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1178 No. 1178
"Aya?" That's dumb, no way is she going to buy you not remembering her. "Ohhh, yes, Aya. Um." Lying will just fuck you up down the road, don't fuck it up. "Yeah, um, just a crow at my window this morning, why?"

"Just the one so far?"


Hands back on hips, weight shifted to one leg. "What did you tell it?"

Don't fuck it up. "Oh, uh, nothing special. Names, descriptions, you know."

"That's *all*?"

DON'T FUCK IT UP. "W-well, I guess I included some personality traits to make it interesting."


I have no idea what that reaction means. "Hey, don't worry, I only told it about the good ones!"

Weight shifts to the other leg, eyebrows go up. "Oh, so now you're saying we have bad traits? Do tell."


Your jaw hangs slack, the only sound in the room the "uhhhhhhhhhhh" created by your brain revving in neutral.

After a long few seconds, Sanae breaks into an easy grin. "Hey, lighten up, I'm just teasing. Man, you're pretty gullible, aren't you? I can tell you're gonna be a lot of fun to have around, Ku-chan." She laughs, and the world (as much of it as is present, anyway) laughs with her. Crisis averted, your masculine instincts take advantage of her distraction to check out her nearly naked body. Point one: hot damn, she is STACKED for a Japanese girl. Not like, huge, but, whoa! Point two... huh, guess there is no point two. That towel's hanging pretty loose. Hey, wait, what is that at the bottom? Is she wearing a slip under that thing?

"Well, anyway, I'm gonna go take a bath. See you later." With this pronouncement, she walks past you and down the hallway behind. Didn't she just get OUT of the bath? Question marks??

Hina waits until she hears the door to the bathroom open and close before she retrieves the paper and offers it to you, whispering, "If I may be so bold as to advise you, I would take this and place it deep within that voluminous satchel in which you carry your worldly possessions."

"I accept your counsel, Lady Kagiyama, and shall act upon it posthaste." Hoping that didn't sound too much like mockery, you take the paper from her hand, feeling her lingering warmth on it. It's a weird sensation, being jealous of a newspaper, but you've felt weirder.

As you stand and start down the hall to your room, "Master Chulainn?" You turn back to her. "Earlier, you swore your honesty with the phrase, 'hand to god'. Out of curiousity, which god did you mean?"

Hoo boy. "Well, um, you remember what you said about 'returning'? The hours of exposition?"

She holds up one hand and turns her head away with a knowing smile. "Say no more, then. I shall not inquire further."

Phew. Returning to your task, you feel a little bad about the white lie. Maybe it's not THAT complicated, but it would have been that hard for you to actually say. So, that makes it practically true, right? Right.

It isn't until you've tucked the paper under your spare socks and are zipping up the pocket that your ears finally catch up with the rest of you. "Ku-chan"? Oh, now you see it. "Ku" from the first syllable of Cu Chulainn. Makes sense. And then your brain catches up and hears the news.



Okay, deal with that later. Can't deal with that now. Do it later. The day is ahead of you, and you have nothing planned.

[ ] Go out front, it's such a lovely day.
[ ] Go out back, check out this lake.
[ ] Explore the other rooms in the house.
[ ] Peek in on Sanae in the bathroom. What could go wrong?


I have no pictures of Sanae dripping wet in nothing but a towel. Provide one, and I'll do something good. I don't know what yet, though. Pic holistically related by sexiness.

>> No. 1179
[ ] Peek in on Sanae in the bathroom. What could go wrong?
Time to get punched by her, but at least we will die with a smile on our face.
>> No. 1180
[ ] Go out back, check out this lake.
>> No. 1181
[ ] Go out back, check out this lake.

Kanako tiem?
>> No. 1182
[x] Go out back, check out this lake.
>> No. 1183
[ ] Go out back, check out this lake.
Cu Chulainn fears no lake.
>> No. 1184
Lakes are always dangerous for Anon. Better not get near one.
>> No. 1185
[] Go out back, check out this lake.
...wait, 'this lake'? Please, not again...
>> No. 1186
[ ] Peek in on Sanae in the bathroom. What could go wrong?
>> No. 1187
[ ] Go out back, check out this lake.
>> No. 1188
Not this lake. This lake is nice. This lake is friendly. Hell, I like you, lake. You can come over to my house and fuck my sister.
>> No. 1189
[X] Peek in on Sanae in the bathroom. What could go wrong?

Ah, yes, what could possibly go wrong with this masterful plan?
>> No. 1190
[x] Go out back, check out this lake.

Like a moth to the flame.
>> No. 1191
The fact that we are painfully honest?
"Were you just peeking?"
"yes, I wa- OH SH-"
>> No. 1192
Aw man, and here I was going to give you another shot at that foreshadowing fap. But no, you wanna go look at the lake. Well, fine. My feelings aren't hurt. Seriously, they're not. What do I care? I just write what you tell me. Not my fault.
>> No. 1193
[x] Go out front, it's such a lovely day.
>> No. 1194

We can fap at the lake.
>> No. 1195
>We can fap to the lake.
>> No. 1196
[x] Go out back, check out this lake.
>> No. 1197

We can fap IN the lake.
>> No. 1198
Stage 6 is only awesome at night though.
>> No. 1199
>>1194 >>1195 >>1197
Perhaps you could, perhaps you will. But it would avail you nothing.
>> No. 1200
Our sperm is easy prey for the beings in the lake and I saw no "do not feed" sign.
>> No. 1201
The lake is where the gods go at night. Some of them are still there. LETS FAP!
>> No. 1202
That lake. Used to be out front, Sanae said, now it's out back. Seems pretty central to the whole shrine idea, anyway. Might be worth a look-see. Your search for the back door ends quickly, finding it at the end of a short hallway just off the kitchen.

Stepping outside, you take a moment to once again admire what a perfect day it is today before getting down to business. Okay, there's the lake. It's big, full of water, and spills over one side of the mountain to create a waterfall. Just as you're thinking your survey complete, you notice the structure on the other side. Not on the other shore, but not far from it, raised up just above the surface of the water. You cross over to the shore opposite the structure and give it a distant once-over. It looks like a smaller version of the building you just exited. Like, one mat small. Maybe one half. Aha, the shrine! That's right, Sanae said the actual shrine was on the lake. That must be it, then.

A creeping sense of deja vu derails your train of thought. This place seems familiar. But you've never been here before. Of course not, idiot, that's why they call it "deja vu" instead of "hey, I remember this place". Well, there's no need to get snarky about it. But yeah, this place... not just this place, this exact position. These reeds, those lily pads... wait, what lily pads? Shouldn't there be a line of lily pads, leading straight ahead to the...

The shrine.

Your whole being is frozen, caught. That shrine. You must visit that shrine.

[ ] Walk around the lake, you can wade to it from there.
[ ] That'd take too long. Jump in and swim.
[ ] Fap.


Sure, why the hell not? Have at it, ya damned monkeyboys.
>> No. 1203
[ ] Walk around the lake, you can wade to it from there.
>> No. 1204
[ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap. [ ] Fap.
>> No. 1205
[ ] Walk around the lake, you can wade to it from there.
>> No. 1206
[ ] Walk around the lake, you can wade to it from there.

We'll fap inside
>> No. 1207
[ ] Fap.

To Sanae on Hina
>> No. 1208
[ ] Walk around the lake, you can wade to it from there.

Kero kero
>> No. 1209
[X] That'd take too long. Jump in and swim.
>> No. 1210
[X] That'd take too long. Jump in and swim.
And the Lake claims another Victim.
>> No. 1211
[x] Walk around the lake, you can wade to it from there.

Time to meditate at kerokero's shrine.
>> No. 1212
[ ] Walk around the lake, you can wade to it from there.
>> No. 1213
Playing it safe. Writing it dangerously.

in b4 dante
>> No. 1214
[x] Walk around the lake, you can wade to it from there.
[ ] Fap while walking.
>> No. 1216
Addendum: I shall.
>> No. 1217
[x] Walk around the lake, you can wade to it from there.
>> No. 1218
[ ] Walk around the lake, you can wade to it from there.
>> No. 1219
File 121121824826.gif - (32.32KB , 400x400 , 8ab49daede6b740ff210088c12999a43.gif ) [iqdb]
You start to crouch down, preparing to dive in and swim, but check yourself just in time. You'd get drenched, have to change into your last clean set of clothes, and for what? Saving yourself a 15-minute walk on such a fine day? Chiding yourself for foolishness, you turn left and start walking. As you walk, you wonder. What is it about that shrine? What was it about that particular patch of shoreline? From which side of the family did Sanae inherit that rack? Is Hina's skin naturally that color, or does she use makeup? Why are the Aki Sisters so mean to each other? Where does Aya get all that energy? Who's that shouting at you? How does Momizi really feel about Sayo? Where are all these kappa you keep hearing about?

Wait, back up a couple there. Someone's shouting at you? "Ku-chan!" Yeah, there it goes again. Oh hey, it's Sanae. You turn around. Oh wait, no it isn't. "Ku-chan!" Yeah, it is. But where is she? "Ku-chan!!" You look up. Sanae is sitting on the shrine roof, looking at you. How'd she get up-- oh, right, she probably flew. You remember, that thing you can't do that everyone and their dog in this fairyland can do. Curses.

Better say something back. "What's up?"

"If that was a joke, I swear I'm going to sock you."

"No, just a question."

"Where are you going?"

A harmless enough question to answer. "Other side of the lake. That shrine. Why?"



"Don't. House rule number one. Nobody goes near that shrine for any reason."

Is she serious? "But this place IS a shrine. I mean, that's the shrine. That's why this place is here, isn't it?"

"That's the rule."

"That's ridiculous."

"Maybe. But it's still the rule. Anyway, get up here. I want to talk to you."

"You're talking to me now."

"Don't be a smartass. There's a ladder in front. I want to talk to you in private."

[ ] Keep going to the shrine.
[ ] Go climb the ladder.
[ ] Insist she come down to you.
>> No. 1220
[X] Go climb the ladder.
>> No. 1221
[ ] Go climb the ladder.

Bah, foiled by miko.
>> No. 1222
[X] Go climb the ladder.
Better not piss her off, we can come back in the night when everyone is asleep and sneak into the Shrine.
>> No. 1223
[ ] Go climb the ladder.

We shall play your game for now, Sanae...
>> No. 1224
[x] Insist she come down to you.
Hey, Sanae, you can fly, you know. It's inefficient for me to go all the way around the front to climb up a ladder, when you can just fly over here in a couple of seconds.

...still want to go meditate at kerokero's shrine. Maybe later.
>> No. 1225
[x] Go climb the ladder.
>> No. 1226
[X] Go climb the ladder.

But only because I want you to lean over the side of the roof and tell us to hurry, giving us a nice eyeful of cleavage in the process.
>> No. 1227
[ ] Go climb the ladder.

Don't Suwako, we'll get to you soon.
>> No. 1230
>> No. 1231
[ ] Go climb the ladder.
Great, now the shrine is forbidden fruit. We'll be in there and BAD END'ed before the day is over.
>> No. 1232

>> No. 1233
Puts you to a lot of trouble, less at the very least than it would take her to just fly back down to you, but meh. "Be right there." You go through the back door, into the kitchen, Minoriko and Shizuha are up, concentrating on some game set on the table between them, you don't bother paying it any mind, at least they aren't screaming at each other yet, into the foyer, slip on your shoes, and out the front. The ladder's standing just off to the left. You climb it.

"OH, KU-CHAN, I WAS SO WORRIED ABOUT YOU!" A Sanae-shaped blur comes - running? flying? - at you from the right, impacting on your newly climbed chest with its shoulder. You lose your balance and fall backwards off the roof, landing on your tailbone painfully. You don't dwell on the pain, though, and open your eyes to look back at Sanae. Her face quickly switches to one of apologetic concern. Switches from what?

"Oh! Oh, Ku-chan, I'm so sorry! I, I just got carried away!" She's blushing again. Fuck, that is so adorable. "Please, please forgive me! I really have to talk to you, come up here again, I promise I'll be more careful."

[ ] "Yeah. Yeah. Gimme a second."
[ ] "Are you sure you can't just come down here?"
[ ] "I'll hold the football, Charlie Brown, and you kick it. No, thanks."
>> No. 1234
[] "Yeah. Yeah. Gimme a second."
>> No. 1235
[ ] "Yeah. Yeah. Gimme a second."
>> No. 1236
[ ] "Yeah. Yeah. Gimme a second."
>> No. 1237
[x] "Yeah. Yeah. Gimme a second."

Act like an injured puppy the whole way up to score pity points.
>> No. 1238
[x] "Yeah. Yeah. Gimme a second."

"Yeah, just a second. I'm busy enjoying the shade beneath your awesome bewbage.
>> No. 1239
[ ] "Yeah. Yeah. Gimme a second."

Fucking hell, Sanae.
>> No. 1240
[x] "Yeah. Yeah. Gimme a second."
Did she just push us off the roof? Sanae wants us dead confirmed.
>> No. 1241
[ ] "Yeah. Yeah. Gimme a second."
[ ] "Why not carry me up?"

Where did all this dere come from? Not that I mind.
>> No. 1242
[X] "Yeah. Yeah. Gimme a second."

Oh, tail bone pain. Our meetings are so very unpleasant, and I wish that I didn't have to meet with you so very often.
>> No. 1243
That was quick. Writing.
>> No. 1244
lol what the hell just happened there.
[X] "Are you sure you can't just come down here?"
>> No. 1245
[ ] "Yeah. Yeah. Gimme a second."
[ ] "Why not carry me up?"
>> No. 1246
Oh, right, fair warning: a wall is being built, so a bit of patience, please.
>> No. 1247
I think she did. Charged into a person who just came over a ladder onto a roof? Yeah, Sanae pushed us off alright.

Also, I'm amazed we didn't fracture our tailbone after falling off a roof. Chulainn really is made of tougher stuff.
>> No. 1248
We shall climb your wall. And then be pushed off the top of it.
>> No. 1249
Sanae is acting strange, is this really her?
>> No. 1250
My thoughts exactly.
Worried? Why? What did we do recently to cause her to worry about us NOW?
>> No. 1251
She did seem unusually...gushy and physical, didn't she? It struck me as odd too.

...obviously Nitori's playing around with her new device that disguises her as Maris--as Sanae!
>> No. 1252
Uh... the whole Shizuha rescue thing? She's only seen us once since then, and Hina was around so she couldn't exactly get all 'OH KU-CHAN' on us.
>> No. 1253
It's propably just our bad luck kicking in again. Can't expect Hina's help to last forever.
>> No. 1254
That's true, but don't emotions usually "exhaust" themselves after a certain period of time? Plus she's only known us for a day or so. It would be unusual for someone to retain and express such a strong burst of emotion to someone they just met.

Then again, kerokero did say Sanae was very lonely. So maybe she feels a strong attachment to us because we're the only other human around.
>> No. 1255
Or maybe Suwako is screwing around with stuff. I don't remember what her powers were, so I can't rule it out entirely.
>> No. 1256

Suwako has the power to create Earth. Nothing to do with humans.
>> No. 1257
There's the possibility that Sanae had an ulterior motive for pushing us off, but it's also possible that she's just forgotten her own strength. She's only just come here from the human world, remember, where she's been trying to live as an ordinary girl the entire time.
>> No. 1258
She is acting too strange all of a sudden, it's like her personality took a sudden change. Either she has two personalities or it's someone else.
>> No. 1259
Or maybe she a drink while bathing, to take her mind off things, and she has no alcohol tolerance at all. She might just be drunk as a skunk and overly emotional.
>> No. 1260
the OP pic reminds me a lot of that one pic of XP-tan where she's holding open the covers in a come-get-in way.
>> No. 1261
That would explain it pretty well, it seems. We shall see, as the wall is coming.
>> No. 1262
Indeed, that would explain it perfectly.
>> No. 1263
"Yeah. Yeah." You sit up and wince. "Gimme a second." Her face disappears back onto the roof. You wait the promised second, catch your breath, stand up and try again.

No shoulder this time. Just Sanae, standing a short distance away where the roof starts to curve upwards. Her back is turned to you. "Come closer." Okay. You do so. "Closer." O... kay. A couple steps more. She turns around, her face is serious. "What you did last night was reckless, dangerous, and stupendously foolhardy." She closes the gap between you gradually as she speaks, ending the last sentence toe-to-toe, looking up at your face. "It was also courageous, selfless, and very, very much appreciated." There isn't much gap left, but she closes it, gently resting her head and both hands against your chest. You don't dare breathe, as if exhaling would break the spell. "I just... don't know what I'd do without you. You're the only one, the only one in this world, who I believe could ever understand me. The only one... that I could truly call a friend. If you left me..." She sighs, pressing into you. "Don't ever leave me."

No doubt she can hear your heart racing. You somehow manage to keep your breathing even (once you are finally forced to resume it). Once your senses are returned to you, there is only one course of action. You lean your head down to rest on top of her's, savoring the smell of her freshly-washed hair. You reach your arms up and around to enclose her. You promise. "I won't."

The next instant, you have. Flying through the air again. You're not even sure how this has happened. Everything was a blur, but you think Sanae did some kind of judo move on you. By sheer dumb luck, perhaps a lingering effect of Hina's from last night, you land feet first, tumbling a few times before stopping, rather than just cracking your head open on the ground. Oh, and you're pissed.


The first thing you see upon righting yourself is that same person whose name you just cursed, flying towards you with placating arms outstretched. "Let me explain!"

"Explain nothing! Just stay away from me!" You scurry backwards on hands and feet, genuinely afraid she's going to throw you off the mountain next.

"No, please! Look, I mean, listen!" She's landed now, her pleading genuine. Then again, so was her concern. "Please! I was only trying to get you to fly!"

"I can't fly, you dumb broad," you snap back as you dust yourself off. "I'm just a human! And that trick about throwing yourself at the ground and missing is a bunch of crap!"

"That's what I'm saying!" Her tone is more desperate. You're almost starting to believe her. "You're NOT just a human! You were when you climbed the hill to our shrine, but something's changed!"

Cautiously. "Changed?"

"Yes, changed! Don't tell me you haven't noticed it? Lifting that cover, the wall-kicking move you did out of the tunnel. Shizuha told me about that. Could you have done either of those three days ago? Two days ago? Before noon yesterday?" She stops and waits for an answer, looking at you expectantly, hopefully.

It's a long time before you respond. "There's more. I didn't mention it last time, but that trick with the tunnel, last night was a repeat. I tried the same thing on a whim as I was leaving the mountain to meet you. Only reason it didn't work was that cover. Whanged my fool head on it. And then... during the rescue, I sensed two guards coming at me in the hallway once. I couldn't tell a direction or anything, but I knew they were coming and hid, and when they came, they were flying. No footsteps, no noise. I should have been caught red-handed right there, but I knew they were coming. I can't have..." You collapse back down to sit on the ground, the bruise on that part of your body crying out unheeded. You stare blankly up at Sanae. "What... what's happening to me?"

She crouches down, placing a reassuring hand on your shoulder. "I don't know, yet. Strength, agility, hyper senses, flight, and others... I get these powers from my position as priestess, from my goddess. But, you..." She stops short and looks up at something past you. "Hina! Shizuha! Minoriko!" Her shouting startles you. "Get out here, now!"

You catch something moving out of the corner of your eye and move your head to catch it with the front. Tengus. Armed. You whip your head around. Everywhere. You stand up and turn around to follow Sanae's gaze. There, too. Surrounded. And one more. Large, muscular, old but tough like leather, face and arms covered in scars. He is unarmed, but looks deadlier than most weapons. No need for introductions. He has "commander" written all over him.

From behind: "Lady Sanae, what is the... oh, my."

"H-hey, what are they all doing here?"

"Sanae? Sanaeeee?!"

The commander speaks. His voice suits him perfectly. "One is missing. Where is she?" He's looking at... you? Or Sanae?

You reply first. "One? Who?" Realization. "I, I don't know. No-one's seen her since the arrival. That I know of."

He shrugs. "Then this will have to do."

"Have to do for what?" Sanae's voice is cold, imperious.

The commander straightens his back and clasps his hands behind him. "It is my duty to inform you that you are all under arrest. Please do not resist. Men, take them."
>> No. 1264
Drunk this early in the morning? Of course not Sanae is a good girl.
>> No. 1265
File 121122325669.jpg - (19.90KB , 640x480 , justasplanned.jpg ) [iqdb]
And that's it for today, kids. See you tomorrow, maybe.

>> No. 1266
What the christ?
>> No. 1267
Well, we had a good run.
>> No. 1268
Time to drop the soap in the showers and enjoy Sayo's company.
>> No. 1269
[x] "Greetings, Tengu Commander. Let's kill each other!"
>> No. 1270
File 121122369514.jpg - (85.77KB , 798x600 , Kotomine.jpg ) [iqdb]
I hope you're pleased now, Cu Chulainn. Your wish was granted. YOU wanted to be the Legendary Celtic Hero, and now you are. But what is a hero without a villain? Yes, that's right. By wishing for yourself to be a hero that saves others, you're unconsciously wishing for there to be a villain that harms others. Ironic, isn't it?
>> No. 1271
Suddenly Tenugs, hundreds!
Wtf Tetro, at least give us an option to fight. Prison torture scene should come later.
>> No. 1272
What the... Okay, seriously, what. Get out of my head, Charles!
>> No. 1273
[X] "Greetings, Tengu Commander. Let's kill each other!"
We have to protect all those girls, time for some Bloodbath.
>> No. 1274
Can't wait until we get a spear.
>> No. 1275
File 121122445984.png - (591.91KB , 800x680 , GroupMoF1.png ) [iqdb]
Christ, where the hell are our main 2 weapons? WE NEED SOME DIVINE FIREPOWER NOW, DAMMIT.
>> No. 1276
[x] Gae Bolg - Thrusting Lance of Death Flight
>> No. 1277
The good thing about gods fighting armies is that their faith (and power) rises dramatically for each enemy.

Miracle Time
>> No. 1278

Resting after transferring the shrine to Gensokyo I assume.
>> No. 1280
[X] "Greetings, Tengu Commander. Let's kill each other!"
>> No. 1281
>>1279 >>1280
This is not an option. It will also result in our being killed or severely beaten.
>> No. 1282
I think he's just done for the day guys, we'll get our chance later.
>> No. 1283
Ah, you're right, no option that forgets proper decorum can be a true option! Let's fix that up.

[x] "Welcome, gentlemen! I am Cu Chulainn, legendary Celtic hero. You there--you are the commander of these tengu? Come. Let's kill each other."
>> No. 1284
What an awesome Option. Let's do this thing.

[x] "Welcome, gentlemen! I am Cu Chulainn, legendary Celtic hero. You there--you are the commander of these tengu? Come. Let's kill each other."
>> No. 1285
"Let's kill each other?"

Cu Chulainn isn't an assassin poet. He's a fucking one-man army.

I'd sooner expect him to tell the tengu they can go fuck themselves, that they're so weak they probably can't hold alcohol worth a damn, then top it off by making various dirty implications about their mothers.
>> No. 1286
He didn't give us any choices yet. I assume this means we can't do anything yet, unless he just forgot to post them.
>> No. 1287
>> No. 1288

We need to moon them as well.
>> No. 1289
No worries. /shrine/ anon was an assassin-poet and a flamboyant bounty hunter rolled into one. Cu Chulainn can survive being genteel in between defeating armies single-handedly.
>> No. 1290
Also, killing a tengu commander will not help in preventing hostility. Unless he is a Wolf Tengu, where if you kill him in self defense you can take his place until they get another. You might need a spear for that one, though.
>> No. 1291

One dead commander is still a good start though. Kill their leader to show you aren't messing around and then proceed to slaughter the rest.
>> No. 1292
You know, if we want to avoid painfully homoerotic crap and YARANAIKA stuff on Sayo's route, the nature or it should change.

Like, say, a cop movie. Perhaps we wake up as a tengu instead, join the mountain tengu, and get a guard job, with Sayo showing us the ropes.

Then there'd be all kinds of awesomeness, and chase scenes, and danmaku fights, and stakeouts at the shrine, and wacky awesome exploding and high-tech shit from N, (the kappa in Research and Development) and then the final battle with the Red-White.

Shit would be pure awesome.
>> No. 1293

And THEN the homoerotic sex?
>> No. 1294
And, pray tell, WHY ARE WE KILLING THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE!? They are arresting us, not attacking us.

Either way, we didn't get a choice to do something yet, let's wait and see.
>> No. 1295

They're in our way. No other reason.
>> No. 1296

If there's no GAAAAAAAAY in Sayo's route what's the point in having it?
>> No. 1297
Naturally, we don't accept them as legal authorities who have power over us. Therefore, their "arrest" may be perceived as an attempt to unlawfully kidnap and detain. Their use of overwhelming numbers means that anything less than lethal force would be ineffective in thwarting them; hence, we do our best to kill them all.

TL;DR: The tengu are throwing their weight around too much. Time to kick their asses and go out with a BANG.
>> No. 1298
This seems like a good time to explain to you my Continue system. Note that unlike my ill-fated skill roll idea, this has already been adopted and will be implemented, at least basically, as outlined here.

Numerically, you may continue from DEAD or BAD ENDs as many times as you wish. However, each time, you will have to choose a penalty in either Score or Time.

Score should be pretty easy to understand: your score will go down a set number of points. Depending on the amount, and your current score at the time, this may affect Cu Chulainn's abilities, or even effectively close routes in your face. On the other hand, the effect may be negligible. The real benefit is, you get to continue playing immediately.

Time is just that. I stop writing and do not begin again for a set period of time. This will be measured in one of two modes:

* Writing Time: I will only count the passage of my free time against this total, time I could have spent writing had you knuckleknobs not challenged Lord Tenma to a duel at twenty paces (FYI, no, that's not Lord Tenma in front of you with the scars and such, you'll meet him later).

* Real Time: just that. Will usually measured in days.

Penalties will be decided on a case-by-case basis. Larger penalties will be dealt out for especially bone-headed or avoidable deaths, such as my Lord Tenma example above. More chance-based demises, such as choosing the wrong wire to clip on a time bomb, will have lesser penalties.

Another feature I just came up with a minute ago: if you REALLY don't like the way things are headed, you can vote at any time to take a penalty and jump back a number of choices to try again. The more choices, of course, the greater the penalty. This will be a write-in vote, and will require a large majority to pass.

Questions, comments, suggested tweaks? No, I'm not going to start writing again now, so don't bother.
>> No. 1299
Sayo route? No. Spin-off? Hmmmmm...
>> No. 1300
So basically you plan on taking advantage of our idiocy to slack off?
>> No. 1301
Surely 'tis the greatest incentive for anyone enjoying the story not to be stupid!

...part of me still wants to try and fight my way out of this though. Grrr, bossy tengu arresting anyone and everyone "trespassing" on "their" mountain; them and their implied death penalty.
>> No. 1302
Use the standard continue system first before using this system. Lest we find ourself in an h-scene and we can't get it up because we got ED from continuing.
>> No. 1303
Look, Cuch has basically placed himself into the role of a go-between for the Shrine and the Tengu factions. This is the first major conflict between the two. Now isn't the best time to pick sides, as this would polarize the two against one another, and the Shrine will need the Faith the Tengu can provide.

Furthermore, as much of a Hero as he's becoming, I don't think Chulainn could successfully stand against an experienced and well-armed Tengu leader AND his subordinates (yet).

I vote
[X] Attempt to find a diplomatic solution.
>> No. 1304
That's not what I mean by "abilities". Like I told Scorn, you're a virile young buck. The problem will be getting the time to come, rather than getting yourself to come.

Tut, such an uncouth phrasing. I prefer to think of it as allowing you time to rethink your tactics while I recharge creatively.
>> No. 1305
We sit at only one Geis right now. We'll need to get ourselves up to a few Geasa before we can actually survive proper combat.
>> No. 1306

We're Cu Chulainn though, and one of our abilities is spear handling. If we lose that ability, how can we call ourselves a proper man when it comes down to us and a woman?
>> No. 1307
A Dead or Bad End is its own punishment, as I see it?

Why have a continues/lives/penalty system?

Oh right, Touhou.
>> No. 1308
Penalty system?

Does this mean if we're doing really well a Blue Shell will fall from the sky and land on our head in an explosion?
>> No. 1309
you can explain in more detail when we die. Now get back to work.
>> No. 1310
For, apparently, enjoying writing so much you seem intent on penalizing both yourself and the user base by either messing with the story (by closing off routes etc.) or your already limited writing time. I'm enjoying the story so far and I imagine everyone else is too but reducing your writing time due to trolling idiots isn't really ideal. I'm all for some sort of continue system but your current method is a little too harsh, in my opinion.
>> No. 1311
Rollback = Counterbomb on failed graze
Writing delay = lost life
Point loss = continue used, cannot save replay
>> No. 1312
Sounds pretty gay to me.
Interesting! Let's do this, fuck bad ends. We will not even get one.
Ku-chan will grow stronger, all these Tengus will only fuel his strenght, so that he can beat Reimu on Day ?.
>> No. 1313
Hmm. I wonder if Chulainn here might end up the (previously non-existant) Stage 6 midboss of Mountain of Faith?

Or maybe even an Extra mode character?
>> No. 1315
>Depending on the amount, and your current score at the time, this may affect Cu Chulainn's abilities, or even effectively close routes in your face.

Nobody's ever going to pick that, so you're saying we'll have to wait longer after getting a BAD END. I see three consequences to this:

2. People reading other stories while Anon's in the penalty box and possibly losing interest in this one
3. MOST IMPORTANTLY, this will make people put a higher priority on safety vs. risky heroics. And since becoming a hero seems to be an important goal...

I'm with >>1307 - can't you just make us feel like shit for fucking up and then get on with it?
>> No. 1316
Neither of these methods is good.

The score one punishes us for making the wrong choice by rolling back, but making us unable to make better choices? That doesn't really make sense. What's the point of even letting us escape one bad end if it dooms us to mediocrity (and possibly more bad ends, if we've lost powers) in the future?

The time one, well, the flaws with that are obvious. If you want to take a break from writing, just do it. If not, just keep writing. Better for everyone's sanity that way. We're all here to have fun by reading (and in your case writing) this story, why mess with that or turn it into a commodity?

Especially in this format, where it's very easy for someone dishonest to spam, or for a couple of morons to be the only ones around when a choice pops up and ruin it for everyone else. Heck, it doesn't even require morons, the chances of Bad Ending arbitrarily on what seems to us like a perfectly reasonable option are sky high. (not to insult your writing skills, but this has happened one way or another in I think *every* other running story and this is not likely to be an exception.)

To be totally honest, the fact that you'd even suggest these systems already makes me want to say "screw it" and vote suicidal options all the time out of spite... and I'm sure I can't be alone in this.

Think it through. None of the other successful stories have seriously punished bad ends or run out of continues. /shrine/ even rewards them sometimes. There are reasons why this is so.
>> No. 1317
For the record, my wording on routes was a little unclear. I did not mean to say that this system would render them unattainable. What I meant was, you could conceivably be working on a route, but penalize yourself to the point where you can no longer meet the score requirement to clear it successfully.

But never mind. I didn't really understand >>1307's meaning until >>1315's summary, and that sounds like a much better plan. I started this with the intention of being much easier going than some of the other stories (no offense, no complaint), where Anon would be able pull crazy shit and not only survive, but maybe even come out on top because of it. I had that continue system idea, and shoehorned it into this, losing sight of my purpose. But I'm better now. If you guys fuck up enough that death and/or failure becomes inevitable, or if I think you're starting to feel a bit TOO invincible, I'll just slap you back to reality and we'll try again.

tl;dr - skip it. Will continue this morning before errands if I'm awake, this afternoon after errands if I'm not.
>> No. 1318
Yeah, penalizing us is kinda bullshit.

If this were a real game, which we were playing to play, yeah, I could see that. But this is some thing that we all participate in because we enjoy the story (also, the promise of an h-scene or h-scenes.).

Intentionally long-term-punishing or irritating your reader base because they messed up is not a good thing.

Just give us limited continues, please?
>> No. 1319

Also, choice, if we're actually faced with one here:

[x] Calmly stare down the tengu and tell them there's no need for this and they should have more faith in people. If that doesn't work, tell them they have no jurisdiction here and ask if they actually want to pick a fight with a bunch of divine beings.

Most importantly, if things get ugly:
[x] "All right, all right! No need for bloodshed. The other goddess is in the shrine across the lake."
Then prepare to duck and cover.
>> No. 1320
>If you guys fuck up enough that death and/or failure becomes inevitable, or if I think you're starting to feel a bit TOO invincible, I'll just slap you back to reality and we'll try again.

That's perfect, thanks.
>> No. 1321
okay. sounds good.
>> No. 1322
Let's go with this. Penalising the reader just doesn't make much sense in this context.
>> No. 1323
Allright, sounds good to me, let's go with this. Sorry for choosing some crazy shit there, reading too much /shrine/ made me think crazy.
>> No. 1324
[x] Cross your arms. "On what charges? And what power grants you the right of jurisdiction over other races?"

Buy time with legalese for Kanako to make her grand appearance and frighten them off, or at least for Sanae to cast Miracle.
>> No. 1325
>> No. 1326

Oh lawd you best not be joking.
>> No. 1327
[X] Diplomacy option

And thanks for not rulefagging it, Tetro.
>> No. 1328
>And what power grants you the right of jurisdiction over other races?
"The power that says you dropped a fucking building right on top of MY FRICKIN' MOUNTAIN, *human*."
>> No. 1329
Moar like, "The power of several dozen tengu soldiers that have you surrounded right now. We're standing right here."
>> No. 1330
The idea definitely has merit. You, the hotshot rookie, assigned to the anti-Hakurei Syndicate task force led by Inspector Inubashiri, a no-nonsense former beat cop (with a nice tail), and partnered with Sayo, a by-the-book vet. Set in Gensou City.

Yeah, listen to me ramble. Wheels have started turning. Trouble is, I don't know when or if I'll ever get around to starting it, so if one of those Anons I see every once in a while posting about how they've thought about starting a CYOA but the boards are full is reading this, here could be your chance.

I apologize for even considering it.

Anyway, yeah. To be continued. Like, soon.
>> No. 1331
>>Anyway, yeah. To be continued. Like, soon.
7 minutes?
>> No. 1332
So, was this incident avoidable by waiting until morning? Just curious.
>> No. 1333
Give him time, he will start it up when he is ready for it.
>> No. 1334


At their commander's order, the ring of tengu begins closing in around you slowly. Hina, Shizuha and Minoriko flee their advance, moving from the shrine entrance to cluster up near Sanae and yourself. For the moment, you're absolutely no help at all, just staring around at the force arrayed against you, trying to think how it could have come to this.

Sanae steps forward towards the commander and addresses him, her eyes and voice a cold blaze. "How DARE you. This is sacred ground. By what right do you presume to take us from our home?"

The commander answers in kind. "By what right do YOU presume to call this YOUR home? This is OUR mountain. Whether to ALLOW you to stay here or not is OUR decision. Do you understand, now? You have no home."

Sanae and the commander continue to seethe at each other in silence. Minoriko tries to comfort a weeping Shizuha while herself shaking like a leaf. Hina just seems to have closed in on herself. The tengu are very close now, formed into ranks three deep.

[ ] "No! You can't do this!"
[ ] "Sanae... he's right."
[ ] Charge the commander.
>> No. 1335
[x] "No! You can't do this!"
Don't give a damn whether we having planning permission or not, we're staying put. The last option'll just get us beaten up.
>> No. 1336
[X] "Well, you lot are rather impolite, now aren't you? Can't be good for your image."

They ought to work on their PR.
>> No. 1338
[x] "No! You can't do this!"

Cue the awakening of our powers and the appearance of Gae Bolg.
>> No. 1339
[x] "No! You can't do this!"
They can't do that. Just look at Mountain of Faith, shrine is still there.
>> No. 1340

[X] "Well, you lot are rather impolite, now aren't you? Can't be good for your image."

This sounds good to me.
Recommend they take lessons from Aya.
>> No. 1341
[x] "Well, you lot are rather impolite, now aren't you? Can't be good for your image."
I like this. Snarky, cuts deep, and leaves a little from for a "You can't do this. I won't let you." later.
>> No. 1342
[X] "Well, you lot are rather impolite, now aren't you? Can't be good for your image."
>> No. 1343
[x] "Well, you lot are rather impolite, now aren't you? Can't be good for your image."
[x] Seethe
[x] Destroy them all
>> No. 1344
[x] "Well, you lot are rather impolite, now aren't you? Can't be good for your image."
>> No. 1345
[X] "Well, you lot are rather impolite, now aren't you? Can't be good for your image."

I love it.
>> No. 1346
[X] "Well, you lot are rather impolite, now aren't you? Can't be good for your image."

Might as well jump on the bandwagon.
>> No. 1347
[X] "Well, you lot are rather impolite, now aren't you? Can't be good for your image."
>> No. 1348
File 121133186953.jpg - (24.66KB , 256x232 , pic7.jpg ) [iqdb]

Writing for write-in.
>> No. 1349
"Well, you lot are rather impolite, aren't you? Can't be good for your image."

Whoa! That took some guts to say in this situation. Good one, Sanae. Why'd she say it to sound like you, though? And why is she looking at you like that?

The commander turns his stare slowly from her to you. His voice sounds like a sword being drawn. "What did you just say, boy?"


Okay. Um. Wow. Okay. Better roll with it. You cross your arms and stare back at him evenly. "I said, your hospitality is astoundingly non-existent. From what I've been told, this peak was just a bunch of rock and a lake until we came here. I wouldn't have thought allowing a handful of humans the use of previously useless space would have been such a bothersome question, let alone worthy of this show of force." Your tone gets more confident with every word. Ha! Got 'im good!

He hold his stare and his position for several seconds. Then, he begins floating towards you, seeming to grow larger as he approaches, and not just in terms of perspective. "Seven hundred years ago, we allowed a colony of humans to settle at the base of our mountain. There were only a handful of them, too, at first. Gradually, over the next two years, they increased their numbers, so few at a time we would have felt foolish to refuse them, until they had established a proper town." He's stopped right above you now, staring down, the full force of his presence crushing down on you. Every ounce of concentration you have is required to keep the quivering in your breast from spreading outwards. "I was young, then. I, and all the rest of us, were so proud of what we had accomplished: the first true successful contact with the humans. And then, they struck. First, the kappa in their river, slaughtering just enough to prove their intent, and sending ultimatums demanding we turn over all of our secrets to them, promising more of the same for non-compliance. We were unprepared, but they were not. They had spent the entire time since their arrival devising strategies and getting the lay of the land, all to use against us when they were ready. The war that followed was short, even by your limited reckoning, but it burned very hot. I watched friends and loved ones die at the hands of your kind. Do not mistake me, I am not such a fool as to harbor a grudge against all of humanity for the selfishness of a distant few. But, these scars you see remind me every day of the true cost of... 'hospitality.'" He spits the last word in your face and falls silent. He does not need to say any more. Your resolve is completely shaken.

[ ] Try to keep up the act anyway.
[ ] Look to Sanae for backup.
[ ] Bow your head and apologize.


Work, now. Not as many posts as I'd hoped to make, but, well.
>> No. 1350
Huh, well fuck.
>> No. 1351
>> No. 1352
[x] Genuflect
>> No. 1354
[ ] Bow your head and apologize.

[ ] Try to keep up the act anyway.

Assert that things will be different this time, even if that is pretty weak. Play up the refugee side of things.
>> No. 1355
[X] Try to keep up the act anyway. But soften up, that was one fucked up story.
>> No. 1356
[X] Try to keep up the act anyway. But soften up.

Pointing out that there's only wonen and children here. Hell, They're both.

By the way... do you plan to Give Ku-chan GayBulge, Tetro? Just wanna know.
>> No. 1357
[x] Try to keep up the act anyway.

Cu chulainn wouldn't back down that easily. The better half of Battle is the pissing contest that precedes it, and I should think that Celt would excel at it.

But as I see it, we're either going to cooperate and go peaceably, or go beaten, bruised, and bound.
>> No. 1358
[X] Try to keep up the act anyway.
[X] "How very quaint. As though preparedness required hostility. You would do well to learn the finer points of readiness."

Push it as far as you can.
>> No. 1359
>By the way... do you plan to Give Ku-chan GayBulge, Tetro?
I plan on putting a spear in his hands by the end of today, game time. You want a Gae Bolg, though, you'll have to earn it. The NG+ feature will help with that.

>Pointing out that there's only wonen and children here.
>> No. 1360
[X] Bow your head and apologize.
[X] Steel your resolve.
[X] Try to keep up the act anyway.
[X] "Be that as it may, arresting us when we've done no wrong is unjustifiable."
>> No. 1361
Good enough. For now.
>> No. 1362
>> No. 1363
[X] Bow your head and apologize.
[X] Steel your resolve.
[X] Try to keep up the act anyway.
[X] "Be that as it may, arresting us when we've done no wrong is unjustifiable."

this sounds good
>> No. 1364

Thanks for answer my question. Love you, Tetro.

Oh shit, I take that back. They are a goddess capable of waking mass destruction. One of them even have A FRIGGIN DENDROBIUM.
>> No. 1365
[X] Steel your resolve.
[X] Try to keep up the act anyway.
[X] "Be that as it may, arresting us when we've done no wrong is unjustifiable."

I don't think we need to apologize here. They're kind of being dicks, and they can't expect us to feel sorry for them in this situation. As it stands they're really being little better than the folks they're bad mouthing, trying to imprison a group that had arrived there without any hostile intent, and who didn't expect this.
>> No. 1366
[X] Steel your resolve.
[X] Try to keep up the act anyway.
[X] "Be that as it may, arresting us when we've done no wrong is unjustifiable."

Shame we can't just "No u" and give him a few more scars to worry about
>> No. 1367
[X] Bow your head and apologize.
[X] Steel your resolve.
[X] Try to keep up the act anyway.
[X] "Be that as it may, arresting us when we've done no wrong is unjustifiable."

I can appreciate the fact that we haven't done anything wrong and that there's no real reason to apologize, but we have to at least acknowledge where the Tengu are coming from. It is a bit of a sacrifice on our part; we're showing some weakness and run the risk of insulting this commander by attempting to placate him with a seemingly shallow apology. However, an effective mediation involves protecting out interests while acknowledging and understanding the underlying interests of the other party.

This is not a negotiation where both sides have to give something up to acheive an agreement. This is a mediation: both parties stand to gain from this situation, but the Moriya shrine and the Tengu have gotten off on the wrong foot from the get go. Ku-chan is an unwilling mediator, but we're a goddamn Legend, so it's time to settle the misconceptions and get them to understand their mutual interests.
>> No. 1368

I agree, but I feel that I have to say apologies aren't necessary to recognize another's position. We have no real reason to apologize, and in this position it's probably a bad idea - it may make us look weak, and simultaneously runs the risk of making us look condescending. The best option here is merely to not insult their position; an apology here will do little for us at best, and at worst will weaken our side of the negotiation.
>> No. 1369
[X] Steel your resolve.
[X] Try to keep up the act anyway.
[X] "Be that as it may, arresting us when we've done no wrong is unjustifiable."

Cu Chulainn doesn't apologize!
>> No. 1370
File 12113456735.jpg - (222.81KB , 700x544 , 1210018101576.jpg ) [iqdb]

I understand completely. Nothing is more disasterous than a disingenuous; we'd be belittling their position with an ill considered remark, appear to be trying to wiggle out of our way out of a difficult position with cheap words, and marginalize a truly horrific event in their history.

But, I've got some faith in this incarnation of Anonymous. Tetro has portrayed us in a compasionate and understanding fashion so far. I feel if we were to express our regrets it would come across as a sincere one. Never underestimate the effect of a sincere (sounding) apology.

My personal interpretation of these LAs is that the actions of the Anonymous character are representative of the general will of the participants. I don't think any of us are trying to minimalize what the Tengu have gone through, but we do have a duty to protect the Moriya shrine from harm due to our actions. But I'm as anonymous as the next guy, so whatever.

Pic to remind us all to keep our eyes on the prize.
>> No. 1371
[x] "While I'm troubled by your story, and regretful for your loss, these people are not base murderers and deceivers. They are a miko and her goddesses. They won't be hunting you down and killing you, or sending people to be tricksters and spies under a guise of good intentions."
(and put some weight on that last part.)

I want to suggest that we shy away from saying that she's a miko and thus harmless, as I KNOW that'll get some snorts and laughs.
Unfortunately, that's metagaming, I think. But to Cu Chulainn, it'd seem like a perfectly logical tack to take.
>> No. 1372
[x] "Well this sucks."
>> No. 1373
[x] "While I'm troubled by your story, and regretful for your loss, these people are not base murderers and deceivers. They are a miko and her goddesses. They won't be hunting you down and killing you, or sending people to be tricksters and spies under a guise of good intentions."
>> No. 1374
[ ] Oh? You may be concerned about us. But don't you think you should be more concerned about HER?!

*point dramatically to the nothing behind the tengu*
*grab Sanae and run in the opposite direction*
>> No. 1375
Silly tengu. You can't out-despair Anonymous.

[X] Steel your resolve.
[X] Try to keep up the act anyway.

"That's quite an anecdote. Yes I agree, humans can be quite nasty; In fact I would wager that there is no act of depravity, cruelty, or barbarism that other races are capable of that humans have not done a thousand times over. How many humans was it? A few hundred? How long ago, again? A few centuries? Allow me show you a more recent view of things: About fifty years ago we outside humans had a world war which raged for a few years. A man named Hitler in part to justify dictatorship of his country, did kill four million people. Four million. It's amazing how fast you can exterminate entire populations once you've set up the proper system. It seems like a lot, but really when you consider how many humans there are--6.5 billion... was it? Yes? Yes--it's not all that much compared to what we're capable of now.

"Past genocide, we're nearing the level of geocide. Thermonuclear weapons--amazing things, imagine that by manipulating matter at the atomic level you can create an explosion large enough to invert this mountain to a crater. What's more is that opposing nations under a strategy of deterrence, the so-called principle of mutually assured destruction--or "MAD" as I call it!--have created enough of these things to kick enough dirt and dust into the atmosphere as to block out sunlight the world over for centuries, killing all plant-life and by extension the food chain dependent on them, at which point all recognizable forms of life will be quite lost.

"You may see with that a little better why we came to this place, this hideaway. We're not settlers; hell only two of us are human and one of us is a shrine 'maiden'. Rather we're refugees, escaping from a dying world; we didn't come here seeking hospitality, but sanctuary and respite, a place to live out our lives and not be constantly reminded that our world and everything we love in it is doomed.

"So you can prod us with sharp sticks all you want, but we will never return to that place."
>> No. 1376
[ ] "Your story makes my heart heavy, and my prostate weak. My bladder is full to bursting."
>> No. 1377
[x] "While I'm troubled by your story, and regretful for your loss, these people are not base murderers and deceivers. They are a miko and her goddesses. They won't be hunting you down and killing you, or sending people to be tricksters and spies under a guise of good intentions."

I like this.

If all else fails,

[ ] I implore you to reconsider.
>> No. 1378

Lay it on thick, huh?
>> No. 1379
Hmm... OKAY
>> No. 1381
I vote for either >>1375 or >>1371 . Both are awesome
>> No. 1382
Wow. Okay. Here's the plan.

Work's running short tonight, they expect to be sending everyone gone any minute now. I'm also Rumia-level hungry, so give me about another half hour or so before I'm home and ready to start up again. I subscribe to the same "representative of will" theory as >>1370 (hottest SFW pic I've seen in a dog's age, btw), so, in this case, rather than count the votes and pick a single winner, I'm going to try and combine the prevailing winds here into a single (probably quite wordy) response. Sound fair?

P.S. I fucking love you guys.
>> No. 1383
It seems important that we mention most of the people they're trying to arrest aren't even human. This isn't a human settlement, it's a shrine for deities.
>> No. 1384
Yeah, sounds good to me. Enjoy your feasting.
>> No. 1385
allright, sound good, time to work your magic. Make one incredible wall of text for us.!
>> No. 1386
So, getting off work in a half hour proved to be a bit optimistic, but here I am. Got this done while my food was cooking. Now they're both ready, so I'll post this and eat that, then get working on the rest of the event:


Against such a presence, against such a revelation, all you can do is bow your head as you try to marshal yourself. "I... was not aware of the history between your kind and ours. In light of this, my words were inexcusably flippant, and I apologize, although I have no right to your forgiveness." You raise your head back to look the commander straight in the eye, the shaking gone almost completely, a second wind filling your sails. "But, I apologize only for the tone I used and the words I chose. I do not, and will not, apologize for the message behind them. No amount of bad blood can justify this act, arresting us for no reason other than the possibility that we may someday pose a threat to you. As it stands now, we have done you no wrong, aside from laying down roots into your mountain with, I admit, no warning given nor permission asked. But we are not tricksters, or spies, sent here to assess your capabilities under a guise of good intentions--" You add a little extra edge to these words, and you can tell by the subtle change in his expression that they hit their mark. "--but rather, refugees from another world, come here by chance or design to try and make a new life for ourselves. We are trespassers on your mountain, but we are not intruders. The terms may be effectively synonymous, but there is a difference between them that yawns wide in this situation." A small pain in your throat signals you to stop: it has become so dry through this speech that swallowing, well, hurts. You keep your mouth closed and your eyes fixed on his, awaiting his counter-argument.
>> No. 1387
Ku-chan is amazing. Talking down the Tengu Commander and afraid of nothing.
>> No. 1388
This fucker is lucky we don't have a spear yet, or else this'd have become Cu Chulainn's last stand.
>> No. 1389
File 121136648613.jpg - (349.06KB , 680x510 , db62f00d92f6420286c58e20b22ae9c3.jpg ) [iqdb]
Before delivering it, he descends from his position towering in the air above you, touching down with both feet on the mountaintop a few paces in front of you, his loose clothing blowing to and fro in the breeze. Although he is still looking down at you, necessitated by the fact that he stands head-and-shoulders taller, you feel deeply the meaning of his act, placing you both on level ground. When he speaks, his voice is softened, but not soft: the sword has been sheathed, but it is still kept loose. "You speak well and wisely for one so young. It does nothing to change the immediate situation; I have orders from the Master of the Mountain, Lord Tenma himself, to take you into custody, and I will carry those out regardless. But before I do so, there are two vital points in your argument that I wish to resolve. Firstly, you speak of coming here by design, but you have not yet made any mention of precisely what that design might be. Secondly, you say you have done no wrong towards us, while you yourself have--"

A sudden gust of wind from behind you interrupts his sentence and almost sends you sprawling on the ground. Righting yourself proves difficult, as the gust holds steady while losing only a fraction of its intensity. Before you, the commander and his forces hastily adjust their stances to lean into this sudden gale, all as bewildered as you are as to its source. Shortly, though, one of the soldiers shouts wordlessly and points at something behind and above you. As you labor to turn and follow the line of her finger, it dawns on you that at some point during the exchange, Sanae had gone missing. She should have been plainly visible, standing between you and the commander when he landed. Turning brings Hina, Minoriko and Shizuha into your field of vision for a little while; all three are knelt down on one knee, facing the shrine, heads lowered. You begin to fear the sight that will meet your eyes, then fear it anew as it does, at last, meet them.

Untouched by the maelstrom of winds evidenced around her by the leaves and other assorted detritus caught in it, Sanae hangs static in the air above the shrine roof, eyes closed, head bowed, hands clasped above her chest in a gesture of supplication, mouth moving slowly as she speaks words that only she can hear. Behind you, the commander shouts orders, but no-one moves to follow them through, because no-one, not even he, can move. It is doubtful they can even make them out.

The wind is getting stronger.

[ ] "Sanae, NO!!!"
[ ] Try to tell the commander to call off the arrest.
[ ] Kneel down.


No multi-voting, and as much as I enjoy what you come up with, no write-ins this time, either. Please understand. Adapting to the curveballs you throw me are possibly the most fun I have here (neither this arrest sequence, or the rescue before it, turned out at ALL like I planned), but this... well, you'll see. Hell, you've probably already guessed. You guys have been pretty sharp on that front so far.
>> No. 1390
[x] Try to tell the commander to call off the arrest.
>> No. 1391
[ ] "Sanae, NO!!!"

"No, Sanae, no!"
>> No. 1392
[ ] Kneel down.

Hail Kanako?
>> No. 1393
[x] "Sanae, NO!!!"
Ugh... horrible situation here. If Sanae blows them away (literally), the whole Tengu army is going to come crashing down on us, especially given their past history with trespassers. 'Course, if we do somehow manage to stop Sanae now, the commander may well follow through and arrest us.

Only reason I'm going with the above option is because there's a chance the Tengu'll be awed by this demonstration of power, and consider retreating to report to their supervisors. That and we don't really want to do anything to harm them, given that it'd essentially be a declaration of war.
>> No. 1394
[x] Try to tell the commander to call off the arrest.
If he stops, Sanae stops (she may not even be able to hear us if we shout to her). Also, Sanae could just be summoning a wind to blow them away without actually harming them.

Still, I'd rather the Shrine doesn't end up looking like an aggressive force.
>> No. 1395
[ ] "Sanae, NO!!!"
>> No. 1396
[ ] Try to tell the commander to call off the arrest.

Trust in Sanae. She isn't gonna do something incredibly stupid after hearing the commander's story.
>> No. 1398
There's no guarantee that she did hear it, though: 'at some point during the exchange, Sanae had gone missing.' I doubt she's about to rip everyone to pieces with a killer wind (especially since we're in the way), but it still looks bad if she uses wind hax to resist arrest.

Unless she's actually trying for a Kanako summon, which'd be interesting.
>> No. 1400
[X] Try to tell the commander to call off the arrest.
Sanae's wind-controlling powers have never been faith-dependent, so the other goddesses offering their 'prayers' seems unnecessary (and the idea of goddesses praying to a human seems weird as well). For that reason, I'm guessing she's trying to summon the Goddess of Wind herself, who IS faith dependent. Shouting 'NO!' at her might break her concentration and mess the invocation up.

On the other hand, if I'm wrong and she IS resisting arrest, then we might be able to get her to stop by persuading the Tengu to retreat.
>> No. 1402
[X] Try to tell the commander to call off the arrest.

I'm not sure exactly what Sanae is attempting, but I doubt she would do anything too absurdly rash in this situation. If she's trying for a summon, we don't want to interrupt her - if Kanako shows up, she's perhaps the person most suited to dealing with the Tengu, as she's the shrine's head goddess and all. I'm not sure what else the prayers would be for, anyway.

Just make sure not to use antagonistic language when talking with the tengu commander. Keep it simple, and assure him that there's no hostility here - just make sure he pulls back a ways.
>> No. 1403
[X] Kneel with the goddesses.

I'm 90% certain Sanae is summoning Kanako to speak with the Tengu. We'd best not interrupt her. Kanako is, after all, the head deity of the Moriya shrine, and is thus the one who should be called on to negotiate with the Tengu.

As an aside, it's pretty amazing for there to be a wind so strong that the Tengu can't oppose it.
>> No. 1404
[ ] Kneel down.
>> No. 1405
[X] Try to tell the commander to call off the arrest.
Changed my Vote.
>> No. 1406
[X] Kneel with the goddesses.
>> No. 1407
[X] Kneel down.
Only if it's Kanako (i have doubts someone else is of high enough status to make the minor godesses kneel)
>> No. 1408
[ ] Kneel down.

I'm trusting in you guys and Sanae here.
>> No. 1409
[X] Kneel down.
Go on then, for the Goddesses to be kneeling it pretty much has to be Kanako.
>> No. 1410
[ ] Kneel down.
It's unlikely Sanae's trying to blow the Tengu away, mainly because we'd get blown away as well.
>> No. 1411
[X] Kneel down.
>> No. 1412
[X] Kneel down.

Intimidation tactics, this is what we've been stalling for. Best to play along.
>> No. 1413
[X] Kneel with the goddesses.
>> No. 1414
[X] Kneel down.

>> No. 1415
[ ] Kneel down.
>> No. 1416
[ ] Kneel down.
>> No. 1417
The count was 4/4/1 when I went to sleep to wait out the stalemate, now I wake up, and that 1 has friggin' exPLOded up from behind.

Well, all right, then. You all kneel down, and I'll get to writing about it.
>> No. 1418
GENUFLECT BEFORE THE ONE TRUE GOD. Summon Kanako into this world.
>> No. 1419
Dang, didn't realize what time it was, actually. My bad. Early short shift, THEN write.
>> No. 1420
File 121139928687.jpg - (70.55KB , 418x455 , lookatthetime.jpg ) [iqdb]
I know what time it is!
>> No. 1421

Well oka-


wait wut
>> No. 1422
Where do you live, exactly?
>> No. 1423
>> No. 1424
File 121140994592.png - (27.14KB , 600x800 , 218f15a70aa5579e574306103b07b135.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Genuflect before Moriya Bancho!
>> No. 1425

god damn it how did I mix up kanas with kentucky for a second there
>> No. 1426
Because they're both midwestern hellholes?
>> No. 1427
File 121141273212.jpg - (167.60KB , 700x476 , GroupMoFCatty.jpg ) [iqdb]
Bah, brain's crying out for sleep. Guess I won't find out what happens tonight.
>> No. 1428
Oh Kansas. Then you write when I sleep.
I'm in south-east Asia.
>> No. 1429
I laughed, and now I can't unsee it.
>> No. 1430
D'oh, might have closed the polls a little early. First a half-shift, then I fell asleep again. Oh well. Definitely writing now.

>> No. 1431
It was total humiliation to be genuflecting before the goddess who had raped my little sister and scooped out my best friend's eyes.

But I didn't want to die. While there is life, there is hope. My precious life is irreplaceable. So I plastered an obsequious smile on my face and meekly got down on my hands and knees. "YA FUCKIN' LOSER! NO MAN WOULD BOW DOWN THAT EASILY! Die like the dog you are!" Moriya Bancho then lifted one of her legs, and sent it hurtling towards my prostrated head. Its heel sank into the back of my head with a disgusting crunch. My head cracked open like a pomegranate and fresh blood splattered everywhere . . .

And I died.
[ ] Get a clue
[ ] No time for this shit
>> No. 1432
You misspelled BRB 7 minutes
>> No. 1433
Writing for 4 hours? Better be some 5 sides wall of text.
>> No. 1434

More likely
>>I fell asleep again

Man should get some sleep if he's gonna be so narcoleptic.
>> No. 1435
Tetro really needs to rest up more, so he won't always fall asleep while writing.
[X] Anemia option
>> No. 1436
Tetro's still awake.
>> No. 1437
Could've at least said no more updates today.
>> No. 1438

Could have fooled me
>> No. 1439
File 121145118699.jpg - (174.79KB , 780x630 , 46e411079472159b0804e9782ee5bfc9.jpg ) [iqdb]
Jesus, I failed pretty hard today. On the plus side, those who went to sleep didn't really miss much.


You run your mind through the possibilities as quickly as you can, only to arrive back at the conclusion you should never have left: trust in Sanae. She's definitely putting on a show of force, but no matter how little she heard just now, she's not fool enough to actually use it. What to do, then? Follow the other's example. You let your body drop, one arm resting on the raised knee, the other extended to place a fist knuckle-down on the rock, bow your head and wait.

After another thirty seconds or so of howling wind and increasingly desperate orders, the wind vanishes as quickly as it came, and a hush seems to fall over the entire mountain in deference to the awesome presence you now sense somewhere before you. A rich, clear, huskily feminine voice calls out past you to address the tengu commander. "Take your soldiers and leave this place. I will not stand for those in my charge to be treated like common criminals when they have done you no wrong great enough to deserve it." Even as your head raises, you know it is breaching the decorum of the situation, but you cannot help yourself. This could only be the fifth goddess. You must see her.

Standing in the air between the amassed tengu forces and the shrine is a woman beautiful in a way you cannot recall ever having seen before: fully matured, but without a hint of natural decay, either present or showing to be imminent in the future. Her round face is youthfully featured, with dark, wine-red eyes over a small nose and mouth. Intensely blue, impossibly voluminous hair spreads out from the top of her head, reaching down to her neck and out to her shoulders. She is wearing a red shirt with white sleeves held on by curved metal bands (?), and a long black skirt with a red, flower-patterned hem drapes off of her hips. Shimenawa ropes form a tight belt around her waist, a necklace around her neck, a circlet on her head, and a huge, apparently free-floating ring behind her, the last covered with hanging paper charms. Attached to the necklace is a circular mirror, glass framed in black metal, resting the mound of her enormous breasts. Yes, breasts. No matter that your life may still be in danger, you'd have to be already dead not to notice them. You quickly lower your head again and swallow hard, face burning from the heat of the thoughts that body brings to mind.

You hear the tengu stand again and bring themselves into order. Momentarily, the commander replies: "I presume you are the fifth goddess, then?"

"I am Kanako Yasaka, *the* goddess of this shrine. Go and tell your master that if he wishes to speak civilly, I am willing to listen and speak in kind."

"I have my or--"

"At the moment, you have only what I choose to leave you. Leave now, and I will leave you your troops, your dignity and my message. Stay any longer, or come here ever again with aggressive intent, and you will not leave at all." Her voice does not raise or lower, or change at all, as she says this. It is issued as a plain statement of fact.

This is not lost on any who hear it. The tengu soldiers begin to fidget and murmur uneasily, and you think you may even hear the commander's teeth grinding until he issues a final shouted command: "Fall back!" It is followed without a moment's hesitation, and they hastily retreat back down the mountainside, sounding off by numbers (making sure no-one was actually blown away, it dawns on you) until they are out of your range of hearing.

After everything is silent once again, you hear someone else speak. "Phew, man. They don't come much closer than that, eh?" Except it isn't someone else, it's Kanako. At least, it's the same voice that just named itself as Kanako Yasaka, goddess of Moriya Shrine, but the tone and the way it is carried and everything else about it are so shockingly different from just seconds ago that you find the easiest solution is two different people speaking. As you try to reconcile this problem, your head still lowered, a pair of feet land and begin making their way towards you, crunching smaller pebbles against the rocky ground with each footfall. You tense up and remain perfectly still as they stop, and a flash of flower-patterned hem is thrown by momentum into your vision for a second.

"You're a formal one, aren'tcha? C'mon, stand up and let me get a good look at you."

[ ] Remain as you are.
[ ] Stand up and look her in the eye.
[ ] Stand up, but avert your gaze.
>> No. 1440

I'm still here.

[x] Stand up and look her in the eye.
>> No. 1441
[ ] Stand up and look her in the eye.
Oh God Kanako. She evidently doesn't care much for formalities, so this option is fine.
>> No. 1442
[x] Stand up, but avert your gaze.
If the other Goddesses kneel to her with their heads down, it might be wise to show at least some sort of respectful acknowledgement.
>> No. 1443
[X] Stand up and look her in the eye.
That's some entrance. There a Kanako route this playthrough? I'm guessing not, since she strikes me as being the UNLOCK EVERYTHING, FINAL DESTINATION route.
>> No. 1444
>>If the other Goddesses kneel to her with their heads down, it might be wise to show at least some sort of respectful acknowledgment.

We did
She told us to cut that shit out.
>> No. 1446
>>"You're a formal one, aren'tcha? C'mon, stand up and let me get a good look at you."
She didn't exactly say cut it out, she just told us to stand up. I dunno, there's something about looking an evidently respected wind/snake goddess in the eye when introductions haven't even been made that doesn't sit well with me (even if it doesn't bother Kanako, it might bother Sanae, seeing as she's supposed to be pretty serious about religious stuff).

Plus we're less likely to say or do anything stupid if we're not looking directly at her.
>> No. 1447
>>Plus we're less likely to say or do anything stupid if we're not looking directly at her.

What fun is that?
>> No. 1448
Point taken, but still, if we're going for Sanae we don't exactly want to develop a fixation for her divinely beautiful mom, or embarrass ourselves in front of the entire shrine.
>> No. 1449
[ ] Stand up and look her in the eye.

Staring down a snake goddess? I can dig it.
>> No. 1450
Not this playthrough, no. This run is Sanae only, building a base for the others. As currently sorted, Kanako herself is not the final boss, but the mid-boss.

As far as UNLOCK EVERYTHING FINAL DESTINATION, we shall have to see.
>> No. 1451
Forgot to mention last post, staredown is a go. Writing. I'll try not to take 8 hours to do it this time, but no promises.
>> No. 1452
>>Sanae only

>> No. 1454
This was mentioned a while back.

The final boss is Sayo. ZUN agreed, don't bother him about it.
>> No. 1455
It was mentioned IN THE FIRST DAMN POST.
>> No. 1456

It was mentioned that it was going to be a Sanae route
Not a Sanae only deal.

Can't even sneak one of the others in on the side.
>> No. 1457
Well at least it keeps us from jumping from one target to another as the story develops.
>> No. 1458
File 121146345087.jpg - (82.69KB , 560x640 , 960fd8c543b87489c70db968c00168dc.jpg ) [iqdb]
Peace, friend. This is only a temporary limitation.


You still feel somewhat awed by her, but clearly your first impression was not terribly accurate. Goddess she may be, but a stickler for protocol she is most definitely not. Time for a second impression. She wants a good look at you? Then you'll get a good look at her. You stand up straight and raise your head to look her straight in the eye.

You don't quite manage that, but you do end up getting a VERY good look at her.

As soon as you start standing, she stretches her whole body luxuriously, curling one arm, then the other, putting herself up on tip-toes, and arching her back. Pushing her chest right into your line of vision. She's standing so close, it's almost actually in your eyes. Her shirt tightens so much from the outward pressure, you think you can actually make out her nipples. Just as you're thinking, no way, she'd have to be hanging free for that to happen, no support whatsoever, you don't know everything about women but you just don't do that when you're this big, she relaxes and drops back down to the flats of her feet. The way they jiggle and bounce from the movement and impact confirms it. One of the benefits of being divine. The mirror hanging between them reflects your face, slack-jawed and staring. Catching sight of this finally breaks the spell. You close your mouth and snap your eyes back up to her face. Her smiling, mischievous face.

She... she did that on purpose. After cool-headedly facing down an entire enemy regiment, and that commander must have counted for at least half of one himself, she just walks up to you and shoves her tits in your face, for a laugh. There may not be enough impressions in the world to figure her out.

"So," she purrs, crossing her arms under her breasts (as if they needed any more emphasis). "You must be Cu Chulainn."

You muster your cool exterior, a day late and a dollar short. "That's right. So, you've been watching?"

"Nope!" She punctuates this cheerfully chirped denial with a shrug of the shoulders. "Been sleepin' like a log. But... even gods dream." Her deep red eyes suddenly seem to be looking right through yours, right into your brain. You can't think. You can't blink. You can't look away. Time stands still.

"Lady Yasaka, if you intend to lead our negotiations with the tengu, as you intimated earlier, there is much that has happened in the past two days, of which you will have to be informed." Hina's voice seems to be coming from a thousand miles away.

Kanako's echoes in your ear. "I see." One forever later, she looks away towards Hina. The real world snaps back into focus, staggering you just a little. "To the lake, then. You can tell me everything there." She takes off, backing away through the air and over the shrine, the trio of lesser goddesses trailing after her. Sanae, it seems, has not moved, and does not now. She stares down at you for several seconds, her face too distant to make out in any detail. And then, she, too, vanishes beyond the shrine building.

You're really getting sick of this flying crap. Or rather, this not being able to do it yourself crap. Same difference.

Sighing, you start trudging across the open space between the torii and the shrine, heading for the door. As you get near, a black shape flies up from behind the donation box and settles on top of it. A crow. You stop in front of the box and look down at it.

"Did you see all that?"

Hop. Just the one. Guess that's no. "Just got here, huh?"

Hop. Oh? Must've been hiding, then. "Did you *hear* it all, then?"

Hop. Hop. "Caw!"

[ ] Fill it in on the details.
[ ] That'll have to do. Kanako's waiting.
[ ] Aya likes making up stories, huh? Two can play that game.
>> No. 1459
[x] Fill it in on the details.

Might be handy to have a few spare favors if the tengu are gonna stir shit up.
>> No. 1460
[X] That'll have to do. Kanako's waiting.

Aya would spin it anyway, so we might as well go meet with sexy rope goddess.
>> No. 1461
[x] That'll have to do. Kanako's waiting.
I'd rather not miss the beginning of the goddess conference, or do anything to incur Kanako's... displeasure. The crow said that it heard everything anyway.
>> No. 1462
[X] That'll have to do. Kanako's waiting.
Last part was awesome.
>> No. 1463
[x] That'll have to do. Kanako's waiting.

Aya heard the jist of it. Kanako let them leave but threatened to wreck their shit if they tried it again. That's good for now.
>> No. 1464
[x] Fill it in on the details.
No worries. It'll only take a few seconds...hardly mentionable considering how long it'll take to trudge around the lake on foot.
>> No. 1465
[x] Fill it in on the details.
>> No. 1466
[X] Fill it in on the details while you make your way to the lake.

Can't be that hard. Just have it ride on our shoulder, or something. Don't want to be late to Kanako, or have her intentions misconstrued.
>> No. 1467
[X] That'll have to do. Kanako's waiting.
Kanako is waiting, we have no time for that Whore now.
>> No. 1468
[x] That'll have to do. Kanako's waiting.
>> No. 1469
Movin' on. Writing.
>> No. 1470
[x] Peek in on Sanae in the bathroom. What could go wrong?
>> No. 1471
File 121147161333.jpg - (210.01KB , 563x800 , 1203029125082.jpg ) [iqdb]
You sigh. Detailing everything that happened just now would take too much time. Summarizing wouldn't take long, and would probably amount to the same thing once it hit Aya's rumor mill, but even that's too much right now. They're starting a conference over there, bringing Kanako up to speed on what's happened while she slept, and not to sound selfish, but anything about the last two days in this place is bound to include you more than a few times. You can't keep them waiting.

"You know enough to make a story, then. Go on, get." The crow waits a moment, then flaps up and away, disappointment expressed with every beat of its wings. It'll get over it. And so will she. As you move on towards the door, you stop again when you notice something lying on the ground behind the box: another newly delivered newspaper, and another note tied to it. No time, no time. You pick it up and make a quick detour down the hall to your room, toss it inside, then head out the back door.

Everyone has gathered around the shrine on the other side of the lake. So much for House Rule #1. Kanako herself is sitting on the roof of the shrine, looking very relaxed. The others are arranged in the air around her, with the Aki sisters closest to you, watching Hina in front of the shrine, her back to you but her position and movements tell that she is explaining something to Kanako. Only Sanae, at the farthest end, notices your arrival, looking past Hina at you, her face again too far away to see clearly. But then she refocuses her attention on Hina, ignoring you.

Well, that's just peachy. How do they expect you to get over there? Looks like you'll have to find your own way.

[ ] Walk around the lake.
[ ] Jump in and swim over.
[ ] Shout and to get someone else's attention.
[ ] Meditate. Perhaps you really CAN fly.


Breaking off here. Maybe I could go on, but I'm starting to get sloppy tired, and what's coming up, I want to be sure and get right.

Thought I had a more appropriate image for this scene, but can't seem to find it right now. Can't imagine too many complaints about this one, though.
>> No. 1473
[X] Just jump over there, it worked in the cave, why not now.
>> No. 1474
[x] Walk around the lake.
>> No. 1475
[x] Walk around the lake.


>> No. 1476
[ ] Meditate. Perhaps you really CAN fly.
>> No. 1477
[X] Walk around the lake.

We can't fly yet. We can try it later, when it's either dramatically appropriate, or there's no one around to see us embarrass ourself.
>> No. 1478
[x] Jump in and swim over.
>> No. 1479
[ ] Meditate. Perhaps you really CAN fly.

What the heck, why not?
>> No. 1480
[X] Walk around the lake.
>> No. 1481
[x] Walk around the lake.

I kinda don't want to succeed at meditating and being able to fly all of a sudden. It feels too cheesy. Plus, I'm kinda curious at what horrible experiments the others will try in order to get us flying.
>> No. 1482
[ ] Walk around the lake.
Swimming = we arrive wet with everyone laughing at us.
Shouting = Hina's in the middle of explaining something.
Meditate = we can't fly yet, plus we'd look stupid.
>> No. 1483
[x] Walk around the lake.
>> No. 1484

There's the whole thing with the lake being sacred, too, so I'm pretty sure swimming in it would constitute some form of blasphemy.
>> No. 1485
I'd perform blasphemy in Kanako's lake if you know what I mean.
>> No. 1486
Maybe fap into the lake?
>> No. 1487
Ah Kanako. I've entered your lake so many times.
>> No. 1488
Just you wait until we are done with Kanako, let's see how sacred the whole Shrine will be then.
>> No. 1489
In b4 pissed off Sanae.
>> No. 1490

Come to think of it, Kanako doesn't strike me as the type of woman who would care much about where she has sex in her own home. I can totally see an H-Scene with her where, while we jam it in, someone walks into the room and screams at us to get off the dinner table.
>> No. 1491
Please tell me more. Best is if Sanae walks in.
>> No. 1492
>> No. 1493

>> No. 1494

Don't give in to the evil urges!
>> No. 1495
You have no taste. That would be awesome.
>> No. 1496


What the hell is wrong with you?
>> No. 1498
[x]Jump over the lake.
>> No. 1499
File 121149488125.jpg - (21.38KB , 324x340 , 1204788691785.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 1500
How do we know for sure we can't fly yet? Gensokyo is all about faith, and we're already in possession of some superhuman abilities due to that. Flight would be a HUGE asset.

I vote
[X] Meditate. Perhaps you really CAN fly.
>> No. 1501

We don't, but this isn't the time for screwing around. We have a goddess to meet, and you don't try crap you're not sure of when a goddess is waiting on you.
>> No. 1502
File 121149675119.jpg - (383.29KB , 868x1024 , awkwaaard.jpg ) [iqdb]
Am I awesome.jpg yet? (´・ω・`)
>> No. 1503

>> No. 1504
Fuck YES.
>> No. 1505

...Damn, now I can't stop thinking that Chulain looks like Lancer. Earlier I just thought that he was like average person.
>> No. 1506
Holy shit, that's win.
>> No. 1507

We are pleased.( ´∀`)
>> No. 1508
Now do the NSFW version
>> No. 1509
File 121150464383.jpg - (85.75KB , 427x541 , 271443447866e0f01c2e1fc153c3e6a6.jpg ) [iqdb]
Casual clothes and cigarettes have etched this into my mind.
>> No. 1510
Haha, oh wow. I approve.
>> No. 1511
Fuck yes, looking like Lancer is awesome.
Someone needs to draw us with the Gae Bolg when we get it.

[X] Walk around the lake.
>> No. 1512

Just to make sure you know, I didn't draw that. I grabbed it off Danbooru because it looked cool.
>> No. 1513
[ ] Try to double-jump.

Hey, Wall jump works. why not double-jump? it's pretty common nowadays.
>> No. 1514

I'd like to avoid the Sayo route for now, thank you.
>> No. 1515
Oh lawd, Kanako's expression alone... good show, GD.

Now you're talkin'.
>> No. 1516
I smiled for most of this, then burst out laughing at the final few words.
>> No. 1517
>> No. 1518
Did someone say Gay Bulge?
>> No. 1519

>> No. 1520
>> No. 1521
Your despair sustains me.
>> No. 1522

Oh god, I like your attitude.
>> No. 1523
And we have a winner.
>> No. 1524

Get to it. And this time have Momizi walk in on them.
>> No. 1525
File 121154062370.jpg - (168.95KB , 800x600 , snap25497fg.jpg ) [iqdb]
Ku-Chan gets all the bitches.
>> No. 1526
Make it with Sayo.
>> No. 1527
The first time i heard that on F/SN i started thinking who the hell is bolga, and why is he gay
(yes, i know it's not the right spelling, but that is exactly how they say it there, dammit)
>> No. 1528
So what, you a Momizi fan or hater?
I can't quite tell.
>> No. 1529

I love the bitch. Doesn't mean I can't wish for her to be violated/humiliated/turned inside out. It's all good. ( ´∀`)
>> No. 1530
Sounds good, as long as she doesn't die it's all good.
>> No. 1531

You'd rather her survive something like Momi-pop? Oh you're so twisted. ( ´∀`)
>> No. 1532
Way too late for a write-in, even so:

[x] Fuck it. Go back to your room and read the newspaper.

They clearly don't want our input. Nobody bothered to carry us, or call us, and Sanae didn't even wave us over when she spotted us. By the time we get there by any means, they'll probably be done, and we'll just end up being embarrassed. Save some dignity, Cu Chulainn; if Kanako wants something from us, she'll come ask us. Right now, we have a concussion to nurse and a paper to read.

Sanae's gotta be like a borderline or something, moving from extremely friendly the first day to tsundere to murderous to apologetic to more dere to murderous again to apologetic again, and now there's this silent treatment shit after we help save our asses by stalling the tengu until Kanako arrived? Crazy broad.
>> No. 1533
>Kanako's echoes in your ear. "I see." One forever later, she looks away towards Hina. The real world snaps back into focus, staggering you just a little.

I assume she did a brain-scan and learned that we're somehow involved with Suwako?
>> No. 1534
My name is Charlton Christopher Frantz, and I approve of this faggotry.

1) It's never too late. Except now it is, but don't let that stop you, anyway.
2) Concussion?
3) She may not see it that way. That may not be all that's bugging her, either.

So, long walk, is it? I'll try and make these a bit shorter.
>> No. 1535
I would rather not have something like this in the first place.
She smellt that we kissed her already.
>> No. 1536
We just should've jumped over the damn lake, i know he can do it.
>> No. 1537

We gonna get a new thread soon?
>> No. 1538
Not a bad idea.
>> No. 1539
...( ´∀`)
>> No. 1540

( ಠ∀ಠ)wut
>> No. 1987

    _( ⌒)     ∩__
  //,. ノ ̄\   / .)E)
 /i"/ /|_|i_トil_| / /      / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
 |ii.l/ /┃ ┃{. / /     <  おっぱい♪おっぱい♪
 |i|i_/''' ヮ''丿i_/       \_____
 i|/ ,ク ム"/ /
 |(  ヽ _,.-===、j、
 ゞヽ‐イ/´   ヽ ヽ、
   \!   ::c:: !  :p
     }ヽ __ ノ、_ノ
   /    ノ ノ´