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File 150952566965.png - (416.42KB , 720x720 , I needed a fairy pic and i don't know what ki.png ) [iqdb]
30126 No. 30126
Located Somewhere at the base of the esteemed Youkai Mountain lie a pair of shrines. These shrines are lovely, if humble little things dedicated to the Godess of Changing Leaves and her younger sister, the Godess of Harvest. You know you're supposed to get to those shrines to get this little game started, but ever since the 'board' was set nothing has been easy to find. The Mountain is ringed by walls now, for one, and the shrine, normally easy to reach, is located in the only easy to access area on the base of the mountain. You'd fly there, quick as a wink, too, but there's just one problem...

You can't fly. And neither can most anybody else anymore now that weight is an issue.

You dont really remember much, save that the rules were thrown together quickly. You also remember grabbing your favorite costume quickly. You don't even have time to check what you're wearing, because if there's one thing you remember about the rules was that one thing everyone agreed on was that this game was going to be hard.

You're located at the Base of the Youkai Mountain at the edge of The Bowl. You're currently in a place you remember being called a 'Test Area' for the 'Open Baytah'. You don't know what a 'Baytah' actually is, but you do remember that it was impressed upon you that this area and everything in it was not final and subject to change in the final release. All of this is a bit much for you to take in. You're not the brightest thing in the woods, being a fairy and all.

In this little clearing you find to your back a wall, you are ringed by trees and there is a single path open to you directly in front of you. You got here by sliding down the wall a good few feet and there's no way to climb back up. You're currently wearing a Beta Tester's Concealing Robe. You're armed with a Beta Tester's Knife in your Right Hand. In the pocket of your robe is a Beta Tester's Amulet. What do you do?


[ ] Attack
- [ ] Right Hand
- [ ] Left Hand
- [ ] Right Leg
- [ ] Left Leg
- [ ] Other
[ ] Talk
- [ ] To who?
[ ] Inspect
- [ ] What do you inspect?
[ ] Peruse Inventory
[ ] Think about your Situation
[ ] {/Input Command}


This is an entry for NaNoWriMo that has consumed far too much planning time. Editing will be not so good because OH SHIT, UPDATES GOTTA HAPPEN.

If no vote is leading by the time i call (Which can be any time in the day after a post goes up) I'll flip a coin or roll a die or something to select the final product.

https://www.touhou-project.com/gensokyo/res/15189.html <-NaNoWriMo thread!
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>> No. 30292
[ ] Hello
- [ ] B-B-Be b-brave!
>> No. 30293
[X] Hello
- [X] B-B-Be b-brave!
>> No. 30294
You put on your bravest face, puff out your chest and introduce yourself formally as Greased Lightning, beginning Martial Artist, Fairy and PROUD, BRAVE WARRIOR!

Your voice doesn't waver, and you certainly don't stumble over every other word! For that to happen, you would have to be SCARED or something! Which you certainly aren't, you should clarify! Nope! You aren't scared of the big, scary snaky lady or the tiny, staring right through your soul girl! Noperino, not spooked at all!

Tall and small stare at you for just a bit longer. And then a bit longer. And then a little bit longer.

You get it! They're trying to intimidate you! But they can't intimidate you! You're GREASED LIGHTNING!



You are at the centermost path! There is an extremely tall woman and a very small little red with a terrifying aura about them standing before you.

They're both laughing uncontrollably.

[ ] Walk right on past! You don't need this noise!

[ ] Apologize. Maybe you can make friends.

[ ] Turn right around. You're not blushing!

[ ] ATTACK! They're off guard!
>> No. 30295
[x] Ponder your sudden identity crisis

Wasn't the winning vote for our name Rolling Thunder? Why are we suddenly calling ourselves Greased Lightning? There were only four votes when we named ourselves and none of those votes even mentioned Greased Lightning.
>> No. 30296
[x] Ponder your sudden identity crisis

this works
>> No. 30297
[x] Ponder your sudden identity crisis

Sure, why not.
>> No. 30298
>> No. 30299
Underneath all the sniffling you weren't doing and puffing of proud chest in what was most certainly not a vain attempt to hide the non-existent pain from having your pride be left unscarred by this obviously ineffective means of ruining your self-esteem, a thought occurred to you. A big one, at that.

Your name isn't Greased Lightning. Your name is Rolling Thunder.

You most certainly aren't about to cry because these two spooky people are laughing at you because they spooked you so bad you couldn't even remember your own name properly and made a total fool of yourself. Shoot, you can't even remember what you're the fairy OF, can you?

The tall one stopped her laughter first, gasping for breath, standing to her full, terrifying height and placing her hands firmly on her hips.

"Alright, little miss 'Mori', My name's Kuroko, hired killer, ladies woman, professional mad woman. This is... Ah... I didn't get your name, small stuff."

The young girl stopped her giggling (which probably would have been cute if she didn't stink of that weird coppery aura) and took a few breaths.

"Goodness, I didn't expect that! Since we're offering our titles as well as our names, allow me introduce myself properly to you both, then, Kuroko."

With a polite curtsy, the small one gave her introduction.

"Just call me Little Red, hired killer, lover, mistress of the night. And what is your name, little fairy?"


[ ] You are GREASED LIG-
- [ ] Wait, no you're ROLLING THUNDER
- - - [ ] FAIRY OF {/input phenomenon*}

*Phenomenon can be anything from a specific event that occurs regularly, such as geysers spouting, to specific ranges of temperature, such as Lukewarmth. Go ahead and be creative. Nothing broad, like 'fairy of cold', you're most certainly not Cirno-tier. And no trying to claim you're some specific breed of nymph, either. You're not a Torch-bearing Hell Fairy. Lampades are Greek. You are Japanese.
>> No. 30300
-[X]Karate student
--[X]Fairy of the storm
>> No. 30301
- [x] Wait, no you're ROLLING THUNDER

>> No. 30302
-[X]Karate student
--[X]Fairy of the rain that falls on the day when you have plans

>> No. 30303
[x] Wait, no you're ROLLING THUNDER

You know that awesome loud rumbling sound that lightning makes? That's us rolling around like a bowling ball.
>> No. 30304
- [x] Wait, no you're ROLLING THUNDER
>> No. 30305
You stand proud and declare your name for the two scar- tough-looking ladies! You are ROLLING THUNDER! You are a PROUD STUDENT OF KARATE! You are the fairy of LIGHTNING THE RAIN TRANSFORMED!

Kuroko has to hide her laughter as Little Red speaks.

"So you're the fairy of post-lightning steam, then?"

You are NOT! You are NOT! And STOP LAUGHING!

Kuroko actually does stop when you ask, as abruptly as flipping a switch. She doesn't stop grinning down at you, though.

You need a moment. A moment that Little Red doesn't give you, not letting you compose yourself.

"Then would you show us your power, Rolling Thunder?"



Your Natural Ability has been unlocked!

Electric Steam: When struck by electricity-based attacks, all water attacks become wind-based and you become resistant to electric attacks.

[ ] I guess, fine! I will! I'll show you all! Electrocute me!

[ ] I-I uh, maybe I should, uh... I need to prepare! Yeah! I need to get my, uh... thing...
>> No. 30306
>> No. 30307
[x] ROLL
>> No. 30308
>> No. 30309
You will not stand for this insult! Even if they ARE scary! You'll show them! You'll show them ALL!






... you'll show them, as soon as you get your breath back!

Kuroko looks at you strangely. She slowly turns her head to look at her tiny friend. Little Red returns the look. They're both making strange, pleased faces. You don't like the looks on those faces.

"Can we keep 'er, Smalls?"



[ ] ROLL
- [ ] HARDER!
- [ ] AWAY!

[ ] {/input command}
>> No. 30310
[x] ROLL
-[x] HARDER!
>> No. 30311
[x] ROLL
-[x] HARDER!

>> No. 30312
>> No. 30313
You won't let them look down at you like that! You're no lost puppy or abandoned cardboard box kitten! All lost...and alone... looking for a nice, kind, cute human with a big, warm home to adopt you and give you food and shelter and to give all your unconditional love... but until then you just wait outside and in the rain and cold... and alone...

"Aww, lookit! She's crying!" Kuroko couldn't help but swoon... Which tends to look unnerving when you can apparently swoon your body to the side at a curve greater than 90 degrees. Little Red reached out her hand without warning.

Youuuuu hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo...

"Her hair is so soft and fluffy, Kuroko! You really must touch it!"

Yoummmmuuuuh... muhuhuhu... heapaps...

"Oh, you're right! This girl's REALLY fluffy!"

mmot... mnot fluffmm... mmmmm...

"Can we keep her Kuroko? Please? With a cherry on top?"

no... camm... canm... can't sdoP YOU!








YOOP! Woah, hey, why'd the rollin' stop? Woah, wait, why are you in the sky? Why is HWOHAHO!

"Aren't you just the cutest lil' rolly polly punch fairy ever?" Said Kuroko to you, inches from her face where she held you suspended by the waistband of your pants. What a je-

Was that a nohka? That was the high-pitched whistling of a nohka, wasn't it?

Kuroko grinned. She looked like she was gonna' cut something and you wished she'd stop.

"What a shame. I was hoping we'd get to keep you around for a bit. But..."

Suddenly, you were falling.

OOF went you and THWUMP went your body. That was uncomfortable...

Little Red finished Kuroko's sentence for her.

"It would appear that this little demo is drawing to a close."


[ ] {/input command}

As the end of the contest draws near, LIGHTNING ROUNDS begin! For as long as your author is able, he'll start calling votes much faster to rack up vote (and WORD) count! But this won't be easy! Good luck, have fun and praise AmterOkuu!

LIGHTNING ROUNDS begin with the next vote! I need to do a few things, but will be back shortly!
>> No. 30314

let's go
>> No. 30315
>> No. 30316
Wait. The demo's ending? But you just STARTED! You didn't even leave the starting area! This isn't fair! This isn't fair at all!

You need to calm down. You take a few breaths. You are breathing. Steadily.

You ask your new acquaintances just what the sam hill is going on. Little Red is happy to explain.

"Do you hear that nohka?"

It sounds one more time, right on cue.

"That sound is that of the sister goddess' signalling the end to come. Our employers have gathered enough data from this little test run, and they will be, 'closing the servers' soon. This, of course, means-"

Kuroko spoke up, eyeing something off in the distance in the direction you came from.

"It means you're all fucked, kid."

You don't see what she sees, being nowhere near as tall as she is, but you aren't sure you want to. Little Red gives you a reassuring pat on the shoulder.

"It's alright, little one. If you can survive long enough, you may even beat one."


"Just don't try to leave through these paths. We've orders to kill anyone who tries. Understood?"

You nod, mortified. Kuroko speaks up again, leaning herself on the torii again.

"You've got a little' time to prepare. I suggest you gt down there and think up a battle plan. Or find a hiding spot. Not that either'll help you much."


[ ] {/input command}
>> No. 30317
So all the fairies are going to get fucking murdered now because the "beta" ended. We can run, hide or fight, first will most likely get us killed and the last two are surefire baddo endo. Let's try to avoid a cutscene death for as long as we can!

>> No. 30318
>> No. 30319
You turn and bolt, no time for even a proper farewell.

Kuroko laughs at you as you go, that jerk.

You find yourself in the center of the area where all the fairies have gathered. Shizuha plays one more long, piercing note to make sure everyone is paying attention. Minoriko speaks as you scan the area for an exit.

Minoriko and Shizuha share a look. Shizuha pats the speaker sitting next to her. They share a nod.

Minoriko speaks.

"Now, are y'all gather'd roun', lil' fey friends? Good, good, good! Now, listen up an' listen up good!"

Kuroko sees you staring in her direction. She slowly points a knife to the left path and shakes her head...

"This lil' trail is gunna' end soon! We're givin' y'all a sec to prep fer th' comin' end, so feel free t' take it 'n spen' it wisely."

Little Red ses you staring on her general direction and points her basket at the right path and shakes her head, smiles all the while.

"Howev'r, we need t' make somethin' very clear t' you! As you all 'r well aware, this game's based offa' that one outsid'r vidja thingamawatchacallit. As you're aware, that game lets ya' come back from th' dead n', with a lil' work, be almos' good 's new!"

Kuroko and Little Red see you staring in their general direction and simply shake their heads from either end of the path.

"The devs, howev'r, h've d'term'ned that that'd give you adorable lil' munchkins no incent've to actually FIN'SH th' game. Therefer, while death ain' perm'nant, its EFFECTS are."

You look at the path you came from. Nobody is guarding THAT, are they?


What was that about permanent consequences?

All of your fellow fairies began to panic a little. Minoriko continued like nothing had happened.

"We 'pologize fer th' inconvenience. Now, we sugges' you make yer time. Or a plan. Or maybe give that frien' o' yers one las' hug. The Gods can't help ya' now. They're the dev team n' all. Now, t' set th' mood, the devs 've provided a track t' play t' set the mood. Sis?"

With a nod, Shizuha took her cue and pressed the button.




You are surrounded by panicked fairies. Permanent? Consequences? What do those two words even MEAN?

[ ] Form up! Find some help! Safety in numbers!
[ ] Get running! Now! Get a head start!
[ ] Hide! Quickly! There has to be SOMEWHERE you can hide!
[ ] {/input command}
>> No. 30320
[x] Get running! Now! Get a head start!
-[x] Take the left path into a forest.

>Therefer, while death ain' perm'nant, its EFFECTS are.
oh no

Two choices here, take the left path back into a forest or the right one to wherever it goes. Latter might go to an area with way more difficult enemies and no space for cover, so we can go there later. If we hide for enough time and pick our battles to get the local equivalent of souls while progressing, we might just meet an NPC that'll let us level up.

...who the fuck am I kidding it's a platemask quest it's getting dropped so hard after the contest is over
>> No. 30321
[x] Get running! Now! Get a head start!
-[x] Take the left path into a forest.
>> No. 30322
You ditch all the fairies behind you! You get running for the left path, the one lined with trees!

You get a good distance before you hear fairies behind you trying to follow suit. But you're well ahead of the pack.

Kuroko steps out slowly to block your path, looming eerily. Her arms are crossed under her breast, knife dangling pointedly from her fingertips.

"Kid, can't you take a hint? You're cute, co I'll give ya' one warning. We were payed to kill everyone who tries to step on to these paths."

Little Red, not moving to help, chimes in.

"Well, it was just this gate before, but the nohka's call was a change in orders, so..."

Kuroku bent over double, the clear difference in your sizes made all the more obvious by how she seemed to engulf all light. You aren't trembling beside her! And your knees most certainly aren't knocking, nosiree Bob!

"... so them's the ropes, sweetheart oh god dammit, now she's trembling."

Kuroko turned her head to look at Little Red, her body curving to follow like a snake.

"Are you SURE there wasn't anything in the contract that'd let us keep one?"

"Keep one what? I mean, LET US THROUGH!"

Kuroko's head snapped to attention, smile gone. Where it had been, a bored frown rested instead.

"Oh yeah? And who's gonna' make me, squirt?"

Behind you is a gaggle of fairies of varying types. Seven, to your count. Four of them were sticking tight to each other, a balanced looking party it seemed. Then the other three were right behind you. All seven fairies were trembling. The one who'd spoken, a particularly pretty fairy with royal blue-and-white hair and a maid costume, spoke again, trying her level best to sound brave.

"We have you outnumbered! Let us through this instant, please!"


Kuroko is brandishing a knife, but is enamored with your cuteness. Or so it seems, at least. But she and Little Red have just been approached by a group of fairies looking for an exit following you.

[ ] Finally! We can take 'em! It's eight on two! The odds are in your favor!

[ ] Step back. Perhaps an opportunity will present itself to slip past. Although there aren't many spots you could stand that would allow you not to make that too obvious...

[ ] Side with Kuroko. She obviously likes you, so browny points are best here! She might let you through (or protect you!) if you get on her good side!

END OF DAYS ABILITY UNLOCK: RAPID SCAN! This ability can only be used just before a fight to get a rudimentary understanding of everyone in a fight. Nowhere near as detailed as a regular scan, but a good starting point at least! For this first use, it can be a free action!
- [ ] Take a quick look at who came to help you.
>> No. 30323
[x] Step back. Perhaps an opportunity will present itself to slip past. Although there aren't many spots you could stand that would allow you not to make that too obvious...
-[x] Take a quick look at who came to help you.
-[x] Conserve your stamina, time your ROLLS to avoid danger and RUN the hell away. You can count on those fairies to be a distraction, but it doesn't seem like they'll win.
>> No. 30324
[x] Step back. Perhaps an opportunity will present itself to slip past. Although there aren't many spots you could stand that would allow you not to make that too obvious...
-[x] Take a quick look at who came to help you.
-[x] Conserve your stamina, time your ROLLS to avoid danger and RUN the hell away. You can count on those fairies to be a distraction, but it doesn't seem like they'll win.
>> No. 30325

Maid Fairy
Class: Maid

Hair: Royal Blue & White
Eyes: Grey-Green

Arms: Throwing knives X ???, Overdue Library Book
Armor: Little Devil's Maid Uniform


Maid Fairy
Class: Maid

Hair: Green
Eyes: I don't think hearts go there

Arms: Witch's Broom
Armor: Witchy Maid Uniform (with hat)


Normal Fairy
Class: Maid (Butler?)

Hair: Heh, that looks like a boy's haircut...
Eyes: Shifty

Arms: Manly Hero's Longsword (a product of NERPH)
Armor: Scarlet Butler's uniform

Harmonious Bolt

Normal Fairy
Class: Knight

Hair: Blue
Eyes: Green

Arms: Particularly Long Kitchen Knife, Pot Lid
Armor: Old and Rusty Hand-me-Down Armor

Running Pine

Zombie Fairy
Class: Thief

Hair: White
Eyes: Red

Arms: Whittling Knife
Armor: Perfectly Normal Fairy Dress


Maid Fairy
Class: Maid

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Arms: Food Prep Knives (X2)
Armor: Black French Maid Uniform

Lotus Baby

Normal Fairy
Class: Rifleman

Hair: Pink
Eyes: Green

Arms: Nerph Sniper
Armor: Ugly Sweater Vest and Firing Range Headset

Kuroko Koumori


'Little Red Riding Hood'


Update on the way
>> No. 30326
You don't like your odds here...

You step away and to the side...

"Stay right there, kid." Kuroko calls to you. "I'll be right back with you in a second."

And then the fighting begun. Knives and gunfire and screaming filled the air...



... maybe you'll jus-


That is a knife. A very nice one, too. It's sticking RIGHT out of that ground, right in front of your feet.

"I said wait there, kid."

Despite her dodging a nerf dart, a sword swing and a knife all at once to stab a fairy in the eye, wrenching a sickening scream from the poor girl, her voice never once so much as wavered.

She wasn't fighting. She was playing, wasn't she?

Well, if you wanna' get outta' here, you're gonna' have to play to your STRENGTHS!

You ROLL to the exit and roll AGAIN!

As you thought, another knife lands right where you were! You jog to conserve energy, keeping a close eye on Kuroko.

Of course, to do this, you have to jog backwards or waste energy twisting. You roll only when you see her send a knife your wOOHOOHA!

Little Red just opened fire! Oh, nope, she just got bopped for it. Still, it would be wise to continue rolling until you're in the treeline!



You need a moment to breath.

You're in the entrance to the forest, hidden behind a tree. The sounds of battle still echo to you from here.

It's dark here, but you can see the trees, while tightly packed, allow for travel between them. Where to?

[ ] {/input command}
>> No. 30327
[x] Run away
>> No. 30328
[x] Sneak away from the sounds of battle
The more space we put between us and the two bullies the better, if we run it might be really obvious where we are and it'll tire ourselves out
>> No. 30329
[x] Call out for Tewi
[x] Sneak away from the sounds of battle

>> No. 30330
This should make seperating CONTEST-ERA POST and POST-CONTEST POST easier for the contest hoster!


[X] Sneaky Beaky
>> No. 30331
You can still hear fighting from the torii. The fact that none of the screams you're hearing sound like they belong to tall humans is... distressing to you. You make your slow, careful way in to the forest, doing your level best not to make a sound.

It was much easier to be quiet when you could just fly through the trees...

This forest is dark. Any direction you take would be blind wandering at this point, though, so you slowly plod your way on, hoping for a landmark to show itself.


How long have you been wandering? Goodness gracious, you're starving. The beta should be over by now, so why is the game still going? If it was over you could fly again, right? And you know you can't do that.

Your stomach interrupts you. Either that, or an earthquake.


You are in a forest, which one you do not know. You're starving.

You're a fairy. You can live wholly off of grass if you need to and be just fine. There isn't much grass around here, but there IS grass. Even a couple of flower patches.

But can you afford the rest?

[ ] Graze (food)
- [ ] Think about situation
[ ] Keep moving. You've got to find an exit somehow...
[ ] Roll. It might make you feel better.
[ ] {/input command}
>> No. 30332
[x] Graze (food)
-[x] Think about situation
-[x] Think about directions

List of things we need: energy, fairybux, good encounters and good directions
List of things we don't need: those two humans with a murderboner, that other thing that was going to absolutely cutscene death us
>> No. 30333
>> No. 30334
>only one voting for the fourth time
>in a platemask quest that somehow still isn't fucking dead
>> No. 30335
You need food. You won't be escaping much when you keep rumbling your whereabouts to everything.

You go to a patch of Daisies. You eat as much as you can. Oh man, do you eat as much as you can. Daisies are always the best to eat! Mmm, mmm, that rich, earthy taste and texture, like nothing else... If only you knew somebody who could cook, you'd REALLY feast!

Oh ho ho HO! You may feast yet! Does that patch have TULIPS!?


One full stomach, two Daisy and two Tulip to the inventory and a satisfied belch later, you're drowsing in a patch of sunlight in a branch on a tree, nibbling lazily on a leaf, moments from sleep.

After a feast like THAT, you needed a rest... Besides, all that rolling takes it out of a girl...

You really can't afford to sleep, though a nap would be fine. The game is over, so they've probably done something at the shrine...

... those sisters seemed so nice, too.

You're on the run and those girls are probably after you. The tall one was scary as all heck and the small one had what felt like an iron-scented version of those two sister's aura... You probably did the smart thing avoiding confrontation with them. You can only hope they weren't pursuing you.

Come to think of it, you can't really tell WHERE you are. You'd climb higher and check, but what if something cans still fly? Maybe it can wait until after your nap, when you can escape faster... Although this certainly doesn't feel like the Forest of Magic. It might be the Tengu Mountain's forest, or it might have been made FOR this game. Who knows?



You are in a forest, which one, you don't know. You are in a tree.

It is late at night, the sun set and the moon waning.

You heard a loud sound.

[ ] Up and ready! First strike!
[ ] Silence! Don't move! Listen!
[ ] Run! Observe later!

[ ] {/input command}
>> No. 30336
[x] Run! Observe later!

depending on what this is we might be able to beat it
>> No. 30337
[x] Run! Observe later!

Missed the vote last time because reasons.
>> No. 30338
[x] Run! Observe later!
>> No. 30339
>> No. 30341

This means UPDATE SOON!

We're TOO CLOSE to the end to let this story DIE!
>> No. 30358
>This means UPDATE SOON!

>2 months later, still no update.

You were SO CLOSE to the end and you still let the story DIE! Get back here and finish what you started!
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