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7887 No. 7887
[x] Take this opportunity to leave.

“... would you mind if we took this opportunity to bow out? I've got some work to finish, and I'm sure that Nitori would like to gather the Kappa for a meeting.”

“You don't want to play?” She says, seeming a little dejected. “You'll play some other time, though, right?”

“I'd like that.”

“May I stay?” Lumiere asks, looking to you for your blessing. You sigh a bit. It's been said before that she doesn't really need to ask you to do things. In one way it's convenient, since you always know where she is. But, every single time...

“Sure.” You say, shrugging. “Tell Okuu we're sorry for ducking out on the game, ok?”

Lumiere gives a heartfelt nod, and turns to Orin. “We can play with three people, can't we?” She asks.

“Yep.” Orin says, smiling, “It's more fun with more people, but we can play it with three.”

“A-anyway,” Nitori says, speaking up, “We should be going. It was nice to meet you, Orin.”

“You, too.” Orin says, offering a warm wave goodbye.

You return the wave, and jump down the hole after Nitori; the one leading back into the furnace below the palace. As you do, you feel a bit of... something, in your mind. Different than what Satori was causing. You probe for the source, but find nothing. It's probably nothing; you do get errant thoughts from time to time. Might as well leave it be.

“Sorry for staying so long,” You say, as soon as you're flying alongside Nitori through that massive cavern below the palace. “You know how I get with new things.”

“Haaa... no, it's fine,” Nitori says, sighing, “I should say I'm sorry, too. Underground youkai put me in a bad mood.”

“They didn't seem too different from surface youkai,” You offer in their defense. “Anything in particular bother you?”

Nitori pauses. “...no, I guess not. It's just a stereotype, I guess. Although Satori fits it pretty well.”


“Yeah.” She says, adjusting her course slightly to aim towards the hole in the ceiling that leads to the surface. You can just make it out in the distance. “Oh, right... you haven't heard much about the underground, have you?”

“Nope,” You say, “I plead ignorance on this one.”

“Well, for starters, her power was really nasty. There's things in my head that I don't strangers to know,” She says, sighing. “Couldn't she just turn it off?”

“Maybe not,” You say, shrugging. “Though, she could probably look away. I think it was aimed, or something.”

“Right.” Nitori says, “Ah, here's the hole.”

You take the lead again. As much as you'd like to fly behind Nitori, she insists that you go first.

“So, do you think she got any juicy tidbits?” You ask, trying to lighten the mood as you ascend to the surface. “Anything particularly lewd? I think she managed to pry that one night out of my mind. You know, that one over the summer where we---”

“Oh, stop it,” Nitori says, laughing. “You weren't thinking about things like that, were you?”

You let it hang for a bit.

“Hey, that's not funny,” She says, a tinge of worry in her voice.

“It hadn't crossed my mind, actually,” You say, laughing. “Although, I wonder what it would take to cause Satori to react to something. Surely, that would, wouldn't it?”

“Oh, geeze, I don't even want to know.” Nitori says. “I'd imagine that living down there, she's seen quite a bit. Heard? Thought?”

The jokes continue at Satori's expense, providing a light atmosphere for the ascent. Upon reaching the top, you find that the day seems to be drawing near it's end. Not that that's saying much, as it's winter, but you've still spent a good five hours down there.

“Ah, it's good to see the snow again,” Nitori says, smiling. “Lava isn't nearly as pretty.”

You just nod in response. It's not nearly as cold, either, but you don't mention that.

“I guess I should gather the other Kappa, then,” Nitori says, sighing. “We wouldn't want to be liars, would we?”

[ ] Agree, and offer to go with her.
[ ] Agree; you'll see her back in the cave.
[ ] Suggest something else.

>> No. 7888
[X] Agree; you'll see her back in the cave.

Takiko time. Get that darn book finished too.
>> No. 7889
[ ] Agree; you'll see her back in the cave.
>> No. 7890
[ ] Agree, and offer to go with her.
>> No. 7891
[x] Agree, and offer to go with her.

The chief kappa will have us smoke the peace cucumber.
>> No. 7893
[X] Agree, and offer to go with her.
>> No. 7901
[x] Agree; you'll see her back in the cave.
[x] Research about enhancing Takiko's skills, fairies powerlevels and fairy classes.

His fairy research, it must involve some crazy experiment to enhance fairies's powerlevels.

Also, Takiko's nature phenomena affinity must be discovered.

Cirno = Ice
Daiyousei = Lake?
Lily White = SPRING!
Takiko = ??? ... waterfall?

Maybe with science we can create the first NUCLEAR fairy!... or at least give Takiko the power of being able to talk.
>> No. 7903
[+] Agree, and offer to go with her.
>> No. 7904
>> No. 7908
Obviously her affinity is to falling! What better a teammate to our little black hole than that?
>> No. 7910
[†] Agree, and offer to go with her.

When a kappa girl bring back a young man to her village they must get marriage!
>> No. 7912
First of all, I'd like to congratulate you for the best CYOA I have read ever. I never thought to see you combining science (or should I say, SCIENCE!) with Touhou in such perfection I found myself at loss of words for the entire adventure. I salute you.


[x] Agree; you'll see her back in the cave.
[x] Research about enhancing Takiko's skills, fairies powerlevels and fairy classes.

Need more of Takiko in this edition.
>> No. 7914
[x] Agree, and offer to go with her.

“Certainly not.” You say, laughing. “Mind if I tag along? I get the feeling that if I head back to the cave, I'm just going to end up getting work done.”

“We can't have that, can we?” Nitori asks, stifling a laugh. “No, you better come with me.”

Kappa... are interesting creatures. Their way of living isolates them from one another, but when a large project comes up, they all somehow manage to band together for the betterment of the area. This is one of those cases. You've heard stories, but never have you seen an actual gathering before.

Nitori leads you from cave to cave, gathering people as she goes. Most of them you don't know. After an hour or so, the ever-growing chain of kappa seems to be complete. The meeting, a brief affair where Nitori explains the situation, takes place near the river. After all is said and done, a plan to begin production is put into place. It sounds like it's going to be a massive generator, although it'll be the standard water-based affair.

You are largely ignored during this meeting, mainly because you keep quiet. Some of the things they're going to do seem relatively inefficient, but... with that much power output, it hardly matters. With the plan at least semi-formalized, they all agree to meet in a few days' time to begin. With the business taken care of, they all depart, leaving you and Nitori alone.

“Well,” She says, sounding exhausted, “That went better than I expected. I always hate doing that. Did I do ok?”

“You did fine,” You say, smiling. “Very persuasive. I was surprised by the lack of objections.”

“Hehe, thanks,” Nitori says, looking into the now almost dark sky. “So, are you hungry yet? We should probably go get something to eat.”

“Mind if I cook?” You ask, “I've got an idea I'd like to try.”

Back in the cave, neither Lumiere nor Takiko seems to be around. You decide to make this dish last, cooking far more than needed for two people; leftovers are quite convenient. The dish is a spicy gumbo, although you end up improvising most of the ingredients as gensokyo has very little in the way of cajun ingredients. Dinner proceeds as normal. Nitori eats her gumbo, complementing you, but she clearly prefers the cucumber salad you made.

“I wonder what those two are up to?” Nitori asks, finishing off the last of her gumbo.

“Who knows? I'm sure we'll hear all about it at lunch tomorrow,” You say, shrugging. “Well, we'll have to ask first I guess, but we'll hear about it.”

Nitori laughs a bit. “Yeah. Lumiere wouldn't just start talking about it, would she?”

“Not unless we really needed to know. I wonder if she'll ever grow out of that.”

“I guess we'll just have to see, won't we?” Nitori asks, smiling. “I--- oh, welcome home.”

You turn around, and notice Takiko fluttering near the doorway. “Welcome back.” You say, greeting her. “Did you have fun?”

She nods and makes her way over to you, peering at the empty bowls. “Oh, do you want some?” Nitori asks.

Takiko shakes her head.

“More for me, then,” You say, laughing. “I made enough to last for a few days.”

“Well, I'm going to get to work on drawing up those plans,” Nitori says, taking her bowl and standing up. “Those guys aren't organized at all. If we just go down there and build it, it'll be a mess.”

The idea of a swarm of kappas trying to build a reactor strapped to the ceiling of a cave is enough to make you grin.

“Are you going to get back to work on that book?” She asks. “You looked like you were taking some pretty good notes down in that palace... thing.”

You nod. “I almost hate to, after such an interesting day, but it's probably for the best. Good luck with those plans.”

Nitori gives you a slight nod back, and leaves the room.

You sit there for a bit, teetering on the edge of going back to work. Yes, it's for the best. Today has been fun, but you'd really just like to finish this thing.

Takiko looks at you from her perch on the table, and you can tell through a subtle expression and a few finger twirls that she wants to know what she should do.

[ ] “Whatever you want.”
[ ] “Actually, I could use a bit of help...”
[ ] “You should probably see if Nitori needs any help.”
>> No. 7915
[ ] “Actually, I could use a bit of help...”
>> No. 7916
[!/] “Actually, I could use a bit of help...”
>> No. 7917
[X] “Actually, I could use a bit of help...”
>> No. 7919
[X] “Actually, I could use a bit of help...”
>> No. 7920
[x] “Actually, I could use a bit of help...”

More fairy research, Takiko still needs to evolve into a nuclear fairy.
>> No. 7921
[x] “Actually, I could use a bit of help...”
>> No. 7922
[X] “Actually, I could use a bit of help...”
>> No. 7930
[†] “Actually, I could use a bit of help...”
>> No. 7955
Apologies for the non-update yesterday. I got distracted by things.
[x] “Actually, I could use a bit of help...”

“Actually, I could use a bit of help...”

Takiko gives you a nod. This is, after all, a book on fairies. Her assistance often makes things a whole lot easier.

“Thanks,” You say, reaching out to ruffle her hair with two of your fingers. “You're such a good co-author.”

The little fairy lets out a silent laugh, backing away from your touch.

“Well, then, we should get to work.”

After giving your dishes a quick rinsing, leaving them to soak until a later time, you make your way to the study. Strewn across the desk are notes of all kinds; it likely wouldn't make any sense to any one but you. Takiko takes her usual seat. You decided that, since she's frequently helping you out with things, she should have her own desk. It's made of an upside-down coffee mug and a few books stacked in front of it, but she seems to enjoy it. Said desk is on the top of your desk.

The session goes as usual. You write for a while, come across something you don't know, and then have Takiko tell you what exactly you're missing. Fairy society is surprisingly complex for beings that just sort of spring into existence, and you'd miss many of the nuances that exist. In these cases, she writes, and you revise, pulling the book together as a whole.

Hours pass as you work. Hours of rephrasing, revising, and thinking. You feel at ease doing this; this is the kind of work you were meant to do. Weaving knowledge into something understandable by most. The pen flies across the page, producing pages upon pages of text.

...sleepy. You check your watch, and note the time. Sleep is attempting to overcome you, and, like always, it's managed to hit you like a truck. “I think we're done for the night, Takiko,” you say, rubbing your eyes reflexively. “I'm starting to get tired.”

The fairy nods, setting her writing utensils aside. You stand up, let out a giant yawn, and make your way towards the door. Shamble would be a better word, almost, as you feel like a zombie. Takiko follows you out the door to the study and towards the bedroom. You bid her one final goodnight, and enter the room.

Nitori seems to still be working. Clothes, off. You toss them into a pile. This was a fun day. Something you want to do more often. Get into bed, close the eyes. Still the mind, and....


Please, choose one:

[ ] Near
[ ] Far
[ ] Somewhere
[ ] Nowhere
>> No. 7957
[ ] Somewhere
>> No. 7958
[†] Near
>> No. 7959
File 123299551981.jpg - (88.23KB , 567x800 , 1203721698794.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>[ ] Near
>>[ ] Far
>>[ ] Wherever you are you, I believe that the heart does g-

Fuck, how did you get the Titanic song stuck in my head?

[x] Far
>> No. 7960
[x] Anywhere
>> No. 7961
[x] Anywhere
>> No. 7962
[X] Near
>> No. 7963
[ ] Somewhere
>> No. 7964
File 123301397678.jpg - (228.57KB , 775x1000 , sample-213eae2dce1ba2d27c2133939f92d4cd.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Near
>> No. 7966
[x] Up
>> No. 7980
[X] That-a-way.
>> No. 7983
[X] Anywhere
>> No. 7988
[!/] Near
>> No. 7997
[x] Near
>> No. 7998
Apologies. I remember clicking the submit button on this, I swear...
[x] Anywhere

You find yourself underground. Back in that place you visited the previous day. A dream? It certainly seems like it. The transition was rather abrupt; one minute you were falling asleep, and the next you were here. Looking around, it seems like no one else has followed you into this dream state.

Glancing at your watch, it reads approximately 10:00. You're not sure whether that's AM or PM, as the underground has very little in the way of visual cues. You could just sit around and wait to wake up, but that'd hardly suit your style. You decide to stride forward, looking for something interesting.

“I'm right here, you know.”

Looking behind you, there's now a woman. She looks vaguely similar to Satori; perhaps your mind simply re-created her imperfectly. Her clothes are a different color, a pastel yellow, and she's wearing a hat. The hair, too, is wrong, as is that expression...

...and the eye. The eye on her chest is a different color, but, strangely enough, it's closed. You prefer it this way.

“So, it did work... not that I'd know. You'll just have to tell me.”

“...what?” You don't quite understand, nor can you tell her motivation. She seems to be formed from a deeper portion of your mind, one you don't have direct access to. You'll just have to play along for now.

“Well, I planted a bit of myself in your mind.” She says, tilting her head sideways. “You looked like you were really enjoying yourself yesterday.”

“I see.” You don't seem to recall this person at all. “Inside my mind?”

“In your subconscious.” She says, smiling. “If I could show up this easily, you must be a slave to your desires.”

You are, and you're quite aware of it. You don't like where this is going.

“Anyway, we can talk more tomorrow when you come back.”

Her phrasing is curious. “When? Not if?”

She simply smiles and quickly vanishes, leaving you all alone in your mindscape. You wander the palace for a while, but find nothing else interesting.


Your eyes open, and you find yourself in bed, the strange dream still swirling amidst your chaotic morning thoughts. After putting enough of them into their place to allow you to function, you get out of bed, throw your clothes on, and head for the kitchen. Coffee. You need coffee.

The coffee brews as you contemplate that dream of yours, wondering exactly what to make of it. The coffee finishes, and you put it into a cup. It's still too hot to drink, so you decide to wander around the house for a bit. Wander to where, however, is the question...

[ ] Lumiere's Room
[ ] The lab downstairs.
[ ] Your study.
>> No. 7999
[x] Just wander around the house, greet everyone.
>> No. 8000
File 123316573445.jpg - (16.29KB , 250x250 , 1.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ] Lumiere's Room
>> No. 8001
[x] Lumiere's Room

I don't remember her coming home last night...
>> No. 8002
[x] Lumiere's room.

Posting from a psp is pretty difficult.
>> No. 8003
[x] Wander around aimlessly.
>> No. 8004
[x] Lumiere's Room
>> No. 8005
ah, but I think the new 5 series has an expanded keyboard as to make typing easier.

[X] Lumiere's room
>> No. 8006
[X] Lumiere's Room

"So, did you win?"
>> No. 8022
[x] Lumiere's Room
>> No. 8038
[x] Lumiere's room

Might as well keep up your routine. Lumiere's room is on the way to the lab, after all, so you usually drop by before finding Nitori in the mornings. You take a sip of your coffee and make your way down the hall, stopping in front of Lumiere's door.

You knock a few times, lightly, but get no response. Cracking the door slightly, you can see that she's still in bed. Sleeping, no doubt. She must have been out late. Resisting the urge to keep watching the serene scene, you close the door quietly and check your watch. It's actually a little early for you to be up; 10:32, you note.

Sipping some more coffee, you decide to continue your rounds. Down to the lab, then. Maybe Nitori's up to something interesting. You should get back to work, but you can at least do this much. You feel kind of depressed knowing that today is going to be nothing like yesterday.

Nitori isn't in the front of the lab, so you make your way through the maze of stuff to find her “office” in the back. You'd fly, but it's kind of hard to drink coffee at the same time.


There she is; sitting there, hard at work. You've only seen her at this desk once before; she doesn't usually draw things out, instead opting to keep them in her head.

“'Morning,” She responds, not looking up from her work. “Sleep well?”

“Yep. Yesterday was pretty tiring,” You say, laughing a bit. “Working on your plans?”

“Yeah,” She says, biting on the end of her pencil for a moment before sketching some more, “It's going to be more difficult than I thought.”

You smile a bit. This is probably what you look like when you slip into one of your trances. She, at least, can manage more than basic yes's and no's, but it's around the same level of engagement.

“Well, I'll let you keep working, then. Lunch around noon?”

Nitori nod, her eyes remaining fixed to the paper. “Sounds good.”

You head back, this time flying; your coffee is depleted. Back to the stairs, back to the kitchen...

Soon, you're at work finalizing the material you wrote last night. A few passes of editing are needed to bring the language back down to something... comprehensible. Most of it would be hard to understand otherwise.

Today is a... what day is it? Hina stops by on Sundays for lunch, but you're not sure...

… it's a Saturday. Yeah, it's been 6 days since she stopped by last. You won't have to worry about that until tomorrow. Leftovers for lunch, then. Thankfully, it's much easier to cook now that you've got a working microwave.

As the food cooks, you wonder if you should go gather the others.

Multi-vote, as long as you don't break reality:
[ ] Nitori'll find her own way up if she's hungry.
[ ] Go bother Nitori.
[ ] Lumiere wouldn't want to miss lunch. Go wake her up.
[ ] Let Lumiere sleep.
>> No. 8039
[ ] Nitori'll find her own way up if she's hungry.
[ ] Lumiere wouldn't want to miss lunch. Go wake her up.
[ ] Be sure to make some for Nitori and Takiko to munch on later.

Nitori is going to be stuck in Brainstorm Modo for a while. Let's get some time in with Lumiere before we get sucked in as well.
>> No. 8041
[x] Shout for Nitori to get her cute little bum up here for lunch.
[x] Set Lumiere's food in front of a fan and let the smell blow over her until she wakes up.

Anon, here, breaking reality for you. Also, in before "Daad~ what are you doing~?"
>> No. 8042
[x] Shout for Nitori to get her cute little bum up here for lunch.
[x] Set Lumiere's food in front of a fan and let the smell blow over her until she wakes up.

Eh, why not?
>> No. 8048
[x] Shout for Nitori to get her cute little bum up here for lunch.
[x] Set Lumiere's food in front of a fan and let the smell blow over her until she wakes up.

Sounds fun~~
>> No. 8056
[x] Shout for Nitori to get her cute little bum up here for lunch.
[x] Set Lumiere's food in front of a fan and let the smell blow over her until she wakes up.
>> No. 8073
This... is not working. I originally intended to write both this and my other story simultaneously, but the more I write, the more I realize how this isn't flowing like it should. I have good ideas(or, at least, I believe so), but I can't really see a way to build a story out of them. I was hoping that it'd "click", so to speak, while writing, but... it hasn't.

So, I'm going to do you all a favor and put this on hiatus for the time being. It's going to sit and stew, and hopefully become something worth writing. In the meantime, though, I'd like to continue writing something in /youkai/. My idea was to go with something that I'm already familiar with: the original SCIENCE. However, if you want me to focus more on my new story, that's fine too. I'm only good for about two updates per day, when I'm motivated and have direction, so... yeah. Your choice.

[ ] Second run-through of SCIENCE.
[ ] Focus on the new story.
>> No. 8077
[ ] Focus on the new story.

Spend your time on the moe moe youkai story and let the SCIENCE-y goodness stew in the back of your head.
>> No. 8079
[x] Focus on the new story.

It's fresh.
>> No. 8080
[x] Focus on the new story.

I'd rather you not start over with this. You've just reached a roadblock, that's all. I'm sure we can both see the potential here so far, but no way to get to that point(as the writer, you obviously have a better chance than I do).

So yeah, take a break.
>> No. 8082
{~} Focus on the new story.
>> No. 8086
[x] Focus on the new story.
>> No. 8089
[†] Second run-through of SCIENCE.
>> No. 8092
[Z] Focus on the new story.

Go with what your muse tells you to.
>> No. 8093
[x] Second run-through of SCIENCE.
>> No. 8094
[x] Focus on the new story.
>> No. 8095
[x] Focus on the new story.
>> No. 8096
[x] Focus on the new story.

1- Take a break from SCIENCE!
2- ???
3- Profit!
>> No. 8098
[ ] Focus on the new story.

Please DO NOT forget about SCIENCE though.
>> No. 8115
[x] >>8098
>> No. 8119
This, too.

Doing two works at the same time can be quite complicated, so I suggest that you focus on one story and switch to another when you have the time.

Please don't give up. We need your daily dose of SCIENCE.
>> No. 8120
The youkai mountain in dying :<
>> No. 8121

The Tengu story is still going strong though.
>> No. 8125

Salvation is coming, please wait warmly until it is ready.
>> No. 8287

I am now frozen...warmly.
>> No. 8308
I don't think I can. I mean, I spent quite a long time writing the first part. It would be hard to simply forget it at this point, with all the other ideas that I've come up with.

Dying? Two running stories is pretty alive for /youkai/, you know.