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File 154533989684.png - (352.52KB , 460x500 , __yasaka_kanako_touhou_drawn_by_hekoningyou_warani.png ) [iqdb]
30922 No. 30922
[x] Modesty is best.

You briefly consider taking credit for the whole thing, but decide not to.

"Well, I just mentioned the idea," You say, "Sanae agreed that it might be good so we went to discuss it."

Kanako seems a bit more appreciative of that answer. "Showing some initiative, I like that. Sorry, continue."

Feeling a bit awkward after being praised by a god, you take a few moments to recount where you were. "Right. So after the reporter left, we decided to make our way down to the village..."

Your retelling of the day's events echoes over the calm lake as Kanako and the frog listen. Neither seems bored, so perhaps you're doing a good job. You recount your encounter with the worshippers, Minoriko, and your trip to the village.

"... so, we ran to investigate and found the smith building on fire."

Just as you get to the part about the fire, Kanako speaks up.

"And then, a miraculous rain-storm put out the fire, right?"

"Oh," You say, "I guess you would know this part already."

"Actually, no," Kanako says, "I was just working away up here. Sanae asked for some heavy rain, so I sent some. She doesn't usually ask lightly, or think to tell me why half the time. Was my guess right?"

You nod. "It showed up in a few moments and put enough of it out that the villagers could handle the rest. We pretty much got overrun by a mob after that. They clearly knew Sanae did it."

You can see the old god's eyes light up at that. "Again, good work! That's exactly the kind of thing we need to be doing right now. How many will be coming?"

"They seemed pretty put off by our location," You say, frowning a bit, "We scouted it on the way back, mostly by foot, and can see why."

"How was it?"

You detail the attack, the dead youkai, your attack, and your subsequent dealings with the kappa. Although you try to give a neutral telling, the bit surrounding your attack and the fact that they seemed pretty happy about killing a man causes some anger to bubble back up.

Upon hearing this, Kanako stops listening and clearly starts thinking, looking across the vast lake as she does.

"Did you find the man's body?"

You think about Kanako's question for a moment. "No, but they admitted---"

"I wonder if he wasn't already badly wounded," Kanako continues, "These Kappa aren't supposed to be too troublesome. I'm not sure I believe they're randomly attacking merchants."

"They did mention something about him being an outsider," You say, "But we met at least one other person like that in the fields today. It would be bad if the kappa were randomly attacking those."

"Yes, it would," She says, looking back to you, "That's why I'm wondering if that wasn't just part of it."

[ ] Reiterate that they attacked you, too. It's a serious problem.
[ ] It could just be part of it, you guess.
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>> No. 31141
[x] It'll go faster if you help.

"Why don't we both do it?" You ask.

Although she initially looks a bit reluctant, her face slowly drops into a smile. "... well, OK. But are you sure you'll be able to keep up?"

You stand yourself, and start gathering the dishes. "How hard can it be?"

Sanae laughs softly, turning away. "Well, I'll start in the kitchen. Can you take this room?"

"Got it."

You gather the dishes up in short order, stacking them in a massive tower. Japanese style meals are nice, but... all the individual bowls can be a bit unwieldy. You do manage to get them in one trip, taking care not to drop them.

When you get to the kitchen, though, you see that it's already clean. Spotless, in fact - and all the cookware is sitting neatly in the drying rack already.

"Where do you want these?"

Sanae turns around. "Oh! Right here, thanks."

You set the dishes down in the sink. Looking around though, you don't see a rag handy. "Can you get me something to wipe the table down with?"

"Here." You turn around. But rather than handing it to you, she tosses it right at you. "Catch!"

[ ] <Natural 20>
[ ] <Pathetic 1>
[ ] <Somewhere in between>
Tomorrow, I'll try to get it out in the morning. And I have no momentum right now so sorry for the clunkiness that will be these next few.
>> No. 31142
[x] <Pathetic 1>
>> No. 31143
[X] <Natural 20>

I've rolled way too many 1s as of late, be nice to get a 20 for once.
>> No. 31144
[X] <Natural 20>
>> No. 31145
[x] <Natural 20>
>> No. 31146
[X] <Natural 20>
With the greatest of ease.
>> No. 31147
[X] <Natural 20>

Easy as pie
>> No. 31148
[X] <Pathetic 1>
>> No. 31149
Tomorrow morning I suppose... had to tend to something this morning rather than writing.
>> No. 31150
[x] <Natural 20>

With one smooth motion that surprises even you, you swing your arm around and snatch the rag firmly out of the air. You can't help but ham it up a bit, bringing your arm back into a resting position with another ridiculously smooth arc. There's no way that'll happen again.


"W-what's with that catch?" Sanae laughs, "I thought I'd at least surprise you a bit."

"I'm not sure," You chuckle, heading for the door, "Maybe your miracles are rubbing off on me."

She laughs again. "Definitely not! Go scrub that table."

"Yes, bossman," You say with a grin.

With the atmosphere cleared by a bit of humor, you head out to wipe down the table. Obviously, it doesn't take too long. But by the time you return, the dishes are already done. Does she do everything with miracles, or is she just good?

"You're... quick," You say, taking a look at the even higher stack of dishes now. "Oh, and here - catch!"

Sanae's motion is at least as smooth as yours. Dang. She's a real pro in the kitchen.

"You ready?" You wonder, "I want to get this road underway."

"Me too," Sanae nods, as the two of you begin to walk outside. "But let's not do any more interviews today, OK?"


As you wander outside, Sanae doesn't head straight out onto the grounds - instead, she heads around behind the living quarters. You're a bit confused, but follow anyway.

"I think," She says, "If we're starting near the bottom, we'll probably just want to clear brush and put up signs. What do you think?"

[ ] You think it might be better to focus on the kappa.
[ ] Sounds good. But you feel you might just slow her down.
Not morning, not... anything really. Whatever. Will shoot for tomorrow morning.
>> No. 31151
[x] You think it might be better to focus on the kappa.

If we don't, we're just cleaning up an 'All you can eat' human buffet.
>> No. 31152
[X] You think it might be better to focus on the kappa.
>> No. 31153
[x] Sounds good. But you feel you might just slow her down.
>> No. 31154
[x] You think it might be better to focus on the kappa.
>> No. 31155
[x] Sounds good. But you feel you might just slow her down.
>> No. 31156
I'll try again Thursday morning. Doesn't look like I can get to it tonight, and tomorrow is a normal (read: very long, tiring) Wednesday.
>> No. 31157
[x] You think it might be better to focus on the kappa
>> No. 31158
[x] You think it might be better to focus on the kappa.

"What about the kappa?" You wonder aloud, "I think people can find the trail easily enough, so they seem like a bigger problem."

Sanae frowns a bit. "Hmm. You still think so?"

"There's other outsiders in the village, right?" You say, "Even if the villagers can handle it, those guys might not be able to."

"Good point!" She says, before a smile rises to her face, "Plus... I can get some more practice. But maybe we should bring the tools anyway?"


"I thought it would be good," She said, looking around as if to see if anyone is watching, "If we did the road as much as we could by hand. Maybe someone could see us and write an article about how humble we are!"

"Maybe we could do that while we're looking for the kappa. What did you have in mind?"

She motions for you to follow. Around the side of the shrine is a set of heavy wooden doors secured by a lock. Sanae opens it, revealing a myriad of tools. There's definitely enough in here to keep up with the needs of the shrine. It's a mix of western and eastern tools - you guess that's probably fine if they're locked up like this.

"Um... well, something in here, anyway. I guess we'd be digging holes, stacking stones, and cutting brush."

You see a few tools nearby that could work for that. First, you grab one of the larger pairs of gloves you see in a basket nearby and try them on. Perfect fit. Next, you...

[ ] ... grab the machete.
[ ] ... grab the shovel.
>> No. 31159
[X] ... grab the machete.

They called him "Machete"
>> No. 31160
[x] ... grab the shovel

shovels are neat
>> No. 31161
[X] ... grab the machete.

Not only can you pretend you're Danny Trejo, a machete is actually a pretty versatile tool.
>> No. 31162
[x] ... grab the shovel.
>> No. 31163
[x] ... grab the shovel.
>> No. 31164
[X] ... grab the machete.
>> No. 31165
Tomorrow morning, I guess. Bleh.
>> No. 31166
Well, it's hard to write when you have no power/internet. I'll try to get it done this evening sometime.
>> No. 31167
Heads being the first option:
Coin flip: tails!
>> No. 31168
[x] ... grab the shovel.

... grab the shovel. Not as good as a post hole digger for putting up markers, you imagine, but you don't see one of those nearby. It fits nicely in your hand, and seems in pretty good shape.

Sanae walks over to the machete and pulls it from the wall. She holds it naturally, as if she's used it many times before. Noticing your discomfort, she turns to face you and smiles - holding the large blade behind her back as she does.

"Hmm. I won't use it on you, so don't worry~"

You laugh, holding your shovel at the ready as if it were a spear of some kind. "That's even more suspicious!"

Sanae relaxes her posture, clearly enjoying herself. "Are you ready? I'm not sure what we'll use for signs... but I think we'll figure something out."

"I guess even some carefully placed sticks would work," You say, letting the shovel fall back to the ground. "But yeah, I'm ready."

The two of you walk out of the shed, and after Sanae locks up, you feel that now familiar feeling again. Your legs suddenly find themselves without ground to stand on as Sanae's wind gently lifts you into the air. It still feels a bit like a dream, but...

"Can I try something?" Sanae asks you, "I think I can go even faster."

You think back to that battle you were watching earlier. Although you don't exactly know if you're up to it, you give her an affirmative nod.

... it's insanely fast. The sudden movement almost makes you lose your shovel, but you manage to get your free hand on it before it flies out of your other one. After that, all you can do most of the trip is keep your eye on the machete that Sanae's keeping just slightly in front of you.

But, in the end, nothing bad happens. In maybe only ten minutes or so you find yourself floating over the river from yesterday. It's not the same spot you were attacked... but below, you can see a well worn trail a short distance from the bank.

"Hmm," Sanae wonders, looking around, "I wonder how we'll find the kappa? I don't see them from here."

[ ] Scan the length of the river. Maybe you'll see something.
[ ] Start working. Maybe you'll seem like good prey again.
Monday morning for the next post. ...though I might call it tomorrow night and write it then.
>> No. 31169
[x] Start working. Maybe you'll seem like good prey again.
>> No. 31170
[x] Start working. Maybe you'll seem like good prey again.
>> No. 31171
[X] Start working. Maybe you'll seem like good prey again.

The master bait.
>> No. 31172
[x] Start working. Maybe you'll seem like good prey again.

is there barbecue sauce back at the shrine? Could lather himself up in that too
>> No. 31173
[x] Start working. Maybe you'll seem like good prey again.

Actively looking might work... but yesterday, they were pretty well hidden until they jumped you. Might be best to bump into them "randomly" instead.

"Let's get started on the trail by the river," You say, "Maybe I can bait one of them out."

Sanae looks a bit worried at that. "Are you sure?"

"I'm probably better bait than you," You say, shrugging. "And you'll be watching over me, right? So it'll be fine."

After a slight pause, as if she's not sure how to respond, she nods firmly. "That's right."

The two of you lazily float over the river for a while, looking for where the trail first winds out of the woods and along the river. As you head down, you actually recognize where you were yesterday - the clothes you pulled out of the river are still folded up along the bank.

Eventually, though, you land. Looking at your shovel and to the path, you wonder how this is going to work. The machete is easy to see - the path is very overgrown, especially at this end.


Sanae looks at you, puzzled. "What's the problem?"

"What're we using for marking the trail?"

Both of you look around. There's enough sizeable saplings that you could easily cut them down and make an eye-catching path. But there's also enough larger, elongated stones along the bank that you could roll some of them over and set up.

Sanae finally scratches her head. "Hmm. Why don't you choose?"

[ ] Be a bit feisty... have her choose.
[ ] Big stones are more aesthetic.
[ ] The saplings will let you cover more ground.
>> No. 31174
[X] Big stones are more aesthetic.
>> No. 31175
[x] The saplings will let you cover more ground.
>> No. 31176
[x] Big stones are more aesthetic.
>> No. 31177
[X] Big stones are more aesthetic

>> No. 31178
[x] Big stones are more aesthetic.
>> No. 31179
[x] Big stones are more aesthetic.

Despite your tiredness earlier, you're starting to feel a bit energetic now that your stomach is full and you're getting some sun. Halfway measures? No.

"How about these?" You wonder, wandering over towards the bank of the river. "I think we can roll--- oof --- a few of these into place, and stack some smaller ones on top."

They're honestly heavier than they look. But cairns would look so much nicer than your alternatives. Assuming you don't throw your back out, this will work fine.

"Do you want some help?" Sanae wonders as she watches you slowly move one of the stones.

"Not right now," You look to the machete in her right hand. "Though, I might regret not taking the easier job later today."

Sanae laughs. "It's harder than it looks. If you don't swing with confidence," She says, slashing a nearby sapling in half with a smoothness that shows she's definitely done this before, "You'll just be hacking things rather than clearing them."

You're sure the sharpness of the blade helps, too, but you just nod instead. "Let's get to work."

Like a well trained grounds crew, the two of you get to work. It takes you a few rocks to finally decide on a size you're comfortable with, but once that's out of the way you start putting up your cairns like you'd done this before. Nice stout pyramids, clearly visible among the cleared grass.

The shovel mostly ends up being useless, but you do use it as a lever on occasion. Still, it's a bit of a comfort to have it nearby.

As you work, you start to get the feeling you're being watched. That feeling served you well yesterday, so you scan the treeline and the river as you shuffle rocks about. You look skyward as well, but you don't see anything obvious. Sanae seems to be happily massacring random plants, unconcerned - so you wonder if it's just you.

[ ] Shrug it off.
[ ] Be on guard.
No update tomorrow. Back Thursday morning I hope (seem to actually be waking up at the right time).
>> No. 31180
[x] Be on guard.

It feels like somebody wants to sell me something!
>> No. 31181
[x] Be on guard.

>> No. 31182
[x] Be on guard.
>> No. 31183
[x] Be on guard

protect thy butt
>> No. 31184
[x] Be on guard.

... still, you can't shake the feeling. And you'd rather be paranoid than ambushed.

So although you head back to work, you do so in a way that keeps your head up and where you could drop the rock you're rolling without much effort.

Finally, you do catch a glimpse of movement in the forest. Wait... no, that's just a bird. And that's just a dragonfly. And...

It goes on like this for a while. Finally, Sanae notices you from up the trail and waves at you to get your attention.

"Is something the matter?" She calls out when you finally notice her.

Well, there goes all your careful acting. You stop what you're doing.

"Maybe," You call back, taking another broad glance around as you walk closer towards her. "Something just feels off."

"Hmm? Like what?" She wonders, meeting you halfway.

You laugh. "Dunno."

The two of you look around for a bit, but eventually, Sanae shrugs. "Maybe you're still hungover?"

"... hmm. Maybe."

Well, whatever. You shrug as well, and Sanae goes back to hacking at brush. You head back down the pa---


Your foot snags on a branch right in the middle of the path, sending you tumbling forward. You manage to land on your shoulder rather than your face, fortunately. It hurts, but you don't think you've done any real damage.

"Hey, what happened? Are you ok?"

Sanae extends a hand, helping you to get back up.

[ ] You're fine. But you can't believe you missed the branch...
[ ] Fairies! Damn it!
Sorry, didn't get to it yesterday morning/lunch and I forgot to post where it was.
>> No. 31185
[x] Fairies! Damn it!
>> No. 31186
[X] You're fine. But you can't believe you missed the branch...
>> No. 31187
[x] You're fine. But you can't believe you missed the branch...
>> No. 31188
[X] Fairies! Damn it!
>> No. 31189
Heads for the first option
Coin flip: tails!
>> No. 31191
New thread >>31190
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