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Thread 14811 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 126955620466.jpg - (688.63KB, 799x800, 14dd28e786cf3c8c51e364c3d88be686.jpg) [iqdb]
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Last Thread:

Last Update:

>Ask more about Aya

It's time you asked. You can't find yourself walking around the issue any longer. It might be a touchy subject but it's one that needs to be, well, touched upon.

"So...what about...Aya then?" Momizi looks at you a bit worried suddenly, like she was afraid you were going to ask that. "She's your so called 'assigned' upperclassman, right?" Once again, Momizi diverts her eyes away from you.


"So, what exactly does that mean?"
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>> No. 15348
[X] She needs comfort; pull her in and hug her.
She does.
>> No. 15379
File 127172487987.jpg - (574.85KB, 1000x1000, 72cb6ec13fef033a31eb2284c24129fd.jpg) [iqdb]
No update, but I thought that this was just far too related to pass up posting.

Translation can be found here:
>> No. 15380
>confession image


>anon doesn't know what to think
>[x]Goes for an old wine vintage that's been waiting for a special occasion that never seems to occur.

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File 126789758771.jpg - (96.26KB, 541x754, 123457537952.jpg) [iqdb]
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People are interesting beasts. They search frantically for any manner of understanding that they can divine, whether it be the truth or a lie, and are quick to label anything they stumble across in a sad attempt to claim it as property. There is no escaping this primal urge of theirs. No place in the world is safe, neither earth nor ocean nor the heavens above nor even thought itself. This, throughout the years, has been both their greatest strength and greatest downfall, as it perpetuates the petty falsehoods that once filled the holes in their ancestors' comprehension of the world. History on the whole holds very little evidence, and much that is accepted is, in fact, simply a patchwork of comforting lies blanketing their entire race. I cannot say that I am not thankful for this. As much pain as it has caused me, I know more vividly than any creature alive what pain it has prevented.

They are, after all, one and the same.

Currently, my arm is broken, I am suffering from a concussion, I have not eaten in six days, my skin is peeling from a particularly deep burn, and my left eye is blind. My body is in pristine condition, thankfully, but my spirit only stands from the centuries of experience. Meanwhile, five people continue living blissfully unaware that there was ever a risk posed to them. The pain will fade when it fades, and I will bear it until such time as the malice from which it spawned has lost its flame, calmed from its simmer, and eventually evaporated, its reason forgotten. I can take steps to hasten the process, but there are astoundingly few whose hatred can be easily sated.

There really is so little to think about during breakfast. How many times have I gone over this monologue, now...?

Opening the door reveals a sky stained red by the rising sun, whose light dances along the clouds and earth alike and reveals streams of energy in the air all the more vividly. Normally sensing them requires a great deal of concentration, but even the sun is affected by their presence. The angle it sits at in the morning is best for my very particular line of work, meaning there's very little time for me to prepare myself for what's to come. If not
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>> No. 14840
Okay, so. I had a plan until I realized it totally sucked, and am taking (already took) today to reformulate it. In other news, I have to redo community service because justice is dead which means the coming days are going to be littered with soul-crushing and thus writing may or may not be hindered. Figured you ought to know.

Duly noted.

To be fair, these choices do most definitely influence the direction of things, some of which I kind of want to reveal but being the author I have trouble fully understanding the impact of spoilers so eh. Discussion is always welcome, though.

I'm gonna keep using this topic to stay 'in touch' because this board is slow enough for it, but when I update again it will be in thread 2. My very first thread 2! How exciting!
>> No. 14846
[X] Skeletons in the closet

>I have to redo community service because justice is dead

Man I'm glad I talked and "Charisma'd" my way out of Community Service way back.
>> No. 14852
Second thread up at >>14851
Update your bookmarks, yo.

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File 126619441130.jpg - (29.89KB, 420x443, 914265f5a5c7a962b37be20b34608943.jpg) [iqdb]
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It's a warm, spring day. Birds are chirping, sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, and...the sound of something shattering behind you.

You immediately get up and turn around, finding your new pet on the floor in middle of getting up, and then staring at the mess caused by dropping the tea all over the floor. The kettle was spared any damage, through a lot of tea spilled out, a couple cups were broken in the process however. The poor girl attempts picking up one of the pieces.

"Ohh, please forgive me, Master Satoshi, I tripped a-ow!" She withdraws her hand quickly and starts sucking on her pained finger, after having cut herself on one of the pieces of the cups. You sigh and go fetch a towel right away. She's not normally like this, she would make a mistake on rare occasions, but usually she's very held together. Something must be on her mind again. You start soaking up the spilled tea, setting things straight after coming back.

"Don't worry about it, it happens, be more careful next time though, will you?" The girl's doggy-like ears droop as she sulks.

"I'm so sorry..." You give another sigh and pet her head a little.

"I said don't worry about it, I forgive you. Get yourself patched up though, glass can cut deep."

"Y-...Yes, Master Satoshi..." She then gets up and excuses herself to the bathroom as you finish up cleaning.

That's your new 'pet', Momizi Inubashiri. A wolf tengu that lives on Youkai Mountain. Well, rather, used to...a large disaster apparently happened that forced the tengu to spread out for the time being. Aya, someone you happen to know unfortunately well, felt she couldn't take care of Momizi, being her assigned upperclassman, and thought you were the best solution.
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>> No. 14734
Yeah I was just remarking; I wasn't sure if you'd work in DS or not.
So that means asking about Aya won't cause rage.
If it wasn't for Aya, we wouldn't have met Momiji.

[X]Ask more about the outside world's tengu
>> No. 14735

>>14729 here, that was what I was thinking when I wrote that response. Now that I know that, I'm good.

Because I'll be damned if I end up seeing Hatate somewhere in this story.
>> No. 14736
>Ask more about Aya

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File 126665003618.jpg - (887.36KB, 1000x1415, 890ffe2a69adb0fa4b3af42688961999.jpg) [iqdb]
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[x] Accept her challenge.

“Are you sure about this?” you ask reluctantly, your mouth curled into an uncertain frown. A little bashfully, you reach up with your hand and scratch the back of your head, running your fingers through the locks of your hair as you slowly bring your hand down and rub the back of your neck. “I mean, I’ve never taught anyone anything before, so…”

“It doesn’t matter,” she says, pumping her arms up and down as if to boost her own self-confidence through gesture. “Um, you’re the only one I can really ask about this, so…”

You pause for a moment as she trails off, her voice dying into silence as she lowers her head, her hands held together behind her back as she fidgets around a little, slightly despondent. Feeling a slightly sinking feeling in your own heart, you let out a small sigh before smiling kindly.

“…Okay,” you say, nodding. “I’ll help you.”

“Oh!” she exclaims happily, clapping her palms together, suddenly perking up. “I’ll be right back, then!” she says as she rushes back into the house, excitedly climbing up the porch and sliding the door open almost forcefully.

You shrug your shoulders, turning around to face the grand lake behind you. Staring at the sheer size of the body of water, which seems like it stretches on for miles to you from this perspective, you feel slightly terrified. Did Lady Kanako really move something as huge as this? Even if she’s a bit, um, odd, she certainly doesn’t seem like she’s lacking in divine power.

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>> No. 14648
[+] This isn’t what I wanted.

Silly Yuuka, you forgot to boil his marrow away.
>> No. 14655
[x] This isn’t what I wanted.

wao wao wao woooow
>> No. 14660
[X] This isn’t what I wanted.

Thread 13658 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 12647407077.jpg - (251.03KB, 700x964, f738eb53a42f0b23b8e140d2597b66c4ff29e7af.jpg) [iqdb]
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[x] Accept.

“Of course, I’d be glad to,” you say, trying your best to keep smiling. It’s straining your mouth, but you can’t let her see that there’s something wrong with you. You don’t want to be worried about and be a bother to anyone, especially… “Is it really alright?”

“Of course it is,” she says with a nod. “Come on, let’s head inside. It’s cold out here.”

You give a silent shudder as she turns around, touching a hand to your forehead. You can feel a constant throb in your head. Taking a deep breath, you calm your breathing as you follow after Sanae as she makes her way to the shrine, through the newly cleared path.

She slides the door open ahead of you, taking off her shoes as she heads inside. You do the same, and slide the door shut behind you. As you enter the house, you feel a sudden rush of warmth on your chilled body. Stepping inside, you notice that the floor feels warm and toasty under your feet, sending a wave of comfort and coziness through your entire body.

“Oh, did you finish up already, Sanae?” Lady Kanako’s voice calls from further inside.

Ahead of you, Sanae responds to her, “Yes, Lady Kanako!” She gives you a brief glance before heading further inside, with you hesitantly following after her. “It was done quickly thanks to his help,” Sanae says as she indicates you. “He’ll be joining us for lunch.”

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>> No. 14010
>> No. 14014

yes sir.
>> No. 14019

Thread 13363 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 126207012368.jpg - (94.85KB, 905x1253, 01.jpg) [iqdb]
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[x] Transience.


“Whew…” Sanae releases her breath, lowering her raised arms. “I think that was enough training for today,” she says, nodding sagely as she rushes over to you. Looking up with a bright yet anticipant expression, she asks, “How did I do, Hoshuu?”

“Amazing as always,” you say, reaching out and messing up the top of her hair.

“Ehehe~” she giggles happily, looking proud of herself.

“And since you did such a good job,” you continue, placing your hands in your pockets, “Let’s go into town and get something to eat.”

“Ah, okay!” she nods eagerly. “Just let me go change first.”

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>> No. 13656
>267 post omitted.

This thread has reached auto-sage for some time, but it still is the second top thread on /youkai/.

Isn't it sad?
>> No. 13657
/youkai/ has become Lion's exclusive FoM board.
>> No. 13677
Or "illusory love".

Thread 13038 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 126034210222.jpg - (168.82KB, 1361x946, 01.jpg) [iqdb]
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[x] Let her pick it up before resuming.

You don’t give chase after her, letting her pick up whatever that block of wood is. Though it would be more practical to stop her before she can get to it, you don’t want to. Honor before reason? Maybe, but there’s also something else preventing you from going after her right now, though you can’t seem to pinpoint what it is.

“Yo, thanks for waiting!” Marisa says as she flies back up, the wooden block in her hand, “Guess tengu are honor-bound and stuff, huh?”

“Not necessarily,” you say, scratching the back of your head. “You could say that I… didn’t want you to have an excuse for when you lose.” As you say this, you flash a confident grin to her. Heh, that sounded kind of cool, didn’t it? Ooh, you don’t want to sound too full of yourself, but you want to say things like that from time to time too.

“Oho, so even you can have mouth off like that, hahaha!” Marisa laughs in a friendly way, tossing up the block and catching it in her hand, “I’ll make ya eat those words!”

“Well, before we start again,” you say, looking at the ruined part of the forest near you. The trees have been completely tipped over! That’s some force. “Could you please not deforest the place?”

“Huh?” she raises an eyebrow, looking behind her and at the destruction she caused trying to find you. “Heh, I guess I did kinda overdo it,” she says, rapping on the side of her head with her fist, “Alright, then let’s take it back up into air, shall we?”

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>> No. 13361
[x] Transient

Somehow, I still think this will have a thing.
>> No. 13362
I will see the choice that isn't there. Just as I held the hand of the man about to die.

>> No. 13448
[x] Transience.

Thread 12675 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 125852835759.jpg - (288.35KB, 1920x1080, 1.jpg) [iqdb]
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[x] Tell them you represented yourself as a mere reporter. You only revealed the general information about the mountain (but nothing that would endanger the Tengu or the Kappa) Describe who you met, their personalities, as well as Yakumo's intrusion.
[x] Then give them the message.

“Yes, I understand,” you nod, “The intruders appear to be from the outside world.”

“Preposterous,” Taihaku says spitefully, “A single person or two slipping through gaps in the border might be feasible, but an entire lake?”

“I would appreciate if you would not interrupt the boy, Taihaku,” the first councilman says, casting a weary look towards the younger daitengu, “Let us hear all of what he has to say before we make any judgments.”

The other councilman snorts disrespectfully, but keeps his mouth shut.

“Um, right…” you say, continuing. You then proceed to give your account of what transpired inside the Moriya shrine, along with a description of its inhabitants.

“A god from the outside world, you say?” the councilman strokes his chin, light reflecting off his spectacles, “But why would a god move across the border into our Gensokyo?”
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>> No. 13031
Votes counted, proxy votes ignored. Will write now.
>> No. 13033
File 126032623422.png - (478.00KB, 895x633, 1258915747462.png) [iqdb]
And this is why I love the new "Search by IP" function.

We'll be doing random checks from now on, don't expect to get away with this shit for months anymore.
>> No. 13034
File 126032711829.jpg - (166.87KB, 640x465, f0ee0da17cc8bfbddff6fcdba111bcfce3049ece.jpg) [iqdb]
Boom boom whack!
Boom boom whack!
Boom boom whack!
Boom boom whack!

Thread 10485 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 124253883537.jpg - (837.10KB, 1024x768, 70dd84df9916c3f8c3bcc0ab47c44150.jpg) [iqdb]
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Alright, I'm back, and it's about time, frankly. Computer's dead, hard drive's shot. Went out and bought a cheap notebook, so I'm writing in that since regular access to a computer is difficult at the moment. Lost all of my notes and such, but I should be good.

Again, I'm very sorry for being gone for so long. Updates will be a lot more frequent then this. Just... getting used to a different way of doing things, is all. Thanks for reading so far.


[x] “Hey now, can’t I choose myself?
-[x] Bomber Jacket
-[x] White Shirt
-[x] Blue Jeans
-[x] Socks
-[x] Normal Shoes

“Nah, forget it. I’ll choose myself. No offense, but I think I should be able to handle that much,” I say with a grin so I don’t come off as rude. To be honest, neither of their suggestions appeal to me. I’d rather go with something a little less… exotic.

“Eh, fine. Suit yourself,” Aya says while shrugging her shoulders, ignoring the obvious pun she just made. She turns and walks out, … her wings are gone? When… How… There’s no sign that they were even there in the first place!

I probably shouldn’t try to think about how that’s possible.

Right. I turn to Momizi, and she meets my gaze for a brief moment. I give a subtle nod and walk past her into the room she was in before.

A room full of pants.

A realization hits me the moment I set foot into the room. Despite all my complaining for a decent pair of pants, standing here now in a room full of what could be considered ‘decent’ pants… is incredibly dull. I won’t spend long in here, though. Better just get it over with.

It’s a relatively small room. Four small rows, racks of assorted styles of trousers, meeting the needs of any needy trouser-less customer. How thoughtful. Still couldn’t be more monotonous. I absently rub my left arm gently, still in its sling. No pain, but I can tell it still hasn’t healed yet. Argh, this could prove a hassle.

I approach the closest set of racks; a selection of jeans. There we go. Pulling a pair of a darker shade off a rack
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>> No. 12270
I miss you dude.
>> No. 12788
Is thread one still on the board, or is it archived somewhere? I just can't find it.
>> No. 12796


Thread 11163 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 124815135779.jpg - (186.95KB, 500x335, Moriya Shrine.jpg) [iqdb]
11163 No. 11163 hide watch expand quickreply
New thread go. Also, I'm going to be taking votes as write-ins at the start, as I'm not good at providing choices. Please treat me kindly, anon. *bows*
I suppose this story starts with a snowy day in autumn. It was an unseasonably early snowstorm, bringing joy to children and annoyance to adults. For myself, however, it simply brought a few additional moments of preparation before I left my shabby apartment.

My mind wandered as I trudged through the snow. I remembered the time spent with the very reclusive girl that I’d been searching for. Two years had passed since graduation, and her disappearance. We had been in the same class, though, her being a priestess and me being just another student, we really didn’t interact too much. Well, that’s a lie. I suppose I interacted with her as much as anyone else, it’s just that her position and her duties kept her from letting others get close. I also heard rumors to the effect that it was something done by her parents, but I never saw it myself.

The school lay between my apartment and my destination. Stopping at the gates, I stared down the tree lined courtyard. A brief memory of the day that she disappeared flashed through my mind. She was in such a hurry to get home, it was odd. She’d usually linger at school longer, using any excuse to stay there. A cold wind blew down the street, causing me to pull my coat more tightly around myself.

The trek to the shrine had now become almost routine, but lost in thought I was surprised at how quickly I had arrived there. Once a week I climbed the stairs, just to reassure myself more than anything else I think, to check and pray before I continued attempting to find Sanae. Reaching the top of the stairs the same scene I’ve seen dozens of times before greets me. The shrine looks a little worse for wear, but that’s to be expected when it’s empty for two years. Though, it seemed to be come much the worse for wear the very day that Sanae vanished.

After Sanae had vanished, the front of the shrine was filled with flowers, candles, and various other objects of well wishing, hoping for her swift return. Now, it seems, I’m the only one who still c
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 12881
[x] don’t peek
>> No. 12896
[x] Don't let yourself get caught for taking a peek
>> No. 12898
It's past Autosage.

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