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File 126325850967.jpg - (701.49KB, 800x1146, asdfsa.jpg)
Fragmentation of Memories

Table of Contents
>>7925 Thread One
>>8267 Thread Two
>>8574 Thread Three
>>8922 Thread Four
>>9388 Thread Fix
>>9927 Thread Six
>>10385 Thread Seven
>>10731 Thread Eight
>>11132 Thread Nine
>>11708 Thread Ten
>>12015 Thread Eleven
>>12377 Thread Twelve
>>12675 Thread Thirteen
>>13038 Thread Fourteen
>>13363 Thread Fifteen

Chapter One, I presume
Thread One
>>7925 Introduction, Losing Yourself, Cold Awakening
>>7940 Moving About. Your Reflection. Woman in White, Momizi.
>>7967 Hearing without Listening. Odd Touch. Knocked out. First voice. Wake in cell.
>>7986 Aya and Momizi discuss vampires. Meet Aya, unsuccessful interview.
>>8007 Taking Momizi's hand. Second Touch. The Big Room. Lord Tenma. Drinking Contest.
>>8024 Finishing the Job. Beautiful and Sad.
>>8044 Reaching out to a Million Voices. Chained and Bloody Body. Free and Well Self.
>>8053 Bumming around. Ogata picks a name.
>>8070 The boy who takes pleasure in alcohol, Mikio of the Tengu.
End Chapter One

Tayasumi's Story
>>8099 Silver Haired Hunter in the Forest
>>8109 Mucking around. Taking down a boar. Youkai child.
>>8126 Dangerous forary into socialism occurs. Our hero is an onii-chan. Moving problems.
>>8153 No one left behind. Meat for your meal.
Back to Mikio.
>>8194 Momi complex. Calligraphy lesson.
>>8216 Meeting Momizi. Going to go fishing.
>>8243 Gone fishing. Gone off into the deep end. Bath, and Aya. (Not at the same time.)
>>8260 Print Monkey. Mima DIES! disappears.
Thread Two
>>8267 Eating up. Youkai exterminating swordman dream/memory thing. Kendo practice.
>>8281 You are not a Jedi yet, metal spike space out. Fever, tea, Aya.
>>8291 Telling Aya. Getting spoonfed by Momizi.
>>8299 Strolling outside. Meeting a man with long hair, splattering his head with your grip... a dream, right?
>>8315 Sleeping around. A day off.
>>8831 Wandering outside. Nitori's apology.
>>8345 Nitori Express, Jealous Momizi? Learning Dai Shogi. The Rise and Fall of the Cucumber-Sake Kingdom.
>>8369 You're watching the Youkai Games Channel. Chestnuts.
>>8386 Bath and Aya. (Same time, slightly different places.) Dinner, fragments of dreams.
Hoshuu's story.
>>8396 Runaway. The little lady alone in at the shrine.
>>8405 Staying the night.
>>8418 Inventory check, Job Hunting and Fucking Standards Getting in the Way.
>>8426 Helping Sanae out, Lancer we are not. Rice bags, homework.
Back to Mikio's hovering practice.
>>8457 More flying practice.
>>8470 Nitori's Mecha-Arm.
>>8501 A river runs through it. Doll and the creepy woman.
>>8519 Insert Hungry Youkai joke here.
>>8544 I just wanna fly. Rescued by the woman and a white wolf.
Thread the Third
>>8574 Apology.
>>8587 Resting in bed.
>>8608 Man and Youkai Story
>>8649 Both in the wrong. Meeting Ami the wolf again.
>>8673 Wolfriding fuck yeah. Meeting Lord Rouga the wolf.
>>8693 Bath, deliver apology. Go go go.
>>8714 Aya's game. Flight skill up, Mask get. First scoop...?
>>8733 Alice Margatroid, the Witch of Death
>>8793 Introductions all around, Doll's Tea Party, the Girl Who Would Become a Youkai
>>8834 A group picture all by herself. More tea, more time.
>>8849 Talking about dolls and dresses. Goddamnit, Marisa.

>>8861 Silly Voters.
>>8872 Sillier Voters. Mind breaking madness, BAD END
Hoshuu's story
>>8886 Snow shoveling.
Thread Four
>>8922 An early present for Sanae-imouto. (Frogclip.)
>>8951 Junk food and window shopping together, then home.
>>9004 Arson and Old Lace. Transiencent Fireworks.
Mikio's Story, Red Mist Appears?
>>9040 Walking along the river. Hey, it's the sore loser. Meeting that woman again.
>>9064 Spinning spinning spin wheeeee. Oh hey hi it's Hina!
>>9088 Going into Lion's Den (Which he wrote a bunch of wolves into.) Rouga's lost eye.
>>9112 Investigating the Red Mist. Getting spell cards.
>>9141 Because going for a stroll worked out so well last time! Moon gazing. Train ride dream.
>>9171 I am Kirita Mikio. Bloody Reflection.
>>9205 Talking with Hina about the Dream.
>>9227 Appointment with an Excorcist.
>>9261 Village time. Picking up chicks. Lost. Hat lady, mad drunkard.
>>9295 Evasion is key! Keine helps. Nostalgic wind chime.
>>9329 Debriefing with Momizi.
Thread Five
>>9388 Chasing her tail. Moment with Momizi. A Killer of Youkai. Red Mist Mystery?
>>9455 Welcome to the Scarlet Mansion. (Not!)
>>9473 The Gandhi of Gensenkyo, entering the mansion.
>>9550 The Magical Meido, the little lady vamp, and Roger.
>>9598 The scent of man. Aya reappears.
>>9652 Bullet Timing
>>9702 Counter-attack Cyclone Seal
>>9722 Turbulence
>>9772 Domination, Small victory.
>>9870 Follow your nose! Potatoes and Goddesses, meet the Akis.
Thread Six
>>9927 Zen and the Art of Avoiding Answering Questions
>>9986 Turning of the Leaves
>>10022 Apologies and Aya.
Tayasumi's Story
>>10051 Rabbit season!
>>10089 Lord Tewi's Cooking Show, Turnabout is fair play
>>10120 Close call. Karma and meat. That song.
Mikio's story, Winter
>>10181 Shivering Shizuha!
>>10222 Meeting Letty...
>>10244 ...and her frozen fairy friends. (Masked Stalker! Dun dun dun dun!)
>>10282 Super Snowman, You think about the past?
>>10302 Apparently not. That guy again and his headgames.
>>10316 Chained to the past. Long-awaited spring festival.
>>10352 Mingle in the crowd. Meeting Marisa and Alice Again. Remilia vs the Tiny Little Dog
Thread Seven
>>10385 Remi-chan VICTORY. Guilt by association. Youmu fight.
>>10408 Youmu fight continues. A gash in the mask.
>>10443 Prismriver concert, meet Yuyuko
>>10473 Further talking with Yuyuko and Youmu. Alot on your mind.
>>10511 More weighing on your head. Meet Yukari. Drinking competition.
>>10536 Living up to your name. Continuing feasts, and the mist.
>>10552 Investigator Mikio.
>>10580 Checking up on Youmu. Yukari's offer.
>>10599 The power of the oni
>>10629 Let's rock
>>10665 Up and personal
>>10693 Giving it all you got. Losing.
>>10709 Resting. Unmasked.
Thread Eight
>>10731 The dread of the mountain. Another feast.
>>10747 Reimu vs Yukari, Strongest of Youkai

Hoshuu's Story, Summer
>>10760 Heavy feeling on your chest. The blonde girl. Little windchime.
>>10797 Thinking back. Indirect kiss. Unknown woman.
>>10843 Fake guest. Sanae's situation. Romance novels.
>>10895 Miso soup. History of the shrine.
>>10945 Little miracles.
Mikio's Story. Rouga's place, Trouble with the Moon.
>>10972 Back to HQ. Youkai Mountain Team Go! Avian Alliance troubles.
>>10992 Asking Yuyuko. Battle in the Background.
>>10999 Bitches in the Bamboo Forest
>>11028 To a mansion. Doors and bunny girls.
>>11044 Widespread attack. Low angle shot. Moon returned. Train scene. (Hated child. Inherently evil?)
>>11071 Is this your answer? Summer.
>>11104 Visiting Hina. Growing misfortune.
Thread Nine
>>11132 A salutation, a sinking, and a smile.
>>11178 Dum dum dum shave and a haircut
>>11244 Clean up, head bumping. Autumn comes.
>>11269 Down to the river. Water gun.
>>11300 Stripping Swimming lessons.
>>11365 Naptime. Distrubing dream. Aki sisters. Powerless body.
>>11437 Potato time. Argument.
>>11483 Favorite season? Cold hands.
>>11511 Cirno's Perfect Writing Class. Kappa healing.
>>11533 Nitori tells "insert game" story. Invisible underwear thief, another village? Wintertime ice skating.
>>11571 Break with Letty. Break in the lake.
>>11594 Lifeguard Mikio. Platonically shared warmth. Sweet roll munching in the village.
>>11608 Helping hand for the History Hakutaku.
>>11630 Time for tea at teatime. The forgotten ones and the one who doesn't forget. Human medicene?
>>11679 Cleverness shot down. Crossdress for success.
>>11686 It's a good thing you're a woman, since you can ask for directions now! Running from cliches. Return of Reisen the Rabbit. Shogi and pictures.
Hoshuu's Story
>>11708 Sanae's outfit. Watcher of the Rye.
>>11729 Purple dress, prose.
>>11746 Sound advice. Almost a miracle. Something familiar about you.
>>11775 Sanae does her Ninja-Jesus impression. An accident and a promise. Sleeping.
Mikio's Story, New Spring and Outbreak of Flowers
>>11811 Searching around. High on Spring. Screaming flowers.
>>11826 The most ghosts. High fees. Red flowers.
>>11849 Yourself, destroying.
>>11867 Awakening. Still sinning. Hope in dark places. Another talk.
>>11899 A thousand years of loneliness. Party at Reimu's.
>>11912 Walking around with Momizi. Growing. Outsider device?
>>11929 Kidnappers!?
>>11947 Taste testing.
>>11958 Ten dollar donation. Crazy old cat. Summer, getting donations. Cirno's Revenge.
>>11982 Minding your own business. Cirno's Humiliation. Frogs and crying. Nitori and the thief.
>>11995 To catch a thief. Temper, temper...
Thread Eleven
>>12015 The Aki's Arguement.
>>12034 Consoling. That voice...
>>12059 Making up. Leaf art.
>>12072 Persimmons. Winter. Aya's project.
>>12107 Shooting your bullets. A present. Delivery to Kourin's. Bound to the ground. Strange bed.
>>12125 Alice's house. Still landbound. Staying the night.
>>12155 Small talk. Playing with dolls, gifted. Binding souls. Red eyes.
>>12183 Unmasking. Aging Ogata.
>>12196 Finding Hina. Too cheerful. Blamed for everything. It awakens.
Tayasumi's Story
>>12219 The past. The village.
>>12246 Sneaking mission. Death and deception.
Mikio's Story. Bath with Rouga and Suika...
>>12264 ...and sake. Rouga's past, the attack. Breaking the moon. Summer shogi.
>>12279 Best offense. Almost. Quiet times. Crumbling world.
>>12302 Barrier worlds, falling apart. Autumn again. Visiting Shizuha.
>>12321 Lying together. Unwelcome reminder.
>>12352 Uninvited star.
Thread Twelve
>>12377 A kiss. Your very own article. Something wrong with Ogata?
>>12402 Fragments and memories.

Tayasumi's Story
>>12420 Master of disguise? Caught by youkai. Unexpected rescue.
>>12434 Hair ruffling.
>>12450 Betrayed. A deal with the...?
>>12470 Killing time.
Mikio's Story. A new incident? Shy girl.
>>12493 Knock knock knocking on heaven's door. Welcoming. Good guesser?
>>12522 Asking questions. Alone is lonely.
>>12552 Teatime. A non-morning person.
>>12552 Actually a reporter. Declaration of battle. Uninvited visitors. Rules of the game.
>>12644 Fucking crazy lady. Daitengu council.
Thread Thirteen
>>12675 War council. Wait and see. Spying. Sleeveless.
>>12707 It's an albino snake, right? Gods that are praised, gods that are feared.
>>12741 The other shrine maiden... easy pickings, right? Someone else's problem. Fainting, Tayasumi again.
>>12760 Unable to help. Morning.
>>12776 Outside on the Mountain of Faith. Nitori's fight.
>>12829 Tactical withdrawal. Orders via commitee. Pre-fight banter.
>>12874 Mikio the Masked vs Marisa the Magician. (Also Known As Kirita And Kirisame And Kombat.)
>>12899 You've activated your trap card!
>>12915 Defense and lines. Master Spark to the face.
>>12931 Sneak attack! Old times? Charming and disarming.
Thread Fourteen
>>13038 Short time out. Deforest and demask. Marisa's attack.
>>13099 Counterbomb. Kzinti Lesson, inverted. Losing, blessing in disguise?
>>13150 Shrine time. Sanae's loss.
>>13171 Sticking around. Defe'tea'd! (Wait, that's kinda lame.) Clear skies. Her touch.
>>13207 Priorities. Checking on your harem. Invitations. Voice again.
>>13233 To be or not to be? Party at the Moriya shrine. The usual contest.
>>13254 The usual resul-wait, we lost? Rain, the girl with that hat.
>>13281 Idiots Gods don't catch colds. Party again.
>>13312 The Moriya, the merrier. Dancing with the toad. To feed man.
>>13329 Only you can tease the Sanae. Have you met before?
>>13347 To know. Fragmented memory. Unsuited for a mask. Good acting.
Thread Fifteen
Hoshuu's Story. Transience. Autumn.
>>13363 Training and Treats.
>>13385 Bad acting. Obligatory innuendo. Scary movie.
>>13417 To the bedroom. Killing urge. Stopping yourself. Whitesnake. Wrong inside.
>>13452 Punishment. Exile. A week.
>>13480 Sanae's birthday. Hooky and a date. A kiss.
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Holy shit, this is awesome.
Delete Post
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Mother of god..
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File 126327248463.jpg - (209.76KB, 750x600, 1251528700422.jpg)
Delete Post
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Great Work. Too bad that you can't edit the post and add new chapters.
Delete Post
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This would have worked better if you had made a dummy first post with just an explanation what the thread is for, then used the second post for the actual purpose, that way you can pseudo-update the information containing post just by deleting the old one. When doing it that way, you do need to remember to set the password, since if you're deleting a post from a longish time ago your IP address may well have changed and thus the default password will be invalid. (Or at least I /think/ the default password is based on IP addresses, but this one needs a confirmation/shooting down from someone who actually knows the board software.)
Image Source
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File 126443927368.jpg - (149.16KB, 568x711, sanae-chhhhaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn.jpg)
I suppose I could do that in the future. For now, I guess I'll just rely on pictures to make the thread easier to navigate.

Thread Fifteen
Hoshuu's Story. Transience. Autumn.
>>13363 Training and Treats.
>>13385 Bad acting. Obligatory innuendo. Scary movie.
>>13417 To the bedroom. Killing urge. Stopping yourself. Whitesnake. Wrong inside.
>>13452 Punishment. Exile. A week.
>>13480 Sanae's birthday. Hooky and a date. A kiss.
>>13516 Be strong, Sanae. *sniff, sniff, sob Darkness.
????'s Story.
>>13532 Darkness, Redness and Ruin.
>>13550 Dead walking. Finishing them. Hunger.
>>13572 Cremation. Nothing to cry. Unstable body. Youkai Exterminator. Caravan.
>>13593 Monsters. Destroying everything.
>>13610 Hesitation. Together to the Path of Destruction. To slay and protect?
Mikio's Story. Winter. Worsening episodes?
>>13628 Snow and the Shrine. Gifts and Memories. Not yet.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 126638369691.jpg - (845.28KB, 1024x768, sneakattackbitch.jpg)
I haven't been feeling particularly witty or insightful lately. Damnit. Maybe I should formally open it to suggestions?

Thread Sixteen
>>13658 Lunch. No Pudding!? Job Offer for Sanae.
>>13682 Escorting. Third member. Severed arm.
>>13703 Continued search. Warning. Old Enemy. Two down.
>>13723 Hidden power. Counterattack. Burn baby burn.
>>13787 Subduing the monster. Counter-counterattack. Can't move. Counter-counter-counterattack.
>>13809 Eye problems. Windows to...? More headgames.
>>13849 Keeping up the fight. Brief reprieve. Too healthy.
>>13879 Going outside. Not seeking help. Shrine visit. Different report?
>>13942 Setting them straight. Apology from Sanae. A maiden's determination.
Delete Post
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I wish I Could download the full text of the story... I wanna print it and read it a few more times when it's finished.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 126902551763.jpg - (150.46KB, 567x800, Mishaguji in a rare SFW depiction.jpg)
Mishaguji in a rare SFW depiction
At one point, there used to be someone that would condense stories, stripping out the votes and the commentary. That was a long time ago, though.

Thread Seventeen
>>14032 Private Training. Unwilling attacker.
>>14086 Continued training. Abandonment issues.
>>14162 Dinner as payment. Jealous goddess? Of manga and men. Unseen face.
>>14245 Who is this? Forced retreat, no escape.
Tayasumi's Story? Killing youkai, tengu stalker
>>14304 Extermination. Flight and Fright. Dream mansion.
>>14361 Warm up. Waking nightmare.
>>14408 Fighting. Inhuman powers. Disarming, failed regeneration.
>>14466 Pursuit. Healing and a change of clothes? Sado-machoism.
>>14536 Near-tentacle rape. Flesh wound, Extended reach.
>>14592 Stunt double FTW. Flower power.
>>14624 Fear-ic victory. Tactical withdrawal.
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Man, I have many good pictures of Yukarin, but this is one is pratically flawless. I've never seen a Yukari as good as that.
Delete Post
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That's because its Suwako, not Yukari
Image Source
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File 127389864217.jpg - (127.74KB, 400x559, My goal in life is to build a time machine so I ca.jpg)
My goal in life is to build a time machine so I ca
It occurs to me that I work faster when not under a depression.

Thread Eighteen
>>14685 Friends don't let friends give up. Rough-spoken woman.
>>14749 Coarse Cusine. Timid little girl. Trouble a-brewing.
>>14819 The Heifer vs the Hooligans.
>>14903 The Mighty Mother vs the Monster Mooks, continued. Worthless hostage. Wary child.
>>14972 A tradition that transcends time. Knock on the door.
>>15027 Arriving phoenix. Tengu Trap. Teachers are badass in Touhou.
>>15062 Seven unseen slashes. Steel-breaking Stone Armor. Losing fight. A woman's interference.
>>15108 Biding for time. Unstoppable Force, Immovable Object. Kiyone.
>>15193 Name...?
Mikio's Story. Printing Room, the Twin-Tailed Tengu Rival
>>15250 Spirit Photography. Still haunted by that dress.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 127390151132.jpg - (41.45KB, 499x359, Take the Challenge.jpg)
Take the Challenge
Thread Nineteen
>>15410 Invauable instrument for intrusions of intimacy. Lover boy. New Year's Celebration.
>>15443 Fortunes that explodes in your face. Face cleaning. A wish?
>>15480 A wish for forgiveness. Making friends. Funny girl.
>>15542 Momizi's advice. Molesting Momizi. Rematch.
>>15586 Setting the stage. Three-thousand year old history, drinks.
>>15639 Drunken danmaku. Slow start.
>>15676 Dodging Suwa Iron.
>>15738 Closing in. Like Mecha attacked by Teddy Bears.
>>15821 Triple-hit swing. Wind-cutting claw. The long-lasting fight and the unseen eyes.
>>15884 Twice-striking lightning-blessed blade. Sword to fist. Crumbling mask. A goddess's interference. Costly victory.
Image Source
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File 12783937787.png - (34.56KB, 518x481, im_a_lazy_asshole.png)
Q : What does it take to write six lines?
A : Being about to leave on a two-week trip with questionable Internet access, apparently.

Thread Twenty
>>15933 Futile running. Burns and blood. Maiden who follows.
>>15989 Help and a hug. Psychoanalytical unloading.
>>16065 Sanae's story. Staying at the Shrine.
>>16142 Unremarkable bag. Boy in the mirror. Sleepless night.
>>16221 Last pair of ramens in Paradise. Sleepy Sanae, more of her story.
>>16283 Hoshuu's legacy. Dream train, his offer.
Delete Post
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Why is my reply not coming out?


Compiled to a .doc document, because .txt looks too ugly.

You can open it with OpenOffice, google it.
.Doc because I intend to give it colors and add more formatting later.
Image Source
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File 130998599373.jpg - (95.68KB, 800x592, a_triumphant_return.jpg)
It's been... a full year? Whoops.

Thread Twenty-One
>>16343 Crumbling world, reaching out. Dark-eyed reflection. Early breakfast, Tengu visit.
>>16456 Meeting with Lord Tenma.
>>16584 Together with Hina.
Tayasumi's Story. Handylady.
>>16639 Breakfast. Women and their shopping.
>>16670 Nature, Choice, and Evil. Acceptable fashion, unacceptable face. Burns, carrying shopping bags.
>>16704 Babysitter for the night.
>>16743 Together with Loli-Keine. A buried memory. Kiyone returns. Attachments?
>>16791 A new beginning?
Mikio's Story. Planning a Pillar of Faith for the Festival.

Thread Twenty-Two
>>16828 Lazy goddesses. Toolshed, bicycle and axe.
>>16881 She's a lumberjack and she's not KO'ed. Recreating old tales. (Honesty and Axe)
>>17001 A Kappa or a Troll? Nitori shows off her chainsaw and hockey mask set.
>>17080 TIIMMMBEEERRR! How do we get it up?
>>17119 First try, failure.
>>17137 Tree Trunk surfing an earthen fist. Different alias for the goddesses.
>>17179 Suprising Deliveries. Sacrificing deer-ly.
>>17198 Sacrifice to the Mishaguji. Thoughts of burning. Shrine Popularity and Solar Power. Vessels and Ego.
>>17267 Central vs Native Gods. Rebellion of Worms. Gender-bending Romantic Comedy-like shenanigans.
>>17297 Leaving the Past Behind. Aya visits.
>>17341 Eating at Mystia's. Half Beast's History - from Hidden to Brazen.
>>17362 What can change the nature of a man? What do we do with a drunken Aya? (Not that! She's like a sister to us.)

Thread Twenty-Three
>>17409 It's pretty fly to be a youkai. What awaits after the end? Old couple arguing.
>>17439 Drinking. Sanae's life. Better to disappear? Snow in Summer? Incident, Red Wisps from Sanae.
>>17474 Sanae sees it too. Changing weather. Red Sky. Iku's Warning.
>>17506 The customs in Gensokyo. Aya's report.
>>17522 Reimu's Ruined Wreck. Cheeky Chiko.
>>17553 Food and Fishing. No manju for the brat.
>>17599 Peaches for Manju. Return to Sanae's.
>>17658 If Heaven's food is humble, give me hell. Pieces of Peaches. What do we do with a drunken Sanae?
>>17738 Unmasked. His face, her pain, their regret. Choice above the lake.

Thread Twenty-Four
>>17865 Mikio's Memories. Hoshuu's memory - final cake? What else?
>>17946 A restrained good morning. Nightmares, amnesia, ten years.
>>18029 Remembering the promise. Punch in the face, ka-click!
>>18134 Girl, Uninterrupted. To tell?
>>18237 Day of Reminiscence. Short short man. Who am I?

Tayasumi's Story. A Creepy Smile, Kiyone's Dream School.

Thread Twenty-Five
>>18340 Teach me, Keine Kiyone-sensei! Precocious Child.
>>18394 Why are you here? Do you have anything worth living for? Where are you going?
>>18465 Kidnapping Keine (With her consent.) Dark trail.
>>18523 Continuing Down. The half-beasts. Kill or protect?
>>18664 To slay or not? Deceit, hope for the future. Beautiful Moon.
Mikio's Story. Sleeping Sanae.

Thread Twenty-Six
>>18731 She snoozes, she loses. Even Touhous go on anime binges. Hot summer.
>>18801 Hina. Contemplations on Misfortune. Tale of a Curse.
>>18856 Forgiveness and Guilt. A time to laugh, a time to weep. Aya again. Would-be ladie' man.
>>18891 To stay just a little bit longer. Fake Sanae?
>>18927 Keep on going like this. Autumn. Visiting...?
>>18995 The Aki sisters. Bad circumstances, Minorin's thrown away?
>>19038 Miss Hina. Invitation to the Festival.
>>19102 Nitori. Skipping stones, shy yet sociable.

Thread Twenty-Seven
>>19137 Beginning of the End
>>19138 Miss Aya and Miss Momizi. Peace with the World? Return to the Shrine.
>>19176 Lady Suwako. Old Mistakes. That boy. Always someone better.
>>19232 Lady Kanako. Somber drinking. What is right, what is kind?
>>19315 Right. Sanae. What happened that day?
>>19406 Remember.
Hoshuu's Story. Biker, baker. Voice and vehicle. Dying, figures and Song.
>>19478 Final Look.
Mikio's Story. Sanae's pleading.
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 133451069089.jpg - (116.17KB, 850x602, sample-9751d91611cee87430fe62dfb746b574.jpg)
Not the OP, but thought I might as well contribute. If this is terribly done and/or a faux pas, I'll delete it.

Thread Twenty-Eight
>>19577 The truth.
>>19579 Revelations. Hoshuu died, Mikio lied, Kanako too. Sanae's breakdown, Mikio banished.
>>19689 Alone again, a being who destroys all happiness. Stabbed by Insanae Sanae (or is it?)
>>19733 Nope, just Ran and Yukari. Gap demon trying to remove a threat, by removing all borders from us. Context for the story's opening.
>>19831 Clinging on to life, but refusing to fight. Big Damn Rouga and the tengu cavalry. The tengu will not abandon one of their own.
>>19911 Accept finally being accepted. Yukari driven off, but gets a last shot in. Crying, happy yet sorrowful.
Tayasumi's Story. Day of the Border's creation.
>>19968 Hug Kiyone's warmth. Kissing, before Mokou ruins the moment. Unfamiliar(?), yet much-desired feelings: L__e or L__t?

Thread Twenty-Nine
>>20062 Sonzai.
>>20064 What is love? The Border's creation, a heartbeat and Headgames's agonizing return. Everything is wrong. What is our purpose? To-
>>20143 kill her. Blackout, a memory of impossible love. Kiyone dead, the dream over. Fight with vengeful Mokou, burning school, Keine in danger.
>>20216 Shield Keine with our body. Driven to unsatisfying killing of lesser youkai (and possibly humans). To the Hakurei Shrine, dammit Yukari. Sealed in and lectured, we don't belong in this world.
>>20294 A past Hakurei, says we're a vessel of youkai fear. Suika brought in to fight. Must kill them all.
>>20352 Fighting Suika, destroying the shrine. Deafening heartbeat again, something trying to escape from our body.
>>20388 Let me out. Nothing left to live for, wish to die, but afraid to. Have to kill them all. Seeing nothing but red, savaging Suika, stopped by Hakurei.
>>20419 Know killing is pointless, but still can't resist it. Taken down and paralyzed. Everything red but the full moon.
>>20450 Smile at beauty of the moon, and of happiness destroyed by us. We deserve our death, our fate, but are still scared. Yukari mind break, but don't want to disappear.
Hoshuu's After Story. Post-death, at the Sanzu. Devoured by Mishaguji.
>>20451 Mikio's Story. Waking in hospital room with Momizi. Think we don't matter, told that's selfish. Hate the rain. No regrets for times of happiness.
>>20454 Trust Lion.

Thread Thirty
>>20525 Have to set things right. KO Aya and Momizi, find Sanae at lake. Claim we killed Hoshuu and her mother. Wish to take off mask. Suwako shatters it, our mask finally falls.
>>20622 Eyes of a monster. We are Lord Mishaguji. Past with the two goddesses.
>>20684 Beginning the Second Great Suwa War. We don't deserve to die, so...
>>20765 Paradigm shift? Uncertain desires. Can't stop fighting.
???'s Story, Past. Scared sacrifice and snakes. Final prayer for revenge.
>>20809 Killed, but remaining. Wish to kill them all, will be granted by Lord Mishaguji.
Mishaguji's Story, Present. More battling. Aya and Momizi try to intercede. We defy the Evil Overlord List.
>>20894 Mishaguji's Story, Past. Revenge killings. Fearful worship is love. Joined by another child sacrifice. We are Mishaguji.
>>20960 Mishaguji's Story, Present. Hatred and sanity slippage. Lashing out at the goddesses. About to kill them.
>>20962 Sanae intercedes. Her acceptance, our defeat. Smiling for ourself, sinking into the lake. Everyone would want this? Not us. What do we want? Meeting child self at the crossroads.
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