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File 124831416182.jpg - (81.16KB, 658x355, dd60f64c0fc3f4ac177d9bb3aba5e1b5.jpg) [iqdb]
Many tales have been sprung about the mystic lands of Gensokyo, this little yet rich world, hidden from the view of humans by its Great Barrier. Many incidents have disturbed its peace and an unending spree of events and odd occurrences has been taking place in this little, recluse world of magic, Youkais and faeries. Most of the time, the events were settled by the token shrine maiden of this land, or, alternatively, by her friendly rival versed in black magic. Many times, others have decided to join in the fun of “incident-solving”. However, one of those incidents opposed the Token Shrine Maiden to a problem, the removal of her “Token” status. Indeed, the 12th Incident featured the appearance of a new shrine into Gensokyo, along with new deities and a new shrine maiden. Once their deal of problems dealt with, the latter even joined in the fun of incident-solving.

However, things have changed, an incident much unlike those of the past is about to unfold, one of great impact over the calm, falsely peaceful world. Rumors have already spread about the arrival of a strange yet mighty looking man coated in black. A devilish smile ornates his face with a handsome look and a deep scar slightly show on his forehead, half-assedly hidden behind his short, wild black hair. This man has apparently appeared recently in the lands of Moriya and rumors run wild that he has befriended its inhabitants, for the better or the worse.


A week has passed ever since the rumors begin to spread all over Gensokyo, largely fed by the incessant blabbering of the Bunbunmaru Newspaper. Amusingly enough, while Miss Shameimaru was at first describing him as the best thing that could possibly have happened to Gensokyo, the tone of her articles begun to change to a more uncertain one. Admittedly, no one pays any true attention to her papers, but the shift in attitude has peeled the curiosity of some. According to the Bunbunmaru, he is a manly and strong man, but he is very shady and dangerous as well. Something about him just feels wrong.


-“Hey there, I wasn’t expecting you so soon.” You pleasantly address the visitor that has quietly came for you.

Comfortably laid against a tree, you were taking a good look at the sunrise as it had became your habit ever since you arrived on the Youkai mountain, your arms crossed on your chest, your left leg slightly bended upward. The mountain air has always been revigorating, especially in the morning. Alas, the mosaic of colors extending itself in the horizon will have to wait as someone more important has arrived.

-“The fairies have brought bad news.”

-“Is that so?” You turn your head toward your interlocutor and extend your hand as an invitation for her to join you on the little elevation, watching over the downhill trail headed to the base of the mountain.

The girl, however, does not move. She rolls her eyes and plays with her lower lip at your light-hearted reply. She is clearly flustered by something, or someone, but seems to have something important to say. She looks so cute like that, you can’t help but stand up and jump down of your moss cushion with a warm smile. Your interlocutor is none else than Sanae, shrine maiden of Moriya and a surprisingly nice and welcoming person. Ever since you first met, she has always behaved well and elegantly, however, as you were talking with Lady Yasaka of your ideas and plans, you could see a glimpse of light in her eyes, a little something that is beyond the appearance. Not only is she beautiful, but it simply feels like there’s more to her than she lets other see.

-“I’m not joking around, The Tengus are making a move.” She quickly states in all seriousness.

-“Hmmm” you ponder briefly about the reliability of fairies, but for them, this is just another game. “I see, do we have an idea of their battle strength yet?”

-“The scouts reported a small army of around 300 Tengus, in four squads. They are advancing right now.” She replies calmly, but with a betraying hint of hurry.

-“What about our own forces?” you ask casually.

-“We can muster about 600 good fairies to fight them.” Her reply is accompanied by a swift hand gesture on the word about.

-“So with a standard Tengu worth 3 fairies, they are still 3-2 on us.” You calculate instinctively and close your eyes. “We can do this.” With a last glance at the sunrise, you walk by Sanae, resisting the urge to brush her soft green hair, as the both of you hurry back toward the shrine.


-“Outsider!” The Tengu commander directly targets you as he unsheathes his sword and points it at you, as if to amplify his words. “You are a disturbance, a cancer, a danger for those mountains, leave now or we will capture and execute you.”

You sigh and shake your head in annoyance. A facepalm would be of circumstances, but the serious of the situations prevents you from doing so, although the urge is overwhelming.

-“Sorry, but no can do” you shrug off his hostility with a smile and an upward movement of your shoulders. “I suppose you won’t just leave either, will you.”

At your comment, the Tengu boils and rages. You are perfectly conscious that he is thinking you meant him leaving the mountain as a whole instead of just the shrine’s area and that it infuriated him, but this has to happen sooner or later. It is better to have them break the peace because of miscommunication than have to do it yourself, now the blame will be on him.

-“Woman!” The boiling Tengu points his sword at Sanae “If you give this man shelter, you will also be guilty of his crime against our history and pride, throw him out now or we will execute you as well and set your shrine ablaze.”

Well that was not planned, you should have known the Tengu would also involve whoever is in sight when their pride is in play. You turn to Sanae, raising an eyebrow and waiting expectantly her reply with curiosity.

-“My, but it are you telling me to throw away a homeless man that has come to my shrine seeking shelter and assistance? How rude of you. And you even go as far s threatening myself and the Moriya Shrine? Are you really carrying the will of Lord Tenma?”

Indeed, the Lord of the Tengus is wise and wouldn’t let such vague words fluster him like this hot-blood do. Similarly, you half-expected this kind of answer from Sanae, her quiet and caring self would make you assume that she would do much to preserve peace around the shrine.

-“Get. Out.” She concludes with a beaming smile.

What? Did she just tell them to get out? Well things are definitely interesting here.

The Tengu growls in anger and seconds only separates you from the moment he will explode and command the attack. Yes, Tengu have been keeping a close eye on the mountain, there is no way they would simply let you do as you please. Recluse in their fortress inside the mountain, they are quite defensive. With a roar and a scorched yell, it comes. The first open conflict in Gensokyo’s history has begun.


>Ennemy Forces
Tengu Squad (Sword) 90/90 – Tengu Captain [Commander]
Tengu Squad (Sword) 70/70 – Tengu captain
Tengu Squad (Pure Danmaku) 70/70 – Tengu Captain
Tengu Squad (Pure Danmaku) 70/70 – Tengu Captain

> Your forces
Fairy Squad (Pure Danmaku) 100/100 - }You{ [Commander]
Fairy Squad (Pure Danmaku) 200/200 - }Sanae Kochiya{
Fairy Squad (Pure Danmaku) 300/300 - Fairy Captain

[] Launch a full-scale assault, you’re on your own turf, you have the advantage.
[] Fight defensively, they’re mad, they’ll break themselves on you.
[] Have your and Sanae’s units scatter and take advantage of their number to flank the enemy while the main fairy forces attack the front
[x] Rape the tengu.
[] Have your and Sanae’s units scatter and take advantage of their number to flank the enemy while the main fairy forces attack the
[X] Have your and Sanae’s units scatter and take advantage of their number to flank the enemy while the main fairy forces attack the front
[JE] Have your and Sanae’s units scatter and take advantage of their number to flank the enemy while the main fairy forces attack the front.

How else would Dokuganryu Date Masamune roll? Go for the General's HEAD!

[] Have your and Sanae’s units scatter and take advantage of their number to flank the enemy while the main fairy forces attack the front.
[X] Have your and Sanae’s units scatter and take advantage of their number to flank the enemy while the main fairy forces attack the front.
Everything looks rather familiar....

Hidden for now.
[ze] Have your and Sanae’s units scatter and take advantage of their number to flank the enemy while the main fairy forces attack the front.

Why won't you just die already?
When you lack both Quantity and Quality, what do you do? You scatter and kill the fuckers anyway~

Working, Killing, in other words, writing~
[X] Have your and Sanae’s units scatter and take advantage of their number to flank the enemy while the main fairy forces attack the front.


“Well, I believe this is where things are starting” you half-jokingly state with a sigh.

The Tengus are already charging and there is no time for any elaborate strategy, but still enough time to organize yourselves. You quickly look at Sanae and tell her your plan.

“Allright, both of our units will split and pass them. I’ll take half our fairies and attack from their 8’o’clock, you take the other half and get them on their 4’o’clock” The maiden nods affirmatively, understanding what you expect her to do immediately. Her own home is also at stake.

You now swiftly turn to face a fairy that was standing besides all this time. You don’t really know here, hell you never even talked to her, but you know she’s strong and is the one they put in charge of the third unit for her powers and her ability to gather up a lot of her brethrens. Her long snow white hair and her light purple dress strike you as uncommon for the little you know about fairies, but you don’t mention it.

-“Alright, your squad, since it’s the biggest, will meet them up front. You’ll be 1-1 with the Tengus but they’re stronger than they look, don’t be reckless and try not to get annihilated.” You warn her in seriousness.

The fairy doesn’t even reply and kick-off swiftly, launching a pattern of white Danmaku over herself as a signal of gathering for her squad. Instantly 300 fairies scattered all over the battleground, fly toward their leader. The Tengus stop with surprise, they didn’t notice the swarm of pesky creatures that was watching over them. They quickly recover their composure and resume their charge. You kick off as well, immediately followed by Sanae. While she heads for her left flank you take care of the right. You scorch the winds with speed, and a quick glance over the Tengu forces tells you that your partner is also in position. Only once this requirement clear do you send up your own Danmaku signals. More fairies excitedly hurry toward you. This new “game” is completely new to them and curiosity and excitement make them thrive to do their best at this new challenge.

The Tengu forces are now partially surrounded, having foes at their 4, 8 and 12’o’clock directions. They don’t falter, not afraid of the threat of mere fairies. The front half of their force unsheathes their swords and hit the main fairy unit with ferocity, supported by their brethrens from behind, focusing only on Danmaku barrages. Surprisingly, the over-excited fairies move swiftly and graze blades and bullets, matching the Tengus’ anger with their own intention to keep playing as long as possible and become the best.

Quickly, the top of the Youkai Mountain becomes a chaotic light show, a horrible mess visible at kilometers of distance as so many beings are firing bullets all over the place. In thought, however, you know and remind yourself that this is only a small skirmish and that it is nothing in comparison of what is yet to come. The Tengus’ front rows dissolve themselves into the front fairy squads and engage in a merciless melee with the unprepared Danmaku-only fighters, causing many casualties.

The fairies under your command, amusingly enough, are inspired by this and close-up with the back row of Danmaku-casting Tengus, disrupting them and rendering them unable to support the front rows. You smile and charge in the melee, arms extended on your sides and summoning bullets toward both your right and left. The Tengus reply in number, their forces are able to summon denser and more complete barrage as simple fairies, their agility is also quite good and they prove to be opponents worth their reputation.

The initial moves are now played but it is still too chaotic to give any other commands. You get a quick glimpse of Sanae on your right but she pass by too fast and only the now falling Tengus between you and her allow you to confirm it was really her. You didn’t know she was this good at fighting, for a peaceful girl like her it’s unexpected. You quickly rotate to your left and send a stream of red bullets forward at the daring Tengu trying to attack you by surprise. You quickly fly off above, trying to get a glimpse of the bigger picture.

The back rows of the Tengu forces are in bad shape, unable to bear the pressure from both flanks they are diminishing quickly, not knowing where to really focus anymore. The front row however, pays no avail to their helpless brethrens and are hammering on the front fairy squad mercilessly


>>Ennemy Forces
Tengu Squad (Sword) 65/90 – Tengu Captain [Commander]
Tengu Squad (Sword) 46/70 – Tengu captain
Tengu Squad (Pure Danmaku) 33/70 – Tengu Captain
Tengu Squad (Pure Danmaku) 24/70 – Tengu Captain

> >Your forces
Fairy Squad (Pure Danmaku) 72/100 - }You{ [Commander]
Fairy Squad (Pure Danmaku) 163/200 - }Sanae Kochiya{
Fairy Squad (Pure Danmaku) 159/300 - Fairy Captain

[] Continue on your launch and take the back row down before coming back on the front rows and annihilating them.
[] Leave the back rows to Sanae’s unit and go reinforce the main front, they need it bad.
[] Only take some of your forces and reinforce personally the main front, leaving the rest behind to assist Sanae with the back row.
[JE] Only take some of your forces and reinforce personally the main front, leaving the rest behind to assist Sanae with the back row.

I'm no Takeda Shingen but even this choice seems obvious. If all their attentions are focused on the front, you might as well oblige the enemy and make sure the idiot general only has eyes for you---while gradually giving ground. Essentially, we can draw them into a pincer and close it shut.

Best case scenario, you could challenge the general mano-a-mano ending the battle quickly and with no further loss of life.

Worst case scenario, you are beaten within an inch of your life, but before the final blow can be struck...

"By the way, I think your army has been annihilated from behind your ass."

Sanae saves the day, or can just breakthrough from behind to save your neck, personally. It's a win-win situation.

Come on, fellas, we're Sengoku badass. We gotta lead from the front and do crazy things, like wield six katanas at once and speak Engrish.
So is this supposed to be based on Sengoku Rance or Sengoku Basara? Or just general Warring States?
The combat system is inspired of Sengoku Rance's

The events and characters aren't based on either. That doesn't mean you can't pull off shit from them. Looks like to me like Anon wants to be Masamune from Basara, I don't really mind taking the name I was planning to have you use a katana anyway. I only watched the first 5 episodes of that so I don't know much about that show.

In any case, you know the drill, naming yourself Date won't make you magically wield 6 katanas and calling yourself Rance won't get you to rape every female in sight. I'm not making this into a cross-over of either the shwo or the game.
J to the E is not anon. If anything, anon is aiming more for Rance (see >>11195 ).
Too bad I hate Sengoku Rance's protagonist.

I'll correct myself, I don't intend to ignore Anon's fantaisies but I won't turn the protagonist in a brainless rapist.
[x] Only take some of your forces and reinforce personally the main front, leaving the rest behind to assist Sanae with the back row.
You missed.
Why yes it would look like it.
[X] Only take some of your forces and reinforce personally the main front, leaving the rest behind to assist Sanae with the back row.
[X] Only take some of your forces and reinforce personally the main front, leaving the rest behind to assist Sanae with the back row.
Aw man, I was almost starting my own story inspired on Rance VII, Sengoku Touhou.

Well, it was never going to work anyway, so I guess I've been saved from a disappoitment.
Heh, I'm just sort of busy as of late, it's not because I'm taking a while to update that it means that I'm not going to do it.

...what are you talking about?
42% sure that you are YAF
45% sure that you are YAF
56% sure that you are YAF
61% sure that you are YAF
[] Only take some of your forces and reinforce personally the main front, leaving the rest behind to assist Sanae with the back row.


While the maneuver is doing well at thinning the Tengu forces from the flanks, the main front of your own forces is taking massive hits and at this rate their ranks might crumble very soon. While taking out the wholesome of the Tengu support troops is interesting, you simply can’t allow the enemy to break through the Primary formation, all the while, you cannot allow yourself to release the pressure on the back row. Something has to be done and quickly.

-“Alright gals, whichever fairy wants to see the most action from this battle follow me!” You let out a call to your nearby winged allies and swiftly depart toward the main front.

A quick glance backward allow you to count a dozen enthusiastic fairies on your tail, which is more than enough. You slide and resume flying on your back, looking directly at the fairies behind you.

-“Alright girls, the Tengus with swords are stronger than those behind and they’re hitting your sisters hard so we’ll double up and kick their asses, got that?” you state with a hand gesture to your “escort”

The fairies reply with an affirmative cheer and fly past you toward the battle. You smile and repress a laugh; they are so easy to motivate.

With a bang, reinforcements arrive in the melee. You quickly notice that the battle is even more chaotic than you thought. The ranks are completely broken and everyone is just going in a wild free-for-all, uncaring of anything else. It’s hard to really evaluate but it looks like the Tengu have the advantage. It would be surprising if it was otherwise, however.

-“Death to those without respect!” A Tengu yells before launching a sweeping slash of his sword toward you.

-“Now now” you dodge by flying upward “It’s not a warrior’s way to attack an unarmed man with a sword.” You scold the Tengu with a smile, triggering another easily dodged attack. “Alright, fine…”

Your hand slides to your waist and quickly unsheathes a much sharper blade, meeting the steel of your opponent’s with might. The long thin blade of your weapon shines before the rising sun of the morning, blinding your opponent for a second. You sigh and simply send him downward toward the ground with a hard hit of your elbow. “Meh”

Your fortune opponent dealt with, you dive into the melee sword in hand and Danmaku spraying from the other. They may be more than able to best fairies, but a standard Tengu fighter is still nowhere near your own fighting capacities. With ease, you block and counter, parry and swipe. But time is not on your side and the battle edges in the wrong direction. From the glance of an eye you notice the fairy in command of this unit and fly toward her.

-“Any plan to get out of this mess?” you ask her sarcastically, expecting the fairy to be completely at a loss of what to do.

-“Actually, I do” she replies coldly.

Wait, what?

The fairy swiftly fly upward and showers the whole battlefield with a very dense rain of white Danmaku and ice shards, you have to fly upward yourself to avoid being hit yourself. The barrage takes out many Tengus but many fairies as well, there are casualties on both sides but the Tengu being inferior in number suffer more from it.

The Fairy flies back toward you and seem exhausted. It isn’t surprising, she just unleashed a barrage stronger than you would expect of any normal fairy, besides, there is only one other fairy besides her that uses element, as far as your knowledge go.

-“I apologize but I will have to ask you to deal with the rest yourself” she declares and barely dodge the slash of a nearby Tengu.

Your own sword pierces the winds and stabs the unwanted guest who gasps and spasms quietly, lowering his eyes toward the cold blade embedded in his chest. He ultimately falls toward the hard ground.

-“Will do.” You answer her with a smile, which she returns, relieved. This fairy seems more mature than your average fairy.

The Tengu forces have been caught off-guard by the Fairy Captain’s barrage and are much less efficient, trying to organize themselves and looking for their companions, potentially downed or requiring assistance. The fairies however, are quite oblivious to the whole thing and keep fighting cheerfully, spraying bullets and projectiles wherever they deem fit, sometimes even quarrelling amongst themselves. Farther away, the other half of your forces has gotten the upper hand and is finishing with the opposition. The Tengus, realizing their situation, regroup and attack en masse at the center of the formation but the fairies simply take the opportunity to surround them and bombard them from all side. The Tengus quickly break off the encirclement by smashing the front and scatter, closing-in again.

You join in the battle and quickly meet with a familiar figure, visibly still steaming.

-“Well, would’j’ya look at that, your army is getting smashed by mere fairies… Are you really a Tengu Captain?” you ask mockingly.

-“I’ll have your head for this insult!” the Tengu boils and charges at you.

-“I won’t prevent you from trying.” You reply with a shrug before taking a stance.

The Tengu’s movements are sharper and stronger than his troops’, he is a captain after all, but he still isn’t anything special and you can parry or dodge his attacks with ease. What his anger gives him in strength he lacks in accuracy, his speed isn’t very commendable either and he lets his feelings blow his brain. He really is taking it personal.

-“It’s over lad. You just declared war on Moriya while carrying the flag of Lord Tenma.” You chase his sword away with a powerful strike of your own and punch his stomach with your other hand. “Even if I let you live you’ll be executed. How do you like the role reversal?” another punch. “Do you really realize what you’ve done here and now?” a third hit. “Your battle is finished *Bam* your army is finished *Bam* your career is finished *Bam* you are finished.”

With a last hit, you send him flying off and close-in blade first on him, embedding your blade into his throat. The Tengu’s eyes open wide as the light of life leave them. The commander now down you take a glance backward and notice that the rest of your forces has arrived, the time you and the Fairy Captain bought was enough and the last of the Tengus are being dealt with, completely outnumbered.


Ennemy Forces
Tengu Squad (Sword) - UNIT ANNIHILATED
Tengu Squad (Sword) – UNIT ANNIHILATED
Tengu Squad (Pure Danmaku) – UNIT ANNIHILATED
Tengu Squad (Pure Danmaku)– UNIT ANNIHILATED

Your Forces
Fairy Squad (Pure Danmaku) 56/100 - }You{ [Commander]
Fairy Squad (Pure Danmaku) 141/200 - }Sanae Kochiya{
Fairy Squad (Pure Danmaku)73/300 - Fairy Captain


Victory is imminent as the last Tengus fall to the streams of bullets. Your fairies have fought with much more strength than you would have expected them too, maybe you misjudged those little creatures.

As the battle ends, the now task-less remaining fairies scatter to play or do whatever they fancy leaving the three of you, Sanae and the Fairy Captain alone in the rising sun, upon the fallen bodies of your foolish enemies.

-“Are you two alright?” Sanae inquires casually.

-“Feeling great” you reply with a smile, the other fairy replies with a simple nod. “What about you?”

-“I’m doing well, thanks for asking.” She adds, genuinely glad. “Well, that’s one thing settled.” She finishes before replacing her hair and adjusting back the accessories. “I’m going back to the Shrine”

-“I’m off to check on the others” the Fairy Captain declares.

[] Battles are tiring, go back to the shrine with Sanae
[] Keeping an eye on your troops’ status is important, go with the Fairy Captain
Ask IRC, I'm not YAF
[x] Keeping an eye on your troops’ status is important, go with the Fairy Captain
[] Battles are tiring, go back to the shrine with Sanae
Well, yeah... nah.
Tie, what tie? I'm patient but not that patient.
HY sorry but I'm stealing your dice rolls thingy.

1: [x] Keeping an eye on your troops’ status is important, go with the Fairy Captain
2: [X] Battles are tiring, go back to the shrine with Sanae

Expect Screenshot now.
File 124975504539.jpg - (74.83KB, 820x478, DicesForTheMasses.jpg) [iqdb]
There, I'll just do this whenever thigns get stuck.

Expect update tonight.
Heh, I got a new job.
Me and putting ETAs, really, I should stop. Anyways, Today should be up.
And suddenly, Holiday surprise.

[x] Keeping an eye on your troops’ status is important, go with the Fairy Captain


As she states her intent, you give Sanae a small nod along with one of your characteristic warm smiles, supported by the malicious shine in your eyes. The young woman turns toward the Shrine and begins walking, maybe expecting you to follow her, but to her slight surprise, this was not your plan, for now.

-“I’ll join you there in a bit. I want to see how our troops are doing as well.” She stops. “You may want to do that too.”

The shrine maiden faces you once more and seem slightly confused for a short moment, as if the idea of doing this had never even once crossed her mind. She smiles nervously.

-“Y-yeah, I will take care of this.”


For a moment you could swear there was a hint of embarrassment in the girl’s usually flawless voice. Before you can confirm this, though, she takes off slightly faster than she normally does and quickly disappears. You smirk with slight amusement and make a mental note to find out about this at some point later. For now however, there’s something else for you to do. As strong as one may be, for one person to be taking care of a whole army is both very tiring and time-inefficient. Aware of this, you know the worth of well-trained and well-motivated troops and minions. You can’t be everywhere at once either; it will eventually come to a point where you might have to leave a battlefield entirely to another commander.

Before long, you land quietly in the middle of a small clearance in the forest on the mountaintop’s edge. Standing tall are healthy-looking Russian Hawthorns, bearing generous clusters of berries and framed around the clearance by various mountain bushes and shrubs. The think green foliage bathes smoothly in the warmth of the rising sun which has gained a bit of altitude during the battle. Many fairies are gathered around, mostly flying aimlessly and behaving in their usual childish way.

The Fairy that led her sisters earlier is here, simply observing her brethrens in quiet silence. Even though she doesn’t say anything and seems slightly cold, there seems to be something comforting with her presence, as if her calm and serenity was contagious. Considering the usual hyper-active nature of fairies, this girl is quite a mystery. No wonder she can gather and lead so many fairies. As you set your gaze on her, you notice that her purple dress is much more elaborate than that of a normal fairy. The ample sleeves and bottom are edged with generous snow-white frill as well as the area around her neck and chest.

-“Hey” you greet her smoothly with a hand motion. “I’m not disturbing am I?”

The mature fairy seems slightly startled as her shoulders rise and her head tilts upward softly. She gracefully turns back to face you and gives an elegant bow with her dress.

-“My apologies, I did not notice you.” She tilts her head once more.

-“It’s fine.” You reply with a warm smile, slightly tempted to path her long snow white hair. “I’m just here to see how the fairies are doing too, that’s all.”

The captain’s mouth opens ever so slightly and she blinks rapidly, as if confused from your words. She quickly regains her composure and replies in her usual quiet tone.

-“I’m surprised Mylord.” She states with a slight head bow.

-“No need to be so formal, that kinda defeats the point of me coming here.” You reply along with a small hand motion from your left hand. “Really, we won, you did great, just relax with your sisters now.” A short silence.

-“Very well, Mylord.”

Looks like she missed the point, but at least she didn’t bow this time.

-“The fairies are doing well.” She smiles softly. “They were quite pleased by this morning’s battle. That kind of melee is nothing like what they experienced before so they loved it.”

-“ ’All my pleasure” you reply with a chuckle. “And from the tone of your voice you liked it too.”

The fairy glances away for a second then continue as if nothing.

-“Most of our fallen fairies should be back shortly, but I can’t be sure.”

-“It’s all right. There were no survivors so it will take a while longer before the Tengu Lord learns about this... Actually can you do me a favor?”

-“Hm.. yes of course.”

-“Precisely since there’s no survivor, we need to send a message to tell them it was their commander who attacked first. Do you have any fairy with a good enough attention-span and memory to carry the message for me?”

The fairy captain rests her chin in her smooth open palm and ponders for a while. She lets out a small “hmmm” and throws a few glances around. After a few moments her eyes set back to you.

-“I have a few… smarter… ones, but I’m afraid none I would completely trust for this kind of tasks. Maybe I’m just being a bit under-estimating them but I can’t honestly guarantee the message will reach.”

-“Well now that’s a bother” you state before snatching a cluster of berries from a nearby shrub between your index and middle finger. You then split the cluster in two and offer her one half.

-“I guess… I could do that myself…” she says accepting the fruits and keeping them in her cupped hands.

-“Hmm I don’t really like the idea of one of my officers going into enemy territory alone with that kind of message.”

-“I will do as you wish Mylord.”

[X] Send one of the smarter fairies, you need all your commanders here for now.
[X] Send the fairy captain, this message needs to be delivered and you trust her.
[X] Go along with the fairy captain, it’s too dangerous to go alone.
[X] Go yourself, no need to have her take those risks.

Intel learned:

Fairy Squads:
- Fairy Squads acquires experience faster than any other squad
- Fairy squads regenerate their numbers automatically over time without requiring you to spend Spirit Points to replenish them.
- Fairy Squads have naturally high morale and raise morale easily

- Fairy Squads are prone to being outsmarted easily
- Fairy Squads are prone to disregarding orders and cause random mayhem.
- Fairies are have weak base attributes.
[X] Send the fairy captain, this message needs to be delivered and you trust her.
[X] Go yourself, no need to have her take those risks.
Recruiting Tengu to our cause should be done sometime soon. We have spirit points to spare, after all.

Also...writefag, welcome back to the land of the living.
[X] Send the fairy captain, this message needs to be delivered and you trust her.
You bring your hand to your chin and ponder for a short while. Every single option has issues with it and finding the least flawed is the challenge. You give a quick glance to the fairies around and immediately disregard your own earlier idea. After some thought you don’t believe even a “smarter” average fairy will accomplish her mission properly and just might fuck everything up.

You consider going yourself for a moment, but the Tengu already distrust you heavily so this would amount to nothing. Your mere presence might influence the Tengu Lord’s decision negatively and it’s not like you can just drop it either.

You study the Fairy captain more carefully. If it wasn’t from her wings and fairly small frame you wouldn’t even believe she was a Fairy. Her quiet figure displays self-confidence, but not in an arrogant way. She’s already proven to be on a completely different level than normal fairies twice by her attitude and her spellcard during the battle. It was short and exhausted her, but if you were to give a rough estimate; from the sheer amount and density that was a Rank-4 spellcard.


-“ ’ight, I’ll entrust this to you. I think you can do it.”

-“I will do my best” she gives a small nod.

-“If shit gets ugly just come back. ‘No point in losing a talented commander for this, I’m already thinking of alternatives.”

-“…” a short silence; a few blinks “Understood.”


Explanatory Break
Sengoku Gensokyo is intended to offer multiple different points of views. You will often be given the opportunity to lead other characters through their own journeys on the sides. This is not mandatory and if you don’t you can still expect small episodes showing their situation every now and then. While you can direct those characters throughout their missions like you would do for the protagonist, keep in mind they are not you so you do -not- have absolute control over their actions and if a majority or write-in is uncharacteristic of the NPC they will be disregarded and the character will choose their own course of action.

This is one such moments, PoV can go back and forth as you wish but it can get confusing if you do that. For the sake of easy comprehension, a few letters will precede vote options, such as [FC] for the Fairy Captain (until you learn her name) and [???] for the protagonist until he gets one. A vote or write-in requesting an action from Sanae would be preceded by [SK]

(You currently have 5 Spirit Points)


[???] [ ] Return to the shrine, Sanae should be waiting for you there.
[???] [ ] Look for Tengu survivors (2 SP)
[???] [ ] Your instinct calls you to investigate a section of the forest on the far edge of the mountain. (5 SP)
[FC] [ ] Immediately head toward the Tengu fortress
[FC] [ ] Gather a small escort
[FC] [ ] Try to contact a friendly Tengu acquaintance and persuade them to help you meet Lord Tenma peacefully (1 SP)
[???] [X] Your instinct calls you to investigate a section of the forest on the far edge of the mountain. (5 SP)
[???] [X] Your instinct calls you to investigate a section of the forest on the far edge of the mountain. (5 SP)
[SK] [X] Check up on your gods.
Are you sure you want to spend all your current Spirit Points at the first occasion?
Confirm [Y/N]
Also, [SK] [X] Check up on your gods.
Currently preparing [???] [X] Your instinct calls you to investigate a section of the forest on the far edge of the mountain. (5 SP), slight delay due to holiday family affairs

[SK] [X] Check up on your gods. is taken in consideration but will happen after the next few updates for this scene.
Hey it's nice to see you back; /youkai/ got hit hard in the move with many stories dying seemingly.
True dat. Keep it up, writefag
File 129359274219.jpg - (373.34KB, 800x600, bloody-forest-hell-red.jpg) [iqdb]
[???] [X] Your instinct calls you to investigate a section of the forest on the far edge of the mountain. (5 SP)


[BGM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzhWuriX9Ws&feature=related ]

Silently, the gracious fairy lifted herself from the ground and quickly left toward the Tengu fortress. As she left, you could still get a glimpse of her determined and loyal expression. You can’t help but think that this is once more uncharacteristic of fairies and that she makes a very reliable subordinate. However, it seems there was a shard of doubt hidden far within her eyes. It was justified, however, her mission was no easy one and if she had no doubts, she would have been simply as foolish as a normal fairy is expected to be.

Now would be the time to go back to the shrine, but something uncanny distracts your attention. Something seems to lurk not too far away in the edge of the mountaintop. It feels strangely familiar while very odd and alien, what it really is however, you simply can’t put the finger on it. What you can be sure of, however, is that you don’t like this feeling.

You resolve to go investigate the call of this mysterious presence, but walk casually rather than flying quickly over there. You get the feeling that whatever it is, you don’t exactly feel like heading onto it head on and hope that as you approach it you’ll be more able to identify it before engaging. Closing in, you suddenly realize that the presence has vanished. You decide nonetheless to inspect the area.

As you reach the edge of the mountain, a very strong stench assaults your senses. Even to someone such as you who is used to the smell of blood and death, this is uncomfortable. You hurry on as the presence already left and quickly enter a small mountain-side trail.

Before you, the path is painted with red. The grass, the, the dirt, the stones, the roots, the plans, the flowers, the trees, the leaves; everything is slashed and sprayed of a vivid red. It’s as if the whole section of the trail before you had been turned into a giant canvas and that the artist had only one color to use. But even so, this is not the worst part of it.

You can observe along the mountainside path several Tengu corpses… or rather, you assume those are Tengu. The bodies have been massacred beyond any recognition into grotesque parodies of their original shapes and only the scattered pieces and feathers of crow Tengus can help you deduct this. While some retain vaguely humanoid shapes, many have been mauled and dismembered so badly that their bloody fragments are scattered all over the trail, as if randomly thrown around by some wild, frenzied monster. Bowels have been literally pulled out and bounced around in their entirety and from the violence of the whole scene; you can coldly assume that was all done while the poor Tengus were still alive and conscious. And even this is still not yet the worst.

While this display would have been more than enough to make any human and even some youkai’s stomachs fail, the most disturbing thing is not the violence of the assault in itself. No, what truly disturbs you is that although from the dryness of the blood, amongst other signs, it seem this happened a long while ago and yet there is no sign whatsoever of rot, as if death itself was hesitant to come here. It is also to note that this means the presence that was here a few moments ago was probably not the actual culprit of this horror.

A feeling of unease starts crawling over you. Asides from the fact that if a Tengu saw you they could think you were the one who did it all, something unsettling is starting to creep in your blood, a primal discomfort. You are mixed between hoping to never have to meet this creature and having the chance to slay such a ferocious beast.

[???] [ ] Continue investigating.
[???] [ ] Try to find the presence from earlier.
[???] [ ] return to the shrine, immediately.


Unlocked Side-Quest “The Devourer’s Shadows and the Witch of Chaos”
[???] [X] Continue investigating.
[???] [x] Continue investigating.
[???] [x] Try to find the presence from earlier.
[Wf] [X] Get back to work nigger.
[FW] [X] Get back to work nigger.


While the world of Gensokyo is about to be submerged in the encroaching shadows of war, it seems another story needs to be spoken, as one deems justified for answers and work to be accomplished. Far, far away from the lands of magics and fae is a lonesome house in a good neighborhood up a large hill, next to a very large river. Snow covers everything there, although much more lightly than it used to do in the past years. There is currently only a single soul in this house.

Clad in a warm and soft blanket acquired many years ago from a well-intended brother is one tired girl. On her messy desk are a few things that require cleaning, but she does not quite care. Her eyes squint slightly as she reads on. Unfortunately, her skin is not a black, as one may think from the jab. However, it is quite true that getting back to work is needed.

This girl has been quite sick after the holidays, unable to get any decent sleep and being annoyed to hell and back by the animals in the house. She’s doing a bit better though, thanks for your concern. She intends to do what must very shortly, but she believes the use of the [FW] tag was quite unneeded, although a bit amusing. She sends you her regards and assures you the job will be done shortly. Afterwards, she proceeds to repair the 4th wall you have carelessly smashed. She’s sending you the bills too.
I've picked up this story now just because of this post. Anything that can make me laugh and then keep smiling every time I think about it is awesome. Will be voting after next update, and I hope you get better soon!
[???] [ ] Continue investigating.


[BGM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMSt8xrzolQ&feature=related ]

Most people would usually immediately leave this place and never cast a single look back, but as disturbing as this scene may be, there is still one last thing you want to know. Nay, you need to know…

While you have already learned most of what you could from the corpses, there is still one bit of information that defiantly concealed itself away from you. As if robbed of their very everything, the remains seem stuck in time, unable to rot. As threatening as is the existence of something able to inflict such terrible wounds, this prevents you from knowing precisely when this happened. Or does it?

You rest a knee on the ground and take a good look on a small, young tree that was crushed down by one of the corpses through the immense violence of the aggression. Although the corpses seem still fresh, from the color of the thin trunk and the withered leaves, you can safely assume this tree has been smashed down around two weeks ago already. You stand up and shiver slightly, taking a last look at the timeless corpses once more. The thought of pursuing the presence cross your mind, but before you can do so, an unpleasing event delays you.

-“Y-y-y-you! S-stay where you are and d-d-don’t move an inch!” a panicked voice erupts from a few meters behind you.

Man, Murphy’s law is such a pain… you think, frowning slightly as you turn back to face your interlocutor.

-“I said don’t move!” the sound of an unsheathing blade echoes.

Before you are three wolf Tengus, weapons at the ready. They seem ready to fight you, but you can read terror all over their faces. It’s quite understandable though, considering the morbid display offering itself to them. Even though the remains never rotted and as such are not sending a putrid stench, the very smell of death is still strong enough to lift a stomach. The smell of death… it isn’t something anyone who hasn’t been on a battlefield can really imagine…

-“I will move as I please, thank you.” You reply with confidence, slightly hoping your display will make the tiny bit of morale they have left falter. You don’t really have time to deal with them.

-“Y-You’re under arrest!” the first Tengu claims shakingly. “P-please do not resist.”

-“What for? Murder?” you state sharply while drawing your sword, extending it towards his’. “Look at this. It is a sword. Now look at them.” A small pause, you make a lateral sweep pointing towards the bloody remains. “Does it look like those are wounds a blade do?” You conclude coldly.

The Tengus glance at eachother and remain silent for a while. They lower their weapons slightly, but only such. After all, while you have a point, your blade still is reddened from the battle of this morning.

-“I’m glad to see you three have a working brain.” You comment with a small smirk. “I simply found this place and tried to find out what the hell ever happened’ here.” You finish seriously, your blade still up matching theirs. “What about you.”

The Tengus pause and confer between themselves in whispers, casting glances on you continuously as they discuss. Finally, they face you once more and lower their swords. You sheathe yours back in response.

-“…” The first Tengu seems to hesitate a bit, but finally opens up. “This patrol vanished without a word about two weeks ago.” He states distantly, bitter. “We’ve been searching for them for a good week.” The other two nod.

Two weeks huh…

-“Man, what are we going to do now…” a second Tengu speaks up, apparently losing all his composure. “There’s no way we can… bring them back in this state… How are we… going to explain this?” He stares at the remains mesmerized. His eyes are empty as he stares off into the morbid scenery.

A short silence follows as the Tengus realize their situation. You yourself realize as well that if the Tengus aren’t hostile anymore, that means word of this morning’s battle has yet to spread, or at least didn’t reach them yet. This is quite advantageous and relevant to your inter--

A deafening roar interrupts your train of thoughts and makes you draw your blade once more. The Tengu raised theirs as well and are searching around panickedly for the source. You remain steady and your eyelids lower ever so slightly as you try to feel the creature’s presence. As you do so, it hits you like a boulder in the stomach. Close-by is a being filled to the brim with animalistic malevolence, hunger and bloodlust. If it has any form if intelligence, it is most likely a predatorian one. This is beyond the feeling of a feral Youkai, whatever it is, it is truly a monster. It is also different from the presence of earlier which seems to have vanished.

The Tengu position themselves backs to backs to avoid being surprised, but you simply stare in the approaching presence’s direction. They seem too scared to realize you know where it is coming from. A chill runs down your spine as the dismembered, mauled corpses flash in your mind, yet you can’t really tell if it is from excitation or anxiety.

{???} [ ] Screw the Tengus, you’re definitely not staying here with that kind of monster going around.
{???} [ ] Await the creature, you can’t wait to kill it, your whole body wants to kill it.
{???} [ ] Await the creature, those Tengus could prove useful to you right now you can’t afford to lose them.


I'd like to mention that this story in the bigger picture is -not- meant to be a grimmdark horrorfest, it's mostly this particular sidequest.
{???} [XXX] Await the creature, those Tengus could prove useful to you right now you can’t afford to lose them.
{???} [x] Await the creature, those Tengus could prove useful to you right now you can’t afford to lose them.

Of course; though it might draw the wrong people.
{???} [X] Await the creature, those Tengus could prove useful to you right now you can’t afford to lose them.

> This particular sidequest is going to be a grimdark horrorfest.

We're going into the Warp?
{???} [X] Await the creature, those Tengus could prove useful to you right now you can’t afford to lose them.
{???} [X] Await the creature, those Tengus could prove useful to you right now you can’t afford to lose them.


[ BGM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aF95KQYNAQQ&feature=related ]

Not even considering any other option, you stand your ground. It most likely would pay off to have a few Tengus by your side in the coming conflict with Lord Tenma and this is a golden opportunity to win over their trust. However, as confident as you may be in your abilities, this thing stomping towards your location is something you haven’t even heard of before. You can smell its stench as branches crack and leaves sway. It reeks primal hunger.

Finally, here it comes. Gigantic claws stab through a large neighboring tree before it is uprooted and tossed away, as if the creature behind lacked the common senses to simply walk around it. Standing about two and a half meters tall is a largely muscular vaguely humanoid shape. It is coated in a gray color which could just as well be skin than very short fur. From all four of its limbs extend threateningly very large steel-gray claws, easily half a meter long. Its hands and feet are equally oversized to bear the ridiculous weapon. Its large head is harboring a maw that looked much like it of an abominable bastard child between a shark and a saber tooth tiger.

As the creature slowly enters the trail, staring into your eyes with an animalistic hunger flaring in its orange eyes, you can hear a yell on your side. Your head tilt slightly towards the origin, but not enough to lose sight of the creature. Running on your side is one of the Tengus who seems to have simply and thoroughly snapped from the sight of the creature, charging at it. You shout out at him to back off, but to no avail. The Tengu continues its charge, only to be met by a violent swing of the creature’s left arm. Several deep gashes ran across the warrior’s torso, the sound of bones cracking and flesh tearing filling the air as red sprinkles out from the body, along with what you can along assume to be sliced up parts of intestines. The body is violently sent to the side and the monster seems to have completely forgotten about you as it turns its back to you and begins frenetically puncturing the Tengu full of holes from stabs of its claw throughout its entire body.

Not quite intent on missing this opportunity, you yourself spring forward while the creature is busy and fully prepare for it to spin back and sweep its hand like it just did the Tengu. Surprisingly, it seems too busy producing bloody pulp to care about your presence as it keeps hammering its claws vertically into the remains of the Tengu. Aware of the beast’s raw strength, you decide to wield your sword with both hands as you slash vertically at the monster’s spine, hoping to cut it down and paralyze it.

While a large amount of black blood erupts from the cut, the creature still seems quite able as it roars up to its full height and turns towards you. It seems you under-estimated this… thing’s toughness. It lets out another roar and from the corner of the eye you can see the remaining two Tengus drop their swords and clamp their palms on their ears. You want to take this opening to lunge toward the creature’s heart while it’s doing this, but before your blade pierces the skin, you quickly recall your sword to yourself as the roar suddenly stops and massive claws head for your throat. Even the speed of this creature is beyond your expectations. You have certainly fought much more cunning opponents before, but this being is a monster of purely destructive force.

Without more provocation, the creature begins attacking you relentlessly. It sweeps and lunges its massive bone-like claws with anger and fury, as if possessed by some unspeakable demon. The sheer strength and speed of the creature force you to remain defensive and to grip the hilt with both hands to avoid being disarmed from the strength of the blows. It occasionally lunges its horrible maw in attempts to bite, but those attacks are less worrisome than the frenetic swipes and blows of its claws.

Quickly realizing this situation is clearly disadvantageous; you jump backward and use flight to further distance yourself from your opponent. It cannot be matched in brute ferocity and it reaches farther than you. As you land several meters away from it, the monster seems to instantly lose all interest for you and rush toward the Tengus.

Fuckin’ rotten piece of shit creature…

Using once more your flight, you charge the beast side and deflect a blow from its left arm. A window of opportunity presents itself as now that you are on the beast flanks, it can only reach you with one of its arms which has just now been repelled leaving it wide open. With an upper slash, you slice open the beast’s side, but unfortunately no matter how much you damage its torso it seems this thing has no internal organs or pain receptors and it simply interrupts its chase to resume hammering you just like before.

The hell is that thing even supposed to be…

-“YAAH!” Another of the Tengus gathered his courage and charged at the monster, attempting to either backstab it or assist you.

Surprisingly, his blade connects but only slightly slashes the beast’s other side fruitlessly. It roars once more and stupidly disregards you to smash the Tengu into a tree with the side of its large hand. Given another opportunity, you gather all your strength and put down all your weight into one single strike. You jump slightly to be able to slash down onto the tall creature’s left arm and somehow manage to cleanly slice it near the shoulder. The limb loudly falls on the ground, black blood gushing out of the odd uniform biomass as the monster retreats into the forest in what seems to be a scream of tortured pain.

You quickly take a look at the Tengu who rushed to give you this opening. He has fallen unconscious and some blood is slowly dripping down his lips. You take his vitals and notice he seems to be still relatively fine. He was very lucky the monster only used its massive hands rather than its blade-like claws. From the corner of the eye, you can still see the last Tengu, standing there in awe and horror, as if his mind had broken down. As you further inspect the unconscious Tengu for wounds, he starts walking backward slowly, shaking his head continuously, as if rejecting everything and clearly in shock.

Suddenly, you can once more smell the stench of the beast nearby. It had never really left…

-“You! Get your ass back here!” you quickly rise to your feet and call out to the backing off Tengu.

He stops… but only because gray bone-like spikes erupted through his skill and upper torso. Coming out from the vegetation, the creature shakes the Tengu off its remaining arm as if some ragdoll and proceeds toward you.

-“Why you huge pile of crap…”

You brandish your sword and meet your opponent. With only one arm to deal with, the creature is much less threatening and you can easily out power it. You manage to land several hits, but once more they prove irrelevant and after a while, you finally manage to cut down the second arm. At this point, the beast begins kicking around with its massive clawed feet and lunging to bite. It appears obvious to you now that this thing will continue to try to murder everything until it is completely and utterly dead. The battle, however, is to your advantage as the monster’s options have been greatly reduced and before long, you can finally stab your blade through its thick abomination’s skull. At long last, its orange eyes slowly dim and turn pitch black.


{???} [ ] Inspect the monster’s corpse
{???} [ ] Try to see if the presence that triggered all this is still around.
{???} [ ] Disregard those and bring the last Tengu back to the Shrine, he needs to be healed quickly.
{???} [XXX] Disregard those and bring the last Tengu back to the Shrine, he needs to be healed quickly.
{???} [X] Try to see if the presence that triggered all this is still around.
{???} [x] Disregard those and bring the last Tengu back to the Shrine, he needs to be healed quickly.

Investigation can wait, there's a life to be saved.
{???} [x] Disregard those and bring the last Tengu back to the Shrine, he needs to be healed quickly.

We're gonna need someone to vouch for us if we want to end the dispute with the Tengu as quickly and peacefully as possible, and this is the guy we need. Just gotta make sure he doesn't die.
> 11/01/16(Sun)00:05
> 11/04/21(Thu)10:37
> Three months difference
> Not an update

Don't do that sort of shit again.
Might be the same guy who bumped the other thread. Can't blame him entirely though, because on most imageboard websites, if a thread is on the first page, it's usually safe to assume it's not monthes old. Too bad this site isn't like most imageboards.

File 131510677810.jpg - (470.70KB, 982x864, 5eebf0429c8fbf84f76e255781dcce9d3811acfa.jpg) [iqdb]
I haven't wrote in a while so I don't know if this will be any good, but I justwanted to pick this up again, hopefully not drop it after a couple updates this time.


[SK] [X] Check up on your gods.
[FC] [X] Proceed as planned
{???2} [X] Observe quietly
{???} [x] Disregard those and bring the last Tengu back to the Shrine, he needs to be healed quickly.


[SK] [X] Check up on your gods.

While the morning sun greeted all beings at the dawn of the day, the skies were quick to cover themselves and by the time Sanae was done following the foreigner’s advice, rain had started pouring down modestly. It was not a displeasing rain; it was not cold or heavy. However, for all wearing white, any rain is too much rain. Passing by the shrine with other destinations in mind, the maiden effortlessly found a nearby umbrella and resumed her calm walk. She, too, could easily have flown, but a bit of peace of mind was not too much to accept after the gravity of the events that occurred by sunrise. Either way, there were people she needed to talk with.

Interrupting her train of thought, an amused, childish figure waltzed out of the neighboring flora to cut her path. Clad in white and purple, the small woman looked up to the maiden, raising her hat from her eyes to better the contact. Smiling cheerfully but not overly, she engaged the conversation.

-“Where are you going in such a sad weather this early in the morning Sanae?”

Despite slight surprise, the shrine maiden replied with soothing calmness and warmth.

-“I was just looking for yourself and Lady Yasaka, actually.”

-“Oh, you were?”Suwako replies with a hint of surprise that could be seen as ever so slightly exaggerated. “What’s the matter?”

-“The Tengus have broken the peace, just as we expected.” Sanae continues in a courteous tone ”I don’t know if you realize but this is not an “incident” like any before.”

Suwako seems to ignore the line for a moment as she hums a faint song softly, hopping and twisting on her tiptoes a bit. Before Sanae’s serious gaze, she suddenly stops and dives her own eyes into Sanae’s. Her expression was still cheerful and innocent, but something about it felt off to the shrine maiden. The little goddess’ smile widened even more as she closed her eyes cheerfully and replied.

-“You know, even though it’s with Kanako that the foreigner prepared all this, she’s not the only one who’s aware of what’s really going down, nor the only one who has some.. ideas… about all this.” Suwako tilted her head slightly and opened her eyes again. “Right?”

And upon this, the girl twirled on her tiptoes, humming once more and vanished back into the flora around. Sanae stood here for a moment, unable to shake the feeling that there was more to that sentence than it seemed. It felt like a warning, yet not hostile. Unsure of what to do with it, she continued her way.


[FC] [X] Proceed as planned

“I trust you know what you’re doing.”

The purple-clad fairy declared to the wolf Tengu besides herself. He was an old acquaintance of her which had seen many fights. Both of them had been around for a time much longer than the average Fae or Tengu and shared a bond in this way. Unfortunately, the tales of their meetings and adventures is not for today as more pressing matters were at hands.

-“You of all people should know Lord Tenma has ears for me.” He replies confidently. “He’s granted you an audience already and you know, he’s not a bad ruler. Even though you’re bringing pretty -bad- news he won’t stab the messenger. It’s just not his way.”

The pair continued their way amidst the rocks down a large and ornate hallway under the watchful eyes of several elite Tengu guards before reaching a large expertly crafted stone gateway. The massive wooden double door under the meticulously decorated archway gave way lazily as one of the guards activated the mechanisms with strength. Entering the audience chamber, the wolf and the fairy stood and bowed to the ruler observing them from the high ground on which his throne was resting.

-“As I explained, Lord Tenma” the wolf Tengu spoke still his gaze on the luxurious carpet. “This Fairy brings important words from the Moriya and the forces sent to… “deal” with the foreigner.”

His introduction finished, he walked away and bowed once more, leaving the snow-haired fairy in the middle of the audience chamber. She raised her gaze towards the Lord of all Tengu and spoke with a firm, neutral voice.

-“High Lord Tenma, great King of all Tengu.” a small pose. “It is with sadness that I must bring you news of the treacherous acts committed by your vassal.”

-“Speak freely, Fae.”

-“One of your vassals presented himself with a large force of soldiers pretending to be under orders to capture and execute the Foreigner of Moriya. Naturally, he refused to simply walk to his death and your vassal threatened to burn down the entire shrine if the Maiden of Kochiya did not hand over the foreigner to him.”

The king joined his hands and gave a small “hmm” in thoughts. With curtsey, the Fairy Captain paused her message for the king to assess the situation.

-“I indeed gave orders for this man to scare away the Foreigner, but I did not ask him to involve all of Moriya in this. It was merely a play to get the foreigner to leave without violence.”

-“After he threatened the shrine, he was asked to leave the sacred grounds, at which point he ordered an assault and attacked the shrine.”

“… Pardon me.” The king spoke this line with great displeasure after a small moment of silence. “I did not allow for such violence. Please, tell me more.” His gaze became rough as his face difficulty hid his feelings. As always the wise King of the Tengu was also an honest and straightforward man.

-“The commander ordered the charge but fairies rallied to defend the Moriya and he was quickly defeated.”

The ruler blinked slightly, taking in shocking new after shocking new.

-“That is unexpected to say the least. I am however glad that no harm was done. I request that you bring me my vassal immediately for me to question him on his actions.”

-“I am afraid that he challenged the Foreigner by the sword and perished at his hands by the blade.” The fairy announced, still firm and neutral, as if distanced.

Another moment of silence ensued, the eyes of the ruler narrowing slightly.

-“I guess that cannot be helped. It must have been fate for him to die from the foolishness of his reckless and unapproved actions.” The King announced trying to keep a perfectly composed expression. “I assume his soldiers are not causing too much trouble in Moriya’s Custody?”

-“There were no prisoners.”

Finally, the bomb was dropped. The King almost choked as he heard the new. His eyes widened and he his head dropped ever so slightly. 300 Tengus had perished, and for what? How could this have happened? He proceeded with a sudden surge of disbelief.

-“I gave you the benefit of the doubt about my subordinates losing to mere Faes, but there is no way for them to kill them. The Danmaku Lethality Ban prevents all from using Lethal Danmaku attacks and fairies such as yourself have no weapon.”

-“I assure you, wise King” the Fairy continued with a slight bow, her eternally neutral tone starting to become more of an oddity than a quality. “There were no survivors.”

-“Nonsense, the ban prevents you--”

-“The ban was lifted, Wise King.”

-“W-What!?” The once in a lifetime occasion ot see the Tengu lord taken completely by surprise occurred as almost jumping from his throne in shock. “This is… Who gave authorization for this!? It’s… it’s..”

-“It was decided that since your minions were using their swords to brutally strike down my sisters, the Danmaku Lethality Ban was no more. It was merely self-defense , wise ruler of the Tengu.

-”Fairies regenerate even when mortally wounded! Those Tengus will never come back!”

For the first time, the Fairy Captain’s voice became slightly cold and hostile. “Are you saying… wise king… that you believe the respawning process of fairies to be perfectly painless? Let me assure you… wise king… that the Fairies can feel -everything- before and after, until all is done. I speak from experience.”

The ruler fell silent for a moment, breathing deeply to regain his composure.

-“Again, under whose’ authority has the ban been lifted? I do not request, I -order- you to answer me Fairy.”

-“I’m afraid I can not.”

-“I see… So all those words in this silly scandal-paper were true after all… the Foreigner of Moriya is indeed quite a dangerous man… It pains me to do this but… Guards! Seize and restrain that fairy! Quickly!”


{???2} [X] Observe quietly

Elsewhere, amidst the rain on the very top of the Youkai Mountain, a dark figure was observing the plateau below as if all were nothing but insects before her. She was laying down casually her legs crossed as she was petting the gray fur of a creature resting besides herself. She raised her hand and a tiny owl landed on her finger before rolling its head into a full circle and making a few cries.

-“Awww, that’s not nice, he killed him... But my pets are so full of love, he’s no fun” with a small giggle, she kept patting the gray fur. “Well I guess I’ll just wait and see…”


{???} [x] Disregard those and bring the last Tengu back to the Shrine, he needs to be healed quickly.


After a long walk back, you finally came in sight of the shrine. In retrospect, carrying the injured Tengu over that distance made you realize just how far you had strayed in your search for the unsettling presence. Fortunately, the Tengu’s weight and your own strength allowed you to carry him without any problem and without taking up too much of your energy. The small rain also allowed you to remain comfortable while cleaning potential wounds, but you’re worried that it could have dangerously lowered the wounded’s body heat. Quickly removing your footwears, you enter the shrine and lay the unconscious Tengu on even ground before heading off to look for a blanket and a much needed shrine maiden.

It’s not long before you can find Sanae who seem to have also only recently arrived as you observe from the wet umbrella resting against the wall in the corner of the room. She is busy with swiftly chopping vegetables and the large pan filled with boiling, steamy water hints you that she might be making a stew.

-“I’m sorry to cut short to your work, but we’ve got an injured Tengu that needs your attention, fast.” You tell her without ceremony.

-“Huh? But there were no survivors.”

-“He’s from a different small patrol, ‘found him a bit after seeing off my fairies, come on.”

The Maiden drop her knife and quickly make sure the kitchen won’t catch fire before following you off into the decently sized entrance room where you left him.You quickly take his pulse before letting Sanae take your place.

-“I felt something weird on the way back and went to check it out. There was some huge monster and a really morbid massacre scene. He got smashed into a tree by the creature. He doesn’t have external wounds but he might have internal bleedings.”

Sanae nods swiftly and gets on her knees to examine the Tengu. After a first physical examination, she joins her palm and hover it slowly over the Tengu’s body. Her skin radiates very softly with a green shine as she does so. You await expectantly her answer and remain quiet to allow her to work her skills. At long last, the process is over and Sanae stands up to face you.

-“This guy’s built though, he took a massive hit but he’s -mostly- fine.” She declares with a hint of surprise. “He’ll need some medicine though - and a lot of rest. I’ll make him some after I get lunch prepared. I’ll make him some too in case he wakes up.”

-“I’ll get him some covers for him to rest.”

As you say so, you let Sanae return to her lunch preparations and gather a blanket and pillow for the survivor. In this short moment, you can’t help but be just as surprised that he’s in such a better shape than you expected. As Sanae said, he’s a lot tougher than he seemed, maybe he could be of more use than you first thought. For now It’s time to rest and think over your next moves. The fairies should be reforming their ranks quickly with that girl over there. Hopefully nothing bad happens to her on her mission. Today was a good and tasteful victory, but the unsettling presence and beast from earlier won’t fully leave your mind. You can’t help but wonder if more of those are still lurking around.

{???} [ ] Remain at the shrine and watch over the Tengu; spend some time with Sanae while you’re at it.
{???} [ ] Check up on Kanako, you have further plans to discuss with her.
{???} [ ] Go back out, the rain helps you think and you could always try to improve your fairies’ morale or train them (1 SP)
{???} [ ] You can’t erase that beast’s image from your memory, you need to investigate some more to make sure nothing is lurking in your back ground
{???} [ ] You can’t erase that beast’s image from your memory, you wanted to inspect it’s corpse after all, maybe you could learn something.
Well crap... we got the fairy captain captured...
{???} [x] Go back out, the rain helps you think and you could always try to improve your fairies’ morale or train them (1 SP)

Might as well prepare for future battles.
Curses, I forgot to put at the end of the update that you had gotten 2 SP for the Behemoth's side-event (Otherwise you would have 0 left to use to pick up that choice))
{???} [x] You can’t erase that beast’s image from your memory, you wanted to inspect it’s corpse after all, maybe you could learn something.
{???} [x] Go back out, the rain helps you think and you could always try to improve your fairies’ morale or train them (1 SP)

Fairies should always be the bulk of our frontline troops. Respawning effectively makes attrition a lot less of a problem.
{???} [x] Go back out, the rain helps you think and you could always try to improve your fairies’ morale or train them (1 SP)


Before all else, you politely wait for Sanae to finish lunch. As much as you may have other, important things to do, it would be rude to not stay for the meal she’s preparing. Plus the girl has always been an appreciable company and it would be a shame if things were to change because of you neglecting her with the opening of the conflict.

After she brings the food, the two of you settle down and discuss casually about Tengus, the mountain and the various denizens and types of Youkais of Gensokyo as if nothing ever happened. You eat without rush, taking your time to enjoy the hot stew. While a simple dish in essence, you can easily see that it is no amateur cooking. The fresh vegetables are expertly simmered and mix their tastes perfectly with small but flavor-filled fishes from the lake. You also feel as if a small amount of ale has been added to the gravy, stirring the taste while staying subtle.

The Meal is eventless and the Tengu remains out cold for the time being. The dishes taken away, Sanae goes to work on the medicine she mentioned earlier and you excuse yourself to your other tasks. Your first though goes to your fairies. Most say that strategies win wars and they would not be stupid, but it’s still only one of the many facets of warfare. Even a completely flawless plan of pure genius can fail if the troops cannot back the general’s expectations.

With this in mind, you resolve to go back to the forest to see the fairies and not without a few ideas in stock. You also consider investigating the corpse of the beast on your way, but you dismiss the thought by theorizing that if the wounds the creature inflicted never rot, then the creature itself should still be there in the same state if you go later when things are calmer.

As you set off towards the forest, you notice the rain has almost cleared out already and only a few drips land her and there. The day is mildly hot and humid, but not uncomfortably so as the last clouds offer some shading. You wander about for a short while before stumbling upon a clearing similar to the last one. Reaching the center, you sit down in a patch of taller grass and point your palm towards the air, sending forth a pattern of white Danmaku - your forces’ gathering signal. Fortunately, it seems the fairies didn’t forget about the signal over the hours as an increasing number of little faes excitedly rush into the clearance, flying all around with curious expressions.

The display makes you smile, you’ll have to admit you’re still not used to the sheer amount of magic and magic creatures in this land of Gensokyo. As you watch them gather, you can’t help but find them cute; those small little girls are all wearing adorable dresses and flying around cheerfully with the innocence and mischief of childs. Truly, their smiles and ever-happy attitude is refreshing. A couple of them all group up, squeezing against each other in front of you to observe silently as if waiting on your cue or instructions. You notice a few that you don’t recall seeing before. Finally you stand up with a small warm smile.

-“L’right gals. You want to play fun games again?” the little faes cheer in approval. “Well, we don’t have anyone to fight right now but that doesn’t mean we can’t play girls.” They drink your words expectantly, some jolting up flying around you. “So here’s what I’ve got in mind. Now we’re going to play Graze. It really sucks to get hit and not be able to play anymore right? So we’re gonna play a game that’s gonna make you better at not getting hit.”

You whip out a few Spellcards, holding them between your index and middle finger almost tentatively as the fairies once more group up to observe them. Comments fuse from the little girls about how some would like to be able to use those and how others find it amazing to see real ones so close.

-“Simple right? I’m going to use those and your goal is going to graze as many bullets as possible and avoid getting hit as long as possible.” The fairies nod and cheer. “No shooting me though,” you warn them with a smirk and a small swaying of the index. “The goal is dodging until only the best fairy remains.”

Without further ado, you trigger the first Spellcard immediately, startling your little friends a bit for being so close. They quickly get into the “game” however and not many get caught in the first wave. You chose some of your least dangerous cards to give them a chance, but still they aren’t easy and the fairies are quickly challenged. They have to push their speed and agility but most of all their perception to be able to stay in the game. You can feel the rush in their little bodies as you see them try their best to avoid the projectiles. As the first Spellcard comes to an end, you give them a few seconds of rest before triggering another, with a much different patterns.

Some more fairies drop, learning an important lesson about danmaku’s ever changing nature. The Game goes on for longer than you expected as the thrilled fairies compete to win, sometimes attacking each other sneakily or even yourself. Such disobedient rule-breaking, however, quickly goes punished by a thick concentrated and fast-moving barrage in the offender’s general direction. After a while, the final spell card end and you notice with surprise and a bit of pride that more than one fairies managed to “survive the onslaught”. The others, dizzy and defeated but not vanquished, rally around them. Some congratulate, others cheers, many envy.

Before long, they rally once more around you simply chat cheerfully between each others or asking you various things; some going back to playing, some taking their leave. Amidst their conversation, you hear a few rumors. Two stand out as recurring and most interesting. The first is very clichéd and speaks of a small pond not too far from here which’s waters sooth the mind and rest the tired body. The second is about a pair of fairy sisters that have appeared recently and are branded as strange by the other faes. They seem to mostly play at night and to be hiding in a small swamp nearby. It is said that whenever one sees the pitch blackness of the dress or wings of one, the other is never really far. The fairies go on to talk about them but mostly just chat about how unusual the color of their wings are. They begin making up various silly theories to explain it.


{???} [ ] Now would be a good time to pay this monster’s remains a visit.
{???} [ ] It’s getting late, you should head back to the shrine. Maybe the Tengu woke up and there’s also other things you have to do there.
{???} [ ] Investigate the rumor of the odd fairy sisters. Maybe they could be useful (-1SP)
{???} [ ] Investigate the rumor of the pond, those waters could hasten the Tengu’s healing and be very useful again in the future if you find it (Possible SP Gain)

>Fairy Squad (Pure Danmaku) 100/100 - }You{
- Evasion Sharply Rose from training
- Numbers increased by 25% from enthusiastic fairies joining in the game for a total of 125/125
{???} [x] Investigate the rumor of the odd fairy sisters. Maybe they could be useful (-1SP)

More allies are good.
{???} [x] Investigate the rumor of the pond, those waters could hasten the Tengu’s healing and be very useful again in the future if you find it (Possible SP Gain)
???} [X] Investigate the rumor of the odd fairy sisters. Maybe they could be useful (-1SP)

Inspect the troops some more.
File 13160421164.png - (17.80KB, 900x600, Troop Window 1.png) [iqdb]
No I'm not going to disappear for 6 months again. Just got caught up in other busynesses

In apology here is an attempt at making a troops "window" for everyone's convenience, especially since I talked about Evasion stat in the last update.


Here's how it works in a nutshell because I'm not confident in my Paint skills. Sorted by commander name, the first two columns are the type of troops in he unit (regardless of the commander's race) and the troop size, pretty obvious.

Following are basic game stats, Offense/Defense are pretty much given, but I'll specify that offense applies to both magical and physical combat, Defense also applies o both physical and magical, but only concerns damage tanking/soaking as evasion is a stat of its own. Speed is pretty self-explanatory; not related to evasion it's the ability to take action more quickly and travel distances. Intelligence is both the SP battery of your units and their ability to avoid falling in obvious traps other other similar things. Initiative is the ability for the troops (and commander) to find and take independent actions. A Unit with both high Intelligence and Initiative stat is likely to produce leaders of its own which can grow in small units.

Finally the combat role is basically the more specific tasks of a unit beyond its obvious racial abilities. For example, in the opening battles the Tengu had both Pure Danmaku and Swordsman types.

And now I go back to work.
File 131604713490.png - (270.50KB, 950x950, 99c1b4e1d90c50364f8a86701df6d38b301615db.png) [iqdb]
Durrr I forgot to say that the second to last column “Leader SpellLv” was the commander’s abilities in 1v1 Danmaku battle/spellcard usage, from stage 1 (S1) to EX


{???} [x] Investigate the rumor of the odd fairy sisters. Maybe they could be useful (-1SP) (0 remaining)


As comes the time to leave, you consider investigating the pond to hasten the Tengu’s healing, but you ultimately decide to simply trust in Sanae’s healing capabilities and leave this matter up to her. The rumor of the odd nocturnal fairy sisters, however, sounds much interesting to you ear. Until recently, you would have simply dismissed it as exaggerations and silliness but you have to admit that you’ve been impressed by the fairy captain’s maturity and abilities. If one such fairy exists, why couldn’t there be others?

With this thought in mind, you stand up and depart towards the general direction of the swamp the other fairies indicated. You’re aware that your troops mentioned they mostly showed up at night and it’s mid-afternoon, but since things are relatively calm at the moment, it’s the perfect time for this kind of searches. A few fairies follow you with curiosity for a small portion of the trip and try to help looking around, but they quickly get bored and return to the clearing.

It doesn’t take long to find the swamp, assuming it’s the right one, but it seems fairly large. On its outskirts, the swamp is more of muddy water and plants, but as you progress in your search, crooked and twisted trees are more and more present. You go through the outer rim of the clearer swamp, delimiting its borders and covering the most “visible” area without any success. Upon this, you walk inward into the growing vegetation of the swamp’s central area.

As you progress in the thickening vegetation of the swamp, it becomes much harder to step onto solid ground as large roots and muddy water poodles lace into the grass and earth as a minefield beneath the soiled greenery. You quickly notice, however, that there is no displeasing smell as usually present in these areas.

After another while, you come across a wall-like grove with only a small space between two trunks to enter, the foliage is very thick and the trees high. Little to no light filters out from the entry point of the grove. You instantly note that this kind of area is where a nocturnal creature is most expectable to be and enter without hesitation, slipping yourself between the trees. After only a few rows of thick, crooked tree-wall, the trees abruptly stop, revealing a completely clear, mud-less area within. At the center is a small pond of what seems to be very dark water, although it could just be the lack of light.

A few noises from the middle of the pond attract your attention and you strain your eyes to see despite the darkness. Staring back at you are two pairs of eyes, one green and one blue, motionless.

As you get used to the darkness, you can make the shape of two little girls holding each other’s hands at the centre of the pond. It seems to be incredibly as the little beings only have water up to their knees. The two little girls seem to fit the description made by your fairies. Their wings are as black as the darkness around them, only lit up by networks of purple and a bright line of green or blue on the edges. Their dresses are also matching of blue and green for the left on and black and blue for the sister on the right. The fairies simply stay as they are, holding each other’s hand and staring back at you with curiosity.


{???} [Write-in how you intend to recruit them; tone, incentives, etc. Precise sentences not needed but not forbidden.]
>you have to admit that you’ve been impressed by the fairy captain’s maturity and abilities.

If it's the one we sent on a trek, she's captured.

About that, you may want to find ways to restore and save up Spirit Points before tonight.
[x] Greet them
-[x] Ask if they want to join, offering food, lodging, and protecting this turf from any outside forces.
-[x] Remark on their fame among other fairies.

Just an idea that could be refined. Being Fairies, their needs/wants aren't too complicated and they seem to like this area.

You tell us this after use used the last one up.
Well, it's not like I won't give you more opportunities. Nor like it's going to need a stupidly high number. Chill, I'm not here to punish you depending on your choices I just want the most interesting possible story for everyone to unfold.
[x] Greet them amiably.
-[x]Make small talk, while fishing for more details about them.
--[x]Offer them to join a new game, if it doesn't work, offer them what they want.
[x] Greet them amiably.
-[x]Make small talk, while fishing for more details about them.
--[x]Offer them to join a new game, if it doesn't work, offer them what they want.
I don't think talking down to a fairy would be helpful, not one atypical like the captain.
Not intent on creating an awkward silence, you adorn your face of a confident and charming smile as you salute the sisters of an ample hand gesture and engage the conversation.

-“That’s some quiet and relaxing haven you’ve got here girls.” You say warmly but in a soft, quiet tone. “I hope you don’t mind I intrude.” Your smile widens a bit as you make a few steps forward.

The two sisters keep their hands held and walk slowly from the center of the pond towards you, not leaving your eyes with theirs. You spy in their gaze what seems to be curiosity not different from your own towards them, but obviously for different reasons.

-“You know, you two’re quite the talk of the other fairies lately; famous lil’ pair. I’ve got to say…” you take a few more steps, now standing at the edge of the pond, and sit down. “There’s a new game that’s really hot nowadays and I think you two could enjoy it.”

As you say so, the fairies have walked all the way from the center to the edge and are looking up to you with their little eyes filled with curiosity. Suddenly, the one with green speaks up.

-“hey hey Ren, he doesn’t smell like the others.” Her voice seems cheerful but her face remains neutral

-“I know Mio” the one in blue replies “It’s almost… his scent reminds me of home.”

-“Yeah yeah, let’s hear this one out.“

This one?

You chuckle a bit and remain motionless as their hands finally part and they fly off the pond, landing on each side of you. They lean forward, as if inspecting you from head to toe. You can’t help but find the display cute as those two little girls seem to be putting an act of remaining serious. It’s as if they could lose their straight faces any second now.

-“So, I take it I’m not the first one who talks to you about it” you reseat yourself with legs crossed. “Mind if I ask who that was?”

As if on cue, the one with green, Mio, takes the opportunity and sits onto your lap, tilting her head back and forth from left to right slowly as she observes you from very close-by. At your question, the fairies look at each other in unison and Mio speaks up once more.

-“It was just a crow Tengu” she says distractedly as if it was entirely irrelevant

-“You forgot she was dressed like someone important.” Ren comments.

-“Whatever, she said there was a dangerous man going around trying to sucker people into doing bad things for him.” Mio makes twists her left wrist, swirling her hand as she says so and looking away as if annoyed.

-“There’s not a lot of men around here though” Ren adds neutrally.

-“So…” the both of them say and stare at you, leaning closer forward? -“Is that you?” the both of them ask with curiosity, it almost feels as if they’re expectant.

-“Hey now” you wave an index from left to right, still smiling warmly. “That’s not nice things to say - but I wouldn’t honestly say that I don’t do some mischief every now and then.” The fairies finally break their neutral expressions, smiling a bit in unison. “Plus, I don’t trick people; at least not right now.”

Ren comes down and sits on your other lap next to Mio. Both of them look up to you expectantly.

-“You two talked about “home”... actually nevermind I’ll figure it out eventually. Anyways, The game I’m talking about is called warring clans.” The two fairies nod in unison. “People and Youkais rally under symbols and leaders in what we call clans, then the clans all battle each other in one huuuge fight” another nod. “Whoever can beat the most people up and conquer and hold all of Gensokyo wins. There are no specific rules about how you do it.” Nod nod “Basically, you get to play Danmaku with lots of people at once and if you have spell cards you can give the finger to the silly duel rules.” You smile and they nod once more.

-“He really smells like back home” Ren comments again

-“Yeah,” Mio approves “This could be fun for our bunch”

-“The duel rules are stupid anyways” Ren adds with a hint of frustration as she casts her gaze away for a few seconds.

-“Well, girls, whether you join or not, the game’s going to happen either way” you shrug exaggeratedly “and stuff might burn here and there. This really is a quiet and relaxing spot you’ve got here so if you join me instead of the Tengus, I’ll make sure nothing bad happens to it. Plus you get to visit places across Gensokyo and eat new food.”

The two look at each other with a slightly worried expression as the thought of losing their little corner of peace crosses their mind, but it doesn’t last long.

-“That sounds good” Mio concludes, both of them still comfortably seated in your laps.

-“So, you said “your bunch”, there’s more of you?” you ask innocently.

-“Yeah but our sisters are all sleeping right now.” The green and black-clad fairy makes a head gesture all around into the darkness as she replies.

-“Say, I was told you mostly only come out at night, why is that?”

-“we’re night fairies, our powers grow stronger when the sun is down.” She states as if it was common knowledge and eyes you oddly, unaware that she is the oddity.

-“Night is relaxing so there’s nothing wrong with that” you offer another warm smile.


[ ] Stay here
--[ ] Ask about night fairies some more
--[ ] Ask about the Pond they were standing in
[ ] Go back to the shrine
--[ ] Bring the Nightsisters along
--[ ] Spend some time with Sanae
--[ ] Those battle plans still need to be planned, seek out Kanako immediately!
File 131666934683.png - (22.80KB, 900x600, Troop Window 1.png) [iqdb]
Acquired commanders:

>Ren Hoshizora
Troop size: 200
Combat Role: Guard Danmaku. large and slow Danmaku that soaks up attacks from one side but let projectiles pass fro mthe other.
Special Ability: Night Fairy, Guard Type. Night Fairies get a +1 to all stats when fighting after the sunset, Ren's unit gets an additional 1 to defense making those fairies incredibly thought for mere fairies.

>Mio Hoshizora
Troop size: 150
Combat Role: Piercing Danmaku. Thin fast moving Danmaku that penetrates defenses and lines to cause increased damage and pierce defenses. Includes laser-type danmaku
Special Ability: Night Fairy. Night Fairies get a +1 to all stats when fighting after the sunset, Mio's unit get an additional 1 to offense making her fairies much more threatening than regular fairies.
[x] Stay here
--[x] Ask about night fairies some more
--[x] Ask about the Pond they were standing in

We should get to know more about our new commanders.
[x] Stay here
--[x] Ask about night fairies some more
--[x] Ask about the Pond they were standing in.

It could be of value, though over-exploiting it would be bad.
No I didn't die again, I had poor health followed by a very minor surgery that unfortunately still left me unable to focus on most of anything for a while. Working now.
Night fairies; this label rings a bell in your memory but those times are long gone and the hollow images aren’t very clear at the moment. As you acknowledge that their power grow stronger at night, you also make a mental note to always, -always- consider that the same can possibly happen for an opponent. You will gain a clear advantage from fielding them at night but is it always going to be worth the potential penalties to other units? Case per case, it will remain.

-“So… gals, what about you tell me a bit more about yourselves… Ren and Mio was it?” the green-eyed fairy pouts a little, agitated that you named her sister first, perhaps? ”I’m Kain and I’m one of the higher ups from the Moriya Clan.”

-“We’ve…” Mio wants to talk but is cut short by the sudden realization that she doesn’t actually know what she wants to say. “Ren… how… did we?” she turn to her sister with a slightly worried expression.

-“I…” The blue-eyed fairy eyes away with a hint of red rising up to her cheeks showing embarrassment. “We’re from… what the…” she seems to be struggling harshly to remember something.

-“You can’t either?” Mio hazards.

-“No…” Ren falls silent for a moment “This isn’t normal, you remember it too don’t you? the scent of home?” Mio nods.

-“Yes, I do, but then there’s a huge blank. It hurts a bit when I think about it.”

You remain silent as the fairies realize they are having a hard time finding memories they should easily remember. Even given the usually atrocious attention-spawn of fairies, those seem a bit more intelligent and they’re obviously not native of the Youkai mountain so something must of have happened: both to make them come here and make them forget. Perhaps it could be useful to investigate this later, but for now you let them realize their own situation.

The sisters eventually calm down and begin explaining their respective abilities as the Hoshizora sisters. Ren, the elder sister, is versed in a very rare kind of Danmaku. Most projectiles are meant to travel quickly and hit opponents but hers are large hollow-looking half-spheres that move slowly and soak up energy from the opposite side. You smile as the blue-eyed fairy explains her powers; it’s just like the older sibling to want to shield the younger and you can already think of several scenarios where you could use such an asset.

Mio on the other hand, explains that she excels at laser-type projectiles. Hers aren’t quite the siege type, but from her demonstration the green and black lights pack a decent punch and can probably rip through opposing fire easily. Both of the fairies are strong for just fairies but to you it is obvious they are nowhere near a match in one on one battle or capacities to your own commanders and possibly important enemy commanders. You make a mental note of this and nod along with the green-eyed fairy’s enthusiastic explanations.

Their battle capacities known, the fact remains that their origins are shrouded, which is one of the things you wanted to know from the get-go. You frown inside but keep a friendly expression as the two fairies dip back into the water and relax.

-“Speaking of that…” the fairies look at you with curiosity as you point the pond. “Is there anything particular with this pond? You seem to like it a lot.” The sisters look at each other for a moment.

-“I don’t really know if there’s anything magical with it” Mio says as she simply sits down on her butt, water up to middle of her small breasts. “But it’s really soothing and it’s warm even in the coldest of nights.” She seems to be enjoying it as she says so.

-“Jeez Mio do you know nothing?” Ren scolds her but not too harshly. “it’s obviously magical, you should be able to feel the energy in the water!”

-“Shush you know-it-all!” the green-eyed tilts her head in obvious annoyance, making the other sigh. “Then what’s allll the mysteries of this ooooh so special water?”

-“I don’t know -that-.” Ren looks away shyly. “I’m just saying you should be able to realize it has magical energy, stop being so black and white.”

Deciding you won’t be getting any information from those fairy shenanigans, you decide to simply dip your own hand in the water. As Mio said it’s quite warm despite the complete lack of any real light or sun in the haven. You even have to agree that as soon as it touched your hand you could feel a soothing feeling coming from it. It might be luck, but it would seem like this pond could very well be the one the fairies of your unit were talking about. In retrospect it actually makes a lot of sense: when you find a nice place like this you use it you don’t just leave it alone for myth’s sake.

You cup some of the water in your hand and bring it to your lips, the taste is clear and fresh instead of what you would expect from some stagnant water pool and the sip refreshes you making you feel as if you add laid down to rest for good five or ten minutes. Content with your find, you reach out for your gourd and down the remainder of its content before filling it with water from what you can only assume to be the healing pond. Luck seems to be on your side as you could get both rumors in one swoop. Time, however, is still running and you have to return to the shrine before the residents begin to worry. You excuse yourself and give general directions for the fairies to find the shrine easily.


(+2 SP, continued)
[X] Go back to the shrine to talk with your fellow officers.

Lazily combining Kanako and Sanae options, seeing as we still got two points.
Score! 2 SP, new able allies, and a possible resource.
don't forget to save SP so we can help our fairy friend escape from the tengu!
Just a friendly reminder that the choices that consume SP are always explicitely tagged as so. Also, those choises that do cost SP are always related to either strengthening your army in some concrete way or to accomplish something that would actually require a lot of luck or magical energy. In other words. You won't be using them up with more mundane things like that.

That asides, I didn't actually put any choice but I'll still take that opinion in consideration
File 131801655553.jpg - (159.61KB, 1000x750, ac64db5df9397b2aca408bf0203374c8.jpg) [iqdb]
The trip back to the shrine grounds turned out to be eventless, satisfyingly enough. Since you already knew and could easily recognize your destination, flight had been the better option you opted for, as opposed to walking. You had been out for longer than expected and you wanted to make sure no one worried about your whereabouts for nothing. As such, wasting time - especially with random, unwanted encounters- was not something you were much fond of at this point in time.

Without a noise, your feet reach the ground by the side of the lake. You take this occasion to observe it for merely a few seconds. The large landmark is quite beautiful, breaking the monotony of the mountain forests and peaks from up there. Down here, however, you can enjoy more clearly the clean and pure water which is much clearer than one would expect from a stagnant water body such as a common lake. Its most prized features, however, are the many small rivers sparking from the lake, slithering around the mountaintop vegetation and often ending in falls of varying heights and power.

-“It looks like things started to get really busy for you.” A voice rises up casually from behind you.

You stay motionless for a moment, taking another look at the purity of the water in the lake before you. The voice was easily identified as the resident goddess’. Besides, you could already feel her presence before she spoke up. You already knew she was nearby, but you couldn’t really tell if you landed here because you could sense her or if she moved here because you landed close to where she was, you had many things in mind when you reached ground level.

-“Yeah, things are starting to get fun.” You turn around slowly. “What about you, any devilish plans you wanted me to set in motion? You seemed to like those; I’m fine with either yours or mines” you chuckle a bit.

You spy a small smirk forming on the edge of Kanako’s lips as you say so. She is comfortably seated on the grass of a small elevated patch of soil overlooking the shore a bit. Her right leg rests on the ground while her left folded upwards, allowing her arm to rest on her knee as she ponders. It seems like she’s been here for a while.

-“Many, but none so soon” the sky goddess replies. “Say… you know why I insisted for us attacking the Tengus first, right?”

-“Well, they’re the strongest threat in the immediate vicinity, if we struck other, weaker factions in the surroundings it would have given time to prepare as well while we acquire more assets to face them.” You explain matter-of-factly. “And besides, they have a great intelligence network so they could have studied our battle compositions and tactics during our battles with others.”

-“hmm, I thought you would be under-estimating them.” Kanako comments absently.

-“Heh, they’re very easy to manipulate and predict with all their self-warranted pride, but they do have numbers, solid fortifications and many other cards. Tenma is wise, but it’s in all the other Tengus’ blood to be provoked easily.”

-“Those are both true, but that wasn’t it.” The sky goddess’ arm folds back and she rests her chin between her fingertips. “How would you evaluate the defense of our current territory?”

“Hmmm” You pause for a bit and cast your gaze asides, looking over the surrounding area even though you remember it. “Pretty awful I have to admit.” You shrug. “We only have a few advantages with the higher view position and the lake to prevent full circle assaults. The immediate shrine grounds are more or less open territory with no defense value whatsoever.”

-“Exactly” Kanako nods “Defensive battles have to rely purely on our troops for now because we have no true defenses, natural or not. We could have them build something, but that takes time, resources and labor strength. We’d be investing too much and harvesting too less to consider doing that right now.”

-“That’s right.” You easily agree with her point of view and look back at her. “That makes it much more advantageous to fight offensively and keep the initiative. But we have to keep in mind that the Tengu fortress -is- as its name implies a fortress, it won’t be easy either to conquer something that’s at three fourths hidden within the mountain…” you suddenly lit smirk with a machiavelic idea. “’could always collapse it though, that would send them in chaos too.”

Kanako shakes her head and looks up to you.

-“No way, think for a minute, the shrine is situated at the mountaintop and most of the access ways can be kept watch over or even defended from the Tengu Fortress and their tunnels network.” Finally, the sky goddess shows her game.

-“So you plan to take it early and use it to substitute for our own lack of defensive positions without having to waste resources and time bunkering up a terrain like this.” You finish and point the soil below your feet with your indexes in emphasis at “like this”.

You think about the idea for a moment. It’s an ambitious one no doubt about it; a very hard one even. Doing this will require large amounts of close quarter fighting in the tunnels network at which sword-wielding Tengus gravely outpower your fairies. Usage of Siege Danmaku should be careful as well. Another problem comes from the maze-like structure of the tunnels network that could allow the defenders to hold for a very long time. If at all possible this situation -has- to be avoided. However, you can’t help but agree that seizing and using this fortress would provide great shielding for the Moriya Shrine and the future Inner Sanctum of the clan’s territory.

-“Well, we have to beat them either way, but I guess I’ll start thinking about ways to deal with this now. We’ve got some more territory to claim before we get there though.”

-“I’m glad you have brains to back the brawns” Kanako comments happily, a compliment was this? “Makes a change from -some- people around.” She rolls her eyes then stand up. “We should be getting in now.”


The two of you leave the shore of the lake and enter the shrine as the sun below continues lazily to set down.


Three residents and a guest are seated in the dining room, large fresh shrimps in sauce and still lightly steaming fish slices along with some seasoned rice standing proudly in the middle. Suwako is absent, but it is not uncommon for either of her or Kanako to be missing, sometimes even, both are away. You’re surprised quite surprised, however, to see that the Tengu you saved earlier is already up and about. You seem to have under-estimate Sanae’s healing abilities.

The Tengu is very nervous to suddenly wake up in divine presence and with the shrine grounds still largely stained with blood. Bodies, however, were somehow cleared in the time you were gone. For him, everything happening today must be entirely surreal and you can understand that. When you noticed he was already recovered, you offered the pond water for Sanae to use for tea which should make the already relaxing beverage even more soothing than usual for everyone.


[ ] Simply enjoy a casual meal
[ ] Report/talk of something that happened today
[ ] Ask for the Tengu to introduce himself and talk a bit about himself.
[ ] Try to convince the Tengu to work for you

>Must chose one otf the three below
[ ] Someone should tell the Tengu about the state of things now, you’ll do it.
[ ] Someone should tell the Tengu about the state of things now, but maybe that shouldn’t be you.
[ ] There’s no needt t tell the Tengu about the war just yet
[x] Ask for the Tengu to introduce himself and talk a bit about himself.
[x] There’s no needt t tell the Tengu about the war just yet

Let's take it a bit easy before trying to convert him.
[x] Ask for the Tengu to introduce himself and talk a bit about himself.
[x] There’s no need to tell the Tengu about the war just yet

Take it slowly.
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