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The road goes ever on and on. Well, maybe that's an exaggeration, but the tunnel is longer than you thought it'd be. But, at least it's easier to follow than the others you were going through on the way. Nowhere to go but forward, spacious, well-lit... say, there's something to wonder about as you trudge along. Pretty obvious by now you've been taken inside the mountain, the tunnels cut from stone more or less fit what you think your idea of an extensive mountain lair would have been had you ever given it a moment's thought before today, but nowhere has the place seemed dark, or even particularly dim. The same, even level of light, just bright enough to see clearly, with no obviously visible source. Man, that's weird, now that you think about it. Maybe some kind of...

This train of thought is stalled by the sudden horizontal end of the tunnel. Looking up, you see it continues vertically, narrower than before, straight up. Wherever this light's coming from, it doesn't extend up there. The passage actually looks like natural rather than tunneled out, so that makes sense. In any case, the end of the passage is lost somewhere in the darkness.

[ ] The natural walls look climbable, let's do that.
[ ] Go back and get a tengu to carry you up.
[ ] So crazy it just might work: wall-jumping!


Pic unrelated. Tripcode probably unnecessary.

>> No. 463
D'oh, forgot the subject line. Not too big a deal, but, meh.
>> No. 464
[X] So crazy it just might work: wall-jumping!

We're Cu Chulainn, right? Surely a legendary hero can wall-jump!

Or maybe he can make an ass out of himself while no one's around.
>> No. 465
[ ] The natural walls look climbable, let's do that.
>> No. 466
[x] The natural walls look climbable, let's do that.
>> No. 467
[ ] The natural walls look climbable, let's do that.

Walls are no match for a legend like Cu Chulainn.
>> No. 468
[X] The natural walls look climbable, let's do that.

We seem like normal human. Trying to wall-jump would be stupid.
>> No. 469
[x] So crazy it just might work: wall-jumping!
>> No. 470
[x] So crazy it just might work: wall-jumping!

Servant Lancer
>Agility: A
>> No. 471
File 121063049345.jpg - (20.24KB , 363x366 , bg.jpg ) [iqdb]

[ x ] So crazy it just might work: wall-jumping!

Time to see if this anon actually has some sorta of HAX
>> No. 472
[x] So crazy it just might work: wall-jumping!
Time to put our Metroid skills to the test. I mean, it's not like anyone's watching, right? RIGHT?
>> No. 474
[ ] Wall-jump.
>> No. 475
[ ] Combo action.
>> No. 476
Wall-jump it is. Writing.
>> No. 477
Well, we had a good run.
>> No. 478
>The same, even level of light, just bright enough to see clearly, with no obviously visible source. Man, that's weird, now that you think about it. Maybe some kind of...

slowpoke.jpg but...if walljump doesn't work, and we get a do-over through BAD END or not, then [x] The natural walls look climbable, let's do that.
>> No. 479
[x] So crazy it just might work: wall-jumping!
Can't resist
>> No. 480
[X] The natural walls look climbable, let's do that.
Damn too late, enjoy your bad end.
>> No. 481
>>So crazy


>> No. 482
Not so much cause to worry about BAD ENDs here, Anon. Like I said in the first post, "LucasArts > Sierra". That's not to say you CAN'T die, but it won't happen so easily. Anyway:


The walls look easily climbable, but... looking up the tunnel, an idea enters your head from deep left field. You turn around and head back down the tunnel a little way (and a good look to make sure nobody's watching, in case this doesn't pan out), a running start, leap and...

...your foot catches a hold about shoulder-high on the wall, push away and...

...manage to find another solid purchase, push away...

...it's working. Holy balls, it's actually working! You allow yourself a short burst of nervously exultant laughter, but then your foot almost slips on the next rebound. You manage to catch yourself, though, and learn from your mistake: this job requires concentration, especially in such low light. You serious up and lose yourself in the rhythm. Push, catch, push, catch, push...


Oh, right. Should've figured there'd be a ceiling, eventually. Silly you.

You fall more-or-less straight back down the tunnel, your head full of stars. A last minute brush against the side of the tunnel turns you around so you land backside down, the contents of your pack breaking your fall. It doesn't stop the wind from getting knocked out of you, though, and your head still hurts like a bitch. All you can do for a minute is lay there and gape like a fish, fighting to fill your lungs again.

"HALT! IDENTIFY YOURS-- oh, it's you, sir." A guard tengu comes flying quickly up the hall and lands, looking down at you. Looks like the same guy who found you climbing the mountain. "I heard the noise and thought someone may have been trying to get inside. Is everything all right?"

You finally manage to draw a breath.

[ ] "I'll be fine in a minute."
[ ] "Hate to impose, but could you maybe get me up this tunnel?"
[ ] "Do I LOOK okay to you?"
>> No. 483
[ ] "I'll be fine in a minute."
[ ] "Hate to impose, but could you maybe get me up this tunnel?"

I applaud! This does read a bit like a Lucas Arts adventure, I think I'll go dig up one later
>> No. 484
[x] "Hate to impose, but could you maybe get me up this tunnel?"
>> No. 485
[x] "Hate to impose, but could you maybe get me up this tunnel?"

Care to lend me a hand? Jolly good of you.
>> No. 486
[x] "I'll be fine in a minute."
[x] "Hate to impose, but could you maybe get me up this tunnel?"
So we can fly, we just need to work on the landing.
>> No. 488
[x] "I'll be fine in a minute."
[x] "Hate to impose, but could you maybe get me up this tunnel?"

Why not.
>> No. 489
[x] "I'll be fine in a minute."
[x] "Hate to impose, but could you maybe get me up this tunnel?"

I bet he'll complain about how we are too heavy again.
>> No. 490
Another note for my future self: make the choices a bit clearer. I'd meant for the first one to lead into climbing up yourself. The bad is mine.

But whatever, asking for a hand up is good, too. Writing.
>> No. 491
[x] "I'll be fine in a minute."
[x] "Hate to impose, but could you maybe get me up this tunnel?"
>> No. 492
Well, we had it there for a little bit.
>> No. 493
"I'll be... fine... in a minute..." you manage between gasps. The tengu nods and turns to leave, when a thought occurs to you. "Hey... hang on a minute." He turns around again and stands as he was before, waiting patiently for you to speak again. As soon as you've got your lungs working properly again, you do so: "Hate to impose, but could you maybe get me up this tunnel? I, uh, slipped in the dark on my way up once, rather not risk it again."

He nods, reaching down with one hand. "Understood, sir." You take his hand and he helps pull you back up to your feet. "Just let me know when you're ready."

"Alright." You rub the lump on your head and pause to catch your breath. "You're the patrolman from the mountain, aren't you? What're you doing here?"

"That's right, sir. Came back from patrol and got told everyone's on double-duty until we find out more about this shrine. I got set to guard the passage on the chance the exit gets discovered and someone tries to sneak in. Also, I heard about what you're doing for us, sir, and let me just say, we do appreciate it."

"Thanks." You wonder how much choice you really had in the matter, though. There was that bit about saving your life... "Since we seem to be running into each other a lot, mind telling me your name?"

"Not at all, sir." He straightens up to a full-attention pose. "Sayo Inuhashi, at your service."

"All right, Sayo. I'm ready when you are." You turn your back to him and hold your arms out from your sides. As his hands grip your underarms, you voice a final thought: "Hey, no more cracks about my weight, okay?"

"Wouldn't dream of it, sir." True to his word, he hoists you up and begins ascending the tunnel without complaint.


Man, I'm slow. Or I just need to write less. Splitting this one up, choice to come next post.
>> No. 494
"You're a good man Sayo. Touch Aya or Momizi and I'll feed you chocolate."
>> No. 495
Get back to work, nigger!
>> No. 496
>"You're a good man Sayo. Touch Aya or Momizi and I'll videotape it for you."
>> No. 497
The trip is short, and pretty soon, Sayo stops and hovers in place. "This is the end. Would you mind grabbing on to the wall here, sir?" You reach out and manage to find holds for your hands and feet quite easily. His hands release you once he's sure you're secure. You hear something scraping above you, and your eyes blink rapidly as daylight floods the tunnel. "Now, up and out, quickly!"

You scramble as fast as you can through the manhole and climb out onto some grass. Sayo tosses a quick "Good luck, sir" out after you, and you turn around just in time to see the cover slide back into place. The camouflage job on it is so good, you wouldn't have known it was ever there if you hadn't just seen it close. Doubtful you could find again later, too. Hope it doesn't come to that.

You stand and look up the mountain. It's an easy slope, no steeper than a flight of stairs. Speaking of which, there actually are some stairs not far away. Odd, though. The way they're set, they can't have been placed there, would have to have been chiseled out, but they seem to be a different kind of stone from the mountainside around them. Plus, there's only about a dozen of them, leading nowhere in particular except for up, and then more mountain. Following their direction, you see a few more isolated patches of stairway before they become a more regular line further up. Ah, now you see. Some of the steps leading to the shrine must've gotten caught up like you did. Curiouser and curiouser.

[ ] Follow the steps up, straight approach.
[ ] Sneak around and try to get at the place from the side.
>> No. 498
[ ] Follow the steps up, straight approach.
>> No. 499
[ ] Follow the steps up, straight approach.
>> No. 500
[ ] Follow the steps up, straight approach.
>> No. 501
[ ] Follow the steps up, straight approach.

As everything changes, nothing changes.
>> No. 502
[z] Follow the steps up, straight approach.

Sneaking would be bad for first impressions.
>> No. 503
[x] Follow the steps up, straight approach.
We're Cu Chulainn, not Nanaya.
>> No. 504
That was quick. Writing.
>> No. 505
[X] Follow the steps up, straight approach.
No reason to sneak around.
>> No. 506
>Curiouser and curiouser.

No no, this isn't /eientei/. This is /youkai/.
>> No. 507
You consider sneaking around the place, but decide that would send the wrong first impression. Besides, you've got a path leading right up to their door. You climb up to that first patch of stairway and start ascending along them. It doesn't take long before you can see them come to an end ahead, and even less time to climb over it and get a good look at the shrine grounds.

Straight ahead is a toori, marking the entrance to the shrine, although there's (no longer) anything preventing one from just walking around rather than through it. The main building of the shrine looks rather standard from here: curving, slanted roof, paper charms hanging from shimenawa ropes above the entrance, saisen box set out front and center. Just beyond it, you can see a farily wide lake, which extends down to your right and spills over the side, creating the waterfall you saw (well, heard) earlier. Even further than that, you think you spot another, much smaller structure just past - or possibly on? - the far end of the lake.

Bringing your eyes back to the path at hand, you notice three figures standing in between you and the shrine. All female, two of them dressed in differing outfits sharing a red-and-yellow color scheme, their back turned towards you facing the third, a green-haired young woman in what looks like a shrine maiden's outfit, white with blue in place of the more traditional red. Too far to hear any words, but it looks like the shrine maiden is giving instructions to the other two. She stops and raises her head, looking in your direction. Seems you've been spotted.

[ ] Wave and shout, try to look friendly.
[ ] Continue walking up to them.
[ ] Wait and see what happens next.
>> No. 508
[ ] Wave and shout, try to look friendly.
>> No. 509
[ ] Wave and shout, try to look friendly.
>> No. 510
[X] Wait and see what happens next.
>> No. 511
[ ] Wave and shout, try to look friendly.

How d'you do, and how d'you do, and how d'you do again?
>> No. 512
[x] Wave and shout, try to look friendly.
>> No. 513
[X] Wave and shout, try to look friendly.
>> No. 514
Slight delay for dog-walking.

Friend to one and all. Writing.
>> No. 515
File 121064196265.jpg - (174.40KB , 426x550 , 240fcc142b72ed043faf71cdb49e31a6.jpg ) [iqdb]
Mama always said to put your best foot forward when meeting strangers, and they don't come much stranger than this. So, you put on your best smile, wave your arm in the air and shout a friendly "Hello there!" out to them. The other two turn and notice you for the first time, but quickly turn back as the shrine maiden speaks again, gesturing urgently. Once she's finished, they each take off, one flying down the waterfall and the other down the other side of the mountain. As soon as they're on their respective ways, the one in the miko clothes starts hovering a short distance up from the ground, too, moving towards you. Damn, you say to yourself, must all be more natives. Where are the humans? Was the shrine completely abandoned? Then again, it's only assumption that says this is the same one you were heading for earlier.

In any case, the "miko" stops short a few paces from you, hovering with her feet at your eye level. Those clothes she's wearing are definitely a shrine maiden's, but now you can see that the blue cloth is randomly covered with polka dots and short stripes. Her green hair is bound up in a few places, otherwise it looks like it might just reach down to her feet. A few locks are draped over her left shoulder, tied near the top with a band of cloth; around the bottom is a fancy-looking turquoise accessory in the shape of a snake coiling around her hair. Pinning her hair above that is a less fancy plastic pin in the shape of a frog's face. Maybe her hair could be dyed, but it's her eyes that definitively mark her as otherworldly, both a dark orange flecked with yellow. All the same, she's quite beautiful. Might look even prettier if she wasn't gazing down at you like you were a bug she hadn't decided to step on yet.

"Who are you?" Her tone is hard, but underneath, you can tell her voice is fair enough to match the rest. "Well?" ...kind of impatient, though.

[ ] Introduce yourself, friendly but oblivious.
[ ] Introduce yourself, awed at this wondrous flying maiden.
[ ] Introduce yourself as a spy from the tengu.
>> No. 517
[ ] Introduce yourself, friendly but oblivious.
>> No. 518
[X] Introduce yourself, friendly but oblivious.
>> No. 519
[x] Introduce yourself, awed at this wondrous flying maiden.
We're Cu Chulainn, not Emiya Shirou, and not a spy.
>> No. 520
Changing to:

[ ] Introduce yourself, awed at this wondrous flying maiden.
>> No. 521
>[ ] Introduce yourself as a spy from the tengu.
Oh-ho, why no screw ourselves?

[x] Introduce yourself, awed at this wondrous flying maiden.
I'm an outsider and this mountain is bizarre. Flying people and everything. The heck?
>> No. 522
[ ] Introduce yourself as a spy from the tengu.

>> No. 523
[ ] Introduce yourself as a spy from the tengu.

I vote for the BAD ENDs in every thread. For the lulz, of course.
>> No. 524
LucasArts, not Sierra. That option will just put us in LUNATIC MODO and make us a double agent or some crap.

...hmmmmm, double agent? That could be kinda interesting actually.
>> No. 525
It is? Shit, I thought this was Sparta.
Man, what are we going to shout now?
>> No. 526
HOLY SHIT ANON IS A FUCKING GENIUS. Let's do it. It'll put us on Sanae's good side if we're DOUBLE AGENTAN anyway.

[X] Introduce yourself as a spy from the tengu.
>> No. 527
[ ] Introduce yourself as a spy from the tengu.
>> No. 528
We can tell her we're a spy later, where there's absolutely zero chance of eavesdropping, and then become a double agent or somesuch.
>> No. 529
Triple agent, actually. Remember your deal with Aya.
>> No. 530
i am shocked at this revelation, let's give it a go. if it doesnt work, well, bad end lulz

[X] Introduce yourself as a spy from the tengu.
>> No. 531
Things are getting craaaaazy!

>> No. 532
[ ] Introduce yourself, awed at this wondrous flying maiden.
>> No. 533
[z] Introduce yourself as a spy from the tengu.
>> No. 534
>> No. 535
[ ] Introduce yourself, awed at this wondrous flying maiden.
>> No. 536
what're you doing, fag? just put it on 1 line
>> No. 537
He thinks he's japanese.
>> No. 538
Looks like spy won. Writing.
>> No. 539
[X] Introduce yourself as a spy from the tengu.

"Hi. My name is Cu Chulainn, legendary Celtic hero. And I'm a spy from the tengu. You are?"
>> No. 540
Oh dear, what have I done? Ah well, triple agent Cu Chulainn mode, go! I kinda feel badly about betraying the tengu, but since it's to the Moriyas we probably won't be screwing them horribly.
>> No. 541
You know what? You really don't feel like subterfuge today.

"Good day, madam. My name is Cu Chulainn. The tengu living in this mountain sent me up here to spy on you."

She sure wasn't expecting that. Her icy demeanor slips for a split second, showing her surprise. She replaces it quickly with a haughty sort of interest, raising one eyebrow and smiling slightly. "Is that a fact, indeed? Quite the bold tactic, being so up front about it. So bold, I might not have even believed it, had I not been expecting something along those lines already." She lowers herself slowly as she speaks, landing on the ground as her sentence ends and looking you over. "You don't seem to be one of them, though. Just a normal human. How did you come to be in their service? For that matter, how did you even come to be here at all?"

You scratch your head as you reply, more for effect than anything. "Actually... I was kind of hoping you might have an answer for that last one."

Her eyebrow arches upward again. "How very interesting," she murmurs. Her appraising gaze keeps up for a little while in silence. Then, half-turning away with her hands clasped behind her back, she surprises you in turn: "I've got an idea. Why don't you come inside, have some tea, and tell me all about it?"

[ ] "Um, sure! Sounds great!"
[ ] "Nah, here's as good as anywhere."
[ ] IT'S A TRAP!!
>> No. 542
Funny how Cu Chullain has become a triple agent without using deceit even once. I'm not sure whether he's a great spy, or total crap.

[x] "Um, sure! Sounds great!"
>> No. 543
[ ] "Um, sure! Sounds great!"
>> No. 544
[ ] "Um, sure! Sounds great!"
>> No. 545
[ ] "Um, sure! Sounds great!"
Bitch was never expecting it. Gotta tell her we were pressed into spying from the Tengu, time for Triple Agent.
>> No. 546
I think it makes him a pretty cool guy, eh?
He's a triple agent and doesn't even fear the people he's spying on finding out.

[x] "Um, sure! Sounds great!"
>> No. 547
>> No. 548
[X] "Um, sure! Sounds great!"
This is the Sanae Route after all.
>> No. 549
Sort of like how Captain Tyler gets a reputation among the enemy fleet as deadly and cunning.
>> No. 550
Tea at the shrine. How nostalgic. Writing.


GAH. Forgot to actually hit submit. So, uh, here's the post, I guess.


"Um, sure! Sounds great!" You smile at her, and she smiles back. Things seem to be looking up.

"Follow me, then." With that, she starts walking away towards the shrine building. As you follow her, you notice she's completely dropped the superior air she had when she first approached you. Now, she seems almost completely relaxed. It doesn't feel like an act, either. What could've caused such an abrupt reversal? Something you said?

"Oh! Almost forgot," she says, spinning around and walking backwards for a few steps. "My name is Sanae Kochiya. You said your's was..." She stops and her gaze unfocuses with thought. "...Cu Chulainn? Where have I heard that before?" Uh-oh. "That's not your real name, is it?"

[ ] Say it is, but act embarassed about it.
[ ] Say it is, act offended.
[ ] Fess up.
>> No. 551
[X] Say it is, act offended.
>> No. 552
[ ] Say it is, act offended.
>> No. 553
Honest Chulainn is great, but let's not immediately blurt out everything though. No need to mention spying for Aya, and we don't want Sanae to think we're a loose-lipped traitor who can't be trusted with secrets. The tengu were, after all, not particularly bad folk.

So...no discussing their secret hidey-holes and contact details until after Chulainn ascertains the Moriyas are decent folk.
>> No. 556
[X] Fess up.
[X] Insist on using it anyway.

"Come on! It's great!"
>> No. 557
[X] Say it is, act offended.

"What, are you DENSE? Are you RETARDED or something? Who the hell do you think I am?"

"I'm the god damn Cu Chulainn, legendary Celtic here."
>> No. 558
[ ] Say it is, but act embarassed about it.
>> No. 559
Celtic hero*

God damnit.
>> No. 560

Other works aswell.
>> No. 561
Fessing up wouldn't lead to a change. I gave any nay-sayers their last shot back with Momizi. The Cuch is here to stay.
>> No. 563
Sanae will just continue to call us Chulainn? Odd but....okay. Consider >>555 a '[x] Fess up' vote then.

Let's see how far Chulainn can get without actually lying.
>> No. 564
[X] Fess up.
>> No. 565
[X] Fess up.
>> No. 566
[x] Fess up
"But it's a damn awesome name and you know it."
>> No. 567
This brings up a good point for everyone, actually: if you want to change your vote, please delete your old post when you do. It makes the tallying so much easier.
>> No. 568
Oh, never mind, he did. Well, I'll let it stand anyway for precedent.

Looks like honesty's hit five, then. Writing. Probably be my last post tonight, though.
>> No. 569
Fess up won
>> No. 570
[X] Fess up.
>> No. 571
>> No. 572
Sleep is a waste anyway, go write all night long.
>> No. 573
It is not to the worship of Morpheus that I leave you, but Pluto. Gotta work to eat, ye ken.


You sigh in not completely unforeseen defeat. "No. No, it isn't. Sorry about that. I gave that name to the tengu, and it just sort of stuck to my tongue. My real name is..."

Sanae interrupts you, wagging one finger and making a "tch, tch, tch!" sound with her tongue. "Now, now, don't feel you have to tell me unless you really want to. I can understand how you'd feel the need for some precaution. Besides," she adds, lighting up with a grin, "it's actually kind of a cool name. The legendary Celtic hero, Cu Chulainn!" She giggles so winningly, you can't help but grin along with her. "I like it!"

"Well, uh... in that case, I like it, too!" Yeah, why not! You share a laugh together as she turns back around and starts heading towards the shrine, skipping forward every few steps. Man, you're feeling good. Almost feel like skipping yourself. But not quite. There are still appearances to be kept, of course.

As Sanae opens the front doors and steps inside, it dawns on you: if she's a native here, how'd she know about Cu Chulainn? If she's not a native, then how was she able to fly? Metaphorical clouds start to roll in, forming together to blot out the enthusiastic sunlight that was shining on you a moment ago. The situation you're in, caught between the tengu and the inhabitants of this shrine. The small matter of where you even are, and how you got here. You stop next to the donation box and lean against it for a second, staring at the ground, lost in thought.

"Hey, you coming?" Her voice sings out from inside.

"Yeah!" Waving most of the clouds away for the moment, you gather yourself up and step into the shrine.


Another good stopping point. Nothing pressing on me tomorrow, so we'll see if I'm awake in the morning. Updates in the afternoon if I'm not.

Anyway, I'm out for now. Later.
>> No. 574
Glad i picked fess up.
Sleep good
>> No. 575

We passed the donation box without putting anything in it?

Need an option to leave Euros/Pounds/US Dollars (where are we from again?) in the donation box as a joke.
>> No. 576

We're from Nigeria. We're gonna give Sanae AIDS.

>> No. 577

Better yet, we'll introduce them to the 419 scam. They'll be raking in the "donations" hand over fist.
>> No. 578
Now we know the real reason Reimu attacked.
>> No. 579
So that means that the Story will follow the events of Mountain of Faith, does this mean we will have a chance to beat Reimu?
>> No. 580

Snake, you can't go changing the future like that!
>> No. 581
We will rewrite History then. And end it with a Sanae/Suwako/Kanako Happy End.
>> No. 582
File 121072271735.jpg - (25.91KB , 240x320 , 1181579676259.jpg ) [iqdb]
You'd been bumming around Japan for a year until the border yoink, still got a handful of yen stuck in a pocket somewhere.

Beat? Not at your current level. But maybe someday.

Why not?

Anyway, big-time crashed after work this morning, and now an early shift tonight, so. Tomorrow I kick sleep to the curb, promise. Gives me a little extra time to figure out where I put Hina, anyway...
>> No. 583
There is always place for some delicious Hina.

That sounds really interesting what you have planned, MoF Rewrite. Reminds me of Flipflop.
>> No. 584
"There's always room for H-I-N-A!"
>> No. 585

Bill Murray starring in the new Touhou movie, "Lost in Scanslation".
>> No. 586
>>Beat? Not at your current level. But maybe someday.

Youkai mountain is not good for LVLing. too much high level monster. give it up.
>> No. 587
Cu Chulainn's Speechcraft skill has increased!

[ ] I should rest and meditate on what I've learned.
>> No. 588

I admit it, I lol'd and nostalgia'd at the same time.
>> No. 589
File 121079543098.jpg - (269.76KB , 525x600 , d6ec399282e8887895e344f4317d6832.jpg ) [iqdb]
You walk through the door and reflexively slip off your laceless sneakers, leaving them next to Sanae's sandals. Looking up, past the foyer and on the other side of a narrow hallway, you see another open sliding door in front of you. Inside, a living room with a low table in the middle. Off ahead and to the left, you hear someone rummaging around; probably Sanae in the kitchen, looking for a teapot.

Cozy, but... not what you were expecting. "Hey, Sanae?"

The rummaging stops, she starts moving around more purposefully. "Hmmm?"

"This is a shrine, isn't it?"

Movement pauses. "Yeah?"

"So... well..."

Sanae comes into view through the door, holding two cups, looking at you curiously. "Well?"

You spread your hands outward, a sort of indicating shrug. "So, where's the shrine?"

"Oh. Yeah." She looks slightly embarrassed. "Sorry about that. It's actually out back, on the lake. Used to be out *front* on the lake, so anybody who came to visit never came in here, so..." She shrugs, from the more traditional 'what-can-you-do' school. "I redecorated."

"Huh." Guess that makes sense. Sort of. As she heads back into the kitchen, you go the rest of the way inside and take one of the cushions around the table. You continue to hear her moving around in the next room, preparing the tea.

[ ] Ask her about the shrine.
[ ] Ask her how she came here.
[ ] Ask her why she came here.
[ ] Ask her about herself.
[ ] Wait quietly.


No multi-voting, this time. Only time enough for one before the tea's ready. Still clear for write-ins, though.

Also, I'm a damn liar. I don't mean to be, though. Honest. But hey, I found Hina!
>> No. 590
[X] Ask her about herself.

Because I'm interested in her. The other things can come in due time.
>> No. 591
[x] Ask her about herself.
>> No. 592
[x] Ask her about herself.
"Sanae-san! Hey Sanae-san! Why are your shrine maiden clothes blue?"
"Because I'm Player 2."
>> No. 593
Fuck yes, you are back.
[X] Ask her about herself.
Too bad only one vote, but oh well.
>> No. 594
Wouldn't her 2P clothes be red, then? Hmm...
>> No. 595
[x] Ask her about herself.

SanaeSanaeSanaeSanaeSanaeSanae oh yes.
>> No. 596
[x] Ask her about the shrine.

Checking it out was the reason we got caught up in this in the first place.
>> No. 597
Popular girl. Writing.
>> No. 598
You vote for Sanae on the Sanae Route.
>> No. 599
You don't HAVE to, you know.
>> No. 600
Back to writing. I want my Momizi route.
>> No. 601


haha... ;_;
>> No. 602
Drumming your fingers on the table, you decide to make some conversation while you wait. "So, mind telling me a little bit about yourself?"

"Eeh?! About me?" The reply comes somewhat surprised.

"Well, if you don't mind."

"N-no, not at all." Hearing the blush in her voice brings a smile to your lips. "I just don't know what to say, really, I'm just an ordinary girl. Well, um, for starters, I guess, my name is Sanae Kochiya. Oh, but I already told you that. Let's see... I'm seventeen years old, third-year in high school... or, I would've been..." A split second of uncomfortable silence. "Well, anyway, I've been the priestess here at Moriya Shrine pretty much my whole life. Guess it's full-time, now."

Moriya Shrine. Well, that's one case closed for sure. This is the same shrine you were climbing up to visit when the switch happened. High school, so she's an outsider like you. But, that hair, those eyes, not to mention the fact that she was flying! She's no ordinary girl. Saving the harder questions for later, you press on with the softballs. "So, you're from the, I guess, 'outside' like me?"

"That's right. Only, I chose to come here. Not really sure where you came from." Sanae enters the room carrying the same two cups from before, one handled ceramic coffee mug which she sets in front of you, and a traditional Japanese round cup that she takes with her to the other side of the table. Sitting at the cushion opposite you, she sets the cup down and fold her arm around it, leaning forward as she picks up the thought from her last sentence. "But now's the time to find out. Tell me about YOUR self. Tell me everything."

Everything? Hmm...

[ ] Your life history, pre-Japan.
[ ] Your travels under the Rising Sun.
[ ] Your likes and dislikes.
[ ] What you look for in a woman.

(Sub-vote: border yoink and tengu stories are being taken as automatic. But, do you include your gentleman's agreement with Aya? Y/N)


Multi-voting resumes. Also, if/when voting for those last two, suggestions are welcome.
>> No. 604
[ ] Your life history, pre-Japan.
[ ] Your travels under the Rising Sun.
gentleman's agreement with Aya N
>> No. 605
[X] What you look for in a woman.

Just this, because I think it would be funny to see her reaction.
>> No. 606
[x] Your life history, pre-Japan.
[x] Your travels under the Rising Sun.
[x] Your likes and dislikes.

Not a clue what to go for in the likes/dislikes part. Best not to look like we're trying to hit on her too.
>> No. 607
[X] Your life history, pre-Japan.
[X] Your travels under the Rising Sun.
[X] Your likes and dislikes.
[X] What you look for in a woman.


Also, gentleman's agreement with Aya? Yes.
>> No. 608

Oh and yes to the agreement with Aya part.
>> No. 609
[x] Your travels under the Rising Sun.

That we were looking for the Moriya shrine in first place would explain to her how we got here.

[x] Your life history, pre-Japan.

In that order.
>> No. 610
Also, yes about Aya.
>> No. 611
[x] Your likes and dislikes.
Travelling and visiting sites of historical significance, natch! Well. It explains why C Chulainn was heading to the Moriya Shrine, anyway.

[x] Do not mention agreement with Aya

Ehhhh, if I come up with more ideas on the former, I'll mention it.
>> No. 612
[x] Your life history, pre-Japan.
[x] Your travels under the Rising Sun.
[x] Your likes and dislikes.
[x] What you look for in a woman.
gentleman's agreement with Aya? Y

>> No. 613
[ ] Your life history, pre-Japan.
[ ] Your travels under the Rising Sun.
[ ] Your likes and dislikes.

Do tell her about the situation with Aya. We need to be really open and honest with Sanae so that when the shit hits the fan we have a friend and someone who trusts us.
>> No. 614
And she'll trust us because...we don't keep anyone else's secrets and give them away the first chance we get?
>> No. 616
Shit, sorry fellas. Someone just offered me dinner out on their tab, and I'm not one to pass up a free meal. Sure beats the hell out of Maruchan noodles.

Hopefully get back in time for one more update before work, but no more promises. I'm inconstant enough without obligations to keep.
>> No. 617

First Kira then YAF and now you.

>> No. 618
[x] Your life history, pre-Japan.
[x] Your travels under the Rising Sun.
[x] Your like of historical sites.
[x] Mention your gentleman's agreement with Aya.

Let her know why we're here and not chilling on Earth right now. And don't word it as saying Aya will "pay us back with her body" like she did, more like she'll do us a favor. Then we can use Aya to spread the word of the new Shrine on the block. Or find us our lighter that we lost in the first thread.
>> No. 620

An honest man has no secrets.
>> No. 621
To elaborate on >>614...both Aya and the tengu wanted a spy so they could learn what's up with the teleporting shrine. Telling the people you're supposed to spy on--who you've just met and know nothing about--"Hey, I'm supposed to be spying on you"...well, it may be beneficial to them, but it doesn't mean they'll trust you. They'll probably think you're unreasonably quick to give away secrets to people you don't know, and therefore aren't necessarily reliable and trustworthy at all.

Sanae didn't mind us keeping our real name a secret from her. She won't necessarily mind us not spilling about all our secret deals right away, and may even look badly on it. It's not like we're doing something unreasonable by not blurting it out our deals the first moment we get, to people whom we've just met.
>> No. 622
...no secrets? She doesn't even know our REAL NAME, and let us--even encouraged us--to keep it secret.
>> No. 623
>And don't word it as saying Aya will "pay us back with her body" like she did, more like she'll do us a favor. Then we can use Aya to spread the word of the new Shrine on the block. Or find us our lighter that we lost in the first thread.

Also, it would probably be helpful from Sanae's point of view to have a neutral contact among the Tengu.
>> No. 624
First, we have no real name.

Second, it's not out of respect of our privacy that she doesn't want us to tell her, more that she just likes saying the name. Memetic drifting lol.
>> No. 627
An honest man isn't one that has no secrets. An honest man is one who does not lie or deceive.

Your "honest man" ends up with his bank account drained, and his identity stolen, because he never kept his personal information secret.

Proper honesty does not require you to tell any truth that you happen to know, whether it's supposed to be secret or not.

Of course we have a real name. We were even going to say it, except Sanae cut us off.
>> No. 628
Okay, basic life story rundown, with some personal interests on the side, and full disclosure re: Aya. Not enough time to build the full wall now, but I've got a plan to get it to you at some point tonight. Definitely not for at least a few hours, though, so save those F5s for another day.

Blood, huh? Totally worth it.
>> No. 629
Get back to writing nigga, or at least say when you can write again. Story is just getting interesting and i am still waiting for Kanako to make a grand entrance.
>> No. 630
"Everything?" You stroke your chin in mock thoughtfulness. Mental note: shave. "That could take a while."

She just smiles. "I've got all evening."

All right, then. You begin at the beginning, giving her a summary of your childhood, the town where you grew up, your parents, et cetera. You tell her about your decision to quit college and head out to Japan. You tell her about your life there, roaming from town to town, taking work where you could find it, soaking up everything you could. This part you sprinkle with a few anecdotes; she especially seems to enjoy hearing about the time you were literally drug into teaching grade school English for a week after their teacher fell asleep on the wrong train back from a wedding and ended up in Aomori. She remains mostly silent and wholly attentive throughout it all. You mention your love for historical sites and points of local interest, and start leading that into how (you're pretty much certain by now) you came to be here. It isn't until you mention the tobacconist who pointed you towards the shrine that she really interrupts you, eyes alight.

"Old man Tanegawa?" You just stare back blankly. Didn't catch his name, that you remember. So, she elaborates: "Mostly bald, eyes always look like he's smiling, still holds his hand like this when he talks." She demonstrates, leaning on one elbow with the arm up and two fingers extended, relaxedly holding a phantom cigarette that she (and he, now that you think about it) points and gestures with as she speaks.

"Yeah, that was the guy. You know him?"

Sanae claps her hands and laughs joyfully. "Oh, he was like a grandfather to me! I first met him at a shrine festival when I was a child. As soon as I found out where he worked, I'd sneak in there sometimes after school and we'd just chat until closing time. He had so many stories..." Her sentence trails off into happy reminiscence for a moment, then she laughs again. "I just can't believe you met Tanegawa! I'll have to thank him for the visitor next time I..."

Her thoughts trail off again as the true meaning of what she said sinks in for both of you. Your eyes each suddenly avoid the others' to stare down meaninglessly at the floor, your thoughts turned in perfect sympathy to the world neither of you are likely to ever see again. Silence drapes over the room.

"Do you... miss your parents?" You glance up at her question, but her face is still turned away, so you turn your own back before replying.

"No, not really. College was their idea, so I always felt I'd effectively cut my ties with them when I left for Japan. I went ahead with no regrets. Still, I feel like I should wish for one more chance to say good-bye, or just let them know I'm alright, or something, but... I really don't, somehow." You turn your gaze back up and find her looking back at you. "What about your parents? Friends?"

She shakes her head and looks down into her cup. "Never knew my father. Mother died young. Friends... I never really had any. I say I'm just an ordinary girl, but..." She holds the snake accessory up in the palm of her hand, presenting the bound lock of green hair as evidence before letting it drop back into place. "Not near so much teasing as you might expect, but not so much friendliness, either. A few classmates I'd talk to, but my phone never rang. Tanegawa was the closest thing to a real friend that I had my whole life." She pauses and meets your eyes again. "Funny, but it's the little things I think I miss the most." She pauses again, thinking.

In the meantime, you decide to go first. "Jelly beans. God, I loved those things. Ever since I was a kid. Ate 'em by the handful. Heh, even had this nutty idea once in high school. There was this one brand, hundreds of flavors, Strawberry and Lemon and crazy stuff like Buttered Popcorn and Jalapeno. What I was gonna do, I was gonna order exactly 365 of them, randomly picked from all the flavors, and eat one a day for a year. Then I'd start this blog, and chart each flavor and how my day went, try and build up a kind of fortune-telling with them." Sanae laughs, and you chuckle along with her. "Yeah, pretty silly. Forgot all about it until just now." Your respective laughters die down, the mood lightened considerably. You look at her and wait.

Eventually, she looks back down at her cup and blushes very slightly. "Tekura High, Class 4-E."

"TV show?"

She shakes her head, still looking down and blushing. "Light novel series. High school romance. One of my classmates lent me the first one and I was hooked. I'd buy each one the day it hit the bookstore in town and rush home to read it all in one go. Sappy as anything, but I couldn't get enough. End of the latest book, Setsuko had just run out of a date with Takeda to confess her love to Hidamura. I guess I'll never know how that turned out."

Silence and introspection resume. Before long, she looks up and breaks the mood by asking plainly, "You hungry?"

As if reminded by her question, your empty stomach begins complaining. "Famished, in fact."

She picks up her cup and stands. Anticipating her suggestion, you do the same. "It's gotten pretty late with all this talking. C'mon, how about you finish up your story while we make something for dinner."

"A fine idea." So decided, she precedes you into the kitchen, and you follow close behind.


Wow. That part really took on a life of its own. Good news is, shift ended early, so I'm free to start on part two right away.
>> No. 631
Good Part, i like your idea, to give the Characters more life and Personality.
Well i don't know how many people are still around, but i guess this is pretty much a dead time at the moment.
>> No. 632

Nicely done

You write better than most write-fags.
And it probably helps that the protagonist has some kind of background.
>> No. 633
The hell it is!

>> No. 634
The kitchen is small and a little narrow, but adequately equipped. After checking the cupboards and fridge ("The appliances will still work, for now," Sanae explains cursorily. "Same goes for the plumbing." You're too hungry to press the issue immediately.), she starts the rice cooker while take a couple of eggs and prepare to scramble them, with the ultimate aim of tamagodon. As she mixes together a sauce to go over it, you continue your story from where you left off. Climbing the hill, the strange symptoms you felt before the change, waking up on the mountainside after, losing your lighter (she tries to stifle a giggle at this), on through to your eventual being capture, detainment, and final recruitment by the tengu. Having brought her mostly up-to-date, you pause to concentrate on the eggs and let it all sink in.

"Huh." Sanae stirs the sauce together slowly. "So, they just let you go after that?"

"More or less. They didn't blindfold me on the way out, but they still had to have someone lead me to the exit. Seriously, I don't know how anyone finds anything in there. The whole place is a maze of twisty little passages, all alike."

"Out the waterfall again?"

"No, they... they had something closer. A hidden passage, came out near the top. Real well-hidden, too, I don't think I could ever find it again if I tried."

"Huh," she says again, still stirring. It must be mixed by now, but there's really not much else for her to do at the moment. "The whole thing sounds like some kind of spy movie." She giggles. "Starring Cu Chulainn as the dangerous double ag-- hey hey, easy with that pepper!"

"Trust me, you never had it so good." You sprinkle some more of the spice over the eggs and set the shaker down.

"I don't doubt that it'll be very tasty, I'm just trying to conserve it. Eggs and rice, I don't doubt we'll be able to find here easily, but pepper, I'm not so sure."

"Ah." Hadn't thought of that. "Right. Sorry. What were you saying about a movie?"

"It's okay. And really, I was just pointing out that revealing yourself to me makes you a double agent."

"Ah." Knew you'd forgotten something. "Right. Um, triple agent, actually."

The stirring stops for a moment. "What do you mean?"

"I forgot to mention this before, but... that bird tengu, who came in while I was being interrogated? I guess she's some kind of hotshot reporter, and she smells a big story in this shrine. So, after everyone was gone, we made a deal where I give her the inside scoop on what's going on up here."

The spoon remains motionless. "In return for what?"

"A favor. Anything I care to name. She says she's the fastest in the land, doubt it's strictly true, but still."

"Huh." Sauce mixing resumes. "Well, I guess that's all right. Might be some good publicity. Just make sure you don't tell her anything... private."

Egg frying takes a break. "Private like... what?"

"Private like use some common sense what!" Sanae glares at you and points with the spoon for emphasis, her cheeks flush. God, she is so adorable when she blushes. Even when she's angry.

"Okay, okay. Message understood." Egg frying resumes.

"Good." Sauce mixing resumes. "So, what're you going to ask her to do for you?"

"No idea. Haven't even started earning it, yet, so, yeah."

The conversation lulls. As if on cue, the rice cooker *ding!*s the completion of its appointed task. As you divide the eggs, Sanae apportions the rice into two large bowls. The eggs and sauce are place in with it, and the whole mixed together. You carry the bowls back out to the living area while she refills your cups with tea. After she comes back out and takes her seat, you both utter the customary "itadakimasu" before digging in.

Seems you were both pretty well starving, as the first minute or so passes with the only sound being chopsticks on bowl. "Mmmm," Sanae finally says after washing a mouthful down with tea. "You were right about the pepper. This is delicious."

"Told ya so," you manage between swallows. And that's it for dinner conversation.

Finally, both bowls have been picked clean, and she carries them in to the sink. You lean back and sigh contentedly, stomach satisfied. Sanae comes back in and sits opposite you again, sipping her tea.

[ ] Ask her what she meant about the appliances.
[ ] Ask her about those two women who flew off as you arrived.
[ ] Ask her what she finds attractive in a man.
[ ] Enjoy the silence.


People still awake? Maybe I'll stick around for a vote or two, then.
>> No. 635
[x] Ask her about those two women who flew off as you arrived.

Aight, we've spilled the beans. Now let's see how much she trusts us.
>> No. 636
[ ] Ask her what she meant about the appliances.
[ ] Ask her about those two women who flew off as you arrived.
>> No. 637
>"Well, I guess that's all right. Might be some good publicity. Just make sure you don't tell her anything... private."

>Egg frying takes a break. "Private like... what?"

>"Private like use some common sense what!" Sanae glares at you and points with the spoon for emphasis, her cheeks flush.

Haha, oh wow. I get a kick out of this exchange. "Private like use your common sense what" indeed.
>> No. 638
[X] Ask her about those two women who flew off as you arrived.
Let her talk for a while, we have to earn our favor.
>> No. 639
[ ] Ask her about those two women who flew off as you arrived.

I'm really enjoying this BTW.
>> No. 640
Yeah, he is giving the story Life of it's own. But it is still at the beginning, too early to tell how he manages the rest, but it's good so far.
>> No. 641
[x] Ask her what she meant about the appliances.
[x] Ask her about those two women who flew off as you arrived
>> No. 642
So am I, man. Should've started writing again years ago.

I shall endeavor to maintain.

Speaking of writing, asking about the women just hit five. Back in a few.
>> No. 643
Too bad that you don't have the time to write regular.
>> No. 644
Yes, unfortunately, my current schedule does not allow for much regularity at all. What I've been doing so far has been trying not to write unless I thought I could do so for a while. What I'm going to try to do in the future is just write whenever I can and post it when it's done, even if it's just the one thing for the day. Unless that doesn't sound like a good idea to you folks, that is.



Now seems a good time to scratch an itch. "Hey, Sanae?"


"Those two women you were talking to earlier, in the reds and yellows. Who were they? And where'd they go?"

"Ahh, yes," Sanae says as if she'd just recalled them herself. "The Aki sisters. They're two goddesses who live here at the shrine."

Whoa. Whoa. Back up a minute. Is she serious? Goddesses? ACTUAL goddesses? "Goddesses, huh?"

...shouldn't that revelation have affected you more? First wolf-people, then bird-people, then flying girls, and now goddesses, with hardly a breakdown between them. Man, you REALLY hope this is a good sign.

"Yeah, that's right." She takes a sip of tea. "Shizuha, the older, is in charge of the changing of the leaves. Minoriko controls the fall harvest. Together, they pretty much *are* autumn. They're competitive with each other, sometimes maybe a little too much, but they're really nice. You'll like them."

"I see. Any more deities hanging around?"

"Just two. There's Hina, the curse goddess. Hina Kagiyama's her full name. She left before you got here, out surveying the countryside. She's, um... honestly, kinda flakey, but... nice." Sanae sips her tea again, drawing herself up, sounding somehow proud when she speaks again. "And then there's..." It doesn't last long, though, as she suddenly turns her head towards the ceiling and interrupts herself. "Oh. Looks like one of them's come back." Hastily excusing herself, she stands up and leaves you behind, heading out the front door to meet whoever-it-is.

[ ] Follow her outside.
[ ] Check out the rest of the house... shrine... thing.
[ ] Stay put and wait.


Oof. Speaking of irregularity, time for me to crash again. Get back when I can.

Oh, and I know it looks like I forgot something in there, but I didn't, really. Just pushed it back.
>> No. 645
[X] Follow her outside.
Oh God, let it be Kanako please.
>> No. 646
[x] Follow her outside.
>> No. 647
[ ] Follow her outside.
Where we'll run into Hina and be cursed with bad luck with women for the rest of our days (kidding, hoping it'll be Kanako).
Ah, Sanae isn't fully aware of Suwako here, right? This could be interesting.
>> No. 648
[x] Follow her outside.
Woah, all the MoF goddesses ported in with the Moriya shrine in this continuity? That's...interesting.
>> No. 649
[X] Follow her outside.
If by interesting you mean awesome, then yeah, I agree.
>> No. 650
[ ] Follow her outside.

But hang back a bit and wait for her to introduce us.
>> No. 651
File 121085804239.jpg - (900.40KB , 1070x1514 , happy_life_28.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 652
[X] Follow her outside.

It has already been said, but the quality is pretty high. Question, though: where are you pulling your characterizations from?
>> No. 653

[X] Follow her outside.

You're awesome, Tetro.
>> No. 654
I really like this story.
[] Follow her outside.
Meet people(godesses), yay!
>> No. 655
That is a good question. Did you play the games and got your infos from Touhou Wiki or just think something up?
>> No. 656
File 121089199754.jpg - (60.22KB , 489x600 , 121039604769.jpg ) [iqdb]
Please, let it be KERO KERO!
>> No. 657
>>652 >>655
I've played MoF a few times, haven't managed to 1cc anything yet (I fail at danmaku), so I got pretty much everything I know about the story off the wiki and based my own story on that. There have been, and will be, several creative licenses taken, but I think not any more than it was already designed to take (this IS Touhou, after all).

Work's over for the week, but tonight's D&D night. So, dinner first, then writing until that starts up. Seven minutes.
>> No. 658
Whatever's going on outside is bound to be more interesting than anything in here. Besides, you've never met a goddess before. You stand up and hurry out after Sanae.

Just past the saisen box, you see her talking with a pale-skinned woman. Her hair looks the same color as Sanae's at first glance, but a second tells that the newcomer's has a distinctly bluer tint to it. Her dress... is quite a piece of work. Dark red, covered in frills, with a huge white kerchief around her neck and a blue-green swirl embroidered on the skirt. One ribbon sits atop her head, tied in a bow, another ties her hair together under her chin in a sort of reverse ponytail, and a third is wrapped around her wrist. You'd have to be a goddess to wear an outfit like that, probably takes a small miracle just to get dressed each morning.

"...smaller settlements all over, but the one large village seems to hold most of the human population. East from there is... ohh." The ribbon lady stops her report to Sanae when she notices you coming out, suddenly ignoring the priestess and side-stepping her to approach you slowly. "And who do we have here?"

[ ] Introduce yourself.
[ ] Let Sanae do it.


Just been told I only have an hour, so I'll try to keep things short and mobile for that time.
>> No. 659
File 121090295575.jpg - (161.81KB , 547x811 , 5d694a5c60bde386add86e1c0dfb4a1d.jpg ) [iqdb]
Blast it, I keep forgetting to include images.
>> No. 660
[ ] Introduce yourself.

"Cu Chulainn. Legendary Celtic hero. Are you my master?"
>> No. 661
[X] Introduce yourself.

It's polite.

And HURGH, do want Sanae, but Hina thighs are amazing.
>> No. 662
[x] Introduce yourself.
"Cu Chulainn, but you can call me Lancer. You don't need to introduce yourself to me, ANGRA MAINYU."
>> No. 663
[ ] Introduce yourself.

"Got enough ribbons?"
>> No. 664
[] Introduce yourself.
...and silently pray that you aren't hit by a giant meteor.
>> No. 665
Self-introduction it is. Writing.
>> No. 666
>> No. 667
"My name is Cu Chulainn. Legendary Celtic hero. Spy for the tengu."

She stops her advance and looks at you strangely, then turns back to Sanae. "What?"

Sanae answers as soon as she's removed her sleeve from in front of her mouth. "It's all right. I'm willing to vouch for him." She steps forward next to the newcomer and addresses you. "This is Hina Kagiyama, the shrine's resident curse goddess."

[ ] "Curse goddess?" Sounds interesting.
[ ] "Curse goddess?" Sounds dangerous.
[ ] "Hi. So, Sanae, what about those other two?"
>> No. 668
[x] "Curse goddess?" Sounds interesting.
Danger?! Haha, I don't know what danger is!
>> No. 669
[ ] "Curse goddess?" Sounds interesting.

Wanna go drop me on a rock?
>> No. 670
[ ] "Curse goddess?" Sounds sexy.
>> No. 671
[X] "Curse goddess?" Sounds sexy.
We have to be like Lancer.
>> No. 672
[ ] "Curse goddess?" Sounds interesting.
>> No. 673
[ ] "Curse goddess?" Sounds interesting.

Do not offend her. I think she could accidentally(?) kill us with... well, actually, just about anything.
>> No. 674
[x] "How about some curses then, eh? If you know what I mean."
>> No. 675
Sexy, that's like a kind of interesting, so same difference, right? Right. Write.
>> No. 676

[x] "Curse goddess?" Sounds sexy.

Scorn sounds like he knows what he's doing this time.
>> No. 677
[X] "Curse goddess?" Sounds sexy.
>> No. 678
[ ] "Curse goddess?" Sounds interesting.
>> No. 679
[X] "Curse goddess?" Sounds sexy.

Yes, yes. This is it.
>> No. 680
...wait, how does "curse goddess" sound "sexy", anyway?
>> No. 681
[X] "Curse goddess?" Sounds sexy
>> No. 682
Shut up, this is Cu Chulainn we're talking about.
>> No. 683
"Curse goddess?" Your eyebrows raise interestedly. "Intriguing. How does that work, exactly?"

Hina smiles and curtsies politely. "It could not be simpler. I gather misfortune from humans, who suffer from it, and pass it on to the gods, who are only marginally affected."

"Yeah, well," Sanae interjects, "I still wouldn't spend too much time around her, if I were you. She leaks."

Hina puts her ribboned hand to her breast and turns to Sanae with a shocked expression. "Lady Kochiya, why do you persist on defaming me in this manner? I have explained to you repeatedly that it is merely a case of prejudicial projection on your part. Accidents happen in many places that I am not present, to blame me for every one that occurs wherever I am is quite plainly unfair."

"Yeah. Well." Sanae glances at you and rolls her eyes. "As you were saying, something east of the village?"

"Ah, yes. A bamboo grove, not overly large, but densely enchanted too waylay travelers. Even to fly over it is to become disoriented, but I believe I..."

Her directions are interrupted once again by another arrival coming in from over the shrine roof. As she comes down, you can tell she's one of the two from before, but it's too dark to make out anything else immediately.

[ ] "Shizuha?"
[ ] "Minoriko?"
[ ] Just wait and find out.


Less than 10 minutes to role-playan, so stopping here. May still pop up voting in other stories, so WORK NIGGER at me if it'll make you feel better, but ain't gonna do yer any good anyhow.
>> No. 684
[x] Just wait and find out.
>> No. 685

Cu Chulainn was kinda well known for misfortune, especially his disregard of it and resulting death.

But really, It's anon here. We're trying to be badass.
>> No. 686
[ ] Just wait and find out.
>> No. 687
[ ] Just wait and find out.
>> No. 688
[ ] "Minoriko?"

Take a stab.

I like Hina's highly formal way of talking, it's cute.
>> No. 689
>"Yeah, well," Sanae interjects, "I still wouldn't spend too much time around her, if I were you. She leaks."

>> No. 690

Leaks misfortune, that is.
>> No. 691
[ ] "Minoriko?"
>> No. 692
[X] Just wait and find out.
Sanae hate Hina.
>> No. 693
[X] Just wait and find out.

Let's not make an ass of ourself just yet.

Also, we'll have to befriend us some Hina, later. Treat her her right, and teach her to understand the joy of having someone who isn't constantly afraid of her and judging her.
>> No. 694
I like hearing Hina talk.

I wonder how that's like in bed?
>> No. 695
[x] Just wait and find out.
We get nothing if we call it right, and might make her feel insulted if we call it wrong.
>> No. 696
[X] Just wait and find out.
>> No. 697
>"This is Hina Kagiyama, the shrine's resident curse goddess."
>shrine's resident

A new shrine appears and all myriad gods make it there own or what?
>> No. 698
[] Wait and see.

The gods came in with the shrine, from what I recall.
>> No. 699
Yep, apparently in the Tetro-verse, all the MoF gods came along with Moriya Shrine. See: >>644

[x] Just wait and find out.
>> No. 700
Oh well, as long as Suwako remains "resting ever-sleeping" until Reimu/Marisa (or both) clear Extra Stage, I'm fine with the accuracy.
>> No. 701
Eh? Where's 'resting ever-sleeping' from? Didn't notice it in Suwako's profile, game script, etc.
>> No. 702
File 121094760436.gif - (277.89KB , 411x1548 , Moriya_one_page.gif ) [iqdb]
<-- this picture mocks that "scene" from the game. It's from the Extra stage. When you get to Kanako she says:
>Oh, are you trying to go further ahead?
>You can't; there rests my ever-sleeping friend.

Of course, Suwako is not hibernating frog-like, Misakuji-sama destiny style.
>> No. 703
Ah, no worries there then! It's easy to take that as Kanako making a jab at Suwako; much like if Ran were to call Yukari 'ever-sleeping'. No use omitting an awesome kerocter over a line like that.
>> No. 704
Wouldn't that make Suwako and Cirno mortal(immortal?) enemies or something?
>> No. 705
It's just that Suwako lives in the inner sanctum and rarely interacts with human beings, not even with Sanae. AFAIK Sanae knows little about Suwako, that is until Extra stage.
>> No. 707
I see what you did there.
>> No. 708
Kind of like a more loli, more ridiculous version of Kaguya and Mokou.

>> No. 709
oh u.
>> No. 710
Admittedly, I just kind of tacked that choice on to wrap up and get to the session last night, but guessing right wouldn't have been totally without effect. You really didn't miss anything here, though, so don't worry about it. I'm just saying, even if I do end up giving you a seemingly (or plainly) pointless choice, a little something may still come of it.

As for Kanako and Suwako, they just transported a whole shrine across the phantasmal border. As such, they're pooped. Even the greatest of deities have to rest occasionally, y'know. Kanako will make her first appearance on Day 2 (might've shown up tonight, if you'd taken a less chummy route with Sanae), Suwako... would be telling.

Anyway, rested up and ready to go. Wait and see won, so that's what I'll write.
>> No. 711
File 12109855401.jpg - (41.10KB , 1049x755 , 121048549957.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 712
You wait in silence as she descends lightly, touching down just a little ways from the group. Now, up close, you can see her appearance much more clearly. First impression, she's small, has the appearance of a girl just entering her teens. Her face is kind, and her red eyes are gentle. Blond bangs cover her forehead and curve around her chin, framing her face perfectly. On her head, a flat, brimmed red cap decorated with a bunch of grapes (they certainly look real), a thin black bow is tied around her neck. Her dress is simple, red chest and skirt decorated with wheat stalks, yellow shoulders and flared sleeves. You smell something coming from her... sweet potatoes? If your stomach weren't already full, it'd probably be rumbling about now.

"Sorry I'm late," she says. "Those kappa aren't exactly shy with their questions."

Sanae nods in acknowledgement. "Did you deliver the message?"

Her face falls a little. "Um, no, sorry. I just couldn't get a chance. I managed to tell them who I was and where I came from, and then the questions started coming non-stop. How did I get here, how I became a goddess, where that smell was coming from... and they kept staring at me, and prodding at me, and they brought out these I-don't-even-know-whats and..." She shudders and crosses her arms, looking away. "Let's just say, those kappa aren't exactly shy about ANYthing." A snicker sneaks past your lips, and she glares at you, her expression changing as she realizes she doesn't recognize you. "Who's this guy?"

"Oh, yes," Sanae says, taking a couple of steps towards you. "He came just as you were leaving. This is Cu Chulainn..."

"...legendary Celtic warrior, and a spy for the tengu." Hina interrupts, her tone lightly sarcastic.

"Is that a fact." She seems unimpressed.

[ ] Turn to Sanae. "Where'd the other one go?"
[ ] Apologize for laughing. "You must be Minoriko."
[ ] Impress the pants off her.


Whoops. Remember what I said about being easily distracted? I'll do better next time. I didn't spot the setup.
>> No. 713
[ ] Apologize for laughing. "You must be Minoriko."
[ ] Impress the pants off her.
>> No. 714
File 121098821662.png - (146.10KB , 300x561 , 3c15d3be07bf217659afa39ae92da55f.png ) [iqdb]

>> No. 715
[x] Impress the pants off her.

I'm pretty sure we're the only one wearing pants.
>> No. 716
[ ] Apologize for laughing. "You must be Minoriko."
>> No. 717
[ ] Apologize for laughing. "You must be Minoriko."
[ ] Impress the pants off her.
>> No. 718
Sorry, mutually exclusive.
>> No. 719
[x] Apologize for laughing. "You must be Minoriko."
>> No. 720


[ ] Apologize for laughing. "You must be Minoriko."
>> No. 721
[ ] Apologize for laughing. "You must be Minoriko."

Can we include a bit of self-mockery, too?
To balance out that legendary crap.
>> No. 722
[x] Apologize for laughing. "You must be Minoriko."

It's a shame we're not HotGluenonymous, or I'd be trying to think up some absurd dance to "impress" her with.
>> No. 723
[ ] Apologize for laughing. "You must be Minoriko."

We've got plenty of time to impress them with the awesomeness of a legendary celtic warrior like ourself.
>> No. 724
Apologizing won, writing now.
>> No. 726
[x] Correct Hina. "That's Legendary Celtic HERO."
>> No. 728
[ ] Impress the pants off her.

Damn it guys we could've literally charmed the pants of off her
>> No. 729
As much as I love the others, Minoriko route should totally be next. Just because I'm pretty damn sure that a fertility goddess would be one hell of a partner in bed.
>> No. 730
[x] Correct Hina. "That's Legendary Celtic HERO."

>Suwako... would be boring.
Fixed for accuracy.
>> No. 731
>It's a shame we're not HotGluenonymous
>a shame
...No, that'd be something to be PROUD of.
>> No. 732
Maybe some other time.


You step forward and bow slightly. "I'm sorry for laughing at you just now. I realize it must have been quite unpleasant for you." You straighten and look her straight in the eye, smiling. "You must be Minoriko."

She brightens, obviously pleased at having been recognized. "That's right. Goddess of the Bountiful Harvest, at your service." She picks up her skirt and curtsies, returning your smile as she stands up again. "But you must have known that much if you knew my name, too. You truly have the advantage over me, 'Sir Legend'."

You laugh and rub the back of your head in a small show of embarassment. "Yeah, well, I'm not really building much of a name for myself so far. Unless you can count surviving this long as a legendary feat."

Minoriko laughs politely and looks over at the other two. "So, Shizuha couldn't even beat Hina back? She better hope those tengu were either really friendly or even more curious than the kappa, or she'll be in for some grief next time I see her."

Tengu. Hospitality. Questions. You turn quickly and look at Sanae. "You don't think they..."

The sunken, fearful expression on her face is answer enough to that. "Oh, no..."

Minoriko steps in between you and looks from one to the other, her voice suddenly hard. "What? You don't think they what?"

[ ] Tell her.
[ ] Let Sanae do it.
>> No. 733
[x] Tell her.

James Bond rescue mission ahead
>> No. 734
[X] Tell her.

We'll break the news ourself. No need to make Sanae shoulder that burden.
>> No. 735
[x] Tell her.

Rescue mission time! Better ask if they have a spear/lance or something.
>> No. 736
[x] Tell her.
They just took her in and asked her some questions. There's no way they're doing something MUCH WORSE to her than what they did to us, right? RIGHT?
>> No. 737
[X] Tell her.
>> No. 738
Here's for hoping we stumble across a crow. "Hey, Aya, turns out that the shrine is full of deities. And they're getting a bit freaked out that one of their own hasn't made it back after going to see the tengu. Can you look into this before they start...well...blowing stuff up?"
>> No. 739
[X] Tell her.
Tengu torture MiA Style. Better save her fast, time to infiltrate the Tengu Fortress, we should know the way.
>> No. 740
Clarification: Proud that Cu Chulainn ISN'T him, that is.
>> No. 741
Telling her, then.
>> No. 742
That tengu fortress was a freakin' maze on the inside, and we don't know the way in because we were blindfolded, and the cover on their trapdoor was too damn good.
>> No. 743
We are their Spy, we can go in and talk them into handing over the girl so that we can do our job.
>> No. 744
A literally meaningful glance passes between yourself and Sanae. You silently agree that your experiences should be heard from the one who knows best.

"Minoriko..." You look down at her, and she looks back at you. "I had an encounter with the tengu on my way here. It seems they don't take kindly to strangers on their mountain. They found me once I'd set off some sort of silent alarm they have set up all over. I was captured, detained, and interrogated. And we fear... they may have done the same to your sister."

Cold fear covers her face. Her voice is barely audible. "But, they wouldn't... do anything to her... right?" A breathless pause, then, a sudden shout. "Right!?"

[ ] Tell her the truth, straight up.
[ ] Break it to her, but try to soften it somehow.
[ ] Lie.
>> No. 745
[ ] Tell her the truth, straight up.
>> No. 746
[ ] Break it to her, but try to soften it somehow.

I doubt the tengu would hurt her. Hell, we got out didn't we?
>> No. 747
A better idea than infiltrating. The tengu might accept our sudden return and failure to use the standard manner of contact if we pretend(?) we're all panicky because the deities are getting agitated. But we'll need a good cover story, because otherwise they'll wonder how we learned about the missing deity, excused ourselves, and returned to the tengu so quickly without blowing our cover....
>> No. 748
[x] Tell her the truth, straight up.
>> No. 749
[ ] Tell her the truth, straight up.
Better tell her the truth, so that we can go save her faster.
>> No. 750
[x] Tell her the truth, straight up.
They'll use an over-the-top acting routine to try and pull a confession out of you. Either that, or they'll just try and pull fingernails out of you. Those wacky tengu.
>> No. 751
[X] Tell her the truth, straight up.

It's not really a pleasant experience, but I don't think they'd kill Shizuha or anything.
>> No. 752
Truth won, but I wonder how many remembered just what the truth of the matter is, exactly. Too late now, writing.
>> No. 753
No idea what you mean. Does this mean we fucked up?
>> No. 754
"They let me go because I agreed to work for them, gather information on the shrine, but... from what they said before that..." You swallow involuntarily. This isn't an easy thing to say, especially to such a face. "...I believe the penalty for trespassing is death."

"NO!!" Fear transmutes instantly into focused anger. Her red eyes begin burning from within. Small hands wrap around one of your wrists as she jerks your arm along behind her with surprising strength, practically dragging you towards the stairs at the edge of the mountain. "You got out of this mountain, show me how to get back in! Show me where they're keeping her! We're getting her out, NOW!"

She'll dislocate your shoulder if she keeps this up. "Minoriko..."

[ ] "It won't do any good."
[ ] "Calm down! Let's not do anything rash, here."
[ ] "...I'll try."
>> No. 755
[ ] "Calm down! Let's not do anything rash, here."
Triple agent, remember?
>> No. 756
>"but... from what they said before that..."
>"...I believe the penalty for trespassing is death."
...buh? That certainly flew over my head the first time.

[x] "Calm down! Let's not do anything rash, here."
>> No. 757
[x] "...I'll try."
[x] Find one of Aya's birds
[x] "Hey Aya, how's this sound for a headline? 'Outsider goddess breaks into tengu fortress in search of sister'"
>> No. 759
[x] "Calm down! Let's not do anything rash, here."
>> No. 760
[X] "...I'll try."

Not making any promises, mind. But we should help, considering that neither side is hostile at the moment, and we want to make sure it stays that way. If the tengu spy tells them "hey, guys, killing a non-hostile might be a bad idea," I'm fairly certain the tengu will stop to think about it.
>> No. 761
[x] "...I'll try."
We put ourselves in Cu Chulainn's shoes. Now we're going to walk in them.
>> No. 762
>"We believe every word you've told us. Recent events have come to light that may just have saved your life."

>Events? "What events?" Wait, saved your life? "What about my life?"

Not explicitly stated, I guess, but still.
>> No. 763
[x] "...I'll try."
Because the Tengu Spy telling an angry god to calm down just sounds like asking for trouble. Also, LEGENDARY CELTIC HERO.
>> No. 764
[x] "...I'll try."
[x] Find one of Aya's birds
[x] "Hey Aya, how's this sound for a headline? 'Outsider goddess goes berserk and breaks into tengu fortress in search of sister'"

Need to add the fact she went berserk, possibly along with some RIP AND TEAR
>> No. 765
[x] "...I'll try."
[x] Find one of Aya's birds
[x] "Hey Aya, how's this sound for a headline? 'Outsider goddess breaks into tengu fortress in search of sister'"
>> No. 766
A pretty close race for a while there, but the winner's pretty clear now.

Speaking of trying things, I had an idea a while ago I think might work in this situation, but let me toss it out for feedback before I actually write it in here. Basically, it's a skill/luck check. I roll a d20, then take the first five numbers between 1 and 4 and add them together. Success or failure will depend on how close to my number you manage to get. What do you think?
>> No. 767

I don't want anon's success to be decided by a chance of the dice.
>> No. 768
[x] "...I'll try."
[x] Find one of Aya's birds
[x] "Hey Aya, how's this sound for a headline? 'Outsider goddess goes berserk and breaks into tengu fortress in search of sister'"

I like this.

Also, we should maintain some illusion of secrecy while talking to her, so as not to let Aya or the other tengu know that we gave away our cover intentionally.
>> No. 769
>> No. 770
yeah, fuck the dice, in this case.
>> No. 771

If it was always just for dramatic purposes, it'd get boring.
Haven't you guys ever played tabletop?
>> No. 772
No good? That's fine. Figured it was worth asking, at least.

Okay, writing.
>> No. 773
You stop resisting and walk along behind her. "...I'll try."

Sanae comes running up from behind to fall in step beside you. "Are you serious? You're really taking her in there?"

Hina comes floating up on the other side. "I must say, as one who knows a thing or two about the subject, this path you are threatening to tread seems fraught with peril. Will you not be dissuaded?"

You shake your head, not looking at either of them. "No. I can't just stand by and let her worry about whether she'll ever see her sister again if there's the slighest chance I can do anything for her. And believe me, I do realize how slight a chance that is, but..." You trail off into silence, and neither has anything more to say.

Minoriko finally stops under the torii and releases your arm. "All right, it's down there somewhere, right? Lead the way."

[ ] Left.
[ ] Right.
[ ] Straight.
>> No. 774
[X] I need a spear.
>> No. 775
[X] Straight.

We came out right in front of some of the warped steps in irregular positions, so the entrance should be straight ahead a bit. It might be off to the side, but straight is the general direction considering we took a straight approach to the shrine.
>> No. 776
Patience. I may not get all of the references that have come along with the name you've chosen, but I get this one well enough.
>> No. 777
[x] Straight.
[x] Mutter "You know, I feel kind of naked without a weapon."
>> No. 778
[X] Straight.

For the reason 775 said
>> No. 779
[x] Straight.
>> No. 780
Voting's slowed down considerably. Switching modes.

Straight on, it is, then. Writing.
>> No. 781
>> No. 782
Just how I determine the winning choice. It's first-to-five on the rare occasions I'm posting while most everyone's awake, but when it's slow like this, I just kind of improvise. Usually whichever's gotten a clear majority after 10 or 15 minutes.


You remember coming out and finding the steps not far away. Must be straight ahead somewhere. You start climbing down the stairs, Minoriko close behind, Sanae and Hina keeping a distance. Pretty soon, the stairs become irregular. They should become more infrequent, too. Sun's gone down by now, though, just when you need the light. As it is, you really have no idea when to stop.

That ceases to be a problem as you eventually reach a point where the slope begins a gradual but marked decline. That doesn't seem right. You're sure it was a fairly steady ascent. Then again, the stairs end here, this could easily have been where you started up.

Minoriko comes up beside you and looks down the mountainside. "Down there?"

[ ] "No, I think I passed it in the dark."
[ ] "Possibly. Let's take a look."
>> No. 783
[X] "No, I think I passed it in the dark."

The entire slope up to the stairs was easy for us when we came out, no steep climb at all. We didn't have to climb save for while we were in the tunnel. We must have passed it.
>> No. 784
>Usually whichever's gotten a clear majority after 10 or 15 minutes.

Wow, I worded that really badly. What I meant to say was, I check in every 10 or 15 minutes to see if anything's gotten a clear majority, and pick a winner when it seems like one has.
>> No. 785

Sounds like a fair argument to me
[X] "No, I think I passed it in the dark."
>> No. 786
[ ] "No, I think I passed it in the dark."
>> No. 787
[ ] "No, I think I passed it in the dark."
>> No. 788
"No. I think I passed it in the dark." You turn around and look back up the slope.

[ ] Left.
[ ] Right.
[ ] Straight.
>> No. 789
This is where a diceroll would have come in handy, instead of just wandering, we could get a roll to see if we just found it.

[x] Right
>> No. 790
[X] Left.
>> No. 791
[X] Right

I hate guessing games. Can't we get some kind of light here?
>> No. 792
>> No. 793
[ ] Left.
>> No. 794
[ ] Left.
[ ] Right.
[ ] Straight.

>> No. 795
[X] Straight.

Are we supposed to actually be able to figure this out?
>> No. 796
I don't know. Perhaps you could try phrasing it in the form of a write-in?
>> No. 797

Something that'll get us into the Tengu fortress quicker?

[x] Whistle for Tewi
>> No. 798
Fuck it
[X] Left.
>> No. 799
You are, except I'm a retard. I thought I'd written a direction to the stairs from the entry point, but looking back, I didn't. Derp.

In light of my failure, it's to the right. I'll just write you over there now, and make sure I've got my facts straight next time.
>> No. 800
Happy direction guessing with Tetro, expect he doesn't know the way either.
Write somethign longer too please. Half wall of Text.
>> No. 801

We've got a backpack, right? Is there an inventory check option? A flashlight could be useful.
>> No. 802
You try to concentrate on the moment you came out of the mountain. The steps were above you and... to the left? You look to your right and see Sanae and Hina standing on a flat, largish patch of grass. That's it!

"There! Right where they're standing, that's where I came out!" Both of them jump a little at your shouting and hover up to look at the ground. You jog up to join them, Minoriko flying ahead of you to join the aerial search.

"I don't see anything." Sanae still sounds doubtful about the whole idea.

"Such an entrance would hardly serve the tengu's purpose were it so easily found." Hina's voice is neutral, stating an obvious fact.

Minoriko adds nothing vocally, her fists barely visible under her long sleeves, her face stern.

[ ] Get down on your hands and knees, get as close a look as you can.
[ ] There's a flashlight in your backpack, ask one of them to go get it.
[ ] Hard enough to find it in the light, but in the dark like this...
>> No. 803
[ ] There's a flashlight in your backpack, ask one of them to go get it.
>> No. 804
[X] Get down on your hands and knees, get as close a look as you can.
[X] There's a flashlight in your backpack, ask one of them to go get it.

Might as well try it while one of them goes to grab the flashlight. If we haven't found it by the time they return, then we can find it with their help.
>> No. 805
I was wondering when someone was going to think of inventory checking. Unfortunately, it's not on your back at the moment, you left it at the house. Er, shrine. Whatever. A more detailed accounting can be arranged once you're back there.
>> No. 806
[ ] Get down on your hands and knees, get as close a look as you can.
[ ] There's a flashlight in your backpack, ask one of them to go get it.
>> No. 808
[x] Get down on your hands and knees, get as close a look as you can.

>> No. 809
[X] Get down on your hands and knees, get as close a look as you can.
[X] There's a flashlight in your backpack, ask one of them to go get it.

Makes the most sense. Shouldn't be any reason we can't do them at the same time.
>> No. 810
[x] Get down on your hands and knees, get as close a look as you can.
>> No. 811
[x] Get down on your hands and knees, get as close a look as you can.
[x] There's a flashlight in your backpack, ask one of them to go get it.
I'm an idort.
>> No. 812

Alright, we should check our inventory next chance we get.

[X] Get down on your hands and knees, get as close a look as you can.
[X] There's a flashlight in your backpack, ask one of them to go get it.
>> No. 813
Special dual-action post, coming up.
>> No. 816
You drop down onto your hands and knees. It's around here somewhere, if only... wait! "Listen, in my pack, back at the shrine, there should be a flashlight in the main pocket. Could one of you fly up there and get it for me?"

"I'll get it." Sanae turns around and takes off. The rest of you aren't kept waiting even a minute before she returns with the asked-for item, which she holds down to you.

"No," you explain quickly, "you shine it down ahead of me. Understand?" She nods and flicks the switch, illuminating a patch of grass in front of you. You lean your face down as far as you can and creep along as she moves the beam with you. Nobody speaks, nobody moves but you. One pass complete, you circle around move down a body-width, moving back across. Nothing. A third pass. Still nothing.

Midway through the fourth, Sanae sighs and turns the flashlight off. Minoriko is on her in an instant, grabbing her by the shoulders. "What are you doing?! Turn that back on! He hasn't found it yet!"

Sanae looks back at her evenly. "Exactly. And there's no chance that he will in this darkness." She sighs again. "Please, Minoriko, I understand how you must feel, but it's late. I'm tired. I'm sure Chulainn must be, too. We'll just have to trust that they won't do anything to Shizuha immediately, and try again in the morning, when it's light."

Now that she mentions it, you are tired. Dead tired. Even if you got inside, you'd probably wouldn't good for a damn thing. On the other hand, there's only about two more passes left. It's got to be here somewhere...

[ ] "Minoriko, I'm sorry. But she's right."
[ ] "Sanae, turn that light on or give it to someone else."
>> No. 817
...Oh, you bastard.
>> No. 818
[ ] "Minoriko, I'm sorry. But she's right."
It's best if we spend the night to prep up and try again in the early morning.
>> No. 819
Mmm, delicious DNM.
>> No. 820
[X] "Sanae, turn that light on or give it to someone else."

Cu Chulainn didn't give up on anything, not even when it was god damn impossible. He died horribly and should have known when to fold 'em, but still.

Besides, Conall Cernach will avenge us if we fall.
>> No. 821
>> No. 822
[X] "Sanae, turn that light on or give it to someone else."
NEver goin to give up.
>> No. 823
[X] "Sanae, turn that light on or give it to someone else."

>> No. 824
[x] "Sanae, turn that light on or give it to someone else."

It might be a good idea to point out that sneaking into the Tengu territory during the day isn't a very good idea.
>> No. 825
[X] "Sanae, turn that light on or give it to someone else."
Cu Chulainn would never give up if there is a Girl in need for saving.
>> No. 826
[X] "Sanae, turn that light on or give it to someone else."
>> No. 827
>> No. 828
DNM is a very specific BAD END in Tsukihime that results in Shiki's anemia overpowering him and getting him killed over it simply because he pushed himself too far. The D and N stand for "Dizzy" and "Not healthy", and the M stands for "Moon"
Of course, I could've gotten that reference completely wrong too.
>> No. 829
We shall die trying to save the girl, but she will be okay anyway, no need to search for her.
>> No. 831
Ahh, I see. Thank you.

Die? Quite possibly. Like Hina said, this path you've chosen will not be as IIJI MODO as the game's been so far.

Almost done. I apologize for being so slow. Again.
>> No. 832
File 121101247782.jpg - (105.11KB , 512x384 , All Night Mask.jpg ) [iqdb]
Putting my ALL-NIGHT MASK on for this thread.
>> No. 833
Bring it, enough tea drinking at the Shrine, time for some Action so that ChuChu can level up. The Goal is to beat Reimu at day ?. Time to change the Future.
>> No. 834

Don't worry about it. Start a new thread, though. This one's close to 350 replies.
>> No. 835

Listening to some green day?
>> No. 836
What? She's not hot.
Hina, now. SHE'S hot.

Nope, you explained it perfectly.
>> No. 837
File 121101330345.jpg - (37.58KB , 400x300 , boomtown_rats2_ab.jpg ) [iqdb]
Will do.

Boomtown Rats = SUPERIOR
>> No. 838
>>Boomtown Rats = SUPERIOR

That's not what DARKS would say though.