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One year ago today, a good fellow called Klaymen started askin' around about whether a new story would be appreciated - and maaan, was it. People were votin' left and write, and a good time was had by all, and up near the end Klay went and got himself into a mighty pickle. Well, he tried and he tried, but man oh man that first night that Bill and Nitori shared was just too much for 'im. Now, he promised that he'd keep on tryin', he did, but time kept on a-rollin' and he just got busier and busier and all the while good old SCIENCE! just sunk on down the boards. A little while back, though, he comes to me and we have a little talk, and man oh man do I get things cookin'. So all you fans of SCIENCE! out there, keep right on readin'. If you're a little newer and you haven't read it, mosey on down to the archives, or just to page 5, as of this posting. It's worth your time. Either way, enjoy.
No. 11019
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“What’s up?”
“This is... embarrassing,” She says simply. Finally moving her head back to meet yours, she adds. “But that’s okay.”
Your arms move almost by themselves around her body, bringing her closer to you and offering silent comfort. "This is only the beginning. You still have time to turn back, if you're not sure."
"No, I...I want this." Before you have time to so much as smile at her, her lips are upon yours. The kiss is hardly more than a light brush against you, and her embarrassment shines through it. This girl really is going to take some work.

You come together once more, having since turned her to face you. With your arm around her shoulders and her body close enough to feel her heartbeat, your second kiss lasts and lasts, any potential protests silenced by another lean or another push. Minutes pass, one after another, simply kissing. It's a small step, but if this is her first time, it's common sense to take it slow. When it ends, the only sound in the room is Nitori's heavy breathing (as much as your imagination makes little sizzles from her cheeks) and the light taps of your feet against the floor, moving slowly, subtly toward her bed.

And a surprised cry of "Waah!" as she trips back and collapses onto it, followed by beautiful laughter. Enough of a distraction to get your shirt off without breaking the flow of things too much, which you gladly take advantage of before joining her on the bed. There's no escape now, Nitori. You're in it for the long run. And for that matter, so are you. This isn't exactly something you can write off after this, but that's okay. The thought of leaving her after all you've been through...what are the chances?

0.029 percent. But that's not important right now. Right now, the love of your life (of which you are 99.971 percent positive) is right in front of your eyes, and your fingers are currently unoccupied. Clearly this needs to be remedied. "Nitori...are you ready for this?" Her expression betrays only joy. As you look into each others' eyes, hers half-closed and contrasting their deep blue with the red that still adorns her cheeks, she simply smiles and nods.
"I trust you, Bill. I'm ready." She doesn't need to say more. One more long kiss accompanies the sensation of your hands, one alternating between squeezing her nipple and massaging the breast around it, drawing slight moans from her with each change in motion, and one slowly moving down her side, caressing every curve, digging underneath her bloomers, until reaching the inside of her thighs.

Something about the way she gasps through her nose the moment your fingers reach her inner thigh as though desperate for breath but unwilling to move her lips away gives you the distinct feeling that tonight will be rather fun for the two of you.

For all the cursing you can do at those cluttered thoughts sometimes, they do have their purposes at times. Not only can you focus at the task at hand (ha) but you can focus on everything else at once. Every sensation isn't just filtered through, it's comprehended. You can feel every breath of air against your face, every brush of your skin as her body convulses, every beat of her heart and the sound of every moan and gasp, and even through all that, you can still tweak her nipple and massage her breast, still play back and forth with her tongue – her mouth, yours, the distinction doesn't even exist any more – and you can most definitely both work and feel your finger, judging from how many times she's gone to call your name only to cut herself off with a gasp – even listening to the subtle changes in her heart rate and breathing tip you off on what works. You were already decent at this before, but in the past 5 minutes you've gotten even better. Still, this kind of a reaction...she wasn't kidding around when she said you were her first.

One finger isn't enough, though. If your little buddy down there is gonna get any action tonight, we're gonna need to step this up – and so gently, carefully, and with great resistance, in goes another. To great acclaim, even! It's a good thing she's got some self-control, you think for a moment – or else those fingers might do a little more than leave scratch marks in your back. As small as she is, you still have to remember that she is a youkai, and a virgin at that. If you can't keep her relaxyou don't have to think about that right now. Hello, Nitori's lips. You seem awfully friendly. In between kisses and moans, she says breathily, "Bill...Bill, this is ammmmaAAAhhn...this's amazing..." Oh, this is only the beginning. Knowing what's to come, you can only smile and go to muffle her with a kiss. "Nitori, you haven't seen the half of it."

Looks like the initiative is all yours, and it's time to take it. Leaving the warmth of her insides, you back up off the bed and take a moment as you undo your pants to admire her lying down, her modest (Perfect, as far as you're concerned. More than a handful's a waste.) chest rising and falling with each breath, her skin glistening with sweat, and her face – that gorgeous face, looking more serene than you've ever seen her, smiling back up at you. Lord only knows what she's going to look like when you're done here.

As you lean in once again, now thoroughly pantsless, you catch just a hint of nervousness on Nitori's face which is quickly replaced by a delicate giggle at your sad attempt at removing her bloomers with your teeth, complete with growling noises and suggestively raised eyebrows. If you can't be a nerd in bed – let alone with Nitori – then you can't be a nerd anywhere. A moment's awkward shift to a more comfortable position for the two of you on the bed, and once again you find yourself above her.
"Are you still nervous?" The big question.
"A...A little. I'm kind of afraid, still. It's supposed to hurt, right?"
"Don't be. I'll try and be as gentle as I can, but if you don't relax it'll only hurt more. Can you trust me?" The silence is deafening. After a long, pregnant pause, she breaks it with, "Yeah. Yeah, I trust you." Her fingers intertwine with yours as she speaks, slowly and softly.
"Thank you." You may have known – or hoped hard enough to know, anyways – that it was coming, but actually hearing it is such a relief. "You're sure you don't want to turn off the lights? I hear it helps embarrassed girls calm down some."
"No, I'm fine. I want to be able to see you, as clear as I can, for all of this."

There's nothing more to say. Any words you could possibly come up with would only cheapen what you have right now, so for all you care all the world's poets can shut up while you give Nitori one more kiss and gently slide to the tune of her surprised moan, deeper and deeper inside her, until you feel a light pressure against your tip. The moment of truth...all of this may be over within seconds, but it'll decide how tonight goes. Was it all a failure, or will it be the best night of her life? "You're ready for this?"
One last time, she nods and bites her lip for a second, only to hold you tighter and try to distract herself by exploring your mouth with her tongue.

It's just a thin piece of skin. It doesn't take much to tear right through it – it's no big effort on your part, it doesn't take more than a second. For Nitori, though, it spurs a short gasp and a very sudden tightening of her arms. Within a moment, it's all over – she's broken off the kiss, and she smiles.
"I love you, Bill."
"I love you too, Nitori."

Roll for diplomacy. Natty 20. Relax command successful.
No. 11020
Still, it's only polite to ask. "Do you think it's okay for me to move?"
"Yeah...Just...be gentle?" Well that was the plan from the beginning. Slowly, so slowly as to be almost painful, you move deeper into her. It's only made more difficult by the walls of her vagina clamping down around you, tighter than any woman you've ever had before. The sensation puts you in a daze, and it takes everything you have not to take her hard and fast, (and she's still moaning with every thrust, digging her fingers into your back) but you keep your head level and your pace slow, all the way, as deep as you can, and back out just as slowly. That friction is still amazing, and with this speed you can feel every muscle giving way before you, then trying to pull you back in every time you pull out. Even trying to distract yourself with mathematical equations or determining the mineral content of the room's walls or just counting the scratch marks that your back will have in the morning, or even (God forbid!) baseball, perhaps as a side effect of the leg's influence over your mind, you can still vividly feel every touch, just like before. It makes you think back to the way Nitori was acting when you first started.

"Aah...Oh, oh Bill, mmmmnn...aAAaahn!" ...Is still acting. Apparently you really have been distracting yourself. How many orgasms has she had already? A more bitter man would call it unfair. You would continue right along your merry way, content in knowing that with an experience like this your lady would most likely be more than happy to indulge in your occasional desires, and that is exactly what you do. In any case, it's already been several minutes – no telling how you managed to last this long, but you're not about to last any longer. Time to pull outime to hit her legs.
"Nitori, your legs! I'm about to--" You may
"We're mmmnnnot the same species...aaaaAAhhnnside is...okay..." Well, she has a point, you guess. Protest is the last thing on your mind, at least. Inside is okay. Okay.

Inside is okay. A long, satisfied sigh is okay. Gripping each other tightly, but slowly relaxing every muscle within your bodies...that's okay. Finally separating yourselves after what feels like an eternity, lying in the same bed, letting your labored breath fill the room, turning your heads toward each other at the same time, both of you flushed and happy, putting your arms around each other and leaning in for one more light brush of a kiss. It's all okay. It's more than okay, it's perfect, and you wouldn't have it any other way.

"So. How'd I do?" Another opportunity for a corny line presents itself, and you can resist it about as well as you can resist the stupid grin invading your mock-serious expression. The sight elicits a giggle and a smile from Nitori, but nothing more. She pushes against you gently, and you give way – somewhere between too trusting and too tired to stop her – leaving you lying on your back, sandwiched between a mattress and a very happy young lady. Just where you want to be. No words could describe how you feel right now, holding everything you've ever wanted in your arms.

With her resting against you like this, you can feel her heartbeat and her breathing slowing gradually. Every moment before you slip into sleep is blissfully silent – even your mind seems satisfied to enjoy it – save for one thought.

Tomorrow will be the first day of the rest of your lives.
No. 11022
SCIENCE is back, and with a flying start.

Today is a good day.
No. 11023
Ah-ah-ah, not quite. Sorry if I wasn't quite so clear there, but this here is just a little present. Klay's done right by me more than once, see, so when he asked me to fill in the blanks I couldn't exactly say no.

Now, whether he plans on bringin' back SCIENCE! or not is beyond me, but don't take this as a sign it's happenin'.
No. 11024

>People were votin' left and write
I hope this pun was intentional, because I laughed at it for far longer than appropriate.
No. 11025
File 124624254215.jpg- (154.66KB , 600x636 , 0cda9171e5f813cd423879c096b4eaf8.jpg ) [iqdb]
Magnificent. Been waiting too long for this.
No. 11027
... in the end, I couldn't write it after all. I'm just glad that NewAgeRetroHippie was kind enough to write it for me after all this time. I think it turned out really good, too. Better than what I would have come up with had I forced myself. I enjoyed it, at least.

To make it even more clear, I do plan to restart some incarnation of SCIENCE in the future. It'll be after I get some more free time, though, so it's at least a month or two away.
No. 11042
The love in that whole scene was wonderful, really really amazing.

With regards to the different species story, I don't buy it, many stories speak of half human, half youkai children. Even a recent book series by Stephenie Meyer speaks of half human, half vampire children. It's not impossible for Nitori to bear Bill's child.
No. 11043
You know, the type of youkai is never really mentioned. Just kind of generic brand youkai. Maybe some types can mate and some types can't, and Kappa can't?
No. 11058

We don't know that it's possible to be born a half-youkai. It's never explictly stated that Rinnosuke had non-human parents since the only other time it's used refers to a human becoming half-youkai, after a fateful encounter.
No. 11059
No matter how good a point you may or may not have made, the fact that you cited Twilight as an example completely invalidates the argument you made, as well as any moral standing you might ever have had.
No. 11093
Although you are right about 11042's citing of Twilight, I have found validation for his/her/its theory:

Kappa would often lurk in toilets and fondle women’s thighs and buttocks. Indeed Kappa were said to rape women if they got a chance. In Matsuzaki village, Iwate Prefecture, women bore hybrid children from Kappas for two generations. The creatures were so grotesque that they were hacked to pieces upon birth and buried in wine casks.

Now at least Nitori is not grotesque so her children would not be grotesque either.
No. 11098
Oh fine. Research failed. Interspecies mating is go.

You still didn't knock her up though.
No. 11099
Then we must try - and train the offspring as martial artists when they hit puberty...

>>obvious reference made obscure
No. 11102
We'll get Nazrin to do it.

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