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File 128037114288.jpg - (200.00KB , 800x600 , coffee_beans.jpg ) [iqdb]
16850 No. 16850
A reboot of the second chapter of SCIENCE. Pretend like the other one never happened - this is a fresh start.

I'll have a summary up of the first SCIENCE tomorrow, so don't worry if you weren't around for that or if you forgot. I forgot, too. It's been a while since I've written this, and written in general, so bear with me if the writing/characters are a little off. It'll take me a few posts to get back in the groove.

As for update schedule, I'll try to keep it daily (excluding Friday) for now and see how that works out.

It's morning again. Or maybe it's after noon by now, who knows. It's hard to tell in a cave with no windows. And your sleep schedule is... bad, to say the least.

Opening your eyes, you can see that Nitori's not here. That's nothing abnormal, though. She's able to get by with only a couple hours of sleep, while you need about twelve, so it's not often that your sleep schedules sync up. Heh. You used to think that sleep was for the dead – many late nights were spend hammering away at some formula on that whiteboard in the lab you used to work at.

But, it's been about 16 months since that lab got sucked into a black hole, torn to bits, and spit out in this place that the natives call Gensokyo. About 16 months since you gained your leg Gained a new home. Gained a wife, and a daughter.

Not to be selfish, of course, but you think it wasn't exactly a bad trade off. The outside world didn't fare so well, but, you don't live there anymore. Aside from your madness, which in itself isn't too bad, this new life is so much better than the one you left.

Rolling lazily out of bed, a dozen thoughts buzzing away in the back of your still-not-quite-awake mind, you reach for your clothes. And then, you stop. These ones are pretty nasty. You've probably been wearing them for about a week now. Definitely, you should grab another pair.

But... no, the rest of them are almost as bad. You find one the fairy family structure is a very complicated one. I've spend many nights t...


... sigh. Focus.

Sometimes, that happens. Especially when you first wake up. Your particular breed of instanity is thought. It wasn't something you developed, it was something you stole, for a lack of a better word. Gained by mixing your blood with the bone of some long dead youkai who did just that – think.

Unfortunately for you, that youkai probably had hundreds of years to build it's skill in controlling it, while you've only had a little over one. It's difficult to manage sometimes. Groggy mornings are one of those times. You really don't need to be calculating force vectors on the cavern walls in order to get some coffee.

In either case, you find an almost suitable pair of clothes, and put them on. And your watch. Ah, good... it's not past noon yet.

Lately, your project has been a fairly thick book on fairies. Theories on why they exist, what they do while existing, how they work – pretty much anything and everything. You may be able to think it all in a matter of days, but condensing it into words takes a whole lot longer than that.

You step out into the hall, taking your cane with you. It's kind of silly to carry it around all the time, but you've grown used to it. Sometimes, it's just more fitting to poke something with your cane than it is to poke it with your hand.

It's mostly silent. Nitori's probably down in the lab tinkering on something. You can hear some faint laughs from the other room, though. Probably Lumiere and Takiko playing some sort of game. Heh. They really do get along well and that's why they form colonies. It helps them---

bleh. Coffee. You need something to wipe away this morning fog.

Heading into the kitchen, though, you find the pot empty. It's pretty hit or miss, anyway, so it's not entirely unexpected. The coffee machine's a bit overkill for one person, but it gets the job done. You're pretty sure it came from a restaurant somewhere. How it ended up in Gensokyo is anyone's guess, though.

You load up the machine with a bit of home-grown beans (it's surprisingly difficult to find coffee in Gensokyo), and press "brew". Good. That's that. Now you wait.

... or not.

[ ] Go see what Nitori is up to.
[ ] Go see what Lumiere is up to.
[ ] Go clean yourself up.
[ ] Stare into space and wait for the coffee.
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>> No. 17249
[x] Still, you want her to be a part of this.
She is way to shy for her own good. I guess it's up to us to pull her along.
>> No. 17250
My thoughts exactly; it's good to have someone like that on your team just so you don't overdo it.
>> No. 17251
[x] Still, you want her to be a part of this.

Still, you want her to be a part of this. Reaching down, you find her hand and take hold.

Looking at her face, you can't help but smile. She's embarrassed.

“You're coming, right?” You whisper to her.

It takes a few moments, but she finally gives you a sheepish nod. “Ok.”

Then, the two of you stand up, hand in hand, and begin your walk towards the front. It's a short hop to get up on the raised platform. Although there seems to be a bit of confusion as to the number of chairs, it's all resolved before you reach the stage.

You two take a seat on one of the ends of the row. There's the three old men on the far side, and then the two kappa, you, and then Nitori.

“Let me introduce the project leaders.” The elder kappa continues, after everyone is seated. “We have Tsuda Tonora, who will be responsible for power distribution on the surface. Jumi Shizetsu, who will be responsible for transporting the power up from it's location far underground to the surface. And William Nye, who will be responsible for harnessing the power.”

Your mind is already buzzing with the prospect of harnessing the power of a small sun, as that seems to be what the old man is implying. How such a thing could even exist is somewhat beyond you at the moment, but you have the feeling that it'll make sense later.

“Oh,” The man continues, as if remembering something, “Pardon me. William Nye and Nitori Kawashiro will be responsible for harnessing the power.” He laughs. “It seems I'm forgetting things in my old age.”

There's a slight bit of laughter from the rest of the people seated in the hall. Heh. Well, that was less difficult than you thought it might be. It's official, then.

“Now that the introductions are complete, are there any objections?”


“Good, good!” The old kappa laughs. “Then it's official. Today, the turbo fusion energy project begins.”

A loud bang echoes throughout the hall, startling a good number of people. Looking up, you see... confetti? Not a whole lot, but enough to cover the people up on the stage.

There's a rise of laughter from the spectators as they notice, too. And from the stage as it slowly covers everyone there. It even seems to lighten Nitori's otherwise tense mood. Looking up, you don't see anything other than the raining confetti, but... well you wonder if this wasn't what Takiko was up to.

After a bit of laughter, the hall suddenly comes alive with music. Very loud, noisy music, coming from behind you. There's a trio of performers there, making their way out from behind some pillar, instruments... well, not in hand, as they seem to be floating. But near them.

“Music, too?” You ask Nitori, a bit offhandedly.

It's a catchy tune, in either case. You notice that the other kappa up on the stage are standing up, so you do the same. Time to head back to your seats, you guess.

As you do, the music seems to get more voluminous, filling the hall. The acoustics here really are wonderful.

“See?” You say to Nitori, “That wasn't terrible, was it?”

“There's a lot of people here,” She says, giving an ambiguous answer, “I think there's even more than last time.”

“There are a lot, aren't there? I didn't know that there were this many kappa, to be honest.”

She gives you a grin. “I know, right?”

Returning to your seat next to Lumiere, you notice that Takiko has returned. She seems happy about something. That thing, you find out with a quick question.

“So, it's just music from now on?” You ask, as the band up front changes to a new song. Or gets into the second part of the first one, you're not exactly sure.

“That's all the official stuff,” Nitori says, nodding. “So it's probably going to be music for a while. Then a lot of us hang around for a while and just visit.”

You suppose that makes sense.

“They aren't bad, are they?” Tarin asks, “The music that is.”

You shake your head. “Not at all.”

Finishing up the example you had started before the hall went silent, you decide to...

[ ] … sit back, and just enjoy the music.
[ ] … find that old kappa. You still need a bunch of information.
[ ] … continue with your lesson. No use leaving it half finished.
>> No. 17252
[ ] … sit back, and just enjoy the music.

This is the best chance of meeting the sisters, and im going for it!
>> No. 17253
[X] … sit back, and just enjoy the music.

Being able to listen to music is something that we often take for granted. Enjoy it while you can.
>> No. 17256
>spoilered idiocy
What story have you been reading? Because it sure as hell wasn't this one. And from the sound of it, maybe it shouldn't be this one, either. Your imagination is retarded.
>> No. 17258

okay wiseman
>> No. 17259
[x] … sit back, and just enjoy the music.
Plenty of time to go gather information and use his brain later, but right now, Bill needs to chill out and not overdue it.
>> No. 17260
[X] … continue with your lesson. No use leaving it half finished.

>> No. 17261
[x] … sit back, and just enjoy the music.

… sit back, and just enjoy the music. It's been a while since you've been able to do that; your last live show was five or so years ago. That was a classical performance that you were taken to by someone else, though, and not one you particularly enjoyed.

This... well, you like it, but you're not exactly sure what genre it would fall into. It seems to shift around a lot, taking up elements of other things. And, right before you can pin it down, it'll shift again. If you were a critic, you might just call it noise – but, thankfully, you're not. It's very interesting. You didn't know that violins, or trumpets for that matter, could even sound like that.

After flowing into what seems like four different pieces, the music cuts out. A round of applause rises up from the audience, and you join in. Very nice.

“So, everyone, what did you think? We call that one 'Eternal Phasm'.”

The performer in red is the one to speak up, her voice carrying across the hall with ease. Another round of applause sounds out, which you again join in. Even Lumiere seems to be joining in.

“Haha, good! We've got a whole bunch more songs, so let's try to keep up that energy! This next one's called 'Chalybeous Menagerie'. ”

… you're not sure about the names, though.

This next one is decidedly more mechanical feeling – still in the same shifting style, but to a lesser extent. Very bizarre.

The concert goes on with more strangely-named songs that seem to defy genre boundaries for quite a while. You end up going back for thirds sometime in the middle.

After an impressive set of around 20 songs (or perhaps not so impressive? You don't quite understand what kind of youkai these three are), the performance ends to a tune called Concerto Grosso. A very fitting name, and everyone listening seems to be pleased.

“Whew! You guys are great! Thanks you!”

A final round of applause rises up from the audience, and the three take one final bow before vanishing behind the same pillar they appeared from. And then, not much later, they end up walking among the crowd of kappa that's now mostly standing and talking. With the concert over, everyone seems to have switched into talking mode once more, the mumur of a few hundred voices filling the hall.

Lumiere stands up, and begins walking away.

“Running away?” You ask her, causing her to pause.

“I want to talk to them,” She responds, pointing in the general direction of the food table. You can see that the three performers have taken up plates, and are grabbing some food. Takiko seems to be going too, as she's still riding on her shoulder.

[ ] You, too.
[ ] Tell her to enjoy. You'll take this chance to talk to the old kappa.
[ ] Tell her to enjoy. You'll take this chance to (write-in).
>> No. 17262
[Q] Tell her to enjoy. You'll take this chance to talk to the old kappa.
>> No. 17263
[x] Tell her to enjoy. You'll take this chance to talk to the old kappa.
>> No. 17264
[X] Tell her to enjoy. You'll take this chance to talk to the old kappa.

So Nitori's just chatting with some associates while weWill talks to the old Kappa?
>> No. 17265
[x] Tell her to enjoy. You'll take this chance to talk to the old kappa.
>> No. 17266
[x] Tell her to enjoy. You'll take this chance to talk to the old kappa.
>> No. 17273
[x] Tell her to enjoy. You'll take this chance to talk to the old kappa.
Honestly, I want to go talk to his coworkers, but I don't think that sort of write-in would win.
>> No. 17275
[x] Tell her to enjoy. You'll take this chance to talk to the old kappa.
>> No. 17276
[x] Tell her to enjoy. You'll take this chance to talk to the old kappa.

“Have fun,” You say, giving her a nod.

She gives you a vague nod and a very small smile before leaving. You consider going for a moment, but decide that it's probably better to discuss business. Specifically, what that old kappa meant by a sun. It's no use thinking about it until you have all the details.

Nitori stands up before you do, though. You give her a quizzical look.

“I just saw someone I haven't seen in a while,” She says, giving a nod aimed across a few tables. “I'm gonna head over and say hi.”

“You have fun, too,” You say, laughing. “I was just about to head over and have that old kappa fill me in on this whole thing.”

“Don't work too hard,” She says, sounding just the slightest bit concerned. “You don't have to do everything today.”

“Yeah,” You agree. Falling into one of your moods would be irritating.

She gives you a quick peck on the cheek, and heads off into the ever growing chaos of the crowd. You get up and head off as well. The old kappa was near the front, right? Somewhere around... ah, there he is.

“Excuse me.”

The old man doesn't seem to be that popular, or perhaps people just haven't gotten around to finding him yet. He's rather short for a kappa, a head too short to stick out from the crowd. Maybe you're just the first one to find him.

“Ah, William,” He says, greeting you with a crooked smile. “Enjoying the festivities?”

You give a nod. “Definitely. But please, call me Bill. It's what everyone else calls me.”

“Bill, then,” He says, nodding. Then, as if remembering something, he adds. “You can call me Ryuugo.”

You quickly commit the name to memory. “I was looking for a general overview of this project,” You continue, “You mentioned something about a sun, but that shouldn't even be possible.”

The kappa laughs. “Probably not. Like I said, it was a gift from the mountain goddess.”

“Where is it, then?” You ask, “How large is it? Have you seen it?”

“I have not,” He admits. “It's located deep underground. I'm unsure of how large it is, but I've been told that it's large enough that the kappa will never have to worry about power again.”

“Has anyone seen it?”

Again, he laughs. “I'd assume the goddess has seen it. Perhaps some of the local youkai that live nearby. But no kappa have gone down to investigate. We choose you for that.”

You frown. “So, we don't even know where it is...?”

“No,” He says, “We have a way to get down there. There's a tunnel that... hum. Let me just show you the map.”

He fishes around in his pocket and comes up with a folded piece of paper, one that seems a bit worn. Unfolding it, he motions for you to look at it. “If you go some distance from the waterfall,” He says, “There's a cave that you can enter. It's just past the tree that grows like a square. It'll lead down to the cavern that houses the sun.”

It kind of reminds you of a treasure map, really. “Do you have another copy?”

“You can have this one,” Ryuugo says, “I can get another one from the shrine.”

“So, I'm just responsible for the device to harness the power of this 'sun', right?” You ask, “It sounds like I won't have to worry about the infrastructure at all.”

He nods. “That's correct.”

[ ] Any further questions? (write-in)
[ ] Do (write-in) next.
The first one is optional, so at least vote for the second if you don't have any.
>> No. 17277
[X] Any further questions?
- Have the Kappa attempted prior fusion/fission projects before?
- What is our budget/material constraints?
If yes to the first question,
[X] Do try to find and talk to those in charge of prior attempts next.
[X] Do go talk to Nitori and her aquaintance next.

I'm semi-concerned about protection from radiation for when we eventually head to the "sun."
>> No. 17278
Fusion has no radiation risk, just heat risks
>> No. 17279
File 12831568484.png - (247.84KB , 600x600 , Facecontrolrod.png ) [iqdb]
[X] Any further questions?
-[X] Have the Kappa attempted prior fusion/fission projects before?
-[X] What is our budget/material constraints?


The proton-proton fusion chain creates beta beta particles, gamma rays and free neutrons. Stars such as the sun give off alpha and beta particles in the form of solar wind, and hit the whole range of electromagnetic radiation, including UV, gamma and X-rays. Stars are freaking health hazards and I'm amazed Reimu and Marisa didn't die after fighting Utsuho. I'd rant more, but I'm tired and I've already killed a family of catgirls.
>> No. 17280

I think he meaned fusion in general, not nuclear fusion, but that wouldn't be related to the situation at hand.
>> No. 17281
[x] Any further questions?
-[x] Have the Kappa attempted prior fusion/fission projects before?
-[x] What is our budget/material constraints?

“What sorts of material constraints am I working under?” You inquire.

The old kappa looks confused for a second, but then catches on. “Ah, right. I've heard that there are many people fighting for resources where you come from. Well, take what you need.”

'What you need'. Best boss ever.

“That's... liberating,” You continue. “How about workers and the like?”

“You think it'll be a huge effort?” He asks, “I was under the impression that it'd be relatively easy.”

You shrug. “I've got no idea, at least until I see it.”

“Well, it'll be up to you to recruit workers if you need them,” he says, “I'm sure you can find some kappa to help you out.”

You grin a bit. You can already imagine that conversation 'Hey, want to work on a fusion reactor?' 'Hell yeah!'

“One more question.”

“Go on.”

“Have you guys ever attempted fusion or fission before? The kappa, I mean.”

“We don't have the power of any gods at our disposal,” He says, “So no.”

You almost correct him, but it's fairly accurate to say that you'd need divine intervention for either to be more than a huge waste of time here. Fusion is (well, was) still not really viable in the outside world as an energy source, and Gensokyo isn't exactly well stocked with fissile materials.

“Huh. Well, I think that's all,” you admit, “You said to talk to the folks at the shrine if I had any questions?”

He nods. “That's right.” As if realizing something, he pauses. “Before I forget, there will be a progress meeting in a few months. You three may be heads of the individual projects, but I've been assigned as the... hm,” He pauses once more, “I suppose something like a grand overseer? It's a new position. This is a larger undertaking than we've had before.”

“Well, you know where to find me,” You laugh.

“Indeed. Take care, Bill.”

“You, too.”

You give him a nod, and part ways. Hmm. Well, that's that. You think you've got enough to get started on your part, at least.

[ ] Take a stroll over towards where Lumiere was heading.
[ ] See what Nitori's up to.
[ ] Try to find those other two kappa.
>> No. 17282
[x] See what Nitori's up to.
Sounds good.
>> No. 17283
[x] See what Nitori's up to.
She's had more than enough time to chit-chat, it's time for her to introduce us to some old friends.
>> No. 17284
[ ] See what Nitori's up to.

That kyu-kyu-bah song is playing in my head.
>> No. 17285
[X] See what Nitori's up to.
>> No. 17286
[x] See what Nitori's up to.
>> No. 17288
[x] Take a stroll over towards where Lumiere was heading.

Be interested in your child's hobbies.
>> No. 17289
[x] Take a stroll over towards where Lumiere was heading.

...We've kinda been neglecting her.
>> No. 17290
[x] Take a stroll over towards where Lumiere was heading.
>> No. 17292
[X] Take a stroll over towards where Lumiere was heading.

Need more personified black hole.
>> No. 17293
[x] Take a stroll over towards where Lumiere was heading.
>> No. 17294
[x] Take a stroll over towards where Lumiere was heading.

Hey, why not?

It's been a while since we saw Hina though. You know, the one person that cooks for us because we like to freeload in our own house?
>> No. 17295
[x] Take a stroll over towards where Lumiere was heading.
>> No. 17296
No update today. My professors aren't kidding around this semester, so I'm also going to drop back to every other day for a while and see if that gives me enough time to get everything done. I hate to say it, but writing is pretty low priority.

Update... not sure when. I'll try for one tomorrow.
>> No. 17298
Don't worry about it, life always takes priority.
>> No. 17332
Or not.

Consider this my "updates are going to be terribly sporadic from now on" notice. I can probably get some writing in on the weekends, but that's the best I can do until the middle of December (when this semester ends). I underestimated how hard this semester was going to be by a pretty huge amount, so my apologies for starting this and then cutting back so quickly.
>> No. 17355
Well, damn.


I remember what that's like. I hope you find a good rhythm soon.
>> No. 17359
Well, as long as you're attending school for SCIENCE!
>> No. 17435
You know, the description of Bill's prosthetic brought to mind General Grievous's leg, especially the whole claw-foot thing. Excluding coloration, is this somewhat accurate?
>> No. 17551
Sorry for the extended silence.

I'm not sure computer SCIENCE counts.

Not particularly. It's more like some kind of amorphous metal ball stuck on the end of a borg-cube-textured leg. Not really all that sleek, and the claw part is optional.
>> No. 18034
So how is SCIENCE going?

Sage for no actual update.
>> No. 18044
"Sage for no actual update."

>not saged
>> No. 18054

Abandoned temporarily, go check out /others/ where Klaymen's writing another story.
>> No. 30468
story is ded, not big souprice
>> No. 30469

I do not have enough middle fingers to express my opinion of you.
>> No. 30483
File 153039134438.jpg - (61.30KB , 512x378 , image.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 30485
File 15303953818.jpg - (79.88KB , 766x960 , 1501293500290.jpg ) [iqdb]
Put sage in the email field you dongussaur.
>> No. 30486
fuck I forgot
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