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Today is just like any other.

Going to class, pretending to be diligent, leaving class, eating the same food at the same cafeteria, talking with the same people with the same topic, pretending to laugh for the sake of not making the conversation awkward, going home, working my ass off, cleaning up the shop,

the day passes me by without anything noteworthy happening.

As I close the shutter of the local pet shop I am currently working part time in, I take a look at my note to see my to-do list. Since this is friday, I can take it easy knowing that I have nothing else to do tomorrow morning and I could sleep longer since there's someone doing the morning shift for me. With that in mind, I head to the grocery store to get some instant noodles and a bottle of apple juice. The grocery shopping is probably the only thing that deviate from my daily schedule this weekdays.

I don't know why, but on the way back to my place, I start thinking about my life so far. Probably the continuation of what I've been mulling about.

My life has been peaceful. uneventful, more like. Had normal family, no brother or sister, detached from the relatives and neighbours, went to normal local school, had normal kind of friends, had normal kind of grade, joined not-so-prestigious college, studied in a generic major, and expected to have a generic salaryman's life. Realizing that, I should come to a realization that I am so plain and should strive to be unique, right?

Nah. Too much of a bother to care.

It's not like I don't want to. I'd like my life to have something special. Something that comes with a bang. Buy, y'know, working towards being unique is such a pain. Would be great if something just sort of... happen. Like getting hit by a meteor and suddenly having superpower, or getting bit by a spider and suddenly having superpower, or anything happening that will rsulting in me having superpower. Well, anything, really. Something to drag me out of my normal yet boring everyday's life. Thinking about it, my grade in chemistry is normal to good, so maybe when I get to my room my old highschool chemistry teacher might be standing there asking me to cook meth with him. Who knows, right?

On my way back, something caught my eyes as I walk by the dumpster just half a minute from my place.
There's a pair of legs sticking out of it.

So, okay. A pair of legs. White, feminine legs. White socks. Weird wooden thing being worn instead of shoes. On a closer look, it's probably Geta, one of those traditional japanese shoes thingy. The person is half buried in the pile of garbage. It's one of those recycled cardboard box dumpster, but I bet it probably stinks since it's right next to the normal ones. She wears a weird design skirt with black and red, and that's about all I can discern without pulling her out.

Too bad I can't see her panty.

I could only imagine about what happen here. Cosplay party gone wrong? I know that people sometimes dress up as Japanese cartoon characters and get-together for a photoshoot or something. Some people called it animecon or nerdfest or whatever, so this might be it. I decide to poke her leg with nearby stick, and her leg moves a bit. Right. So she's not dead yet.

I'm not sure if I should call an ambulance or not, since this is probably not life-threatening. I mean, her friend might have dunked her here for shit and giggles, for all I know. It's also too early in the night for friday-drunk-session, so she's probably not a random wasted chick finding emergency shelter.

[ ] just pull her out already.
[ ] sneak a look at her panty.

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[ ] just pull her out already.

Pst. It'd be "panties," not "panty." Yeah, English is weird.
No. 22374
Thank you for the pointer.
I'm still not very good with English grammar, so please bear with me.
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[x] just pull her out already.
Dear diary: Jackpot
No. 22376
> the only thing that deviate

> this weekdays.

>been peaceful. uneventful, more like

>something just sort of... happen
happened or happens

no 's

>On my way back, something caught my eyes as I walk
catches (for consistency)

>The grocery shopping
'the' is awkward here

I stopped here but there's more. Consider a proofreader.
No. 22377
[X]Just pull her out already.

The other option reeks of permavirgin instead of boring man craving adventure.

And, is this an Aya story I see? Remarkable.
No. 22379
[X] Just pull her out already.

What are we, twelve?

We can admire her panties later, in a more consensual setting.
No. 22380
[X]Just pull her out already.
Tengu legs beat tengu underwear anyway.

Do this.
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It would be bad if I go home knowing there's a helpless person in a dumpster with her legs up the sky with the chance of some random hobo picking her up and doing unspeakable things to her. Even if it's totally not my thing to pick random people up from the street and put them in my room, I have to make an exception for this one. I pull her up and put her over my shoulder, carrying her like a sack of potatoes. Surprisingly, she's a lot lighter than I expected.

I also pick up the shield and sword that happen to be inside the same dumpster for her. It would suck if she lost these valuable stage props. They look authentic, so they must cost a lot.


And here we are, in my humble abode right above the place I work in. Thanks to the kindness of the shop owner I got this room for cheap and fully furnished. Why am I talking about this? Because if not for her, I wouldn't even have a sofa in my room and would probably be eating my cup ramen using a cardboard box as a table.

After I put the girl on the sofa and turn the lights on, I finally have a chance to look at her. She's of eastern nature with pinkish-white skin. White hair, white sleeveless shirt with those poofy white armguards that looks like arm-warmers, but much looser. That white pair of legs that made me spot her is well hidden under her red-black skirt. She doesn't look like she's in any immediate danger, as she seems to be sleeping soundly on my sofa with steady breathing. I look at her, then back to the props. She must really love this, or else she wouldn't put so much money into these. The sword and the shield look very real, and the fake ears and tail look so alive.

man, I wanna touch it.

[ ] Touch it!
[ ] Leave her be, do something productive instead.
No. 22383
[x] Touch it!

Is there any other choice?
No. 22384
[X] Touch it!

Touch fluffy tail~

Also, Christ alive, another drawfag! We need more of these. They're criminially underrepresented around here.
No. 22385
[X] Touch it!

No. 22386
[x] Leave her be, do something productive instead.

While the tail is tempting, it might trigger a painful instinctive response.
No. 22388
No. 22389
Nothing ventured etc.
No. 22390
[X] Touch it!
No. 22391
Are you by chance a Darwin award winner?
No. 22395
>Are you by chance a Darwin award winner?

That would imply he's dead and posting from beyond the grave; unless you meant to say the poster was an honorable mentioned?

Besides there's a difference between merely touching/petting and out-right man-handling her.

Remember in order to qualify for a Darwin Award, a person must remove himself from the gene pool via an "astounding misapplication of judgment."
No. 22397
I'm currently away and cannot write. I will be back around Monday and will continue as soon as possible.
No. 22398
Actually, you can win a Darwin Award without dying.

Notable example: http://www.darwinawards.com/darwin/darwin2007-07.html
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