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Thread 28957 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 140398258713.jpg - (219.00KB, 610x1000, thedream.jpg) [iqdb]
28957No. 28957hidewatchexpandquickreply
Rays of white light nearly blinded me. I put my hands over my stinging eyes, giving myself a few seconds to adjust. Even then, I still had to squint to make anything out.

There was nothing from back home that I could compare this place to. Sure, there were the big oni festivals with all the lanterns hung out everywhere, but those gave off a much warmer glow than these big tube lights the kappa were using. More than that, we just didn't have anything quite like the restaurant I was staring at. If I wasn't seeing spots, I'd have been more impressed by all the fancy technological decorations.

My hands shook as I rubbed my eyes. Even my legs felt unsteady. Good thing I wasn't walking on my big legs -- I'd probably have fallen over and ruined my brand-new black dress. I glanced over my shoulder at all the kappa around me. None of them were looking right at me, but I could feel the stares as they passed by, giving me a wide berth. Obviously they were just jealous that this little earth spider was about to be a star.

I looked back at the front door. What was I getting so nervous for anyway? It was all there on the big, glitzy sign, in the restaurant's foreign-styled name: "The Famous". My big break was waiting for me inside. All I had to do was take the first step and everything would fall into place.

With a deep breath, my heart still fluttering, I slowly walked through the front door. The place was impressive on the inside too: a big, buzzing storm of lights and waiters rushing from one end to the other, and tables filled with people who were dressed to be seen. Nice soft music played in the background. A little tune by the Prismrivers, of course. My mouth felt dry as I walked up to the reception, a desk manned by a sour-faced kappa with slicked-back hair. Like every other kappa, I had to look down to see him, even on his raised chair.

"Hel--" My voice cracked. Spending all morning practising probably wasn't the best idea. "Ahem, hello."

The receptionist didn't even look up. "Do you have a reservation?"
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>>No. 30019
It's more about bad planning than personal strain. Besides that, there is a story I want to tell. I just need to sort it out before I try again.

Thank you for your concern, however.
>>No. 30020
Thanks for letting us know. Uncertainty, as weak as it was, is always worse.

Now, keep writing, motherfucker! There are many stories to tell!
>>No. 30021
I'm glad you gave us an update on the situation. I quite like your stories, so I'll look forward to the story you plan to write.

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File 143424803653.png - (382.99KB, 1552x936, 504f57ef14b10c08f7aea68bdc382412.png) [iqdb]
29344No. 29344hidewatchexpandquickreply
[c] Go back to Hina’s place.

“I should go.”

“Oh? Leaving so early? I thought you’d still want to spend some more time with us.”

“I… I have something to do.”

“I see.” Standing up, Garou and Momiji escort me to the waterfall and bid me farewell as I head into the forest. My steps would come to a halt, however, when Momiji shouts back at me.

“It’s been fun to spend time with you, Ein! Come see me again if you like to talk about anything!”

“Just keep your sisters off me, and we’re done. The last thing I want to see is a bunch of girls lusting over my tail again.”

“Why are you still iffy about having your tail touched?”
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>>No. 29881
never ever
>>No. 29882

Aww why not? Maybe you know?
>>No. 29883
For future reference, click the post number.

Also, sage in old threads if you've nothing to contribute to the thread.

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File 142303108048.jpg - (110.42KB, 900x637, immge 1.jpg) [iqdb]
29214No. 29214hidewatchexpandquickreply
There are many ways to spend a sunny afternoon in a Tengu base. Sketch the mountain, play cards with your squad, do some exercises, or hell, take a nap in the sun or a shady tree.

Or you could stand in the center of a base, right under a blazing skylight being made fun of by someone pretending to be your new commanding officer. Guess which one I’m doing?

“So… What in the world are we supposed to call you kid?” The wolf tengu in front of me said, looking through my scroll, vaguely interested in what she was actually reading. “And I don’t mean your name. Seriously. A crow and a wolf, would that be worow?” She asked, rolling the scroll up again and tying it shut.

“Are you really the comm-“ I start to say before I get interrupted by her listing off various derogatory names to call me. I had to give her credit; She was decently creative with them. My favorite had to be crolf, since I had never heard that one before.

“Hey Tank, get your tan ass over here!” The girl yelled, causing one of the bulkiest wolf Tengu I had ever seen walked over to the two of us, carrying some sort of pack on his back. Now, I was never short, but this Tengu made me feel like I was tiny.

From the change in air tension, I wasn’t sure if I should dive behind a table or gets behind ‘Tank’.

Thankfully, his look softened as he sighed and took the scroll from her. “Will you stop hazing the new blood Ria? If you keep him from the boss any longer, he’ll break out the soy sauce and pickle jars again.”

“Aw come on, I was just trying to think of what to call him. Not every day you see a wolf with hair blacker than Scout’s wings.” She laughed, trying to hid a small pinch of something her voice. Fear maybe? “I was thinking of calling him Snowball.” She laughed again, louder this time. Funny, I didn’t know they let hyenas into the wolf guard.
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>>No. 29877
spacebattles is cancer that's killing THP
>>No. 29878
Don't forget to sage, you're a turbonerd, necrofags, etc.
>>No. 29879

Yeah fuck you too faggot sorry.

Thread 29667 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 14730569169.jpg - (34.45KB, 350x350, kappapa.jpg) [iqdb]
29667No. 29667hidewatchexpandquickreply
Nitori has a shirikodama. She needs some salt, so she should lick it.

[ ] lick it
[ ] naw
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>>No. 29686
Did the human died? This is important question.
>>No. 29687
This is the beginning of Touhou 16 ~ Perpetual Endless Prolapse in Eastern Wonderlans
>>No. 29688

muffled theme music in the distance

Find out next time on A Story That is Small 2: Electric Poogaloo!


Thread 29389 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 144503263540.png - (648.30KB, 935x935, Nitori2.png) [iqdb]
29389No. 29389hidewatchexpandquickreply
You are Nitori Kawashiro, a young and rather shy engineer. You live in your workshop, which you have yet to name, along the Turtle River, in the Valley of the kappa. You are acquaintances with many of the Kappa of the Valley, being one yourself.

In the local area, you have become quiet friends with Momiji Inubashiri, as her patrol route takes her close by your workshop. You're not sure that she actually knows where it is, but the two of you enjoy getting to talk to each other.

You have some proficiency in magic based off of the manipulation of water, mostly taking the form of limited hydrokinesis when you concentrate. Using this magic, you have learned a crude method of flight.

You have significant amounts of talent in the field of engineering, though you recognize that practice will be needed to refine your talent into skill. Using the tools of your workshop, there isn't much that is beyond your ability to create, though some projects are certainly more difficult than others.

Your main limitation in terms of making things is resources. It is a rare day when you can say that you have all that you want.
It is 111/6/13, and you turned seventeen years old today.

You are currently in good health.

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>>No. 29666
[x] Suggesting that you meet at your lab.
>>No. 29862
Erratic Writer, are you still alive?
>>No. 29909
pretty please?

Thread 28942 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 140336204451.jpg - (591.99KB, 600x825, 06804669801ab4174e81d0e51020bb10.jpg) [iqdb]
28942No. 28942hidewatchexpandquickreply

Thanks. I've edited in the fixes.


No. This is bad. If you have your way with her, she'll hate you forever when she comes to her senses. Or kick you out of the shrine. No sir, not going to happen. You push her away gently and try to find your clothes, then get out of here. Goddammit, there must be-

“Where are you going?”

You know that voice. You turn around and find-

“Wear your glasses first,” Yukari hands you the item. You quickly snatch and put them on. Yep it's he- Ah, crap, you expose your nether regions to her. You quickly cover them with your hands and glare at her. “Ooh, what's with that sharp stare?”

Goddammit, is your angry expression not enough of a clue!? Screw it, she can look at your private part if she wants, you need to find your writing pad right now. Where is- wait a minute. You try to focus and look around: This is your room-
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>>No. 29362
Well, that was great. Nothing too extraordinary, but quite entertaining. Kudos on finishing your story!
And thanks to your corrector too, that guy did a fine work as well. Thanks KS to you both!
>>No. 29364
Dunno how to feel about villainous Yukari; though not a bad story, though your insistence on certain things held it back some.

Now for stories with someone other than Sanae in general.
>>No. 29365

Thread 25754 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 139070515670.jpg - (136.15KB, 850x538, lone_wolf_howling.jpg) [iqdb]
25754No. 25754hidewatchexpandquickreply
How long have I been running? Days? Weeks? Months? Years? I don’t know. I do, however, know of this fact: I’m on the run, and it’s not because I am a coward, and it is not because I want to. I’m on the run to escape my pursuers. Them. They, who were responsible for the massacre of my family. They, who incited fear against my own kind based on their blinded prejudice. Then again, it is a part of their nature to be afraid of nature, to be afraid of me, whose forefathers have been hunting their forefathers ever since the dawn of time.

I was there when the massacre happened. They spared no one; the children, the elderly, the sick, everyone was targeted. Even expectant mothers fell to their bloodlust. I rallied my surviving brothers and launched a counterattack against them, but our numerical strength was no match against their firepower. One by one we met our end, until only I was left standing. With so many odds stacked upon me, I was certain I would join the rest of my family in the afterlife, but it didn’t end that way. They captured me, locked me inside a cage and carried me to whatever place they were headed to. I heard them talking about selling me to the highest bidders and be kept as an exotic pet in a luxurious mansion. I couldn’t imagine myself being paraded and pampered like my ‘domesticated’ brethren, and I wouldn’t allow myself to sink so low.

Then I had a breakthrough. My captors ran into forest rangers, and a fight broke out between them when my captors refused to surrender. In the ensuing chaos, one of my captors fled with me inside my cage and was pursued by the rangers. He managed to evade capture, but was so deep inside the forest that he soon lost his way. That was my cue, so I broke out of the cage and headed back into the woods, though not before showing him a way out.

…well, does ‘shoving my teeth into the poor bastard’s throat’ count as one? He should have seen it coming, though. Together, they were powerful, but left on their own they were powerless. Do I regret myself enforcing the law of nature against him? No, I did what I had to do. The rule is simple: it’s to kill, or to be killed, and there’s no such thing as
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>>No. 29321
File 143096479638.png - (73.26KB, 500x500, a5ae3a38ce70e27093bca47efdb543cc.png) [iqdb]
Alright, we're at the end of this thread. Will post the update in a new thread, so please keep on voting.
>>No. 29332
[X] Go back to Hina’s place.
>>No. 29338
[X] Go back to Hina’s place.

Thread 28550 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 140116421545.png - (292.10KB, 566x800, db2243815a29152793d2ca5881f9da736187a046.png) [iqdb]
28550No. 28550hidewatchexpandquickreply
Horeki 5
A wooden cart rattles down the cobblestones, metal-lined wheels singing a grinding song against the rock. A youkai pushes it, eyes cast low beneath her mask, ears dropped low in constant vigilance. Her cub curls within the cart, the mute pup who whittles away time in games with his tail. A yellowed paper banner rises from a pole on the cart; in messed ink it declares "Sword for rent, cub for rent. Inubashiri Momiji, wolf-style tengujutsu."

I walked the south road into a human village, rice paddies slowly turning to their ramshackle, crudely-shingled homes. By then, I had grown quite used to human stares. Humanity and youkai kept to our borders and our ancient pacts, so rarely did a foolish man or woman cross into our territory. Most humans never venture beyond their village, beyond their rightful lands. For years I had guarded that border, and yet now I broke the laws brazenly.

I also came to know their stink. A tengu nose could pick up every drop of sweat on the rice-farmers back, every soiled diaper of his offspring, the blood on his whipped livestock's back, and the disease in a beggar by the roadside. Daigoro peered over the lid, nose wrinkled at the barrage, tail sweeping across the planks. We crossed the town's gate, unguarded and open to the swelling tide of mortals. We parted the sea with our passage, staring humans giving us a wide berth.

Aya told me the client would be waiting across the river that split the town. I walked the main thoroughfare, a wind from the east whipping the banner. A small crowd of children followed along; many were yanked indoors by fretful parents.

I rounded a corner; the bridge.

Daigoro gave his hungry-whimper, rolling on his back, casting his tail to and fro as we crossed. Across the water there lies an above-ground sewer, a place that is necessary but unpleasant to the sight to the righteous of the village. Whorehouses, foreigners, and shady shops selling "pawned" goods; hustlers, pimps, and ronin; monks shedding their robes. I was once told that the humans call it the "floating world," for it is as strange and mutable as a dream.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>No. 29058
[x]… scouted the enemy.

No reason not to. Also could Momiji bring in back up for this. The odds are kinda lopsided here.
>>No. 29060
[x]… scouted the enemy.

then we ask for advice
>>No. 29064
[x]… scouted the enemy.

So... that's how Remilia was able to grab all that cash! Capitalism, ho!

Thread 29009 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 140567102613.jpg - (129.67KB, 425x282, wedding-trumpet.jpg) [iqdb]
29009No. 29009hidewatchexpandquickreply
Need to exercise my writing. Dunno if this'll be a warm-up or somethin' bigger.

The smell of lacquered brass and valve oils was particularly strong tonight, you absently note. Your pursed lips pushed more air through the mouthpiece of your trumpet, your breaths scant as you play your quiet tune with your fellow trumpeters. You were actually synchronized quite well with this group, your own notes mixing seamlessly with theirs as you all entertained not only each other, but the audience as well. Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and this particular composition had reached its own. Your lungs emptied out the last of the air in them into your final note, and your swollen lips were finally given a chance to rest, their pain aching through to your cheeks. The applause from the audience was quiet and subdued, much like what you and your fellows just played, and you all responded in kind with quick, subdued bows. Show's over, time to head home.

Your walk backstage is rather sedate, that of a man too unconcerned with life in general. Guess that means tonight's session relaxed you rather nicely, which was good. As you headed towards your trumpet's case one of your fellow players had called out to you.

"Hey!" was his simple greeting as he walked over to you. "That was really nice out there. It's hard to find players who like to keep it nice and quiet like you."

You shrug your shoulders in response. "I'm not feeling very energetic tonight."

He nods in understanding. "Think you'll come back here? I'd love to see more of that little trumpet."

You glance down at the pocket trumpet in your hand. "Looks like it's catching eyes again. I might come back, this place has a nice atmosphere."

He looks at your instrument again. "Outta curiosity, how hard is it to find somethin' like that?"
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>No. 29021
[x] Prank caller or no, this is worth investigating.
>>No. 29022
Vote called for:
[x] Prank caller or no, this is worth investigating.

I'll be gone for a week, so expect an update the 28th or 29th.
>>No. 29045
r i p

Thread 22669 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 137393121450.jpg - (414.75KB, 600x856, As seen by Alice.jpg) [iqdb]
22669No. 22669hidewatchexpandquickreply
"Gladly." A part of me is irritated at his attitude, but I'm sure he's still quite irritated with me. At least he admits that he's not completely without fault. It's a step. "Care to see what Alice is up to?"
At the mention of her name, he shivers almost imperceptibly. "No, but we're in this whether we like it or not. Let's get out of here." With a hint of dread in his voice, he turns to the hallway we came from, walking at a normal clip. Compared to his usual brisk pace, he'd may as well be dragging his feet.

When we get to the storefront, Alice is positively glowing as she works on the same dress from before. Is this all she does, or is she just very focused? Good to know she isn't too torn up about the dress, in any case. "Everything okay? I heard yelling." ...Although there is such a thing as being too happy.
Not stopping on our way to the porch, I give her a curt, "Quite okay, yes. Thank you." I'd like to spend some more time with her in a more relaxed setting, but that isn't happening today.
"I do hope you don't plan on skipping out on our arrangement." The cheer doesn't leave her voice, making her words that much more threatening. "I'll know."
Just keep walking. Just keep walking. There's sunshine and flowers and freedom outside. "Wouldn't dream of it. It's been a pleasure, Alice. I hope to see you again soon."
"Oh, if you're hanging around that disaster, I'm sure you'll be back soon enough. Speaking of which, I wouldn't be in such a rush to get out that door." ...Why...not.
Despite myself, I stop to give her a look, letting Southpaw continue on. Her smile suddenly seems more knowing than joyous, and she answers my question without needing to be asked. "It's getting to be that time, after all...I suppose I should let you know why this is your punishment." Setting down her work for a moment, she turns in her chair to address us. Even Southpaw stops to listen. Clearly, this merits emphasis. "Every day, without fail, that singularity of havoc bar
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>No. 29008
That could apply to both the Tengu arc and the non-fiction, but so does the answer: No, but it is now. What was supposed to be a summary turned into an opportunity for some serious globe-trotting. In the case of CFA at least, with more clear thought, careful planning, and a lot of fat-trimming, it could be done much more elegantly. Neither of those things lend themselves to the CYOA format. There's also the matter of my lazy and inconsistent characterization, which was supposed to really drive the story. I let myself get too worked up about what was happening to think about how the characters should act based on their entire history, rather than how I felt in that moment, and as a result very little actually happened at all.
>>No. 29016
I asked as I got the feeling from the first case that it'd be an episodic thing of Hina helping people but the tengu case prooved to be a story worth it in itself with some mindscrew (Higan's stuff in particular)

Sort of a shame on the old concept not panning out but I have no real complaints about your current plans.
>>No. 29023
To be perfectly honest, the story started as a short and within a few paragraphs I decided I'd give a CYOA a shot with no particular plans to begin with. Hina got much, much more screen time than I had initially anticipated, and I'm okay with that.

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