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File 148963317243.png - (2.74MB , 1490x3358 , yukata_isuke_transparent_by_aiyeahhs-d9ifn3n.png ) [iqdb]
29884 No. 29884
The pink-haired hermit gave you a polite nod as you poured the tea, “Thanks. So, opening day already then? Are you really expecting anyone to show up? It isn't like you've exactly been running ads or promoting this place.”

“I'm sure my natural charms will bring them, I mean, you're already here aren't you? Customer number one, the lovely Kasen.” you replied with a wry smile.

“Someone has to make sure you stay out of trouble, and I'm the only one who can tolerate you.” she rolled her eyes and gingerly took a sip from her mug.

You poured another mug of tea, taking up a seat next to Kasen at the table, “Aw come on, I'm harmless. Besides, I wouldn't even be turning my home into a teahouse if you didn't ever so subtly suggest it my dear.”

“All I ever said was you're a good cook, and make excellent tea, and it wouldn't be bad if more people could come try it... I never said you should try to actually turn that into a business.”

“Sounds like telling me to open a teahouse to my ears. Besides, it's an excellent way to meet some new people! Living in Former Hell has been so dull, its pretty nice to be able to come back up to the surface, its been ages.”

Ibaraki looked at the eyepatch covering your left eye, “You paid a pretty hefty price the last time you were up here.”

You answered with a grin and a chuckle, raising your mug towards your lips, “It does make an excellent conversation starter. Besides, I still have an eye to admire you with, so I'm thankful for that at least.”

“You're a lost cause Isuke, I don't even know why I try sometimes.” was her response with a heavy sigh.

“You've fallen for me and just won't admit it, that's why. It's alright, I get that all the time.”

The pink-haired hermit glared at you for few heartbeats before sighing, “Right, right sure whatever you say. So, how are you even expecting anyone to even find this place? I'm pretty sure I'm the only visitor you ever get.”

“There's this tengu that I see sometimes, I just let her know I'm opening up today and she seemed interested. I'm sure she's told somebody by now... and well, if she hasn't, I'm sure she'll change her mind after she comes by today.”

“A tengu visited you? Well, I guess it makes sense they'd keep an eye on you. They probably aren't too happy about an oni living anywhere near their mountain.”

You just shrugged in response, “Oh well, doesn't bother me too much. She is pretty cute, I hope she comes by long enough for me to actually get to know her. She always seems like she's in a hurry when she passed by...”

“Not everyone can live such a carefree life. Anyway, your daydreaming aside, you still have to put that up.” Kasen raised her bandaged arm towards another table, where a large sign rested, “Your business is never going to stand a chance if you can't even give it a name.”

“Oh right, I do still have to put that up. Thanks for reminding me, I just lose track of time when I'm busy admiring you.”

“Can you stop flirting for a minute?” snapped the hermit shooting you a glare.

“You may as well ask the sun if it could stop rising my dear!” you laughed as you rose from your seat, pacing towards the sign, “But alright, sure let me just get the name written down and we can officially declare this teahouse open, let's see...”

- - -

Name the Teahouse!
[ ] Write-in

We have a CYOA anons. Please be gentle, I'm really out of practice.
This should be updated once a day, at least. Unless things go wrong or something. Real life drama could strike anyday, but I won't bore you with the details.
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>> No. 29971
File 149144076138.png - (735.87KB , 932x700 , __himekaidou_hatate_and_shameimaru_aya_touhou_draw.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Six work, one off might not be bad either.

- - -

“Let's see... how about, six days on and one off? As much as the idea of doing an entire week, I probably shouldn't overwork myself.”

“A pretty full schedule, but I guess you know your own limits better then I do.”

You grinned and leaned towards the hermit. “I can teach you all about my limits anytime Kasen, my bed always has room for two.”

Kasen's face turned red as she looked away from you. “I swear, you're less an oni and more of a succubus sometimes. Make sure you don't forget to put up your days and hours of operations up somewhere before you forget, pervert.”


“Six days a week of business, and with these hours? You really are taking this pretty seriously, huh?” commented Hatate, her eyebrows lifted in surprise.

“Naturally, besides this is my home as well, so it isn't as bad as it sounds. I was thinking of just staying open every single day, but I think that might be better if I can get some employees at some point. I need at least some time to go and bond with friends, or customers, outside of business hours, eh?”

The pigtailed tengu nodded, taking a bite out of her rice ball. “Makes sense. Guess you have some pretty long term goals in mind, I mean, no offense but with this place as it is...”

The two of you looked about the mostly empty parlor, reaffirming the fact that currently the Shanghai Teahouse was only serving a single customer.

“Ah, it's fine! I'll grow my customer base in no time. It's not a bad thing, really, if I was trying to run a shop this big somewhere popular, I'd really be limited. I mean, this house of mine isn't really all that spacious, so if I was too popular, I wouldn't be able to house all my lovely customers, right?”

“That's a pretty positive way of looking at it. You really have a pretty positive lookout on life, huh?”

“No sense in getting down, I figure. Besides, it isn't like I was expecting to open my door and suddenly have people lining up to come and see me. I'm just happy to have gained the customers I have already, I do so enjoy our chats Hatate.”

That, and you were starting to gain a pretty strong appreciation of her choice in legwear. While she didn't flaunt those lovely legs off like Aya did, the knee-high socks helped focus your gaze upon her lovely thighs.

“Good morning Isuke! Think you can get me a bottle of my usual?” chirped the familiar voice of Aya, happily striding through the open door.

You rose up from your seat, gesturing at your spot. “Sure thing. You can take my spot here!”

“I-I don't know about that Isuke...” replied Hatate quickly, her voice lowered as she glanced towards Aya.

“Oooh, if it isn't Hatate! I know I've heard you've been coming here as well, but I didn't expect to see you here this early...”

The other tengu let out a small sigh. “Well, you know how it is, early to rise and all that... I have to say I'm more surprised to see you here so early. From what I've heard, you tend to show up later in the day.”

Aya shrugged, taking her seat at the table. “Have to mix it up once in a while, life gets so dull if you do the same thing day after day! Besides, I need to wet my whistle before work, so why not enjoy a bottle of Isuke's?”

“I don't think either of you have tried my tea, come to think of it. I mean, nothing wrong with sake, but I do think my tea is much nicer then the kind of sake I can provide...” you offered, returning to the table with a new bottle for Aya.

Hatate raised her eyebrows at your comment, fixing you with a curious stare. “That's really weird to hear coming from an oni.”

The other tengu shrugged, taking a quick swig from her bottle. “It kind of is, but well, she did open this place up as a teahouse instead of a bar... I would've really expected a bar from an oni.”

“I'm pretty unusual for an oni I suppose, I do hear that all the time. I love a good drink of sake like any other oni, but I've always had a greater appreciation for tea. It just feels more... fulfilling, I suppose. There's a sort of personal touch in every serving of tea, makes it feel more personal.”

“Huh. You know, I guess I can see your point of view there. You could always try home brewing your own sake, instead of using a Sake Bug. That'd help get back that kind of personal touch, right?”

“You do realize she'd have to wait until the end of the year to start that right? It's spring now, it isn't really brewing season. Plus she'd have to find a way to get the rice too, she can't really use the rice for eating.” replied Hatate, taking a sip of her own drink. “A Sake Bug isn't very personal, but it's a lot more practical then the traditional method.”

“Still, it is an interesting idea. Pretty long term, but I could always keep it on the back burner.”

“If we're on the topic of interesting ideas, why not try to offer some entertainment of sorts? I've played some fun card games with that new outsider girl.”

Hatate frowned, shaking her head. “Seems a bit too much of an outsider specific thing. The white wolves really love them some shogi, why not try and offer that? I mean, some of their games can last literal days, but at least it would mean some pretty consistent customers, right?”

“Bah, you don't want Momiji coming around here! She'll drive away any crows like us with that attitude.” replied Aya with a snort.

“Please, she only has an issue with you Aya, she gets along fine with everyone else. But in the end, its really up to Isuke. Different appeals for different people and all that...”

The short-haired tengu rolled her eyes, taking another swig from her bottle. “Please, no one has an issue with me! I get along well with everyone! Momiji is just really sour is all, for some reason... but, lets not talk about her, after all we're both here to relax before work.”

“Excuse me, I'm not interrupting anything, am I?” asked a cheerful voice from the entryway.

Standing in the doorway, was a green haired girl, wearing a blue and white outfit. Her eyes matched her hair, and they glittered with curiousity as they swept around the small inside of your humble teahouse. Aya and Hatate offered the mystery girl a polite wave.

“Oh ho! The Moriya Shrine Maiden herself is coming all the way out here? I have to admit, I'm rather surprised.” said Aya with a grin.

“Did you actually read the Bunbunmaru to hear about this, or did a worshipper bring it up?”

The green-haired girl giggled, waving in return to the tengu. “Actually, yes. It's not an everyday occurance for an oni to show up, and even moreso for them to open up a teahouse! I'm not interrupting anything, am I?”

“No, no of course not! The Shanghai Teahouse is always open, and welcome to any who want to come. Please, allow me to get you something! Would you like a drink, or perhaps a snack?”

The short-haired tengu gestured to the last open spot at the table. “Come on in, take a seat! I'd say you should join us for sake, but I know you have the alcohol tolerance of a child, so maybe you can tell us how good Isuke's tea is... I hear its good, but I haven't really tried it myself.”

“Hey, hey Aya she's only human, she can't exactly be knocking back bottle after bottle like one of us...”

The shrine maiden didn't move from her spot however, and you noticed her staring at you with a great amount of curiosity. Before you could think of a witty remark about it, the green-haired girl clapped her hands together and nodded to herself.

“So you must be Isuke Ichidou! I read about you a bit in that interview, but you look so... so... cool! You're like a character right out of a shounen or something! Although, I guess actually a shounen character wouldn't be a woman, but uhm, I mean, all those scars! And that eyepatch! So... so cool!”

Aya chuckled softly, waggling her eyebrows at you. “You have an instant fan, it seems. Sanae was an outsider originally, I don't get half the things that come out of her mouth sometimes.”

- - -

She's a cute one though, isn't she?
[ ] You may as well try your charms on her just a bit...
[ ] It's best to just treat her as a valued customer for now
[ ] She's the first outsider you've ever met, you're kind of curious about her.
[ ] Other
>> No. 29972
[X] It's best to just treat her as a valued customer for now

Customer service is all she's got going for her right now anyways.
>> No. 29974
> “So you must be Isuke Ichidou! I read about you a bit in that interview, but you look so... so... cool! You're like a character right out of a shounen or something! Although, I guess actually a shounen character wouldn't be a woman, but uhm, I mean, all those scars! And that eyepatch! So... so cool!”

Best dork.

[x] She's the first outsider you've ever met, you're kind of curious about her.

Nothing wrong with being a little curious, as long as we keep it professional, right?
>> No. 29976
[X] She's the first outsider you've ever met, you're kind of curious about her.

I personally don't see Sanae as one for too much business formality, and I'm pretty sure asking her about anything related to the Outside is gonna make her love us, so...
>> No. 29977
[x] You may as well try your charms on her just a bit...
>> No. 29978
[x] She's the first outsider you've ever met, you're kind of curious about her.

It's always good to get to know your customers.
>> No. 29980
[x] She's the first outsider you've ever met, you're kind of curious about her.
>> No. 29981
[ze] She's the first outsider you've ever met, you're kind of curious about her.
>> No. 29983
[X] Flirt, but keep it low key.

Light flirtation can serve just as well as customer service if it comes naturally.
>> No. 29984
[x] She's the first outsider you've ever met, you're kind of curious about her.
[x] Investigate her body.
>> No. 29985
[x] Curiosity
[x] Flirt but keep it light
>> No. 29987
File 149158958376.jpg - (572.16KB , 707x1000 , __kochiya_sanae_touhou_drawn_by_aki_chimaki__e90e1.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] She's the first outsider you've ever met, you're kind of curious about her.

- - -

“Well, I have to say, that's a first for a way anyone has reacted to me before.” you said to the shrine maiden with an amused chuckle. “But please, do come and have a seat, I'll be happy to get you some tea to drink.”

“I-I'm sorry, its just, well, that's what I thought of right away!” the shrine maiden scurried to her spot at the table, a slight blush on her cheeks.

You waved a hand dismissively as you headed to the back. “No need to apologize, I don't mind that sort of reaction. Nothing wrong with being called cool! Kind of wished more people reacted that way, it's quite flattering...”

“The usual reaction humans have to an oni is a bit of fear after all. Although I guess a shrine maiden would be pretty poor at her job if she was afraid of you on sight.” teased the black-haired tengu.

“Now, now let's not tease her too much. She's here to enjoy herself after all! And I'm rather curious to hear more about what she meant earlier... shounen, right? The outside world must have changed a lot since my day.” you said reassuring, returning to the table with the tea for the shrine maiden.

The green-haired shrine maiden nodded, looking up at you as you returned. “Well, it's uhm, a kind of genre! It's meant to be aimed at young boys, I think, but they're pretty cool to read! They have all these kind of cool, flashy fight scenes!”

With the view from above, you had to admit it was a bit of a shame on how long the skirt was on the shrine maiden – there wasn't any bare legs to admire like the tengu, but it made sense her skirt wouldn't be nearly as short.

“So you're saying Isuke seems like the kind of character aimed at young boys or something?” asked Hatate, her head cocked to the side.

“I think she could do it! She even has that trademark eyepatch and scar that you see with a lot of swordsmen-type characters, like Date Masamune or something!” replied the shrine maiden with nod of approval.

“Oh? They have stuff about Date? That's a name I haven't heard in a long while. Never met him myself, but I did always hear about the fact he had one eye... although, I had both of mine back then...”

Once more then girl's eyes seemed to sparkle in amazement as she looked at you. “Y-you were around during the actual Sengoku period!?”

“I know she looks really youthful, but Isuke is probably even older then I am! You really stop counting after the first few centuries though. She has all those scars for a reason, she was a real troublemaker back in the days!”

You sighed at Aya, throwing up your hands. “You make me sound like a bad oni or something! I only caused a small amount of trouble, nothing more then harmless fun. But as for our green-haired friend's question, I was actually. That's really taking me back though, those were some pretty different days back then.”

The shrine maiden let out a gasp of surprise and bowed her head. “I-I'm sorry, I got so excited I forgot to introduce myself! I'm Sanae! Ah, Sanae Kochiya, that is. I'm the shrine maiden of the Moriya Shrine up on the mountain.”

“A pleasure to meet you, Kochiya. It's a bit odd for me to get used to the idea of there being two shrine maidens now, it seems... when I was last up here, there was only the Hakurei Shrine.”

“Please, just call me Sanae! And ah, well, I only arrived here a few years ago now I think it was... I was living in the outside world until then, but we had little choice but to move, what with the dwindling faith available...” the green-haired shrine maiden sighed and took a sip of her tea. “H-hey, this tea is actually pretty good...”

“I told you so! You can always trust the word of the honest Aya Shameimaru!”

Hatate rolled her eyes. “Yeah, I wouldn't really do that if I were you, she's only right about things sometimes... and I'm not sure about that 'honest' part either...”

“Ah! Your words sting like a dagger into my heart!”

Sanae chuckled at the antics of the two tengu, before returning her gaze back towards you. “So, when did you last see the outside world? It might take a bit too long to tell you every little thing, but I can tell you the highlights at least!”

“Well, I left the outside world around the time Gensokyo was being created, so I want to say that we were in the middle of some kind of restoration effort? Meiji... something?”

“The Meiji era then! Oooh, you know, if you were in a manga taking place during that, they could probably fit you right into the Shinsengumi or something, I think that'd be a real good fit...” the outsider nodded to herself.

“Weren't they from the Bakumatsu just before then?” pointed out Aya with a smirk.

“They were formed then, but they were still around in the Meiji era for a year or so! It fits! Sorry I keep drifting back to that sort of thing but... I mean...” the green-haired shrine maiden shook her head as she pointed at you. “It's just, she really does fit in that kind of thing! I could see her walking the streets in a haori and hakama, and a katana at her hip! I-it's not just me, right?!”

“Well, I did used to have a katana actually... can't say I've ever walked any streets, especially not in any sort of official capacity though.” you remarked with a chuckle. “I mean, I am an oni after all, I wasn't exactly welcome anywhere.”

The short-haired tengu rolled her eyes at you, taking a last swig of her bottle. “Only because you so stubbornly refused to ever disguise yourself like any other youkai. I get that's kind of dishonest or something, but... ah, anyway I should get going to work. I'm sure Sanae can keep you entertained in my absence.”

“What can I say? I like to be an honest oni whenever I can.” you replied with a grin, moving to take Aya's place at the table.

With your height advantage over Sanae now lessened, you could at least discreetly take a notice at how her top seemed to be fitted on rather snuggly... the detached sleeves of the uniform were an unusual touch, but it did showcase the smoothness of her shoulders and a hint of her slender arms.

“So you really did used to be a sort of swordswoman or something? Wandering the lands of Japan, a blade at your side!?” the shrine maiden leaned forward, her eyes sparkling. “Did you keep wearing a yukata? Or maybe you even wore a haroi and hakama combo!? Or you could've even done just the hakama, with just a sarashi to keep yourself decent so you could look all intimidating! A-although, I guess that last one really does only happen in manga...”

Hatate shook her head and gave you a coy smile. “Aya wasn't kidding, you really do have an instant fan. She can't seem to stop thinking about you since she walked in.”

Sanae's face turned red in embarrassment, as she leaned back and bowed her head. “I-I'm sorry, I'm just getting my imagination to run wild I guess... it's just, she really does look like someone I'd expect to read about, or see in an anime!”

“Hey, there's no harm in fantasizing about me, do it all you like.” you replied with a grin.

The innuendo seemed to have been lost upon the naive shrine maiden, but judging by the slight blush that appeared on Hatate's cheeks, she certainly caught it.

- - -

Now that you've gotten to know her a bit more...
[ ] May as well keep it friendly for now
[ ] You'll give her plenty to 'fantasize' about...
[ ] Sanae's already hooked, maybe you need to charm Hatate some.
[ ] Other?
>> No. 29988
[X] May as well keep it friendly for now
>> No. 29989
[X] May as well keep it friendly for now

I'm already liking this Sanae.
>> No. 29990
File 149160653234.jpg - (96.74KB , 564x795 , dd36076a3482d9888e55507709c9b44a.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Sanae's already hooked, maybe you need to charm Hatate some.
If "forbidden love" doesn't catch the attention of an otaku, nothing will.
>> No. 29991
[x] Sanae's already hooked, maybe you need to charm Hatate some.

obtain all girls at all times
>> No. 29992
[x] Sanae's already hooked, maybe you need to charm Hatate some.
>> No. 29993
[x] Sanae's already hooked, maybe you need to charm Hatate some.

Otaku Sanae is done to death, but this time around it's actually good.
>> No. 29994
File 149205490278.jpg - (195.77KB , 850x1364 , __himekaidou_hatate_touhou_drawn_by_baba_baba_seim.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Sanae's already hooked, maybe you need to charm Hatate some.

- - -

“I wouldn't say Sanae is fantasizing about you, she's simply... letting her imagination run wild is all!”

You grinned at the pigtailed tengu, leaning towards her a bit. “Sounds like fantasizing to me. Judging by your blush, I'd say she's given you some fuel for your own fantasies Hatate.”

The tengu's blush darkened as she glanced away from you. “I-I don't know what you're talking about! I haven't been fantasizing about you at all!”

“Are you sure? Your cheeks have seemed a bit flushed ever since the topic came up... I mean, there isn't any harm in a bit of fantasizing? Isuke is so cool looking!” stated Sanae, nodding to herself.

“I'm pretty sure the kind of fantasizing Isuke has in mind, isn't the kind you're thinking of...”

“Do your fantasies tend to involve my clothes coming off, instead of dressing up?”

Hatate coughed in surprise, her face even more red as she stared at the table. “I-I don't know what you're talking about at all... I-I'd never think of that kind of thing!”

The green-haired shrine maiden had a thoughtful expression on her face as she looked at you once more. “Just how many scars do you have Isuke? I can kind of make one out around your collarbone there, and the one on your face, but...”

You tugged at the collar of your yukata, more clearly showing one of the scars Sanae was speaking of. “In honesty? I'm not entirely sure. I might remember how I got them all, but I haven't exactly memorized the count. For me to show them all off, I'd have to get naked more or less, let's put it that way.”

“W-wow you really do sound like some kind of legendary warrior or something! Could I ask you about that one?” Sanae pointed directly at your eyepatch.

Hatate's blush was still rather heavy, but she followed Sanae's pointed finger, and her expression turned curious as well. “I have to admit... that one has been bugging me a bit as well. Even if someone cut you in the face, there's no way you'd actually need that eyepatch... unless...”

You tapped your eyepatch and nodded. “Bullseye Hatate. Only a blessed kind of weapon would make me have to wear this, right? This one is actually the last scar I've ever gotten, so it does have a bit of a special place in my heart.”

“You picked a fight with some kind of youkai exterminator then?”

“I wouldn't say I picked a fight exactly... I was always a bit of a troublemaker though! I wasn't some kind of samurai or ronin, for obvious reasons... I guess I was more of a bandit?” you laughed and gave a casual shrug. “I never really did anything that bad though, just caused a bit of harmless mischief. But you know, eventually someone comes along and wants to set you right...”

“So who was it?” asked Sanae, leaning forward expectingly.

“I never did get her name, come to think of it... but, from what I've heard since then, she became the Hakurei shrine maiden?”

“Th-there's no way Reimu could've done that kind of thing! Besides, even if she could've, that couldn't have been that long ago at all, she isn't that old!”

Hatate shook her head quickly. “Of course it isn't Reimu, Sanae calm down. Reimu is just the latest Hakurei shrine maiden, but there were others before her... I've never heard of any of them that ever fought an oni before.”

“I doubt she would exactly go bragging about it. She was mostly just trying to teach me a lesson, I think. Otherwise, I wouldn't be having this conversation, because she would've killed me. But that was a pretty great fight... I'd really love to be able to get into a scrap like that again, really gets the blood pumping!”

“Now you sound like some kind of battle maniac...” sighed the tengu.

“I'm not that bad... besides, I promised I'd never get into a serious fight again anyway. I'm a nice, good oni now after all! My troublemaking days are behind me, I can't exactly go and sully my teahouse's reputation by picking fights with people right?”

“Could you tell me about your fights sometime Isuke?” asked the shrine maiden, a pleased smile on her face. “I bet they'd sound really cool!”

- - -

Time for a story, maybe?
[ ] Why not? You have time, and it can't hurt to get her more interested in you.
[ ] A story is fun, but you might want something in return... (specify)
[ ] Perhaps another time, need to keep her wanting more!
[ ] Other
>> No. 29995
[X] A story is fun, but you might want something in return... (specify)
- [X] Maybe you could hear a story or two from your customers, too?

Talking about yourself is fine, but it's a good thing to be interested in your customers as well.
>> No. 29996
[X] A story is fun, but you might want something in return... (specify)
- [X] Maybe you could hear a story or two from your customers, too?

I didn't know I wanted this but now I do.
>> No. 29997
[X] A story is fun, but you might want something in return... (specify)
- [X] Maybe you could hear a story or two from your customers, too?
>> No. 29998
[X] A story is fun, but you might want something in return... (specify)
- [X] Maybe you could hear a story or two from your customers, too?
>> No. 29999
[X] A story is fun, but you might want something in return... (specify)
- [X] Maybe you could hear a story or two from your customers, too?
>> No. 30000
[X] A story is fun, but you might want something in return... (specify)
- [X] Maybe you could hear a story or two from your customers, too?
>> No. 30001
File 149249584680.png - (622.89KB , 590x948 , __kochiya_sanae_touhou_drawn_by_tebukuro_withana__.png ) [iqdb]
[X] A story is fun, but you might want something in return... (specify)
- [X] Maybe you could hear a story or two from your customers, too?

- - -

“Hmm... well, only under one condition.” you reply, holding up a finger for emphasis.

The green-haired shrine maiden cocked her head to the side. “A condition?”

“Going to start charging for stories?”

“No, no of course not! But how about a trade? Tell me some of your own stories! I'm quite curious to learn all I can about my precious customers.”

“Oh! Well, that seems more then fair! I'm not sure if I have too many interesting stories, but...” Sanae trailed off and gave a small shrug. “I know I have at least a few good ones! Especially the story about when I first arrived here... it's kind of hard to forget that one...”

“It's kind of hard to forget any situation that actually gets Reimu involved, that's true. As for me... I guess I can think up a few stories maybe... but Sanae can go first, since she would much prefer to hear some stories about her amazing, awesome idol.” teased the pigtailed tengu with a grin.

Sanae chuckled, a light blush creeping on her face. “Hahaha... w-well she is pretty cool looking...”


“That's quite the story. I'm not sure I really have one that could match up to something that would be considered an incident around here.” you said after a few heartbeats of digesting Sanae's story. “It's kind of weird to think about there being actual, physical gods living up on the mountain right now. I had sort of heard about it, but hearing it from their actual shrine maiden is another thing entirely...”

The shrine maiden chuckled, nervously rubbing the back of her head. “It's pretty normal to me, since I've lived with them all my life, but I guess it is a bit odd to think about, huh? And I'm sure your stories are still really, really great!”

“I certainly hope they're interesting, otherwise this is going to seem like a pretty poor trade. A shame Hatate had to leave in the middle, but I guess since she lived on the mountain, she was already pretty familiar with it.”

It was a shame to see her go, but she did have to get out and do some field research, and she had given her rival enough of a headstart as it was already. You at least got to admire her from behind as she left, and only wished you weren't listening to Sanae so attentively, to try and see if you could get just a glimpse up her skirt.

Alas, perhaps next time.

“I'm not too sure, to be honest. Aya got involved personally, since she was told too... though I guess Hatate would've learned about it pretty soon regardless.” the green-haired girl took a sip of her tea and sighed contently. “That was kind of fun to talk about. I'll have to tell you about the Hisoutensoku sometime as well!”

“Always good to share a tale you're passionate about! Although, I wouldn't mind hearing about your life in the outside world as well sometime. I have to imagine its changed a lot in the past few centuries, after all.”

The young girl nodded energetically in response. You couldn't help but admire the slight bounce this caused in her somewhat taut top as well.

“Oh yes! I'll have to show you some manga next time! I have to find the ones you remind me of! Oh, oh and - “

“I'm sorry, am I interrupting? Kasen told me about this place, and I thought I should pay a personal visit...” spoke up a voice softly from the entrance.

Looking in from the doorway was a young, cute looking brunette girl. While her hair was a bit unusual looking, you certainly didn't disagree with the assets you could spy hidden behind her white top. Something about her felt unusual though, but you couldn't really put your finger on it. Still, you gave her a polite wave and gestured indoors.

“It's no harm! Please, please come in. You must be the ah... woodworker Kasen mentioned before? It's a pleasure to have you, would you like a snack or some tea?”

“O-oh, no don't worry about it at all! I was just getting a bit over excited, sorry about that...”

The brown-haired girl shook her head, making her way inside. “Don't worry about it Sanae, it's nice to see you by the way. I wouldn't have expected to bump into you here, actually.” the girl's blue eyes darted about the room as she sat. “Not a bad place... it really does make my house feel really large though, but I guess it is from the outside unlike this...”

“Oh, you're also an outsider as well?” you asked, an eyebrow raised in curiosity. “I'm quite popular with former outsiders today, how flattering.”

“I used to live in the outside until fairly recently myself, Sanae is certainly my senior in this regard. I'm Reina Roots, I run a little shop of my own not too far from the Human Village. I'm sure she mentioned it, but I specialize in furniture restoration and creation mostly. I guess you could call me a carpenter in general though.”

“She's really good at what she does! Definitely one of the best. We've had her help with some things we needed at the shrine.” the green-haired girl gave a thumbs-up.

“Thank you for the compliment Sanae, I'm always happy to have pleased customers.” Reina chuckled softly. “Oh! Right, ah, could I have some tea? I can't stay too long, I have some orders to get sorted out with Remilia, but I felt I should introduce myself.”

Sanae sighed and shook her head. “She's a real taskmaster isn't she? But I guess it makes sense she's your biggest customer, not too many carpenters in the village can really match that old-style Victorian stuff she has...”

The two outsider girls chatted happily amongst themselves, as you excused yourself to prepare a new batch of tea. The outside world was certainly full of surprises, it was almost a shame you couldn't go out and visit it anymore. If it was full of women like Sanae or Reina, you certainly wouldn't be short of some lovely girls to charm.

But hey, at least they were practically lining up to come and see you here anyway! Not bad at all.

“Here we go, please enjoy. So, from what Kasen told me, you're probably my one-stop shop for anything furniture related, huh?”

Reina nodded and retrieved her mug of tea. “I'm not quite sure I'd put it in that exact wording, but I wouldn't mind. I have a lot of business from Remilia, as she's kind of my primary patron, but I can always squeeze in some more work. I can't really offer any really large-scale projects at the moment, but if you ever need any furniture...”

“So, you can make just about any kind of furniture, right?”

“More or less! I can't say I've run into anything I haven't been able to make before. Well, as long as it isn't too technical... I can't really make something that would need electricity or something...” the brunette chuckled at her own joke, although after a moment, she frowned. “Ah, right. You wouldn't actually know what that is, er... sorry, outsider thing.”

“You never know Reina, maybe one day she could get some from the kappa!”

“I'm sure Sanae will tell me all about the wonders of electricity sometime. Still, I do appreciate the offer. If I was to give you a brief tour of the place, could I maybe hear a bit about some offers you might have?”

The brunette took a sip of her tea, her eyes lighting up in delight. “Oooh, this is some nice tea... but, sure! I can give you some rough estimates if you'd like. I know I said I have to work out some orders with Remilia, but if you have something you want, I can add it to my orders today if you really like.”

- - -

Hardworking and cute! Now, did were you actually interested in placing an order today?
Reina only has time for up to 2!
- Parlor (Currently: Traditional/Okay)
[ ] Maybe she could spruce it up... (Quality up) – 40 Sen
[ ] Some zaisu would improve comfort! (Zaisu upgrade) – 20 Sen
- Kitchen (Currently: Simple/Okay)
[ ] Being able to do more then make riceballs would be nice... (Improve kitchen) – 60 Sen
- Bedroom (Currently: Futon-only/Okay)
[ ] It would be nice to have a proper bed. (Bed upgrade) – 30 Sen
[ ] You don't really need anything right now.

Funds: 2 Ryo, 20 Sen, 0 Rin
For reference, 100 Sen makes a Ryo, and 10 Rin to the Sen.

[ ] May as well flirt with this pretty new outsider.
[ ] Focus back on Sanae
[ ] Better keep building that friendly rapport!
[ ] Other

One of these days, I'll get back to daily updates.
>> No. 30002
- Parlor (Currently: Traditional/Okay)
[X] Some zaisu would improve comfort! (Zaisu upgrade) – 20 Sen
- Kitchen (Currently: Simple/Okay)
[X] Being able to do more then make riceballs would be nice... (Improve kitchen) – 60 Sen

[X] Focus back on Sanae

Might as well turn all our attention to securing one important patron. We'll have plenty of time to work on Reina as we put jobs through to her now and in the future.
>> No. 30003
[x] >>30002
Same. Improving the kitchen is a must and improving comfort is a plus. Next up is the parlor improvement, I think. But we should save more before that.
>> No. 30004
- Parlor (Currently: Traditional/Okay)
[X] Some zaisu would improve comfort! (Zaisu upgrade) – 20 Sen
- Kitchen (Currently: Simple/Okay)
[X] Being able to do more then make riceballs would be nice... (Improve kitchen) – 60 Sen

[X] Focus back on Sanae
>> No. 30005
- Parlor (Currently: Traditional/Okay)
[X] Some zaisu would improve comfort! (Zaisu upgrade) – 20 Sen
- Kitchen (Currently: Simple/Okay)
[X] Being able to do more then make riceballs would be nice... (Improve kitchen) – 60 Sen

[X] Focus back on Sanae

The suggested upgrades sound good to me, and since she herself said she doesn't have much time we shouldn't keep her from doing what she needs to do.
>> No. 30006
- Parlor (Currently: Traditional/Okay)
[X] Some zaisu would improve comfort! (Zaisu upgrade) – 20 Sen
- Kitchen (Currently: Simple/Okay)
[X] Being able to do more then make riceballs would be nice... (Improve kitchen) – 60 Sen

[X] Better keep building that friendly rapport!
>> No. 30007
- Parlor (Currently: Traditional/Okay)
[X] Some zaisu would improve comfort! (Zaisu upgrade) – 20 Sen
- Kitchen (Currently: Simple/Okay)
[X] Being able to do more then make riceballs would be nice... (Improve kitchen) – 60 Sen

[X] Focus back on Sanae

Upgrades look good, plus as above anon said, we can get to know Reina later since we'll likely be using her a lot.
>> No. 30008
File 149374733787.jpg - (176.35KB , 1023x724 , __kochiya_sanae_touhou_drawn_by_yuki_snowmaiden__7.jpg ) [iqdb]
- Parlor (Currently: Traditional/Okay)
[X] Some zaisu would improve comfort! (Zaisu upgrade) – 20 Sen
- Kitchen (Currently: Simple/Okay)
[X] Being able to do more then make riceballs would be nice... (Improve kitchen) – 60 Sen

[X] Focus back on Sanae

- - -

“Alright, not a problem at all! Once I finish my work for Remilia, I'll get started on the zaisu right away. The kitchen will take a bit longer, but I'll do my best to finish as soon as possible! Ah, actually, mind if I take a peek at it, to get an idea...?”

You merely shrug and gesture behind you with a smile. “Go right ahead. I can't expect you to just instantly know the exact details of my kitchen, eh? I'll make sure to have some snacks and tea ready when you come over.”

The brunette flashed a smile as she disappeared into the backroom, leaving you once more alone with the young and excitable Sanae.

“It's a shame you can't really get electricity out here, having some modern improvements would probably really help out... a refrigerator would be really nice! Could keep perishable foodstuffs around for a while with one of those. But the kappa are a bit...”

“Shy and reclusive, more or less?” you finish with a knowing grin. “They've always kind of been that way. Still, their knowledge of tools and technology is second to none really. I'm sure I can enlist their aid one day!”

“You could always try enlisting their aid directly, actually.” commented Reina, returning to the parlor. “They do have a little shop set up in the village... can't say how much they could really do for you at the moment though. My house already had electricity because of erm... reasons... but you'd probably need some serious investment from the kappa to get something right now...”

The green-haired shrine maiden nodded. “Oh! That's right, they do have a shop there huh? Kind of forgot about that... still, something you could keep in mind, that's for sure!”

“I'll get to work as soon as I can Isuke. Sorry I can't stay and enjoy this place for long today, but I don't want to put off Remilia for too long... what do I owe you for the service today?”

You shake your head and smile in response. “Ah no worries, first time is always free. Have a good day Reina, thanks for dropping by. I'll look forward to admiring your handiwork.”

It wouldn't be bad having her by your teahouse doing work for a bit, she has a rather pleasing figure you could admire while she was doing so. With the brunette restorer's departure, you were once more left alone with the young and excitable Sanae. Not a bad situation to be in, given her personality was rather amusing, and she was quite easy on the eye.

“Well then Sanae, I owe you a story don't I? I'll need to think up a good one to pay back that wonderful story of your own...” you positioned yourself closer to the green-haired shrine maiden, “Ah, I've got it! You remind me a bit of a lovely, beautiful maiden I once rescued... it's an old one, but back in the my olden days of being a more proper oni, it like most stories of that time, begins with a biiit of alcohol...”


At the conclusion of your story, that cute sparkle in the young Sanae's eyes was present as she practically squeal in delight.

“So gallant and romantic! That kind of story would've been right at home in a tale involving a princess and a knight! After that daring rescue, what happened next!?”

You grinned and wagged your finger at the shrine maiden. “Afraid the events that took place that night, are not polite to repeat in the presence of such a young maiden like yourself Sanae. Needless to say, it was quite the night...”

That particular maiden was, naturally, quite inexperienced but there was always something so fun and exciting about teaching them the pleasures of their own bodies... plus the honest, earnest attempts of those kind of girls in response, were always such a delight to your own body. Enthusiasm was a nice replacement for actual skill and technique.

“O-oh, I see! Wow... I guess that is the expected result after that sort of event! Well, after all that, what happened next Isuke?!” inquired Sanae, that sparkle her in eyes turning into a passionate flame.

“Afraid that's all for today my good Sanae. I'll always be happy to tell you as many stories, just so long as you keep gracing my teahouse with your lovely presence.” you replied flirtatiously. “I'm quite curious to hear your own stories as well, so its a win-win situation, right?”

The shrine maiden nodded enthusiastically, rising triumphantly from her seat. “Of course! I'll have another good story for you tomorrow then! I er, should really get going, all things considered... Kanako is going to throw a fit if I don't get my tasks for the day finished... I may not be able to come by every single day, but I'll make sure to always come by when I have time!”

“Of course, that's all I ask. I'll look forward to your next visit, Lady Sanae.” you reply with a wink and grin.

The sudden blush on the young girl's face was a delight as she hurriedly excused herself from your parlor. It was a shame to see her go, but she was quite lovely to look at even from behind... you could only hope one day, you could convince her to slip out of those cute clothes.

“Well, guess it's back to tidying up the place... maybe Aya or Hatate will drop by tonight... or maybe my adorable little Kasen will grace me with her presence tonight.” you thought aloud, chuckling to yourself.

- - -

The rest of the week is unremarkable, but the weekend is drawing near...
[ ] You'll just relax at home and see if anyone comes by.
[ ] Sanae said she lived at the Moriya Shrine, maybe you should pay her a visit...
[ ] A relaxing day off at the village would always be nice.
[ ] You've been hearing about this Scarlet Devil Mansion...
[ ] Other?

> Weekly Report
Expenditures: 80 Sen
Income: 30 Sen
Funds: 1 Yen, 70 Sen, 0 Rin

Changing Ryo to Yen, as upon some research, the Ryo was renamed/replaced with the Yen by this point, while Sen and Rin was still in circulation.
>> No. 30009
[X] A relaxing day off at the village would always be nice.

Lazing about isn't a good expenditure of time, and if we want to compete with the teahouses in the village we'll need to draw some of their customers. It's just a matter of seeing who we can secure.
>> No. 30010
[X] A relaxing day off at the village would always be nice.

Some more human interaction might be nice.
>> No. 30011
[x] A relaxing day off at the village would always be nice.
>> No. 30012
[ ] Sanae said she lived at the Moriya Shrine, maybe you should pay her a visit...
>> No. 30013
[x] You've been hearing about this Scarlet Devil Mansion
Employees there could use a place to relax
>> No. 30014
[X] A relaxing day off at the village would always be nice.
>> No. 30015
[X] You've been hearing about this Scarlet Devil Mansion...

I know it probably won't win, but I can never get enough SDM.
>> No. 30016
[X] You've been hearing about this Scarlet Devil Mansion...
>> No. 30052
[X] A relaxing day off at the village would always be nice.
Let's get things moving!
>> No. 30071
[X] A relaxing day off at the village would always be nice.
Warmly waiting...
>> No. 30077
File 150293891888.png - (501.08KB , 600x1105 , ByYKdsyIIAEqObO.png ) [iqdb]
[x] A relaxing day off at the village would always be nice.

- - -

The same guardswoman from last week was stationed at the village gates as you approached, she returned your cheerful grin and wave, with a somewhat forced smile and a nervous shuffle in her stance.

“Nervous to see me again cutie? I'm harmless, don't worry about it!” you teased. “That smile is still quite cute though, just have to work on making it look more natural.”

The guardswoman blushed lightly. “D-did you need something mi-... er, I-Isuke?”

“Sorry to treat you as a sort of go-to tour guide, but...” you pulled the village map out from within your yukata. “Care to give me some advice on somewhere fun to go?”

“W-well, that really depends on what you're looking for...”

You nodded in response and gave a slight shrug. “Well today is my day off from work and all, so kind of looking for someplace nice to unwind and relax. Not entirely sure what you have for entertainment in the village, but I guess for me personally, I'm always keen to be somewhere with drinking, gambling, or pretty girls... any combination of that works as well, actually!”

“E-erm, I see well...” replied the guardswoman with a nervous chuckle, “You could find the first two in the business district easily I'd think, but I'm not really sure about the pretty girls, you might have better luck asking one of the men...”

“Asking a guy huh? Not really too keen on that... well, any place to drink or gamble you'd personally recommend? There has to be some place you like to go and unwind after a hard day's work after all!”

The shy guardswoman scratched her chin as she glanced towards the village. “W-well... I guess I sometimes like to go to Chika's, its about...” she studied your map for a moment before pointing on it, “about there. If you wanted to gamble, I think there's something near Chika's, but I'm not much of a gambler... some places could give you both, but I'm not sure how many would be open right now. They tend to be more late-night sort of establishments.”

“I see, I see! Well, thank you for the info cutie. You have a good shift, eh? Hey, maybe once you're off duty we could bump into one another! I'll treat you to a drink.” you offer with a reassuring smile as you start to make your way into the village.

“U-uhm... ha-have a good stay in the village Isuke!” stuttered the guardswoman as you walked pass, before returning to her post at the gate.

Well you at least had a general idea of where you could spend your day off... of course, nothing said you had to actually go to where she indicated, this was a pretty big village after all and doubtlessly had a large number of places to visit. The guardswoman didn't have a good idea of where you could find some pretty girls, but those could come with any of the establishments, or perhaps you could do some snooping around...

- - -

[ ] Just head to Chika's
[ ] The guardswoman said there's some places to gamble near Chika's, right?
[ ] Maybe you'll do some snooping around for pretty girls...
[ ] Other? (write-in)

Well. Here it is. Massively overdue, and massively underwhelming! I really actually dislike this update, it has been plaguing me for months now and I just can't be satisfied with it, but by this point, well, I have to put something up before I'm not capable of writing anymore I guess, right?

I once more apologize for all of you having to put up with a terrible, terrible writer such as I.

The image for the update has nothing to do with the update. It's just an old Isuke concept artwork I had.
>> No. 30078
[x] Maybe you'll do some snooping around for pretty girls...
>> No. 30081
[x] Maybe you'll do some snooping around for pretty girls...

I suddenly have a burning desire to see Isuke meet Keine. Prefereably when she's horny.

...I'll show myself out.
>> No. 30082
[X] Just head to Chika's
>> No. 30088
[X] Maybe you'll do some snooping around for pretty girls...
>> No. 30089
[X] Maybe you'll do some snooping around for pretty girls...
>> No. 30099
[X] Maybe you'll do some snooping around for pretty girls...
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