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>Ask more about Aya

It's time you asked. You can't find yourself walking around the issue any longer. It might be a touchy subject but it's one that needs to be, well, touched upon.

"So...what about...Aya then?" Momizi looks at you a bit worried suddenly, like she was afraid you were going to ask that. "She's your so called 'assigned' upperclassman, right?" Once again, Momizi diverts her eyes away from you.


"So, what exactly does that mean?"

"Well...in emergencies, we are essentially each other responsibilities. If I am unable to stave off an intruder, she is the first person I report to, and likewise, if something bad has happened, it it her duty to ensure my well being, as is mine."

"And does she do that?" Momizi looks back at you again for a brief moment before looking off to the side yet again. Her inability to look you in the eye while she says all this stiffens the trust.

"Y-Yes, for the most part anyways."

"For the most part?" If you were asked, you're afraid you couldn't lie; you don't exactly trust Aya.

"She is mostly concerned about herself but...despite that, she has a way of caring. She's not all bad. I think..."

"You don't seem too sure of yourself." Momizi sighs and looks down at the floor looking concerned.

"When I was first assigned to Master Aya, she seemed like a hard working tengu, and she said she would take care of me. I was confident about the decision, but...I don't know..."

"Well, yeah, Aya does kinda put up a front like that before showing you her true colors..."

"But..." Momizi starts saying suddenly, turning your thoughts around. "It's not just Master Aya..."

"...so..." You lean forward a bit, trying to grasp the situation. You have a vague idea on what it might be, judging from yesterday. "Then...how do you feel about the rest of the tengu?" Momizi closes her eyes, as if you just struck her heart a massive blow. That seemed to be it after all. She uncomfortably holds one of her arms with her other hand, looking off to the side again.

"I...they're...I'm apart of them...yet I am ashamed to say that the only tengu I feel I really get along well with is the white wolf tengu..."

"Hmm, I see, so I guess Keine was right..."

"No." Once again, Momizi turns your thoughts around. Looking at her, you can see she's giving you an unsure stare, and yet, this same stare shares with it an air of determination to tell you. "The tengu aren't as bad as everyone makes them out to be. It is just simply their reputation. Truth in point, most tengu are actually hard working and socially adept, if mischievous and proud of their nature. The amount of teamwork achieved by the tengu is matched by none." Momizi then closes her eyes again, bowing her head like a dishonored samurai. "It is for that reason that I feel ashamed I can't get along well with their ranks..."

You have to think a bit hard on this one. You're starting to get an idea on all this. But why is she unable to get along with them? Is it just a mere difference in personality? Or is it something much more deeper then that? She hasn't told you yet, so you wonder if she really wants to tell you at all. It might be best not to pry that far. For now, you should say something. Something...guh, anything!

Action? >_
>> No. 14828

I think my only issue with this one is that Reimu's probably the second easiest to talk to, first being Alice, on certain conversations for Satoya. Marisa may often tease or make quips that would unsettle some one but in the end she;s generally good natured.

They're likely no where near as harsh as the Tengu; exception being during in combat. In this case this is just daily communication and peace times that seem to be difficult for Momiji when she has to interact with the Crow Tengu;

It'd help if Momiji would say exactly how she feels about it all. The possibility that for the most part she most likely can't express her grievances to Aya due to the ranking system, it's got to be taking its toll on Momiji.

Perhaps Momiji's been ignoring this issue for so long she became accustomed to it until now; experiencing "equality" is very far away as well as distant from the harsh reprimands and orders from "superiors". Especially considering how it seems the wolf Tengu are regarded nothing more than seemingly expendable grunts.

Perhaps I'm looking into this too hard, but I don't believe Satoya would really regard Reimu or even Marisa any where near as difficult to deal with in a daily basis as it may seem to be the case for Momiji and the Crow Tengu in general.
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[x] "It might be the differences in nature of type of Tengu. You should when you can ask your fellow wolves how they handle dealing with Crow Tengu."

Adjusted it for the time being, and we don't know much about how the white wolf generally rank in the whole thing and their goals.
>> No. 14836
[x] "It might be the differences in nature of type of Tengu. You should when you can ask your fellow wolves how they handle dealing with Crow Tengu."
>> No. 14837
[x] "It might be the differences in nature of type of Tengu. You should when you can ask your fellow wolves how they handle dealing with Crow Tengu."

Works for me.
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File 12696496766.jpg- (356.28KB , 708x964 , ijustwantedtopostthis.jpg ) [iqdb]
>"It might be the differences in nature of type of Tengu. You should when you can ask your fellow wolves how they handle dealing with Crow Tengu."

"Well...it might just be the differences in nature between the different types or 'ranks' of tengu I guess. You should ask the other wolves along side you on how they deal with the other tengu themselves." After finishing saying this, Momizi looks at you worried.

"I have though...I feel like I'm really the only one amongst the tengu who...can't really stand the tengu themselves." Momizi is staring off to the side, this seems to really worry her for some reason. It must've been tough. You feel like you're the only one she's really been able to confide in with about this. You don't really have much choice but to ask now.

"So...why can't you stand them?"

"I...I'm not sure really. Just something about them doesn't sit right with me." You give a deep sigh as you sit back in the recliner, trying to wrap your head around all this. It sounds like you're back at square one. Part of you gets this feeling that Momizi isn't telling you the whole truth either. Maybe it'd be best to leave this discussion alone.

"Well, we're not really getting anywhere. I'll just leave it at that I think..."

"I'm sorry..." Momizi's expression appears ot be one of guilt. Even if she wasn't being entirely honest, she still seems to trust you. A bit. "I just don't feel particularly okay with talking about it, and most of it I'm obligated not to really say either on the basis that it's technically classified. I'd rather not get expelled..."

"Hey, it's alright. I understand. There's a lot of things people aren't comfortable with talking about, especially in front of strangers, I'll admit." Momizi looks back at you after you finish saying that.

"I suppose you're right, but...I see a lot of potential in you Master Satoshi. Be it far from me, a budding white wolf tengu, to tell you this, but...I think that you're very, very different from any other human. It took me a day spent with you to see this."

Well, at first glance, you could say she's right. You live out in middle of a dangerous forest with little to no protection after all, and you're close friends with two magicians who often have something akin to tea parties with you, who is more or less a young adult male. That's pretty unique compared to anyone in the human village. Looking at people like Marisa and Reimu though? There's nothing that really sets you apart from the rest, apart from being weird.

It's due to think that you're really unsure of how to take this. You just consider it a kind gesture for now.

"Uhh...thanks I guess? Let's just try to get off the subject for now."

"What do you suggest then, Master Satoshi?"

You look to your right and out the living room window to see that the rain has let up a bit, though it's still drizzling somewhat. It's going to stop today though. It's still kind of bright out too. Not that staying in isn't a possibility either. It's just finding something to pass the time with indoors...

>Go somewhere
>Walk outside a bit
>Something inside can be done
>Just relax

Action? >_
>> No. 14839
[X] Just relax for now.
-[X] When the rain stops, just take a walk with her. Maybe it will clear both of your heads some.

Here's my shot at it.

>I think that you're very, very different from any other human. It took me a day spent with you to see this."

Hopefully she means it in a good way.
>> No. 14841
I think it is good since most humans fear youkai despite their personality while we actually on good terms with a few of them.

Damn that failed...

[X] Just relax for now.
-[X] When the rain stops, just take a walk with her. Maybe it will clear both of your heads some.
>> No. 14842
[x] Bed top sports for indoor types.

[x] Just relax for now.
-[x] When the rain stops, just take a walk with her. Maybe it will clear both of your heads some.
>> No. 14843
File 126969127163.jpg- (355.68KB , 557x900 , 1269665546317.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Just relax for now.
>When the rain stops, just take a walk with her. Maybe it will clear both of your heads some.

You lean back in the recliner, taking in the soft, comfy feel of it. "Well, there's nothing wrong with sitting back and relaxing for a while yet, I believe."

"W-What? Please, Master Satoshi, I'm sure I've told you my stance on idling about..." You open one eye at Momizi, who seems to be rather discomforted by your notion.

"If you really need to do something, you can go do a few chores I guess, but it's not really necessary." Momizi looks at you for a while and sighs, before getting up and going about her business. That wolf gets bored too easily. You wonder how she puts up with life at the mountain, if all she ever does is play guard dog.

Chilling out in the recliner has it's good points. You feel remarkably refreshed after nearly falling asleep in it. About an hour passes by without you noticing. Sprawled out sitting in it with your feet on the table between the chair and the lo-couch. It also has it's bad points. You weren't able to focus much on your thoughts and just ended up blankly day dreaming the hour away. Nothing really came to mind. It's somewhat unnerving. It leaves you with the sensation that something's wrong. Your mind is just in a rotten state. Looking over, you see Momizi staring out the living room window. She doesn't seem forelorn, like she wants to go outside. Hell, she could if she wanted to. The expression on her face is rather...blank itself too. Everything around you, including yourself, just feels pretty lifeless until you get Momizi's attention.

"Hey Momi..." The little wolf is slightly surprised by your sudden awakening and bows lightly in your direction.

"Oh, good afternoon, Master Satoshi. Did you have a good sleep?"

"Uhh. I...guess? I'm not sure, it didn't really feel like I was asleep." You stand up and give a good stretch. That feels a lot better.

"Are you feeling alright?"

"Ahaha, yes, I'm fine." You give a smile off to Momizi to ensure she doesn't get worried, though it seemed she was asking just in case more then anything. "It's no big deal. It happens." You look out the window. The sun is shining. Everything outside is damp, but the bright light provides an interesting sight to behold when it reflects off the many droplets scattered about the forest. "Hey, did you want to talk a walk around outside?"

Momizi smiles at you with a cheerful gaze. Something you don't think you could tire of.

"I would love to."

The two of your step outside. It's still a bit chilly, but nothing major. The sunlight is strong and shines magnificently off all the fallen rain the forest has accumulated. Going out after it's rained is usually dangerous in the forest but you think you'll manage. Most of the youkai is nocturnal so the biggest threat is the plant demons, which, hopefully, you can better avoid this time.

"So, where are we walking?" Momizi poses the question to you. You start walking a bit ahead of her and look behind you to her.

"We're not going far. A walk around the forest will clear our heads some. It'll be nice." Momizi smiles in agreement and follows happily beside you.

The forest has a lot of beauty hidden within it in the sun just after a rain shower. The refreshing scent of spring time rain, the luscious green foliage shining in the sun, the dew reflecting the light every which way to create a miniature, natural light show for you to behold. Walks like these are one of the primary reasons why you moved into the forest, and with Momizi by your side, you feel safe, confident and kind of lucky to boot. Momizi is really a good person to be beside at times.

Although, there's still one problem; your destination. Or your path, for that matter. You need to plan it out carefully, going around any danger spots within the forest, lest you repeat a horrible mistake you made last season. At the moment, you're improvising it as you walk, but thinking ahead might not be too bad of an idea.

>Swing by Alice's
>Go around Marisa's
>Head to Kourindou
>Anywhere the forest leads you

Action? >_
>> No. 14844
[X] Swing by Alice's

This seems to be the best option. Alice has always been the insightful voice of reason for Satoshi. Canonically, I don't think that Alice and Momiji have ever met, so it'd make for more conversational topics to discuss...though we will have to clear any confusion if she starts to think we're two-timing on Orin her

Marisa isn't exactly the most subtle person in the world, and I doubt she'll hesitate on messing with Momizi and pushing the wrong buttons. Plus I don't think we're still on any good terms with her after the last incident. And...Rinnosuke can generally be a prick at least in the world of Sukima. And...the last time we went wherever the forest took us We were attacked by a surprisingly dangerous youkai, Orin ended up saving our asses, but she got pretty sick due to said youkai's ability to the point where she could have died.
>> No. 14845
[X]Swing by Alice's

Can't possibly go wrong.
>> No. 14847
[X] Swing by Alice's

>Sprawled out sitting in it with your feet on the table between the chair and the lo-couch.
I'm suprised Satoshi never figured out how to use the recliner. Has he even tried the handle? This isn't rocket surgery.
>> No. 14848

It was noted sometime during this (last?) story that Satoshi never could work the handle properly, either it's broken or he couldn't figure it out.
>> No. 14863
File 126972792022.png- (651.69KB , 643x733 , momjismirk.png ) [iqdb]
[X] Swing by Alice's

I think he's more a Brain Scientist than a Rocket Surgeon.
>> No. 14864
>Swing by Alice's

Alice's sounds like a clear cut decision. Marisa would likely make this situation worse, and heaven forbid you go anywhere near that other shop. You're not sure if Alice has even met Momizi either. So maybe this would pave the way for lots of good discussion topics. You can also enjoy the scenery on the way to and back. What a nice decision.

"It's very nice out here." Momizi tries to spark a bit of a conversation.

"Yeah, it is. Spring has only just begun though, so it'll be even nicer. Too bad there aren't many cherry blossom trees here though."

"I believe Youkai Mountain has some close to it's peak. And of course, the area around the Hakurei Shrine I hear is very popular for flower viewing."

"Really now? I should go see sometime." Any excuse to talk more to Reimu might be good, especially when you consider that the closer to her you get, the less you might be hampered about donations. Or more. It all really depends on her mood.

Something odd strikes you though. The conversation is cut rather short by an awkward, somewhat painful feeling in your gut. You really don't like this. Momizi even ends up bringing about your attention over it.

"Master Satoshi? Are you feeling okay?" You just look up at the sky, trying to distract yourself from it.

"Ah, yeah, I just have this weird feeling about something bad..."

"You too, huh?" You stop suddenly and look over at Momizi quite surprised. You weren't expecting this. Is it a bad sign? Momizi stops as well and looks over at you.

"Wait, you mean something bad really is going to happen?"

"Your assumption could be blind intuition, but my own senses never lie to me...something is approaching."

You take a gulp, realizing that your throat is beginning to dry up in anticipation. This is rather bad. Something horrifying is about to happen.

"W-...What is...?"

"It...I..." Momizi sighs, closing her eyes, before looking onward into the forest with determination. "If I tell you, you must make a heart-felt promise that you will not let anyone else know of your knowledge of this." You take a moment to think about this. You have this dead feeling you're going to know one way or another, either through Momizi, or through force. It's time to take the plunge.

"I promise. You have my word not a soul will know." Momizi looks over at you, and sees your determination and will. She gives off a slight smile before looking back into the forest cautiously.

"What happened to Youkai Mountain was a sudden outburst of strong, strangely aggressive youkai. They all erupted from under the mountain for some reason, and not only were they powerful, but they were unusually hostile, attacking anything in sight. Even the tengu stood no match against the horde of demons..." As Momizi finishes saying this, you feel light tremor under your feet, as rustling is heard in the distance, as if a tree was just walked right over.

"So...basically an army of demons had risen from under the mountain and chased the tengu off it?" Another tremor, another rustling, you could swear it was a tree being ripped out from it's roots.

"No...more like we were outright kicked off it, if we had stayed, we would have lost all our comrades...the casualties would be uncountable." The tremors get deeper. The rustling louder. You can hear awfully loud ramming, though the lack of footsteps unnerves you.

"Were...were they that powerful?"

"Yes...and now I fear the swarm has leaked off the mountain with nothing better to do, some of the youkai have found their way here..." The tremor is harsh now, you can see one of the trees in the distance being knocked down with little effort. You're strongly contemplating running, but Momizi seems too willed that she can take on this menace. This is absurd.

"What...what are you going to do...?"

"I may lack my weapon and shield, however..." One of the trees closer by suddenly breaks in half like a fragile twig. This beast means business. "I will protect you as instructed! Stand back, Master Satoshi!"

"You're crazy, you know that?! You couldn't possibly stand up t-" You're interrupted as the tree that was previously broken now has it's upper half landing in front of you and Momizi. Looking at who's emerging from the wreckage, appears to be some sort of other wolf-like beast. Nothing like Momizi, however, as there are far less traces of any humanity left within it. No, rather, it looks more like an incredibly muscle-bound demonic wolf that has gone bi-pedal. A werewolf? No, this is much more demonic then that. Stepping back a bit, you realize quickly the power that overthrew the tengu.

"I shall relieve you of your pain! Be gone!" Momizi makes a few hand gestures, uttering a quick spell that causes her hands to glow in a soft light shortly before she quickly hops up and towards the massive beast.

You take this time to retreat to shelter. As much as you would like to help, you've learned your lesson from last time. Being in the way only causes more pain for the one fighting for you. On your way, you watch the beast magnificently block Momizi's attack with it's two burly arms and even manage to send Momizi back up into the air from the recoil. Momizi flips back into position however and prepares her next assault.

It doesn't go quite as planned.

Momizi puts her full force into the spell emanating from her hands and forces them both down on the wolf with incredible power, and yet, despite this, it wasn't enough to even phase it. Upon Momizi meeting with it, it easily grabs both her hands with it's massive paw, recieving the attack as if it were nothing and the beast slams Momizi into the ground, hard enough to make her bounce off it and causing her to land on her back, short of breath.

"M-Momizi!!" Momizi is about to get up when one of the feet of the massive brute pins her down. It looks as if it's weight is quite admirable too. The next thing you hear is it's voice, which sounds deep and abysmal, definitely out of this world.

"Hrr, I remember you. Where's your birdie to save you now...?" The beast reaches down and grabs Momizi by the torso, easily wrapping his massive hand around her like some overblown doll. The next part scares you half to death.

The monstrosity starts grinding Momizi's front side into the ground, walking along as she's drug across it being forced into it painfully before picking her up at it's destination and slamming her against a helpless tree. You can hear the winceful sounds of bones cracking as he proceeds to crush Momizi into the tree, her loud yelping and screaming in pain doing nothing to stop the wolf from doing as it pleases.

"Heh...your battered body will be pleasurable to toy with once it's become limp and soft."

The following mental images fill you with even deeper fear. The thought of this...this thing violating Momizi like that...no, you can't take it. Even if it hurts you, that thought alone is much more painful to bear!

"God dammit...MOMIZI!!!" Picking up a large rock and charging at the mutt, you throw it with great force at it, though it turns out to be a futile effort as not only does it easily catch it with it's free hand, but crushes it all the same. It looks at you quite displeased, but this is a part of your plan.

"I almost forgot you were there...I thought you ran. How unfortunate..." The hulking mammoth drops Momizi's tired, twitching body to the ground and starts approaching you, cracking it's knuckles. Not a very good sign. You've distracted it from Momizi but...you have serious doubts you could run from this thing, even less surviving a fight with it. You've just about exhausted all options when a forceful blast suddenly rams it from behind, dropping it on it's face rather quickly. Behind the creature stands Momizi, panting a tiring rhythm. She looks at you, and the next thing she says, sounds familiar, vaguely, and tells a similar story, one you kept repeating to yourself that you would never relive again.


Quickly stepping back and evading any further damage, the demon gets up and roars out in anger as it turns around. Momizi quickly gears up for another attack, and bravely parries two claw swipes by the infuriated beast. After the second dodge, she delivers a hard punch straight into the chest of it, and follows up with a painful uppercut that nearly knocks it on it's back. It was unsuccessful in it's attempt to incapaticate the hulk of meat though, as it quickly regains it's bearings and before Momizi can send another attack it's way, it's slammed a hard fist down on her from above, easily crushing her into the ground. Her body can't take it anymore. But it only continues to get worse...

Not satisfied with just crushing her now, the demon grabs Momizi once more and begins slamming her so hard into the ground, that it begins making a crater not too long after, emanating tremors across the field. When the creature runs out of space to indent with Momizi's likeness, it proceeds to smash her face in on a large nearby rock. Of course, Momizi is far too soft to imprint herself onto it, this ends up causing a much more fair amount of damage to her. In a fit of rage, the beast just won't calm down and swings her about wildly like some toy that just backstabbed him. Ramming into trees, rocks, the ground, every opportunity it gets to ram Momizi into something hard and solid, it takes it, with sheer, brute force.

By the time the wolf has settled his anger somewhat, he's come down to just repeatedly ramming Momizi's now frail, broken, battered and twisted body into the same tree, over and over and over again...her face is still telligable, but covered in mass amounts of blood, her eyes now lacking soul, showing empty life. But you can tell she's still conscious; her movements are little, but they are there...a fact which seems to only make this situation worse somehow. What doesn't help is the demons awfully gruesome depiction of what he intends on doing to her soon after.

"Impudent little wench! For someone with so much honor, that was a careless move! All you tengu are the same, and I will rip your bloody corpse up in the most gratuitous way possible before I am done with you! I will make sure I reap every little drop of pleasure and blood from your rotting body while violating every little crevass you have!"

Your fear has reached it's peak at this point. All the horrifying imagery has gotten to you. How could something go so terribly wrong? This was supposed to be a peaceful day! A time of relaxation! And yet...you...you need to do something. Anything really, just...something before your mind explodes.

>Charge in bravely for one last attack
>You can't look anymore, turn tail and run
>Start screaming in terror, let it all out
>Just close your eyes and tell yourself it'll be alright

Action? >_
>> No. 14866
[x]Charge in bravely for one last attack.
-[x]Call out for Alice/Marisa/holyshitsomeone

If our plot armor doesn't help us, then one of those two will. If neither of those things happens, we can safely assume we were doomed from the start and die without regrets.

Also, I'll note that this beast-thing appears to be quite self-aware, which bodes very very badly for... well, everything. I'd hope for beasts twice as powerful so long as they didn't have this one's intelligence.
>> No. 14867
[x]Charge in bravely for one last attack.
-[x]Call out for Alice/Marisa/holyshitsomeone

Poor Momizi ;_;

This thing needs a serious ass kicking.
>> No. 14868

Vote change...

[x]Charge in bravely for one last attack.
-[x]Call out for Alice/Marisa/holyshitsomeone

The manly option may get us killed...but at least we have an ace somewhere in our sleeves...Hopefully. This thing deserves an asskicking like nothing else. No...it needs the most painful execution possible.
>> No. 14872
[x]Charge in bravely for one last attack.
-[x]Call out for Alice/Marisa/holyshitsomeone
-[x]Mentally pray to whatever god is listening for help, either be it Shinki, Kanako, Suwako, or even the beer god.
>> No. 14876
Seems a bit out of blue creating a group of monsters able to give the Tengu a hard time. Tengus are among the strongest races in Gensokyo, second only to the Oni. I'm sure someone's getting Reimu and Yukari on it.
>> No. 14879
[x]Charge in bravely for one last attack.
-[x]Call out for Alice/Marisa/holyshitsomeone


Wonder who would come around this way. Pretty sure all the smashing hasn't gone unnoticed, let alone the presence of these weird creatures who could manhandle the tengu so easily.

Don't tempt him like that. Next thing you know, by some freak incident Orin will show up, and awkward moments will ensue.


It probably just happened within a couple days' span at the earliest. If those things can overwhelm the tengu just as easily as that jerk did to Momizi, then there's no question Reimu or Yukari have been notified. It hasn't been specified just how many of these things there are. They could be elsewhere dealing with them...or Sukima could have one of them show up in a Big Damn Heroes moment. While their sudden appearance would raise questions, I doubt that it's been kept a secret solely amongst the tengu anyway, despite the fact of how prideful they are.
>> No. 14880
[X]Charge in bravely for one last attack.
-[X]Call out for Alice/Marisa/holyshitsomeone

I'm getting the feeling that these things may be why you-know-who hasn't contacted us yet. They came from the underground, remember?

> They all erupted from under the mountain for some reason.

Either 1.) The underground youkai managed to push the demons back, where they decided to go abovegound, 2.) The demons have already taken over the underground and continued on aboveground, or, worst case scenario, 3.) the mass of demons that attacked the tengu is only a splinter horde, while the main force is still underground, probably still attacking the underground youkai, if they are still alive at this point.

I could be completely wrong about all this, so don't freak out.
>> No. 14883
File 126977636914.jpg- (258.12KB , 800x1200 , adb6f7e14811ddf069fbe9123a56b123.jpg ) [iqdb]
I almost don't wanna update because this discussion is pretty lively, but I think the vote has been called anyways so I don't think it matters.

>Charge in bravely for one last attack.
>Call out for Alice/Marisa/holyshitsomeone

You take a swallow of your parched throat, creating some pain for you to brace yourself upon. You get up and prepare for one final charge. You're going to save Momizi, even if it takes your life.

"Momizi...let go of her!!!" You quickly pick up a medium sized branch from one of the fallen trees, hopefully sharp enough to pierce the hide of the ugly demon. Sure enough when he turns to face you, the branch sticks into his chest and stabs through him, partially. The demon winces a bit in pain, it seems all the effort to pound Momizi into paste had left him somewhat tender. Just that alone doesn't phase him enough though, as he swings his mighty hand at you and literally swats you away like some pesky fly. The result is you being flung back and rolling along on the ground for a bit. It's pretty painful, and causes you to take a while to get back on your feet.

When you do though, you've come face to face with the ugly wolf. He looks mighty pissed. You have nearly no time to react to him throwing Momizi into you hard enough to send both of you rocketing into the tree just behind you. Your spine nearly cracks, you almost vomit blood. The impact was intense, so you're left helpless for the time being. Your legs have stopped responding and can only shake due to the frayed nerves. Your arms are in a similar predicament, but as you watch the beast start hulking over to you, ready to tear you and Momizi inside out...all you can think of is to protect Momizi. Despite your arms being highly difficult to move, you somehow manage to get them around Momizi who's still laying lifeless in your lap. Holding onto her tightly is all you can do. Her limp, mushy body couldn't take anymore punishment. All you can do now is pray. As the shadow overcomes you and Momizi, the only word you can breathlessly mutter...


Then, the beast grunts painfully. And again. Then again and again and again and again. Opening your eyes to view the monster, you can barely see...several small lances sticking out of the thing's back. It couldn't be...

"You should pick fights with someone your own size."

The creature turns around as several of the dolls that once held the lances return to their master, the blonde haired seven colored puppeteer; Alice.

"WENCH! I'LL KILL YOU!!!" The wolf is beyond pissed now. But this works in Alice's favor. She was always the one to take advantage of moments where her opponent loses their cool.

Before the demon has much of a chance to take more steps towards Alice, her dolls have already gotten a new supply of weapons, notably, long swords. With blinding speed, they fly over to the beast and start spinning around him, cutting him up like some crude blender. The monster attempts swatting at the dolls but it does little good as they recoup mere moments after. The strings wrap around the beast causing further complications. Sooner or later though, he had to realize it. The wolf grabs the strings and proceeds to pull Alice in like a massive fishing line. Alice unexpected flies towards the beast, but as he readies to shove a massive claw ridden hand through her, she one ups him. In the blink of an eye, Alice has pulled out a doll with a much longer lance, using the moment to pierce it right through the demon's chest, causing it to come out of it's back in a gruesome manner. The battle is practically over now.

"May you rest in peace." Alice calls all her dolls back and takes a big leap backward, tossing a single solitary doll at the demon. Then, just like that, a magnificent explosion takes place, rivaling that of any dynamite. All that's left of the demon is his crispy corpse, a gigantic hole through it's torso. Life has completely exited it's body. The threat is gone.

"Alice...ughh..." You feel very relieved that it's over, but in turn, your body calming down is what ends up causing your black out. The moment you close your eyes, you find yourself unable to open them back up, and you become completely unaware of your surroundings. You've become unconscious.

All you know is that you held on to Momizi for a nice while. Even in the cold, dark depths of unconsciousness, you still somehow found yourself attached to her. You didn't want to see what happened again. You've beared it once already before, and bearing it a second time only proved worse.

A while passes. You don't know how long. Two hours? Three hours? Four? Your body horribly aches when you wake up, making you groan before you can even open your eyes. The air is warm and comfortable, however. A familiar voice speaks to you.

"Oh, you're awake. Don't try to move, you're still recovering." You can just barely open your eyes to see your savior in front of you.

"Ugh...Alice...thank you..."

"Don't thank me. I'm just keeping a promise."

You focus your eyes a bit. You find yourself sitting in the recliner. Alice is sitting on the table, Momizi is laying in the couch. She looks slightly better then before, but still battered and beaten up. Alice had apparently been treating her over this time. The fireplace is burning a steady fire. The sun is setting outside, just barely. It's also mighty cloudy again. Of course, the first thing that's on your mind...

"Alice, how's Momizi...?" You try to move, but it does you little good. You grunt in pain as your spine outright rejects your command. Your arms, legs and torso for the most part are just aching but your back is in serious disrepair.

"I told you not to move. Anyways, if you're talking about the girl, she should be fine. There's no apparent cuts or gashes anywhere important, she's just a bit disfigured. Since she seems to be a youkai I'm sure she'll heal quickly."

"So she's alive...thank god..." You breathe a sigh of relief. Alice just gives you a lecture, however.

"You know, if I had to put my finger on it, this situation sounds awfully familiar. You enjoy getting yourself into trouble, don't you?" You open one eye to Alice.

"I can't help it. I think I just have bad luck. What's going on though...?" Alice goes ahead and tells you everything. unlike the tengu, she has nothing to hide from you.

"Reimu came to see me earlier today, about an apparent outbreak of incredibly strong youkai roaming Gensokyo. She said her shrine was in danger so she came to get Marisa to help. Suika and Tenshi are protecting the shrine as we speak. Reimu and Marisa are investigating now."

"So...Marisa is gone then..." Wow, you're very thankful you decided against seeing her. If you ran into a youkai on the way over to her place, it would've ended in disaster. No one would've helped you.

"Yes. About an hour before I came across you two, I noticed the youkai were beginning to infest the forest itself. I've been exterminating a few." Alice sighs deeply, her fatigue is beginning to sound apparent. "It hasn't been easy...they're stronger then anything I've faced."

"Momizi...Momizi said that apparently they all erupted from under the mountain...they kicked the tengu and probably anyone else off it..." You felt like giving your two cents. It sounded like Reimu didn't know much about the situation herself.

"I see, that explains why the tengu haven't said anything. Of course they'd want to keep quiet about being defeated in battle miserably. To chase one off the strongest youkai groups off the mountain...not to mention...no, they probably wouldn't have been chased off." You look at Alice a bit curiously.

"They?" Alice just shakes her head though. She's not intending on telling you who she's talking about.

"It's nothing. These youkai are no joke, however. Reimu and Marisa have their work cut out for them. Maybe I should've went along..."

"If you did, I'd be a pancake right now." Alice smirks a bit, holding back a bit of a laugh.

"I guess you're right. I hope they'll be okay though. Apparently Yukari knows exactly why and how all this happened, but she's keeping tight lipped about it so it makes things harder for the rest of us." Ugh, that lusty wench. You have to wonder why she would stay quiet about all this. You suddenly remember something though.

"Oh...they came from underground though, right? Do you think that..." Alice looks over at you, putting your fears to rest.

"This incident only happened recently, she's been gone for a while now. I doubt this could be the reason why she has actually left. Although I wouldn't put it past her to still be related to all this in one way or another..." You just sigh deeply, so many things are unknown. But you feel better, because it's due to the fact that you've found out a lot more. While it created more questions, you still feel less in the dark then you did before.

"Well, I guess now the forest is as dangerous as ever..." Alice stands up, looking out the window.

"Don't worry, if nothing else, I will try to keep it safe for the time being. I still have a promise to keep, after all." She keeps talking about that promise. A promise you have no idea who it's to and what it is. She won't tell you, not until you're about to die or something. Since you promised someone you would remain alive as long as possible, that's a nice while away. Oh well.

"Are you leaving?"

"I think so. I still have more youkai to exterminate. It's going to be worse when night falls."

It's painful to think of Alice going out there, fighting alone. Particularly against demons as strong as that. You still care about her, after all.

>Bid farewell to Alice and tell her to be careful
>Tell Alice to take something, it's dangerous to go alone
>Tell Alice you're going with her
>Keep Alice here for the time being

Action? >_
>> No. 14887
[x] Tell Alice to take something, it's dangerous to go alone

This choice's wording easily makes it the best one. But does Alice's cryptic mumblings mean that the Moriya group won't be showing up any time soon?
>> No. 14888
[x] Tell Alice to take something, it's dangerous to go alone
>> No. 14889
[x] Tell Alice to take something, it's dangerous to go alone
-[x] Wish her the best of luck.

Not sure how well we did in that case.
>> No. 14892
[X] Tell Alice to take something, it's dangerous to go alone
Hopefully, something better than a wooden sword.
>> No. 14893
>Tell Alice to take something, it's dangerous to go alone

"Hold it." You grunt in pain again, trying to get up, your spine feels more brittle then most of the bones in the village elders. Combined. Alice of course, tries to keep you in your seat.

"Satoshi, stop that. You're hurting yourself. How would she feel?" You grumble a bit back in the recliner. You hate it when Alice mentions her. Sometimes because she's right.

"Fine, fine...I just don't think going alone is very prudent. I mean, you could get killed out there." Alice sighs, standing back up and crossing her arms.

"I'll be fine. Unlike a certain monochrome magician, I know when to stop."

"Still though, you should take something to help you, it's not going to be easy..." Alice looks down at you, parting her arms to put one of her hands on her hip, seems she's curious.

"What are you going to give me?"

>A charm
>A weapon
>A hug
>Some rations from the kitchen
>Changed your mind

Action? >_

Quick update because anything I myself could put in between then and now would just be meaningless filler
>> No. 14894
[X] A weapon

Sure Alice has her dolls but these things are tough so a little extra to hurt them with might not be a bad idea.
>> No. 14895
[x]A charm

Offensively Alice could handle herself, she does have the girmoire after all. But a bit of a lucky charm helps. And it'd be funny if Satoshi had a weapon on him and didn't think to take it with.
>> No. 14897
[X]A charm
>> No. 14898
[x]A charm
>> No. 14899
[X] A charm
[X] A hug

Couldn't hurt to try.
>> No. 14920
[x] A charm.

Honestly, I think a charm would be more useful to the magically-proficient Alice.
>> No. 14921
To be honest, I don't think any of those options, sans [ ] A hug, will actually do anything. What kind of charm would we have? Or what weapon?

Seriously, if we're going to give something, we should give a hug, for thanks.

[ ] A Hug
>> No. 14922
>A charm

"A charm." You say simply. Nothing too extravagant.

"A charm." Alice says back, in return simple statement.

"Yeah, I figure you're okay with yourself offensively, but a little more good luck on your side never hurt." You reach into your pocket for something you pretty much keep on you at all times. Pulling out a small, rusty key and handing it to Alice. "You should know what that is. You should keep it with you from now on." Alice looks at you plainly after receiving the key.

"It came off that beast I saved you from when we first met, didn't it? You still don't know to what it goes to, I presume."

"Nope. But that was a very special - and lucky - time for me. After that day, I found that laying there where you slain it, and decided to keep it with me as a reminder not to be so careless around the forest anymore." Alice gives you a bit of a smirk.

"Really now? Considering your track record for the past few months, doesn't that make this a bad luck charm then?" You give off a bit of a laugh, it's nice when Alice is like this. Even if sarcasm is a bit of an out there way for it, it means she's showing some affection for you.

"Take it as you will then. But I'm sure if you keep it with you, that means that strength you showed back then will protect you now." Alice looks at the key for a few moments, then in a bit of a surprising gesture, grasps it to herself tightly, closing her eyes.

"I'll treasure it for as long as I live, then." She looks back at you before turning and heading out the door. "Do you best then, Satoshi."

Just like that, Alice has left the building. It's surprising how close as friends the two of you have gotten over the past two years. In fact, you'd wager that if not for her, you might have even fallen for Alice. But you're happy enough just being good friends with her. One day you'll find a way to repay her. This alone surely couldn't be enough.

Time passes, the sun has set. Darkness falls. You're worried about Alice. But you try to keep yourself steady. You need a distraction. Your back feels much better now and you no longer feel like your spinal cord has been ground into fine powder, so you're been walking around a bit to readjust your body to moving around again after that awful experience. You still ache everywhere, but you intend on walking it off. You need a better distraction then that though.

Momizi is still laying on the couch completely out cold. She hasn't been put on ice yet though, so you're glad. Despite all the beatings she took, she's still somehow alive...she somehow did the same too, you remember. Youkai still manage to impress you with their incredible durability. Somehow managing to survive something that would kill a human in mere seconds and endure it for so much longer then that. And then magically healing up well over fifty times faster then most humans could ever dream of. You kinda wish you were one yourself, really.

Without realizing it until the last moment, you see now that you're sitting in front of the couch, staring quite closely at Momizi's face. But...it's not like she'll know, right? Even if she did, you're just worried. You inch your face away a bit first so that doesn't get misunderstood. Now you're just idly sitting in front of Momizi's laying spot. She seems to be sleeping soundly. Well, she's actually pretty unconscious, but you know, details! Right now, your need for something to keep your attention is much more important. You're sure Momizi won't mind.

>Rub her head a little
>Poke her face a bit
>Take her hand gently
>Lift up the covers
>Changed your mind, fix dinner

Action? >_
>> No. 14923
[X] Pet her head a little
-[X] Make sure to do it GENTLY. She did take a hell of a beating back there.
-[X] "Thank you, Momizi."
>> No. 14924
[X] Pet her head a little
-[X] Make sure to do it GENTLY. She did take a hell of a beating back there.
-[X] "Thank you, Momizi."

Works for me.
>> No. 14926
[X] Pet her head a little
-[X] Make sure to do it GENTLY. She did take a hell of a beating back there.
-[X] "Thank you, Momizi."

I certainly can't think of a better action.
>> No. 14927
[X] Pet her head a little
-[X] Make sure to do it GENTLY. She did take a hell of a beating back there.
-[X] "Thank you, Momizi."

>> No. 14928
[X] Pet her head a little
-[X] Make sure to do it GENTLY. She did take a hell of a beating back there.
-[X] "Thank you, Momizi."

Warning: incoming d'awwwwwww moment.
>> No. 14929
[X] Pet her head a little
-[X] Make sure to do it GENTLY. She did take a hell of a beating back there.
-[X] "Thank you, Momizi."
>> No. 14930
[X] Pet her head a little
-[X] Make sure to do it GENTLY. She did take a hell of a beating back there.
-[X] "Thank you, Momizi."
>> No. 14931
[X] Pet her head a little
-[X] Make sure to do it GENTLY. She did take a hell of a beating back there.
-[X] "Thank you, Momizi."

When we have kids with Rin, Alice will be the godmother.
>> No. 14932
File 127001473558.jpg- (387.72KB , 975x1000 , 8fb2c6ff1b309460ee68ffa510e26cec.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Pet her head a little
>Make sure to do it GENTLY. She did take a hell of a beating back there.
>"Thank you, Momizi."

You can't help but give the little puppy a good thanks for what she did. She bravely fought for you and protected you as if her very life depended on your safety. She took a nasty beating, but her first thought was always protecting you. At least, that what you wanna believe. The girl is just so loyal, it's hard to imagine her not wanting to protect you. It's only been a couple days at most, but she already seems somewhat attached to you. She already noted you as being different from most humans. You still wonder what exactly what that means, and whether or not that's good or bad, but you want to think that Momizi wouldn't say this with any ill intent. She's a good girl, a good girl you could really get used to having around. You almost wish she could stay forever, but having only been a couple days, it might be too early to say that yet.

Reaching a hand over slowly, you give her a gentle pet on the head, running your hand very softly through her hair. She got pretty disfigured in the fight, you don't wanna disrupt her too much. As you feel her hair, you notice it has a distinct feel to it, despite being dry, it still has an other worldly damp feeling to it, somewhat, and it feels cool and silky, while maintaining thickness. It's very pleasent to run your hand through however, unlike a wet dog's fur. You find yourself helpless to it's powers and continue delicately running your fingers through her hair more, getting an airy sort of pleasure out of it. After a while, you remember why you were petting her in the first place, chuckle silently to yourself and warmly press your forehead against her's very tenderly.

"Thank you, Momizi."

You feel so much better after doing that. Rather satisfied, you think. You can't bear to part your hand from her head though. Her hair feels so nice. You wonder if her tail feels the same way. And then there's her ears too...they look like a nice feel. Oh, but what are you going on about, this is somewhat naughty thinking on your part. You're not only curious though, but feeling slight effects of ecstasy, your weakness towards pets in general is showing again and now you're addicted to the sweet simple pleasure of petting your companion once more. Since Momizi likely wouldn't wake up even if you shook her, it should be alright to cop a feel or two. Not in any dishonorable way, mind you, but...you're curious!

Incidentally, looking at her face, her cheeks are a brighter red then what they were earlier. Hmm...

>Continue petting her
>Rub her ears
>Search for her tail
>Divert your attention to her face
>You're done here

Action? >_
>> No. 14933
[X] Rub her ears

While the tail is tempting, it would involve shifting Momizi, possibly waking her up. The ears are easy to access and just as sensitive.
>> No. 14934
[X] Rub her ears.

Don't know how it is for wolves, but I know many dogs would prefer an ear rub to a tail stroke.

Mind, had this scene not been after such heavy shit I'd be voting for some boob action. Am I a pervert? Most assuredly, but such an action doesn't seem at all right in this situation.
>> No. 14935
[X] Rub her ears

pet pet pet rub rub rub
>> No. 14936
[x]Rub her ears
>> No. 14937
[X] Rub her ears

Works for me~!
>> No. 14938
>Rub her ears

Yes, her ears are delectable, to say the least. Cute tufts poking out from inside of them, well rounded shape that perfect rubbing, and a certain softness to them that just begs to be touched. You feel like that girl in that story you read when she was still around, but you can't help yourself. Curiosity has overcome you, and now you must play with Momizi's very real wolf-like ears. After all, who wouldn't?

Ploink. Just like that, both your hands are firmly attached to her ears. Holy shit they are soft. Breasts don't even feel this soft. How does she do it? Does she use a particular kind of shampoo or something? You find yourself more then just grabbing onto them, but now you're rubbing them, kinda deeply. The tufts tickle your thumbs as you move them around inside her ear, the soft, gentle fur on them is extremely pleasing to touch. You...you were never aware such material existed. If ordinary clothes could be made to be this soft, you'd swear they'd fetch millions. You wish you could lay in a bed of this stuff, it's just so irresistable.

After a while more of sensual rubbing of her ears, you retract your hands finally and give a big sigh. That felt so relieving. It was so pleasurable that you were afraid that if you kept doing it, it might start turning you on. You really needed to stop. Turning your attention elsewhere though, you find that Momizi's face has bolstered a deeper red color, and she seems to be panting a little. Oh no, is she running a fever? You go ahead and check, but her temperature seems fine, which leaves you to one conclusion. It's a conclusion you don't want to draw though, because she's supposed to be unconscious, how could she feel you like that? Though you don't know exactly how unconsciousness works. You just hope she doesn't know it's you. It'd be mighty embarrassing otherwise.

You find yourself staring at Momizi again, still kinda bored. She doesn't seem to mind your playing so far, though that's not to say her body isn't reacting to it in it's own way anyways, amusingly enough.

>Rub her ears some more
>Pay closer attention to her face
>Lift up the covers
>Hold her hand
>You're satisfied for now

Action? >_
>> No. 14940
>Continue petting her
>Rub her ears
>Search for her tail
>Stroke tail

Do it.
>> No. 14941
>You're satisfied for now
>> No. 14942
[X]Rub her ears some more

can't possibly go wrong
feels good man
>> No. 14943
[X] Rub her ears some more.

If she wakes up we can just tell her that rubbing them seemed to help her rest better.
>> No. 14944
[X] Hold her hand

Seems a bit more decent.
>> No. 14945
[x]You're satisfied for now
>> No. 14946
[X] Hold her hand

Hand focus next.
>> No. 14947
[X]Rub her ears some more
>> No. 14948
[X]Rub her ears some more
>> No. 14949
[x] Hold her hand

don't go overboard now
>> No. 14950
[x] Hold her hand

People, people. Remember Orin? Even if you don't care about the implications of caring so little about her that we'd remorselessly grope the next cute girl that comes around, you must at the very least try and be pragmatic. Knowing how the tropes associated with these scenes tend to go, the minute we grab a boob or even a thigh someone, most likely our love interest, will bust in and cause conflict for us.
>> No. 14951
[x]Hold her hand

Yeah let's just have things cool down yet assure her that she's not alone in her dream.
>> No. 14952
[x]Hold her hand
>> No. 14953
There's the matter of being a nice guy; I think groping a recovering girl would put one lower than Rinnosuke, someone Satoshi considers to be an asshole. And if Sukima's Rinnosuke does do such things; it'd be sinking to his level.
>> No. 14956
[x]Hold her hand
>> No. 14957
[X] Rub her ears some more.
>> No. 14958
[x] Hold her hand
>> No. 14959
>Hold her hand

You give a bit of a sigh. You realize you're somewhat tired. It's still only vaguely sunset but you're still kinda sleepy. Feeling a little melodramatic from the drowsiness, you notice Momizi's hand resting next to her, and you decide to take hold of it. It's the least you could do for your unexpected savior. Well, she couldn't save your life, but she certainly tried. The thought is there, she risked her life for you, practically almost sacrificing it. If not for Alice, that might've held true too. It's funny, it's not even been two days and you feel quite attached to her.

You're mildly surprised when Momizi suddenly grasps your hand back subconsciously. She still appears out cold but her hand has reacted to you taking it and won't let go of it now. It's kind of embarrassing, but cute in it's own way. You wonder what she's thinking right now. You hope she isn't in too much pain. You find yourself worrying much more about her then you would normally. Maybe it's the fact that she cheerfully fixed your fireplace for you, or maybe it's the fact that she still opened up to you despite being a stranger to her, or maybe it's because no matter what the circumstances are, she always tries her best earnestly at what she does...you usually find yourself lacking that trait yourself, so you guess you kind of admire her for it.

As you lay your head to rest on the edge of the couch, still holding her hand gently, you find your thoughts wandering. You told yourself you wouldn't think too much about her but in your rather mellow state right now, it's hard to help it. Would she accept Momizi? What would she think of Momizi? What would Momizi think of her? You owe her a lot, considering that she saved your life in quite a similar manner too, though she was at least successful at it. You had also known her long before, having seen her occasionally. It's so lonely without her now though, you're afraid of Momizi taking up that space and you adjusting to it unwittingly. Lonliness has it's way of clouding even the most stout of judgement.

Through your brief thought process, you fail to realize you somewhat dozed off. Opening your eyes, you realize it's much darker in the room then what it was before, the light of the fireplace being the only source, but it's just enough to tell you that Momizi is staring at you with a gentle, smiling face.

"You're awake, Master Satoshi."

"...uhh...wah?" Still waking up, your surprised figure rises suddenly from the edge of the couch. Regaining your bearings, you find that you're still holding onto Momizi's hand and instinctively pull it away in an embarrassed gesture, using it to nervously scratch your head. "A-Ah, sorry, I uhh..."

"It's alright. Thank you for holding my hand though, the only other person who held it like that was my mother. It was very comforting, to tell the truth." You lower your hand and look at Momizi. You're flattered, but...

"What, having your hand held by a stranger?"

"You're different from that, Master Satoshi. You display a certain kindness this world lacks these days. Rescuing a child in a burning building, defending me from bad talk of myself, and taking care of me when I got injured..."

"You got hurt because of me though, it's the least I could do."

"I guess so. Still, thank you." Her weak voice sounds much more sincere then it usually does, which is quite a feat, considering that Momizi usually sounds pretty sincere to begin with. You're still somewhat confused though, but you'll find out more about that later, you think. You stand up and breathe out. It's the dead of night, you think. You feel a lot better but still tired. You could use some more sleep.

"Alright, since you're awake now, I guess I'll get my bed ready so you can rest up more in that."

"Oh, no, it's alright. I'd rather not move much in this condition...I'm comfortable enough here." You look down at Momizi for a while, thinking about it. She does have a point you guess. Moving her might irritate it more.

"...well, alright. I'll see you tomorrow then." Momizi looks up at you.

"Good night then, Master Satoshi. Sleep well."

"Good night, Momizi."

You don't sleep well that night, unfortunately. Even in your own bed, you're haunted by awful thoughts. You don't fully trust yourself around Momizi. That is to say, your lonliness might start developing feelings for just about any girl that treats you nicely. You don't want that to happen when you already have someone but...she's been gone for so long. Where the hell did she go, you wonder?

You wake up the next morning groggy. You slept for maybe a couple hours, got a drink from the bathroom, slept for about another hour, went to the bathroom for something different, and slept for maybe another couple hours. It was an awul cycle that you hope not to repeat again. Yawning as you walk out to the living room, you find Momizi sleeping soundly once more in the couch. She seems rather peaceful. The fire in the fireplace has all but burnt out, but thankfully this is because of the overnight shift, not because the fireplace itself is in shoddy condition. You have Momizi to thank for that.

Sitting down on the table across from the couch, you look at Momizi. You're ready to have breakfast, but you don't know if you want to wake her just yet. The sun shines in beautifully, but the time isn't right, as of this moment, the sunlight only hits about a couple feet above Momizi's face. Give it another hour or so for the sun to keep rising and the light will eventually hit her eyes, hopefully waking her. Are you prepared to wait that long though?

>Have breakfast now, save some for her later
>Wake Momizi up now
>Examine her wounds
>Delay breakfast and take a bath instead

Action? >_
>> No. 14960
[x]Delay breakfast and take a bath instead

A nice thought clearing bath wouldn't hurt.
>> No. 14961
[X] Delay breakfast and take a bath instead

The action least likely to wake her up.
>> No. 14962
[x]Delay breakfast and take a bath instead
>> No. 14964
[x}Delay breakfast and take a bath instead

Good way to start the day fresh regardless of horrible sleep.
>> No. 14965
[X] Delay breakfast and take a bath instead

A bath may help us wake up a bit more, despite the horrible sleep.
>> No. 14966
[x]Delay breakfast and take a bath instead
>> No. 14967
[x]Delay breakfast and take a bath instead.
>> No. 14968
[x]Delay breakfast and take a bath instead.
>> No. 14969
[X] Delay breakfast and take a bath instead
>> No. 14970
No update today, sorry. Weather threatens to cut my power and destroy any work I put into anything at any moment. This might continue into tomorrow. Once again, apologies for this.
>> No. 14971

There's always pencil/pen and paper to help ya jot things down for ideas. Nonetheless I too know the paint of losing a lot of effort to something as annoying as a power outage...
>> No. 14979
>Delay breakfast and take a bath instead

You guess you could hold back on eating for now. Breakfast is important but rinsing all the filth off you first is probably much more productive. It's somewhat late in the morning though, you're quite hungry. You'll have to make it a quick bath. Maybe it'll help wake you up some. Yeah, that sounds like a plan. You get up and head into the bathroom, disrobing and setting up the bath. While that happens, you go ahead and give yourself the quick rinse off and clean yourself before getting in. No good getting in the bath just to sit in your own dirtiness!

You don't want to take too long, but relaxing in the bath is very nice and might be just what you needed. The terrible sleep you had the previous night seems to fade away more and more the longer you stay in the bath. You're deathly hungry though, so you have to compromise a bit. At least, you intended on it being that way. Next thing you know, you nearly drift off back to sleep. You still feel incredibly drowsy, but you think you can get a general graps of your surroundings. Suddenly though, the bathroom door opens. To your intense surprise though, Momizi comes through the door. You'd act shocked but the energy has yet to come back to you. You do manage to say something though.

"M-Momizi? You're hurt aren't you? What are you..."

"Master Satoshi..." The voice you just heard was in such a submissive, begging state, your heart nearly skips a few beats. You realize that Momizi is panting and blushing very profusely. Then out of nowhere, she reaches up her skirt and pulls her bloomers down from inside her skirt. She can't even be bothered enough to pull them off all the way, they sit stretching in between her knees as Momizi leans against the wall as if she could hardly stand. But no, that isn't the reason. "Please...take me..." You realize it's for something else when she bends over and starts lifting her skirt, and...

Water enters your lungs. You rise out of the bath coughing heavily, jolted by the painful experience. Looking around, you find out that it was but a rude awakening, as the Momizi you thought you saw is no longer there. You must've been daydreaming, or possibly even have fallen asleep with that weird sinking into the bathtub you just did. Very weird though, having a fantasy about Momizi out of the blue like that. You certainly can't say you weren't turned on by it, but it was so random. Oh, speaking of which...

About ten minutes later, you come out of the bathroom, sighing. You had quite the time getting rid of a certain growth that cropped up as a result of what you saw. You hope you can look at Momizi the same way again. Stepping out into the living room though, your nose is greeted by a pleasing scent. One that in fact, reminds you of how terribly hungry you are. Looking into the kitchen, you see, to your amazement, Momizi cooking a modest breakfast. You watch her for a while until she eventually has to turn around and notice you, which causes her to gasp in surprise.

"Oh! M-Master Satoshi! I uh...p-please forgive me! I just wanted to fix you some breakfast while you were in the bathroom and uhh..."

"What? Surprise me? Can't say you failed that." You walk into the kitchen fully to see what she's cooking. Some eggs, sausage, and a bit of hash browns on the side. Looks yummy actually.

"I'm so very sorry, I should've asked your permission first. It is unusual of me to go through someone else's belongings like that and I can assure you that it won't happen aga-" You take the moment to interrupt her, by putting a hand on her head.

"It's alright, I'm actually pretty happy. You're actually acting on your own and doing a good deed out of the kindness of your heart instead of following someone's orders." Momizi blinks, looking up at you surprised for a moment.

"Y-...You're really okay with this...?" Giving Momizi a kind smile, you have no qualms with telling her otherwise.

"Of course. Any kindness you show makes me very happy." Momizi then puts on a big smile, bright smile, and says her next words with a playful wag of her tail.

"Thank you Master Satoshi!"


A couple more days pass after that with no real incident, thank god. Alice had come to you the day after announcing her success in liberating the forest. Apparently Reimu and Marisa had things handled quite well too, along with someone else, but Alice said she didn't know who they were. Not very important you figure though. You had nothing to worry about, finally. So you used that day and the next to just sit back and relax quite idly. You read and slept a lot in the end. You took the time to teach Momizi a bit more about cooking but not much else was accomplished during this time. Momizi was far less adamant about not sitting still during these two days, probably because of the injuries she ended up incurring. You were shocked to know that she was pretty much fully healed though that same day she fixed you breakfast. You didn't get the full story though, you're not sure you want to. Youkai scare you sometimes.

So now it's the afternoon, on day 4 of Momizi's visit. You're sitting calmly in your love se-WOAH, almost slipped there, couch! You're minding your own business just reading one of your many books. This time it's about a man who turns into a woman when splashed with cold water. It's not very captivating. You're thinking of putting it aside, quite indefinitely. Your attention is diverted though when a lonesome knock hits your door, thrice. You have no clue where Momizi is, but she's within easy earshot you bet.

>Get Momizi to answer the door
>Answer the door yourself
>Just ignore it

Action? >_
>> No. 14981
[X] Answer the door yourself

I predict Momizi rushing to the door and crashing into Satoshi with this choice.
>> No. 14984
[X] Answer the door yourself.
>> No. 14985
[X] Answer the door yourself
>> No. 14988
[X] Answer the door yourself
>> No. 14992
>Answer the door yourself

Putting the book down, getting out of the couch, and walking over to the door, you've decided to get the door yourself. Momizi doesn't seem to either hear the door or be capable of answering it. Probably the latter, since her ears are supposed to be really good, even though she failed to hear you inside the burning building. Perhaps hearing isn't actually one of her stronger suits. Oh well.

Opening the door, you're somewhat stunned to see someone dressed in similar clothes to Momizi, has similar hair, down to the color, and even roughly the same height. He's a bit thinner, and has a bit more of a baby face. More then that...you think it's a guy. Something akin to a pre-teen boy. His voice gives it away when he sees you open the door.

"A-Ah! Excuse me, but is this where Miss Inubashiri is staying?" Inubashiri? He must be talking about Momizi. Judging from his looks he seems to be a member of the wolf tengu, like Momizi is. Given this, you see no reason to deny the little guy of seeing her.

"Yeah, you could say that. Did you want to meet her?"

"Yes, I have an important message to pass onto her. If you wouldn't mind."

>Go fetch Momizi
>Call for her
>You'll pass it on yourself
>Invite the wolf in

Action? >_
>> No. 14993
[X] Invite the wolf in

I think Momizi's busy. If he has to wait to deliver his message, he might as well do it inside.
>> No. 14995
[X] Invite the wolf in

It's probably something we're not supposed to hear, anyway.
>> No. 14996
[X] Invite the wolf in.
>> No. 14997
[X] Invite the wolf in
>> No. 14998
File 127033831084.jpg- (146.52KB , 1000x1000 , b9c1b14caa9b1831498d74600b6a647b.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Invite the wolf in

"Well, alright." You say starting off, stepping aside. "Come on in then. I think Momizi's busy or something." The little wolf boy bows in respect.

"Thank you very much! I hope she won't be too long though." He then welcomes himself in and you close the door after him. As you follow him into the living room, you notice he has the same tail as Momizi too, which more or less ensures you who this guy is. Well, not exactly. But you'll find out soon enough.

Sitting on the recliner, and letting your new guest sit on the couch, you decide to pose a few questions while waiting for Momizi.

"So, I'm guessing you're a wolf tengu like Momizi is?" The boy nods in agreement.

"Yes, that is correct. It is nice to meet Momizi's temporary care taker while the tengu are dispersed."

"Likewise. You can call me Satoshi. You are?"

"My name is-" Before the little guy can continue, you both hear the bathroom door opening, Momizi comes out dressed, though drying her hair off with a towel.

"Master Satoshi, what did you want for lu-" Momizi stops right in her tracks suddenly upon seeing the wolf boy. When you look back over, you notice a big, happy smile over the boy's face as he gets up.

"Miss Inubashiri! I'm so glad to see you're alright!" Almost immediately, he rushes over in front of Momizi, taking and grasping both her hands in glee. Momizi herself seems like she's still pretty confused about the whole thing.

"S-Souya? What are you doing here...?"

They seem to know each other. Kinda well. You'd be lying if you said you weren't slightly jealous, or felt a bit left out. Maybe you were spoiled by the fact that when you got together with her, you were practically showing her a brand new world. Momizi on the other hand seems a bit more experienced.

"Oh! That's right, Miss Inubashiri, I have an invitation to you from High Chief Kabuto to attend the Canis Coalesce Ritual. Even though you are not of age yet, the High Chief has highs hopes for you, so he wishes you to come." Momizi seems a bit watered down by this invitation, that you have no clue what it is about, but you can wager a light idea.

"Even with the mountain the state it is in, he still intends on continuing the ritual?"

"Oh, but of course! You know how important this ritual is, Miss Inubashiri. You're older then I am so I know you have a better idea." Momizi sighs a bit, she seems a bit bothered by it, so you go ahead and interrupt their talk to nudge yourself into the discussion, and maybe get some answers.

"I don't mean to interrupt anything important, but what exactly is this...ritual?"

"Ah, well...Souya?" Momizi looks over at her peer, but he just closes his eyes and smiles.

"You're a big girl now, Miss Inubashiri. You explain it to him yourself." Momizi takes it in stride though, just showing a hint that she doesn't look like she could depend on this guy much. She then looks at you and tells you, though a hint of embarrassment can still be seen.

"The Canis Coalesce Ritual is basically a large festival where all the wolf tengu serving under the same lord get together and celebrate...well, the coming of a new generation." With your arms crossed, you urge Momizi to continue.

"Okay, go on then. What's this new generation?" Momizi sighs a bit. She looks somewhat uncomfortable about it. You wonder why.

"W-Well, once the festival is over, basically any of the females who are of age and are still fertile wait for a proper male and they...well, mate." The one Momizi referred to as Souya up until now finished spectacle for her.

"This ritual is very important and takes place only once every ten years. One a woman has given birth, they are no longer fertile and can't give birth anymore, though there's no guarantee that they were be impregnated during the mate." You think you're getting the hang of this. Sounds almost typical of youkai, you think.

"Wow, huh...so wait, you said something about Momizi not being of age..." Momizi looks down a bit, seemingly worried.

"I am not quite old enough yet...even if I mated properly, I would not conceive until I turn 200 years old. At the moment I am only 172."

"Even those who aren't of age yet though are expected to join in on the festival because it's not only for arranging meetings for mating, but it is also a celebration for the coming of another ten years, which means more births welcomed into the pack." Souya says, ending with a kind hearted smile. "It is also a good time for wolves as old as Miss Inubashiri to seek potential mates for the future rituals."

"But..." Momizi says, with a bit of a sigh, looking off to the side. "I just don't really have anyone. The High Chief has high expectations for me too..."

"The High Chief believes Miss Inubashiri has lots of great potential and that all of it is in her genes, so he's eager to see what kind of children she'll bear." You're kinda taken back a bit by all this, trying to wrap your head around it all.

"Wow, sounds...like a lot of pressure." Souya nods and finishes what he was saying.

"Yes, so that's why he's hoping she'll find someone within this ritual or the next. She has to scout carefully so that her partner goes together with her well." You look over at Momizi.

"So...are you going to go?" Momizi looks up at you a bit submissively. In a rare moment of weakness, her next question sounds much more vulnerable then any other.

"Would it be okay if you went together with me, Master Satoshi?" You blink for a moment, ignoring her state and coming to an interesting realization.

"W-Wait, it would be okay?" Souya smiles at you, seemingly happy you realized this.

"Of course! As of right now, you are standing in as her care taker, or upperclassman if you're unfamiliar with the formal term. As such, you're more then welcome to come along. It's because of this that each ritual tends to have many other tengu participating in the celebration, but this time is different due to the scattering of the tengu caused by the incident at the mountain, so it'll be very largely composed of just the wolf tengu. The High Chief is very excited about it, though you are welcome to come either way."

Well, it's an opportunity to meet the wolf tengu that you've heard about. You'd also feel very horrible about leaving Momizi alone there, especially after her incredibly meek plea for you to come along. So you might as well roll with it.

"Alright then, I'll go. This should be fun." Momizi smiles before letting out a sigh of relief.

"Oh...thank you so much. I'll feel better not being alone there." Souya sighs a little.

"Mmm, yeah, most of the tengu Miss Inubashiri is familiar with apart from the wolf tengu will be absent this ritual, huh...?" You look at Souya a little inquisitively.

"Oh? Like Aya?" Souya seems to look at you a little confused.

"Huh? Miss Shameimaru? Isn't she usually partying with older men at rituals?" You blink for a moment before looking at Momizi, who just seems to be rather disappointed. You don't blame her, you would be too. Oh that Aya.

A few minutes later, Souya is at the door, about to leave, with you and Momizi seeing him off. Souya goes ahead and reminds me what's going down.

"Remember, the festival takes place tomorrow night at six, and ends the next morning. I trust that you two won't be late!"

"Don't worry, we won't. See ya." Momizi waves nonchalantly at Souya.

"I'll see you then, Souya." Souya bows and then goes and takes his leave. Breathing out, you go ahead and close the door. Momizi seems to be in a bit of a deep thought.

"Momizi? What's wrong?" Momizi snaps herself back into reality and looks at you.

"Oh, nothing. I just spaced out a bit. It's past lunchtime though so we should eat."

Well, you have no qualms about that, but there's a few things on your mind too.

>Be more aggressive about what's on Momizi's mind
>Ask Momizi more about the ritual in question
>Ask Momizi more about the wolf tengu
>Just let her fix lunch and ask things later

Action? >_

Remember that in choices where you're asking questions, writing in what questions you wanna ask will likely result in better information received. Be prudent about what you want to know!
>> No. 14999
[X] Ask Momizi more about the ritual in question
-[X] Do you really have to do this?
-[X] What if you don't find a mate in this festival?

Mating festival? Sounds like fun~! What could POSSIBLY go wrong here~?


This...may get ugly.
>> No. 15000
Wait, did we just get invited to what amounts to a tengu ritual orgy?

And we said yes.

What is this I don't even-
>> No. 15001
I originally intended for you to have a choice between rejected or accepting it but I thought everyone would've said yes anyways so I skipped it to make the update longer.

Guess I shouldn't quit my day job.
>> No. 15002
[X] Ask Momizi more about the ritual in question
-[X] Do you really have to do this?
-[X] What if you don't find a mate in this festival?

Rather compromising situation for Satoya...

It's been one season since Satoya's seen his "love interest" without a single visit or even a letter since then. It's not wholly unrealisticunfairfor Satoya to start "wandering" after being left alone for such a time. if this time of separation is some sort of test... I'd say that's messed up

Not to mention considering how he recognizes his mortality it's not unexpected of him wanting to fill that haunting void within himself. Realizing how life's so different when shared with some one special, becoming something of a hermit once again doesn't seem possible.
>> No. 15003
I wouldn't say it's all bad. Quite the contrary as it may cause Satoya to define himself to a greater extent. Sure in the last story he found a goal of sort or at least a personal understanding. However plenty of things were left unanswered and thus this may actually force him to answer them.
>> No. 15004
Who's Satoya?

[X] Ask Momizi more about the ritual in question
-[X] Do you really have to do this?
-[X] What if you don't find a mate in this festival?
>> No. 15005
[x] Be more aggressive about what's on Momizi's mind
[X] Ask Momizi more about the ritual in question
-[X] What if you don't find a mate in this festival?

Good show. No complaints here.
>> No. 15006
[x] Be more aggressive about what's on Momizi's mind
[X] Ask Momizi more about the ritual in question
-[X] What if you don't find a mate in this festival?

I suppose this will do.

Though it does not solve my main inquiry:

Can we contrive this tengu festival thing into an excuse for us to bone every hot wolf-chick we come across without ass-biting consequences? Because I can totally get behind that.
>> No. 15007
It's not an orgy. It's matchmaking.
>> No. 15008
[X] Ask Momizi more about the ritual in question
-[X] Do you really have to do this?
-[X] What if you don't find a mate in this festival?
>> No. 15010
[X] Ask Momizi more about the ritual in question
-[X] Do you really have to do this?
-[X] What if you don't find a mate in this festival?
>> No. 15011
>Do you really have to do this?
>What if you don't find a mate in this festival?

I'm not clear whether "you" here refers to Momizi or Satoshi or the general "you". The first one would either mean trying to talk her out of going or trying to back out of going, which is stupid and insensitive either way. Satoshi just assured her that he'd go with her.
>> No. 15012

I think the 'you' in this case is directed towards Momizi, just asking if this is really necessary for her to do. Probably should have been elaborated on earlier, but it's a better interpretation of having the 'you' being us in this case. That'd just be coming off as a dick move.
>> No. 15013
>Who's Satoya?


Last time I go three days without sleep...

I meant Satoshi.
>> No. 15014
Sometimes I regret naming this protagonist very similarly to another one I have...

>Ask Momizi more about the ritual in question
>Do you really have to do this?
>What if you don't find a mate in this festival

"Could I ask you a few questions before you get started on that?" You ask. It's a bit troubling to her, as you can see.

"Hm? Go right ahead, Master Satoshi."

"Well...first of all...do you really have to do this?" You feel kind of silly asking, but you really want to make sure. She herself doesn't seem too sure of herself.

"O-Of course I have to. You heard Souya, about how important this is to the tengu. If I were absent, I might be disowned from the family..." Ouch, that sounds harsh. But it makes sense. That's like denying your parents of grandchildren, you could probably wager on how difficult that sounds.

"W-Well..." You look away for a brief moment, trying to get over your embarrassing stumble over that one. You have a better question to ask though. "What if you don't find a mate or something during this festival? What happens?" Momizi looks down, this seems to be what's troubling her, you think.

"If I don't find a proper match for myself before I become fertile on my 200th birthday, then...well, I don't know. But High Chief Kabuto is expecting a lot from me. Maybe if I told him no one is good enough for me, he'd understand...I don't know..." This is starting to make you go back and forth on this now. You want to ask again if she really wants to do this.

"Momizi...I...eh, I can't think of what to say. I mean, it sounds like you don't want to but..." Momizi looks up at you worried.

"Oh! Please don't think too hard about it. I mean, it's still a very long ways away, so..."

"Yeah, to me." Momizi seems genuinely surprised when you say this. You know though, you've realized it back when she was around. "To you though, it's like a blink of an eye, right? Normal wolves mate once a year. Ten years to us must be nothing more then a year to you, if not less. Youkai like you live so much longer then we do. By the time you're ready to conceive, I'll be pushing up on being an old man..." Momizi stares at you in a bit of a shock for a few moments before looking down, feeling guilty. Looks like she understood you clear as day.

"...that...that is where the saying 'Live each day as if it were your last' comes from...correct? I've heard of popular human sayings, but the ones...the ones I could never apply to myself were ones like that. Because...humans are incredibly fragile, their lives could end at any moment." You take this time to interrupt Momizi a bit, to ensure something you had the feeling you knew.

"When you were being attacked by that big demon a couple days ago...you weren't really about to die, were you? No...hell, you weren't even close to death." Momizi closes her eyes.

"It is as you say, Master Satoshi. On the outside, I may have appeared to be in dire condition, but to truly burn out the flames of a maturing youkai like me, would have to take either very extreme force, or special tactics. It is such this way for many youkai here in Gensokyo."

"So you can't just go on telling me it's still far away, when the measurement of time is different for us. No matter how far away it is, you're going to be ready for it in a short timespan for your age, so it's important for the both of us to think about it." Momizi looks up at you confused, still a bit guilty too it seems.

"Why do you have to think about it...?"

"Because..." You start off with, putting a hand on her head. "I'm your friend. And I think it's worthwhile to help you through situations like this." Momizi stares up at you a bit surprised before looking down, thinking for a bit, and then looking back up at you again, putting on a smile, for you apparently.

"Then if you should live every day like it were your last, you shouldn't think about it too much and just enjoy the festival then, Master Satoshi. The festival is about celebrating life and birth so it's important that you go there to have fun." You're a little bemused at how she could avoid the point so elegantly like that, but what she says still touches you.

"Oh, alright then. You win. Let's go have lunch then, alright?" Momizi nods quickly in agreement.



A day passes. It is late morning. Momizi is busy getting ready. The walk isn't too far, the ritual is stationed to take place near a mountain outcropping somewhere in missle of Gensokyo, roughly north of the forest and in between the Hakurei Shrine and the Human Village. Momizi told you the importance of getting there at least an hour early so that you could be properly introduced to most of the wolf tengu before it actually starts. While waiting for Momizi, you're staring out the living room window. It's mighty cloudy, but rain sounds very unlikely today.

How do you feel?


Action? >_
>> No. 15015

I'd think he'd be excited to learn more of the wolf Tengu.
>> No. 15019
Just one vote? Le hell, anon?


Totally pushing for the boning option.
>> No. 15020
[x] Indifferent
>> No. 15021

Yes, meeting the tengu is likely to be a neat experience, but I can't help thinking Satoshi might end up feeling like a third wheel at this kind of festival.
>> No. 15022
>> No. 15024
>> No. 15025
[X] Indifferent

Satoshi's a guest, and since courtship is a big part of the ritual, I doubt anyone will be going for the "human option".

Also, female wolf tengu can only get pregnant once in their lives? I hope multiple births are the norm.
>> No. 15026
>> No. 15028
>> No. 15033
[X] Indifferent
>> No. 15034
[X] Indifferent
-[X] At least try to be happy, for Momizi's sake.
>> No. 15037

Lets go for everything.
>> No. 15038
[X] Indifferent
-[X] At least try to be happy, for Momizi's sake.

Whole bunch of Tengu tryin' to get their mack on? Fun.
>> No. 15039
[x] Excited

It's not every day you get invited to an sacred event.
>> No. 15042
[x] Excited
>> No. 15047
[x] Excited

I'd probably be all states of emotions right there but heck at least look as if you're itching for something that not just any human can say. Think of it, "I've been to a Wolf Tengu ritual celebration and come to learn more about them" sans cheesy t-shirts stating as such.

at the very least Satoshi ought to look good for Momizi
>> No. 15048
[X] Excited

This seems neat.
>> No. 15052
[X] Indifferent
>> No. 15054

I know I would be excited.
>> No. 15055
>> No. 15056
[] "Whatever."
[x] Excited

Come on, if we have fun then so will she. There's a whole festival before the mating ritual starts.
>> No. 15072
> Lets make Kids!!!!

[x] Indifferent
>> No. 15081

You don't really feel much at the moment actually. You can't tell if you're looking forward to having fun or dreading the amount of drama this all might kick up. You wish someone could come with you, hell, even Keine might do, but alas this is your fight and your fight alone so the best you can do is try to avoid troubling Momizi too much.

"Master Satoshi~!" You turn around and see Momizi stopping behind the couch. She has this bright smile on her face and a look of eagerness that cheers you up a bit. "We should get going. It'll be time soon!"

"Alright alright, let's go then."

The two of you walk for a while through the forest not saying much. All you can do is stare up at the sky through the thick foliage. It's extremely cloudy. The thick clouds will make for a darker then usual sunset, since the orange rays can't get through the large barrier of clouds. The gray skies also set a very dampening mood on the whole area. Even if it is a festival, the general atmosphere feels very dull and drab, quite the opposite of what an exciting activity should be. Maybe that's why you feel very indifferent about all this. You stop looking up at the sky in such a forelorn manner and give off a sigh that happens to catch Momizi's attention.

"Master Satoshi, is something wrong?"

"Ah, yeah, I guess...."

"You don't sound too sure about that." Momizi looks over at your face worried. "Are you bothered by something?"

"I dunno...I guess there's just something about this...ritual thing that doesn't sit right with me."

"If it is anything at all, please tell me, Master Satoshi." You give off another deep sigh, looking back at the sky again. You start noticing that the trees have begun thinning out as you exit the forest. You then stop for moment. Momizi is almost caught off guard by your sudden halt and turns back around.. "M-Master Satoshi?"

"...look over there." Momizi blinks for a moment before turning to her side.

You're standing on a hill that overlooks the human village far off in the distance. It's far, far away, but the hill makes just enough of it to be visible. The wind blows through the top of the hill, blowing back the loose ends of clothes and hair on you and Momizi, as well as tilting the grass some as it comes through. The breeze is strong, but not enough to be considered harsh. The overcast creates a sullen light over the landscape. It's very solemn, to you.

"That's the human village, if you can't tell from this distance. I'm sure you already know I grew up there." You start telling Momizi. Why are you telling her this? Because you damn well feel like it. "All this time people crossed paths, fell in and out of love, had children, laughed, cried..." You scratch your head a bit, trying to find a way to word your point. "I suppose that...this festival reminds me in a way of how different youkai are from humans..."

"It is because you are in love with a youkai yourself, is it not?" Looking down at the ground, you suddenly come to the realization; people getting together and finding mates to essentially spend their lives with? Yeah, that sounds like something you wanted to do, with her. It feels so stupid though, you had to go through so much trouble to teach her about human love and it still seems like it hasn't gotten through. Being her 'mate' doesn't seem all that human. But at face value, she isn't human...it's like wanting to marry one of your household pets.

It's a strong moral debate holed up within yourself that you think you'll tackle at some other point and time. Thoughts like that before a ritual like this might be bad karma.

"Yeah...you're probably right. But that isn't what's really bothering me. I told myself not to think much about that and I won't."

"Then, Master Satoshi, if you don't mind...could you tell me, please? About what it is that's bothering you..."

>The weather sucks
>I feel largely unrelated to this
>I'm worried about you
>Eh, it's nothing, let's keep going
>> No. 15082
[x]I'm worried about you
[x]But it also reminds me of her and the massive difference between me and her.

She's been honest with us, so we should return the favor.
>> No. 15083
[x]I feel largely unrelated to this
>> No. 15084
[x]I'm worried about you
[x]But it also reminds me of her and the massive difference between me and her
>> No. 15086
[x] I'm worried about you
[x] But it also reminds me of her and the massive difference between me and her
>> No. 15088
[x]I feel largely unrelated to this
>> No. 15089
[x]I feel largely unrelated to this
>> No. 15090
[x]I feel largely unrelated to this.
[x] I'm also worried about you personally.
[x] But this whole ordeal also reminds me of her and the massive difference between me and her.
>> No. 15091
[x]I feel largely unrelated to this.
[x] I'm also worried about you personally.
[x] But this whole ordeal also reminds me of her and the massive difference between me and her.
>> No. 15092
[x]I feel largely unrelated to this.
[x] I'm also worried about you personally.
[x] But this whole ordeal also reminds me of her and the massive difference between me and her.

I think this oughta cover all the bases.
>> No. 15095
[x]I feel largely unrelated to this.
[x] I'm also worried about you personally.
[x] But this whole ordeal also reminds me of her and the massive difference between me and her.
>> No. 15096
File 127071135260.jpg- (196.36KB , 700x560 , f3361abcddaf70d7e55f687c6c8e05ae.jpg ) [iqdb]
>I feel largely unrelated to this.
>I'm also worried about you personally.
>But this whole ordeal also reminds me of her and the massive difference between me and her.

"Well...I guess I feel really irrelevant to this whole thing." You stare out at the human village, trying to gather your thoughts on this. "I mean, I'm only invited because I'm your temporary care taker or something. I don't even know what that means. I'm not a tengu, or a youkai at all. I'm just someone unrelated and I'd feel..."

"Left out?" You sigh, having to stop yourself from sulking this time. Momizi finishing sentences for you starts getting old after a while. You're feeling a little predictable now. "Please, don't think of it that way, Master Satoshi. You are very related...after all, it is the care taker's privilege and right to help pick out a possible suitor. I would greatly appreciate your help there."

"But...it's only temporary, right? I mean, Aya is normally your upperclassman, so I'd think she would have the final say on that matter. I mean, suggesting one to you. My word, even right now, is probably about as good as dirt, since I don't really know anyone to begin with." You look over at Momizi, she's looking down with a solemn smile, though she closes her eyes and looks back up, trying to clear her face of sorrow.

"Yeah, I guess...you're right. Sorry for putting that burden on you, Master Satoshi." Another step back, another sigh. Your heart feels heavier and heavier the longer this conversation continues.

"Don't get me wrong, it's not like I wouldn't want to help...I just don't think I'm the best person for it. I mean...this is extremely important to you, isn't it?" You take a look up at the sky, the bland gray color filling it allows you to focus purely on your next subject. "You said...the wolf tengu only get pregnant once in their lives. Thinking about it that way...I can imagine how important this ritual is. I mean, if you have children with someone, you can't suddenly decide you don't want to anymore. It's a comittment unlike any other...human marriages, they're not permanent. But once you mate with someone in the wolf tengu tribe then...that's it. You're stuck like that for life. You wouldn't be able to have children with anyone else. And with how long your lifespan is as a youkai..."

"Yes, you...you are correct. The coming of a new generation is extremely important to the wolf tengu because of that. Matchmaking and courtship are...treasured like gold, amongst the wolf tengu. Because it required gifted judgement and a bond tighter then any glue. It is also important that the sooner you become fertile, the sooner you put it to good use, because parental skills will diminish with age, as the body grows weaker and weaker. Of course, even pregnancy itself isn't ensured..."

"What happens then?" You ask Momizi. "Does that mean that's it? You can't bear children?" Momizi shakes her head, and alleiviates your worries.

"No, no. If a pregnancy does not happen during the ritual, then a large majority of the time, it was just a defect in the mating itself and can be done again. However, a female can only concieve once every ten years, so it's still vital most of the time that a pregnancy does in fact occur."

"And...how many births can occur per pregnancy?" Momizi closes her eyes, a pained look entering her face.

"The wolf tengu are not gifted like all others...we share the tengus typical birth rate of one to three children per pregnancy, however, we wolf tengu alone are the ones that bear mating restrictions..." You turn over to Momizi, suddenly realizing something rather serious.

"W-Wait...are you saying all the other tengu..." Momizi opens her eyes with a sad, worried look on her face.

"They can all concieve and give birth...as many times as they like, beginning as soon as their reproductive organs mature enough. Their ability to mate is very similar to humans, and yet...for wolf tengu..."

Urgh. Now you feel really bad. No wonder the wolf tengu take this ritual seriously. The very fabric of their group depends on it. With only every two tengu giving birth to what is usually one, and some tengu not even being guarenteed it, you can imagine how much strain this puts on the population of wolf tengu on whole. It's as if your very race can be on the verge of extinction at any given moment. All you can really do is take a deep breath and look down at the ground, unable to say anything more. You feel too guilty to continue on, even though you're also quite bothered by your large differences with her. You told Momizi you wouldn't think too much about her though, but on the other hand, you're also a compulsive liar.

What she told you though, makes you realize a little how easy you've got it. You don't know how her mating schedule would go, but if it were anything like an ordinary cat's, then at least she'd be able to give birth multiple times, though the scary thought in that is that she'd usually give a litter of anywhere between three to six kids, far more then most humans can give birth to at one time. It's one of the things that scares you off from wanting a serious relationship with her, but since she's still fundamentally different from an actual cat, you're hoping that maybe, just maybe, that's one of the few things different about her.

Upon drawing yourself back to reality, you find Momizi looking out at the human village far off into the distance, before trying to change the subject.

"Master Satoshi...have I told you about a power unique to the wolf tengu?" You look over at her, you're actually a bit curious to know.

"No, I don't think so. What is it?"

"We wolf tengu have the ability to see extremely far distances...miles and miles away we are able to pick up even the faintest details." She then points over at one side of the village. "Like right there...Keine was your school teacher at one point, correct? She's currently trying to shake off a clingy child that wants her attention. It's kind of cute." Momizi says this with a bashful smile. You wonder how she can talk like that about someone who practically insulted her heritage. It doesn't sit well with you, in all honesty.

"Ah...y-yeah...I'm...I'm really sorry about what she said about you, by the way. I mean, she isn't..." Momizi interrupts you while you're hesitating to apologize on your former teacher's behalf though.

"It's alright, Master Satoshi. She used to be your teacher, correct? She must have been teaching for a very, very long time...someone who the other humans can easily trust with their children's future academics so willingly for so long, I'm positive she is a wonderful person deep down. She is just worried about you." Momizi turns back to you, smiling once again. "After all, if she helped raise someone like you, Master Satoshi, then that means she's most certainly doing something right."

You feel...extremely guilty right now. How does she pull this off, you wonder? She's been prancing around happy and smiling and acting like the sun is shining when she's faced with a very difficult decision she doesn't want to make, which in itself stands before the brutal truth of the wolf tengu, making the decision even harder, and here you are feeling sad and sorry for yourself and her and generally being more emo then you probably should. No better time to change then then now though, so you put on your best cheerful face and agree with her, before continuing on your way to the festival together.

You come to the place of the festival just a half an hour before the festival itself apparently starts. Upon arriving, before you are greeted, you can see a large amount of basic huts scattered about everywhere, all essentially circling a central area where large covered area with what seems to be a stage in the middle with various tables strewn about around is are. What you are greeted, you're brought before a rather buff and burly guy with short white hair, peppy wolf ears and a bushy tail. Already, these people are intent on making you look bad.

"Momizi! I see you brought the one Aya left you with, eh?"

"Yes! Tatsuhiro, this is Master Satoshi. He's been caring for me for a few days now." You lift up a hand in a gesture to shake his, though you can't keep it from shaking just a little, because honestly, you're afraid he might crush it.

"H-H-H-Hi, nice to meet you..." The big lug grins and shakes your hand, his grip is at least gentle, but the way he shakes makes you feel like he's about to lift you up off the ground inadverdently.

"Nice to meet you too! A lot of the wolves in the pack are generally without their care takers now so it's nice to see someone keepin' an eye on Momizi at the least."

"Ah, hahaha...y-yeah." You can't help it, you still feel intimidated by this guy! He must be at least twice your size. Are all wolf tengu like this? No, that Souya guy was even smaller then Momizi..."

"Oh, yeah, Momizi." The big man called Tatsuhiro calls Momizi's attention. "High Chief Kabuto wanted to talk to you about who you might wanna choose for your mate. He's really into it, I'm tellin' ya..." Momizi sighs deeply.

"Yes, I know about that already. But I suppose another talk with him about it couldn't hurt."

"Well, he's ready for it anytime. He's got plenty to do otherwise though."

"Hmm, I guess I will see him whenever I have free time then. Of course, this all depends on Master Satoshi." You blink for a moment, tearing yourself away from admiring the massive wolf's build in front of you.

"W-Wait, what? What do I have to do with it?"

"Well, I could go right now, but if you want me to stay by your side for a while longer, I would be more then happy too."

"Is that really alright, this sounds important." The big man bellows a laughter in responce.

"Ahaha! Don't worry about it, kid! There's still a nice while before the festival starts! It wouldn't hurt for Momizi to introduce you to the rest of the clan anyways."

Well, if the big guy says it's alright...

Wait, no. You try and rid your thoughts of this man being dominate in any way for a moment. His giant frame makes you feel like getting on your hands and knees and begging for forgiveness. You really hope the rest of the wolf tengu aren't like this. But right, decision making!


Go With Momizi? >_

>Swing by workers around the tent
>Mingle with the idle crowd off to the side
>Take a look around the scenery
>Go meet this High Chief yourself

Action? >
>> No. 15098
[x]Go meet this High Chief yourself
>> No. 15099
[x]Mingle with the idle crowd off to the side
>> No. 15100
[x]Go meet this High Chief yourself
>> No. 15101
[x]Go meet this High Chief yourself
>> No. 15102
[x]Go meet this High Chief yourself
The big cheese, uh?
>> No. 15103
[x]Go meet this High Chief yourself
>> No. 15104
[x]Go meet this High Chief yourself

No idea why we're so painfully intimidated by the big guy, though. Seems like a nice person.
>> No. 15106
[x]Go meet this High Chief yourself
>> No. 15122
File 12708396217.jpg- (312.45KB , 1608x2015 , 15215d2e87057cd207ddd4d2317a4df6.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Go meet this High Chief yourself

"Uhh..." You look a bit away, trying to find the words for it. You know what you wanna do. The two before you however thought you would do something else, so you're unsure if you're really allowed to yet. "Well, thing is...I would like to accompany Momizi to her talk with this Kabuto person." As expected, the expressions of both wolves change right in front of you, with a mixture of shock and worry.

"M-Master Satoshi," Momizi starts off with. "A-Are you sure about this? I do not think it would be wise..." The big guy next to Momizi just scratches the back of his head, thinking a little about this.

"Well, you are her care taker, aren't ya? I guess you have every right to..." Momizi looks over to her side at him.

"Y-You can't be serious!"

"If he wants to see Chief Kabuto, then you can't really stop him, can you?" Momizi looks like she wants to argue, after a little stammering, she gives in, closing her eyes. Tatsuhiro then looks back over at you. "It's hard to imagine someone new wanting to be audience with High Chief Kabuto so soon, but if you're still adamant on that, follow me..."

As you and Momizi follow the big lug, you're certainly starting to regret your decision. You're totally unsure of just how bad of an idea this might be. It sounds like it might be very well easy to get off on the wrong foot and earn the distrust of the entire tribe. You're starting to realize how utterly reckless this choice was. Backing out now would be cowardly, however, so you make sure you stay by Momizi's side until the bitter end. You're intent on following your ability to help her on this.

Past all the setting up, past a few of the huts, past a large cliff side, sitting lone and tall is a massive hut raised up from the ground. It takes what seems to be two flights of stairs to get to the entrance. All around, there's strong and serious looking wolf tengu standing guard. You feel extremely out of place and unwanted; the guards seem to be looking and staring at you, and their serious look makes it difficult to determine if they're looking at you with contempt. You're not sure yet on how open to outsiders this pack is, especially humans.

You feel your first sweat breaking here.

Your escort stops before the large door inside, requesting entry.

"Tatsuhiro reporting! Momizi Inubashiri has come to fulfill the High Chief's request of an audience!" After a few moments, the giant doors slide open. The interior of the large hut is extravagant. As the three of you walk inside, you can't help but stare around in awe of the place. Brightly lit with the walls teeming with various gold ornaments. This High Chief lives in such luxury, and the wolf tengu are apparently among the lower tengu too, you can only imagine how the lord among tengu live...

Shortly before you stop walking, you can notice that there's even more guards holding various weaponry inside. It's nice to know the wolf tengu aren't sexist, as there's even females in here ready to protect against intruders. In fact, some of them look stronger then some of the males! When you do stop, your attention if brought to the High Chief Kabuto, finally.

WOAH! Holy shit! This guy is huge! You thought Tatsuhiro was gigantic, Kabuto must be nearly twice his size! Those bulging, scarred arms, those massive experienced legs, even his chest and might pack of abs are on display. His arm is probably nearly as big as you alone. You weren't aware anything of a human shape could possibly be this big!

And on top of that sturdy, rock-like body, sits an equally massive head to go along with it. A spike white beard combing around both sides and meeting on his chin, thick eyebrows that give off a very intimidating look, and sitting on his head is a rather elaborate headdress, with feathers of various colors. Around his neck appears to be a necklace that contains a battered tengu mask with a long nose. No doubt about it, this man is a tengu among tengu, even around the higher ranks, you bet.

"Tatsuhiro, good work." His voice bellows loudly and with prominence. "You may excuse us now while we talk about-..." Uh oh. When the chief stops suddenly and notices your presence, you nearly piss yourself. Was this a bad idea after all? "Who is the human behind you?" Tatsuhiro bows in front of his ruler.

"This is Inubashiri's temporary care taker, here on Aya's behalf. He wished to accompany her during this meeting." The chief narrows his eyes a bit at you before looking back at Tatsuhiro.

"Very well then. If that is so, then I suppose he has every right to observe. Carry on." Tatsuhiro bows again and takes his leave. Momizi then steps forward and goes down on one knee before the chief. Looking over, you felt it might be a bad idea showing disrespect at any possible turn, so you quickly do the same, albiet in a fumbled manner. This only brings further attention to yourself though. "Rise, human." You stumble a bit and try and stand yourself up. You're feeling extremely nervous, but you try and keep yourself together, though it's extremely difficult.

"Y-Yes sir!" You can see Kabuto looking at you with deep intent. It's not only very intimidating, but almost mystifying.

"You...tell me your name."

"M-My name is Satoshi, sir."

"Hmm...tell me, what compelled Shameimaru to give ownership of this girl over to you?" You would answer right away, but in complete honesty...you don't really know. Why did Aya give Momizi to you? You never got to ask. You haven't seen her since. Momizi raises her head though and you are relieved of your obligation.

"If I may, Chief Kabuto."

"Go on." The chief says, looking over at Momizi, interested to know what she'll say.

"Master Satoshi, a human as he may be, has been gifted with what I believe to be remarkable judgement and a pure heart, a heart unlike that of any human. He displays excellent chemistry with many youkai, and I believe he has a unique skill to blend in with them despite his heritage. I believe...Master Aya could see that and decided that it would be best if I were put into his care, while she was gone." Kabuto seems to stew on this thought for a moment before looking over at you and examining you. You try your best not to look intimidated, and shockingly, it feels much easier now. After Momizi had given that speech, your resolve was tightened and now you're hoping this has swayed the chief's perception of you. After a while, he looks over at Momizi again.

"Very well. If that is to be believed, then I shall let him watch over this discussion and see for myself what this human is indeed gifted with." You silently breathe a sigh of relief. You think you've gotten past the first hurdle. Doesn't change what might happen later, however.

"Thank you." Momizi rises back up on her feet, and looks up at her magnificent lord. "I believe you wanted to talk to me about my future mate." The high chief closes his eyes for a brief second.

"Hmm, yes. The time is fast approaching for you to bear children, and I believe you have yet to find a single male to even consider?" Momizi closes her eyes and bows her head in shame.

"It is as you say, chief. Please forgive me."

"You still have three rituals to decide and find a proper match, Inubashiri, including this one. I have some suggestions for you if you are having trouble." Momizi looks away, you can't just ignore this.

"Th-Thank you, but I-"

"Wait." You couldn't help yourself. You interrupt Momizi, standing forward. Momizi seems to be looking at you in quite a lot of shock. You've gotten the chief's attention too. "I know this might be out of line but...what if Momizi doesn't want to? Isn't she allowed the choice?"

"M-Master Satoshi!!" Momizi instantly stands up, horrified you would say something like that. Kabuto himself seems intrigued, however.

"You would dare ask this in front of both of us?"

"Listen, I know...I know what it's like. I was told not too long ago. About how breeding here works. And I'm...I know it's painful. People like you deserve better then that, especially for having to put up with the other tengu looking down upon you, but this is Momizi's choice, she be allowed free will of what she wants to do!" You can't even look at the chief. You feel like you said all the wrong things and just insulted the whole pack. You're standing there, bracing for impact...but it never happens. After a while, when you look up at the chief, you just find him glaring at you, and yet, he won't do anything. Instead, he says something rather unexpected.

"Normally, I would concur. There have been females occasionally that we have exempted from the mating ritual so that they may focus more on themselves and becoming stronger. But this is not the case. You say that you know, and yet...I feel you haven't been told the whole truth about this matter." Momizi is suddenly the center of attention after he says this. "Inubashiri...no, Momizi...you have not yet told him what makes you truly special amongst the white wolves, have you?"

You take a look at Momizi, she's looking away in a painful matter. Looks like she was indeed hiding something from you. You turn to face her, you want the truth now.

"Momizi...what...what's wrong...?" Momizi then turns to face you. She has a serious look on her face now, though still pained and worried.

"Master Satoshi...I wanted you to realize it on your own, eventually. I'm not sure if you have. But...what's special about me...isn't my abilities or my traits...I want you to figure it out on your own."

"On my own? About what makes you special?"

"Yes. Think about it, Master Satoshi...more importantly, think about my age. What I've told you. Then tell me what you think makes me special among the wolf tengu."

Action? >_
>> No. 15123
Not abilities...not traits...and she's 172 years old. Hmm...this is going to be a tough one.

[X] You're one of the youngest among the wolf tengu?
>> No. 15125
Keep voting open for the day, please. I'll vote tonight.
>> No. 15126

I'll admit, my original intention was that if no one submitted some sort of extravagant write-in, I'd call the voting upon the first person to solve the riddle of Momizi's uniqueness.

I'll give another hint; think back to why Kabuto had high expectations of her.
>> No. 15127
only hints I'm gathering is genes and potential. I wonder if she was the child of some powerful wolf Tengu.
>> No. 15129
[x] "Special? the most immediate would be how loyal, steadyfast, and honest you are"
[x] "But something that messenger said... something about your genes. I get the feeling you're descended from some very powerful Wolf Youkai."
>> No. 15131
Let's see...172 years ago was 1838. The Hakurei Barrier was made in 1884. I'm not getting anything to relevant to tengu out of that year though, unless it was possible that Momiji was the last white wolf tengu born in the outside world for some odd reason.
>> No. 15133
I'm not sure if this is what Sukima is looking for, but here goes: if white wolf tengu pregnancies and births usually occur after this ritual, then Momizi's age is very odd. It'd be normal if she was 168 or 169, but 172 implies she was born two years before one of these rituals. Her parents could have delayed their mating by several years, or her mother had sex while believing she was infertile after her first pregnancy, and became pregnant again. A female white wolf tengu who could give birth multiple times would be very important to the survival of the tribe.
>> No. 15134

You are indeed correct my good sir.

I will leave it open for another couple hours before I actually start writing. If anyone wants Satoshi to say/do something specific, go for it.
>> No. 15136
This is some heavy shit...

Going with

Thing is I honestly don't know what to say after that realization... I can see why the chief, if not the whole tribe, are rather insistent on Momizi finding a mate; however it's unfair to simply pin her with a seemingly unreasonable "responsibility or obligation".

If to just only appease the chief, this would be why Momizi invited Satoshi; perhaps as a show of her "prospective mate" if that's even possible in the chief's eyes.
>> No. 15137

Biology, math, and history lesson all rolled into one explanation.
>> No. 15138
Dunno if you've already started writing, but...


Reasoning seems sound.
>> No. 15140
File 127086700298.jpg- (106.42KB , 500x614 , 30075b9c8d4ad044cd64d4b8491b96da.jpg ) [iqdb]
This is probably among the most I've ever written in a single post, even competing with some of my earlier walls of sheer text.


You assume a thinking pose, trying to figure this riddle out. Let's see, Momizi is 172 years old, if you remember correctly. The ritual happens once every ten years, so that females that are of age can give birth to the next generation. Females can only give birth once. So...

...wait. You're seeing it now. Momizi is 172 years old. The ritual is happening now, and has only happened once every ten years, meaning that during Momizi's first ritual, she was but two years old...which...which means...

A look of shock enters your face. You take a step back, looking back at Momizi. If that's true...then...

"You...You weren't born anywhere near the previous ritual..." Momizi closes her eyes, and confirms the truth.

"Yes. That is correct. Most wolf tengu pregnancies last between six to twelve months. Since we can only conceive once every ten years, all the tengu born into this race are of mostly equal age. Except me. I was born...an entire eight years afterwards." Kabuto looks over at you and starts finishing the rest of the explaination.

"It is imperative that Momizi here gives birth to as many children as possible. Her parents were able to defy the very laws of nature by not only being able to conceive during an off time, a time where it should be impossible to become pregnant, but after a time where her mother had already become pregnant and beared an earlier child!" You look back over at Momizi, who is looking back at you with a saddened face.

"My mother died shortly after I was born, my sibling had died a few decades after being born, and we determined that my father wasn't of any actual cause to it. So...the judgment lays upon my head alone. I may be the only one who could bring the wolf tengu out of turmoil."

"Her mother may have passed on," Kabuto continues, "but those genes still reside inside her. She still has the capability of breaking the painful curse laid upon us. If she can give birth to a new generation that can conceive at any time, and give birth as many times as they wish..."

"But...!" You shout, stepping forward. This is all so ridiculous! Momizi should have the choice! And yet...

"But what?" The chief tengu says back, narrowing his eyes at you. "Would you dare step in the way of the tengu's only hope of prospering with a population that isn't dwindling? Momizi here carries our only chance at putting this ritual behind us once and for all so that we may finally leave this fear of underpopulation!"

Your heart hurts. But you can only imagine how it must feel for Momizi. When given the choice, would you sacrifice everything you wanted to save your heritage?

You just stand there. Feeling frustrated that there's no way you can help. You can't say anything. You have absolutely no right to. The air falls silent for a long while. That is, until a knocking on the large doors occurs. A voice shouts from behind them.

"Chief Kabuto! Lord Kotoha is requesting your presence!" Kabuto seems to be rather surprised about this news.

"K-Kotoha? Now? Don't just stand there! Let her in!!" The large doors burst open and a massive gust of wind suddenly blows right in. It's creates a small whirlwind in the hut that introduces you to the three crow tengu that swiftly flew in. The frontmost one is, what you assume to be Lord Kotoha. Long, lusterous black hair, a pair of large wings, wearing getas, a knee length skirt with an autumnal design on it, and a white button shirt that has long, kimono-style sleeves covering her hands. Around her neck is a similar tengu mask to that of Kabuto's. Her face is of a mature and sultry look, wearing what appears to be eyeliner to boot.

What interests you is the two ordinary crow tengu behind her at both sides, one of them just so happens to be Aya.

"Kabuto...long time no see." The voice of Kotoha's is the very voice of what would seem like a seductive vixen's, the very embodiment of voluptuous. Suddenly, you find yourself stepping aside, with Momizi stepping off to the other side, as Kabuto gets up and approaches the much smaller crow tengu. Most surprisingly, Kabuto then gets down on one knee, kneeling before the woman, bowing his head.

"Lord Kotoha, you bless us with your presence." W-Woah, a guy this big is treating this woman like she's his master. She must be truly scary beneath that provocative frame.

"Cut the formalities, Kabuto. I came to observe the festival and make sure that all goes well, even though we're without our precious mountain." While the two talk, you can't help but stare at Aya, and she's staring back too, but with a blank expression on her face, much unlike yours, which happens to have hints of contempt in it.

"It would be an honor to show you around, Lord Kotoha." The chief says as he gets up. He then looks over at you and Momizi. "We shall continue this discussion at another time. Please excuse us." Just like that, he turns around and walks out with the lady crow, her two lackeys in tow. As Aya leaves though, she looks back at you, and just before she disappears outside, she gives you an annoying, obnoxious smirk.

URGH! You can't stand her! She's messing with you, you know it!

You take your focus off your frustration for now though and look over at Momizi, who's looking down in shame and worry. This doesn't look very good.

"Momizi..." Momizi looks away for a moment before looking up at you, trying to force a smile past her pain.

"Master Satoshi, let's forget about this for the time being and try to enjoy the festival...okay?" You feel very pained to say it, but...

"...yeah. Sure."

You want to help her. You want to get her out of this mess. But you think it's just not possible. God dammit. All you can do for her now is try and look past it for the time being and enjoy what life you can.

The festival appears to begin a short while later. A loud horn call signals it's start. In the middle of all the huts is the "tent" with all the tables and lanturns hanging about, earlier it was being worked on, but now it was bustling with life. It was very reminiscent of a party, or a true festival. People were laughing, shouting, drinking, eating, generally having fun. The wolf tengu themselves seems to be very colorful, wolves of all shapes and sizes seem to have gathered here, though for the most part, they all wore rather similar clothing. Must be some sort of dress code among the tengu. You noticed that the three crows you saw earlier all dressed similarly too. Approaching the lively party, you can see just how social all the people here are.

"Hey pal!" You barely hear over the 'ooph' forced out of you by a random tengu briskly putting his arm around your shoulder in a drunken gesture. "Whas a hyooman like you doin' here?!" While he says it with a happy outlook, it still feels insulting, somewhat.

"Uhh, just browsing, I guess."

Momizi helps the drunkard off you and the two of you continue walking through the party. Momizi apologizes to you for that brilliant display of dignity.

"Please forgive anyone who appears to be too brash...the tengu are avid drinkers but not all of them can hold it well..."

"Ahh, it's alright. There's people like that in the human village too.." Momizi suddenly giggles a bit. It's a bit surprising, but it's nice to know she's trying to have a good time, despite the earlier confrontation.

"Ah, we should try some of the yakitori here, Master Satoshi!"

"Does the wolf tengu have a really good yakitori griller here?"

"Yes! He's been grilling for decades now and has only been getting better! I eat at his stand here every festival!"

"I guess that's why you wanted some at the human village, huh? Though that kinda ended in disaster..."

"...I'm so sorry."

For a while, you think you're actually starting to have...fun. You're beginning to forget the earlier depression and starting to enjoy the festival. The yakitori at the stand was delicious, as Momizi kept talking about. The guy who ran it seemed like a nice guy too.

After leaving the stand, you and Momizi walk around for a bit before you stop suddenly. A familiar face has caught your eye, when Momizi stops and looks at where you're staring at, she knows exactly what kind of trouble is brewing.

"Master Aya..." Clenching your fists, you decide it's time you had another encounter with Aya. You stray from the original path and decide to walk up behind the crow tengu, with Momizi worriyingly in follow.

"...Aya." You say flatly to her. The crow turns around and unexpectedly jumps at you gleefully.

"Satoshiii~! How's my little money maker?" You look at the tengu hugging you uncomfortably, with a bright cheery smile on her face. You on the other hand, have an incredibly bemused expression.

"Money maker? Excuse me?" Aya looks up at you happily and explains.

"Of course! The stories I write about you are always so interesting and fun! They always get approved and the papers flies like hot cakes! You're amazing, Satoshi!" As much praise as she's giving you, it's for all the wrong reasons. You have this deathly look of despair plastered all over you. You wish you could hang yourself right now. "Oh! And you're taking care of Momi too! I owe you a lot, don't I?"

"Y-...Yes, yes you do." You studder out a bit, trying to contain your mixture of rage and sorrow. "In fact, it'd be pretty great if you repaid me now." Aya separates herself from you and her hands behind herself, looking at you.

"Alright then. Name one thing you want then. I'll give it to you." You have a few things in mind that you'd want from her, but as of right now, there's only one objective on your mind.

"I want you to be nicer to Momizi." Aya looks at you with a small mixture of surprise and confusion. Momizi herself seems a lot more surprised, on the other hand.

"Ma-...Master Satoshi..." Aya then laughs shortly after, just what you'd expect from her, dammit.

"What are you talking about, Satoshi? Momi is just fine, right?" She looks over at Momizi, and while she's defending her, she can't even look at her, or you, so you know the truth behind this.

"W-Well, Master Aya is, that is to say...she's just fine by normal standards, and-"

"Normal standards?" You say, interrupting Momizi. "Normal standards involve your superior heartlessly ignoring you when you need help?" You look back at Aya, having to stop yourself from growling at her, you're so angry. "If that's how a 'care-taker' should act then what's wrong with you people?! You're supposed to be caring for her!" Aya waves her hand at you a bit nervously, trying to calm you down.

"N-Now now, Satoshi. Yelling like that isn't-"

"Isn't thoughtful? Like you ever were. You post inaccurate stories about me on the newspaper all the time! Why can't you be nice to Momizi?!" Aya stares at you for a nice while, before looking over to the side, with an unfortunate smile.

"Because...that's not me." You have to think for a moment on how to comprehend that. You can feel yourself getting more frustrated by her.

"What....what does that mean?! What does that have to-"

"Because!" Aya steps in and stops you from continuing with a foot down. "You're asking me to change myself, how I act. No matter what you do for me, I can't do that. Putting on a fake face just to make someone else happy? The tengu here don't allow that, Satoshi. You don't know how things work around here. If everyone did that, we'd all go insane and kill each other." Aya then steps back to her previous spot with arms crossed. "You still have growing up to do, even at your...old age as a human I guess. In this world, you gotta be yourself, or you'll lose sight of who you are. What do you do then? Huh?" Aya is looking at you inquisitively now, but as much as you want to prove her wrong, it's a difficult question she expects you to answer right away. "Come back to me when you have a real request, huh?" Right after that, she turns around, and starts walking away, merely brushing you off. It's frustrating, both because it's an insult, and because...well, she's still partially right.

"W-Wait, Aya! I'm not done with you!!" You want to argue against her point more, to try and clear things up, but she just raises a hand as she walks away.

"Sorry! Too busy! Just remember that you can't be nice to everyone you meet, Satoshi!! You lose battles that way!!" You're nearly reduced to panting your frustration out. You have to facepalm and try and get over this mess.

"Master Satoshi...please forgive Master Aya, she...she's..."

"It's okay." You erk out, rubbing your forehead. "Aya typically gives me a headache any time we meet anyways. This time is just no exception. I think I need some time alone though..." Momizi isn't very happy about it, but gives you your space nonetheless.

After Momizi leaves you, you have found yourself wandering aimlessly about, the more you do so the more you start distancing yourself from the crowd until you eventually come to a stop behind a massive boulder that separates you from the loud festival going on behind you. There's some distance put between you and the rest of the pack now. It might be some ample time to think. You hope anyways. You just want to relax for the most part though. The sky by now has turned dark, not a star occupying it from the large amount of clouds that's likely blanketing the area. Your serenity here lasts only but a short while when you notice you have a visitor.

"Oh, hello Satoshi. Did I disturb you?" You squint your eyes at the entity before you, trying to make them out in the dark.

"Huh? Uhh...oh, you're that Souya boy from yesterday, aren't you?" The boy seems to smile before sitting next to you.

"You remembered my name! Thank you. Here, I brought this for you." Souya goes and hands you a medium sized bottle of what you perceive to be sake. You look at him in jest.

"Hey now, are you old enough to be carrying around this stuff?" Souya smiles back at you.

"Not to worry, even if I wasn't, it is quite easy to sneak some away during this time." You give off a good hearty laugh shortly before taking a swig of the alcohol.

"Hahaha, wow, that's comforting, isn't it?"

"Indeed. Speaking of comforting though, I wanted to thank you on the pack's behalf for taking such good care of Miss Inubashiri. As you are probably already aware, she is a valuable asset to the wolf tengu and her well being very much concerns us." You can't help but look down with a bit of a sour taste in your mouth though, and you're positive it isn't the sake.

"But is that really all she is to you...?" You mutter, taking another drink of the bottle. Souya heard you, however.

"Oh, no! Not at all! Miss Inubashiri may not have the most upbeat personality at times, but she is among the nicer wolves here with a sense of kindness to her, that's only improved since she went to stay with you, Satoshi." You take a look over at Souya, trying to confirm this.

"She's been with me this whole time, how can you even tell?"

"Trust me, Satoshi. We can probably see things within her that you can't. Don't worry about it too much and drink up, though!" You want to argue some more, but quite frankly, you're too tired. You follow his train of thought and take yet another drink. You hope this won't cloud your judgement too much. You're usually strong against sake anyways.

"I just wish...things could be easier for Momizi. You know? She has it so rough..."

"Yes, I know what you mean...can I ask you something, however?" You take a look over at Souya and he has a serious look on his face for a brief moment, from what you could tell, before smiling gently. "How do you feel about Miss Inubashiri, exactly?"

You look down at the ground and try to gather your thoughts. How do you feel about Momizi, huh? You wonder if you can really form an opinion on that when it hasn't been that long. On the other hand, ever since she came over, your life activity has certainly seen a high jump. You guess you could try to explain it. How exactly do you feel about Momizi so far?

Action? >_
>> No. 15141
[X] "Honestly, it's hard to say. I've only known her for a few days, and the first few were pretty hectic."
-[X] "I do think of her as a friend."
-[X] "Sometimes I thought our relationship could be something more, but with what I know now, maybe it would be better if it isn't."
-[X] "I still care and worry about her, though. She's put her trust in me and I don't want to break that."
>> No. 15142
[X] "Honestly, it's hard to say. I've only known her for a few days, and the first few were pretty hectic."
-[X] "I do think of her as a friend."
-[X] "Sometimes I thought our relationship could be something more, but with what I know now, maybe it would be better if it isn't."
-[X] "I still care and worry about her, though. She's put her trust in me and I don't want to break that."
>> No. 15143
Damn. Aya told us off pretty hard.

[X] "Honestly, it's hard to say. I've only known her for a few days, and the first few were pretty hectic."
-[X] "I do think of her as a friend."
-[X] "Sometimes I thought our relationship could be something more, but with what I know now, maybe it would be better if it isn't."
-[X] "I still care and worry about her, though. She's put her trust in me and I don't want to break that."
>> No. 15145
Aya's full of it. "Being yourself" comes to a stop when it starts to involve abusing others.

Not sure of how to vote, myself. I suppose it wouldn't be too far off the left field to admit that we'd fantasized about being more than friends with Momizi, but admitting it out loud brings things a wee bit too far from Orin territory for comfort. (I can't help it, I dig Wendy way too much.)
>> No. 15147
[X] "Honestly, it's hard to say. I've only known her for a few days, and the first few were pretty hectic."
-[X] "I do think of her as a friend."
-[X] "Sometimes I thought our relationship could be something more, but with what I know now, maybe it would be better if it isn't."
-[X] "I still care and worry about her, though. She's put her trust in me and I don't want to break that."
>> No. 15148
File 127088598066.jpg- (173.09KB , 705x500 , 5b287069b83a7006bbc4fcce3f3c4401.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sorry for the rapid fire updates, I'm just very eager to keep this story going.

>"Honestly, it's hard to say. I've only known her for a few days, and the first few were pretty hectic."
>"I do think of her as a friend."
>"Sometimes I thought our relationship could be something more, but with what I know now, maybe it would be better if it isn't."
>"I still care and worry about her, though. She's put her trust in me and I don't want to break that."

"Honestly...it's hard to say." You say to begin with, staring up at the deep black sky. "I've only known her for a few days, those being rather crazy." Souya laughs a bit in response.

"Haha, so I heard. Do continue though."

"I do think of her as a friend, however. She's a nice girl who tries her best. Sometimes...I've thought that our relationship might be a little more then that, but...I think with the way things are, it would be a good thing if it wasn't like that." Souya adds his two cents here before you continue further.

"Well, it's good that you have your priorities straight. Due to this way of life we lead, any white wolf tengu falling in love with someone not an equal member is considered traitorous and is easily punishable by death...for both parties." You can't help but cringe when you hear this. It's a very good thing. But you still want to continue, you know what you're feeling now.

"But...I still care and worry about her...you know? She's put her trust in me...I don't want to break that. It hasn't been that long but...that trust I feel is important, at least if we were to continue to know each other after all this."

"Which I am sure you will." You look over at Souya, and through the darkness you can see him giving you a sincere smile. "Miss Inubashiri needed someone who considered her an equal, the way the rest of the tengu are towards her isn't very productive to her personality." Yeah, you can definitely see that. It would help if she were more aggressive about it.

"Well, thanks, Souya. I think getting that off my chest makes me feel a little better about all this." As you stare back up at the sky, things go silent for a moment before Souya says something a little mournfully.

"It is indeed a shame, though...while comforting to know that you would still consider her a possible match for you, it can't be helped that you are human. If you were one of us, there would be no question that you would be the perfect match for Momizi..." You're stunned for a moment before quickly looking over at Souya. He's smiling at you, but there's something about it... "Well, I should get best to the festival. You should too, soon. It's been a pleasure talking with you." Souya picks himself up and takes his leave back in the direction of the festival after that. All you can do is hit your head lightly against the boulder behind you. You feel so...stupid.

You think the only thing really keeping you from crying is the fact that even if you weren't together with her. it'd still be a hopeless endeavor, because you're not a wolf tengu. Having to make the decision between the two...it'd reduce you to shambles. You couldn't do it. You would never be able to live with either choice. But that's not all either, the look Souya was giving you after he said that, you can tell he had regrets. He even used her first name...maybe he wanted Momizi to himself? It's not surprising, he seems to wanna be closer to her. But then...why? Ugh, too much hard thinking right now. You'll deal with it later, not much sense stewing on it right now.

You sigh softly, alone behind the boulder once more. Looking up at the sky, it's still as dark as ever. You're enjoying your time alone again for a brief moment, but it's only for a brief moment before yet another person approaches. Ugh, why can't anyone leave you alone? You get up, ready to leave discreetly when, you see Aya coming around the corner of the rock, of all people. She herself seems surprised when she lays eyes on you.


"A-Aya? What're you doing over here?" Upon getting over the initial shock, Aya tries to act cool and brush it off.

"O-Oh, well I thought I'd go out looking for you, and, well...I guess I find you!" You're not really buying that for a moment. Nor are you very amused with her right now. Maybe it's the sake getting to your system but you have a score to settle with this birdie.

"Great, so you found me. You better have come telling me you won't abuse Momizi anymore."

"Oh come on Satoshi, I'm not that mean to Momi am I? Since you're here though, I do kinda actually wanna pay you back." Again, you don't feel like buying it, but you'll humor her and play along for now.

"Really? What in the world compelled you to actually be nice for a change?"

"I'm not all bad, Satoshi." Aya says, approaching you, though you can tell she's doing it cautiously. She considers you a threat still, that's nice to know. "You taking care of Momi has to be the best thing that's happened to us, you included, am I right?" You're not entirely sure about that just yet. But again, playing along with it.

"Yeah, yeah, sure. Just get on with it."

"I'll tell you what then. Ask for any one thing right now. Anything I can reasonably do, anyways." You can't really tell in this darkness, but you want to bet that Aya has her hand behind her back with her fingers crossed. But since she said reasonably do, you figure that includes her changing her ways. At least to her. What are you going to tell this chick?

>"Sorry but it's still going to be playing nice with Momizi."
>"Well, I could use better money compensation since you're making so much off me..."
>"I'd like it if you stopped posting stories about me."
>"A way for me to be a youkai."
>"Suck my dick."

Action? >_
>> No. 15150
[x]"A way for me to be a youkai."
Is throwing our humanity for love and friendship a bad thing? What would be the difference of pursuing this goal and what Alice and Patchouli did once?

>Sorry for the rapid fire updates
Yeah, you better be. Who likes a writefag who writes fast and often? Oh wait.
>> No. 15151
[x]"A way for me to be a youkai."

Something tells me that nothing good can come out of asking Aya this. Whether or not she can help with this at tall is secondary to my concern of whether or not she is trustworthy with something this important. Nonetheless, I'm interested in what will happen.

If she can't help:
[x]"Then it's still going to be playing nice with Momizi."
>> No. 15152
[X] "Sorry, but it's still going to be playing nice with Momizi."

I want to answer what you've answered, but...

It stinks, that answer. Bad juju. Hidden figures. Twisting in my gut.

Don't go for it.
>> No. 15153
[X]"Suck my dick."

I can't help it.
>> No. 15154
[x] "A way for me to be a youkai."
And if she can't achieve the impossible.
[x] "Sorry, then it's still going to be playing nice with Momizi."
>> No. 15155
[X] "A way for me to become a youkai."

This seems like the best answer, but it makes me think of Marisa, in a mostly depressing and lonely way. Satoshi becoming a youkai would solve many problems while altering everything about his world as well, more than just his social/romantic life.
>> No. 15157
>[]"A way for me to be a youkai."

Getting bad vibes out of that option. I think that Orin as well as Momizi would like us better as we are. We may lose a few friends this way. Besides...changing who we are to please someone else? It's the exact argument Aya threw back in our face earlier.

[X] "I want you to teach me how to use wind magic."

If write-ins aren't allowed...

[X] "Sorry, but it's still going to be playing nice with Momizi."
-[X] Explain why being nicer to her is so important to you now that you're aware of why so much pressure is placed on her, especially during these festivals.
>> No. 15158
Most of Satoshi's problems seem to come from being human so...
[x]"A way for me to be a youkai."
>> No. 15161

Au contraire. Most of Satoshi's problems seem to come from having a normal human lifespan, not out of his humanity itself.


[x]"A way for me to become immortal."

Turns out there is one.
>> No. 15162
[X] "Sorry but it's still going to be playing nice with Momizi."

>[] "A way for me to be a youkai."
No. Just no. Satoshi is the way he is because he's human, not in spite of it.
>> No. 15163
[X]"Suck my dick."

Every other option will go nowhere, may as well get a free blowjob out of it.
>> No. 15164

Immortality is worse that you might think, just ask Mokou and Kaguya.
>> No. 15165
[X] "I want you to teach me how to use wind magic."

I do find it kind of funny that Satoshi knows next to no magic whatsoever when there are two witches living near him. Then again...each trip out into the forest so far have had less than pleasant results. Satoshi needs to learn how to at the very least learn how to defend himself from youkai. He's played the helpless protagonist role at least when it comes to protecting others long enough. Why not give him some firepower to make up for his human weakness.
>> No. 15167
And I think Satoshi should go to those two witches to learn magic. Besides, her ability to manipulate wind is more to do with being a crow tengu than magic.
>> No. 15168
Turning Youkai doesn't mean he has to give up his 'human' essence, just look at Meiling, a Youkai considered quite-human like in her nature. And it's been said Alice, a rather recent convert tries her best to keep human habits.

[X] "A way for me to become a youkai."

If that doesn't turn up anything

[X] "Sorry, but it's still going to be playing nice with Momizi."
-[X] Explain why being nicer to her is so important to you now that you're aware of why so much pressure is placed on her, especially during these festivals.
-[x] Just because someone is your underling doesn't mean you have to basically belittle them at every opportunity. An Heirarchy is one thing, but thinly veiled racism is another.

If I thought Satoshi knew more about history, I'd have him remark on how soldiers fought better for superiors that respected and valued them. This much was true even in feudal japan.
>> No. 15169
[X] "A way for me to become a youkai."

Contingency answer if the first one does not fly...

[X] "Sorry, but it's still going to be playing nice with Momizi."
-[X] Explain why being nicer to her is so important to you now that you're aware of why so much pressure is placed on her, especially during these festivals.
-[x] Just because someone is your underling doesn't mean you have to basically belittle them at every opportunity. An Heirarchy is one thing, but thinly veiled racism is another.

Works for me~!
>> No. 15170
I'm still having doubts, though. There's really no telling what will happen if we do. Personally, I think that if we really want to become a youkai, we should consult Alice for that, since she went through the process herself. Of course...this is really gonna hurt our friendship with Keine, but then again...she's got a one-track mind about all youkai. Plus it's kinda hard to forgive her after what she said earlier.
>> No. 15171

>Immortality is worse than you might think, just ask Mokou and Kaguya.

From what we know of her in canon, Kaguya seems pretty happy to me, and Mokou's flat out stated in her backstory (Cage in Lunatic Runagate ch.4) that the main reason immortality sucked for her was that for the majority of her life, she was both lonely and dirt poor. Satoshi is none of those things.

Anyways, I'm just throwing this suggestion out there because as far as increasing our lifespan goes, it's the one that flat out doesn't carry any "shedding your humanity" corollary. From our other options, even becoming a magician leaves humanity up for debate (swinging one way or the other depending on the story).
>> No. 15172

We might become immortal. Doesn't mean Orin and Momiji would be. Eventually, they might die off too, but we'd have to live the rest of our lives without them.

They say that there are worse things then death, and eternal life is one of them.
>> No. 15173
[X] "A way for me to become a youkai."

If that doesn't work

[X] "Sorry, but it's still going to be playing nice with Momizi."
-[X] Explain why being nicer to her is so important to you now that you're aware of why so much pressure is placed on her, especially during these festivals.
-[x] Just because someone is your underling doesn't mean you have to basically belittle them at every opportunity. An Heirarchy is one thing, but thinly veiled racism is another.

I can't decide between the two.
>> No. 15175
[X] "Sorry, but it's still going to be playing nice with Momizi."
>> No. 15176
I think Momiji kinda put things into prospective about Keine. Mainly that she was just concerned about him. I'm not sure if Keine even knows about his feelings towards Rin.

Also this request isn't automatically turn us, just give us some options. Alice and Marisa do know about his feelings.

But you know... we should ask the biggest question: How would Rin herself feel about such a thing?
>> No. 15178
[X] "A way for me to become a youkai."
>> No. 15179
[X] "A way for me to become a youkai."
-[X] "Or someway to match the lifespan of one"
>> No. 15180
>[X] "A way for me to become a youkai."


Oh crud, it's actually going to swing this way.

Screw it, then. Changing my vote to:

[x]"Suck my dick."
>> No. 15181
[x]"Suck my dick."

Let's all vote for the option that Aya is MOST likely to do.
>> No. 15182
That's a shitty Pooshlmer born meme; knock it off.
>> No. 15183
[X] "A way for me to become a youkai."

If that doesn't work

[X] "Sorry, but it's still going to be playing nice with Momizi."
-[X] Explain why being nicer to her is so important to you now that you're aware of why so much pressure is placed on her, especially during these festivals.
-[x] Just because someone is your underling doesn't mean you have to basically belittle them at every opportunity. An Heirarchy is one thing, but thinly veiled racism is another.
>> No. 15184

Sure. Why not?
>> No. 15185

I've never even been to Pooshlmer; knock it off.
>> No. 15186
[X] "A way for me to become a youkai."

If that doesn't work

[X] "Sorry, but it's still going to be playing nice with Momizi."
-[X] Explain why being nicer to her is so important to you now that you're aware of why so much pressure is placed on her, especially during these festivals.
-[x] Just because someone is your underling doesn't mean you have to basically belittle them at every opportunity. A hierarchy is one thing, but thinly veiled racism is another.

Not sure how the racism bit will go over, but if it is indeed raining chocolate, it's got to stop.
>> No. 15192
From the sounds of things it's beyond mere heirarchies. Just look at how those crow tengu acted when they arrived there. That was out of line even for superiors. And it seems normal to belittle the white wolf tengu as if it was nothing, a group of people who seem happy with their lower station in Tengu society in the first place.

It doesn't change the fact that it was born there and spread to all of Touhou fandom, including here.
>> No. 15199
[X] "A way for me to become a youkai."
>> No. 15209
First, the spoilers: If you chose to tell Aya to suck your cock, I likely would've written her doing just that since I like Aya and I haven't written good smut in a while.

>"A way for me to become a youkai."

"Hmm...why are you asking for such an absurd thing, Satoshi?" You go ahead and tell her plainly why this has to be your choice.

"I want...a longer life span. I also want to be stronger. I'm through with people always putting themselves in danger simply because I'm so fragile. I'm also tired of hearing about how I'll die long before my friends even mature. There's someone I promised I'd stay beside for as long as I can live, and I want that to be longer so I don't feel like I'm leaving her behind so soon..."

"Oh~?" Aya puts on a sly face as she approaches you, even in the dark, those ugly teeth of hers are hard to mistake, especially up close and personal. "You mean that rowdy cat girl you've been hanging around, Satoshi?" You just sneer back at her, rather tired of her accusations.

"Ugh, stop that. It says something when I feel like you're spying on me at any given moment." Aya puts some distance between the two of you again, looking at you.

"You don't have to hide it you, it's blatantly obvious."

"So what if it is?! Get to the damn point, can you do it or not?" Aya looks to her side for a moment, seemingly thinking before giving you an unexpectedly serious look.

"Satoshi, do you even know what you're getting yourself into?" Your expression changes after she says that. You're not entirely sure what she means, but she goes on. "Now, I'm not saying it isn't possible...but something like that is big, no, extraordinary. Most magicians have to be trained for practically life before they can achieve something otherworldly like that. There's many ways of going about it, of course, but all of them are very life threatening, in more ways then one...do you realize this?"

You hate to say it, but you don't think you do.

"It doesn't matter. I just want to be able to-"

"Hah!" Aya points and interrupts you. "See? That's how I tell you're not ready. You just flat out ignored my warning, didn't you?" You blink for a moment before sighing, being forced to admit it.

"Come on, it can't be that hard, can it?"

"Eh...you still have a lot to learn, Satoshi. I guess I was right when I said you haven't grown up fully yet. You need to open your eyes before you make a decision as big as that one." It angers you that she's giving you a lecture, but you can't say anything, you don't have any reason to believe otherwise. "Now, I'm not gonna say I can't help you, I do owe you something...but I want you to like, talk to people about that first, okay? Talk to your friends about it, like people in the human village." You would, in fact you probably might have by now, if you didn't already know what they'd say. There's no way they'd let you. But it's your decision and yours alone to make, right? "Particularly that school marm. She might not look it, but I think if you talked to her about this, you might find out a thing or two that will make you consider this more deeply."

You just stare at Aya dumbfounded for a moment. What does she know about Keine? Yeah, sure, she's probably interviewed her once or twice, but how would she know what she would say about something like this? Has she asked her about you? That would make her a little more obsessive then you'd prefer, actually. You have a vague idea of what Keine would say though, it starts with N, ends with O, and follows it is a massive lecture that you'd rather not listen to. It's all the same crap she's thrown at you for so long. While you've been preoccupied with thinking about this however, you've just now realized that Aya is indeed walking away from you.

"H-Hey! Wait, Aya!" Aya raises her hand again as she walks.

"Sorry, busy! I'll catch ya some other time, Satoshi!" You run after her and turn the corner around the boulder, but just like that, she's gone. Off like the wind, she is. Ugh, you didn't even have a chance to get off what else was on your mind. Oh well.

You decide this is a good as time as any to return to the festival. The party seems to have calmed down a bit and now there's just a lot of idle chatter and eating all about. On the stage in the middle of the circle appears to be music players. When you get closer, you realize that the majority of of the population inside seems to be made up of couples or something similar; this greatly turns you off of getting near. The last thing you want to be reminded of is how alone you are without her. As you turn around, you're nearly caught off guard by the hulking giant that was behind you. Looking up, you see a familiar face.

"W-Woah! Oh...hi Tatsuhiro..." The big figure seems happy to see you at least, though his giant frame almost scared you half to death, you've had too many instances of being nearly killed for this to be healthy now.

"Hey there, Satoshi. Are ya looking for Momizi?" After calming yourself down from the initial scare, you look up at him.

"Yeah...I guess you could say I am. Why?"

"She wanted to tell you that she was going to see High Chief Kabuto but she couldn't find you. So I stuck around to give you that news." Your body tenses up a bit, you realize now your stay there was just a little too long.

"Shit, really? I need to go then." Before you can run off, Tatsuhiro grabs your shoulder, whose hand is almost twice as large as your shoulder, so it's a very effective means to stopping you.

"Hey now, don't jump the gun here. I don't think Chief Kabuto would really appreciate you interrupting an important talk like that. As far as I know, he's deemed you unnecessary to the conversation." That really stings you, to be considered throw away like that. It ends up shooting your mood back down even further.

"Oh...I see...gah..."

"Don't take it so personally, Chief Kabuto just wants what's best for his people. Maybe you could take a look around and spend some idle time in the meantime? I'll even treat ya!"

It sounds a little tempting, you'll admit. Part of you wants to go help Momizi, but is it really worth angering a shining example of a giant bull personified? You don't feel all too well either, both emotionally and physically.

>Drown your sorrows at the bar
>Hang out with the lonely singles instead
>Ask where you're staying and if you can be lead there
>Go help Momizi

Action? >_
>> No. 15210

Goddammit, you people. That would have been awesome.
>> No. 15211
[X] Ask where you're staying and if you can be lead there

Let's not broadcast our troubles, alright? Cork up those sour grapes--they shall be our wine.
>> No. 15213
[X] Ask where you're staying and if you can be lead there

This party sucks
>> No. 15214
[X] Jump off a cliff
>> No. 15215
[x] Hang out with the lonely singles instead
I'm interested in what they think of the festival, etc.
>> No. 15216
[X] Ask where you're staying and if you can be lead there
>> No. 15218
[X] Ask where you're staying and if you can be lead there
>> No. 15220
[x]Go help Momizi
It's either be brave or cry about how coward you are? Easy choice.
>> No. 15221
[x] Hang out with the lonely singles instead


Y'know, /at/ has plenty of room...
>> No. 15222
[x]Go help Momizi

I don't even
>> No. 15223
[x]Drown your sorrows at the bar
>> No. 15224
[x]Go help Momizi
>> No. 15225
[X] Ask where you're staying and if you can be lead there

>Ugh, you didn't even have a chance to get off what else was on your mind.
So Anon, do you feel proud for picking the choice you were certain wouldn't work?
>> No. 15227
We got a hint about Keine, since I don't think Satoshi knows about Keine's power, both normal and on a full moon. Who better to do a quick change to Youkai than someone who can alter history?

As far as the second request, perhaps a serious discussion might work better as to effectively show her what problems is going on than forcing her to do it.

[X] Ask where you're staying and if you can be lead there.

Getting drunk won't do any good. As much as I'd like to help, pissing him off wouldn't end well. But hey it wasn't the first time Satoshi did something hotblooded and totally stupid. Not as if anyone's mother is going to die as a result. I'm saying I'm not exactly opposed to the helping her choice; I'm just not voting for it.
>> No. 15228

Nope. Sorry. Live with your decision, Anon.
>> No. 15229
Actually, I was critiquing the fact that Anon makes wishy-washy votes like >>15151 rather than picking one choice and sticking to it. A multi-choice vote works depending on the situation. Considering Aya's attitude towards Satoshi, I thought it was apparent that it wouldn't have worked then.
>> No. 15230

Actually the vote was a backup in case Aya flat out refused. But in the end, Aya did get us some info.

The funny part: How to get Satoshi to bring the subject up? Chances are he'd need to explicitly find out about how she is on full moons if he doesn't know in the first place.
>> No. 15234
>Ask where you're staying and if you can be lead there

You sigh after reaching your decision. It's pretty dull, but it's likely the safest option.

"Can you just take me to where I'll be staying for tonight?" Tatsuhiro seems a bit down about your choice.

"Ah, well, alright then. If that's what you want." He then turns around and you go ahead and follow him. After a while of walking away from the general crowd, you're now into the outcropping full of scattered huts all about. You can notice a scant few couples here and there, and it's so deadly obvious what's going to happen soon with them...ugh.

"So are there huts for every single wolf tengu?" You decide to ask on the way. Tatsuhiro laughs though.

"Hahaha, no, no. Not quite, anyways. All the huts you see scattered about are specifically for each separate woman in the pack, as all the guys on this day either stay with one of the girls or in the master hut with the Chief. We made a couple too many preparing for this event though so we have no problem lending you one." Well that's awfully kind. You don't think you'd have serious objections to staying with a bunch of guys but right now, you just need some time alone.

Eventually, Tatsuhiro leads you to a hut that seems to be on the outer edges, it's quite a far cry from the center.

"Here you go Satoshi, remember, the festival likely won't die down for another couple hours, so you're welcome to come back if you feel better!"

"Thanks, I'll think about it."

Tatsuhiro sees you off and leaves you alone at the hut. When you walk inside, you can see that it's pretty bare. A mildly comfortable looking bed in the corner, a small table on the other. A lanturn burns dimly on it. There's also a window covered by primitive blinds in between the table and bed. There's not much else to the hut.

You sit on the bed and contemplate your next move. Momizi must be having a hard time with the chief, and you would go and help her but there's a good chance it'd make things worse for her...that's the last thing you need.

>Try and pass idle time
>Go back outside
>Try and sleep

Action? >_
>> No. 15237
[X] Think about becoming a youkai.
[X] Try and sleep

>> No. 15238
>Momizi must be having a hard time with the chief

Oh I bet...

-[x] Think about becoming a youkai.
--[x]Go back outside

I can't help but have a really bad feeling about all this...

First off, the main purpose of the festivities; essentially ensuring the coming of a new generation of the white wolf tengu.

Next the chief having great expectations in particularly about Momizi in finding a mate; Especially on the off chance of her most likely birthing more children than the average female of the tribe.

A tribe where, while may not have an issue on having enough females, do seemingly have concerns about their own numbers either dwindling, stagnating or dying off...

Who's to say that the chief himself wouldn't try something as forcing Momizi to take a mate in the name of "saving/strengthening the tribe" rather than allow her the freedom to decide..?

Perhaps the chief himself would take upon the role if he felt it was a necessity for the tribe.

Feels bad man.

Feels bad all around man.
>> No. 15239
[X] Recap

Try to clear your head before returning to the festival.

I'm wondering why the chief is putting so much pressure on her this early. She has thirty years before she's fertile, and that should be a significant amount of time even to the tengu.
>> No. 15240
-[x] Think about becoming a youkai.
--[x]Go back outside
>> No. 15241
[x]Try and sleep

Even if 30 years is a long time, there are only 3 more chances for her to find a mate before they start wasting time.
>> No. 15242
And he seems to have forgotten how Momiji is the only surviving child of her mothers and how her birth killed her mother.

But I wonder if this limitation is natural or not to the white wolf Tengu. It sounds almost too good as a preventive measure in terms of them growing too large and possibly rivaling the crow Tengu.

Satoshi's certainly got himself mixed into something big this time.

-[x] Think about becoming a youkai, and the ramifications of such a change.
--[x]Go back outside
>> No. 15246
-[x] Think about becoming a youkai, and the ramifications of such a change.
--[x]Go back outside
>> No. 15247
-[x] Think about becoming a youkai, and the ramifications of such a change.
--[x]Go back outside
The last choice was terrible, anon. Rollback or suffer the rest of the story with a broken Momizi.
>> No. 15248
Aren't we extrapolating a tad too much, going from "the Chief is exerting undue pressure" to "the Chief is totally going to rape her until she can't walk anymore"?


-[x] Think about becoming immortal, and the ramifications of such a change.
--[x]Go back outside
>> No. 15249
-[x] Think about becoming immortal, and the ramifications of such a change.
--[x]Go back outside

Either way though, we need to check on Momizi as soon as possible. I'm pretty certain the whole reason Satoshi was excluded from the meeting was because he spoke out against him on Momizi's behalf, thus showing him what kind of hindrance he would be in his objective to have Momizi find a mate. Since she appears to be so attached to him, it probably gave Kabuto implications of the possibility of Satoshi getting TOO close to her.
>> No. 15257
Hey man, Sukima wouldn't pull such a thing. Take it easy already.

Yeah, but in a way Satoshi doesn't end up in deep shit. But I'm curious as to the great pressure now as opposed to say 25 years later.
>> No. 15275
-[x] Think about becoming a youkai, and the ramifications of such a change.
--[x]Go back outside
>> No. 15292
>Think about becoming a youkai
>Go back outside

You sit on the bed and start thinking to yourself. You need to rearrange your thoughts and get a better grasp on this situation.

Alright, so, Momizi is a member of the White Wolf Tengu race, a race whose ability to reproduce has been severely limited by an unknown cause. Because of this, they can only be impregnated once, and only once every ten years. Since the average pregnancy can possibly have as little as one birth, this means that for every couple, the pack has the possibility of losing one, thereby lowering their population even after reproduction. This isn't counting deaths caused by unnatural causes, such as by disease or in battle. And then there are females that might not be able to give birth at all. While the pack as of right now appears to be in decent shape, it's always a struggle to keep it that way, because for every ten years that pass it's possible that the number of huts for mating is reduced...

However, Momizi's mother was somehow exempt from this special rule laid upon the white wolf tengu. She, along with Momizi's father, gave birth to a single child as normal during a ritual. However, eight years later, somehow they gave birth again. The resulting child was Momizi. However, this wasn't without it's consequences. Momizi's would be sibling died sometime before she could mature, and Momizi's mother passed away sometime after she had given birth. This left Momizi alone with her father. Has anyone really given any consideration to this? You never really got to ask Momizi about it yourself, really. You also wonder if this would really allow Momizi to give birth multiple times like her mother did. She might still be unable to, and even if she did, who's to say it won't kill her off like it did her mother?

Yet, despite all this, the chief seems very concerned with making this happen. You suppose you can't blame him, the survival of his people is at stake here. He must be very passionate about it. You have no idea what exactly he's talking to Momizi about though. The last conversation did not go too entirely well. You suppose your stunning display of protection for Momizi made him feel like you were in the way. Besides, you're only temporary, it's not like you'll be related to this anymore in some weeks time, right? Though...in the end you just can't feel that way. You feel too sorry for Momizi for having to put up with all this when she's such a good and earnest girl at heart. It's hard for you to just sit back and watch.

There's so much surrounding all this, the desecration of the mountain, the crow tengu, and various other things. Kotoha, who you believed was the head of the crow tengu, seems intent on watching over this festival. But why? It couldn't be out of sheer consideration, since the way she addressed Kabuto made it sound like she really didn't want to be there. Or maybe that's just her way of showing affection. She looks like an extremely prideful woman, which is starting to sound more and more like a growing trend among these youkai. You're starting to wonder how much of what Keine said was really true or not. She talked smack in front of Momizi, sure, but even Momizi couldn't deny some of the things she said. She might've exaggerated, but if it's still true then...

Speaking of crows and Keine, Aya herself was quite vague when you asked her about becoming a youkai yourself. Sure, she usually is vague anyways but that type of vague is typically the teasing type of vague, not the cryptic, mysterious type of vague. She especially talked about Keine in a weird manner...it might be worth making another trip to see her sometime. You get the feeling there's things being hidden from you. You don't like it when things are being hidden from you. Either way, you'd ordinarily know what Keine would say about you becoming youkai, but if Aya's cryptic message is to be believed, then maybe she would say something different. You would normally never give this kind of silly thought the time of day, but lately, you've seen weirder things happen, so you can't really put it past anything anymore...

She told you to think more carefully about becoming youkai, though. What does that mean? What is there to think about? You want to be stronger and live longer. You suppose for any human that's nearly impossible to achieve, but there have been youkai that have granted this wish to humans before, right? It's all in the folklore. Though you don't recall many of them ending on a particularly good note. Maybe she meant that if you became youkai, some sort of bad omen would befall you? You're not sure, all you really want is to live longer for her. If you can't have that, then by god you're going to do something about it. Like go on a journey of self discovery or something.

Ugh, okay, your head is starting to hurt again, best to stop thinking too hard. Maybe you'll take a step outside.

Heading out of your quaint little hut, you realize quite some time has passed. The party in the distance seems to have cooled and is all but over now. The wolves are pretty much scattered everywhere. Oh lord, you think you know what this means. You wonder if you'll be sleeping tonight.

>Head into the center
>Try and find Momizi's hut
>Go back inside and try to sleep
>Voyeurism Option

Action? >_
>> No. 15296
>[] Voyeur option
On a mating ritual? Fucking tempting...

But no.

[x]Try and find Momizi's hut
>> No. 15298
Well fuck, we missed everything.

>Head into the center
>> No. 15301
Voyeurism is mighty tempting but I'll be good.

[X]Try and find Momizi's hut
>> No. 15306
[x] Head into the center
Start the search there.
>> No. 15309
>We missed everything
Anyway, I feel the same way. The night's young tho.
[X]Try and find Momizi's hut
>> No. 15310
[x]Try and find Momizi's hut
>> No. 15312
[X]Try and find Momizi's hut

We have more important things to do than to peep on people.
>> No. 15313
[X]Try and find Momizi's hut

Why do I get the feeling something bad will happen?
>> No. 15315
in before xration sightingor anon causes Satoshi to become insanely paranoid, overly protective as well as destructive if and when he becomes a youkaior absolutely nothing at all~!
>> No. 15316
[x]Head into the center
>> No. 15320
>Try and find Momizi's hut

You breathe out and get ready for looking around. Momizi should be back by now, but considering the lateness, she might've went into her hut by now. You have no way of identifying it apart from the rest of the huts however, so you feel you should ask directions to it first. The one who might know would be Tatsuhiro, so you go ahead and look around the center of the area for him. The big lug sticks out like a sore thumb, so you don't have to look for very long.

"Tatsuhiro!!" The big man stops and turns around and sees you approaching him.

"Ah, Satoshi! Glad to see you came back, although I'm sorry to say the party's pretty much done now."

"That isn't important, what of Momizi?" Tatsuhiro looks at you for a moment before bellowing a big laugh.

"Hahaha! You really do worry about her a lot, don't ya?" You really can't help it, you're honestly embarrassed by him pointing it out. You don't say anything though. "Well it's good timing I guess, she came back looking rather depressed. Maybe she could use cheering up? If anyone can do it, I know you can." This on the other hand, doesn't embarrass you, but you just have to question it.

"Now, what makes you say that? Why are you so confident that I of all people could do something about it?" Tatsuhiro looks down at you, with a bit of a kindred smile.

"Satoshi, you may not see it, but whenever you're around, Momizi changes...it might sound odd to you, but Momizi is in fact one of the most shut in members of the pack. It's very easy to tell that she doesn't get along with the rest of the tengu outside us, and she doesn't speak very often even in our presence."

...he's right, that does sound odd to you. It's totally different from how Momizi acts, and even what she's been telling you. There's something fishy going on here.

"Well then," you start off saying, with a different resolve. "Can you tell me where I can find Momizi's hut then? Where she'd be staying, that is."

"Of course!" Tatsuhiro points over in a direction somewhere towards the cliff side. "In that exact direction, Momizi's hut should be the last one you see. It'll be pointing a bit off center and should have a bit of a green coloration to it. Although Satoshi, when you go in, you should be very, very careful, alright?" You look over at him, blinking with quite the bemused look on your face.

"Uhh...excuse me?" All Tatsuhiro does before seeing you off is smile, put a hand on your shoulder, and give you some parting words.

"Just trust me on this on."

As you walk over to Momizi's hut, you ponder just what the hell he meant by that. The area seems quiet and still enough though, with only a few people here and there, and they're preoccupied with, ugh, their likely mate. This is too awkward for you. So you discreetly hurry off to Momizi's hut, which is thankfully, easy to find.

"Momizi? Excu-"


Just like that, you're whisked away from the door and shoved into the wall beside it, with Momizi pressing right up to you. You're beyond embarrassed, you're practically frightened at this point, but Momizi's expression looking up at you appears to be one of anger.

"What are you doing, just walking in like that?!" Momizi says, although in a low whisper voice, her hasty tone certainly shows through though.

"I-uhh, w-what?" Is all you can whisper back, pretty confused yourself.

"The huts for females are specifically reserved for her and her potential mate! Anyone else walking in is strictly forbidden!" Wait, what? You weren't told this!

"Y-You're kidding me."

"No! How did you even find me? Didn't anyone tell you that?" Thinking back on it, this must've been what Tatsuhiro meant by being careful, you wish he hadn't been so vague about it.

"N-No, not really. But that's unimportant. What is importa-" You stop yourself right there, upon realizing something. Momizi seems puzzled by your sudden halt. Closing your eyes, you know what you want to say for now. "...what is important is how long do you plan on leaning on me like this?" Momizi gasps a little, not realizing this herself before parting from you, though it only seems to be a bit. Her body separates from yours, but her hands seem to only come off partially, as if not really wanting to let go.

"S-Sorry, that was rather hasty of me."

Momizi seems to be a bit better off right now then she did before. But there's something about it that seems off. Though it might just be the fact that Tatsuhiro practically played a prank on you. Not very becoming.

>Try and talk to Momizi about her run in with the chief
>Get other information out of her instead - try to avoid the chief's talk
>She needs comfort; pull her in and hug her
>Excuse yourself for the time being, this was clearly a big mistake

Action? >_
>> No. 15322
[x] She needs comfort; pull her in and hug her

A warm, comforting hug usually makes alot of things better.
>> No. 15323
[X] She needs comfort; pull her in and hug her.

Eventually we'll have to know what happened, but I think Momizi's just a bit TOO on edge right now to talk about the conversation. Tatsuhiro doesn't seem like the kind of guy who'd pull a prank during such a serious moment.
>> No. 15324
[X] She needs comfort; pull her in and hug her.

If Momizi seriously did not want Satoshi there or felt he was in grave danger she could easily toss him out...

>Tatsuhiro doesn't seem like the kind of guy who'd pull a prank during such a serious moment.

Maybe he honestly sees this as being right for Momizi..?
>> No. 15325
[x] Excuse yourself for the time being, this was clearly a big mistake

Guys, guys, GUYS! If her assigned mate suddenly barges in and sees them hugging, he'd immediately be getting the wrong idea. And this can and WILL get the two of them killed, because interracial relationships are something the tengu DON'T want to see. As much as it hurts leaving Momizi alone with this, it's probably for the better, for both Satoshi and her.

Maybe Tatsuhiro isn't a nice guy after all and planned all of this (oho, conspiracy theory!).
>> No. 15327
>her assigned mate

Thing is though, it doesn't seem that Momizi would want it to go down like this with some no name.


You only live once Satoshi, why bother keeping that promise of staying alive if that simply means resigning to be in constant paranoia and caged up away from experience? Live each moment as if it's your last; in which his case may always be that way.

May as well die in a bitter sweet and tragic end than in constant mediocrity and loneliness only to die alone with maybe one or two friends seeing you at your death bed.

in other words...

Man up and truly live~!

Not to mention leaving in such a cowardly manner would only make this anon hate Satoshi after what progress had been made for him imo.
>> No. 15328

One other note*

>If Momizi seriously did not want Satoshi there or felt he was in grave danger she could easily toss him out...
>> No. 15329

She hasn't been assigned a mate yet.

[X] She needs comfort; pull her in and hug her.

Hugs make everything better.
>> No. 15330
[X] She needs comfort; pull her in and hug her.

Or just maybe...Tatsuhiro was assigned to be her mate, but he found himself unable to do such a thing to Momizi.
>> No. 15331

Good points you guys got there, maybe I'm being a bit too paranoid.

In that case, I'll change
[X] She needs comfort; pull her in and hug her.
>> No. 15332
[X] She needs comfort; pull her in and hug her.

On the possibility that >>15330 is the case, couldn't it be said that there may be a loop hole in the entire "celebration"; in particularly on who's the "appointed mate" and what rights said selected partner have..?

In this case the mate choosing some one else in his place due to sickness or other reasons with his word being final..?
>> No. 15333
[X] She needs comfort; pull her in and hug her.

I'd like to add "I was worried about you" but I can't see a way to work it in. Sometimes less is more. But it seems Momiji's 'special' status is weighing heavily upon her.

I still think this limitation on the White Wolves is somehow connected to the Crow Tengu.
>> No. 15334
[X] She needs comfort; pull her in and hug her.

I wonder if Aya will try and get pictures of the wolf tengu mating, though.
>> No. 15335
Doubt it, old news, and there might be rules against revealing details of Tengu culture.
>> No. 15341
[X] She needs comfort; pull her in and hug her.
>> No. 15348
[X] She needs comfort; pull her in and hug her.
She does.
>> No. 15379
File 127172487987.jpg- (574.85KB , 1000x1000 , 72cb6ec13fef033a31eb2284c24129fd.jpg ) [iqdb]
No update, but I thought that this was just far too related to pass up posting.

Translation can be found here:
>> No. 15380
>confession image


>anon doesn't know what to think
>[x]Goes for an old wine vintage that's been waiting for a special occasion that never seems to occur.

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