on my head.

"...Well, I can see I'm not wanted here..." Turning around, I drop the bucket to the floor as I speak. "Maybe I'll spend some time with Aya, instead of you two."

"Hey! Wait a second, Ryou!" Turning my head slightly, I can see Sanae lifting one hand up as she speaks, a slightly apologetic look on her face. "We just wanted to play with you is all. You don't have to run off like that... Right, Momizi?"

The submissive girl nods, still with a pout on her lips. Turning about, I shrug my shoulders and remove my coat, which was the article of clothing that became most wet in that exchange. Looking the two over, it's apparent that Momizi has already wrapped herself up again, and has changed into a pair of pajamas. Sanae, however, is wearing her shrine maiden outfit, which strikes me as odd.

"...Were you just doing something at the shrine, Sanae? That outfit doesn't look too comfortable to sleep in, so..."

"Oh, this?" Lifting the front up a little, she laughs as she sways around a little, making the skirt spin. "Yeah, Kanako wanted me to offer something to the shrine god. She said that it'd be a good luck charm for this family meeting."

...A good luck charm? It isn't unexpected of Kanako to believe in things like that, but really. Is she expecting something unfortunate to happen while the family is gathered, or is she just doing something that has become routine for her? Whatever the case may be, I hope that no good luck comes to that horrible woman.

Suddenly, the door swings open, and I look up to see who it may be.
>> No. 10278
File 124149614068.jpg- (112.18KB , 500x500 , t_t.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Oh, you're here already? I didn't expect you to be in here for another twenty minutes or so."

Standing up, Sanae walks over to greet Aya. The two smile, nod, and whisper, laughing lowly as they give me a nasty glare. Chills run up and down my spine as I contemplate their motives, and start to stand up. Making my way towards the door, I'm stopped as Aya clamps one hand down on my shoulder, tugging on me to pull me back towards the back of the room.

"Are you leaving already, Ryou?" Speaking in a tone that covers up whatever dark intentions she might have, she laughs coolly before continuing. "We were just about to have a slumber party. It'd be awful of you to leave before we could have some fun together, right?"

Swallowing hard, I nod, accepting my fate. It seems that I'll have to stay with these three for a while before making my escape.

Pointing her odd spatula toy at me, Sanae grins mischievously. Even Momizi is grinning oddly as the three of them each reach into their pockets, and pull out... markers. A blue marker, a red marker, and a black one... What could they possibly do with those, unless it meant that they were going to...?

"Messing with Aya..." Giving me a frightening look, Sanae looks like some vengeful messenger of a god as she holds her blue marker up. "Teasing Momizi, having impure thoughts about the keeper of a shrine... you have many sins to atone for, Ryou Shoji! Prepare yourself!"

As the three approach me, their smiles grow darker and crueler. Backing away, I attempt to escape, but it's already too late. As the three of them tower over me, they laugh and bring their instruments of divine punishment down, marking my sinful flesh.

"No! You're... demons! You're all demoooooons!"

The three laugh in a creepy way, and continue to run their markers over my skin, drawing embarrassing things on my face and arms. Giving up, I let them do as they please, until everything just melts away, and... I fall asleep.

[ ] Minoriko
[ ] Nitori
[ ] Sanae
[ ] Hina
>> No. 10279
[ ] Minoriko
>> No. 10281
[X] Minoriko

She really doesn't get enough attention.
>> No. 10288
>That Kanako... Really is a demon.
Having happened to just re-read the first couple of posts in this thread, it's a little hard to think of that phrase as being purely metaphorical.

Goddamn, that is one sexy Aya.
>> No. 10289
[x] Nitori

Odd one out.
>> No. 10290
Forgot my vote.

[ze] Sanae
Insider information!

...Goddammit, I knew that forwardness was weird behavior for Momiji.

>"Okay... but just this once. I don't want you to get the wrong idea, you know."
Far, far, far too late for that.

I am really hoping for an Aya route before the demon kills everyone.
>> No. 10294
[ ] Sanae
>> No. 10296
>Messing with Aya...
Fair enough.
>Teasing Momizi,
That happened too.
>having impure thoughts about the keeper of a shrine...
Oh come on Sanae, that's just wishful thinking.

[X] Minoriko
>> No. 10297
[X] Minoriko
>> No. 10300
Sanae put those thoughts in our head. She deserves to be punished for that.

By the end of this story, I want all three girls on leashes. Literally.
>> No. 10310
I wonder...
How many of them will be alive by the end of the story?
>> No. 10311
Perhaps this latest vote is just deciding who dies first?
>> No. 10312

Don't jinx it.
>> No. 10314
>Still getting the Umineko vibes, though
This story really does seem a lot like Umineko. Not that anything has been officially declared of course. And the opening dream has no parallel. If this is a Umineko cross, then people will just have to die.
>(not saying that it's a bad thing at all)
It could be interesting. Even if they have to die. At least we'll have some nice music playing in our heads when we find the bodies.
>> No. 10321
I'd rather have Aya on my lap.
>> No. 10322

We can compromise. Leash her, and then have her sit on our lap. Naked. With our dick in her.
>> No. 10326
Seconded. Anybody up for horsewhip?
>> No. 10331
I could do without the leash, and trade it for some lingerie. But otherwise, I agree.

...Get out.
>> No. 10332
File 124176310358.jpg- (386.97KB , 750x857 , Minoriko.jpg ) [iqdb]
Setting her cup down onto the small wooden table, Minoriko yawns lightly. The day had been long and hard for her, and after that last little encounter with Kanako and Ryou, she was drained of her energy. Other than herself, two other people are in the bedroom, talking awkwardly as she watches them.

Tenma, who had to keep an eye on the kids, grew to be almost as exhausted as Minoriko had. Shizuha had her own child to keep an eye on, so she, too was somewhat exhausted. Without knowing it, all three of them wonder how weary Kanako must feel, having children and grandchildren to worry about.

As the two talk animatedly, Minoriko can't help but wonder how this family meeting will end. Though it usually ends the same every year, a few things had happened differently this year. Ryou calling Kanako out like he had, and the gathering of all four of the young adults had been very different this year. If things kept happening differently, then perhaps... Perhaps Shizuha could get another chance.

"What do you think, Miriko?" Crossing his arms, Tenma grunts a bit as he speaks, putting on that tough act that often wears at Minoriko's nerves. "Shizuha thinks that Hina will get the biggest cut this year, but I'm awfully sure that you'll be the one benefiting."

"Oh... Well, I guess that they're both likely results. I was thinking, though... This yea-" Deciding to slowly move into that subject, Minoriko raised her hand to her mouth and faked a cough for the sake of transition. "This weather is different, is it not?"

It was true. The weather outside was vastly different from that weather in the previous years. Even though it had been a bit harder earlier, it was still rain, which was rare to see in this area, during this season. The downfall, which had become light, had established a melancholy atmosphere in the mansion this night.

"Yes, it is a bit odd." Rubbing his neck, Tenma laughs rather loudly as he speaks. "Maybe it's a blessing from the shrine? This mountain could always use some more rain, so maybe the shrine god thought that she should get a friend to bring storm clouds through."

"That's an interesting way to think about it." Laughing smalley, Shizuha glanced from her sister to Tenma and back, noticing a bit of regret in their eyes. "...Maybe the shrine god thinks this rain will make those kids stop disturbing her peace."

Her intentions were clear to Tenma and Minoriko. She wasn't talking about all of the children, just Ryou. He has always been somewhat loud and obnoxious, though most of the family members grew used to that and later saw his good side, which really cared for his whole family. Shizuha was one of the family members that hadn't seen that in Ryou.

"Maybe so..." Glancing down at his cup, and then getting up to look in the teapot, Tenma began to furrow his brow in thought. "The tea is all gone... Shizuha, could you go get some more?"

"Oh, of course." Getting up and grabbing the tray, she narrowly avoids Minoriko's hand, which was reaching out so that she could get the new tea, instead. "It's fine, sis. I'll only be a minute."

With that, Shizuha left the room. After the footprints trailed off into the distance, Tenma started to stand and look at Minoriko, reaching into his pocket, intent burning in his eyes. Minoriko thought this was strange behavior, until she came to the realization of what he planned to do.

"...Minoriko..." Swallowing hard, he fiddled with the box in his pocket before showing it to her, and opening it up slowly. "...Will you...?"

In the box was a shining, gold ring, with a diamond set into it. When she first found out that Tenma planned on doing this some day... She didn't believe it at first, but once she remembered that they weren't really related, she started to believe that he would do this. Now, open before her, is the proof of Tenma's will, shining with the light from the lamps.

"Tenma... You know that we can't just..."

"It's fine! We'll run away together, and they'll never be able to find us..." On a knee, he bowed his head at an odd angle as he spoke. "We can leave Aya and Momizi to Ryou... I know that, when faced with ownership of those girls, he'll be capable of taking care of them in my stead... so..."

"...Ryou?" Shocked at his statement, Minoriko drew her fingers back as she turned the thought over in her mind. "...But, Shizuha--"

"She isn't competent. I hate to admit it, but they'd be better off with Ryou. He's a good boy, and honest, despite his appearance... I'm sure that he'll grow into a fine man one day, and that he'll damn me to hell for leaving..."

Holding the words in, she merely looked at the shining ring before her, thinking about all the things it meant. This ring shone with the promise of a happy future, but tears also shone in that future. If she took this ring, then she'd be selfishly throwing her family away, just to live with the man she desired...

...Reaching out, carefully and steadily... She took the ring, and wore it.
>> No. 10333
File 124176315590.png- (114.43KB , 500x500 , Demotivation.png ) [iqdb]
She couldn't believe her eyes, but what she saw was undeniably real. Through the crack in the door, she saw it all. Legs buckling, Shizuha watched as Minoriko took that ring from Tenma, and wore it, tears in her eyes... and something came lose.

Taking off down the hall, she left that scene behind, not wanting to accept it as the harsh reality that it was. Saying that she wasn't dependable... Saying that that perverted boy was the right one for the job...! She couldn't forgive them for betraying her like this, and she couldn't go back to that room.

As the tray fell to the ground, she rubbed her sleeve against her eyes, trying to stop the hot tears which poured out in a flood of misery. Eventually, she just came to a stop, propping herself up against the wall before slowly sliding down. She was... rejected by her own sister, and by her adopted brother. She was worth even less than that perverted boy that Tenma wanted to take in...

The tears continued to fall from her eyes, and the pain wouldn't shrink or vanish, but instead, it grew. It grew, expanded, and started to swallow her up whole. By now, those two were probably holding each other... They were probably close together, planning on how they would escape from responsibility just so that they could be together...

In the midst of her despair, one thing caught her attention. It was...


The figure walking down the hall, looking so casual and collected... It seemed to be the form of... that demon, from the stories that Kanako would tell. Blinking, pulling at her eyes, and clenching her eyes shut, she tried to make the thing vanish, but it was still there, looking at her with its blood red eyes.

It just stood there, and a smile started to spread over its face... A red smile, coated in malice and envy. That red eyed monster was... smiling, and mocking her. Pulling its blue hair back, it continued to mock her, now pretending to cry, and rubbing at its hollow, red eyes.

"...You... you bi-itch..." Rubbing at her eyes, she breathed in deeply and stood up, confronting this personal demon of hers. "...Don't you... hassle me now..."

She had seen this same thing before, but was too confused to realize that it was her imagination acting up again. When she was sad, when she was angry, and when she was alone, this monster would sometimes appear. It would stand around and mock her, laughing at her and slowly coming closer... Though, it would eventually turn around and leave when it got close.

This was different, though. She was the approaching this foul illusion, ready to tear into it with all of her might. Bringing a fist up, she slammed it into the things shoulder, only to go through it and amuse it even more. As she continued to punch at the beast, it grew bored, and started to walk away.

"You... You're just going to walk away?" Balling her fists up once more, Shizuha started to chase after the thing, rage filling her being. "I'm going to kill you, so don't run away! I'll chase you, even to the base of this mountain, and kill you!"

Tearing through the halls, she chased after an imaginary monster, thirsty for its nonexistent blood. As she ran, something else lurked by in the shadows... and this something watched her vanish from sight, before going in the opposite direction.
>> No. 10334
"Haha... He really is cute when he's asleep."

Stroking Ryou's hair, Sanae smiled to herself as Aya and Momizi lay next to the boy, holding onto him as they slept. The three of them were all cuter when they were asleep, she thought. When the door opened a crack, she put her finger to her lips to tell the person stepping in to be quiet.

It was Nitori, looking nervous, just like always. Beckoning her out of the room, the small scientist slipped out the crack of the door and vanished into the hallway, expecting Sanae to follow after her. Though she wanted to stay here and watch over these three, Sanae had decided to be obedient and leave the three there, gently setting Ryou's head down on a pillow.

"So... Why did you come to get me?" Shutting the door slowly, Sanae raised a brow at the intruder. "Is she doing that again?"

"...Yes." Holding two finger together, Nitori looked a bit ashamed as she admitted this. "She's acting up, and I was hoping that you could help me make her calm down."

Sanae just nodded as confirmation, and Nitori lead the way. The mansion was extremely quiet at this time of the night, and it really did disgust her. That was one reason she wanted to be around Ryou, and one reason why she had started to enjoy his company. Whenever she was around him, things were lively and fun, and she had actually found herself to be jealous of Momizi and Aya, who were so much closer to him.

"...She was happy about the offering, right?" Holding her spatula-shaped instrument in one hand, Sanae stifled a yawn as she spoke. "I'm sure that she saw me from her burrow. Snakes like to live in holes, don't they?"

Nitori just nodded in confirmation, and Sanae fell silent once more. The rest of the family wasn't aware of it, but there was a room below Kanako's that could monitor almost every part of the mansion, and she spent much of her time hiding in there, waiting for something interesting to happen.

"I'm coming in, Miss Kanako." Opening the door, Nitori entered bowing, with Sanae in tow behind her. "I brought the shrine maiden, just like you asked me to."

"...Thank you, Nitori." Holding up a wine glass, Kanako grinned at Sanae as she looked out the large window in her room. "Why don't you sit down and have a drink, Sanae? There's a lot that I feel like talking about."

Sanae nodded silently, and took a seat next to Kanako. Holding a cup instead of a glass, she accepted her drink. Instead of wine, it was sake, which Kanako thought tasted better in a fancy cup. Not caring about the presentation, Sanae took a sip of the strong brew and coughed, then shot a glare towards Kanako.

"...You're drunk, aren't you?" Setting the cup down, she looked at Kanako's eyes, which were a bit unfocused. "It's a miracle that you can pour sake without dropping any, in the condition that you're in."

"Ah... Yes, but I wanted to tell you. I saw someone interesting on the cameras." Hiccuping, Kanako laughed a little as she talked, her tone becoming more and more ridiculous. "It was a demon with big horns, and a silly outfit! Isn't that amaaazing?"

Sanae nodded, and waited for Nitori to do her job. Sanae had already distracted the large woman, so it was now up to the scientist to come up from behind, and...

It was finished in one quick motion. Nitori brought the drugged cloth to Kanako's mouth, held it there, and felt the behemoth fall asleep. Sighing sorrowfully, Sanae took another sip of the sake, actually enjoying the strong taste of this fearsome drink.
>> No. 10335
File 124176324175.jpg- (191.11KB , 800x800 , I sense a disturbance.jpg ) [iqdb]
"...Are you sure that you'll be fine, watching over her alone?"

"Yes, Nitori. You should go find your room and get some sleep. Tomorrow will be a busy day."

Bowing politely, the young scientist exited the room, and finally started to breathe. If there was one thing that she hated, it was having to get Kanako to sleep when she was getting too riled up. The last time she had been too slow, and Kanako ended up shattering some of the mirrors that decorated her room. All of which were paid for using Nitori's paycheck, which often became low because of these instances.

Walking down the hall, she wondered if her employer would ever do something with what she built, and if she would ever stop causing her so much trouble. It was a real bother to have to give up so much of her paycheck for repairs, and that Ryou child bringing it up earlier only made it more painful for herself, and more than likely it hurt Kanako to think about that.

If she could just live her days out in this place, getting a good pay and seeing Kanako become more collected and contained... She would be happy.


Turning her head, Nitori watched as Kanako's daughter, Shizuha, ran by. Something seemed odd about her appearance, but she couldn't quite place her finger on it.

"Shizuha, are you alright? What are you chasing after?"

The girl didn't reply, but continued to scream as she ran down the hall. With no other options, Nitori followed her as she mad a dash for the front door, until something else caught her attention.

Coming from the front door were... footprints, impressed into the tile with a thick mud. The footprints had no shoe pattern on them, but were instead actual imprints of someone's feet, barefoot and everything. Scratching her head, it took Nitori a minute to notice what was really wrong with this trail.

The footprints were both coming into the mansion and going out of it, alternating on which row had which direction. Her eyes widening, she thought of those stories she heard about the ecentric shrine god, who occupied the shrine in the forest. Bolting out of the front door, and into the slight drizzle, she only asked one thing as she chased after Shizuha.

>> No. 10336
A slight pattering sound reaches my ears, and tells me that it's raining outside.

Opening my eyes, I can see the beads of rain trickling down the window through its shadow, which is visible thanks to the rising sun. Attempting to move, I'm hindered by Aya on one arm, and Momizi on the other. Both of them are clinging onto me, their legs wrapped around my own, and... Something in my pants is...

Remaining silent, I slowly slip out of their grasp, barely dodging Momizi when she grabs out for my arm and almost grabs something inappropriate. Feeling the sweat on my skin, I look out the window and see that it is indeed raining, with water trickling down the window in streams.

Being quiet about it, I grab my suitcase and open it up, pulling out a new oufit. Noticing the time, I merely change and wear deodorant, not having enough time to get a proper shower this morning. Before leaving the room, I give Aya a little shove and half-wake her, causing her to start mumbling and reaching around until she finds Momizi, who she uses as a new pillow.

Leaving that scene behind, I walk out into the hallway and walk towards the dining hall, where breakfast is supposed to be served. Instead, I find a few confused relatives, who have all fallen silent, just staring at their plates as they eat. Aya walks in behind me, still in her pajamas and rubbing her eyes.

"...Huh? Why isn't anyone eating?" As Momizi walks in behind her, her eyes widen a little. "Minoriko made all this nice food for us to eat, and... Wait... Where's Shizuha at?"

That's right, Shizuha is missing. Looking over those present, I also notice that Nitori is gone from the group, but that everyone else is present. From the looks in all of their eyes, it seems that they don't know, either.

"...Shizuha and Nitori are still in the mansion, right?" Looking over the group once more, I'm suddenly reminded of a story I was told, where Shizuha had vanished into the woods on the mountain for a full day. "...Right?"

"Shizuha and Nitori vanished last night, almost at midnight." His fist balled up and pressed against his cheek, Tenma looks down regretfully as he speaks. "We've searched most of the mansion, but they're nowhere to be found..."

...If they can't find them, then they shouldn't just be sitting around! They should be out searching, trying to find where they ran off to, and... Aya shouldn't be wiping my face with a wet washcloth. There also shouldn't be black and blue markings on it, but there are... Right, they drew all over my face last night.

"Anyway, we shouldn't just be standing here." My face now clean of any scribbles, I've started to talk to the group in hopes of locating those who are missing. "We need to form a search party, and go out to look for the two of them. Who all is willing to go?"

Everyone raises their hands, other than Kanako... Which isn't good. Even though we need some people for the search group, we also need some people to keep an eye on the mansion, to be here waiting in case they come back. Considering the skills of those present, I start to decide on the members of my search party.

[ ] Aya. What she lacks for in brawn, she more than makes up for in speed.
[ ] Momizi. After that encounter last night, she's proven that she has a sharp wit behind that cute face.
[ ] Sanae. She might have been the one pulling the strings for that set up last night, so she should be helpful in devising a plan.
[ ] Akira. He's probably worried about his mother, and his chess skills suggest that he can excel in the area of dividing and conquering.
[ ] Tenma. He may not be the fastest one of us, but he's got the most muscle.
[ ] Minoriko. She's probably worried about her sister, and she'll be able to keep everyone else relaxed while we search.
[ ] Hina. If there's one thing I've learned, it's that she's become more and more perceptive by playing chess.
>> No. 10337
[x] Aya. What she lacks for in brawn, she more than makes up for in speed.
[x] Momizi. After that encounter last night, she's proven that she has a sharp wit behind that cute face.
[x] Akira. He's probably worried about his mother, and his chess skills suggest that he can excel in the area of dividing and conquering.
[x] Tenma. He may not be the fastest one of us, but he's got the most muscle.
[x] Minoriko. She's probably worried about her sister, and she'll be able to keep everyone else relaxed while we search.

We'll leave Sanae and Hina here to wait for them.
>> No. 10338
[ ] Aya. What she lacks for in brawn, she more than makes up for in speed.
[ ] Momizi. After that encounter last night, she's proven that she has a sharp wit behind that cute face.
[ ] Sanae. She might have been the one pulling the strings for that set up last night, so she should be helpful in devising a plan.
[ ] Akira. He's probably worried about his mother, and his chess skills suggest that he can excel in the area of dividing and conquering
>> No. 10343
Okay, so... 3 tacticians, one speedy girl, and one guy recovering from a broken leg.
This shit will never work.

[d] Aya. What she lacks for in brawn, she more than makes up for in speed.
[a] Tenma. He may not be the fastest one of us, but he's got the most muscle.
[z] Hina. If there's one thing I've learned, it's that she's become more and more perceptive by playing chess.
[e] Sanae. She might have been the one pulling the strings for that set up last night, so she should be helpful in devising a plan.

Three thinkers is all fine and dandy, but do you seriously think it'll be that easy?

>Shizuha was one of the family members that hadn't seen that in Ryou.
And we just got slammed into a wall after saying that maybe she shouldn't get fucked over so much.
What an ungrateful bitch.

>"We can leave Aya and Momizi to Ryou... I know that, when faced with ownership of those girls, he'll be capable of taking care of them in my stead.
Oh, he will. But I don't think Tenma's thinking about it in quite the same way Ryou would.

Aw, man.
I guess Sexy Time is over.

Also, let's not forget that we've seen some of the SA cast in town. God only knows what's going to happen, but unless they were a cameo for the sake of silly cameos, they're going to be involved sooner or later.

Also, anyone else notice that Nitori wasn't mentioned among the dead in the dream?
>> No. 10344
[X] Aya. What she lacks for in brawn, she more than makes up for in speed.
[X] Tenma. He may not be the fastest one of us, but he's got the most muscle.
[X] Hina. If there's one thing I've learned, it's that she's become more and more perceptive by playing chess.
[X] Sanae. She might have been the one pulling the strings for that set up last night, so she should be helpful in devising a plan.

This is a good point.
>> No. 10346
We didn't break our leg. That was just a what-if on Aya's part. Why the hell would I send a half-limping boy and two defenseless girls out on a search-party? That is to say if we do split up, Akira isn't completely worthless(should he go with us, and I hope not).

Sanae needs to stay at the mansion to make sure the old bitch doesn't go wild(she'd probably chase Shizuha away, and Nitori would need help knocking her out), and Hina is the only one who doesn't hold a good description about her abilities, which means as the weakest link, it's better for her to stay and look over things while Sanae/Kanako are busy. With a demon going around, it's also better to make sure there is a larger group of people in both places; you know what happens when you're left alone.
>> No. 10347

>you know what happens when you're left alone.

>> No. 10348
Looks like it gets broken anyway. Did you read the dream?
>> No. 10349
Sometimes, but mostly people alone tend to die.
>> No. 10350
Yes; that's after everyone is dead and we didn't keep our eyes on the ground. But that was a dream, not reality. This brings up another good question - why the hell would I be voting if I didn't even read the beginning of the story?
>> No. 10364
Eager haste?
>> No. 10366
I keep reading this as "Easter egg hats"
>> No. 10392
[X] Aya. What she lacks for in brawn, she more than makes up for in speed.
[X] Tenma. He may not be the fastest one of us, but he's got the most muscle.
[X] Hina. If there's one thing I've learned, it's that she's become more and more perceptive by playing chess.
[X] Sanae. She might have been the one pulling the strings for that set up last night, so she should be helpful in devising a plan.
>> No. 10491
"...Hmm." Rubbing my chin, I feel a slight stubble while looking over the candidates at hand. "...Okay, I'll choose a few, and the rest will stay here to watch the mansion in case they return."

They all nod, except for Kanako. She merely sips her sake during this commotion, not paying any attention to me or my speech. Grinning in a wondrous mixture of disgust and disbelief, I bring one fist to the table to grab her attention, just as she was setting down her sake cup.

"If Shizuha or Nitori show up, then you better not chase either one off, Kanako. I'll throw you into the wall this time, if you do."

"...Ha. Pretty arrogant for someone who's snot is deep brown." Picking her cup up to sip again, she points at me and grins. "I won't chase Shizuha off, but you're sleeping outside if she just shows up in here. Now choose your damned team already, so that I can drink in peace."

"...Right, and you can go back to oiling your creaky old body." Avoiding her glare, I focus on my four chosen candidates and nod towards each one of them. "Aya! Sanae! Hina Mama! Old man! The four of you will be going with me to search for Shizuha and Nitori. Momizi, Akira, Minoriko, and Kanako will stay here while we're away. Understood?"

They all nod once more, and the four chosen rise from their seats, determined expressions on their faces. The four who will stay keep their seats, looking unsure of what to do next. Akira looks over at Minoriko, who returns his sad gaze with a sympathetic one, and Kanako looks to Momizi, who avoids her half-drunken stare all together.

"Okay then! Everyone, let's go!"

With that one last command, the four of them follow me out the door of the dining room, and into the hallway. Making our way towards the nearest exit, we must look like some strange sight. Two men and three women, all going out to search desperately for two missing people... It really, really must be a sight to see, especially with my leg feeling this strange...

"...Stop!" Saying this just as we near the exit, I look over the four of them and first look towards Aya. "Aya, you'll scout ahead of where we are, and keep your eyes peeled for Nitori and Shizuha. Understood?"


She brings her hand up to salute, and grins in a silly way, lightening our mood just a little. I can't help but smile at her perkiness before turning my attention to Sanae, who is now standing to Aya's left. Sanae... she seems to be intelligent, so she should know how to operate on her own, shouldn't she?

"Sanae, you're going to stay to my left and search as we go. Use any and all methods to draw a response from those two... within reason, of course. Is this understood?"

"..." Holding back laughter, she nods and straightens up her act before replying. "It is, Ryou. I'll do my best!"

Now focusing on Tenma, I look the old bastard over and consider his strengths and weaknesses. He may be slower than Aya... but he's strong. Strong enough to move faster than she could through the underbrush of the woods.

"Old man! You're the most well-built in our group, so you will be the one to look through the woods on either side of us. Considering your size, it should be easy for you to blaze through there, right?"

"Sure thing, but stop calling me 'old man'. I'll have to show you that this body is not only well-built, but strong if you keep calling me that."

"Oh please, Tenma. If anyone here has a well-made body, it would be me."

Laughing in a teasing fashion, Hina, flashes a smile first to Tenma and then to me. Hina plays chess a lot... so, she should be skilled when it comes to playing on other's weak points, and protecting the rest of "the board"... Or, that's what I think concerning the matter.

"Hina, you'll be on my right. Like Sanae, you're going to do anything within reason to attract the attention of those two girls, though you can stay a bit behind or go further forward if need be. Is this also understood?"

"But of course!" Almost purring the last words, she smiles arrogantly as she looks at the doors standing behind me. "It sounds like you'll be doing a lot of nothing, Ryou... Is that really fine, I wonder?"

"I'm not doing nothing. I'm supervising."

Smiling as I say that, the five of us laugh and exit the building, intent on discovering the scientist and "fashion diva" who have vanished so unexpectedly. While exiting through the doors... It was only for a moment, but I swear that I saw something running in the woods outside, just as we came out.
>> No. 10492
File 124254323573.jpg- (102.57KB , 800x550 , Shattered Glass.jpg ) [iqdb]
"...Ah, this is delicious..."

Pouring herself some more sake, Kanako sighed with a voice full of pleasure. She detested that Shoji boy, and Shizuha, too. Having them both gone was pure ecstasy to her, and with a group this compliant she would be able to savor that feeling for a good long time, unless Shizuha was found or reappeared to ruin her fun.

"Ahahaha... Oh, I wonder how long it will take those idiots to find them? One hour, or maybe three? Perhaps four, or a whole day, maybe? However long, it's long heaven on earth with them gone! Gwahahaha!"

"...Mother, are you okay?" Tilting her head at an angle, Minoriko looked somewhat surprised to see Kanako behave like this. "You might be drinking too much... Here, let me take that bottle fo--"

Kanako pulled the bottle of sake back, looking incredibly offended at this gesture. Minoriko didn't understand, though. How could she understand this behavior of Kanako's, when she herself didn't care too much for a sake as bitter and repulsive as the one Kanako drank?

"This is my bottle, you see?" Waggling the bottle before her daughter, Kanako laughed bitterly. "I won't let you or our guest take it from me, no matter what!"

"...Our... guest?" Minoriko straightened her head, just to lean it to the other side. "What do you mean? The only people in here are the four of us..."

Kanako stiffened up, surprised that nobody else had noticed the foul demon lurking in the corners of the room. That very same demon she told the stories about... was standing in the corner, watching her... and it was laughing. Laughing at how foolish she was, to think that it really existed, and that it could have a physical form.

"...Damn it, you disgusting thing! Stop laughing at me, or I'll slam this bottle over your head! I swear that I will, I'll do it!"

"I'm not laughing at you! I'm just trying to help you out, not mock you! So, please just relax and hand me the bo--"

Minoriko was interrupted once more as Kanako tossed her bottle of sake. It slammed into the empty wall across the room and shattered, spilling its contents all over the floor. That twisted visage of a demon, only visible in Kanako's eyes... spun, expanded, and caved in on itself before becoming nothing.

Minoriko watched this transpire in a mixture of horror and shock. She had thought Kanako was going to attack her with that half-empty bottle, but she had thrown it at some imaginary being that was up against the wall... This made it abundantly clear to her that Kanako was far too drunk to be rational.

That's when she noticed Akira, creeping over to a table to grab some sort of medicine... No, to grab a drug to pacify Kanako with. Quickly looking back to Kanako, she took her seat and smiled sweetly, putting on a show to distract her as Akira did his work.

"By the way, mother... How has the sake been? It's delicious, isn't it?"

"...It isn't half-bad..." Spinning her cup around, Kanako took one more sip of it before it was emptied. "...It seems I require a refill, though. Go get me some more, right away."

Minoriko nodded and stood to her feet, only briefly looking at Akira to see him not too far behind Kanako with the drug. Moving along the table so that she was beside Kanako, she moved slowly and cautiously, ready to assist in any way that she could.

"...What are you waiting for? Hurry up and fetch me my sa--"

Kanako was the one interrupted this time, as Akira brought the drugged hand towel down over her nose and mouth. The old woman struggled a bit, until Minoriko grabbed her arms by the pits to keep her from swatting Akira away. A few moments passed before she passed out, and the two sighed heavily, not noticing that one member had been frightened, and left the room.
>> No. 10493
File 124254333476.jpg- (135.31KB , 464x464 , Two find and two are found.jpg ) [iqdb]
"...Hey! I found some footprints over here, Ryou! Hurry up and look!"

Waving in my direction, Aya is jumping up and down excitedly, making her breasts bounce a little as she does so. Picking up the pace just a little, I look where she's pointing and nod, figuring that the size of the footprint matches up with Nitori's boots...

"Oh, it looks like we've finally got something to help us look for them." Bending over a little, Sanae writes a number "one" in the dirt beside the footprint before standing up and looking back a ways. "Tenma! It's okay to come out of the woods, we've got something to help us look for them now."

Emerging immediately, Tenma starts to run towards me, gritting his teeth as he does so. Pushing me to one side, he looks at the boot print and smiles, nodding as he does so.

"...My, the waterfall sounds lovely, doesn't it?" Cupping a hand around one ear, Hina Mama speaks with a calm voice, unlike the rest of us. "I remember being up here once, and finding a path that led to a small cave behind that waterfall..."

"...Hina Mama..." Giving her a slightly understanding look, I raise one brow before asking for confirmation. "What are you getting at?"

"I wonder... I was just thinking about how I had told Nitori about that same waterfall once, a long time after I had told Shizuha about it... " Putting a finger on one of her lips, she smiles knowingly and nods. "If I knew about such a place and was lost out in the woods, I'd probably try and take cover there... maybe."

The four of us who aren't Hina pause, and take her words in as she walks ahead, swinging her hips as she takes the path leading to the waterfall's base. A moment later, Sanae starts to follow her, and then Tenma. Aya and I glance at each other before we follow after them, and I give her a congratulatory slap on the ass as she starts to swing her own hips.

"Great find, Aya. I'll have to give you a reward later, won't I?"

"Hmm... A reward from you would probably be something like a full body massage, or an invitation to sleep in your room, wouldn't it?"

"Maybe, just maybe."

She then gives me a punch to the shoulder, and the two of us laugh in unison. Speeding up, we walk with the rest of the group and reach the waterfall, looking at the impressive drop, and then at the rocky path leading to a cave behind the downpour of water.

Surely enough, there's a sliver of the cave visible from this angle.

"I'll lead the way, if you don't mind."

Taking the lead, Hina Mama walks along the path towards the small cave, still swinging her hips, though less as much when she gets close to the actual waterfall. The rest of us follow after her, with Tenma in front of me and Sanae and Aya behind me. The five of us step into the cave and give our eyes a moment to adjust, before spotting two bundles wrapped in two coats on the other side of this small alcove.

"...Oh, there they are. Who would've known?"

Shantying to the side wall, Hina smiles in a proud way, which makes me want to hit her while giving her the thanks she deserves for putting two and two together like this. Tenma and I rush up to the two girls on the wall, waking Nitori from her sleep.

"...Mm. Who's there...?"

"It's us." Speaking roughly, Tenma grins happilly as he carefully lifts Shizuha, getting her onto his back. "We were trying to find where the two of you went, since you weren't present for breakfast."

"Oh, sorry about that, I was looking for her, and... Huh?" Tugging at the coat, Nitori's eyes go wide in an instant. "Wait... I wasn't wearing a coat when I left, and Shizuha wasn't either... So, who...?"

"We'll figure that out once we get back." Rubbing the back of my head, I offer her a hand and help her stand up. "Everyone else is waiting for us to return, so..."

Nitori nods, understanding the situation, and the four of us make our way back towards the mansion. As we walk, the sounds of the insects in the woods meets my ears, and calms me a little for the journey ahead.
>> No. 10494
"Momizi? Where did you go?" Cupping her hands over her mouth, Minoriko calls out desperately for the missing girl. "Kanako is asleep now, so it's okay! Please, come out right away!"

Stepping up beside her, Akira gives her an inquisitive look and lifts on his feet a little, looking ready to say something, but wanting to be noticed before saying it. It takes a moment for her to notice, but Minoriko looks down at him and smiles, reading his mood right away.

"...You found her, I take it?"

"...Mhm." Turning around, he trots over to a door and opens it, then taking a step back. "Momi, it's alright. Auntie isn't lying."

A moment later, Momizi steps out of the room, looking frightened. Minoriko rushes over to her and locks her in a tight embrace, happy to see that she's not harmed in any way. Akira taps her arm, and gets pulled into the hug a moment later, just as he had wanted to be.

"Don't worry us like that, Momizi..." Petting the girl's hair, Minoriko smiled before taking a step back, and then glancing down the hall before returning her gaze to Momizi. "Come on, we can't leave Kanako alone for too long. She might wake up and start wondering around on her own."

"Auntie, you know that's impossible... That medicine should keep her asleep for another two hours or so..."

Minoriko nods, and pats Akira's head, still smiling proudly. He seems hesitant to recieve this kind of thanks at first, but he quickly adjusts, and feels her hand rub his head as the three of them walk along, reentering the room they had been in before.

Surely enough, Kanako is still asleep in her chair, and the sake bottle is still a mess against the wall. Rushing into the doors in the next room over, Akira vanishes from sight, most likely to get something to clean the mess with.

"...Why did you hide, Momizi? You saw that we had things under control, didn't you?"

"...I did, but..." Holding back some words, Momizi, looks at the drooling Kanako and then at the kitchen door, feeling like something is out of place... Though, she isn't sure what it is. "...I was just kind of scared..."

Minoriko smiles, and also looks to Kanako's still figure, also feeling as if something is out of place. Studying the figure of the woman... She notices that something that wasn't there before is clutched in one hand. It looks like...

...A red crystal, of some kind...?
>> No. 10495
Stepping into the kitchen, Akira flicked the light switch, and instantly noticed that it wasn't working. He flipped it once more, and it still wouldn't turn... Instead, it had left nothing on, and a stillness suddenly spread throughout the entirety of the kitchen.

Somewhat reluctantly, he took a step in, and slowly advanced towards the stove, which had the handtowels in it.

It felt... wrong. The lights should be perfectly fine, just like they were only a short time before the search party had left... So, why did they suddenly stop working?

He felt like turning around and leaving the room, but he was already by the drawer he had wanted to open. Opening it up, he pulled out a hand towel. The stillness remained as it was, and, feeling a slight unease... He opened the next drawer, and pulled out a large, blunt butcher's knife.


Holding his breath, the paranoia started to sink in. He looked from one side to the other, and listened for somebody to be breathing... Nobody was doing so, of course. Feeling reluctant, he took one step forward, watching the edge of the kitchen island infront of him, half expecting something to jump out and surprise him.

He took one step, then another, and another still... Until he could look around the edge, and confirm that nothing was there. With a sigh, he set the knife down on the counter and relaxed his tense back, feeling reassured.

In this same moment, something pressed up against his back. Something that shouldn't be there. This was something that he thought he sensed in this room, and which he had thought was not in this room afterall... It was gripping the back of his shirt, though, and pressing a hand towel up against his mouth.

Instantly, he realized just what it was doing, as it wrapped one arm around him to hinder his struggles. It was using that same drug that he had used to put Kanako to sleep, and it was starting to take effect. Vainly, he tried to escape the attacker, and to scream for help, but his cries were muffled by the cloth, and his struggling was made useless by his quickly lowering stamina.

With the last of his strength, he rammed into his attacker's back, knocking both of them a few feet back. That's when he got a good look at just who this person was, even though he couldn't recognize them.

She was... a young woman, around Ryou's age... Her hair was a sort of blue color, and a dress with a crystal covered belt was her strange getup... She looked like the demon from Kanako's stories.

Just before passing out, he noticed something strange.

One crystal was missing.
>> No. 10496
File 124254345930.jpg- (415.44KB , 800x580 , Gathered Together.jpg ) [iqdb]
Stepping into the dining room, I enter with the others following behind me. Minoriko and Momizi turn to look at the group, and both look excited to see Shizuha and Nitori returned unharmed. Running over to Tenma, she gives me a quick nod and smiles, holding her sleeping sister's arm.

"...Tenma and I will go find her bed. If you'll excuse us..."

Nodding, I grin as the two exit the room. Momizi then runs towards the group, and locks hand with Aya before jumping up and down excitedly. The others walk over to the table and sit down as Sanae joins them, making me feel slightly awkward. Faking a cough, I attempt to grab some attention from one of them.

"...Oh, right." Putting an arm on my shoulder, Aya smiles as if she was holding a trophy. "Let's see... I found footprints, Hina figured out their location, and Sanae and Tenma worked hard to find some clues... This guy, though, did absolutely nothing!"

The three of them start to laugh, much to my disdain. This is just like a few instances in the past, where Aya has used a similar sort of setup to poke fun at me... I was too immature to not be tricked, then, but I know better now. Holding my peace, I grab Aya's ass in one hand and grin.

"Buns of steel, at fifty miles an hour." Flashing a smile at Momizi, I nod. "That's what helped find them, actually."

After a short pause, Aya gives me a punch to the shoulder, and all four of us laugh at the stupid joke this time. It's then that there's a slight commotion at the table, where Kanako is drooling in what seems to be a drunken stupor.

"Hey... Something's wrong here." Looking around the room, Nitori raises her brows and scratches her head. "It's kind of like someone's missing..."

"...It would seem that Shizuha's boy isn't present and accounted for." Speaking what had come to my mind, Hina nods, and looks towards Momizi. "Momizi, I'm sure that you must have seen him last... Do you, by any chance, know of his location?"

For a moment, Momizi just squirms as everyone's attention is shifted to her, looking like a frightened puppy. Aya gives her shoulder a pat, though, and she's instantly opening her mouth, speaking with a bit of caution.

"Before all of you showed up, he went into the kitchen to get a towel to clean that sake up with..." Pointing to a shattered bottle lying against the wall, she nods. "...That was only a minute or two before everyone came in..."

"Is that the case...?" Nodding, Hina Mama walks over to the kitchen door and calls his name once and then again, with no reply. "...Maybe he heard about his mother being in the hallway, and decided to go follow her."

It does make sense... If anybody was worried about Shizuha's absence, it must have been Akira. Walking into the kitchen herself, Hina vanishes for a minute before returning with a wash cloth and a small trash can, and she makes her way over to the mess to clean it up. Looking around the room, I can feel a slight tenseness in the air around us...

I don't like it, either. I need to do something to ease the mood a little, or to get away from it... One or the other, since either one would work.

[ ] I should ask Hina if I can help her clean up at all.
[ ] Kanako looks pretty out of place in here. Maybe Sanae will help me take her to her room.
[ ] I might as well take Aya with me to go check and see if Akira really is with Tenma and the others.
>> No. 10499
[x] Kanako looks pretty out of place in here. Maybe Sanae will help me take her to her room.

In b4 we find Akira tied up and gagged in her room.
>> No. 10507
[X] I should ask Hina if I can help her clean up at all.

Blue hair? Red crystals?
Oh dear.

Also, stupid sexy Hina. Now Ryou's going to have a hard time remembering much else besides her swaying her hips.
>> No. 10519
[X] I should ask Hina if I can help her clean up at all.
>> No. 10524
[ ] Kanako looks pretty out of place in here. Maybe Sanae will help me take her to her room.
>> No. 10574
[ze] I might as well take Aya with me to go check and see if Akira really is with Tenma and the others.

I love me some Hina. Hard.

But I really like Aya, too.
>> No. 10588
[X] I should ask Hina if I can help her clean up at all.
>> No. 10620
File 124329090789.jpg- (455.85KB , 1200x1600 , 2de3b1025824e14a93b7995269996aef.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm surprised no one has posted this.
>> No. 10622
[X] I should ask Hina if I can help her clean up at all.
>> No. 10623

God damn I hate pumps.
>> No. 10729
[X] I might as well take Aya with me to go check and see if Akira really is with Tenma and the others.
>> No. 10781
[x] I might as well take Aya with me to go check and see if the author really is with Tenma and the updates.
>> No. 10793

Sandals. Pumps don't have fastenings.
>> No. 10890
[x] I might as well take Aya with me to go check and see if the author really is with Tenma and the updates.

Please? ;_;
>> No. 10891

I'm really sorry. I've been far too lazy since the last update, so I thought I could keep pushing this off. I can guarantee you that there'll be updates before Monday is over.
>> No. 10892
>> No. 10915
File 124514407893.jpg- (247.79KB , 732x959 , Hina Mama.jpg ) [iqdb]
"...Ah! Hina, let me help you out."

"Ryou...? It's not like you to offer assistance like that. I'm really surprised." Saying that, Hina Mama takes a quick look around the room before turning her attention towards me. "If you want to help, then I guess you could grab another washcloth for me to use. You should just go enjoy yourself after that, though."

"...Well, if you're sure, then I guess that I'll do just that. Thanks."

Saying that, I walk into the kitchen and grab another washcloth, before noticing a small drop of red on the counter. Figuring that it must be some juice or another liquid that someone had spilled, I automatically wipe it up with the cloth before returning to the dining room and handing it to Hina Mama.

With that out of the way, my attention wanders off towards the window. The sky outside looks a little clearer than earlier, and the rain seems to have stopped all at once. Seeing this, I can't help but think of using the cleared weather as an excuse to play around some more with the girls.

"Hey, Aya, Momizi, Sanae. The sky has really cleared up, hasn't it?" Gesturing towards the window, a smile swiftly covers my face. "Really, look at it. Don't you think we should go play outside for a while~?"

"Yeah, that sounds like a plan!" Aya cheers me on, and enthusiastically so. "We can go to the shrine, and then maybe somewhere else, too~! Wouldn't that be fun, Momizi?"

The timid girl blushes in response, probably already trying to think of what Aya plans to do. Sanae just nods cheerfully, waving as she does so.

"Yes, yes. You three can enjoy yourselves, but I should stay here to greet Kanako when she wakes up. Maybe we can all go later, if it doesn't start raining again?"

"Yeah, you need to tag along next time, Sanae." Saying this, I once again equip my bastard grin that I learned so long, long ago. "I'm holding you to that deal, you know? Before the end of this meeting, the two of us will have a close encounter~!"

Hina Mama perks up after hearing that, and shoots me a sharp and pointed glare. With eyes like daggers, she points a finger at me and chuckles, like she has done many times in the past.

"Ryou, don't do anything that'll make you have to face my judgement!"

"Ahaha... ha..." Rubbing my head, I back away towards the door as I speak. "Right, right... I won't do anything to make you hate me, Hina Mama! How could you hate a scamp like me~?"

After asking her that question, I rush out of the room, leaving her no chance to reply. Momizi and Aya follow after me, and, looking at Momizi's arm, I can see that one of them had the idea to grab an umbrella before following me out. With a smirk on my face, I begin to run towards the door to the outside, no longer worried about any of those family affairs.
>> No. 10916
File 124514412464.jpg- (191.99KB , 540x381 , Depressio~n.jpg ) [iqdb]
Slowly lowering the exhausted woman onto her bed, Tenma grunted lowly. She wasn't heavy by any means, but Minoriko wasn't of much help when it came to physical endeavors. This made it so most of the work was placed on him, and nobody else. He wasn't upset about it, of course. Minorin was the woman he loved, and he was willing to take any level of strife for her sake. Something like this was nothing in the eyes of his will.

"Ah, she looks so peaceful..."

Holding her own chin in the palm of her own hand, Minorin smiled tenderly at her sister's sleeping face. Tenma smiled as well, but inside something felt... wrong. He knew it was true, but it was something that he had to have Minoriko confirm for him.

"...Minorin, your sister does have that same condition that 'mother' has, doesn't she?" His frown widening, Tenma shook his head slowly and painfully. "Dementia, isn't it? A condition where she can start to act like people are there who aren't there, and where she'll hear things that she shouldn't hear?"

"...Yes, that's the very same condition that Shizu has." Frowning only slightly, Minoriko's hand finds itself holding her other arm as she speaks. "Growing up, I had to understand that she was different, and it took me a while to come to terms with it... People mocked us, bullied her, and, by extension, bullied me... It's not a really good thing, as you can tell."

"I can tell, yes."

Tenma understood what Minoriko had felt all her life. Before being adopted by Kanako, he had a brother that was a lot like Shizuha, though with physical ailments in addition to the mental ones. He had spent so much time hating his brother, and then more time despising him though not hating him. Not long before being adopted, someone had chosen to take his brother from this world, and Tenma had had no say in the matter.

It was for this reason that he loved Shizuha almost as much as he did Minoriko. It wasn't a romantic love, like it was for Minoriko, but a love that was strengthened by the loss of that brother of his. To see that these two were on such good terms, and that neither one hated the other... It was one of the few things that ever made Tenma feel emotional pain anymore.

"I wonder where her son ran off to..." Saying this, Minorin shakes her head slowly. "It isn't like him to hide when everyone is free like this. I'd have expected him to be there, waiting for Hina to appear so that he could play chess with her."

"Perhaps the boy wants some time to himself. He's still growing, after all. It's not too unlikely for them to act strangely around that age."

Minoriko could only give Tenma a look that said "maybe that is the case" in return. She was obviously worried, but Tenma was sure about his conclusion. He had already seen the boy behave strangely in recent times, so it wouldn't be that unlikely for him to be having hormone induced mood swings on occasion.

Just then, a knock at the door drew the couple's attention. After saying that it was fine for whoever it was to come in, Tenma saw the young Ms. Kawashiro step in, with a device meant to be used to inspect a person's heart beat. Giving a small bow to each of the lovers, she made her way to Shizuha and checked her chest with the device.

"...Yes, that makes it certain." Pulling the ends of the device out of her ears, Nitori searched through Shizuha's pockets until she found a pill bottle. "She probably had one too many of these when I couldn't see her, and died that way. I'm sorry."

Minoriko, who had already seen this news coming, had already grieved on the way to the room and for a few minutes while in it. Tenma himself wasn't a man for tears, and instead a man more lent to curiosity. Holding a hand out, he received the pill bottle and inspected it.

"It says here that it's used to treat some form of hallucinations. It also says that the side effects include diarrhea, vomiting, and in rare cases, near death. Judging by the number in here and the recommended dosage, I'd assume that you're right. Shizuha has died."

"...Again, I'm sorry."

Speaking meekly, Nitori looked down at the dead woman's face. That same cold face wouldn't get to see her son for quite some time... And this was a thing that made the entire group the saddest. The boy would be adopted by Minoriko and Tenma, of course, but that was a future matter.

"...Nitori, Minorin, come along." Speaking with a sudden power and determination, Tenma opened the door. "We'll go to the waterfall where she must have died and look for the most beautiful spot in the area, and make that the location of her grave."

The other two nodded, and all three left the room, closing and locking the door behind themselves.
>> No. 10917
"...Aaargh... Aa... What am I... doing here...?"

Asking this, Kanako raised her head up to see Sanae sitting across from her, with her head laying down on the table. Standing, she saw Hina come in through the kitchen, carrying a small bowl of pudding in one hand and a cup of orange juice in the other.

"...Hina, why did I wake up in here? What reason can you provide for me?"

"You got way too drunk and passed out is all. I'd ask if you could remember, but you likely couldn't." Shrugging, Hina, set the orange juice down in front of Sanae, who had now sat upright. "All the others are off doing their own things, so it's just the three of us for now."

Sanae, who was a little drowsy after everything that had happened, took the orange juice and sipped it. Kanako was left in wonder at what all had taken place since she passed out, and felt slightly guilty. She must have done something to upset someone, like she usually does when she gets drunk... Even so, she had become unable to stop drinking so much, and wound up half-hating herself.

"Are you feeling good today, Miss Kanako?" Asking her this, Sanae, stood up. "Let me go get you something to drink. You must have a bad taste in your mouth."

"I do, but... No thank you." Unwilling to accept this offer from the dutiful Sanae, Kanako found herself grimacing at the situation. "I think I'll... go take a walk. By myself. You two can stay here or go somewhere else, but as the head of our family, I insist that you do not follow me."

Sanae and Hina silently agreed to these terms, and watched the old woman exit the room, carrying her shame behind her on a chain. The two remained silent as the footsteps vanished down the hallway, and then found themselves somewhat amazed at Kanako's sudden change of attitude.

"...Hey, Hina." Gaining the older woman's attention, Sanae pointed to the bowl Hina had. "Was that in the fridge?"

"Yes, it was." Standing up, Hina walked over to and opened the kitchen door. "I'll get you some."
>> No. 10918
"Hurry up, or else I'll leave you behind~!"

Saying that, I run further ahead on this path that leads to the shrine. Chasing me from behind are Aya and Momizi.

"Hey, wait up, Ryou!" Aya, who had stumbled for a second, speeds up in an attempt to beat me. "Just taking the lead like that is a really dirty move!"

"I'm getting worn out...!"

Panting Momizi chases after the two of us, trying to not be left behind. Thankfully, the shrine is just ahead, so there isn't that much of a distance to run. Running up to it, I slam one hand on the side, shaking it a little.

At first I'm confident that I had won, until I realize that Aya was there before I had landed my hand on the wood. With a smug look on her face, she sticks her tongue out at me while Momizi comes up from behind, moving slowly and panting heavily. Aya and I start to laugh once again, like we always do, and sit down with Momizi sitting between us.

...Rubbing my eyes, I yawn while looking at the scenery, thinking of what to say next. Aya continues to smirk while teasing Momizi, once again reminding me of those times we spent her so long ago.

"...You're right, Aya. That run over here really was just like the time when we were kids." That's right, we had done a similar thing countless times when we were growing up. "Really though, let's just relax and enjoy ourse-"

A rustle in the bushes interrupts me in mid-sentence, and I find myself staring at the bushes, waiting to see anymore activity. When nothing happens, I sigh contently and continue to speak.

"We should just relax and enjoy ourselves~!"

"Yeah, we really should~."

Putting her arm around Momizi's shoulders, Aya laughs while swinging Momizi around a little. It's then that the rustle faintly appears again, moving away gradually. Watching it leave, I feel both relieved and confused at this event taking place. While thinking about these things, a drop of rain falls on my nose, and another lands on my hand a few seconds later.

[ ] Reach around Aya's shoulder like she was doing with Momizi, but "tease her" in a different way.
[ ] "We're a lot like we were back then, aren't we? Only, now we're a little more perverted, I guess."
[ ] "Let's go back. It may be early, but it looks like it's about to rain."
>> No. 10919
[ ] "We're a lot like we were back then, aren't we? Only, now we're a little more perverted, I guess."
>> No. 10923
[ ] "We're a lot like we were back then, aren't we? Only, now we're a little more perverted, I guess."
>> No. 10925
[ze] "We're a lot like we were back then, aren't we? Only, now we're a little more perverted, I guess."

I don't know if it's a writing error, something got left out, or maybe things are a lot crazier than I thought, but events seem very screwy.

Specifically, when and where was Shizuha found, and was she dead? How could Nitori hear a heartbeat if she was dead?

I'm lost.
>> No. 10927
She was found in >>10493. Absolutely no mention of her status at all, but if she was dead at the time no one could tell.

>How could Nitori hear a heartbeat if she was dead?
That's probably the point. The real question is why Nitori would need that to confirm death. Dead people don't have heartbeats, but they also don't do stuff like breathing.
>> No. 10937
[X] "We're a lot like we were back then, aren't we? Only, now we're a little more perverted, I guess."
>> No. 11130
>> No. 11807
File 125411223775.jpg- (35.03KB , 700x530 , The Doctor.jpg ) [iqdb]

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