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File 150952566965.png - (416.42KB , 720x720 , I needed a fairy pic and i don't know what ki.png ) [iqdb]
30126 No. 30126
Located Somewhere at the base of the esteemed Youkai Mountain lie a pair of shrines. These shrines are lovely, if humble little things dedicated to the Godess of Changing Leaves and her younger sister, the Godess of Harvest. You know you're supposed to get to those shrines to get this little game started, but ever since the 'board' was set nothing has been easy to find. The Mountain is ringed by walls now, for one, and the shrine, normally easy to reach, is located in the only easy to access area on the base of the mountain. You'd fly there, quick as a wink, too, but there's just one problem...

You can't fly. And neither can most anybody else anymore now that weight is an issue.

You dont really remember much, save that the rules were thrown together quickly. You also remember grabbing your favorite costume quickly. You don't even have time to check what you're wearing, because if there's one thing you remember about the rules was that one thing everyone agreed on was that this game was going to be hard.

You're located at the Base of the Youkai Mountain at the edge of The Bowl. You're currently in a place you remember being called a 'Test Area' for the 'Open Baytah'. You don't know what a 'Baytah' actually is, but you do remember that it was impressed upon you that this area and everything in it was not final and subject to change in the final release. All of this is a bit much for you to take in. You're not the brightest thing in the woods, being a fairy and all.

In this little clearing you find to your back a wall, you are ringed by trees and there is a single path open to you directly in front of you. You got here by sliding down the wall a good few feet and there's no way to climb back up. You're currently wearing a Beta Tester's Concealing Robe. You're armed with a Beta Tester's Knife in your Right Hand. In the pocket of your robe is a Beta Tester's Amulet. What do you do?


[ ] Attack
- [ ] Right Hand
- [ ] Left Hand
- [ ] Right Leg
- [ ] Left Leg
- [ ] Other
[ ] Talk
- [ ] To who?
[ ] Inspect
- [ ] What do you inspect?
[ ] Peruse Inventory
[ ] Think about your Situation
[ ] {/Input Command}


This is an entry for NaNoWriMo that has consumed far too much planning time. Editing will be not so good because OH SHIT, UPDATES GOTTA HAPPEN.

If no vote is leading by the time i call (Which can be any time in the day after a post goes up) I'll flip a coin or roll a die or something to select the final product.

https://www.touhou-project.com/gensokyo/res/15189.html <-NaNoWriMo thread!
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>> No. 30127
[x] Follow path.

Platemask! You're alive!
>> No. 30128
[x] {/Input Command}
-[x] Go Dennis

another quest from platemask goes to die and be abandoned
>> No. 30129
[x] Inspect self

Eirin says to inspect yourself daily for growths and lumps.

Also, welcome back, fellow mask. Don't go disappearing too soon, now.
>> No. 30130
i'm aiming for PLATINUM!

This story is the reason the other stories lie undisturbed, and I just happened to find the perfect excuse to give it a test run

Votes called either when there's a tie-breaker or within the hour, whichever happens first.
>> No. 30131
We're calling it by dice for Self-Inspection. Update in a bit.
>> No. 30132
You examine yourself. Under the hooded, ratty, faded robe is a your body, hidden under bulky gauze. You've been told not to remove it until you reach the shrine and speak to a godess, least you not recieve your blessing. You know that the game is going to be hard enough as it is, so you probably want to get that blessing. You have two arms, two legs, a functioning pair of eyes and that's all you can tell for sure. The bulk of everything under your gauze, while not impeeding your ability to move or anything, makes it impossible to tell much of anything else. Even your hair is under your gauze.

ABOVE the gauze is your robes, concealing and covering your body as best they could, like a jumbo hooded poncho. Your poncho is a faded khaki and just a little holey. It might keep you warm on a cold night, but it hopefully shouldn't come to that before you find your way home.
>> No. 30133
[ ] Attack
- [ ] Right Hand
- [ ] Left Hand
- [ ] Right Leg
- [ ] Left Leg
- [ ] Other
[ ] Talk
- [ ] To who?
[ ] Inspect
- [ ] What do you inspect?
[ ] Peruse Inventory
[ ] Think about your Situation
[ ] {/Input Command}
>> No. 30134
[x] Roll down the path.

Channel the spirit of Fred Durst.
>> No. 30135
[x] Follow path.
>> No. 30137
We're [X] Following the path it looks like!

A few experimental [X] Rolls may be thrown in.
>> No. 30138
You march your way down the path, wondering just what the heck could be so important under the gauze that you weren't allowed to see a single detail of yourself, or even remember it. You aren't coming to any conclusions thinking about things, so maybe you should just roll with it. Speaking of rolling...


You tumble forward and down the path, feeling the rocks on your back. It was a quick roll, it was, but not exactly the QUICKEST roll...
You decide to roll a few more times.


Maybe you should stop rolling. You're getting kind of winded... Taking a moment to catch your breath, you spot something ahead. Is that...? That's not something friendly, is it?

It's a couple of not-friendly somethings.

At least you THINK they're not-friendly somethings...


[ ] Attack
- [ ] Right Hand
- [ ] Left Hand
- [ ] Right Leg
- [ ] Left Leg
- [ ] Other
[ ] Talk
- [ ] To who?
[ ] Inspect
- [ ] What do you inspect?
[ ] Peruse Inventory
[ ] Think about your Situation
[ ] {/Input Command}
>> No. 30139
>> No. 30140
[x] Inspect
- [x] Possibly not-friendly somethings.
- [x] From a safe distance, just in case.

Wouldn't want to go attacking any cuccos now would we.
>> No. 30141
[x] Attack

>> No. 30142
>> No. 30143
File 150976956636.png - (755.72KB , 1070x1920 , Sorry I don&#039;t have a pic for you again have a.png ) [iqdb]
You roll at the creatures without even bothering to check what the are. You even growl a little bit.

You're adorable.

The things shake in surprise, as though being woken from a nap. One of them does, at least. The other stumbles forward, on to its face. You just keep tumbling at it though...

You stop, actually. That's REALLY exhausting...

The thing just sort of lays there in the dirt, as though unsure of what to do with itself. The other thing pulls something that looks like the stub of what may have once been a blade from under its robes and gives a pained, hollow cry. VERY slowly.

You are catching your breath and are fighting ???, who is knocked down and ???, who has armed themself.
YOU: Catching your breath!
???: Floored!
???: Idle

As this is the first fight, you can have the first move! What do you do?

You've unlocked a new skill! Congratulations! Please be sure you use {Roll} wisely!

[ ] Attack
- [ ] Right Hand
- [ ] Left Hand
- [ ] Right Leg
- [ ] Left Leg
- [ ] Other
[ ] Talk
- [ ] To who?
[ ] Inspect
- [ ] What do you inspect?
[ ] ROLL
[ ] Peruse Inventory
[ ] Think about your Situation
[ ] {/Input Command}
>> No. 30144
[x] ROLL

>> No. 30145

Let's max the level of this skill so that we can have an ultimate version of it.
>> No. 30146
[X] Back off a bit to recover stamina
- [X] So that we can ROLL MORE

Stamina management is important. We're not gonna do much rolling without a quick breather.
>> No. 30147
File 150979724771.webm - (3.99MB , 640x360 , shameless repost.webm ) [iqdb]
[x] ROLL
>> No. 30149
[X] Take a breather

Update rolling in today, either soon, or in MANY HOURS depending on my working schedule.
>> No. 30150
File 150982476339.jpg - (4.23KB , 251x201 , HAHAHAHA DO YOU GET THE JOKE.jpg ) [iqdb]
You roll! You roll and roll and roll! ROLLY ROLL! Your aggressive rolling is to be praised, as, for a first timer, your aggressive rolling is impressive. The only thing to do with such impressive rolls is to roll even more, though, right?

Roll faster! Faster! Roll faster still! Roll until you-


You... You might need a second...

As you take a moment to catch your breath (and settle your stomach), you take stock of the situation real quick. The first guy you knocked down is crawling to its feet, slow and laboured. The second guy is flat on his back. You're really out of breath! Man, all that rolling is tiring!

As you're breathing, the first guy has time to drag itself back to its feet, pulling that scrap of a weapon from its robes. It doesn't look happy. The second guy is dragging itself to its feet as you begin to breath steadily again.


???: Idle
???: Floored!
YOU: Idle


Update 0.2.2! "The wording of Attack Commands has been shortened for Player Convenience. The first two foes are now only Staggered by rolling instead of Floored for balancing's sake."

[ ] Attack
- [ ] How? What Limb or Weapon?
- [ ] What is your Target?
[ ] Talk
- [ ] To who?
[ ] Inspect
- [ ] What do you inspect?
[ ] ROLL
[ ] Peruse Inventory
[ ] Think about your Situation
[ ] {/Input Command}
>> No. 30151
[X] ROLL into the idle one!
-[x]Follow up with an Attack to the Left Arm with our Knife.
>> No. 30152
[x] ROLL behind the idle one
[x] ATTACK back with Knife
>> No. 30153
[x] ROLL OVER ([x] ROLL + [x] ATTACK LEGS) the Idle guy
>> No. 30155
[x] Attack
- [x] Idle foe
- [x] Right arm
- [x] Knife

They'll never see it coming!
>> No. 30160
[x] Attack
- [x] Idle foe
- [x] Grapple
--> [x] Lower jaw
-->> [x] Right forearm

Let's play some Dwarf Fortress, shall we? (I was originally going to go with "right pinky" as the part used to initiate the grapple, but we already have the YOUTH ROLL. We don't need this story getting too silly now, do we?)
>> No. 30164
For [X] ROLL in IDLE's direction, [X] use RIGHT ARM to SWING KNIFE [X] at the target's BACK.

>> No. 30166
They'll see that our mind is too fast for eyes!
Are we playing a SMT MMO now?
I couldn't resist.
>> No. 30167
File 150994692841.jpg - (177.98KB , 850x992 , alovelyflanisnicesinceicantseemtofindgoodpictures.jpg ) [iqdb]
You have a plan! You roll around the guy who's only just trying to lift its arm- oop! You knocked it down! Good job! But you're not done yet! You've just made rolling behind it that much easier!

You roll behind it! You raise your little knife and WHAM! Oh, man, the ease with which the knife slid in was just... sweet satisfaction! It, for what it was worth, didn't make a noise as you shoved a knife between the tattered stubs of what might have once been shimmering wings, although that could be because you just shoved a knife in its lung. It is just as quiet as you remove the knife as easily as you slid it in, letting your foe fall to its face with a pathetic, airless wheeze.

You grab it by the shoulders and lift its corpse. You put your arms under its shoulders. You...

... don't know how to wrestle, but you've grappled the corpse anyway! Just in time, too, as the other guy has their weapon raised and is shambling your way! He ain't too fast, but a stab hurts no matter how fast it comes!

WOOP Forgot that [X] Grapple input that was also called!

???: Attacking!
???: ---
YOU: Grappling ???


[ ] Attack
- [ ] How? With What Limb or Weapon?
- [ ] What is your Target?
[ ] Talk
- [ ] To who?
[ ] Inspect
- [ ] What do you inspect?
[ ] ROLL
[ ] Peruse Inventory
[ ] Think about your Situation
[ ] {/Input Command}


Wouldn't you know it, I spent so long trying to post this and I forgot to actually post the darn thing before work... Here ya' go!
>> No. 30168
[x] Attack
- [x] Throw corpse at the other guy
>> No. 30170
-[X]Hurl the corpse at the guy/gal!
>> No. 30171
For Body Toss!
>> No. 30172
I'm busy for a while today, so if anybody cares to try for two more actions in the next six and a half hours, feel free to. Can't guarantee you'll get to do them due to the cumbersome nature of that first action, but who knows?
>> No. 30173
shut up and update
>> No. 30174
File 151003895456.png - (3.94KB , 375x134 , Chuck.png ) [iqdb]

Well, it's more complicated than that, seeing as you're not only a fairy, but a fairy encumbured by bulky gear you can't even identify. On top of THAT, a body is a whole buncha' dead weight and weighted points. You can't just lift and chuck a body fast enough to-

-hold up, you have a better idea!

As the slow attacker charges, weapon raised, you sorta'... shove the body at it. And, surprisingly, it works like a charm!

Good job! You've pinned it!

???: Pinned to the floor!

You: Throwing bodies is hard work, but it only cost ya' two moves!

Turn Order:

Update 0.2.3: Added TURN ORDER

[ ] Attack
- [ ] How? With What Limb or Weapon?
- [ ] What is your Target?
[ ] Talk
- [ ] To who?
[ ] Inspect
- [ ] What do you inspect?
[ ] ROLL
[ ] Peruse Inventory
[ ] Think about your Situation
[ ] {/Input Command}

Good job!
>> No. 30175
[x] use KNIFE on HEAD
>> No. 30176
[x] use KNIFE on HEAD
-[x] Of the one that's not already dead.
>> No. 30177
>> No. 30178
Not your head, though, [X] ???'s HEAD
>> No. 30179
File 151012666294.png - (8.71KB , 300x250 , knify.png ) [iqdb]
You approach ???. It just sorta' lays there, moaning and flailing weakly, unable to really muster the strength to push the body pinning it down off. It's... kinda' pathetic. You drop to your knees behind its' head, knife at the ready. You'll end this quickly.

It stares at you through eyes sunk so deeply in to the sockets that it takes effort to make out detail, the surrounding skin sunken to a worrying thin. It makes the most pathetic of moans.

You raise your blade and take aim. The knife sinks in with no real effort, your fallen foe making an even more pathetic sounding whimper before the breath flees its body.

You... don't know how to feel about that, but you won!
Good job! The creatures leave you a Ruined Dagger and 5 Fairy Bux.

Fairy Bux are leaves charged with a little magical energy for use as legal tender! You'll need these to either spend on things or to pump the magic out and in to yourself for improvement!


[ ] Attack
- [ ] How? With What Limb or Weapon?
- [ ] What is your Target?
[ ] Talk
- [ ] To who?
[ ] Inspect
- [ ] What do you inspect?
[ ] ROLL
[ ] Peruse Inventory
[ ] Think about your Situation
[ ] {/Input Command}
>> No. 30180
[x] {Continue following the path}

The deed is done. We must move on.
>> No. 30181
[x] look around

Where are we and where are we supposed to be going?
>> No. 30182
[x] Peruse Inventory
[x] Think about your Situation
>> No. 30183
For [X] Looking Around and [X] Advancing down the path while [X] Looking through inventory!
>> No. 30184
You continue down the path. It's fairly straight-forward, save for a branch... You can see a bend at the end of your current path, you see flashing lights around the bend of the stony wall and you might hear distant voices chattering... But this path to the side goes a short ways and you can see something shiny...

You don't know which path to take for sure, so you halt to examine your inventory, waiting in the middle of the tree-lined path, sun beginning to rise from over the grey walls of this natural bowl.

Head: N/A
Left Shoulder: N/A
Right Shoulder: N/A
Left Arm: N/A
Right Arm: N/A
Body: Beta Tester's Concealing Robe:
Thank you for helping us by joining this Beta test for Fey Souls: Crying Moe Day One Edition! (Name work in progress) As a commemorative gift, this Beta Tester's Set will conceal you until you reach a place where you can complete the registry process and receive your Beta Tester's Bonuses! Please report any mistakes in geography or in enemy personalities to the first God you see! Good luck, Praise Utsuho and Have Fun!
~ Yakumo Yukari, President and Founder of THE DEV TEAM
P.S. We'd normally be a heck of a lot more vague about things, but you're going to find the shrine soon enough, where you'll be hearing the intro properly.
Pants: N/A
Right Leg: N/A
Left Leg: N/A
Right Foot: N/A
Left Foot: N/A
Ring 1: N/A
Ring 2: N/A
Ring 3: N/A
Accesory: Beta Tester's Amulet:
Thank you for helping us test this game! We've provided you this amulet! It might come in handy someday! Have fun!

Right Hand: Beta Tester's Knife
Effect: Bleed +1
The bleed on this knife isn't much at all, really, and only a really tough enemy would be bled by +1 bleed, but with this knife on you, you can test out those negative statuses for us! Thank you for joining us in this beta test!

Left Hand: N/A

Ruined Dagger:
This dagger holds the shattered remains of a blade upon its hilt. It might have once been a sword. It's not to similar to many other swords handed out before this dreadful game began. {Equip? Y/N}
[ ] Attack
- [ ] How? With What Limb or Weapon?
- [ ] What is your Target?
[ ] Talk
- [ ] To who?
[ ] Inspect
- [ ] What do you inspect?
[ ] ROLL
[ ] Peruse Inventory
[ ] Think about your Situation
[ ] {/Input Command}


Sorry for pace, for I am a fuck
>> No. 30185
[x] straight ahead

Stay on target.
>> No. 30186
[X]Take the side path.

This is probably a trap. I'd still do it anyway.
We are go for schmuck bait, people.
>> No. 30187
[x] Take the side path.

>> No. 30188
[x] straight ahead
>> No. 30189
[X] Roll along the side path

Trap or no, with the power of I-frames, we'll be fine.
>> No. 30190
[X] Rollin down the side
>> No. 30191
[X] Rolling down the side
Because the rolling thing can be done with the leading vote!

You look down the side path. The side path DOES look tempting...

But just to be on the safe side...

You roll down the path.

You wind yourself, idiot.

As you need to take a breath, you stop. As your breath returns, you see that there's a small cave to the side of the shiny. You hear an odd breeze. The shiny object is so close, but you winding yourself might have been a blessing in disguise if you stopped this early...


[ ] Attack
- [ ] How? With What Limb or Weapon?
- [ ] What is your Target?
[ ] Talk
- [ ] To who?
[ ] Inspect
- [ ] What do you inspect?
[ ] ROLL
[ ] Peruse Inventory
[ ] Think about your Situation
[ ] {/Input Command}

I may just not post pictures for this story. Should have compiled some first...
>> No. 30192
[x] INSPECT cave
[x] Think about your situation.
>> No. 30193
[x] Think about your situation.

It might be a mimic or something.
>> No. 30194
[x] Inspect cave
[x] Ponder situation
>> No. 30195
For [X] Thinking and Inspecting
>> No. 30196
You think to yourself rather than simply walking up to the thing when you can hear breathing.

Okay. There's something shiny. You could chuck your amulet at it, perhaps?


... N'ah, better not. If this is some kind of game, putting a mimic in that DOESN'T look like a treasure chest might be a bit much.

... That breathing sounds like it's coming from that hole...


[] Inspect the hole?
[] Grab the item quick?
[] {/input command}

Forgive the size of this one. Gotta' update EVERY DAY and it's five minutes to tomorrow over here.
>> No. 30197
[x] chuck KNIFE at HOLE

unless your next update is at least three times longer you've failed in my eyes
>> No. 30198
[x] THROW Ruined Dagger at HOLE
>> No. 30199
[X] Dash for shinies!!
-[X] ROLL away quickly!

I don't think depriving ourselves of our only weapon is a good idea.
>> No. 30200
We picked up a shitty non-useable weapon from one of the not-hollows.
>> No. 30201

>> No. 30202
You chuck the knife at the hole.

You are not an expert knife thrower.

Your Ruined Knife bounces off of the cave wall uselessly. Good job.

The breathing is replaced momentarily by a growly-sounding 'HMM?'

Before you can think properly about what to do, the earth rumbles as something VERY large starts to move! You have the stupid idea that you should totally grab the thing first and book it, so you do!

You run to the shiny object, reach down, pick it up and turn around just as you hear the first footsteps shake everything! You bolt! As fast as you can!


Acquired (Ring of 1000 Journeys: Increases Stamina regeneration by a negligible margin.)


YOU: RUNNING! Half outta' breath!

???: Behind you!


[]Keep running!
- []Look behind you?
- []No time!

[]Stand and Fight!

[]{/input command}
>> No. 30203
Huh, so we did. 'kay then
[x]Keep running!
-[x]Look behind you.
>> No. 30204
[x] Fast menu to EQUIP Ring of 1000 Journeys
[x] Keep running!
-[x] No time!
[x] Throw in a ROLL or two for i-frames.
>> No. 30206
Should have said called, sorry!

[X] Run
- [X] Ring
-- [X] Roll

Running, running, running for your life, you lift the ring, slowing so you don't drop the darn thing! You shove it on your finger as carefully as you can! Oh man, oh man, it won't slide on, is it too small, why won't- oh. Your hands are shaking. YOU RUN FASTER!

You hear a terrible warcry!


You take this as your cue to roll, doing so just as you feel everything shake as an entirely-too-small sound fills the air, the hollow *TOK* of a wood block.

Aside from the confusion, you run and run and don't look back!

When you can run no more, you stop to gather your breath, gasping and panting...

The ring helps you recover faster, though it didn't seem you really needed it. There's no footsteps behind you.

Speaking of behind you, you look.


In fact, there's quite a bit of tree-lined path behind you, far enough you almost can't really see the end... Probably for effect.

Now that you know you aren't in immediate threat of death by whatever that noise was, you turn to find yourself confronted with a slightly-taller-than-human torii. Behind it is an open meadow, ringed by dense trees. To the left is a pair of small shrines, the kind one simply travels to and places an offering rather than enter. Seated in front are a pair of orange-themed blondes. To the right is what looks like a ring. You can see a few fairies in a variety of themed costumes scattered about, but near this ring is where most are gathered.

You observe a fairy getting stabbed by another in the ring. The fairy gets back up. They shake hands. They step out and another pair trade. They start fighting. There's cheers. Huh.

You get one freebie on Item Description! You need to examine your pick ups from now on! Or you can just shove it on your body and hope you're safe.

[ ] Attack
- [ ] How? With What Limb or Weapon?
- [ ] What is your Target?
[ ] Talk
- [ ] To who?
[ ] Inspect
- [ ] What do you inspect?
[ ] ROLL
[ ] Peruse Inventory
[ ] Think about your Situation
[ ] {/Input Command}


We got it! I had no idea what to really do hear.
>> No. 30207
[x] ROLL
-[x] Straight into the ring.

>> No. 30209
[x] ROLL over to the blondes...
-[x] ...and then TALK to the them.
[x] THINK about your situation.

>> No. 30210
[x] ROLL over to the blondes...
-[x] ...and then TALK to the them.
[x] THINK about your situation.

Plan KATAMARI is a go!
>> No. 30211
[X] Plan Katamri is GO!!!
>> No. 30212
File 151064485666.jpg - (151.08KB , 850x478 , Akisisterschatsometimes.jpg ) [iqdb]
You roll towards the blondes. Why not, after all?

... You roll to the blondes and stop to catch your breath. Before you can, actually CATCH it though, the elegant looking one in the pretty orange dress speaks up, voice like a sweat, crisp breeze, reaching through the air to caress you for the brief moment it has to greet you.

"Well, spill my paints 'n call it summer! Sister, look! Another one!"

The blonde with the nice hat interrupted you before you could speak. She was loud and brash, speaking more like your average village farmer. Though, if that was the case, that would have explained the farm-wife outfit.

"Well, woudja' lookit that! A new fairy, this late in th' beta!"

The two bowed lightly. Not too low. You bowed lower. These two were sitting in front of a shrine, and being rude to your host in front of a shrine would be extra rude. When all parties were standing and sitting up properly, the goddess' spoke in unison.

"Welcome to Fey Souls!"

Orange-Dress and Hat both gave their respective laps a pat.

"Now come here n' sit with us so we c'n get a good look atcha'!" said the dress.

"C'mere, cutie! Let's see how cute ya' are!"

The updates following this filler vote will be done on a slightly more rapid basis, as they will be something akin to character creation!

[] Sit in the small dress lady's lap

[] Sit in the Big Hat Lady's lap

[] Activate Cat powers and stretch.
>> No. 30213
[X] Activate Cat powers and stretch.
-[X] On the Small Dress Lady's lap.
>> No. 30214
[x] Sit in the small dress lady's lap

Leaf > Potato
>> No. 30215

First major choice update will come sometime EARLY tomorrow with a general pace of a post an hour until it is done, provided life doesn't dick me over in the process! Until then, have a quick filler update so I can say I updated today!
>> No. 30216
You look at the comfy looking hat lady.

You look at the comfy looking dress lady.

You sit in the dress lady's lap and STREEEETCH...

Hat lady looks disappointed. She's kinda' cute when she pouts, but that's not impoooOOOHHOHOHOHOhooooo, yeah... That's the stuff...

"Hohohaww~ The little darlin' likes 'er headpats, sis!"

Hat still looks upset, but at her sister's words and the look you're probably making with your face, she can't help but smile.

Or so you were told. Right now you're just getting s p o i l e d .

Dress lady grabs something in your hair...

"Now let's get this thing offa' yer head so we can get a nice, good look atcha' fer the registry!"
>> No. 30217
The rules are thus!

First thing to get majority vote or first to two votes wins. Though there'll be shorter intervals between votes,I'll still give time for votes to be made, roughly two hours about. In the case of a non-vote, a random answer will be chosen. In the case of a lack of votes, the last vote will be chosen. Here goes nothin'!
>> No. 30218
You feel the wraps on your body coming undone. The pretty dress lady is undoing them for you. She manages to do this with minimal interruption of these heavenly headpats...

You made a good pick for lap to sit in!

She interrupts your thoughts, musing to herself.

"Now, what shade exactly should we put yer pretty hair down as bein'?"

[] Hair color? {/input}

[] Hair length? {/input}
>> No. 30219
[x] Red (human red, not red red)
[x] Short, wavy
>> No. 30220
[X] Short, Wavy natural red hair

"Would you call this orange, sis?"

Comfy hat shook her head at the question.

"I believe th' proper term 's 'Redhead' sis."

Dress nods as she unravels the wraps further.

"Okay, so redhead it is! Now let's get a look'tch yer pretty eyes, now, hmm?"

[] Eye Color? {/input}
>> No. 30221
[x] Rusty hazel
[x] Yellow colour contact in left eye, red colour contact in right eye

>> No. 30222
[X] Rusty hazel.
>> No. 30223
[x] Rusty hazel
[x] Yellow colour contact in left eye, red colour contact in right eye
>> No. 30224
[X] Natural wavy short red hair
[X] Rusty Hazel

"Oh, how cute! Lookit 'er eyes, Minoriko!"

Hat, Minoriko, apparently, commented.

"Aw, how cute! Hazel's mah favert color! Next t' or'nge, uh' course..."

Dress sniffled her giggle so she could ask her next question.

"Now let's see 'f that skin tone's jus' ass lovely!"

[] Skin tone?
- [] Blemishes? {Beauty Marks, scars and the like?}
>> No. 30225
[x] Pale
- [x] Patchy complexion
- [x] Beauty mark next to left eyebrow
>> No. 30226
[x] Pale
-[x] No blemishes/beauty marks/etc
>> No. 30227
>> No. 30228
[x] Pale
-[x] No blemishes/beauty marks/etc
>> No. 30229
(Well, time got right the hell away from me, didn' it? These following updates may be slower, as it IS late, but that depends on vote speed.)

[X] Natural wavy short red hair
[X] Rusty Hazel
[x] Pale
-[x] No blemishes/beauty marks/etc

"Well, coniferous cones, wouldja' lookit 'er pretty complexion, Mino!"

Minoriko was practically gushing.

"Ohhhhh, lookit 'er! She's so white! Like a princess from a story! An' that red hair! An' that perf'ct complexion! Shizuha, can we keep her?"

Dress, Shizuha giggled politely.

"Now, don' get carried away, sis! Now, couldja' stand up lil' fairy? I gotta' remove the rest o' this wrappin' and we need to get yer height!"

[] Height?
>> No. 30230
[x] Lower side of average

Stop doing filler votes you lazy nigger
>> No. 30231
[x] Lower average.
>> No. 30232
[X] Natural wavy short red hair
[X] Rusty Hazel
[x] Pale
-[x] No blemishes/beauty marks/etc
[X] Lower side of Average

"D'aww, she's just the right height! Nice and small, but not too small!"

Shizuha pulled her hands back as the last of the wraps came off, giving Minoriko time to jump in with her own measuring tape before you could even protest.

"Now let's get us dem three sizes, shall we, darlin'?"

[] Bust
[] Waist
[] Hips

[] Hands off!
>> No. 30233
[x] Bust
-[x] Flat as a board
[x] Waist
-[x] still has baby fat
[x] Hips
-[x] prepubescent average

Still just a kid, hasn't grown any curves.
>> No. 30234
[x] Budding bust
[x] Baby fat waist
[x] Pubescent hips

Secondary. Sexual. Characteristics.
>> No. 30235
[x] Hands off!

>> No. 30236
[x] Budding bust
[x] Baby fat waist
[x] Pubescent hips

We're a growing girl.
>> No. 30237
[X] Natural wavy short red hair
[X] Rusty Hazel
[x] Pale
-[x] No blemishes/beauty marks/etc
[X] Lower side of Average
[x] Budding bust
[x] Baby fat waist
[x] Pubescent hips

"Well, you ain't got much in the way uh nuthin', do ya'?"

Shizuha, at this comment, gave Minoriko's hands a slap.

"MinoRIko! How c'n yuh be so insensitive!"

Minoriko laughed and laughed.

"Oh, come off it, sis, that ain' a bad thing no way, no how! She's still such a cute lil' darlin', ain' she?"

Minoriko rested on her knees, a smile adorning her face as she placed a hand on either side of your head.

"Now just hol still while ah use mah godly power t' fig're out yer blood type..."

[] Blood ty-

Oh wait, you're a fairy, aincha'?

[X] Sparkling Blood

"Shoulda' figured. Keep in mind, your blood doesn' jus' turn t' dust with ya' anymore, ya' hear?"

Minoriko waits for your nod. You do nod. You're confused.

Wait, hold on, so fairies have blood in them? Wait, you can bleed now?

Shizuha continued on.

"We're almos' there sweetheart! Now, what kinda' fairy woudja' call yerself? Wut kinda' shot pattern didja' like to use?"

Your fairy type is _____ Fairy

[] Just a
[] Maid
[] Zombie
[] Death

Your shot type is-

[] Player Aimmed
- [] Line
- [] Cone
[] Spread shot
- [] Wave
- [] Circle
[] Scatter shot
- [] Aimmed
- [] Circle
[] {/input}
>> No. 30238
[x] Zombie
[x] Spread shot
- [x] Wave
>> No. 30239
[x] Just a
[x] Player Aimed
-[x] Self-launch
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