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By way of response, you step over to the chair you sat in for lunch, pull it over to your new spot by the door, turn it facing Nitori, sit down in it, lean back and cross your arms. She's still just looking at you, so you elaborate. "Lay it on me, the whole story. I'm ready."

She looks uncertain. Sounds it, too. "I don't know. I mean, maybe you're ready to learn, but the full details would take a LONG time."

"It's not like I have anything pressing," you shrug. Besides, it might do Sanae some good to worry about you for a while longer.

"I don't think you're really getting what I mean by 'long time'. I could easily end up serving you *breakfast*."

"Oh." The thought makes you falter. Staying out late would be one thing, but that could very easily be misconstrued. Not that you think you'd really mind spending a night with her... "In that case, maybe I'll take the summary."

"Good call," she says with some relief. About what exactly, you can only guess. When she begins, her demeanor is much more relaxed and personal than during the examination. "Okay. Begin at the beginning: danmaku.

"Danmaku generally refers to a sort of ritualized dueling system we have here. It's kind of hard to explain properly, but the name pretty much says it all." (It does? You start trying to put the word together, pushing the thought onto a back burner to focus on Nitori as she goes on.) "You live here any amount of time, you're pretty likely to see it in action. It's pretty popular as both confilct resolution and pastime. Rarely, danmaku might also be used to refer to the projectiles used; in case you were wondering, that's what I was doing with the screw, shooting danmaku at you to as a final test on whether or not you could use it yourself. You passed."

You raise your hand, and she nods at you. "Okay, I can use danmaku. How?"

"Ah, well. That's a lesson best given outside somewhere. Basically, it's just focusing some mana, magical energy, on any small object, the bullet, and throwing it at your opponent. A gross simplification of the real thing, but enough for a summary."

Bullet. Dan. You toss that into the pot and leave it to work on the other half. "So, I'm going to need a whole mess of screws or rocks or something if I'm going to fight anyone?"

"Not necessarily. Another option would be to focus the mana through an implement and generate 'raw' bullets that way. That would probably be your best bet." She stops there and waits. You almost ask her what she means, but then it sinks in: you're supposed to figure this out yourself.

It doesn't take you long. "My spear! You're saying I can use my spear, right?"

Nitori grins and nods approvingly. "Bingo. I'm assuming you know how to use it, yeah? Then you shouldn't have too much trouble working your own style of danmaku from that. That's another thing I forgot to mention, probably a big reason why it's so popular. Danmaku is a martial art, but the emphasis is heavily on the art. Personal expression is valued higher than skill, or you might say they're actually one and the same. Understand so far?"

"I guess so. That last part might take a little digesting..."

"Well, no rush. I don't imagine anyone's going to have a reason to challenge you just yet. Anyway, moving on.

"That center of yours, I called it a 'hitbox' earlier. That's the vernacular, because in danmaku, it's sort of the target. Hit it with enough bullets, your opponent literally goes down. This is because it's a part of the whole flight mechanism, but more on that in a moment. As you just discovered, one's hitbox can be moved. You might think this would be part of the strategy to danmaku, but don't count on it. Normally, it can't be moved very far, or very fast, at least not fast enough to make much of a difference in the thick of things."

"No, I believe that completely. Full concentration, and all I could manage was to yank it up maybe an inch."

"Ah, that... that comes back to your original question, about your 'condition'. That hollow feeling in your chest, that's actually a field created by... well, connected with... um. The hitbox is the center of the field, that's as far as I can tell you while summarizing. I can tell you that this field is what keeps you up when you're flying, and that the hitbox acts as a lynchpin for it. This is why disrupting it with your bullets is how you win at danmaku, once the center's gone, you can't stay up. But I'm digressing. Your 'condition' is that for some reason, your field is exclusively concentrated in your chest cavity."

"Aha," you interrupt in spite of yourself, "this ISN'T normal!"

"Indeed not. It's supposed to be present throughout your body, and even extend slightly beyond it. This concentration may be a part of why your flying's so awkward. I'm afraid I really have no idea why this has happened to you, or what to do about it at the moment. I'll have to do some reading on the subject and get back to you.

"There's more, though, and it's important. The vernacular for this field is 'grazebox', again because of its purpose in danmaku. When my bullet hit you just now, I believe you noticed the screw bouncing off while the mana I'd attached to it kept going. That's because it was being drawn into the field, which absorbed a small part of it and dissipated the rest. It's still in there now. And that is the REAL strategy to danmaku, grazing your opponent's bullets to store up enough latent mana to power a spell card!"

Huh. Common sense suggests that staying away from the bullets would be the way to go. Could be dangerous... "What happens when a bullet hits you, but misses your grazebox? I mean, like, on an unprotected flank?"

"It hurts a little," Nitori shrugs as she hops down from the table. "But that's enough talking for now. It's getting late. Go home." Pulling you up by the arm with one hand, she grabs your spear with the other and puts it into one of yours, then using both hands to push you through the doorway.

"Huh?" You half-stumble through the hallway, herded onward by her small but insistent hands. "W-wait, what about those spell card things? I still have questions!"

"Some other time!" Past another doorway (you see a refridgerator, must be the kitchen (wait, a refridgerator?)), then up a short spiral staircase in the wall. "I was only supposed to keep you busy for an hour or two, it's been about that long, so shoo!"

You gather your wits midway up and march in place ahead of her prodding, still a little bemused. The stairs open up into a common room, several small wicker chairs and a sofa arranged in a half-circle opposite a tallish cabinet against one wall, doors closed. On the other side of the room is a tiny foyer and a door; you head for this without having to be told, suddenly aware that you're walking over her earth-tone carpet in your shoes. Not like you had a choice, coming in the back way, and she's still wearing those boots, but it still feels a little awkward.

Nitori steps up her pace and jogs around ahead of you to the door, holding it open for you with a grin. Through it, you can see a narrow path between the door and the river flowing lazily by. You pause in the doorway and look down at her. "Well, thanks for telling me as much as you did..."

"Pleasure's all mine," she says, cutting you off with a kick in the pants. "Now get!"

Involuntarily jumping forward, you land outside and hear her starting to laugh as the door slams shut behind you. Turning around, you frown pointlessly at the marginally disguised wall. You think you can still hear her laughing through it. You aim your frown up at the point of your spear, down at the river, and all around at the low cavern through which it flows. Weird sense of humor on that girl. From here, you can see the end of the cavern where the river goes underground, and the mouth of it some distance in the other direction.

[ ] Sanae's simmered enough. Back to the shrine.
[ ] Head out, go somewhere to meditate on what you've learned.
[ ] Try to find your way back through the tunnels to Home.

>> No. 2457
[ ] Sanae's simmered enough. Back to the shrine.

>> No. 2458
[ ] Sanae's simmered enough. Back to the shrine.
>> No. 2459
[X] Sanae's simmered enough. Back to the shrine.
>> No. 2460
[x] Sanae's simmered enough. Back to the shrine.

Holy shit. An update.
>> No. 2461
[X] Sanae's simmered enough. Back to the shrine.

I want her to get a little more irritated, not full-on enraged.
>> No. 2462
[x] Sanae's simmered enough. Back to the shrine.
>> No. 2463

...... updates? How... unexpected.

[X] Sanae's simmered enough. Back to the shrine.
>> No. 2464

I'm tired of Sanae being a gigantic ball of tsundere. We need to back her up against a wall and slam our hand on the wall and scream at her about what her fucking problem is.
>> No. 2465
[x] Sanae's simmered enough. Back to the shrine.
>> No. 2466

No, we need her to erupt in anger and start shouting at us, leaving kissing her passionately our only option for calming her down and shutting her up.
>> No. 2467
Don't see much chance of a comeback for the other options. Called.
>> No. 2468
Tetro updated? I can't believe it.
>> No. 2469

>> No. 2470

Someone, somewhere just opened a can of diet coke that tastes EXACTLY like regular coke.
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>> No. 2472

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I put my robe and ULTROS face on......
>> No. 2474

This. This would be The Plan.
>> No. 2475
[+] Sanae's simmered enough. Back to the shrine.
>> No. 2476

What happened?

Come back you crazy Tetris block.
>> No. 2477
All that time I said I was going to use to write? Seems I pissed most of it away trying to figure some way out of the corner I've written myself into regarding the geography of this mountain. Which is even funnier considering that most of you don't even give a shit about it.

And now I have to go to work. I had half a mind to just delete the thread and try again later, but that'd be copping out. Just add this to the list of my failures. I'm sure there's a little room there on the end.
>> No. 2478
Just don't bother with geography. It makes everything easier. And it means you can post more cupcakes.
>> No. 2479
>Which is even funnier considering that most of you don't even give a shit about it.

More kappa at the bottom. More tengu at the top.
>> No. 2480
>More kappa at the bottom. More tengu at the top.

I can't help but think of Nitori being tag-team fucked by Aya and Momizi now.
>> No. 2482

Pics or it didn't happen.
>> No. 2484

Just write something along the lines 'you safely got to the shrine even though the journey was long', throw in some scenery descriptions ('the countrysides were nice, and the plants were singing, and the birds and the sun(...)', etc), perhaps seeing a few pilgrims on the way there and here you go. When Cu finally gets back there, it should be easy to come up with something. After all, you know what we all want, right? Of course, I'm talking about >>2466 .
>> No. 2485
What the weeaboo writan faggot said, tetro, even though you might think that people care about environment descriptions, in the end they are naught but fluff to set the mood of a setting. As long as you are even marginally consistent about local topology nobody but you, the writer, will give a fuck.
>> No. 2486
Can we get to the Sanae abusing now? Bitch needs some hard loving to get normal again.
>> No. 2487
[x] Head out, go somewhere to meditate on what you've learned.

My desire to level up. It tells me to make useless votes.
>> No. 2489

But... max stat gains!
Besides, you can't sleep in the wilderness! You'll get attacked by a kwama forager!
>> No. 2490
Or awakened by a scrib.
>> No. 2491
>Can we get to Sanae abusing us as foreplay now?

>> No. 2492
I am fapping so hard to the awesomeness of how you just explained and rationalized danmaku, hitboxes, grazing, and bombing, WITHOUT breaking the fourth wall, and even managing to tie together in a coherent fashion.

This was a break well spent, Tetro.
>> No. 2493

This. Really.

First reasonable explanation of danmaku in a CYOA.
>> No. 2494
Mistress Sanae punish me some more please!
>> No. 2495
Tetrominon. Update. Now. Nigger. Fields.
>> No. 2496
The lack of Writing Fags and Updates, has driven Anon mad.
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File 12140120131.jpg - (154.46KB , 500x500 , 4230.jpg ) [iqdb]
Taking off from the ground, you float yourself up the river towards the exit. Now that you've been told about it, you can really feel how it's that field, the grazebox, that puts you up and keeps you there rather than the center. Arms and legs are left dangling, still subject to the gravity seemingly exempted for your torso, because you just don't feel like holding them up right now. If the grazebox is supposed to go through your body, maybe once you get this problem corrected, you won't have to bother. Your mind gnaws on this topic for a little while before it wanders off to find a new one. Looking around, you think you can see more doors set into the walls on either side. Nitori said at first that she was going to introduce you to her friends on the river, but you don't see them now. You didn't see anybody back in the hall in Home, either. You frown again, slightly troubled by this. Where the heck is everybody? Is it some kind of holiday or something? Ah, a holiday! Maybe Lord Tenma gave orders to stay at home while the negotiations were still going on. That would make a kind of sense.

Below, you notice the river's flow has gotten choppier. Ahead, just beyond the cavern's mouth, is the waterfall, landing in a splash pool from which the river turns back under the mountain. The noise from its landing seems muted at first, but grows gradually as you get closer. Less gradually than seems natural, actually, but you just shrug that puzzle off for now. The distance between the mouth and the fall is great enough that you are easily able to maneuver yourself out of the cavern and around the water, avoiding total immersion, although the spray still gets you pretty damp. On your way around the mountain to the shrine, you have the idea to try and push your grazebox out the same way you pull on your hitbox, but the only effect this has is to make you weave in flight as if drunk and overshoot your destination because your focus was elsewhere. Eh, it was worth a shot. Heading back down to the shrine entrance, you notice Minoriko and Shizuha flying quickly towards you from one side, meeting up with you on the ground.

"Ku-chan!" "Hey, Ku-chan!" They both greet you pleasantly, smiling wide.

"Good evening, girls," you respond in kind, moving on towards the front door.

Minoriko grabs your free hand and tugs it with her over to the right. "Hey, you don't know about danmaku yet, do you?"

You pause to hear her out. "Well, I know *about* it, kinda. Just got a crash course in the basics. Why?"

"But you've never *done* it, right?" Shizuha wraps her arms around the forearm holding your spear and starts guiding you the same direction as her sister. "C'mon, we'll teach you! It's a lot of fun!"

[ ] Fun? Informative? I'm there!
[ ] Politely decline.
>> No. 2498
[X] Fun? Informative? I'm there!

With a pair of attractive goddesses hanging off our arms?

Sanae will be furious. Her jealous rage will nourish me well.
>> No. 2499
[ ] Fun? Informative? I'm there!
>> No. 2500
[X] Fun? Informative? I'm there!
>> No. 2501
>>2492 >>2493
Thank you. I'm glad to know I pulled it off okay, and even more so that it was appreciated.
>> No. 2502
[X] Fun? Informative? I'm there!

This is the plan: we start practicing with the twins, and let Hina join in later. If Kanako gets back soon enough, we go a round with her. In fact, if any of the girls we know come by, we try a practice match with them.

Sanae sits out and stews, watching us venomously the entire time. Later in the night, we meet up with her outside or on the roof, and invite her into a match. She works out her frustration on us, and whether we win or lose, we tell her we wanted our first game with her to be special, and that's why we were practicing so hard. She blushes, and affection points skyrocket.
>> No. 2503
[X] Fun? Informative? I'm there!
>> No. 2504
[X] Fun? Informative? I'm there!
>> No. 2505
[X] Fun? Informative? Rape? I'm there!

Lets get our PEW PEW on.
>> No. 2506
Unanimous decision is unanimous. Writing.
>> No. 2507
>"But you've never *done* it, right?" Shizuha wraps her arms around the forearm holding your spear and starts guiding you the same direction as her sister. "C'mon, we'll teach you! It's a lot of fun!"

So we're losing our danmaku virginity to the Aki sisters because Sanae likes a guy with experience?
>> No. 2508
>>"But you've never *done* it, right?" Shizuha wraps her arms around the forearm holding your spear and starts guiding you the same direction as her sister. "C'mon, we'll teach you! It's a lot of fun!"

Dammit. Can't unsee it.
SANAE ROUTE ONLY! I'm in despair!
>> No. 2509
You smile back, allowing them to pull you away. "Sure. Putting these theories into practice sounds like a good idea. Besides, it's fun, right?"

Their smiles break into grins, and they lead you not off to the side, but more straight up, nearer the actual peak. When they come to a stop, the shrine below looks distressingly small. You suddenly remember the penalty for losing at danmaku and start having second thoughts. Luckily, Minoriko guesses your mind well enough. "We won't be doing an actual duel up here," she tells you, "so don't mind the altitude." That does put you more at ease. She moves in a little closer to you, while Shizuha waits patiently a small distance away. "Now, then. Before we can begin, how much exactly have you already been told?" You outline for her the contents of Nitori's lecture (but you leave out the fact that it was given by a kappa... something tells you that bit of information wouldn't go over too well with her). It doesn't take long, and she starts right in as soon as you're done. "Using your spear to create danmaku makes perfect sense, and shouldn't be too hard to pull off. To start off, take that basic stance you showed us earlier today. That's it. Now, concentrate on the tip of the spear. Focus your mana..."

"Od," Shizuha chimes in with a correcting tone.

"Same difference," Minoriko snaps back.

"Wait," you say, dropping out of the stance, "what IS the difference? I've never heard of 'od' before."

Minoriko sighs, annoyed at having her rhythm interrupted. "Od and mana are both magic, but od comes from within while mana comes from the earth. Everybody just calls it all mana, probably 'cuz it's easier to say. But never mind! Just concentrate like I told you!"

Taken slightly aback by her outburst, you assume your stance again and concentrate on the spear's tip. You still don't actually get this "mana" business, but you decide to just try it out for now and ask once she's cooled down a bit. As it turns out, you don't need to: as you concentrate, you feel something coming back up the mental connection to your hitbox, catching the focus like an off-ramp out to the spear. The head begins glowing a deep blue color. Blinking in surprise, you lose your focus, but the glow remains; moreover, you can still feel a new connection reaching out to the spear.

The Akis both smile at you by way of congratulation. "You catch on quick," Minoriko says proudly. "Now, try to fire it out."

[ ] Thrust with the spear.
[ ] Thrust with your mind.
[ ] Thrust with both at once.
>> No. 2510
[X] Thrust with both at once.

Nitori said personal expression is important as well. Have to combine the two, in my opinion.
>> No. 2511
[ ] Thrust with both at once.
>> No. 2512
[X] Thrust with both at once.

Our Danmaku is going to be like those moves Youmu uses where she charges at you, except we'll be thrusting instead of slashing. I assume we'll produce a lot of those triangular, pointed Danmaku bullets.
>> No. 2513
[ ] Thrust with both at once.
>> No. 2514
[X] Thrust with both at once.

Man and spear as one.
>> No. 2515
[X] Thrust with both at once.
>> No. 2516
[x] Thrust with both at once
[x] Yell "The Lance of Charged Death Flight, Gae Bolg"
>> No. 2517
File 121402630866.jpg - (124.87KB , 640x360 , zettaikarenchildren_1-29.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Thrust with your penis
>> No. 2518
>> No. 2519
[x] Thrust with both at once.

>> No. 2521

Tetro. I'm falling asleep, man. I need a writing transfusion, stat!
>> No. 2522
>> No. 2523
Nitori said. What did she say? Personal expression is the same as skill? And she made sure that you could use the spear. But also, these bullets are raw magic, right? So. You tense your muscles and refocus your mind, trying to bring them into perfect sync. It takes a while, but you finally think you've got it. You thrust out with the spear while pushing through the new connection with your mind. The glow gathers on the tip and intensifies, brightening. The moment the thrust is fully extended, the light shoots out from the spear, a single pointed projectile vaguely retaining the shape of the head from which it came. Straight ahead it flies, small but fast, blinking out of existence some distance away. Your body slides easily back into the basic stance and you look to Minoriko for an appraisal.

Her arms are crossed under her chest and her lips are pursed thoughtfully as she gazes after your spent shot. Turning back to you, she nods. "All right, all right," she says, "not bad, not great..."

"First time," her younger sister adds helpfully.

"First time, yeah," the elder agrees, still nodding. "Pretty inefficient work, to be sure, but that's what we're here to work on."

"Say, sis," Shizuha asks, "does he even need the spear, really? It'd save a step if he could just make the danmaku and fire it without having to time it with..."

Minoriko turns away from you, shaking her head and cutting off the suggestion. "No, Shizuha. No way. He's just a human, he couldn't pull it off the way we do."

"Are you sure? I mean, he's not even supposed to be able to fly, right?"

"There's a big difference! Am I going to have to explain this all to you again?"

While the two of them bicker over how to continue the lesson, you relax, prop the spear on your shoulder and take in the scenery. Behind the sisters, the mountain narrows to a snow-covered peak (it IS pretty cold up here, now that you pay attention, but not enough to bother you). The white snow is colored red by the last rays of the sun setting in the west. Say... when was the last time you watched the sun set? Following this thought, you turn around to do so, and are caught breathless.

"Would you look at that." You say this quietly, mostly to yourself, but the sisters' argument stops all the same. Only a sliver of the sun's full circle is still visible above the distant horizon, valiantly trying to light the world and stave off the night for a few seconds more. A small patch of sky rallies to its cause, burnt red and orange for its trouble, while most of it has already turned velvet black to await the coming of the stars. As you watch, the darkening sky presses the sun down around the corner of the world and out of sight. And still it refuses to give up, shining up to paint the sky for a few seconds, until finally even that constant ally gradually surrenders. The final rays of light are driven back, and quiet darkness folds over all.

"Wow." "Yeah." One speaks, then the other, so hushed you cannot tell their voices apart. You, however, say nothing, senses turned inward. When WAS the last time you watched the sun set? You can't remember. Then... did you ever, before?

One small hand cuffs the back of your head. "Awright, rookie, enough with the navel gazing." Minoriko trying to sound gruff is almost enough to make you bust out laughing. "Back to work." Rubbing your head where she hit it, you turn back around and re-assume your stance.

Progress goes slow, but it does go. Over the next hour or so, you work on that one bullet like a craftsman, instructed constantly by Minoriko and occasionally guided by Shizuha's interjections. By the end, while you do not have it quite mastered, you have at least improved enough to recognize you were lucky that first one fired at all, your technique was so sloppy. They had just given you another rest period to debate whether or not to move on to multiple bullets or keep working on one, when both of them suddenly stop in mid-sentence to stare at you. No, wait, not at you. Something behind you?

"So, he knows danmaku."

Before you can turn to face the owner of this voice, the sisters chorus out a spoiler: "Sanae!" Sure enough, when you do maneuver yourself around, there she is, arms down and hands clasped in front of her, staring directly, unmistakably, at you. Behind her, looking somehow apologetic, Hina fidgets nervously with one ribbon.

It takes a moment for anything else to happen. "Oh, yeah, well, sort of," Minoriko stammers out from behind you.

"He can only fire one at a time, still," Shizuha nervously adds. "We were just about to move on to trying two or three."


"Haven't even gotten to spell cards, yet."

"No, light years away from them."

Sanae pays them little mind if any at all, eyes locked on yours, her face a blank slate. You return her gaze just as evenly, trying to read some motive behind that mask. It doesn't take long to reveal itself.

"Cu Chulainn, I challenge you."

Hina drops the ribbon and turns away. Shizuha and Minoriko frantically step up their protests. Sanae doesn't move, doesn't breathe, doesn't blink.

[ ] "You are interrupting my lesson. Minoriko, please continue."
[ ] "Why are you doing this?"
[ ] "I accept."


Write-ins won't save you here, guys.

Sleepy time.
>> No. 2524
[ ] "I accept."

Although, technically, since we have no spellcards we automatically lose.
>> No. 2525
[X] "I accept."

And when we lose epically,

[X] "Feel better now?"
>> No. 2526
[X] Thrust with our spear of love to penetrate the virgin soil of fertility goddesses.
>> No. 2527
[x] "I accept."
We'll use love as Danmaku.
>> No. 2528
[s] "I accept."

She's trying the same method she used to get us to fly; forcing a fight or flight response, if in a somewhat more tsundere fashion.

Since thrusting both isn't really working, I think at the first chance we get, to just thrust with the spear and not our mind. Our body has this weird muscle memory thing going on with the spear practice, so we should just clear our mind and let our spear do the talking.
>> No. 2529

[x] "You're saying you want my first? Quite bold of you, Sanae! I hope you'll be willing to take responsibility!"
>> No. 2530
[X] "I accept."
>> No. 2531
[ ] "Why are you doing this?"
She's clearly going to kick our ass to Muendzuka and back, and she knows it. Gotta wonder what her ulterior motive is.
>> No. 2532
[x] "I accept!"
[x] "...in the use of a swhat?"
>> No. 2533
Oh damn, son.
I like how you spin things.
>> No. 2534
[x] "You're saying you want my first? Quite bold of you, Sanae! I hope you'll be willing to take responsibility!"
>> No. 2535
[x] "You're saying you want my first? Quite bold of you, Sanae! I hope you'll be willing to take responsibility!"

Screw the rules this is too good to pass up.
>> No. 2536
[x] "You're saying you want my first? Quite bold of you, Sanae! I hope you'll be willing to take responsibility!"

Reason = curb
>> No. 2537
I thought he said no write ins.
>> No. 2538
[x] "You are interrupting my lesson. Minoriko, please continue."

It won't win but...screw you, Sanae! Venting your emotional issues by using a novice as a punching bag? To hell with that. Your challenge itself is offensive, considering the difference in skill.

Well. That won't win though. So, I might as well vote for a snarky comment as contingency:

[x] "You're saying you want my first? Quite bold of you, Sanae! I hope you'll be willing to take responsibility!"
>> No. 2539
[x] "You're saying you want my first? Quite bold of you, Sanae! I hope you'll be willing to take responsibility!"
>> No. 2540
[x] "You're saying you want my first? Quite bold of you, Sanae! I hope you'll be willing to take responsibility!"

>> No. 2541
[x] "You're saying you want my first? Quite bold of you, Sanae! I hope you'll be willing to take responsibility!"

He said write-ins won't save us! That just means we get the awesome write-in with the same consequences as the not-nearly-as-interesting choice that it most resembles!
>> No. 2542
[x] "You're saying you want my first? Quite bold of you, Sanae! I hope you'll be willing to take responsibility!"
Let's go with the flow.
>> No. 2543
[x] "You're saying you want my first? Quite bold of you, Sanae! I hope you'll be willing to take responsibility!"
>> No. 2544
[x] "You're saying you want my first? Quite bold of you, Sanae! I hope you'll be willing to take responsibility!"
>> No. 2545
[x] "You're saying you want my first? Quite bold of you, Sanae! I hope you'll be willing to take responsibility!"
>> No. 2546
Going with the popular option, with just a slight edit:

[x] "You're saying you want to be my first? Quite bold of you, Sanae! I hope you'll be willing to take responsibility!"
>> No. 2547
[X] "You are interrupting my lesson. Minoriko, please continue."
>> No. 2548
[x] "You're saying you want my first? Quite bold of you, Sanae! I hope you'll be willing to take responsibility!"
This bandwagon, i will hop on it.
>> No. 2549
[X] "I accept."
>> No. 2550
[x] "You're saying you want my first? Quite bold of you, Sanae! I hope you'll be willing to take responsibility!"

Saying write ins won't help is the best way to get people to vote for a write in.
>> No. 2551
[x] "You're saying you want my first? Quite bold of you, Sanae! I hope you'll be willing to take responsibility!"

This is so Cu Chulainn it's not even possible for us not to say it.
>> No. 2552
If this write-in doesn't have dire consequences, I will be amazed.
>> No. 2553
>>2550 >>2552
Can't say I didn't try to warn you. Back in a bit.
>> No. 2554

Please don't hurt us. We was only funnin'.
>> No. 2555
>> No. 2556
>> No. 2557
>> No. 2558

Explorations of neuro-nature.

Incidentally, hello title for a cyberpunk Touhou alternative universe.
>> No. 2559
Curses, now I want to make that... Grah!
>> No. 2560

Even if she destroys us, she'll still look like the asshole here.
>> No. 2561
Hmm, the "get injured so Sanae turns from tsun to worried" plan might not work if Sanae is the one specifically trying to injure us.
>> No. 2562
Heh. It'd be interesting if Sanae ended up the main antagonist of the story. Nothing like trying to woo someone who wants you dead and gone.
>> No. 2563
Nothing says love like a fight to the death and/or the prospect of massive bodily harm.
>> No. 2564
Sanae route = vs. Sanae route

I can feel it in my bones.
>> No. 2565
We need to BEFRIEND her, Nanoha style.
>> No. 2566

Smiling the entire way
Like a happy couple~
>> No. 2567
File 121409500623.jpg - (364.11KB , 908x1204 , c6731c2bad488ff0c99d81396287fcf6.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 2568

Ah, but when she takes it a step too far and damages us far, far worse than she had ever intended, we can find her and comfort her as she cries and apologizes. And over-strain ourselves in the process, causing her to worry even more and scold us while she cries.
>> No. 2569
Comfort Sanae? The miko who has decided to fight a novice who can barely shoot bullets, because merely being standoffish and temperamental isn't enough? Allow me to fix this for you:
"Ah, but when she takes it a step too far and damages us far, far worse than she had ever intended, we can secretly delight in her regret and self-loathing while giving her the cold shoulder."
>> No. 2570

Ah, but you see, our offers of comfort will make her feel even worse for having nearly crippled us to begin with. She'll feel absolutely terrible about having gotten so worked up and hurting such a nice, if occasionally oblivious, person. Then we get an affection increase AND the chance to guiltily enjoy her anguish.

And a relationship almost guaranteed to be rocky as hell once it gets going, but even so.
>> No. 2571
>"Ah, but when she takes it a step too far and damages us far, far worse than she had ever intended, we can secretly delight in her regret and self-loathing while giving her the cold shoulder."

We're not sadists, and the cold shoulder doesn't break the cold shoulder, it reifies it; turning it into a competition. We promised Suwako we would help her, but the only way we can do so is by breaking her maladaptive behavior.

We're always the good guy. She gets upset, we ask why. She hurts us, we get upset (not angry) and ask her why she did that. If she cries, we move to comfort her. We don't delight in her suffering. We care.

Sanae has some kind of personality disorder wherein she has to show & maintain dominance over us in front of the others; she needs to look in control and useful. The reason is likely that she fears abandonment & non-reciprocation by those she loves, her adoptive family.

To break it, we have to let her embarrass herself (as well as force her to show other emotions she hides)in front the others. When she finally crumples in tears, we need (and they need) to comfort her, to show her that we care about her not because she's useful, but because we love her.
>> No. 2572
You can tell she's serious. Absolutely nothing about her is humorous right now. And yet.

You just have to laugh.

It comes from deep down within you, flowing up through your throat and out your mouth as a low chuckle, slowly growing louder. Your shoulders shake and you face her stoneface act with a smile, matching absurdity for absurdity. "You're saying you want to be my first? Quite bold of you, Sanae," you call out to her lightly. "I hope you'll be willing to take responsibility!"

The joke breaks through the dam on its way out, and your laughter rushes forward freely, only to dash itself against the wall of her suddenly very palpable aura. The flow slows back to a trickle before stopping completely. Even as she backs farther away from you, you can see the muscles in her face contorting themselves into unfriendly configurations. The air grows more oppressive with every second, but this is more than just a mood, you can FEEL it physically pushing against you. Sanae comes to a stop, eyes closed in concentration, hands in front of her in a gesture of supplication. Then, her eyes open and she draws a pattern, a shape, in the air with her gohei. All around her, large blue danmaku bullets appear mimicking the shape: a five-pointed star, with her at its center. But it isn't just one star. She raises the hand holding her gohei, and it spreads out to reveal FIVE stars created on top of one another, each one made up of dozens of bullets. The sheer difference in ability hits you like a truck. Sweat breaks out all over your body, and for a split second you think you feel an embarrassing extra weight in the seat of your pants. Thankfully, that passes quickly.

Sanae lowers her raised arm so fast and so hard you'd almost think she was throwing that stick at you. Instead, the stars each drift forward, the lines breaking apart and the individual bullets drifting out of position, an almost solid blue mass heading right at you.

[ ] Fight back.
[ ] Dodge and defend.
[ ] Look around for help.
[ ] Run away.


No multi-voting.
>> No. 2573
>> No. 2574
[X] Fight back.

Cu Chulainn doesn't back down from a challenge.

Plus, he was a berserker in technique, not a defensive fighter. Warp Spasm time.
>> No. 2575
[X] Attempt to graze, fight back.
>> No. 2576
[X] Fight back.
>> No. 2577
[X] Attempt to graze, fight back.

It's how you play the games, at least.

Also, isn't Chulainn here stuck in permanent focus mode? Better get that Shift unstuck.
>> No. 2578
[x] Fight back.

I would say "dodge and defend" but that will only prolong the problem, not fix it.
>> No. 2579
>>2575 >>2577
No multi-voting. Chulainn's current level is still too low, he's barely able to shoot OR fly. Please pick just one.
>> No. 2580
[X] Attempt to graze, then fight back.
>> No. 2581

Wait wait wait, so fighting back DOESN'T include dodging? We're going to get ourselves hurt. The way I saw it was that the first option was to be offensive, and the second option was to stay on the defensive, while both of them incorporated dodging.


[X] Dodge and defend.
>> No. 2582
[X] Fight back.

Our hitbox is smaller than usual, so we might as well take a chance.
>> No. 2583
[X] Fight back.
Because getting turned into a fine red mist sounds like fun.
>> No. 2584
[X] Dodge and defend.
Don't let her get us.
>> No. 2585
[x] Fight back.

We'll either succeed or get absolutely trashed.
Either way, it's win-win.
>> No. 2586
[x] Dodge and defend.
Cu isn't experienced enough to graze things like this just yet
>> No. 2587
No, our hitbox is normal, our GRAZEBOX is smaller than it should be. Which is bad.

[x] Dodge and defend.
>> No. 2588
[X] Fight back.

We have shit maneuverability, but our hitbox is smaller than usual anyway. We may be able to throw her off to some extent if we charge right in. We don't have the skills to really defend and dodge just yet, so might as well go for some minor pressure. If we spend time dodging, our terrible flight field will just make us get sick when we end up being flung from one place to another.
>> No. 2589
Fighting spirit. Writing.
>> No. 2590
Aww, for pity's sake...
>> No. 2592
Rereading all of this, Sanae's first shift in behavior came after Suwako appeared; more precisely, when we made the decision to genuflect instead of "SANAE STOP" during the major "invasion" of the tengu. Even before that, she had some concerns regarding our abilities, but it never reached what appears to be an impending bitch-slap on her part.

I want to believe that Sanae has our best interests in mind: she is trying to keep Cu from becoming immersed in an *entirely* new world where his inexperience, vulnerability, and new-found abilities lead to a false sense of security that could very well prove to be lethal. I want to think that a royal bitch smacking by Sanae will prove that we aren't as capable as we are lead to believe and instill a measure of caution within us (or at least, that is where Sanae is coming from). Harsh and painful, but ultimately performed with our best interests in mind.
>> No. 2593

No, Sanae's sudden irritation kicked up closer to when Kanako was summoned and we stared in amazement at her smoking hot bod. Then everyone disagreed with her claims that we were out of line when dealing with the tengu. It looks more like she feels overshadowed.

If we lose this and get too badly hurt, the others will probably reprimand her. If we win, we'll probably be showered with admiration from the goddesses again. Sanae has essentially put herself in a lose-lose emotional situation with that challenge.

The only way this is going to work out is if she gets catharsis later, probably through an outburst. We're just going to have to be patient with her. We haven't been particularly overconfident - in fact, Cu's doubted himself in front of the others - Sanae's just being a little self-centered. She doesn't like not being the center of our attention, and she doesn't like the others giving us their attention.
>> No. 2594
>Rereading all of this, Sanae's first shift in behavior came after Suwako appeared; more precisely, when we made the decision to genuflect instead of "SANAE STOP" during the major "invasion" of the tengu.

Uh, no. She was already pushing us off roofs by then. And did you mean "Kanako"?
>> No. 2595
>Fighting spirit. Writing.

Hopefully she's assuming we'll be trying (and failing) to dodge or to just crumple in awe, not even considering our single bullet might travel faster than her onslaught.
>> No. 2596
Yeah, I did mean Kanako. The sibilance between Sanae and Suwako consistantly throws me for a loop (why isn't the second 'S' boss after the first one?!).

Anyway, even while she was flinging us around on the roof, it spoke more to me about her testing as to what the extent of our powers were. Natural inclination (at that point) was probably equivalent to "epic skills" (we did just rescue a goddess from a mountain full of hostiles)
>> No. 2597
We can't graze for shit, and we don't know how to draw external mana otherwise; we can only fly awkwardly and shoot little bullets from our "od" (internal mana, likely generated by others' "faith" in our heroism).

Eventually, we may get told to try and draw power from Kanako herself or from the air & sky, but that's a fool's game. They'd be assuming we're Kanako's paladin, when we're actually Suwako's, who is an earth deity.
>> No. 2598
Not seeing any way through her barrage, you hold your ground and take a fighting stance. You try to think of it as another lesson to calm yourself down, but it doesn't work as well as you could have hoped. Even so, you're able to follow the now familiar connections to create a bullet, then synchronize your movements to fire it. The bullet goes through, or possibly just past, Sanae's. You return to your stance and repeat the sequence, shot after shot, managing a fairly steady rhythm. Aiming, however, is impossible since you can't actually see what you're firing at.

As the blue wall gets closer, you begin to notice things about it. For one, it isn't as solid as you thought. The bullets have lost their star shape, but they've more or less kept to the lines. They're all the same color, and are staggered somewhat in distance and angle, creating an optical illusion of solidarity. There are a few gaps, but they don't look very large to you. Another thing, the majority of them look like they're going to miss you entirely. But of course, you chide yourself as you keep up your meager counterattack, it would be foolish to fire that many bullets on a single position. All you'd have to do would be to move slightly, and they'd all go sailing right on by. Anyway, that's something of a relief, but you're not completely clear. There's still quite a few...

The first one hits you on the hand as you extend the spear for another shot. The bullet hitting your grazebox was like a static shock, a small jolt that vanished in an instant. This is similar, except the jolt is larger, and it doesn't go away. The sensation remains, like a tiny needle stuck under the skin. It doesn't hurt much on its own, but as you draw back, two more bullets hit the same arm, three on the other, plus another few on your legs, each one leaving its own invisible mark. Only one makes it to your chest, being assimilated into your grazebox. So, there's not currently much chance of your hitbox being pierced, but the cumulative effect of those bullets on your unprotected extremities could get to be a problem.

The bullet lines seem to get less coherent as they advance further. The last few are coming up, and the gaps between the bullets have gotten large enough that you think you can fit through them all right. Beyond that, Sanae has switched tactics, flying in a small circuit and angrily slashing the air with her gohei. With each slash, a new line of the same round, blue bullets is created and begins moving towards you. The lines are much tighter this time, and there do look to be more of them, but they're being fired at random. There are already plenty of openings that you can see. On the other hand, you can also see your target now, and her pattern is very predictable.

[ ] Stick to your guns, lead your aim.
[ ] Find a way through the gap in her offense.
[ ] Where the hell did everybody go?
[ ] Just walk away, but do it REALLY FAST.
>> No. 2599
[X] Find a way through the gap in her offense.

Then we can close in, and distract her.

On the other hand, we could also hang back and keep dodging - her bullets seem to lose their formation over long distances.
>> No. 2600
[X] Stick to your guns, lead your aim.

If the bullets are random those gaps can become deathtraps unexpectedly.
>> No. 2601
[ ] Find a way through the gap in her offense.
>> No. 2602
>Anyway, even while she was flinging us around on the roof, it spoke more to me about her testing as to what the extent of our powers were.

She was trying to teach us to fly, she claims, and assumed we could. However she could've killed us if we had landed the wrong way. Wanting us to learn to use powers like flying would contradict your theory that she's trying to prevent us from becoming "immersed" in this world. Hell, we've been INSISTING that we couldn't fly or do most of the shit we've been doing.
>> No. 2604
>On the other hand, you can also see your target now, and her pattern is very predictable.

[X] Stick to your guns, lead your aim.

Try to end this quickly.
>> No. 2605
[x] Where the hell did everybody go?

Where are our fans?
They should watching for our victory, or amazing defeat!
>> No. 2606
[x] Find a way through the gap in her offense.

Now that I think about it, beating Sanae wouldn't help the relationship out much. The only way we can end this without losing is with a coup de grâce kiss, and we will need to get past her bullets for that.
>> No. 2607
[X] Stick to your guns, lead your aim.

As someone pointed out, randomly fired barrages can become problematic quite quickly, especially if they cut into each other. Furthermore, even as frustrated as Sanae is, I don't think she would just make a ton of mistakes and leave a bunch of openings. I smell a trap. Best to try and nail her out of whatever she's planning.

Whatever you do, don't choose the "where is everybody" option. That's the "I'm too distracted to pay attention to what's happening, please shoot me" option.
>> No. 2608
[X] Stick to your guns, lead your aim.
>> No. 2610
[X] Stick to your guns, lead your aim.
>> No. 2611
faggotry stop. vote spam faggotry stop.
>> No. 2612

>>2609 Here

I've only voted once.
>> No. 2613
She'll be able to dodge our shots, even if by just a little, but we need to infuriate her to the point where she declares a spellcard.

Make her go overkill. You can only win if you die.
>> No. 2614
[X] Stick to your guns, lead your aim.
>> No. 2615
[x] Hold Shift for focused movement.
[x] Find a way through the gap in her offense.
Right? Right.
>> No. 2617
This is a pretty bad stopping point, but my eyes don't want to stay open anymore. G'night.
>> No. 2618
[x] Find a way through the gap in her offense.

All those months of playing Mountain of Faith are coming back to me. Those lines of bullets are much easier to dodge when they aren't spread out. Get close, but stay just in front of the random creation area. Focus fire onto her, and keep moving around through the gaps, for god's sake. Staying at the bottom of the screen during her non-spellcards is almost suicide!
>> No. 2619
What Zakeri said.

[x] Find a way through the gap in her offense.

Fuckers. You beat me to it.
>> No. 2620
>Plus, he was a berserker in technique, not a defensive fighter.

From UBW:
>"More importantly, Lancer. You know wht your role is right?"

>"Huh? Yeah, leave it to me. You two are going to fight Caster and her Master, right?
>My role is to fight Archer.
>I'll have to fight Saber as well in the worst case, but it won't be a problem if all I have to do is keep the busy."

>He speaks objectively.
>He isn't even scared of fighting Saber and Archer at the same time.

>Oh yeah, Saber commented on him when we were training in the dojo.
>She said Lancer is the best when it comes to "surviving."

>She praised him, saying that with his excellent agility and great experience, Lancer would be an impregnable wall if he went into defense.
>...He must have fought many battles from disadvantageous positions when he was alive. This man ran through fatal battles like a panther and lived on.

Saber agreed, don't bother her about it.
>> No. 2621
[X] Find a way through the gap in her offense.

Concentrate on dodging. Those gaps can close up on you in an instant if you try to focus on staying under Sanae in MoF.
>> No. 2622
[x]Ask Yukari to find a way through the gap in her offense. Gaps are her speciality, Ran agreed, don't bother him about it.
>> No. 2623
[ ] Find a way through the gap in her offense.
>> No. 2624
[ ] Find a way through the gap in her offense.
>> No. 2625
File 121413692158.jpg - (103.67KB , 269x300 , 55173-lolwut.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Ran agreed don't bother him about it
>> No. 2626

You didn't see what he did there.
>> No. 2627
Seconded. I remember that spellcard.

[X] Find a way through the gap in her offense.
>> No. 2628
[X] Find a way through the gap in her offense.
>> No. 2629
[X] Find a way through the gap in her offense.

Mostly because I want to try the alternative attack technique of a quick kiss.
>> No. 2630
I'm glad people are agreeing to fly for the gaps, because the "keep shooting, less QQ more PEW PEW" option is sounding more and more like "Let us taunt it! It may become so cross it will make a mistake!"
>> No. 2631
>"Let us taunt it! It may become so cross it will embarrass itself!"

Fixed, for all you autists.

Trying to actually win in a danmaku fight against Sanae is a fool's errand. The only way to work the situation to your advantage is to make her look like the bully.
>> No. 2632
Deleted my vote, changing to [X] Find a way through the gap in her offense.

Too drunk at the time.
>> No. 2633
>>2609 here

Vote Changed

[X] Find a way through the gap in her offense.
>> No. 2634
[+] Find a way through the gap in her offense.
>> No. 2635
[x] Find a way through the gap in her offense.

insert yukari pun here
>> No. 2636
[x] Stick to your guns, lead your aim.

>> No. 2637
File 121416212059.jpg - (14.53KB , 325x219 , gaps.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Find a way through the gap in her offense.
>> No. 2638
[x] Find a way through the gap in her offense.
>> No. 2639
Updates when?
>> No. 2640
7 minutes, etc.
>> No. 2641

Um, no. Cú Chulainn had full RAGE MODO hax.

>As he looked down upon the vast army he was about to battle single handedly the first war spasm overtook him. His form began to grow. His arms grew large as tree trunks and twisted around. His legs twisted around until his knees and feet pointed backwards and his shins faced forwards. One eye popped out of his skull and sat upon his cheek and the other was sucked so far into his skull a long beaked crane could not have retrieved it. So fierce was his fury the hair on his head stood out so sharp on his head it could pierce an apple and straight as the mast of a tall ship a spout of black blood rose from the dead center of his skull. His warrior harness strained to hold the form his wild rage had deformed his body. It was in this manner he advanced upon the armies of the three provinces of Ireland.
>> No. 2642
File 121424882781.png - (28.99KB , 186x470 , 1213733517865.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 2643
Why draw upon the source legend's portrayal of Chulainn when we can draw upon a japanese guy's caricature of him?
>> No. 2644
Holy shit. Seriously.
>> No. 2645
Going to have to agree with this. Real-legend Cu Chulainn DO NOT WANT.
>> No. 2646
Suddenly, I have a mental image of warp spasming Cu Chulainn in a boxing ring with Lord Tenma/Commander Takagi, and it's awesome.
>> No. 2647

What's the matter? Too MANLY for you?
>> No. 2648
Too WARHAMMER for me.
>> No. 2649
Leaving a shot waiting on the spear just in case, you abort your cyclical assault and concentrate on weaving through the holes in hers. Unfortunately, it doesn't take long for the flaw in that plan to manifest itself, namely that just because you can see the holes doesn't mean you're fast enough to take advantage of them. You manage to get through two of them before taking a hit in the shoulder just barely failing to get around a third. It only goes downhill from there. Four more lines, four more gaps you fail to reach in time, before you find yourself in a wide open space that her slapdash firing pattern apparently failed to fill. In that time, you got a few more pains in your arms and legs (those are really starting to add up, by the way) and your first whiff of defeat when half a line hit you all across your midsection. It was close enough that you felt your hitbox sort of quiver, but you think it held all right; if you hadn't moved it up back at Nitori's place, though, that might have been game over. On the plus side, you think you can feel the absorbed mana from the few bullets you've managed to graze, rolling through the field like one last swallow of beer being sloshed around the bottom of a bottle. This news sounds less good when you realize that you don't have any of those "spell cards" to use it on. Probably isn't much, anyway. Said the fox to the grapevine.

As you keep moving forward through this eye in the storm, Sanae comes back around her squashed circle to the front of you. You hadn't realized just how close to her position you'd actually come until now, close enough to make out that her expression is still unpleasant. She finds your eyes and glares at you as she passes off to your left, still waving her gohei and leaving behind a new crop of bullets in her wake. As you advance, so do they, slowly expanding as they get closer.

[ ] Keep moving forward, get even closer to her.
[ ] Stop here, concentrate on evasion.
[ ] Back up to where the gaps are wider.
>> No. 2650
>[ ] pass to the better positioned teammate

[x] Stop here, concentrate on evasion.
how about shoot? when does this card time out?
>> No. 2651

[X] Keep moving forward, get even closer to her.

>> No. 2652
[x] Stop here, concentrate on evasion.

Stay on target... Stay on target...
>> No. 2653
[+] Stop here, concentrate on evasion.
Gotta grind the dodge skill.
[+] Try to compress our hitbox.
>> No. 2654
>You hadn't realized just how close to her position you'd actually come until now, close enough to make out that her expression is still unpleasant.
Oho? Why not annoy her further then? Maybe we can swat her down with the spear if she gets too close.

[x] Keep moving forward, get even closer to her.
>> No. 2655
[x] Keep moving forward, get even closer to her.
[x] Yell to her: "This is fine; I like it slow anyway!"

If our problem is because we can't move fast enough rather than because we cannot see the gaps, then we should get closer where the waves are smaller.

She's not using a spellcard, so we don't have a chance to time her out, and and our shots are unlikely to actually hit her from any distance. If we can force her to dodge or make it look like we're mocking her (crack jokes, graze well) we can piss her off enough into declaring one.

At that point even if we lose the battle, we win the war.
>> No. 2656
[x] Keep moving forward, get even closer to her.
[x] Stare deep into her eyes.

>> No. 2657
[x] Keep moving forward, get even closer to her.
[x] Tackle

But if we get too close she could switch the attack into some sort of wall type which we would have to backup to avoid. I don't know if we are quick enough for that.

All or nothing I suppose....
>> No. 2658
[x] Keep moving forward, get even closer to her.
[x] Yell out "GAY BULGE", throw spear at her
>> No. 2659
[x] Keep moving forward, get even closer to her.
[x] Smile
>> No. 2660
[x] Keep moving forward, get even closer to her.
>> No. 2661
[x] Keep moving forward, get even closer to her.
[x] Yell to her: "This is fine; I like it slow anyway!"
>> No. 2662
Now you see the trick behind keeping the lines together: she fires them bunched up on top of each other so tightly they almost look like a single bullet, until they start moving. Pretty clever, but ridiculously easy to avoid at this distance. You continue moving forward, and the cluster passes by your side without incident.

(As you pass, you notice a curiosity: although the bullets appear to be made of light, they give none off. They're perfectly, almost glaringly, visible in the moonlit gloom, but do nothing to make it brighter. Hm.)

You seem to have made it through her attack all right, but you doubt this puts you anywhere nearer to winning. Or maybe... glancing over, you see Sanae completing her turn a short distance away, still facing the same direction. She hasn't changed tactics, that means she probably hasn't noticed / didn't expect you up here.

She's coming back this way...

[ ] Catch her
[ ] Talk to her
[ ] Attack her
[ ] Just watch her go
>> No. 2663
[ ] Attack her
>> No. 2664
[X] Thrust your mighty spear in to Sanae.

Or, just, y'know, [X] Attack.
>> No. 2665
[x] Tackle her

If Sanae hasn't come into contact with most of Gensokyo, then she doesn't know the spell card rules.

Therefore they don't apply. Tackle and disable her.
>> No. 2666
[X] Catch her.
[X] Talk to her.

"And so you wind up in my arms. If only we were coming full circle, I'd have a better line for you."
>> No. 2667
[x] Tackle her (maybe grab her around the waist in a fierce hug.)

Though this isn't going to give the definitive "win or lose" game result, I just can't bring myself to shoot her. It would just make things worse. She'll probably hit/kick us or maybe shoot point blank into our chest, but if we get too injured then it would activate Dere Modo.

More likely we'll just miss grabbing her, piss her off, and she shoots us in the back.
>> No. 2668
[x] Catch her.
[x] Talk to her.

Try and be a romantic. She ends up furious in our arms, while we try and calm her down with gentle words and reconcile ourselves. If she still shoots us down, it'll make her look even worse, and we come out on top in the long run. If she does calm down, then maybe everything will work out.
>> No. 2669
Though it sounds sort of masochistic, I really do hope Sanae accidentally injures us again. Anon just needs to not mouth off this time.

Think of it like a water pot boiling over and putting out the fire which heats it. We need her to go overboard to snuff out her stubbornness.
>> No. 2670
[X] Thrust your mighty spear in to Sanae.

Sounds good to me
>> No. 2672
It was meant as a joke, be careful, Tetro may take it literally and have us attempt to stab her.
>> No. 2674
Hmmm. Revising my earlier vote (again).

[x] Attack her
1. Ram her
2. If Sanae swerves off shortly before ramming, try and knock her down or wallop her in the gut with a swing of the spear. (decreased force and with the non-pointy end naturally--don't want to break bones, rupture organs, or accidentally slash her)
3. If she starts to swerve away before in range of 1 or 2, try and hit her with a bullet.
>> No. 2675
Hmm. I'll be amused if Sanae has a bit of an inferiority complex caused by her goddess companions. If we mix that complex up with her liking Chulainn, being lonesome, but fearing and trying to avoid the pain of rejection.... Huzzah, we have the present, frustrated, tsundere Sanae.
>> No. 2676
[x] Attack her
>> No. 2677
[x] Tackle her
>> No. 2678
[x] Tackle her
>> No. 2679
Finally! One last post now, then it's bedtime~
>> No. 2680
[X] Catch her.
[X] Talk to her.
[X] "And so you wind up in my arms. If only we were coming full circle, I'd have a better line for you."

Good enough for me to vote for it.
>> No. 2681
You brace yourself and watch her approach, moving out of your stance and getting the spear as out of the way as you can. This isn't a surprise attack, just a surprise. By the time she turns her head and notices you, it's too late. She's come in range, and you're already dashing at her. The next second, you collide, pushing her off course with a startled yelp. Your arms wrap around her, trapping her own arms against your chest so she can't fire at you. As you both coast to a stop, she looks up at you with a shocked expression. You reply with a smile, unable (and frankly unwilling) to keep yourself from enjoying the feel of her soft, warm body next to yours.

"And so, you wind up in my arms," you whisper to her, still smiling. "If only we were coming full circle, I'd have a better line for you."

As if she wasn't cute enough just blushing, now she has to throw in a quivering lower lip and teary eyes. It's almost enough to make you melt, until she puts a shot through your chest and escapes. There's no missing your hitbox at this range, and for a quarter of a second, you feel gravity's hand trying to pull you back down to the ground where you belong. It's back in a blink, and the altitude-sustaining field with it, but it's gone long enough to put a cold, primal fear into your heart. Once it is back, you notice that the mana you felt rolling around before is gone, but the persistent, nagging pains all over the rest of your body remain. That hardly seems fair.

Collecting yourself, you look up after Sanae in time to see her take something you can't quite make out from a pocket sewn into the inside of her vest and hold it over her head. Whatever it is shines briefly as she shouts an odd phrase:

"Miracle! God's Wind!"

The shine builds into a quick flash, and just like that, a sphere made up of a staggering number of small, green bullets, forms in the air around her. As they all simultaneously twist and spiral outwards, large round blue bullets, larger than the ones before, start shooting out after them. As the first sphere leaves, another begins forming almost immediately in its place. That cold fear of gravity starts creeping over you again.

[ ] Return fire! Go down swinging!
[ ] There's got to be an opening! Find the way through!
[ ] Get out of there before she drops you!
>> No. 2682
[ ] There's got to be an opening! Find the way through!

Use the boost to get through!
>> No. 2684

>> No. 2686
The other people should be able to catch us... Right?
[ ] There's got to be an opening! Find the way through!
>> No. 2687
[ ] Move so that you're over the lake
[ ] Return fire! Go down swinging!
We'll go down swinging, just over something that's soft
>> No. 2688
[x] There's got to be an opening! Find the way through!

Let's get the ass-handing over with. Time to get injured for the sake of plot progression.
>> No. 2689
[ ] There's got to be an opening! Find the way through!
>> No. 2690
>We'll go down swinging, just over something that's soft

Falling from great heights into a body of water doesn't work that way.
>> No. 2691
[x] Return fire! Go down swinging!

>> No. 2692

Consider our life? But this is a thing of beauty!
Surely our life's value pales in comparison.

[x] Return fire! Go down swinging!
>> No. 2693
[ ] There's got to be an opening! Find the way through!
>> No. 2694
[ x ] There's got to be an opening! Find the way through!

>> No. 2695
[X] There's got to be an opening! Find the way through!

If we end up dying, there better be some miko tears.
>> No. 2696

If Sanae lords this over as trying to teach us some kind of lesson I'm going to be pissed.
>> No. 2697

If she wins, the others will be pissed. She's actually declared a spell card. Bad move on her part, speaking in the long run.

[X] Return fire! Go down swinging!

All you fags voting to look for a way to avoid her attack, think back just a post or two: even when we could see the gaps in her attacks, we were completely fucking powerless to take advantage of them. And that was just a regular barrage. There really isn't a way to win at this point, so just take the courageous way out and go down swinging.

Take a page out of the real Cu Chulainn's legacy: he tied himself to a fucking rock as he died, just to keep his body upright and frighten the shit out of the opposing army. They didn't advance until crow's started eating him, because they were afraid he was still alive. When the enemy leader came up, Cu's sword fell out of his hand and lopped the enemy's hand off.

That's how you go out: still swinging.
>> No. 2698
I am amused by this logic.
With that said,

[X] Return fire! Go down swinging!

Real Cu scare everybody shitless.
>> No. 2699
[X] Return fire! Go down swinging!
>> No. 2700
Can't disagree with this logic.
[x] Return fire! Go down swinging!
Answering the question of "What would the REAL Cu Chulainn do?"
>> No. 2701
[x] Return fire! Go down swinging!
If both options result in a loss, I'm going to pick the one where we go out with a bang.
>> No. 2702

I can't disagree with this logic. its too badass.

[x] Return fire! Go down swinging!

>> No. 2703
Deleting my previous vote for

[x] Return fire! Go down swinging!

row, fight, power, etc.
>> No. 2704
[X] Return fire! Go down swinging!
>> No. 2705
[X] Return fire! Go down swinging!
>> No. 2706
[X] Return fire! Go down swinging!

>> No. 2707
Stan Bush! Is that you?!
>> No. 2708
[X] Return fire! Go down swinging!

and inevitably

[X] "So this is danmaku eh? It's quite something..."
>> No. 2709
[X] Return fire! Go down swinging!
>> No. 2710
[X] Return fire! Go down swinging!

Fuck viking spirit, we have Celtic spirit!
>> No. 2711
[x] Return fire! Go down swinging!
We ain't done yet!
>> No. 2712
Let the might of Cu Chulainn course through our minds! We shall take down our foes even if we die before they do!

[X] Return fire! Go down swinging!
>> No. 2713
I, for one, fully intend to spank her with the spear.

She broke the rules of spellcard battle. There has to be an agreed-upon number of spellcards before the battle can begin, and we didn't do that. She's just being a bully, and only Reimu can do that and get away with it.
>> No. 2714
That's a good idea

[x] spank her with the spear
>> No. 2715
How does Outside know what Spellcard Rule is?

[x] There's got to be an opening! Find the way through!

or more accurately [x] Swim side to side through the air between the curve of the small bullets.
>> No. 2716
>> No. 2717
>>"Miracle! God's Wind!"
She's going easy on us.


At 4:02 is the spellcard in question. I guess going down swinging is the best option.
>> No. 2718
[X] Return fire! Go down swinging!
>> No. 2719
[+] Keep your distance and return fire
>> No. 2720
>I guess going down swinging is the best option.

Yes, into the area where the bullets are doubled, half are stationary, and twist around into what could pass as a solid brick wall? I just hope we manage the swinging part first.
>> No. 2721
File 121442915055.jpg - (27.83KB , 396x304 , cupcakes.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 2722

See: >>2697

It doesn't fucking matter if the spell card is harder to avoid when closing in. We simply lack the maneuverability to escape it regardless. Even if we focussed on dodging, we don't have enough flight skills to actually take advantage of any gaps. We barely made it through a regular barrage; a spell card is going to destroy us.

The best thing to do here is to go down with a fight. That's what the real Cu Chulainn would do.

Also, I'll bet the goddesses are going to be furious that Sanae actually declared a spell card against a guy who can barely summon a single bullet at a time. And who lacks the flight skills to save himself if taken out at this height, creating a potentially lethal situation. I'm fully expecting them to lightly chastise us for getting in over our head, but to really let her have it for being so reckless.
>> No. 2723
"Go down swinging" does not mean "charge into her bullet swarm and swing the spear at her". It just means we're emphasizing attack.

Hmm. Hoping this soon moves away from "micro-detail" and towards "macro-description", since the battle's dragging on. Though if we get nailed and lose due to emphasizing attack, that's fine too.
>> No. 2724
What's up with this shitty forced meme? some faggot has been spamming it on all the boards
>> No. 2725

Some guy made a remark, and apparently someone thought it was just SO RANDOM XD and has been trying to force it ever since.
>> No. 2726
Updates when?
>> No. 2727
It came from /forest/.
Some guy said updates sound like cupcakes.
>> No. 2728
File 121445481786.png - (59.58KB , 437x500 , 1211738034417.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 2729
She sent a bullet through our hitbox and we didn't drop. Maybe our connection with Suwako gives us multiple lives?


[x] Get out of there before she drops you!

The spellcard looks easier than her regular barrages. And if you hug the bottom, it requires minimal movement. We actually might actually be able to time her out, which would be a huge blow to her pride & amaze the others on top of them being pissed at her for doing this.
>> No. 2730
I did see that. Unfortunately, the events of Mountain of Faith proper do not allow for that to be fact. Suwako knew the danmaku rules before even coming to Gensokyo, for one thing.

And don't try to tell me Sanae was using spellcards before coming to Gensokyo. She has the power of friggin' miracles which she can call on directly. She wouldn't need any spellcards.
The only reason she (or nearly anyone else, for that matter) used spellcards in MoF at all is because that's the best way to show your power in Gensokyo, and she's on a mission to gather faith for the Moriya Shrine, so she has to look powerful in their way.
>> No. 2731
>now she has to throw in a quivering lower lip and teary eyes

>pride & amaze the others on top of them being pissed at her for doing this.

>the goddesses are going to be furious

All against Sanae...
"No route"-play through
>> No. 2732

There is a route. We just have to comfort her once it all comes to a head.
>> No. 2733
On the other hand, no one ever agrees to a set number of spellcards in the game dialogues, and the bosses use however many they please. It wouldn't be taking too much liberty with canon if one supposed that there were "default rules" that are assumed to be in effect unless the dueling parties agree on special rules.
>> No. 2734
Still, Sanae's being a bully. She knows damn well Cu hasn't quite got the hang of flight, let alone danmaku, yet - let alone having any spellcards at all.

I'm wondering if Cu should really even bother with danmaku.
>> No. 2735
>I'm wondering if Cu should really even bother with danmaku.
Hmm, yeah. Maybe he should get a quarterstaff for danmaku fights and club his enemies into unconsciousness. That way he'd only need to work on speed, acceleration, and maneuverability.
>> No. 2736
>> No. 2737
File 121455660535.jpg - (30.90KB , 241x368 , eba0.jpg ) [iqdb]
I am the only guy who played this?
>> No. 2738
[X] Return fire! Go down swinging!

>> No. 2739
[X] Return fire! Go down swinging!

Needs more Spear of Striking Death Flight! Danmaku-Style!
>> No. 2740
Next time on Dragonball /youkai/, Chu Chullain will move 2 meters closer at Sanae, while she responds his attemps to retaliate with more danmaku.

No, seriously, is this fightan the Namek of Chu Chullain
>> No. 2741
>> No. 2742
>> No. 2743
If that is slow then wait until Chu needs to train in the time chamber to beat Perfect Sanae.
>> No. 2744

I smirked.


>> No. 2745
Why are you guys talking about Britney Spears?
>> No. 2746
>> No. 2747
File 121468132597.png - (88.91KB , 1280x960 , HONKHONK.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 2764

>> No. 2770

We waited for you Tetro.
>> No. 2775
Anonymous waited. The lights above him blinked and sparked out of the air. There was Tetrominon in the base. He didn't see him, but had expected him now for days. His requests for more text were not listenend to and now it was too late. Far too late for now, anyway.
>> No. 2777
Tetro Minon, who was Filet Minon's brother, was one day at home, writing on a computer. He got an e-mail that said, that newfags and trolls were attacking /youkai/ and aksed him for help. So he went.
Tetro got his computer shut down and wet on the bed, where he kept his covers and pillows because he was too lazy to write.
>> No. 2779
>Tetro Minon, who was Filet Minon's brother, was one day at home,

Oh no.
Oh nononononono....
>> No. 2780
Oh god, this hurts
>> No. 2798

>and wet on the bed

So Tetro still wets his bed?
>> No. 2868
Maku. Barrage. Looking at the odds in front of you, the second half of the puzzle suddenly falls into place. Danmaku, bullet barrage. Turns out the name really does say it all.

Forcing back your more cautionary instincts, you stubbornly refuse to be intimidated and begin returning fire at a (relatively) rapid pace, no longer giving much of a damn for the accuracy or efficiency of the shots themselves. This last stand goes on for all of four seconds, when the first of her large blue bullets hits you square in the chest. Its size, about twice that of a basketball, makes missing your hitbox an impossibility. It takes longer to come back this time, you actually feel yourself drop a centimeter or two. Another of the blue bullets is heading right for you, hidden behind the first and spaced out just enough for you to move out of the way... right into the first curving arm of smaller ones. The third bullet strikes its target, but this time the center doesn't spring back into place. Without anything to keep it up, your body begins to fall.

God damn it. You never stood a chance at all, did you? Arms come up from below, catching you and stopping your descent. Before you can look to see who it is, the adrenaline cuts out, and the pain from all those little shocks in your extremities hits you all at once. You cringe instinctively, squeezing your eyes shut and gritting your teeth against the bright fire flowing through you. Words trickle through when the tide is low, bits and pieces of conversation.

"...all right?"

"...fine...some rest..."

"...didn't you...he use it?!"

"...time to...probably didn't...even there..."

Soon, even these few fragments become lost, and all you hear when you really hear anything is the murmur of a small crowd. You think you feel yourself being passed to a different set of arms, and then silence reigns until you are finally laid down on something firm but comfortable. A cool hand presses against your forehead, and all sensation leaves your body until the hand is all you can feel. Then, the hand is gone, and you are left floating gratefully in the calm darkness...


You awaken in your room, curled up on the futon. Light shines through the single window, illuminating everything in a cheerful brightness you can't quite seem to match with your disposition. Remembering the events of last night, it's no wonder you're in a sour mood. At least the pain is gone, but your joints are stiffer than you think they've ever been. You stand up and stretch thoroughly, working life back into the muscle and bone of your arms and legs. That feels better, but you're still moving a little creakily as you stagger towards the door, almost tripping over your spear on the way.

Moving down the hall, you peek into the living room and find it a disaster area. Dirty plates, bowls and cups are piled on the table and around it. About half of the pillow seats are missing, the rest are scattered around the room. Looks like you missed quite the party. A solitary clink comes from the kitchen, and you navigate around the pile to investigate. Inside, standing at the sink with a plate in one hand and a washcloth in the other, is Sanae. And frankly, she's looked better. Her hair is unkempt and frazzled, her eyes are puffy, and the only piece of clothing that seems to fit her right is the apron tied around her waist. Her hands don't stop wiping the dish clean as her head turns to take notice of you.

"Ah," she says emptily, "you're awake." You don't have a response prepared for that, so you just stand there quietly as she finishes cleaning the plate and sets it aside before returning her attention to you. "I wanted to... I... you don't..." After several similar false starts, she looks away from you at the floor, her hands meeting in front of her to fidget nervously. Still silent, you wait patiently for her to raise her head again and speak more clearly. "For what I did to you last night, there can be no excuse. I knew your limitations, and deliberately exceeded them out of selfishness. I cannot ask for your forgiveness, I can only say... that... I am truly sorry." Almost faltering at the end, Sanae finishes strong, capping it off with a low bow, her hair hanging straight down past her shoulder.

[ ] "Hey, don't worry about it."
[ ] "Apology accepted."
[ ] "You should be sorry."
[ ] "It's not going to be that easy."
[ ] Don't say anything, go and dry the plate.
[ ] Don't say anything, go back to bed.
[ ] "Y'know, when you bend over like that, I can see right down your top."


No write-ins, no multi-voting. Don't fail me now, Anon.
>> No. 2869
[X] "Y'know, when you bend over like that, I can see right down your top."

No regrets, etc.
>> No. 2870
update in /youkai/? IMPOSSIBLE

[ ] "Y'know, when you bend over like that, I can see right down your top."
>> No. 2871
[ ] "Y'know, when you bend over like that, I can see right down your top."

I have no regrets.

[X] "Hey, don't worry about it."
>> No. 2872
[ ] "Y'know, when you bend over like that, I can see right down your top."
>> No. 2873
[X] "Y'know, when you bend over like that, I can see right down your top."

>> No. 2875
[ ] "Hey, don't worry about it."
>> No. 2876
[x] "Y'know, when you bend over like that, I can see right down your top."

It just fits considering what I've done to Sanae myself.
>> No. 2886
>[ ] "Y'know, when you bend over like that, I can see right down your top."

Cu Chullain, legendary Celtic hero, is (like Tordek) in it for all the bitches, but that doesn't mean pointing out when people are exposed. After all, isn't enjoying the view more desirable than actions will cause the view to immediately vanish?

>[ ] "Hey, don't worry about it."

And while he is not bothered by being subjected to pointless fights that push him far beyond his limits, she's being serious, so seriousness in return is warranted.

[X] "Apology accepted."
>> No. 2890
[X] "Apology accepted."
>> No. 2891
Well, I guess a remark about how well we can see down her top is one way to show that we're not bothered by her actions.
>> No. 2892
Oh fine.

{X} "Apology accepted."
>> No. 2893
[X] "Apology accepted."

I guess that there are times for snide remarks, and times to avoid them. Unlike a couple of other stories, I'm pretty sure that stupid remarks will bite us in the ass in this story - mostly because we're not liable to be immediately hit with a BAD END when we fuck up, instead leaving us to stew in the consequences of our actions.
>> No. 2894
[X] "Hey, don't worry about it."

Countering the stupid votes that YAF almost always inevitably inspires.

God damn it, YAF.
>> No. 2896
[X] "Apology accepted."

For fuck's sake, we've had her angry at us long enough now. Just take the damn apology you assholes.

Throw a hug in, too.
>> No. 2897
[X] "Hey, don't worry about it."

My word. An update. Not that I have room to talk, I suppose.

At any rate, delicious Sanae, come to me! All is forgiven, though we'll have to teach you to reign in your tsundere at some point. If you haven't already learned.
>> No. 2898
[X] "Hey, don't worry about it."
>> No. 2899
[X] "Y'know, when you bend over like that, I can see right down your top."

Why not.
>> No. 2901
[X] "Hey, don't worry about it."

Come on, damn it. We've been working towards this for a long time now. Don't muck it up.

Christ, I wish the important moments could have come up after we got back into the mood a bit. I think it's been long enough that most of the Anon mass has lost a proper sense of how this story flows.
>> No. 2902
[x] "Apology accepted."

'Cause I respond to formal apologies formally.
>> No. 2903
[X] "Apology accepted."
Take it easy Sanae
>> No. 2904
Writing now.
>> No. 2908

New thread, plox.
>> No. 2910
...all the choices are tied at seven votes. What is he writing? The suspense is killing someone!
>> No. 2912
It's 7-6-6 by my count. Apology won.
>> No. 2914
Hmmm. That's true only if you count Klay's vote as a unique merger of '[x] "Hey, don't worry about it."' and
'[x] "...y'know, when you bend over like that, I can see right down your top."' However, if you count it as support for either option, then it's 7-7-7.
>> No. 2917
>No write-ins, no multi-voting.

Thus his vote is discounted.
>> No. 2923
Ah, I see. This is what I get for glossing over anything after the main text and choices.
>> No. 2924
[X] "Apology accepted."
And yes, throw in a hug.
I don't care if you don't want write-ins, hug the damned miko.
>> No. 2926
>No write-ins, no multi-voting.

Oh, shit.
[x] "Apology accepted."
>> No. 2929
File 121488069484.jpg - (206.13KB , 350x460 , train1.jpg ) [iqdb]
>No write-ins, no multi-voting.
>> No. 2930
[x] "Y'know, when you bend over like that, I can see right down your top."
[x] "Hey, don't worry about it."

Multi choice voting
>> No. 2931
You might have a point were there less than 7 choices.