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1541 No. 1541
Didn't you just face this same dilemma, like, an hour ago? Probably not even that. Reaching the same conclusions as last time, you sigh and start walking around the lake again. Damn, this thing is big. Hopefully everyone will still be there in an hour. You might cut that down some by jogging over, but somehow, you really don't feel like bothering. If they wanted you over there any quicker...

"Lady Kanako wants to know what's taking you so long." Turning around at the sound of her voice, you see Sanae in the air behind you, looking down with her arms crossed and her head tilted impatiently.

That's just fucking it. You woke up in such a good mood, slipped into kind of a funk what with Sanae throwing you around like a ragdoll and the tengu trying to lock you all up, but this just pushes you right through that funk and out the other Goddamned side. You cross your own arms and glare up at her. "I can't fucking fly, remember? We covered this earlier."

She doesn't respond, or even blink. She just turns on her heel (so to speak) and starts on her way back to the group. What the hell is her problem, anyway?

[ ] Start walking again.
[ ] Stay just as you are and wait.
[ ] Fuck this noise. Back in the house.

>> No. 1542
[X] Start walking again.

>> No. 1543
File 121154991462.jpg - (59.24KB , 800x600 , oblivion.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Water jump
>> No. 1544
[x] Start walking again.

Do it slowly just to spite Sanae.
>> No. 1545
[x] Start walking again.

I have a feeling she's getting at something but we're not noticing.
>> No. 1546
[ ] Start walking again.
>> No. 1548
[x] Start walking again.
Sanae's been off with us ever since we did our wide-mouthed treefrog impression after meeting Kanako.
>> No. 1549
File 121155143110.jpg - (216.85KB , 859x800 , chulainnstrikesagain.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ] awesome.jpg
[ ] facepalm.jpg
>> No. 1550

キタ━━━━━━( ´∀`)━━━━━━!!!!!
>> No. 1551

Not as gay as expected
Sayo's looking kind of aya there.
>> No. 1552
>> No. 1553
[X] suikawesome.jpg
>> No. 1554
File 121155194832.png - (51.98KB , 336x336 , 1209104959450.png ) [iqdb]
Not gay until balls are touching.
>> No. 1555
I don't think we mastered acrobatics yet. Maybe expert, but not master.

[ ] Start walking again.
>> No. 1556

Could have shown more skin
Perhaps Chulainn could support Sayo with his hand firmly on his ass for maximum homo imagery.

Though the leg does add a touch.

As is, this could just barely be called FABULOUS.
>> No. 1557
File 12115532948.jpg - (121.47KB , 552x824 , 712d306fc29b1165e61b3efb5fb0a75a.jpg ) [iqdb]
Screw it. You turn back around and stomp along the shoreline, shoving your hands in your pockets for the maximum effect. What the HELL is her PROBlem, anyway?! Everything was so nice that first day, bonding over dinner, and then this morning, when she teased you after breakfast. Then, just like that, she's tossing you off the roof to teach you how to fly and treating you like an unwanted guest. Not only her, nobody else all of a sudden seems to know you're here, or care. And after you were trying so hard to save their asses, too! You kick at a stray rock and glare up at the sky. Figures it'd be such a nice day that'd make you feel so lowohoahooowwahhoaaaaggghhh!!

Someone flies up from behind, grabs you under your arms and doesn't stop, taking you along. The scenery blurs before your eyes and whoever-it-is performs a wide banking right turn, then focuses again somewhat as they hit the straightaway towards the shrine. The ride ends with you dropped like a bomb on a strafing run onto the shrine roof, dizzy and unsteady on your feet, but managing to keep them. Your pilot zips over your head and takes her previous position to one side of the shrine, arms crossed again. "There he is."

A soft cough to your left. "Ahem, yes. Thank you, Sanae." Kanako is seated in the center of the roof, one leg on its side as if waiting to be crossed, the other bent with the knee straight up to create a roughly 90 degree angle between the two. One arm rests on top of the raised knee, the other steadies her position behind her. She leans back a little on this arm and speaks. "So, you've been pretty active in these parts. Get to that in a second, first of all, what's this I hear about you can't fly?"

You shoot a dirty glance at Sanae before replying. "Just that, I can't fly. Just an ordinary lump of a man, me."

"Well, that's inconvenient," Kanako says, frowning. Preachin' to the choir, lady. "But we'll deal with that later. I wanna hear about you now, the mysterious visitor." She grins and her eyes get that same mischeivous look as she scoots over a little and pats the tiles next to her. "Come sit next to me and tell us aaaallll about it." There's not a whole lot of room up here, you'd practically be sitting on her lap.

[ ] Stand where you are.
[ ] Sit where you are.
[ ] Sit where she tells you.
[ ] Sit on her lap.
>> No. 1558
[x] Sit on her lap.

>> No. 1559
[ ] Sit on her lap.

You're trying to get drawfag to draw every single scene of this story aren't you? ( ´∀`)
>> No. 1560
[X] Sit where she tells you.
As playfull as she is, i don't really want to mess with a god untill we sure it's 100% ok
>> No. 1561
Me? You're the one voting for it.
>> No. 1562
[X] Sit where she tells you.
Even this should annoy Sanae.
>> No. 1563

You expect me not to?
>> No. 1564

It's just a good opportunity to tell her what we want for christmas.
>> No. 1565
[X] Sit where she tells you.
>>Someone flies up from behind, grabs you under your arms and doesn't stop
Did we just get armpit raped? ಠ_ಠ
>> No. 1566
[x] Sit where she tells you.
>> No. 1567
[ ] Sit where she tells you.
Well, we don't want to offend her. Let's try not to stare this time.
>> No. 1568
Armpit raped by a miko? Must be opposite day.

Stand where not told. Me no write more. Bizarro #1.
>> No. 1569

( ಠ∀ಠ)?
>> No. 1570
[x] Sit where she tells you.
>> No. 1571
[X] Sit where she tells you.
>> No. 1572
[X] Sit where she tells you.

Gods dream. She already knows the observable facts about us - everything she's said and done to us since she woke up has been a test of our character.
>> No. 1573
[x] Sit on her lap.
>> No. 1574
[X] Sit where she tells you.

Mischievous goddess. Well, even if it is Sanae route, I shan't decline just to avoid annoying her. ...I wonder how kerokero will react to this during our next dream-review session.
>> No. 1575
[ ] Sit where she tells you.
Obey her, then the breasts will be ours.
>> No. 1576
[X] Sit where she tells you.
don't want to be blown off the mountain when someone 'teaches' us how to fly
>> No. 1577
File 12115626141.jpg - (302.61KB , 567x800 , 0fd07da33614258c2983cc9ba2bd2d6d.jpg ) [iqdb]
A tip to remember: winning her breasts will take more than obeisance. But you may be on the right track.

I didn't mean it to, but this entry's turning into a bit of a wall. Bear with me.
>> No. 1578
File 121156375298.jpg - (104.41KB , 600x600 , KanakoSuwakoSchoolUniforms.jpg ) [iqdb]
I know, I was just kidding. We're going for Sanae anyway as I understand it.

Still, breasts.
>> No. 1579

So what we flirt with her at first and keep going from there?
>> No. 1580
File 121156469468.jpg - (98.20KB , 779x630 , 796d0ccefa3d606f1d7f3125e7f81443.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well, if you *practically* would be anyway, why not... no, no. NO. Stop that. Even for someone like her, there must be limits. Better not test them here, not now. You cross over and sit in the spot she indicated, trying to be as unintrusive about it as you can, which doesn't turn out to be much, unless you're willing to hang half your ass off the edge. You're not, so you end up almost joined at the hip to Kanako, one leg stretched out straight, almost running directly along her laid-down leg, still close enough to feel the body heat from it through the skirt and your jeans. Your other leg, you realize too late to change without seeming too self-conscious about it, is bent up in a mirror image of hers, complete with resting arm. You do manage to break the image somewhat by placing your other hand on its opposite wrist and keeping your back straight. Your expression is straight, but your face is hot. Off to your left, you hear Sanae huff, and every instinct tells you without looking that she has just turned her head away and her nose up.

Kanako's smile widens. "Comfy?"

"I... guess so." Been much worse, to tell the truth.

She turns slightly towards you, reaching her hand up from behind her to intertwine its fingers with the other's and resting her chin on the created hammock. You catch a whiff of her perfume, sharp and clear like the smell of ozone after a heavy rain, but also warm and... your heart starts beating a little faster. "Well, then," she breathes, "begin at the beginning."

You do so, channeling your rampant emotions into the story. The hill, the "attack", your awakening and capture, you go through in brief, slowing down for more detail of the interrogation and dual deal-making. Talking about your arrival at the shrine and dinner with Sanae, you wish you could turn your head to see her expression, but Kanako's eyes have you pinned down. (Not trapped like before, but looking away still seems difficult. This may be just a natural effect for her, rather than a lesser form of whatever whammy she put you under out front, though.) She leans forward as you tell her about sneaking into the mountain and rescuing Shizuha, looking like a little girl at storytime. You wrap up with a brief account of the morning and stop at the appearance of the tengu, that being about where whe came in.

Brought up to speed, her demeanor changes. She leans back on one hand again, but thousand-league stares into the lake, chewing idly on the thumbnail of her other hand as she thinks it all over. "Hrrmmmmm. Unless I miss my guess, that raid is what brought them here today. Felt they were losing control of the situation once their agent went rogue." She glances over at you and smiles slightly. "Not that I'm blaming you, understand, but that seems to be the case all the same."

"Pardon me for contradicting you, Lady Kanako, but it is his fault." You whip your head around to stare at Sanae, frankly shocked at this accusation. "More than that, he recklessly insulted and antagonized the tengu commander. I was forced to summon you from your sleep in order to avoid complete disaster." Done, she stares contemptuously down her nose at you. Fuck, what IS her problem all of a sudden!?

"THAT is simply NOT true!" Hina interjects in a recalcitrant tone. You turn your head again to look at her, just as she stops her forward movement and turns her glare at Sanae into a calm gaze at Kanako. "Admittedly, Master Chulainn's first words were ill-chosen, and the commander did rebuke him in kind. But the exchange continued with a heartfelt apology and a most convincingly worded argument for a non-violent solution to the tengu's concerns. The commander had acquiesced and was just beginning to establish terms for the coming dialog when, begging your pardon, your arrival interrupted him and changed the field irreparably." She turns her gaze again to glare at Sanae, her next words lightly sharpened. "Lady Sanae's actions were rash and uncalled-for, and may well have dealt our position in the upcoming negotiations a hard blow."

FUCK. YEAH. HINA. Your spirits lighten considerably. Good to know you still have one friend on this mountain.

As if in answer to this thought, Shizuha floats over next to Hina and addresses Kanako. "It's just like she said, Lady Kanako. Ku-chan had that huge scary old tengu guy eating right out of his hand." She looks right at you, her expression dead serious, and nods. "It was SO cool." Not only a friend, but a fan. You can't help but smile.

Not to be outdone by her sister, Minoriko flies to Hina's other side and chimes in, "I was there, too. Hina's right."

Kanako looks at each witness in turn, and then over your head at Sanae. "Anything to add to this?" She doesn't say anything. You resist the urge to check her face now, savoring your moment of vindication. Waiting just a moment, she looks back to Hina and the sisters. "Well, I don't think our position's been changed much. They were afraid of us before because of what they thought we could do, and now they have a good idea what we can do, so they're still afraid of us. Not such a difference, really. Still, it does mean we'll have to keep up the act. Can't afford to look weak." She turns back to you and frowns. "Don't suppose you know any danmaku, huh?"

You just stare blankly. "I don't even know what that means."

She nods, still frowning a little. "Figured, can't fly, can't danmaku. Well, like I said, we'll take care of that later. For now, though, we gotta make you look tough somehow... hmm..."

As she's thinking, Sanae interrupts from behind you. "L-Lady Kanako, surely you don't mean to take him along?!"

"Figured that out yourself?" Kanako looks over your head again, expression clearly tired of her attitude. "Yeah, I'm taking him, and you, too. Hina and the twins'll be staying behind. Don't bother arguing." She regards you for another thoughtful moment before coming to a decision. "How about a weapon? Can you use a weapon?"

"Me? I don't know. Never really tried."

"Hmm." Her frown deepens, then vanishes with a shrug. "Well, don't suppose you'll have to use it at all, so long as you manage not to drop it, you'll be fine." She glances back at Sanae for a split second before changing her mind and turning around. "Minoriko, would you please go into the last room down past the kitchen? I believe that's where I put those old weapons when we moved. Bring back a... um..." She turns back to you and raises her eyebrows. "Any preference?"


Write-ins only. Mostly because I don't feel like making up a bunch of filler choices when we all know what's going to win here.

Risking a bit of RAGE, I'm taking a nap and leaving you with this for now. Set my alarm for three hours, wake up refreshed and get this done right.

On an unrelated note, I've totally given up on trying to find relevant pictures.
>> No. 1581
[X] Spear

oh silly
>> No. 1582
[x] Halbred

A lot easier to use than a traditional spear.
>> No. 1583
[x] "You got any spears?"
>> No. 1584
[x] Guns
>> No. 1585
[] Spear

We know it's coming. Nothing can oppose the tide.
>> No. 1586
[x] Spear

Nothing else.
>> No. 1587
[x] Spear, 18 different runes
Damn right we all know what's going to win. Time to complete the set.
>> No. 1588
[z] Spear
>> No. 1589
[x] spear

>> No. 1590
[ ] Spear

Like we'd choose anything else.
>> No. 1591
[x] spear

>> No. 1592
[X] Spear
we must stay consistent
>> No. 1593
[x] Spear

It's the only option, natch.
>> No. 1594
Fuck yes Hina. You're the best goddess ever.
>> No. 1595
[x] Gáe Bolg
Please and thank you.

From Sanae's attitude, I wonder if she's lost potential boyfriends to the divinely-breasted one before.
>> No. 1596
It's official, Sanae is Naru.

[ ] Trident

Just for a little variation
>> No. 1597
[X] Spear.

Cu Chulainn. It's what we do.
>> No. 1598
[X] Spear.
>> No. 1599
I don't think so, Tim.
>> No. 1600
[x] Gáe Bolg

I know it's back there.
>> No. 1601
[x] Gáe Bolg

>Sanae is Naru

My thoughts exactly.
>> No. 1602
>> No. 1603
English much?

[X] Spear, Gae Bolg if present.
Also, while nap is in process, gimme some hina pics. FUCK YES HINA
>> No. 1604

I wouldn't call him out on spelling as both are legal.
>> No. 1605
I really feel sorry for Sanae, she's probably feeling upstaged and ganged up on.

First she wants to get us alone to talk but that back fires due to her over enthusiasm, I reckon she was taught to fly in the same way. Then as she tries to reconcile she gets interrupted by the Tengu.
Seeing Chu-chan take the initiative she tries to support and impress him by summoning her goddess, but that too back fires on her because Chu drools like a horny dog over Kanako instead of praising her on how cool she is.

Because she's a tough and fiery kind of girl instead of feeling defeated she takes out her disappointment and anger on Chu.

Later tonight she'll take us aside and the dere will come trickling out as she hotly confesses she was impressed by Chu's actions, there'll be a sweet moment of reconciliation before she runs off cutting short any advances being made on her.
>> No. 1606
[X] Spear
[x] Gáe Bolg
>> No. 1607

This. Kanako appears to be a major obstacle for a Sanae route.
>> No. 1608
[x] Lance. Oh ho, what now?
>> No. 1610
See, if we'd just relieved that pressure when we woke up this morning we wouldn't be at the mercy of Kanako's breasts (and Sanae might still be talking to us).
>> No. 1611
>Can't fly, can't danmaku. Can jump a little.
Cu Astaire?
>> No. 1612
When we beat up Reimu for oppressing other religions she will not talk bad about us anymore.
>> No. 1613
I hope we get Jump HAX instead of flight.
>> No. 1614

Cu Altair.
>> No. 1615

Oh, that cracked me up.
>> No. 1616
[x] Excalibur, Sword of Promised Victory
>> No. 1617
Well, so much for that three hours stuff, then.
>> No. 1618
I waited for you Tetro!
>> No. 1619
[x] The Star of Creation that split Heaven and Earth, Enuma Elish
>> No. 1620
>I reckon she was taught to fly in the same way.
For the record, no. With her divine bloodline, flying has always come naturally to her. She just saw the possibility in you, and didn't know/couldn't think of any other way to open it up other than hoping your survival instincts would kick it in. Best of intentions, but yeah.

I'm not mentioning timeframes anymore, since I always fuck them up when I do. I'm here for a while, but tomorrow I'm going out, so don't expect my usual marathon.

Spear GET. Write ON.
>> No. 1621
Fuck yes, time to write more about Sanae going yandere on our ass.
>> No. 1622
Now all we need is that Minoriko returns with the Legendary Ryuguu machete instead of our gae bolg
>> No. 1623
are we waiting on a wall?
>> No. 1624
We always are.
>> No. 1625
File 121159131222.gif - (10.86KB , 230x282 , demonwall.gif ) [iqdb]
>> No. 1626
>>1623 >>1624
Well, what can I say. I'll try to make it worth the wait.
>> No. 1627

I'm gonna use Ice 3 on this bitch.
>> No. 1628
You always do. It is worth the wait.
>> No. 1629
>>You always do

Eh, I dunno. The last effort was kinda boring for taking seven hours.
>> No. 1630
File 121159305542.jpg - (95.74KB , 576x726 , great_wall_of_china.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 1631
But this isn't /sdm/...
>> No. 1632
As long as its not a metaphorical wall that is contained within a short and cryptic "poem", I'm good.
>> No. 1633
Tetro, come to the chatroom on Irc.
>> No. 1634
I waited for it. But damn, I'm tired.
>> No. 1635
Rest and mediate on what you have learned.
>> No. 1636

No! You can't sleep yet! You need to get max stat gains per level!
>> No. 1637

I'd imagine since he's been at it all day, He's got maxed endurance and wisdom
Just drop the other in luck.
>> No. 1638
Tetros chatting up in the chatroom. He's LAZY.
>> No. 1639
File 121159628942.jpg - (38.02KB , 500x375 , lancer.jpg ) [iqdb]
It's >>1633's fault. I'd have been done a while ago if it weren't for those faggots distracting me.


Preference? You come up empty. You don't even know what they might have. She's waiting for a response, so you'll have to think of something. You run the thought across the surface of your brain, hoping it will pick something up. Old weapons, she said, all you have to do is not drop it. Something basic. A sword, or a club, or...

The thought stops suddenly. All thoughts stop. You feel something click inside you, like a key passing the first tumbler in a lock. Your voice sounds thick in your own ears. "You got any spears?"

As different as you suddenly feel, nobody else seems to notice. "A spear? I'm sure we've got at least one. Thought for sure you'd ask for a sword, though." Kanako turns back to Minoriko. "Well, you heard him. See if we've got any, bring out a few if we've got them." Minoriko bows in acknowledgement and flies off, through the back door and inside. After a few moments, Kanako gestures towards you, and you feel yourself float up on a cushion of air. "No point in waiting all the way out here. C'mon, everybody." Guided by her divine magic, you feel yourself move slowly through the air, across the lake to the opposite shore. You don't turn, or move, or anything. You just wait. Midway across, a loud clattering comes from inside the house, and you notice Hina and Shizuha both start a little out of the corner of your eye. It doesn't affect you, though. Soon, Kanako sets you down on the lake shore, seated just as you were on the shrine roof, still waiting.

After a while, Minoriko appears over the main building's roof, carrying one long spear rather awkwardly in both arms. "We've got more than this one, but we had to move everything out of that room and into the next one over to give Ku-chan somewhere to sleep. If he wants another one, someone else can go and get it. That place is a deathtrap, the way it is now."

The wait is almost over. You stand up, reaching out with one hand, anticipating. "This is perfect." Minoriko hovers down in front of you and works the spear into her hands, offering it. You grasp the shaft at the center and she releases it, flying past you to join the others.

Click. The second tumbler is cleared.

"All right," Kanako begins, "let me at least walk you through some basics, first." You glance over at them, arranged in a line as if standing on some invisible surface above the lake. Far enough away. You're clear. Without waiting for Kanako to continue, you move slowly into a stance: keeping your back to the group, you turn your upper body to the left and extend your right leg out in front of you slightly, left leg kept back and bent, widening your stance and lowering your body just enough. You grip the shaft near the back with your left hand, and place your right as far down towards the head as it can reach, pointing the blade at the ground. Experimentally, you hold this for a breath, then lunge forward, alternating the angle of your legs and twisting your left arm down and forward while keeping your right more or less in place, making four quick thrusts with the spear and returning to your original position. The whole sequence takes no more than a second.

CLICK. The key turns and the lock is opened. "Oh, my," you hear someone exhale in amazement. And then you begin.

You lunge, thrust, and parry. You dash backwards while slashing up, then immediately forward again, slashing down at an imaginary opening. You press the attack, advancing a little with each rapid-fire stab of the blade. You go back on the defensive, leaping back while holding the spear in front of you as a guard and rolling to one side as soon as you land. Standing, you instantly fall into the basic stance and begin again. For several minutes this goes on, as maneuvers and strategies pour out from the unlocked door and burn themselves into your muscle memory. Sweat flies from your body as you wear down your mock opponent's defenses. Finally, the battle is all but over, they are exhausted and exposed. You leap backwards for distance, face grim. Then, you spring high into the air, shouting a wordless battle cry, and fling the spear down with all your might.

CRUNCH. The blade buries itself in the rock, the impact creating a tiny crater around it, shaft sticking out at an angle. You land in a crouch, panting, staring in amazement at it as the flood trickles out and stops. You know you just did that, you can remember doing it, but Jesus, did you really just DO that? ALL that??

"WOOOOOOW! THAT WAS *SOOOOOO* COOL!!" Shizuha begins applauding enthusiastically, eyes wide as dinner plates. The others join in, even Sanae, but slower and less certain. You stand up, nervously smiling and half-bowing as you walk over to retrieve the weapon. You feel your muscles relax and stand down. Was that just a one-time thing? No. Once your hand is on the shaft again, you can feel it all come back, just a little, waiting at the back of your mind to be called forward into service. Speaking of which... you grin over at Shizuha and pull the spear free, spinning it over your head twice before standing it on the ground next to you, holding it in the same hand. She squeals in joyful laughter, somersaulting in place.

The rest of the applause dies down, and four sets of eyes appraise you in something not quite awe, but very close. "Well, so much for the basics," Kanako remarks dryly, smiling at you. "You really are full of surprises, Ku-chan." So now she's started that up, too? Not that you're complaining. You return her smile, but she looks away at something above you, her eyebrows raised. "My, my, looks like your fanbase may be expanding."

You follow her gaze to see what she means. Stopped just over the roof of the house is a very nervous-looking tengu soldier. She's unarmed, holding something small with both hands, staring directly at you. You can see the whites of her eyes from here. She must have seen the whole thing, or enough of it.

[ ] Just stare back at her.
[ ] Wave and greet her.
[ ] Give her a taste of their own medicine. "Halt, intruder!"


>> No. 1640
[ ] Wave and greet her.
>> No. 1641
Is there a chatroom other than MiG?
>> No. 1642
[ ] Wave and greet her.

Holy fuck.
>> No. 1643
[ ] Give her a taste of their own medicine. "Halt, intruder!"
>> No. 1644
[ ] Wave and greet her.

Now they know who they're dealing with.
>> No. 1645
[X] Wave and greet her.
>> No. 1646
[x] Wave and greet her.

Wonder what Momizi's doing here?
>> No. 1647
[z] Wave and greet her.

>> No. 1648
[x] Wave and greet her.

Be nice, anons. Be nice.
>> No. 1649
[ ] Wave and greet her.
No use being violent now, is there?
>> No. 1650
It's not her this time, just an ordinary grunt.
>> No. 1651
That's us. And if you want your writer back, show up ALONE with 10,000 yen and one Miko.
>> No. 1652
We have him, he is ours now, if you want him back, bring us another Writer and come alone.
>> No. 1653
[x] Wave and greet her.

Although I do get a kick out of the notion of shouting "Halt, intruder".
>> No. 1654
[X] Wave and greet her.

I love you man
>> No. 1655
[X] Wave and greet her.

Maybe we'll eventually get the chance to show off to Momi down the road. See what she thinks of that. For now, let's just surprise our new tengu friend.

Relative to nothing, I just realized that I frequently have the same sitting posture as Kanako.
>> No. 1656
[x] Greet her and wave, creating a paradoxical implosion.

>> No. 1657
Looks like RABU ANDO PIIIIISU are set to win the day. Writing not nearly so much this time. I hope.
>> No. 1658
[X] Wave and greet her.
>> No. 1659

>> No. 1660
File 121159835111.jpg - (336.56KB , 1034x600 , 1205804742964.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 1661

Damn, Gilgamesh doesn't do shit halfway, does he?
>> No. 1662
>> No. 1663
Ku-chan loves loli.
>> No. 1664
File 121159980071.jpg - (542.52KB , 500x1666 , 3e76c27ac8b8652eb2de9c809308adfe.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh, damn. If she saw that, she must think you're preparing for war down here. You're pretty sure Kanako wanted to look strong, but that might be overkill. You let your face break into a grin and wave your free arm at her in a wide hello. Instantly, you're afraid this might be misunderstood as just plain cold-bloodedness, but she seems to relax very slightly, and returns your wave with one hand as she comes down the other side of the roof. She still doesn't take her eyes off you until she's clear of it, when she turns to Kanako and reasserts herself, moving purposefully forward. She stops just short of her and bows low, extending the object in her hand, a tightly bound scroll. "I come bearing a message for Lady Kanako form Lord Tenma, Master of the Mountain."

Kanako takes the scroll with one hand and half-bows to the soldier. "Accepted and received in good faith. Thank you for your service." The tengu bows again, turns in place, and takes off over the shrine and out of sight. Waiting not a moment longer, Kanako unties the leather strap holding the scroll closed and unrolls it, but only a little, nodding and rolling it back up almost instantly. "Yep, just as I thought. Misunderstandings on both sides, desire for communication, come at earliest convenience, blah blah blah. Perfect." She slaps the scroll into her open palm. "All right, time for action. Hina, Minoriko, Shizuha, we'll be counting on you to keep the home fires burning, all right?" All three nod. "Good. Sanae, Ku-chan, you two make yourselves presentable, we'll leave as soon as you're ready." She casts her eye over you as she starts floating back towards the tiny shrine. "In your case, a bath would be in order. At the very least. Hina, go and draw one for him. Everybody clear?"

"Yes, my Lady." Five voices chorus at once, except for you adding "my Lady" on just a half-a-beat late. Better get used to that. Anyway. Sanae, Hina and Shizuha all head in through the back door, while Minoriko flies over to you and puts both hands on the spear.

"I'll have to leave this out front for you." You hesitate, somehow reluctant to part with it, but she continues. "There's no way you can get it through that hallway into the kitchen without poking some holes in the walls. Trust me, that's why I had to fly up and out through the front door." Yeah, that hall is pretty narrow. You let go of the spear and she hefts it up into the same awkward carrying position, heading over the roof.

Should still be some time before that bath is ready.

[ ] Go and read the paper Aya sent you.
[ ] Find Sanae and try to reason with her.
[ ] Talk with Hina while she's drawing the bath.
[ ] Chat with Shizuha about how awesome you are.
[ ] Hide just inside the back door and spy on Kanako.


Only time for one at the moment.
>> No. 1666
[ ] Find Sanae and try to reason with her.
>> No. 1667
[x] Find Sanae and try to reason with her.

apologise just for the sake of it?
>> No. 1668
[X] Find Sanae and try to reason with her.
>> No. 1670
[ ] Find Sanae and try to reason with her.
>> No. 1671
[x] Talk with Hina while she's drawing the bath.

Best to supervise this before we end up coming in and dipping into skin boiling hot water, with her luck.
>> No. 1672
[X] Go and read the paper Aya sent you.

It would be good to load up on some more information before we head off to the tengu, and Aya did strap a note to the paper; that could be something important to know. We don't have a lot of time on our hands to talk with Sanae, and there's a chance we might make things worse. Might want to save a discussion with her until after the mission.
>> No. 1673
[ ] Find Sanae and try to reason with her.
>> No. 1674
[X] Go and read the paper Aya sent you.
>> No. 1675
[ ] Find Sanae and try to reason with her.
>> No. 1676
[X] Go and read the paper Aya sent you.
>> No. 1677
[X] Go and read the paper Aya sent you.
>> No. 1678
[ ] Find Sanae and try to reason with her.
>> No. 1679
[X] Find Sanae and try to reason with her.
Time to make this win.
>> No. 1680
[x] Go and read the paper Aya sent you.

Won't make any progress with Sanae right now, she's in a huff.
>> No. 1681
Well, I waited in case Aya came up from behind (if you know what I mean), but it looks like Sanae's lead is just too great. Writing, then.
>> No. 1682
>> No. 1683
File 121160206577.jpg - (106.61KB , 1150x800 , 1fc592cce6041a7b6cf590222ec7c653.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sanae. What happened to her so suddenly? It seems like she just went from buddy-buddy to utter contempt at the drop of a hat. There's got to be a reason. You go inside to look for her, to try and talk her down. You don't have far to go, turns out she's just in the kitchen, pouring herself a cup of tea. If she's noticed you, she hasn't made any sign of it.

You clear your throat and prepare yourself. "Sanae..."

But she just sets the pot down, takes her cup and walks away into the living room, sitting down at the nearest cushion with her back to you. The temperature in here just dropped several degrees.

[ ] Sit at the cusion next to her.
[ ] Sit directly across from her.
[ ] Just sit anywhere.
[ ] Never mind. Back one choice, try again.
>> No. 1685
[ ] Sit directly across from her.
>> No. 1686
[X] Sit directly across from her.

Sitting next to her is a bad idea.
>> No. 1687
[X] Sit at the cushion next to her.

If we're going to converse, make it intimate and sincere. Plus, odds are it will go better if we talk without looking at each other for the moment.
>> No. 1689
[X] Never mind. Back one choice, try again.
[X] Go and read the paper Aya sent you.

I still say this is the better idea for the moment. Sometimes it's better to let people work through their problems and cool down for a bit.
>> No. 1690
[X] Never mind. Back one choice, try again.
[X] Go and read the paper Aya sent you.

Let her cool off from whatever the fuck we did to her.
>> No. 1691
[ ] Sit at the cusion next to her.
>> No. 1692
[ ] Sit directly across from her.
Lets not try to get too close if she isnt in the mood
>> No. 1693
[x] Never mind. Back one choice, try again.

I don't want to push the matter.
>> No. 1694

Then again, if this were a real VN, i'd be afraid of losing the route there if I back down now.
>> No. 1695
[X] Never mind. Back one choice, try again.
[X] Go and read the paper Aya sent you.

Probably not the best time for this discussion. If things get volatile, it could cause problems when we go down to talk to the tengu.
>> No. 1696
[X] Never mind. Back one choice, try again.
[X] Go and read the paper Aya sent you.
>> No. 1697
[x] Never mind. Back one choice, try again.
[x] Go and read the paper Aya sent you.
>> No. 1698
Hmm, splitting stay into three votes while only leaving one for backtracking may have been a mistake, but even combining the stay votes, paper-reading still won out. Don't worry, though, only way routes'll close here anymore is in a BAD END.

>> No. 1699


Oh ho..
>> No. 1700
File 121160684114.jpg - (238.32KB , 730x601 , 3d62045d.jpg ) [iqdb]
You sigh again. This is never going to work. Better chance of squeezing blood from a stone then getting an answer out of her when she's like this. You pass through the kitchen and pass her without a word, heading down the hall to your room. As you navigate around the pile pouring out of the room next door, and Shizuha trying to push it back inside, you hear a *bang!* from the living room, like someone slamming a cup onto a table in frustration. Let her work it out naturally.

Shutting the door behind you, you open your pack and lay out your last full, clean set of clothes, gather up the dirty ones from yesterday and pile them up separately, moving on to the latest (?) Bunbunmaru lying against the wall where you tossed it. You pick it up and peel off the string, reading the note first:

Keep this up, and I might
take you on full time!

Just remember, no funny
ideas about the payoff!"

Flipping it over:

"After all, why waste the favor
on something you could get with
a few honeyed words?"

A small drawn heart is drawn between this sentence and that large, flashy signature:


Hum-hoh. You wonder how serious this offer really is. She seems kind of flighty and flirty, but that first article showed there's more to her than meets the eye. Well, a problem for another day. You sit down and spread the paper out in front of you.

Who Are They? What Are They?
Why Are They Here?"

...Shriners? You know the odds that Aya has any idea about the fez-wearing, parade-happy society with which you associate that term are too remote to even think about, but it doesn't keep you from cracking up at the imagery. Composing yourself, you move on to the main body, only there's no article so much as a series of actually not half bad likenesses with a short bio sheet under each one. There's not much to them, looks like Aya curbed her, ahem, creative tendencies for this piece, and printed pretty much what you told her. Even the "why are they here" question is left up in the air. You're kind of surprised that she included a bio on you, though. Then again, not so much. The only one with less info in than yours is the big, blank question mark reserved for "the unseen, unheard FIFTH GODDESS", speculated to be the power behind the throne up here. Guess that's accurate enough, more like she IS the throne, but yeah.

A knock at the door. You answer, and it opens slightly to show Hina's face. "Master Chulainn, if you will come with me, your bath is ready."

[ ] Go with her. You're filthy.
[ ] Stay here and read the rest of the paper.
>> No. 1701
[ ] Go with her. You're filthy.
>> No. 1702
[ ] Go with her. You're filthy.
>> No. 1703
[x] Go with her. You're filthy.


He types it out a on real live slowpoke.
>> No. 1704
[ ] Go with her. You're filthy.
>> No. 1705
Sanae has to be the most batshit insane tsundere we have ever encountered.
>> No. 1706
[x] Go with her. You're filthy.
[x] Bring newspaper.
>> No. 1707
[X] Go with her. You're filthy.

Oh ho! Are we charmin' us some Aya?

Also, Sanae may be frustrated, but I think this really is one of the things we need to let her work out a little on her own.
>> No. 1708
File 12116072502.jpg - (227.08KB , 720x804 , slowgaigar.jpg ) [iqdb]
I know, I know.
>> No. 1709
[ ] Go with her. You're filthy.
>> No. 1710
>As you navigate around the pile pouring out of the room next door, and Shizuha trying to push it back inside, you hear a *bang!* from the living room, like someone slamming a cup onto a table in frustration.

>> No. 1711
Not much question here. Bath it is, then.
>> No. 1712
I think that she was trying to get us to sit down and reason with her. She's pissed because we wimped out. Damnit, anonymous, we're Cu Chulainn. Cu Chulainn does not fear the womens.
>> No. 1713

That's just the problem. She's being overly emotional and self-interested.

If she acts like she doesn't want to talk, then we'll give her that. She should be able to figure this out.
>> No. 1714
"Coming." You refold the paper and toss it aside, grabbing your clean clothes and following Hina down the hall. The door she leads you to is on the other side of the living room (Sanae hasn't moved at all that you can tell by looking), down at the opposite end of the hall, on the left. She slides it open and stands aside, bowing politely. You thank her and enter, closing the door behind you.

The bath is not over large, but not cramped either. The tub is laid along most of the right-hand wall, large enough to fit two people comfortably, filled with steaming hot water. In the far left corner is a shelf with various bottles and soaps, washcloths hanging from dowels below, and a stool beside it. To your immediate right is another shelf with towels and two baskets underneath; you peel off your dirty clothes and place them in one, and place your clean set in the other. Crossing over to the stool, you pick out a plain-looking shampoo and a bar of soap, grab the shower head and get to work.

You start feeling better the moment the water hits your skin. You rinse yourself off all over, then pour some shampoo into your palm and lather up your hair, leaving it to sit while you grab a washcloth and work some soap onto it. The feeling of the past two days' worth of sweat and grime being cleansed away is more than a physical relief, you can feel your whole being relax, the soap and water acting as a sort of catharsis. You sigh as you work on your chest, back and arms, then start at your feet, up your legs to your...

Well, hello there. You'd managed not to notice it until now, but somewhere along the way, you've gotten quite erect. It's throbbing rather insistently, too, like it hasn't forgotten being neglected this morning. Hmmmm. Nobody's around, nobody's going to just barge in. So...

[ ] Fap
[ ] Don't fap


If fapping, be sure to include who you're thinking about when you do it. Anyone you've met so far is a valid choice, so pretty much anyone except Nitori.
>> No. 1715
[ ] Fap
[ ] Sayo.. No, wait, Sanae.
>> No. 1716
[ ] Fap
>> No. 1717
[ ] Fap
[ ] Sanae

The more delicious of the two waki mikos.
>> No. 1718
[ ] Don't fap
Save it for Sanae
>> No. 1719

[X] Fap. To the old man who pointed us to the shrine.
>> No. 1720
[ ] Fap
[ ] Sanae
>> No. 1721
[X] Fap
[X] Sanae

Can't neglect him too long, we'll die of blue balls.
>> No. 1722
[X] Fap
[X] That sexy, sexy dream goddess, Suwako

She got us so fucking hard it's unbelievable.

Seriously though, we ought to pound this out while we can. Don't want to be getting distracted when we go to visit the tengu. Especially since Sanae is acting the way she is. Especially because it's beginning to sound like we can expect Aya to be flirting with us.
>> No. 1723
[fap] X

[x] HINA
>> No. 1725

On the other hand, this might be one of the few times we can get a pseudo-H-scene not involving our target.

[X] Fap
[X] Hina. Hina and her sweet, sweet thighs.
>> No. 1726
Oh, er, everyone except Suwako. You don't actually remember her at all, just a dream about frogs that for some reason turned you on.

Curse you, Red Baron.
>> No. 1727
[ ] Fap
[ ] Minoriko

For the lulz
>> No. 1728
I normally wouldn't step in like this, but Anon is right, here. You'll be fapping WITH Sanae sooner than you think. But, hey...
>> No. 1729
What with Sanae being so cold to us, our imagination better turn to images of Sanae dominating us, and making us beg. Jacking us off with her foot and laughing when we ask to put it in. Keeping us pinned and torturing us by stalling while she masturbates us...

God damn it Tetro, I want my domineering Sanae.
>> No. 1730
[x] Fap
[x] The Tengu commander
>> No. 1732
[x] Fap
[x] Aya's Crow messenger
>> No. 1733
[ ] Fap
[ ] Sanae

>> No. 1735

The spear is what gave you the hard on. Therefore, you must

[x]the spear
>> No. 1736
Saw this one coming.

>>1732 >>1735
I'm laughing as I facepalm.

I think I may just go with this after all.
>> No. 1737
>You don't actually remember her at all, just a dream about frogs that for some reason turned you on.

[x] Fap
[x] Frogs. For some reason they just seem unbelievably erotic.
>> No. 1738

It's their long, , agile, flexible tongues.
>> No. 1739

That reminds me. What with Suwako being a froggy goddess and all, do you think she's really good with her tongue?
>> No. 1740

Of course. Not only is she skilled in the use of her tongue, but she's got some strong legs. I bet she can even squat the weight of the world.
>> No. 1741
[X] FAP.

Imagine how she will SPIN on us.
>> No. 1742
[x] Fap
[x] Hina

>>1729 sounds pretty cool too, however.
>> No. 1743
[x] Hina
[x] Hina
[x] Hina
[x] Hina
>> No. 1744
I have to go with this.
>> No. 1745
[x] Fap
[x] Hina
>> No. 1746
[X] FAP.
>> No. 1747
Not really into BDSM, but the thought of Sanae in a black leather corset and thigh-high PVC high heel boots...

oh god.

>> No. 1748
[X] Fap.
[X] Hina.

Seriously guys. Why think about someone who just threw you off a roof not long ago? Sanae route only, so we'll get stuff with her later.
>> No. 1749
>You'll be fapping WITH Sanae sooner than you think.
...coupled with >>1747 , I suddenly am not so unhappy about the forced Sanae route.
>> No. 1750
Okay, okay, wait. Here's the deal.

I thought voting had stopped a while ago, so I started writing >>1729's suggestion. Now voting's started up again, and Hina is the favorite. So, naturally, I'm going to write both, but:

1) Hina's is going to be according to the original plan, just a couple sentences foreshadowing her route's payoff scene.

2) No helicopter action. Sorry.

So, yeah. Do Hina's first, then finish up the (non-canon) Sanae encounter. Not everybody pleased, perhaps, but I know better than to try that. At the very least, we'll find out how I do with h-scenes.
>> No. 1751

Make sure you don't put a lot of "quivering" in there.
>> No. 1752

I'll be satisfied as long as I get my domineering Sanae. Even more so if I discover Hina's H-Scene involves her talking in that prim and proper way she does throughout.

Best possible scene for Hina involves her grabbing Cu's dick and making a remark along the lines of "my, it would seem that I have a rather... prodigious task to undertake, wouldn't you say?"
>> No. 1753

I am now suddenly harder than dragonforce.
>> No. 1755
No votes for the breasts? Hm, surprising. Guess people don't like the way she's been playing with us.
>> No. 1756

Sexy rope goddess may be a smoking hot babe, but dominatrix Sanae and Hina thighs are just too tempting to pass up.
>> No. 1757
F5 F5 F5
>> No. 1758
File 121161833550.png - (364.56KB , 597x729 , e2b2f0a9295de95be77778c1c72269e6.png ) [iqdb]
You pick up the soap again and work into a lather on your bare hand, gripping your cock at the base and moving up. You let out a shuddering breath at the unusual intensity of the sensation, starting up a slow rhythm, closing your eyes and thinking of...


You can't believe you didn't notice her features when you first met her. She is such a rare, refined beauty, not unlike the dolls she's named for. Or maybe, the dolls are named for her. She is a goddess, after all. And that skin, so pale and delicate, that smell of porcelain. It almost seems a blasphemy, but you can't help but imagine what her body looks like under that dress. Piece by piece, you mentally strip it away, quickening your hand's pace. You untie her ribbons, letting her hair fall free around her shoulders; you take away her blouse, admiring her small, perfectly even breasts; you pull down her skirt and expose her vagina, its pink color and light covering of green hair standing out sharply against those white, white thighs...

--it is dark, but not total blackness. Your hands are bound behind you, but so loosely you could pull free at any time. But you do not. Everything is sensations. The feel of her thigh pressed up against your face, its taste mingled with sweat as you run your tongue along it, and above all, the maddening, tempting smell of her sex--

Your hips jerk forward as you bring yourself to climax, your seed shooting forward onto the tiled floor, the vision vanishing as suddenly as it came in a haze of white. As the last of it is pumped out, you steady yourself with your free hand against the wall and try to collect your wits, panting. That... what was that? It seemed too vivid for a mere fantasy, but... You shake your head, pushing the question away. So, it was a vivid fantasy. It's not the first you've had about a woman close to you. Probably as likely to come true as all the others have been.

You take the shower head again and spray the evidence down the drain set in the floor nearby. Replacing it, you switch the pipe over to the faucet and fill the bucket with cold water. You then stand up and dump it over yourself, rinsing away most of the soap and shampoo, the shock of the temperature clearing your head instantly. One more bucketful to take care of the rest, and you pad over to the tub, testing the temperature. Perfect. You lower yourself in, sighing as the heat begins soothing your aching muscles. You hadn't realized it until now, but that show you put on with the spear really gave you a hell of a workout. Leaning back and closing your eyes, your thoughts turn back to Hina, platonically this time. More than beautiful, she has a rare personality. That ultra-polite speech of hers, it's not just an affectation, each sentence flows smoothly, a natural creation. You were kind of startled by her calling you "Master" at first, but now it's just become another one of the things that make her... her. A genuinely kind, understanding heart, and a staunch ally to those she loves. You smile as you remember her leaping to your defense at the shrine just now, and her freely given aid and quick thinking at the breakfast table this morning. Come what may, you are glad to have her as a friend.

Some time later, you are broken out of this reverie by a knock at the door. "Master Chulainn?" Well, speak of the devil. Your smile widens as you find you can easily imagine exactly how she is standing outside that door. "Lady Kanako wishes you to know that she is very nearly prepared."

"I'll finish up, then, thank you," you call out to her, standing up from the tub and stepping out, reaching for a towel. In short order, you dry yourself and dress in the clean clothes you brought with you, leaving the bath and heading down towards the front door.


Maybe not the best place to leave off the main story, but it'll have to do. Once I get this Sanae story pounded out (iykwim), I'm crashing.
>> No. 1759
Not quite buckets.. But I'm satisfied.
>> No. 1760
Tetro, are you sure we can't have a Hina route in the first playthrough? Because the Hina route would be awesome.
>> No. 1761

Nice. Now I'm eager to see what Hina's route will hold in full. Delicious thighs are so very sexy.
>> No. 1762
Sorry, I locked in this first one because I wasn't sure about myself. But she will be an option for the second, and I daresay this run may even be completed next weekend. Just, y'know, don't hold me to that. Soon, is what I'm saying here.
>> No. 1765
Nicely done. Feels like a weird thing to say about a minor h-scene, but it was kinda refined in its own way.
>> No. 1766

>>You hadn't realized it until now, but that show you put on with the spear really gave you a hell of a workout.

Heh... yes, that show with our "spear" wore us out considerably
>> No. 1767
God damn it, I said I wasn't going to stay up all night writing, and I fucking did it anyway. And now I'm too tired to write properly.

Another missed deadline. I'll worry about it when I wake up. Bleah.
>> No. 1768
For what it's worth, we appreciate your sacrifice.
>> No. 1769
[11:56am]« Pachu » with enough faith and awesomeness so that everyone believes and loves us
[11:56am]« Pachu » we gain god status
[11:56am]« Pachu » for our kanako route
[11:56am]« Tetrominon » Actually
[11:57am]« Tetrominon » That's about how it'll go
>> No. 1772
Good, glad you've got a decent timescale planned out in your head. It's all very well talking about repeat playthroughs/different routes, but some of the other CYOAs seem to be dragging on for so long they'll never get around to them. Not before the author gives up at any rate.

And our children shall be as Gods.
>> No. 1773
>Sorry, I locked in this first one because I wasn't sure about myself. But she will be an option for the second, and I daresay this run may even be completed next weekend. Just, y'know, don't hold me to that. Soon, is what I'm saying here.

Next weekend? Then it's either short, or you will write like a fucking fist of the north star, like Kira wrote the first week!
I want to see option 2, write like no tomorrow the whole week long.
>> No. 1774
File 12116320713.jpg - (197.58KB , 461x570 , BrianBlessed_FlashGordon_Vultan.jpg ) [iqdb]
So we're gonna go meet Tenma? Awesome.
>> No. 1775
>> No. 1776

It's like... It's like I am looking at Leonidas raised by Hard Gay... Oh god, why am I getting turned on by this?!
>> No. 1777


And now I can't stop picturing Sayo dressed like that.
>> No. 1778
Fuck, I remember that movie.
Old movie is ooooold.
>> No. 1779
>> No. 1780

>> No. 1781
Chu! AAAAAAAHHHA! Chulainn!

He's for everyone of us
Stand for everyone of us
He'll save with a mighty hand
Every Godess every Priestess
Every Tengu - with a mighty flash
>> No. 1782
Four game days, in some routes only three. Finishing next weekend might take a bit of NORTH STAR writing, but yeah. On a related note, it turns out I'm too broke to go anywhere, but I'm still taking the day off. Might finish that Sanae dom story, though.

>> No. 1783
Did someone say writing like the fucking fist of north star?

>On a related note, it turns out I'm too broke to go anywhere, but I'm still taking the day off. Might finish that Sanae dom story, though.

Have fun on your day off, and i am looking forward to the side story.
>> No. 1784
So, you know, thinking about it a little, is the Shizuha route the easiest one? She seems to be a complete fangirl for us, so if we started giving her special attention would she basically be putty in our hands?
>> No. 1785

DO WANT accidentally walking in to find her shlicking while calling out Chu's name.

Or better yet finding Shizuha and her sister discussing how to scissor while pretending each other is Chu
>> No. 1786
Cu Chulainn is to Shizuha as Sakuya is to Youmu.

By that I mean, fangirl Shizuha!
>> No. 1787
Raging boner get.
>> No. 1788

Nicely done, Tetro. A little vague and short, but with good quality nonetheless.

by the way, I vote for Momizi route all the way. I know people like shrine's inhabitant but Momi is my favs.
>> No. 1789
You know, if Autumn goddess route is both twins together, I think they would be moved from "meh" to Fine Too.
>> No. 1790
>Or better yet finding Shizuha and her sister discussing how to scissor while pretending each other is Chu

oh wow
>> No. 1791

You don't mean you're trying to get Momizi THIS play through right?
>> No. 1792

No Momizi
No Aya
No Hina
Sanaru only
>> No. 1793
File 121171708759.jpg - (68.15KB , 450x400 , de616b3ac2d98e5df31b12b5f7117843.jpg ) [iqdb]
I have some good news/bad news on that Sanae story. The bad news is, I'm stuck. Classic writer's block. I've gotten the first part written up a-ok, I have a general idea of how I want it to go from there, but actually getting it onto paper - well, GetDiz - has proven a harder task than usual. The good news is, I've come up with a way to work a fair chunk of it into the main story. I'm not even going to bother asking, since I know you faggots will just insist on having it both ways, all I'm saying is, don't expect the side-story version anytime at all resembling soon.

As for the main story, I'm a total dipshit shut-in who didn't realize tomorrow was Memorial Day until reading the flagfag mini-trollfest over in /forest/. So, now being 98% sure I don't work tonight, I'll start it up again sometime this afternoon, with an eye towards Polaris.

Thank you. I should point out, though, that it was actually *meant* to be vague and short, just a small peek at coming attractions rather than a full-on scene.

Well, you know how siblings can be. One of them gets a new toy, the other one just has to have it, too.
>> No. 1794
>>I've come up with a way to work a fair chunk of it into the main story.


>>I'm a total dipshit shut-in who didn't realize tomorrow was Memorial Day until reading the flagfag mini-trollfest over in /forest/. So, now being 98% sure I don't work tonight, I'll start it up again sometime this afternoon, with an eye towards Polaris.


>>Well, you know how siblings can be. One of them gets a new toy, the other one just has to have it, too.

>> No. 1795
File 121171808332.jpg - (43.36KB , 640x480 , excellent_award.jpg ) [iqdb]

>> No. 1796
File 121172017934.jpg - (33.04KB , 438x513 , burns.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 1797

I will go for Momizi in this playthrough, next playthrough and another and another next playthrough until I get her.
Yeah. Call me Momifag. >:3
>> No. 1798
I'm sticking to Sanae, although truth be told I always preferred Motoko, Shinobu and Kanako.

If Reimu is the Tsundere death star what is Sanae? So far she's proven so hot and cold I can't think, hopefully when Reimu who's up to no good and starts causing trouble in the neighborhood will get us into one little fight and Sanae will get scared and have sex with us.
>> No. 1799

Enjoy Futility.


>> No. 1800
I will go for the Shizuha/Minoriko Route. You can't get only one of them, it has to be both together, else one sister would feel lonely and would be sad, we have to make them both happy at the same time.
Momiji can wait until we are done with Sayo later on.
>> No. 1801
>>Momiji can join us with Sayo later on.

>> No. 1802

This isn't the first and probably won't be the last time I say this. WE ARE LOCKED ON THE SANAE ROUTE FOR THE FIRST PLAY THROUGH. Don't waste your vote chasing a goddamn dead end.
>> No. 1803
>>Momiji can wait until we are done with Sayo later on.


>>Momiji can join us with Sayo later on.

>> No. 1804

>> No. 1805
File 121173397963.jpg - (13.92KB , 400x378 , highfive.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 1806
Sayo needs his own FABULOUS route.
>> No. 1807

>> No. 1808
File 121174050838.jpg - (16.42KB , 320x240 , respekKnuckles.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 1809

So who's the nigger in this relationship?
>> No. 1810
>> No. 1811
File 121175140175.jpg - (115.08KB , 640x480 , nigger.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 1812

I knew it..
>> No. 1813
This is technically after noon. See, I got it right for once!

Writing will continue shortly. Maybe in a new thread, this one's getting pretty up there.
>> No. 1814
File 12117648904.gif - (86.19KB , 250x188 , knuckles.gif ) [iqdb]

>> No. 1815
File 121176509637.jpg - (41.00KB , 1049x755 , hooray.jpg ) [iqdb]