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10485 No. 10485
Alright, I'm back, and it's about time, frankly. Computer's dead, hard drive's shot. Went out and bought a cheap notebook, so I'm writing in that since regular access to a computer is difficult at the moment. Lost all of my notes and such, but I should be good.

Again, I'm very sorry for being gone for so long. Updates will be a lot more frequent then this. Just... getting used to a different way of doing things, is all. Thanks for reading so far.


[x] “Hey now, can’t I choose myself?
-[x] Bomber Jacket
-[x] White Shirt
-[x] Blue Jeans
-[x] Socks
-[x] Normal Shoes

“Nah, forget it. I’ll choose myself. No offense, but I think I should be able to handle that much,” I say with a grin so I don’t come off as rude. To be honest, neither of their suggestions appeal to me. I’d rather go with something a little less… exotic.

“Eh, fine. Suit yourself,” Aya says while shrugging her shoulders, ignoring the obvious pun she just made. She turns and walks out, … her wings are gone? When… How… There’s no sign that they were even there in the first place!

I probably shouldn’t try to think about how that’s possible.

Right. I turn to Momizi, and she meets my gaze for a brief moment. I give a subtle nod and walk past her into the room she was in before.

A room full of pants.

A realization hits me the moment I set foot into the room. Despite all my complaining for a decent pair of pants, standing here now in a room full of what could be considered ‘decent’ pants… is incredibly dull. I won’t spend long in here, though. Better just get it over with.

It’s a relatively small room. Four small rows, racks of assorted styles of trousers, meeting the needs of any needy trouser-less customer. How thoughtful. Still couldn’t be more monotonous. I absently rub my left arm gently, still in its sling. No pain, but I can tell it still hasn’t healed yet. Argh, this could prove a hassle.

I approach the closest set of racks; a selection of jeans. There we go. Pulling a pair of a darker shade off a rack close to me, I hold them up to my waist. Hmm. Length is perfect from what I can tell. Might be a little big around the waist, but that’s nothing I can’t handle. I can’t wear them until a tail hole is made anyway, so no use in trying them on. I sling them over my right shoulder.

“Hey, Faust!”

I turn to see Momizi standing outside of the room holding a pair of… moccasins? Her bright eyes and wagging tail tells me she… wants me to try them on? Yeah, right. “Uh… something a little more normal, please!” Her ears drop a little at my words, but she eagerly leaves my line of sight, hopefully off to go find something normal.

No use in standing here anymore. I leave, turning to my left to enter the room that had the collection of shirts. This room was slightly larger (only slightly), and the walls are mounted with coats and jackets. It feels cluttered here, but that’s probably due to the extra racks on the walls… or maybe it’s just messy in here.

Ah well. Something simple should suffice. I look around nonchalantly; in the corner to my far left is a set of racks with numerous plain shirts… You know, that works. I prefer plain, anyway. Don’t really care about the selection here, since I don’t think I’ll be finding anything too appealing in this room.

As I walk over to the rack and pick an especially normal-looking white shirt, something hanging on the wall catches my eye. I look up.

It’s a heavy-looking jacket, made of a dark shade of brown leather. The inside of the jacket is made of… what looks like wool.

Yes. This jacket is mine. Everything else is small time.

. . .

Stepping outside of the doorway with clothes in tow, I bump into Momizi, who was also leaving a room holding a pair of… average-looking shoes. “Um, are these alright?” She holds them up… Well, they’re not moccasins.

The sound of wind outside. “Great, thanks Momi—”


The building shakes a little as a deafening noise sounds. Momizi loses her balance and nearly collides with me before regaining her composure. A high pitched voice sounds through the main room.

“You’re mine now, da ze~!”

Marisa? I can feel strong wind blow through the back rooms. Is she flying?!

“M-marisa? Why are you back?!” That’s Rinnosuke’s voice. I run out into the main room – and find the room a mess. Well, an even bigger mess. If that’s possible. Marisa is flying close to the ceiling, hovering over Rinnosuke, eccentric red book in hand.

“I’ll just be borrowin’ this for awhile, Kourin!” Marisa says with a wink.

Now that the book’s closed I can get a good look at it. But I don’t see some stylized cover like I expect. Actually, I see something I don’t expect.

The book has a face.

“Unhand me, mortal! I am not your precious little plaything!” comes a deep voice from the book.

I don’t have time to process what just happened. I’m being dragged outside by my shoulder at an alarming speed. “Now’s our chance!” shouts the voice of Aya. Momizi is behind us, surprised as much as I am.

We’re already outside, high above Kourindou and rapidly gaining distance from it. Aya’s flying at an incredible speed, and I reflexively clutch the clothes I gathered in my right arm, pressing my still-injured arm against my chest. Momizi is having trouble keeping up, but she’s holding onto the shoes she picked out. Her face is red.

Suddenly, Aya stops, and I jerk. A second or two later Momizi catches up, visibly out of breath and a bit shaken up. We’re… quite a ways in the air now. I have no idea where we are.

Aya’s laughing, her hand still holding me up. “Bahahaha! I can’t believe how that worked out!” She has wings again. Gotta figure out how she does that.

Momizi is frowning, still trying to catch her breath. “I… That… We left without…”

I say nothing. I really can’t bring myself to. Not after that. I’m ready for today to end, but… Wait, wasn’t there something I still wanted to do?

[ ] Ask to go to Eientei.
[ ] …Nah, forget it. I’ll wait until tomorrow.


Also: Never go on a hiatus, come back, and start on a scene about scouting for pants.
>> No. 10487
[ ] Ask to go to Eientei.


Hooray, you're back from the dead.
>> No. 10488
[x] Ask to go to Eientei.
>> No. 10489
[x] Ask to go to Eientei.

Good to see you back.
>> No. 10490
[X] Ask to go to Eientei.
>> No. 10497
[x] Ask to go to Eientei.

Sorry about your HD. I know how much that sucks.
>> No. 10498
[x] …Nah, forget it. I’ll wait until tomorrow.
>> No. 10501
[x] Ask to go to Eientei.
>> No. 10502
[X] Ask to go to Eientei

Overlord Zetta's still a book, huh?
>> No. 10504
>Her bright eyes and wagging tail tells me she… wants me to try them on?
I died

[X] Ask to go to Eientei.
>> No. 10505
[x] Ask to go to Eientei

>> No. 10506
[x] Ask to go to Eientei.

Backup hard drives are worth it if you can afford 'em. It beats having to start from scratch.
>> No. 10509

Added precaution is uploading your notes to a filesharing site like 4shared or something and keeping them there as a backup as well.
>> No. 10510
[x] Ask to go to Eientei.
>> No. 10575
[x] Ask for Updates.
>> No. 10627
File 124331603982.jpg- (100.75KB , 480x640 , d9cbf2faee654e7f50a43d068889b216.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Ask to go to Eientei.

I take a moment to collect myself. A slight wave of dizziness from the sudden change of speeds quickly passes.

“Aya. I need to go back to that clinic.” It comes out blunt. Not at all like I intended it to sound, and I instantly regret saying anything at all. But Aya, now done laughing at the irony, pays my rudeness no attention.

“…Huh? Oh! You wanted to go back there before… Yeah, no problem at all! Right, Momizi?”

However, Momizi was silent, save her ragged breathing. She’s hunched over in mid-air. Still red in the face, too. Keeping up with Aya must’ve taken a lot out of her.


She looks up and smiles at me before responding to my voice. “Haven’t flown… that fast in… a while…” She leans back up. Takes a deep breath.

The wind’s beginning to pick up.

. . .

We land in a small clearing in the now-familiar bamboo forest near Eientei. Even with daylight rapidly fading, from this angle I can see just how huge the building actually is. What an impressive sight! I can’t see where the building begins or ends… I wonder how one could even begin to build such a massive structure.

“Nice and eeeaaasy… There!” Aya lands, simultaneously gently letting me go as my feet connect with the soft earth beneath. Momizi isn’t far behind us.

“Thanks, Aya. I won’t be too long. I just have to say goodbye to a friend here, then I’ll be done.”

I hand the clothes I’ve been holding to Momizi to hold. “Sorry, but without a hole for this tail of mine, there’s no comfortable way I’m gonna be wearing these clothes. I’ll have to give them back this borrowed robe next chance I’m around.” I give Momizi an apologetic look as I turn and walk towards the clinic.

Reaching the nearest door, I turn back around to smile and wave at the two of them…

There’s no one there. No Momizi. No Aya.

An empty bamboo forest.


Just then, I hear a noise. The crunching of wood. To my left. That was the sound of a footstep.

“Momizi? Aya?”

No answer.


…What in the world?

[ ] Call out again.
[ ] Go search in the direction of the noise.
[ ] Hurry inside.


Still adjusting to this.


Glad to see someone noticed.
>> No. 10628

[x] Go search in the direction of the noise.
>> No. 10633
[x] Go search in the direction of the noise.
>> No. 10635
[x] Go search in the direction of the noise.
>> No. 10637
[x] Go search in the direction of the noise.
>> No. 10640
[x] Hurry inside.

It's nothing. They've headed home. This is all just our mind playing tricks on us.
>> No. 10645
[ ] Hurry inside.
>> No. 10648
[x] Go search in the direction of the noise.
>> No. 10660
[x] Go search in the direction of the noise.
>> No. 10675
File 124348895748.jpg- (281.29KB , 1024x768 , 1165842613.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go search in the direction of the noise.


A breeze rustles the stalks around me. Leaves blow past my field of vision. And then... stillness.

Whatever made that noise is probably gone now. Better go check, though, just to make—

”...hearing things...”

Wha… A voice! But where did it come from?! I couldn't tell!

”...voices... my...”

"Hello?! Momizi? Aya?!" I cry out. No answer.

…Silence. The voice is gone. There’s no sign of anyone out here. Even the wind has stopped.

The sound of a door slamming behind me grabs my attention. I whirl around – but of course there’s no one there. Hrm.

Cautiously I open the door, hoping to find some form of life behind it. Instead I’m greeted with a pitch black hallway. Odd. Where are the lights? “Anyone there?”

Nothing. My voice reverberates down the hall. Deserted. I step inside. “Hello?” I call out again. No answer, but judging by the sound of the echo, the hallway goes straight for a long ways.

Then the dull hue of eyes subtly appears down the hall, as if they’ve been there the whole time. Watching. The plain white color stands out against the suffocating darkness of this hall. A little eerie.


Wait a minute. Those eyes only come up to my knees. Could it be?

“Mio? Hey, Mio, is that you?”

The owner of the eyes turns, and I can hear the sound of tiny footsteps scampering away. She’s running! Why?! I tear off after the footsteps, sending a bolt of pain running through my dead arm. I ignore it.

The footsteps stop abruptly. I slow down, keeping my eyes open and my short breath as quiet as possible.

…Wait a minute. Is the hallway supposed to be going in this direction? I’m pretty sure the building had a different shape than this—

LIGHT! Light everywhere! Light pierces me! My senses! I feebly attempt to shield my eyes from it, but moving causes pain to knife through my mind. I’m momentarily blinded, and I’m involuntarily brought to my knees from the shock.


The word is thrust into my mind as the light fades and dims. My eyes slowly adjust, the pain in my mind quickly subsides, and I find myself kneeling in a vaguely familiar wooden hallway. On either side of the hallway lies a sliding door, parallel to each other.

Plainly and crudely written on the front of the doors is a letter.

‘A’ to my left.

‘B’ to my right.

The hallway seems to go on forever, but I can’t see any more doors. I toy with the word in my mind again.


[ ] A
[ ] B
>> No. 10676
Nice going, anon.

[x] A
>> No. 10677
[ ] B
>> No. 10678
[ ] B
>> No. 10679
[x] B
>> No. 10680
[x] B
>> No. 10681
[x] B

As if ignoring plot points ever turns out well.
>> No. 10682
[x] I like them both.
>> No. 10685
In case you're oblivious to several CYOAs where that's exactly what happens, then yes. Yes they do.
>> No. 10687
[x] B

Sounds familiar ... Looks like we'll be meeting Eientei's resident NEET.
>> No. 10691
[ze] Select
>> No. 10698
[x] Up up down down left right left right B A.
>> No. 10778
>> No. 10786
Sorry about the delay. Update tonight.

I haven't been completely unproductive though. Expect a consistent update schedule soon, as well as something... special later, once I work everything out.
>> No. 10790
File 124436087048.jpg- (34.16KB , 530x720 , d30d85e4558993710fabfff3ae20b5ba.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] B

Door B.

A soft humming gradually fills my ears and the room evaporates around me. Another blinding light.

Still on my knees, I'm now... uh, outside? I seem to still be at Eientei, but I'm now on what looks to be a deck. Night has arrived, and the air has a nice, warm feel to it. There's a dim lighting around me, enough to see where I'm going if I were to walk up and down, but apart from that everything outside is pitch dark.

Seems everything is back to normal now.

Then I look up. And my breath is sucked away.

...'Wow' would not do it justice. In fact, I can think of no words to express just how marvelous the sight before me is.

What I'm looking at is clearly the night sky. I know I'm looking at stars. That's definitely the moon. I know what these things are, and yet... I don't think I've ever seen them before. At least... At least not like this. Not this bright. Not this vivid. This feels so… I don’t know how to describe it. Real. This is unbelievable. It's so... so...

"Wonderful, is it not?" A female voice as soft as silk finishes my train of thought.


I can muster no more. I can't bear to take my eyes off the sky. I've been hearing too many disembodied voices to care much about this new one. Still... what a pretty voice.

“I’m quite fond of the view. Many pleasant memories have been sown here.” This voice almost seems… melancholy.

I continue staring at the spectacle before me and remain silent.

“As of late, though, the sky seems to hold more… life. Indeed, a beautiful twinkling of eternity.”


The voice’s last word snaps my attention back. I turn my head towards the direction it came from.

Standing a short distance away is a figure standing on the deck splashed in moonlight. A figure that, in fact, could be considered even more beautiful than the stars themselves. She’s wearing a traditional kimono, the kind that must be incredibly costly. Her long, majestic hair glistens in the moonlight; the features on her face couldn’t be more feminine. She’s calmly looking up at the night sky with her arms comfortably nestled in the opposite’s sleeves. In short, she’s the very picture of elegance. There was just one question, though.

“Who are you?”

She looks at me with a shocked expression on her face. “How rude of you! A gentleman should always introduce himself first in the presence of an unfamiliar lady!”

Surprised and a little confused, I give a quick, apologetic bow. “Er, my apolo – er… sorry. I was a guest… uh, I recovered from… er, well… my name is–”

A hand darts up, cutting me off. She speaks, calmly. “I know who you are.”

…Eh? Wh… why did…

“Why have you returned?” A heavier tone in her voice, but still as calm as ever.

I stare at her dumbly before replying. “Um, uh, well… I’m, ah, here to find someo–”

“Who?” She cuts me off abruptly. Barely any time has passed, and she’s making a complete fool of me! That really irks me.

Blink. Swallow. “Small… uh… well, Mio’s her name.”

The woman gracefully tilts her head slightly. “It seems you’ve already been found.” And with those simple words, she looks back up towards the sky.

Something grazes my leg… well, I guess I shouldn’t say something. It’s pretty obvious what by now. “Mio?” I call out aimlessly. Sure enough, the small girl creeps into my vision below me. Apparently she was hiding behind me this whole time.

Her head turns upward, facing me. “Hello, mister.” She’s quite plain about her greeting, showing very little sign of fear now. Well that’s a good sign.

“Hey, Mio.” The beginnings of a smile begin to creep on her face, but otherwise she continues to stare at me.

“You’re not very well-liked.” The woman speaks again, but she doesn’t move. “Most don’t trust you now.”

“What? What did I do?” Mulling her words over in my head, I look back at Mio. “Am I…?”

“Ev’rybody says you’re a bad man. Ev’rybody says you’re a monster.”

“What? Why? Do you believe them?”

An adorable, toothy grin tells me all I need to know before she wraps herself around my leg, apparently making an attempt at showing affection. “Thanks, Mio,” I mumble.

“You should leave,” the woman says, cutting the tender moment. “Your friends await you.”

Huh? Oh, right. “Well, I uh… you’re right. I don’t want to keep them waiting.” I recall my journey here and breathe a sigh of relief. Things seem normal now… well, better, at least.

Mio releases my leg and grabs a hold of my good hand, all the while still beaming. “Right, well, I’ll be off then,” I say. “Thanks for, uh… oh, I never got your name, miss…?”

The woman looks away from the sky and meets my gaze.

“You’ll not be needing my name. Good day.”

More blinding light fills my senses, and I feel nauseous.



I'll finish the rest in the morning. There's no way I'm gonna be able to do much else without some sleep.
>> No. 10791
Someone remind me what we did that was terrible, again?
>> No. 10792

We almost blew up Youkai Mountain and Moriya Shrine while fighting Yuka.
>> No. 10794
Oh, pffft. That.

I swear, some people will get all worked up about anything, given half a chance.
>> No. 10804
I'm sad. No one caught the subtle reference in the last post. ;_;


I feel… movement. I’m moving. But how? I’m not… no, wait. I’ve stopped.

The nauseating feeling doesn’t dissipate, though.

The light surrounding me fades into a dimly lit hallway. I’m still standing on wood; the cold surface is a little refreshing to my mind. Slowly I lift my head. This is… I’m back inside Eientei?

Wait, where’s Mio? And that woman… did she do this? Why am I back in here? Who is she?

Even in my dizziness, I can tell… This hallway is far too quiet.

I collapse on my knees. The feeling is getting worse… and yet, I remember feeling this before. My vision is blurring and my insides are contorting.

I can’t even see in front of me anymore.

“Hello, Faust.”

But I don’t have to see. My ears tell me all I need to know.

“How do you like your name?”

The Hat Man.

“…y…ou…” Even my voice is weak. My eyes can make out his figure, which is suddenly in front of me. But his back is turned. The tail end of a trenchcoat nearly fills my vision.

…Wait. Something’s different.

This time, I can barely make out the blurry silhouette of legs.

“You continue to surprise me with your choices, Faust. Far too uptight.”

Subtle laughter. Questions shoot through my mind, but I can no longer bring myself to speak.

I… can barely…

“You should enjoy Gensokyo more! That’s why you’re here!”

Something… icy cold passes through me… I don’t know what. But suddenly the sickening feeling is… gone? Quickly I rise, but I can’t see a thing in this hallway now. It’s almost as if it’s getting darker…

“At least you have loved ones now.” More laughter, this time darker and heavier. Chilling.

My mind races. Why are you haunting me like this? Why did you put me through that meeting with that crazy girl? What exactly are your motives for doing such a thing? How do you know so much about me?

“Who are you?”

I feel a cool breeze flow past me. Then, from behind:

“Not who, Faust. Not who.”

A pause that lasts forever. I can’t help but shiver.

“Let me ask you a question, Faust,” says a voice with a smile. “There is no wrong answer, so answer truthfully. But,” the Hat Man adds, “do not take this question lightly.”

Now I really can’t see anything.

“You’re standing in a stream right now. The current is strong. So strong, in fact, that most in your situation don’t have the strength to fight it. But not you. Not you, Faust. You’ve already shown so much promise, so much will, to have even come this far.”

“Behind you lies a solid sheet of ice. Before you, a massive cloud of steam. Should you choose to fight the current and push towards one of these destinations, you may find the answers you seek about yourself. But you can be like the rest of them and choose to do nothing. Perhaps you’ll find your own answers that way.”

A quiet chuckle.

“My question is this: Where do you think your answers lie?”

[ ] Behind me.
[ ] In front of me.
[ ] Right here.
[ ] I… don’t know how to answer this question.
>> No. 10806
[x] In front of me.
>> No. 10807
[x] In front of me.
>> No. 10808
[x] In front of me.
>> No. 10810
[x] Right here.
[x] All that matters, is the here and now.
>> No. 10811
[x] In front of me.
>> No. 10816
[x] Right here.
Pissing against the stream~
>> No. 10818
[x] Right here.
>> No. 10820
[z] Right here.
[e] All that matters, is the here and now.

How very Zen.
>> No. 10823
[x] Right here.
[x] All that matters, is the here and now.

This sounds nice.
>> No. 10825
[X] To the side.
>> No. 10826
[x] Right here.
[x] All that matters, is the here and now.

No turning to the right or the left.
>> No. 10828
[O] Right here.
[O] All that matters, is the here and now.
>> No. 10829
[x] In front of me.
>> No. 10830
[x] In front of me.
>> No. 10837
[x] All I want is
[x] All I need is
[x] Is heeeeeere
[x] In my aaaaarms
>> No. 10846
File 12446973033.jpg- (22.33KB , 600x482 , 7464378748.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Right here.
[x] All that matters, is the here and now.

Without missing a beat, I know my answer.

“Right here. I don’t care who I was before or who I am after. I have a life now. That’s all that matters.”

Billowing laughter echoes around me. The arrogant kind. As if I just answered with the most foolish answer possible.

“Not a bad answer, Faust! Very bold of you! You’ll do just fine, yes.” Another cool breeze passes…

Then, silence.


“Still, you cannot simply ignore those answers. They will find you. And what will you do when that happens, hmm?”

The floor drops out from underneath me… but I’m not falling. Actually, it’s more accurate to say I can’t feel the floor anymore.

But I’m too busy listening to the Hat Man’s next words to be too surprised.

That, Faust, is where this story becomes a little less boring.”

The seemingly infinite void of darkness blocking my vision is ripped apart by a great number of brilliant lights. I’m bathed in radiance as a wave of peace comes over me. I remember this sight all too well.

This is the night sky. And this time, I’m completely surrounded by it.

Floating in the middle of the sky, my concentration is shattered by the luminous glow of the stars.

“You must feel at least a little overwhelmed. Your experiences in this world have been nothing short of surreal, after all.” The Hat Man continues to speak, and though I can no longer see him, he’s clearly nearby. “Remember this view, Faust. This view shall be your solace.”

The Hat Man sounds almost… calmer now.

“I suppose I should be fair. I asked you a question you were unprepared for, and perhaps I should return the favor.”

The tone in his almost raspy voice is throwing me off. I can’t tell if he’s being genuine or not.

“So go ahead. Ask me a question. Anything you want to know.”

Half-concentrating on the stars surrounding me, part of me feels… distrusting.

“Be wise about it, now.”

[ ] Write-in question.
>> No. 10850
File 124469828014.jpg- (29.13KB , 480x640 , 1242875459517.jpg ) [iqdb]

Eh, I kinda went with the write-in and combined the two single 'Right here' votes with it. Thought there was only one, so I made a mistake there. It was really close though, and... yeah. I suppose just go with it and get angry with me if you disagree.'

It's not like there was a 'right' answer to begin with. That question serves other purposes.
>> No. 10862
[x] "What am I? I mean, from what little I know and was told, I have blood that burns and have a relatively unstable body, yet somehow I'm able to living."

It really is interesting that we haven't died from it yet. If you discount BAD END's anyway.
>> No. 10864
[x] "What am I? I mean, from what little I know and was told, I have blood that burns and have a relatively unstable body, yet somehow I'm able to living."
>> No. 10865
[x] "What am I? I mean, from what little I know and was told, I have blood that burns and have a relatively unstable body, yet somehow I'm able to keep living."

Reposting for correct grammar.
>> No. 10866
[x] "What am I? I mean, from what little I know and was told, I have blood that burns and have a relatively unstable body, yet somehow I'm able to keep living."
>> No. 10868
[x] "What am I? I mean, from what little I know and was told, I have blood that burns and have a relatively unstable body, yet somehow I'm able to keep living."
>> No. 10870
[z] "What am I? I mean, from what little I know and was told, I have blood that burns and have a relatively unstable body, yet somehow I'm able to keep living."
[e] "And please don't give me a philosophical answer."

Lookin' a little Neco Arc Chaos there.
>> No. 10871
[x] "What am I? I mean, from what little I know and was told, I have blood that burns and have a relatively unstable body, yet somehow I'm able to keep living."
>> No. 10872
[x] "What am I? I mean, from what little I know and was told, I have blood that burns and have a relatively unstable body, yet somehow I'm able to keep living."
>> No. 10908
[x] "What am I? I mean, from what little I know and was told, I have blood that burns and have a relatively unstable body, yet somehow I'm able to keep living."

No way I’m gonna get a straight answer... but I might as well take the opportunity.

“What am I?” Pause. “Er, I mean… From what little I know and was told, my blood catches on fire and my body is relatively unstable, yet… I’m still alive.”

The silence is… agonizing. Surrounded by the stars, watching me float here awkwardly… I regret opening my mouth.

The first thing I feel is my stomach dropping out from under me. Then the chill of rushing wind. And… the feeling of dropping – fast, and I don’t even have time to wonder…

* * * * *

…why I’m falling.


Why am I falling?!

I… I can’t see!

Wind rushes past me. I’m falling in a sea of darkness, no end in sight, and… I’m picking up speed.

‘Sick’ doesn’t even begin to describe it.


I flail my arms, kick my legs, twist and turn around in desperation, hoping against hope to find something, anything to latch onto. Nothing. Nothing!

I’m spiraling! Plummeting!

Do something!

Fly! Must fly! I kick my legs off.

Wind rushes past me faster.


A jarring halt. My body crumples and shudders as the impact sends waves of shock through me. Still black. Silence… no, I can hear the sound of… a bird above me.

I taste dirt.

I’ve landed.


I’m gonna die! I’m gonna die! I’m gonna die!

Somebody kill me!


I scream. The taste of warm blood chokes me instead. My body convulses in response, which only sends me to new heights of agony.

“Hold still, will ya?”

Searing heat pierces my chest and I scream again, barely noticing the blood that launches out of my mouth. My body convulses again, and the pain is replaced with a stronger, more intense heat filling me.

“…Never done this before.”

Then it’s gone. Everything. No pain. No blood. No heat. My vision returns, but I can only make out colors. Bright, vivid colors. A figure looms over me, but I can only make out the shape.

The figure gently lifts me off the ground and cradles me. I cry out in response, but I can only make a stifled “Nngh!”


…This is… comfortable. Warm. Really warm. I can… stay like this…

My eyes close and I drift off.

* * * * *

My eyes snap open. I’m lying in a dark room on a wooden floor… no, wait. Looking around me, this is a hallway. Wooden walls. Eientei? I’m back here now?

…What is going on?!

“If that doesn’t answer your question, I’m afraid you’ll have to look for answers yourself.” The voice of the Hat Man grabs my attention again.

Of course that doesn't answer my question!

“W-what… just happened?” I ask, picking myself off the floor shakily. I seem to be in front of another door. I shake my head, but the lingering feeling of warmth doesn’t go away.

“Nothing just happened,” he says with the added spice of humor.

Still a bit shaken, I study the door closer. It’s dark, but I can barely make out crude letters scattered across it.





“There’s something I think you need to see. But it won’t be something you want to see. So I present you with one last choice tonight.”

My head pulses.

[ ] Open the door.
[ ] ...I'm done with this.
>> No. 10909

I can't get those letters to scatter about the way I want them to. Uh... I did the best I could, so just... pretend they're all over the place.

Guess it doesn't really matter.
>> No. 10910
[ ] Open the door.
>> No. 10911
[ ] Open the door.
>> No. 10912
[x] "You silly storytelling aid. Feeding me illusions, suspicions, doubtful facts spiced with enough believable crap that make it difficult to shift facts from fiction. Why would I want to see something you have to show, when nothing you show can be assembled without carefully checking all the facts against each post. You do not seriously expect the readers to remember what has been written before, especially with the writefag being as slow at updating as he is."
>> No. 10914
[x] Open the door.
>> No. 10921
[x] Open the door.
>> No. 10922
[X] Open the door.
>> No. 10924
>>10912 kinda makes a good point. You can't afford to be so mysterious at this pace.
>> No. 10928

Sarcasm never helps though. Constructive criticism goes a long way and doesn't destroy the writer's drive. This guy obviously isn't as experienced as other writers, but at least he DOES update.
>> No. 10929

Ouch, man. Ouch.
>> No. 10930
10912 here, the post was meant to be positive and funny in tone, as I rather like this writefag. Damn you internet. And no, I will not use emoticons.
>> No. 10931
[x] Open the door.
>> No. 10964
Still alive here. Update feels lifeless, so I'm heavily revising it. If it doesn't come tonight, it will definitely come tomorrow.

Also, sarcasm or no, >>10912 does have a point I was worried about. I've taken it into consideration for future updates, so there should be less of this 'not making any sense' business. Though to be fair, that feeling is intended. And as it stands right now, I cannot speed up much more without major complications, so I'm very sorry about that.

And >>10928 is right as well. I'm very inexperienced - moreso than I would care to admit. Critique is welcome; anything I can do to make the story more enjoyable for you guys.

Tweaking my style a bit. Trying to make this more readable, but if it doesn't work out, please let me know.
>> No. 10977
Good to see you're not too down. No reason to be, after all, the only way to improve, really, is to practice. Rome, one day and all that bollocks, but still, it's good to see you took it constructively.
>> No. 10978
Comma on down to Comma Outlet Factory!
Our shelves are overflowing with inventory!

...Don't take this too harshly. I just really wanted to use that "Comma on down" bit, once I'd thought of it.
>> No. 10979
Hey, I love my commas. In fact, I'd go so far as to say, that I'm a commanist. Seriously though, thanks for pointing that one out, I do have a bad habit with commas apparently, or rather, re-reading that post, it has way too many. Also, this is a perfect example of an I-learned-nothing-post.
>> No. 10982
Yes I'm slow.


[x] Open the door.

…The way this is going, what lies beyond this door won’t make any sense. I’ll probably end up even more confused. But I suppose even that’s better than ignoring it entirely.

I press my right arm firmly against the door as my fingers find a small circular indention to grip with. Deep breath.

I pull on the door.

The door shakes a bit, but doesn’t falter. So I pull again, harder this time. Nothing.

“I thought so. You don’t want to see what lies beyond that door.”

Stupid door! I brace my legs and push my weight into the door itself, but with only one working arm, I don’t get much accomplished.

Then the sound of ominous laughter. Arrogant laughter. ‘I-know-what’s-going-on’ laughter. It grates my nerves.

“Your life is a gift! You should really learn to treat it with more dignity and respect.”

A sudden jolt of red-hot pain rips through me and my legs give way from the shock. I frantically reach out to support myself on the door, but my hand slips.

I fall.

My vision jars as the back of my head slams against the wooden floor. I glance around in an attempt to gather my bearings again, but the darkness completely envelops the hallway now. I can’t see anything! Again!

I wince.

“If nothing else, keep your ears open.”

Then the burning dies down, and an inviting glow fills the back of my eyelids. So I open them.

The infinitely dark hallway is completely gone, replaced by a small, near-empty room. Sunlight pours in from the window mounted on the wall to my left, bathing the room in a warm glow.

This room seems familiar… wait, I’m back at Aya’s place? This is the room I stayed in when I was first found, isn’t it?

It looks… a little different.

Urgh. I’m drenched in sweat. A glance over my body, and my vision is met with a dark indigo. Still wearing this borrowed robe. No wonder. Well, at any rate, I need a bath. I begrudgingly pick myself off the ground; propping myself up on one arm, I push off with the other.

…Eh?! My arm! It’s… Well, it feels normal… No sling or bandages, either. I… I guess I’ve recovered. What happened to the bandages, though?

Pulling my eyes away from my arm, I take in the ever-plain room. It’s… much cleaner than before. The walls, save for the window to my left, are barren, and they match the faint tan color of the matted floor. There’s barely any furniture in the room; the only exception is a small, polished desk to my right. The clothes we grabbed from Kourindou yesterday sit neatly on top, a pile of blue and brown and white. Crowning the pile is a thin sheet of paper. Its edges are roughly folded in half, like whoever creased them together was in a hurry. Inside, in scrawled handwriting, reads:

Hope you got
enough sleep!
Clothes are ready
for you to wear!

…Sleep? So… I was dreaming? But… Agh, that didn’t feel like a dream at all. But I suppose it makes last night’s events make a little more sense.

Well, whatever. Bath. Aya’s bound to have something around here I can use.

I approach the sliding door, sitting in the far right corner of the room. Hmm… Sorta reminds me of Eientei, only this door is a lot plainer. I carefully move my left arm around once more to make sure it feels fine. Then I slowly open the door.

A short hallway, met with a wall at the end and a fork in direction. A couple doors on either side of the hallway… Were they there before? I’m not sure I remember. I was probably in too much of a daze to realize they were there.

But it’s quiet. Completely quiet. A still, empty quiet. Hmm… The place seems deserted. Wonder where Momizi and Aya went?

[ ] Explore a bit.
[ ] Call out for someone.
>> No. 10983

[x] Bathe first. Get dressed and explore after.
>> No. 10984
[x] Bathe first. Get dressed and explore after.
>> No. 10985
[x] Bathe first. Get dressed and explore after.
[x] ...If can even find the bathroom.
>> No. 10986
[x] Bathe first. Get dressed and explore after.
>> No. 10987
[x] Bathe first. Get dressed and explore after.
>> No. 10988
Suddenly, it's like I'm playing Nowhere.
>> No. 10989
[x] Bathe first. Get dressed and explore after.
>> No. 11050
>> No. 11064
[x] Bathe first. Get dressed and explore after.
>> No. 11075
[x] Bathe first. Get dressed and explore after.

I pause for a few moments, slowing my breath, making sure I’m alone. And indeed, I hear no signs of life. As far as I can tell, this house is empty. So I calmly and carefully leave the room.

This hallway is fairly short; two sliding doors to my left and one to my right. An increasing agitation floats around in the back of my head for being in yet another hallway, but I ignore it and approach the door closest to me, one on my left.

It offers no resistance. Inside, though, isn’t much to look at, as I’m met with a musty smell. A small room, roughly the size of mine, with a single window pouring light in, and filled with huge stacks of paper and large cardboard boxes. And inside the boxes sit more stacks of paper. I remember the bit about Aya being some kind of journalist. Must be related to that. But this room won’t help me with my bathing situation, so I decisively close the door and move on.

The door on the right is next, but when I try to open it, the door barely moves at all. “Locked?” I wonder aloud, though I really can’t find an excuse as to why. But a bathroom wouldn’t be locked; this room is not what I’m looking for, whatever’s in it.

The third door opens almost as easily as the first, though it feels a little rough, as if it has been in use a lot more. Inside, splashed in sunlight from a nearby window as well, is… another room of papers. Less cramped, but stacks of papers line the walls and the back of the room.

Then I notice, out of the corner of my eye, a somewhat large and incredibly messy desk to my left. More papers, not quite so organized this time, are strewn about all over it, so much so that I can’t even see the top of the wooden desk. Parked in front is a compact and rather comfortable-looking black chair.

…I feel like I’ve seen this desk somewhere before. Likely Aya’s. Curiously edging over to it, I take a closer look at the mess. Scribbles and unintelligible words are written all over torn scraps of paper, littering the top of the desk. A few aging, crumpled newspapers make up the rest of the heap. Of course.

Then I spot something else, something sticking out from underneath a relatively small scrap of notes. Something that doesn’t quite blend in with the rest of the mass. I carefully pick it up, trying not to unsettle the chaos as much as I can.

It’s a photograph of Aya standing in front of this same house, grinning widely. Her arm is reaching behind the picture; she must be holding the camera. Her other hand rests in the middle of a messy head of hair – Momizi, thought a bit red-faced, is still clearly beaming.

I can’t help but smile. It’s a very warm picture, to be sure, and a good sign of their friendship if Aya leaves it on her desk. But I feel bad about it being covered up, and it makes me wonder just what else is underneath this mess of paper. In the end, though, I place the photo on top for Aya to rediscover whenever she gets back.

I exit the room and pause, now at the end of the hallway. A fork in direction leaves me to decide where to go next; left takes me to a small table and likely the ‘kitchen’ I was in when I first woke up here. Right leads to a door, and judging from the sunlight seeping through the cracks around the edges, I’d say it leads outside. A slight feeling of frustration begins to well up in me; This is not a large building, so if there’s some kind of bathroom around here, I’m running out of places to look.

Then I get an idea. Maybe… searching outside would be wiser? I mean, Aya lives on a mountain. It would make sense that they would rely on some kind of river or natural spring for bathing, or at the very least there must be some kind of well nearby. The weather’s nice, too, so I suppose it’s worth a shot. Then again… maybe I’m better off looking around this house. I could learn my way around here better, at least, and I still don’t know what’s behind that locked door, even if it’s just more papers.

[ ] Look around inside some more.
[ ] Take my chances looking outside.


Sorry guys. I've been all over the place in more ways than one these last few weeks. That you would put up with me about being this slow is flattering, and I'm thankful for your patience.

Yes, I know this doesn't exactly follow the vote, but I had to write it this way. I promise the next update will be a little more… eventful. Really.

Oh, and I do so very much love to apologize this much about my sluggish antics.
>> No. 11076
[ ] Take my chances looking outside.
>> No. 11078
[ ] Take my chances looking outside.
>> No. 11081
[ ] Take my chances looking outside.
>> No. 11082
[x] Take my chances looking outside.
>> No. 11086
[x] Take my chances looking outside.
>> No. 11094
[x] Take my chances looking outside.
>> No. 11095
[ze] Take my chances looking outside.

Welcome the the world of never-was.
>> No. 11120
File 12476383681.png- (255.51KB , 600x600 , 41cc46fb1844368576bf8d626fd99288.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Take my chances looking outside.

Ah, whatever. Some fresh air’ll do me good.

I turn right and open the door. As I expected, sunlight pours in, blinding me for a few seconds. Yep, this is the door that leads outside. When my eyes adjust, I look around at the new setting before me.

The first thing I notice is that the colors seem more… vibrant. Newer. Full of life. That, coupled with the sunny weather… Well, it’s a beautiful sight to behold. I take a deep breath – even the air seems fresher. The sky is bluer, the clouds few and far between. Large clusters of vigorously green trees, rough rocky landscapes, and… is that…? Yes! What seems to be a river breaking off into a small lake in the distance! I’ll have to take a closer look over there. Or at least ask about it. But I cut that thought off quickly as I look around some more.

Momizi is standing a little ways off, her back turned to me, staring off into the distance. Her ears are drooping a little, her tails is hanging loosely behind her, but apart from that she shows no signs of movement. I notice she’s not wearing her odd hat… not that I’m complaining.

More than likely she noticed the door opening, but just to be sure…


Even if she heard me, she doesn’t make a move. I shrug my left arm around a bit in uneasiness. A small gust of wind blows past; loose strands of her hair toss around aimlessly and her loose clothes ripple weakly.

I cautiously take a step forward. The morning’s dew, still hanging on the grass, sends a chill running through me as my bare foot steps in it. I do my best to ignore the sudden feeling. “Hey, Momizi? Hello?”

No response. She isn’t ignoring me, is she? I make a braver approach now and calmly walk right up to her. But as I approach her from behind, and even beside her, she doesn’t seem to notice… or care. Either way, she’s content with staring off into what seems like a random direction. From here I can tell she’s breathing slowly – perhaps she’s just lost in thought.

So I decide to grab her attention.

Remembering the photo I found earlier, I reach my hand out. Before she can react, I quickly run my hand through her hair a few times to really mess it up. But even before I can draw back, she’s already on me, ruffling my hair as well before I even know what happened. She’s fast, that’s for sure; her speed catches me off guard so well that I can’t help but cry out in surprise. I hear her giggle first, then I catch sight of her face, grinning somewhat weakly. I notice her eyes are a little redder than normal, and there are bold, dark circles underneath them.

“Good morning, Faust. You sleep too much,” she says a little softly as she looks down. “You were out before we even left Kourindou.”

“Ah, was I?” So all of that was a dream? Well, that’s a relief, I suppose. Kinda jarring, though. I really don’t want to think about it. “Sorry about that.”

Momizi doesn’t reply. She’s back to staring off again. She looks… tired. Really tired. A little melancholy, too… Restless night? “Er… Everything alright, Momizi?”

A single quick nod is all she has to say. She’s making it a point not to look me directly in the eye. I can’t help but feel that something’s bothering her, though.

[ ] Ask again.
[ ] Leave her be.


I'll be following a once-a-week update schedule for the time being. Until my schedule is a little more free and I feel more comfortable with what I write, I feel like this is as fast as I can go consistently without burning out.
>> No. 11121
[ ] Ask again.
>> No. 11122
[ze] "...What happened?"

I think Faust may have been Rumplestiltskined. Something is very, very wrong, but at least it's still our world.

>> No. 11123
File 124764576474.jpg- (64.44KB , 587x763 , mofumofu.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 11124
[x] "...What happened?"
>> No. 11125
[x] "...What happened?"
>> No. 11126
[x] "...What happened?"

Seems like the nightmare has passed?
>> No. 11127
[x] "...What happen?"
>> No. 11128
Clearly, someone set them up the bomb
>> No. 11129
[O] "...What happened?"
>> No. 11200
Ugh. Bad week. Give me another before the update's done.
>> No. 11369
>> No. 11472
Alright. I hate to keep giving excuses, so let me explain myself.

I've been increasingly disappointed with what I've planned. So over the course of a few weeks, I've expanded and reconstructed the plot of this CYOA. I haven't changed anything that you know about, though, so all that I'm really saying is that I've fortified the strength of the plot of this CYOA.

However, I'll go ahead and warn you now. This CYOA is long. Very, very long. So don't expect this plot to end any time soon.

But all this isn't a very good reason for my disappearance. The truth behind that is, in fact, my own insecurities. It seems I've come to hate everything I write, and coupled with my own lack of experience, it's becoming increasingly difficult to write. I'm working on this, though, and I believe this is a large contributing factor to my sluggish pace.

This CYOA matters to me more than I let on, and I'll not just abandon it without good reason. So regardless of how I feel about it, an update will be coming as soon as possible.

As always, I give my sincerest apologies for my absence, though my words likely carry little or no meaning by now.
>> No. 11474

No updates is better than crap.
>> No. 11475

Oh this seems to be a pretty popular story in /youkai/, that and fragments of memories.

And if something was bad, we'd let you know about it really quick.
>> No. 11480
Don't be too harsh on yourself, besides from minor complaints I don't think there's been too much wrong with the story so far. Just about the only bigger complaint I can give is that updates take too long to arrive. But that is nothing new on this site so whatever.
>> No. 11563
My thanks to HY and Teruyo and anyone else involved in restoring the site. Very glad to have it back.

And thanks for the support. I was in a rather bad state at the time.


[x] "...What happened?"

A brief silence passes.

"...What happened?"

...aaand nothing. Did she even hear me?


"Huh?!" Her head darts back up again in surprise. "Oh, uhh, yeah... I-I mean... sorry. I just had a restless night. I'm a little out of it, you, uh, understand." Yeah. I can see that.

Another brief silence. "...You sure that's all?"

If I wasn't looking directly at her, I would've missed the subtle flick of her ears at my words. She fidgets a little before nodding. "Yes... Yes, don't worry about me. I just, ah, need some rest." Giving me a fake smile, she turns and sluggishly heads back towards Aya's place. A thought about following her lingers in my mind for a bit, but I quickly dismiss it. I should probably give her a little time to rest. Just a little bit, though. I can't help but feel concerned.

But right now, bath.

. . .

I close my eyes and let myself relax, with the almost carefree sounds of running water and rustling trees my only company.

Gauging the distance from where I was, I knew flying would be the most convenient way of getting to that river. After yesterday's, uh, accident[I], I felt more than cautious about lifting off. But then my feet left the ground, and all my concerns with them.

It was liberating! Being in the air again was a satisfaction I truly missed.

A straight-shot from where I was, it didn't take long for me to reach the river, and from there, it was surprisingly easy to find an area surrounded by large thickets of trees. Secluded enough, I wasted no time removing the borrowed robe and jumping into the calm waters. [I]Cold!
was all that was running through my mind. But soon I gathered my bearings and found a somewhat comfortable bankside to lean up against.

And now here I am. Letting my thoughts wander. I try to focus on the same blissful freedom I experience in flight. Or the sounds of the natural atmosphere around me.

But I can't really concentrate. My mind keeps worrying about how Momizi was acting. Whether she wants me to know or not, something was clearly wrong when I found her. She said she had a restless night, but... Actually, could that have anything to do with that strange 'dream' I had? I mean, I'm still not really sure what exactly happened last night. It didn't really feel like a dream, not to mention I don't remember feeling tired at all... Still, I don't see any reason why Momizi would lie to me about that.

Ex...se... m...

Hmm... Well, whatever the case, I should ask someone to help me get back to Eientei. Besides returning this robe, I think I may have a few questions I need to ask. Plus, I can confirm if that Eientei trip last night was just a dream, or...


Come to think of it, whatever happened with Sanae? We kind of left Eientei in a hurry, so I guess she left as well? I suppose that was a little rude of me. I should probably head up to her shrine sometime to apologize. That might prove a little complicated, though, what with my apparent impression with her 'guardian'. Kanako, was it...?


Huh? Did I just hear someone say something? But wait, I didn't see...

Ah! Wait! I'm not wearing anything! I promptly sink back into the water up to my head and look around... but there isn't any signs of life I can make out. At least, nothing's moving anyway.

I wait for a little while. I only hear moving water.

...Did I really hear something just now?

[ ] Call out.
[ ] Wait a little longer.
[ ] Hide.
[ ] Forget this, I'm leaving. Better to check on Momizi right now, anyway.
>> No. 11565
[X] Call out.
[x] if nothing happens, chec on Momiji asap
>> No. 11566
[ ] Wait a little longer.
>> No. 11567
[ze] Call out.
>> No. 11569
[x] Hide.
[x] Ambush.
>> No. 11570
[X] Call out.

>> No. 11581
[X] Call out.
>> No. 11583
[ ] Call out (for Tewi)
>> No. 11586
[X] Call out.
>> No. 11588
[x] Call out.
>> No. 11591
[ ] Call out.
>> No. 11643
File 125271521378.jpg- (97.78KB , 850x642 , 2b451033d2f9d2febe2770f367b3ceeb.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Call out.

Ugh. More disembodied voices. Things just keep getting weirder and weirder, and it's all starting to become really annoying.

"Hello?" My voice echoes. No answer. Figures. I glance around. Where I'm sitting, this section of the river is surrounded by large clusters of trees, almost like a forest. The sunlight overhead pours through the branches and leaves, splashing the riverbanks with patches of light. It gives this place a nice, relaxing mood. I like that. I'm gonna have to remember where to find this spot again.

"Anybody there?" C'mon, whoever you are. I've been through enough of this already. Hurry up and show yourself.

As if reading my thoughts, I hear the faint sound of... giggling? But I can't tell where it's coming fr--"AHH!!"

Bolts of electricity race up my spine. My tail! Something... pulled on it! I jump to my feet and whip around, edging backwards a few steps. Ngh, I can still feel a lingering ache...

Staring intently at where I was so comfortably seated, a spot up against a riverbank just tall enough to lean back on, I watch. And wait. For what seems like nothing at all. The water, sparkling from the reflecting sunlight, continues to flow past without any regard to what just happened.

And suddenly, so casually, what seems to be a pair of eyeballs comically pop up from the surface. As if it were a perfectly naturally thing to do. They start to... uh, well, "look around", I guess, as the empty black "pupils" spin around the eyeball in unison.


I open my mouth and speak without thinking, too startled and entranced by the oddity before me. The eyes seem to hear me, though, and the pupils both spin towards my direction.

"...Uh, hi?" I wave uneasily, feeling kind of awkward and a little bewildered. This can't be a normal thing in Gensokyo, can it?

They stare at me for only a moment, and then begin to gradually rise out of the water entirely, attached to what seems like some like some kind of tan... uh, object? Whatever it is, the object keeps rising slowly, and expanding on itself, until it gives way to a much wider "base". But it doesn't stop there! The tan object, now appearing to be some kind of hat, rises out of the water, resting on what seems to be a head of thin blonde hair, which in turn belongs to a blue-eyed young-looking face, until finally the figure before me stands up completely. A young girl. Or what appears to be a young girl, anyway. Knowing my luck, she's probably far older than she appears. She's short, all the same. Even with that rather large hat on, she barely reaches up to my waist... Ah.


I completely forgot about my lack of clothes, and standing here in the river, well... The water doesn't reach quite as high as I would like it to.

But she doesn't seem to notice. Or she probably noticed already and she's ignoring it. Either way, I can feel the blood rush to my face as her bright eyes curiously stare at me.

"I haven't seen you before," she says in a concerned, childlike voice. Actually, her voice is kinda... cute. And then she smiles at me, a big, toothy grin. I can feel my face get hotter. "What are you doing here?"

"Uh, um, ah well," I stammer. "Just uh... Well, you know..." This situation is starting to look really bad.

And then she whimsically turns around, ignoring me and my stuttering, naked self. Her focus is set elsewhere, both sets of "eyes" staring down at the spot I was leaning against before my attention was ever-so-gracefully grabbed. She continues to stare at it for a long while in silence, almost like she completely forgot I was here. "Er, excuse me," I mutter. "What are you doing?"

"Looking." She gives me a short, quick answer.

"Uh... Looking?"

"For something."

Something? What could she be looking for out here?

[] Robe! ROOOOBE!
[] Ask to help her look for "something".
[] Sit back down and go about business as usual.
[] Ignore her and leave. Pressing matters to attend to, you know.


Trying to improve my pace and failing. Gonna keep working on it. Please wait warmly.
>> No. 11644
[] Ask to help her look for "something".
>> No. 11645
[x] Ask to help her look for "something".
>> No. 11647
[x] Ask to help her look for "something".
>> No. 11653
[x] Robe! ROOOOBE!
[x] Ask to help her look for "something".

In that order.
>> No. 11657
[x] Ask to help her look for "something".
>> No. 11658
[x] Robe! ROOOOBE!
[x] Ask to help her look for "something".
>> No. 11659
[x] Robe! ROOOOBE!
[x] Ask to help her look for "something".

Sounds good; but we might run the risk of Suwako wanting us to be her consort (if she's that way in the story.); but it might be just be having fun and trying to get to know you for Sanae's sake.
>> No. 11660
[x] Robe! ROOOOBE!
[x] Ask to help her look for "something".

I hope this Suwako sheds the "old hag in a small body" personality type.
>> No. 11661
[x] Robe! ROOOOBE!
[x] Ask to help her look for "something".
>> No. 11662
[x] Robe! ROOOOBE!
[x] Ask to help her look for "something".
>> No. 11691
>> No. 11806
File 125411217387.jpg- (22.29KB , 346x259 , LeonardMcCoy.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 11846
No update yet. I know, I know, it's absurd how long this is taking.

Once again I find myself apologizing. I've been slammed with a few fairly major issues in my life, so every time I sit down to write, I find myself lost and unable to get back up on my feet. Were I a more confident person, you would have your update and then some, but alas.

The update is coming. And it won't be too much longer, if I have any say in what I do nowadays. Until then, please wait warmly and/or go read a more consistent CYOA. And maybe one day I can reach a point where I don't find myself apologizing so much for my own inadequacies.
>> No. 11847

Just let us know when stuff happens. Stuff like McCoy happen when a long time passes without updates.
>> No. 12270
I miss you dude.
>> No. 12788
Is thread one still on the board, or is it archived somewhere? I just can't find it.
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