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File 147529600337.jpg - (98.36KB , 600x710 , it's dnd.jpg ) [iqdb]
29689 No. 29689
Now with a 'with' instead of an 'and'!


Okay. I think I'm ready.

I think.

I've read the books. I've written sheets. I've drawn a map. I've brought the dice. I've set up the screen. I'm ready.

Now I just need my players. Which I don't have right now.

The problem is that, as much as I hate to admit, I don't actually have that many friends. I spend a lot of my time going around, trying to gather worshipers for my shrine, and most people have come to see me as that priestess from the mountain shrine. So not many people have ever really tried to get to know me.

Fortunately, I'm not completely without friends. And one of my (very few) friends happens to have many friends herself! So all I had to do was ask her to bring some of them over for this. This'll be great; I'll get to meet people, I can unwind and do something I really love, and we'll all play a game together!

The game in question is Dungeons and Dragons, but I'm sure they can see the appeal in it.

My thoughts are suddenly interrupted by a knock at the door. They're finally here! I hop up and quickly rush over to the door and open it. I find the shrine maiden I was expecting on the other side of it.

"Reimu! You made it!"

"Yeah yeah, I'm here." She's a little grumpy, which I can understand. I kinda strong-armed her into this. "We're here, that is."

"Oh, good. You brought them. Please, come on in, everyone!"

I step aside and allow Reimu's entourage to enter the room. I look them over and find...


[] Marisa Kirisame, of course. I'd be more surprised if she wasn't here.
[] Remilia Scarlet? And her maid too? Why are they here?
[] Alice Margatroid. A friend of Marisa's, I believe.
[] I'm... not familiar with this woman. Long silver hair, red suspenders, of all things?
[] Oh... that green-haired youkai I often see at Reimu's parties. The terrifying one.
[] ...Momiji Inubashiri? Captain of the Wolf Tengu patrols? What's she doing here?
[] There's a black and red cat, with two tails, trailing around Reimu's legs.
[] Kogasa, of all people. It kinda looks like Reimu just picked her up off the street.
[] Kasen Ibara. Not too surprising, all things considered.
[] Hata no Kokoro? I thought she just performed at Reimu's shrine. Are they actually friends?
[] ...There's a tiny girl, maybe a foot tall, sitting on Reimu's shoulder.
[] Is that a high school uniform. Is that a high school girl.

(May the gods have mercy on all of our souls)
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>> No. 30029
[x] Let's get to the main attraction of this session- and the combat.

>> No. 30030
[X] Let's get to the main attraction of this session- and the combat.

Finally, something the girls will be familiar with: Shamelessly spamming attack after attack in hopes that they will profit.
>> No. 30031
[x] Combat.

>> No. 30032
[x] Combat

Let's distract then with combat because Reimu us actually right
>> No. 30033
[X] Let's get to the main attraction of this session- and the combat.

>> No. 30034
[X] Let's get to the main attraction of this session- and the combat.

I got a sweet dexterity based skill check they can practice on, it's called initiative!

Also, this thread has over 200 exclamation marks. Just pointing that out.
>> No. 30035
[X] Let's get to the main attraction of this session- and the combat.


And now it's got over 250.
>> No. 30036
[X] Let's get to the main attraction of this session- and the combat.
Ooof nefarious people in the shadows need a spanking.
>> No. 30037
[X] Let's get to the main attraction of this session- and the combat.
>> No. 30038
File 149660808120.png - (585.90KB , 1720x1263 , eh close enough.png ) [iqdb]
I need to keep this moving. Combat should definitely grab their attention, but with what I've statted up, I need a decent way to lead into it.

"So..." Sumireko starts, "There was an archery range, right?"

... You know what, I may as well just toss it at them. It's gonna be ham-handed. Whatever, they shouldn't realize. "As you inspect the range and the dwarf running it starts explaining the rules, there's a sudden shriek from not too far away!"

"What's going on?" Clownpiece asks. I've grabbed everyone's attention, even Mokou's, who seemed to be zoning out a bit.

"People are rushing past from further down the street. Guards run past them, heading to investigate the commotion. Some merchants have hastily gathered up their things and are fleeing the scene as well."

"Sounds serious." Sumireko remarks, "We should probably check this out."

"Yeah! I wanna see what's happening!" Clownpiece adds.

"Do we have to?" Reimu receives an elbow from Sumireko for her comment.

"You follow the guards towards the sounds of the commotion. At the end of the street is a band of goblins, them and their wolves raiding the local merchants!"

"Goblins?" Mokou asks.

"What's a goblin?" Kogasa follows.

"Those things at Remilia's mansion?" Reimu finishes.

I wasn't aware that the vampire had goblins working for her. Kinda makes sense. "Small, black-hearted and selfish humanoids. And very ugly."

"The ones at Remilia's were pretty ugly."

"So a goblin raiding party?" Sumireko asks, "How many?"

"Quite a bit, but the guards have preoccupied most of them. Still, there are two goblins, and two wolves currently unnoticed and freely pillaging the stalls."

"Can we fight them off??" Clownpiece asks.

"We're caravan guards, right? We can handle this!" Sumireko reassures her.

"So we're fighting then..." Mokou remarks.

"Okay!" I plant my hands down on the table, behind the screen. "Roll for initiative."


Sumireko shoots me a smirk. "How long have you been waiting to say that?"

"Each of you, make a Dexterity check!"

Kogasa, Sumireko, and amazingly, Clownpiece do so without hesitation. Reimu and Mokou trail behind, still needing a bit of help.

The results... Kogasa, with an 18 and her +4 DEX mod, is only going second because the wolves rolled a natural twenty. After that is a bunch of terrible rolls: Mokou rolled an 8, Clownpiece and the goblins rolled 4, which was bumped up to 6 with their mods. I'll let Clownpiece go before them, for her sake. Sumireko rolled a 5, but no DEX mod meant she goes after them.

Reimu rolled a 3.

"This is stupid!" She's naturally not happy about it. "Why are we even taking turns? You don't take turns in a fight!"

"Reimu do you have any idea how much of a mess this would be if everyone was acting at the same time?"

"So those are supposed to represent us?" Mokou asks as I set up miniatures on the grid.

"That's right. Each square represent 5 feet, so right now there's 15 feet between you and the raiding party." For everyone's sake, I put Reimu and Mokou in front, as they have the highest AC of the group. Clownpiece gets the back row, and Kogasa and Sumireko have the middle.

"Alright, now... The wolves are quick to notice your approach, and quickly pounce at Riswynn and Enna!" The rolls... oh, 16 and 17. And they have a +4 to hit. "Okay, Reimu, Mokou, what are your ACs?" I already know the results here, but I should make sure they know why they're getting hit.

"A-C?" Reimu glowers at me.

"Your Armor Class. That number determines how hard you are to hit: the higher it is, the higher I need to roll to do damage to you." Ignoring the fact that I rolled very high...

"And what determines my Armor Class?"

"Your armor. Now what's the number on the sheet?"

Sumireko helps both of them find the number. They both have 18. That's... definitely below these attack rolls. A couple more rolls, and... "They both vigorously bite down hard on the two of you, fangs piercing through your armor. Riswynn takes 7 damage, Enna takes 5."


Hm... this is already off to a rough start, and the wolves technically aren't even done. Reimu and Mokou are supposed to make a DC 11 Strength check to not be knocked prone, but... I may have made a mistake in encounter difficulty already.

... Another thing that occurs to me is Clownpiece. She's reliant on her Mage Armor spell to protect herself, but she obviously doesn't know to cast it. And casting it now would use up her action. I could allow her to retroactively cast it before the fight, and I could just ignore her completely...

[] Reimu and Mokou...
-[] Go easy on them for now.
-[] We're going by-the-book here.
[] Clownpiece...
-[] Let her retroactively cast Mage Armor.
-[] I don't have to attack her at all, right?
-[] She suffers.

Boy, actually rolling dice for this sure is making things fun.
>> No. 30039
[x] Reimu and Mokou...
-[x] Go easy on them for now.
[x] Clownpiece...
-[x] Let her retroactively cast Mage Armor.
-[x] I don't have to attack her at all anyway, right?
>> No. 30040
[x] Reimu and Mokou...
-[x] Go easy on them for now.
[x] Clownpiece...
-[x] I don't have to attack her at all, right?

That moment when you realize that you've vastly overstimated their skills.

>"This is stupid!" She's naturally not happy about it. "Why are we even taking turns? You don't take turns in a fight!"

What about Danmaku?
>> No. 30041
[X] Reimu and Mokou...
-[X] Go easy on them for now.
[X] Clownpiece...
-[X] I don't have to attack her at all, right?

A good GM bends the rules. D&D isn't a game you play to win. A good GM should balance the game around the players to give them the best experience they can get. To tell the best story that can be told.

If a GM just tries to make something overly hard or make a player suffer, well then there's not much fun in that. I'm fine with letting Clownpiece cast it retroactively, but there's no reason she should be punished for not doing something she never knew to do in the first place.
>> No. 30042
[x] Reimu and Mokou...
-[x] Go easy on them for now.
[x] Clownpiece...
-[x] I don't have to attack her at all, right?

Reimu and Mokou are having the most trouble with the game, so we shouldn't frustrate them too much. At least in the beginning. Everybody gets one.

I'm actually fine with fucking over Clownpiece but unlike the above two chucklefucks in the vote, she's actually putting forth effort and trying to learn here. I say we still don't let her cast retroactively but let her know she has to cast that ahead of time in the future. Make her nervous about the goblins but don't actually have them attack her.
>> No. 30043
[x] Reimu and Mokou...
-[x] Go easy on them for now.
[x] Clownpiece...
-[x] I don't have to attack her at all, right?
>> No. 30044
This is also a good way to show them that enemies don't necessarily battle in an optimal fashion. Per example, since they've yet to see clownpiece cast, they might think of her as harmless and ignore her over the seemingly more threatening enemies.

Also, Reimu needs to understand that the d20 represents the flow of combat. Just because you're​ better than someone, that doesn't mean you're going to hit them 100% of the time.
>> No. 30045
[x] Reimu and Mokou...
-[x] Go easy on them for now.
[x] Clownpiece...
-[x] I don't have to attack her at all, right?

Amen to that. Let them have fun, that's what really matters. We can spice things up along the way, once they understand how the game works.
>> No. 30046
[x] Reimu and Mokou...
-[x] Go easy on them for now.
[x] Clownpiece...
-[x] I don't have to attack her at all, right?

> Boy, actually rolling dice for this sure is making things fun.

No more Fun than a sturdy creature fond of drink and industry such as yourself can handle, surely.
>> No. 30047
[X] Reimu and Mokou...
-[X] Go easy on them for now.

[X] Clownpiece...
-[X] I don't have to attack her at all, right?
>> No. 30048
[x] Reimu and Mokou...
-[x] Go easy on them for now.
[x] Clownpiece...
-[x] I don't have to attack her at all, right?

I'm pretty sure there will never be a second session with this group if they get their asses handed to them by the first encounter.
>> No. 30049
Eh, who cares? There's plenty of characters to play with (excluding certain drunkards, poisonous dolls, wicked hermits and pathological liars)
>> No. 30050
It make sense to end the story if Sanae fails her debut and gets depressed. There has to be SOME risk, at least.
>> No. 30051
[X] Reimu and Mokou...
-[X] Go easy on them for now.

[X] Clownpiece...
-[X] I don't have to attack her at all, right?

I would try and make some nice advice about how GM's are supposed to fudge things just a bit to make things more fun for the players but everyone else already pretty much said what i would have.
>> No. 30100
[x] Reimu and Mokou...
-[x] Go easy on them for now.
[x] Clownpiece...
-[x] I don't have to attack her at all, right?
>> No. 30102

She isn't right though. Keep in mind that the dice roll represent a simplified abstraction of multiple factors. Rolling a 6 doesent mean she hit the target with 6 strength worth of force. It means the off-center hit combined with poor leverage and weight distribution resulted in a net total force equal to 6 strength being applied to the target.

That's just an example, mind you. You can spin the prose any way you want.
>> No. 30103
File 150584632327.png - (515.54KB , 625x1000 , taking to it quickly.png ) [iqdb]
This isn't even a question for me. It's everyone's first time here; I should take it easy for now. As for Clownpiece... I can leave her be for now. I can tell her about Mage Armor once the battle is over.

"Okay, Reimu, Mokou, you need to mark down the damage you've taken. You see the part of your sheet that says 'Hit Points'?" They both take a moment to find it. "That's a measure of how hurt you are. If it drops to 0 or lower, you're out of the fight."

"I assume they're not dead if they drop below 0, right?" Sumireko asks.

"No, but they'll need to start making saves... I'll explain it if it actually happens." Hopefully it won't. "It's now Lia's turn," I turn to face Kogasa, "So! You have a few options here now, the most obvious being to attack an enemy."

"Right! ...How do I do that?"

"It's a lot like a skill check,"

"What, more dice??"

"First, look through your sheet and find your weapons." I ignore Reimu's outburst completely. "You have to decide what you're attacking with, first!"

"Hum..." It takes Kogasa a moment to find the right area of her sheet. "'Rapier', 'Dagger', and 'Shortbow'."

"Right. For this first fight, I'm going to recommend you use your shortbow. You'll be able to attack from a safe distance with it."

"Okay! So, what do I roll exactly?"

"Again, it's like a skill roll. Only instead of a skill modifier, you're adding the number in the 'To Hit' column."

"That's +6... there's a column next to it labeled 'Damage'..."

"That's exactly what you think it is. If you roll high enough to hit the enemy, you then roll the damage."

"Okay! Um... I should probably attack one of the wolves bothering Reimu and Mokou, or should I..."

"Hey, she's a Rogue, right?" Sumireko interrupts us, "Doesn't she have some kinda Backstab ability or something?"

"Sneak Attack, but yes, actually." Kogasa was about to roll the die, but she's stopped and is looking back up at me again. "Look further down in your sheet, under 'Feats'. There should be one called 'Sneak Attack' in there."

"Uh... oh! Here it is!" She takes a moment to read it quietly to herself. "Uh... what does 'advantage on the attack roll' mean...?"

"That's... certain abilities and stuff can give you 'Advantage' on a roll which increases your chance of success. But that's not important right now, because you should have an another way of getting a Sneak Attack."

"Uh... oh! 'You don’t need advantage on the attack roll if another enemy of the target is within 5 feet of it,'"

"There you go! If you attack one of the wolves, you can get your extra Sneak Attack damage, since they're next to enemies, that is, your allies!"

"Okay! I'm gonna sneak attack... the one that attacked Mokou!"

Finally. That took a while, "Make your roll!"

She picks up the d20 and gives it a good shake before rolling. "15... so 21!"

"That's easily a hit. Now roll your shortbow's damage, and the extra Sneak Attack damage."

More dice are rolled, after Sumireko helpfully offers the d6's. "4 and 5... so 9 total!"

"Don't forget that your weapon has a bonus as well."

"Oh, another 4, so 13!"

Hmm... the wolves actually have a fair bit more HP than the goblins, just enough to survive that. Eh... in the interest of going easy on them, I'll quietly halve it. "With a graceful flourish, Lia fires at the wolf, the arrow moving too swiftly for it to react in time. It is slain in a single shot."

"S-Slain!?" Whoops, Kogasa is suddenly a bit freaked.

"Laying it on a bit thick there, DM." Sumireko continues to sass me.

"Ahem. It is now Enna's turn." A brief pause. "Mokou, that's you."

"Hm. So the wolf that attacked me is now dead?"

"Ah, yes," I confirm, as I remove its token from the field.

"...Why are my weapons listed twice here? With different damages?" She suddenly asks.

I look over at her sheet to confirm, as does Sumireko, "Oh, you have versatile weapons," I begin, "That means you can either wield them in one hand with a shield in your other, or wield the weapon with both hands instead." I gesture at the damage column, "The larger damage comes from wielding it with both hands."

"...I'll attack the other wolf with my warhammer, with both hands, then."

"Uh..." That's a bit unexpected, "You'll have to go without your shield, then. It'll be easier for you to get hit."

"That's fine." That response was almost automatic, compared to everything else she's said today.

"...Roll to hit, then."

The die clacks on the table. Another 15, for a total of 18. I confirm that it's a hit, and she rolls damage.

She rolls a 2, for a total of 3, with her Strength modifier.

"Enna swings with all of her might, but her aim is just a tad bit off. She lands a glancing blow."

Mokou... I can't really gauge her reaction. I'd assume disappointment, but she has the same blank, vaguely disinterested look she's had all session.

"And that takes us to Miri..."

"Ray of Frost! Fwoo!" I turn to look only to find her having already decided. At least it's a cantrip. "Take that, stupid wolf!"

"Okay... so, you have to make a spell attack roll-"

I'm interrupted by the sound of the die clacking. "12!"

"...Okay, but there's a modifier. It should be at the bottom of your spell list."

"...+5! That's..."

"...17." I offer.


"That hits. Roll damage." I respond automatically. I'm about to explain where to find that damage when Clownpiece rolls another die.

"6 damage!"

"Uh," I look down over my notes, "...Miri's enthusiastic display freezes the wolf cold. It is defeated."


"Alright, now the goblins get to act-"

"When do I get to attack something!?" Reimu suddenly yells.

"You rolled the lowest on initiative, so you act last." I try to keep my voice even.

"We're just rolling dice! This is all luck-based!"

Without thinking much, I roll a die behind my screen. 12... the goblins have a +4 to hit, which brings it to 16... just shy of Reimu's AC. "One of the goblins attempts to take advantage of Riswynn's inaction, but she is able to deflect his incoming strike."

A pause.

"Riswynn is you, Reimu."


I roll again. A 2... that hits nobody. Except Clownpiece, but I've already decided to leave her alone. "The other goblin attempts to follow up, but he trips over himself before he can make it to Riswynn." I turn to Sumireko, "Your turn."

"Uh," Sumireko awkwardly glances around as Reimu quietly fumes. "Uh, I guess I'll use Poison Spray on one of the goblins. They have to make a Constitution save."

"Alright, tell me the DC. You know where to find it?"

"Yeah, it's 14."

Unfortunately, my die comes up 17, before any modifiers. "The goblin is able to steel himself and resist to noxious gas."

Sumireko quietly shrugs, as I turn to face Reimu now.

"Is it my turn finally?"

"Yes. What will you do?"

"I'm going to attack!" She punctuates this statement by dramatically rolling the die.

It comes up 7.

"...What's your To-Hit again?"

"My what now?"

"...Reimu were you at all paying attention."

Sumireko helpfully looks over Reimu's sheet for me, "It's +6. Assuming she's using her battleaxe."

So 13... the goblins have an AC of 15. ...I'm feeling so bad for her now. I'm just gonna give this one to her; it's not an awful roll, at least. "You hit. Roll damage."

"Uh, that's..."

Sumireko points out the numbers, and Reimu rolls it. 12 damage total. Very dead.

"In a moment of rage, Riswynn swings her axe around, cleaving one of the goblins in half."

Reimu sits back down and huffs. She doesn't seem wholly satisfied. Given that she's upset with the fundamental mechanics of the game, I'm not sure what will satisfy her.

"Alright... with the wolves dead, that brings us back to Lia." I turn to Kogasa, "There's only one goblin left. What will you do?"

"O-Oh, um," She's a little shaken by Reimu's outburst. I don't blame her. "I guess I'll shoot an arrow at him."

"He's standing next to Riswynn, so you can get your Sneak Attack damage again." I note.

"Okay!" Kogasa rolls the die once more, and gets a 17. Confirming the hit, she proceeds to roll a grand total of 12 damage, killing the goblin.

"With the final enemy slain, you are given a momentary respite. The town guards have likewise repelled the rest of the raiding party. The surviving goblins can be seen fleeing out towards a forest, a short ways to the west of town."

"Are these raids common? Uh, I ask one of the guards." Sumireko is quick to pull things back to roleplaying after the battle. Reimu is still quietly fuming.

"The guard tells you that this is the first time such a raid has occurred. He expresses concern that goblins may have recently established a camp of some sorts in the forest."

"Something needs to be done, then!" Sumireko responds, "We're willing to root out those goblins before they become a problem!"

"The guard thanks you for your offer. They'll be staying in the village, in case the goblins return."

"Okay, so..." Kogasa starts, "How are we going to find the goblins? They're hiding in the forest, right?"

"Hey," Mokou interrupts, "I got hurt during that fight, and so did Reimu. Is it possible for us to tend to that, or are we stuck with it?"

Oh, I had completely forgotten. "While you have various spells and items that can heal you instantly, you can also recover some health by taking a short rest."

"Hm. How does that work? We just 'rest', and then we're fine again?"

"Ah, no. You roll your Hit Dice, and add your Constitution modifier to the roll. That determines how much health you recover."

"'Hit Dice'?? Like rolling to hit something again? And 'short rest'? What makes it short, anyway??" Oh, there's Reimu again.

"No, your Hit Dice... sort of measures how well you can recover from injury. You spend it during a short rest to heal, and you recover it during a long rest."

"And there's a 'long rest' too? What's the difference??"

"Presumably it's longer than the short rest." Very funny, Sumireko.

Though that does raise a small point. A short rest is normally one hour long, and a long rest is eight. But I recall there being an variant rule on that in the Dungeon Master's Guide: a short rest is only 5 minutes, while a long rest is an hour. I could use that variant rule to speed up the game, since everyone would be able to use their abilities more often, and make combat more routine. ...Though it occurs to me that only Kogasa really used her feat, and that was her basic Sneak Attack. Still...

[] Normal Speed: 1 hour short rest, 8 hour long rest
[] Epic Heroism: 5 minute short rest, 1 hour long rest
>> No. 30104
[x] Normal Speed: 1 hour short rest, 8 hour long rest

Combat should be something special.
>> No. 30105
Sulac updated! Christmas has come early!

[x] Epic Heroism: 5 minute short rest, 1 hour long rest.

Gensoukyou's idea of "normal" is not quite the same as ours.
>> No. 30106
[x] Epic Heroism: 5 minute short rest, 1 hour long rest.

As stated before, I think Gensokyo's residents would be a little miffed at having to wait such a long time just to get into the action again, considering how much of a gauntlet incidents are.
>> No. 30107
[X] Epic Heroism: 5 minute short rest, 1 hour long rest

Personally, I would dislike this system if a GM mandated it. However, I think Gensokyo dudes would like it.


>5 min short rest
>Warlocks get their spells back in short rest
>Can cast Unseen Servant, which last an hour with no concentration

Excuse me while I summon my ghost army before we descend into this Goblin lair.
>> No. 30108
[x] Epic Heroism: 5 minute short rest, 1 hour long rest.
>> No. 30109
[X] Epic Heroism: 5 minute short rest, 1 hour long rest
>> No. 30110
[x] Epic Heroism: 5 minute short rest, 1 hour long rest.

Time for some fast action!
>> No. 30111
[X] Epic Heroism: 5 minute short rest, 1 hour long rest

I don't think they'll have the patience for normal speed.
>> No. 30112
[x] Epic Heroism: 5 minute short rest, 1 hour long rest
>> No. 30113
[X] Normal Speed: 1 hour short rest, 8 hour long rest
>> No. 30148
> Consider that a rule for me: if you think I'm taking too long, bump the thread and yell at me. I'm almost certain to listen.

>> No. 30156
File 150985326777.jpg - (324.59KB , 850x1102 , expert tracker.jpg ) [iqdb]
There's one thing I've learned about Gensokyo since coming here, it's that fighting is a way of life here. Well, it's danmaku duels, but fights are still fights. And it'd probably be best to keep the fights going.

"A short rest is only a few minutes long, to catch your breath and steady yourselves," I explain. "A long rest, meanwhile, is an hour or two of recuperation and light activity."

"What, so we have to sit here for hours??"

"The characters, Reimu. We don't sit still, we can just skip past all that and say they've rested!"

"So how does this work, again?" Mokou interrupts.

"Right, right... first, find where it says 'Hit Dice' on your character sheet."

"Hrm..." Mokou spends a moment searching. "...Here, '1d8'?"

"Right, so that means you roll the eight-sided die." Mokou looks over the table for the die in question. Sumireko is kind enough to help her find it. "Right, so give that a roll."

Mokou does so. "...Six."

"And add your Constitution modifier."

She spends another moment looking for her attributes again, "...That's the 14?"

"No, the +2 under it," Sumireko corrects her, "So you heal 8 HP."

"Ah." And with that, Mokou marks down her healing. Alright then-

"Uh, I don't think you heal over your max HP like that."

I look back over at Mokou. "I don't go up to 13?"

"No, I think your max is 10, right?" Sumireko looks to me, asking for confirmation.

I lean over to get a look at Mokou's sheet. "Yeah, 10's your maximum. You can't go above it, so you just heal up to it. You have 10 HP, now." Mokou starts marking down her HP again, when I suddenly remember one last thing, "And remember to write off your Hit Die for now, since you've used it. You'll get it back later."

Mokou 'hms' as she keeps marking her sheet. As she does, I turn to Reimu now.


"Do you want to spend a Hit Die to heal as well?"

"No. Seems like a hassle."

...Well, fair enough.

"Alright, so," Sumireko starts, "I wanna try and track where the goblins came from. The guard said there's a forest nearby where they might have set up in, right?"

"That's right. Since you're still at the village and not out in the wilderness just yet, I want you to make an Investigation check to first get a sense of which direction they approached from."

"Alright, let's see..." Sumireko picks up the d20, looking over her sheet for her skill modifier. She gives the die a roll... "18! Well, 19. I only have a +1 to Investigation."

"That's plenty. The goblins didn't make much of an effort to hide their approach. Egom is able to quickly trace their path back to the forest entrance. But she can only get to the edge of the forest on Investigation alone. Make a Survival check now to see if you can track them within the forest itself."

Sumireko grabs the d20 once again, double-checking her sheet. I spot Reimu quietly mouth 'Survival?' under her breath. This check will be a bit harder, of course, what with-

"16! Plus 6 makes 22!"

...Nevermind then. "That easily passes. The goblins weren't particularly subtle inside the forest either, it seems. Egom traces their movements easily, following up a brook leading to a hill. There, the party finds a cave in the side of the hill, covered by a wooden door built into it."

Sumireko grins, "Easy peasy."

"So that's it then?" Reimu cuts in, "They're hiding in the cave?"

"So it appears. Will you be going in?"

"This seems kinda dangerous," Kogasa suddenly says. "Do we know how many there are?"

"Does it matter?" Clownpiece asks, "However many there are, we'll beat them all up!"

"Right!" Reimu calls out, "I'm going in!"

"You're opening the door?" I clarify.

"Isn't that what I just said?"

"Alright then." I roll a die. ...It comes up 19. "What was your AC again?"

Reimu stares at me, a bit dumbfounded. Kogasa and Clownpiece also look confused. Sumireko quickly realizes where this is going. Well, not like Reimu's answer is needed.

"As Riswynn opens the door and steps in, a dart trap is triggered, firing at her." I roll another die, "Riswynn takes 3 damage."


Sumireko claps her hands once, silently laughing. Clownpiece laughs much more audibly, "Haha! You walked into a trap!"

"I-I didn't know it was there!"

"You didn't check for it," I counter, "3 damage."

Reimu grumbles under her breath, as Sumireko helps her write down the damage...

[] Offer Reimu the opportunity to heal here
[] She made her bed

>> No. 30157
Sweet Shinki that was fast.

[x] She made her bed

Burned hand teaches best.
>> No. 30158
[x] She made her bed

brb entering cryostasis pod for a couple of years, gonna be just in time to vote for the next update, don't worry
>> No. 30159
[x] She made her bed

Reimu. You took seven damage in the last fight, and now another three. You really ought to have healed, you ninny.
>> No. 30161
[X] Offer Raymoo the chance to heal.

Gunna keep the training wheels on till she starts catching on or stops acting like an eight year old. Whichever comes first.
>> No. 30162
[X] She made her bed

Reimu's irl intuition will pick up what she needs to do soon enough.
>> No. 30163
[X] Offer Raymoo the chance to heal.
>> No. 30165
[x] She made her bed.

Now she gets to lie in it.
>> No. 30169
[x] She made her bed

We asked her if she wanted to heal, she said no, now she's paying for it.
>> No. 30205
[x] She made her bed

Speaking from experience, there comes a time where you cut your losses and kick someone out. Reimu is clearly not very interested in learning the mechanics, so let her suffer the consequences - either she figures shit out or she leaves, win-win.
>> No. 30208
[x] She made her bed.
-[x] Offer Moukou the chance to heal her.
>> No. 30258
[x] She made her bed
You think she will take this a bit more seriously if her victory is not assured.
>> No. 30354


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